The Game Towards Zero Episode 12

The Game Towards Zero Episode 12

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) finds the location of the car. She runs to the car with the men.

Voiceover “I should have known. I shouldn’t have let it slide. I knew what you were thinking.”

Both men see her running towards them. Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) looks one last time at the woman he loves running to him. Tears run down his face.

Tae Pyung thinks “This is the only way I can save you. I’m sorry to leave you alone.”

Tae Pyung puts his hand on the button to activate the bomb that will kill both him and Do Kyung. In the backseat, Coroner Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) looks at the button and knows Tae Pyung ends to do something drastic.

Joon Young screams when the car explodes, flips and falls into the water. It sinks as Joon Young screams Tae Pyung’s name.

Cue Intro…

Dying dream…
Tae Pyung stacks his goodbye notes in his bedroom. He watches Joon Young sleep. Teacher Baek appears in front of the beach image. Tae Pyung asks if this is a dream. Teacher Baek counters this is what Tae Pyung wanted to recall as he is dying.

Hospital…Tae Pyung is rushed into the emergency room. Joon Young is there. The medical team pulls her away. They shock Tae Pyung’s heart.

Dying Dream…Teacher Baek says this is the path you’ve chosen. Tae Pyung asks if Joon Young’s death has changed. Teacher Baek asks if Tae Pyung is afraid it hasn’t changed. Tae Pyung confirms that. Teacher Baek says he must let go of that fear to he can get out of limbo between life and death. Teacher Baek asks if he can do that. Tae Pyung looks at the sleeping Joon Young.

Hospital…Tae Pyung’s heart starts again. They rush him away to surgery. Joon Young cries alone. She asks the doctor how Tae Pyung is. The doctor says that the surgery will decide if Tae Pyung will live or die. Lawyer Lee Yeon Hwa arrives. Joon Young tells her Tae Pyung is going into surgery. Lawyer Lee can’t believe Tae Pyung’s car exploded. Joon Young says it is all her fault. She sobs and asks what she’ll do if Tae Pyung dies.

Tae Pyung’s surgery is underway.

Dying Dream…Teacher Baek and Tae Pyung look into the mirror. Tae Pyung asks why his death hasn’t changed. Teacher Baek says that’s incorrect. This is dream so it isn’t known. Teacher Baek says Tae Pyung can’t know if Joon Young’s death has changed while in limbo. Teacher Baek suggests Do Kyung may have lived. Teacher Baek looks in the mirror and sees Do Kyung spouting the losing someone precious line. Do Kyung comes up behind him and says, he’ll never save Joon Young. Tae Pyung cries.

Lawyer Lee and Joon Young wait. The surgeon reports that Tae Pyung is alive but may not wake up.

Detonation site…The police team search for Do Kyung ’s body. It’s almost 1am and Chief Yang agrees to call off the search for Do Kyung. Team Leader Han tells Chief Nam that Tae Pyung hasn’t recovered consciousness after surgery. Chief Nam believes Tae Pyung may have planned this action. Team Leader Han wonders if Tae Pyung did this save them all from the bomb. Chief Nam doesn’t understand. Team Leader Han explains Tae Pyung foresaw they’d all die from a bomb explosion. Chief Nam wonders if Tae Pyung did this to save them.

A wet and injured Do Kyung tends his wounds.

As expected.

A maid arrives to clean her client’s house. She’s shocked to find signs of forced entry.  She hears the TV. She sees the news report about Do Kyung. She’s shocked to find Do Kyung behind her, his face scarred from the explosion.

Team Lead Han interrogates real serial killer Kim Hyung Soon who feigns innocence. Team Lead Han tells him to stop pretending. He says Do Kyung turned himself in and said he witnessed Kim Hyung Soon commit murder.  Kim Hyung Soon laughs. Kim Hyung Soon asks how the police can believe a murderer like Do Kyung. He laughs.

Chief Yang explains to the reporters that the red box is where Kim Hyung Soon kept trophy hairs from his victims. They snap pictures of the arranged and labeled hair. Chief Yang declares the police work hard to make the country safe.

The news reports have a field day.

Reporter Han tells Captain Lee that it is too early to leave the hospital. Captain Lee declares they need to do responsible reporting. Captain Lee says that Do Kyung could be alive and listening to these reports. Captain Lee declares his daughter died because of him. He won’t let this happen again.

Do Kyung has tied up the maid. He tells her he’s not evil. He listens to the news reports.

Officer Joon and Officer Bong watch Tae Pyung as he sleeps. They hope he’ll wake. Officer Bong says Joon Young went to Tae Pyung’s house to find something that could help him wake.

Joon Young sits in Tae Pyung’s bedroom and remembers moments they shared. She stares at the picture of the beach. Lawyer Lee finds her and stands next to her. Lawyer Lee says Tae Pyung said he’d die at that beach. Joon Young asks how he’ll die. Lawyer Lee says Tae Pyung dies of a heart attack. Joon Young remembers Tae Pyung telling her he couldn’t find the beach before he met her.

Joon Young brings the beach photo and plays a song Tae Pyung likes. She tells him when he wakes, he can tell her more things he likes. She holds his hand.

Limbo dreaming…Tae Pyung hugs Joon Young and apologizes for leaving her. Then he’s alone on the beach.

Tae Pyung moves his hand. Joon Young gets the doctor. The doctor reports that movement sometimes occur during a coma state. He leaves. Chief Nam arrives.

Outside Joon Young tells Chief Nam that Tae Pyung may never wake. She wishes she had known and had been there during his moments of fear and doubt.

Flashback…Tae Pyung tells Chief Nam that he likes Joon Young more than she likes him. He asks Chief Nam to take care of Joon Young should he not be able to.

Chief Nam relays the conversation to Joon Young and says now he understands. Joon Young sighs. Chief Nam says Do Kyung may be alive. They found a vacation home was broken into and the maid is missing.

The team interviews the owner of the house. She’s worried something has happened to the maid. Forensics arrive and reports the house was wiped clean of fingerprints.

Do Kyung drives the maid’s car with the tied-up maid in the back.

The reporters are surprised when Captain Lee returns. Reporter Yi is thrilled when Captain Lee invites her into the bullpen story session. Captain Lee scolds the team about their articles. He tells them the truth about how Do Kyung found and caged the real serial killer Kim Hyung Soon. He confirms he was caged with Kim Hyung Soon. Reporter Yi points out that the statue of limitations has run out and Kim Hyung Soon can’t be convicted for the murders 20 years ago. Captain Lee tells his team not to write articles about the past victims that will cause their families pain. He tells his team to find more recent evidence against Kim Hyung Soon. He tells Reporter Han and Reporter Yi to meet with the past victim’s families how might be grouping to file a class action suit against Kim Hyung Soon.

Do Kyung puts the maid in the basement of his home. He sees it was searched and is a mess.

Team Leader Han and Joon Young go to the maid’s house. Of course, she isn’t there. Neighbors haven’t seen her. Officer Bong reports they found footage of Do Kyung returning to Seoul in the maid’s car. They wonder where Do Kyung could be hiding.

Wouldn’t you search Do Kyung ’s house ASAP?

Do Kyung unties the maid much to her surprise. He gives her water and food and a blanket. She eats. He watches. She promises she won’t say a word about him if he’ll let her go. Do Kyung asks why she won’t believe him. He says he won’t kill her. Why does she believe she will? The maid assures him she doesn’t think he’ll kill her. But she cowers when he gets close. Do Kyung declares he’s the victim but the entire world treats him like he’s the criminal.

The police arrive upstairs and search.

Do Kyung puts his hand over the maid’s mouth.

Joon Young thinks she hears a sound from the basement. She descends to the basement. She doesn’t find Do Kyung or the maid because Team Leader Han interrupts her search.


Team Leader Han reports the maid’s car has been found in her home town. Team Leader Han and Joon Young leave.

Joon Young pulls his hand away from the maid’s mouth. She’s dead. Do Kyung laughs and cries at the cruel moment.

Sigh, that was a cruel twist of fate that the one person Do Kyung did not want to kill died. Did he suffocate her? Or did she have a heart attack?

Chief Nam and Captain Lee meet. Captain Lee shares his reporters are meeting with the victim’s families and that the newspaper will report on the statue of limitations soon. Captain Lee warns Chief Nam that the families may file lawsuits against him. Chief Nam says he expected this. Captain Lee shares how Kim Hyung Soon framed Jo Pil Doo. Captain Lee offers to testify to that. Chief Nam thanks him. Captain Lee asks who was in the car with Do Kyung. Chief Nam shares that man helped them save Mi Jin from the coffin but won’t say more.

From the hallway, Do Kyung watches the team gather around Tae Pyung’s bed wishing him a Merry Christmas and hoping he’ll wake during the new year. He listens to their comradery. He leaves.

Flying into Korea from parts unknown, Do Kyung’s mother shows up to claim the remains of her husband, Jo Pil Doo. She cries over the box. Chief Nam gets a call that Jo Pil Doo’s wife is there. He tells the team.

Do Kyung’s mother meets the team. She admits she abandoned her son. She shares she’s been in China. She thought her son was dead but then heard the news he was a murderer. She asks the team to find her son. Joon Young shares he may be alive. Joon Young asks for her help to stop her son from murdering more.

Joon Young and Team Leader Han tell Chief Yang that Do Kyung may be alive. They want to use Do Kyung’s mother to lure him to his father’s funeral. Joon Young believes Do Kyung will attend.

Joon Young holds a press conference. She asks them to start writing only the truth. The press counter that the police doesn’t provide the truth, so they dig for it themselves. Reporter Han asks why the police didn’t know that Jo Pil Doo’s son and Do Kyung were the same person. Joon Young shares someone from Do Kyung ’s family can prove who Do Kyung is. She confirms it is Do Kyung ’s mother. She says there will be a private funeral will be held for Jo Pil Doo. She looks into the camera and asks bereaved family members to come.

Joon Young tells Tae Pyung she’ll catch Do Kyung. She asks him to open his eyes when that occurs.

The team monitors the area were the funeral will be held.

The private funeral service is held. Joon Young worries Do Kyung won’t come. His mother looks for him. She buries her husband’s remains. A black car appears in the parking lot. It’s surrounded. The driver says he was paid by Do Kyung to drive her. He says there is present in the trunk for Joon Young. She wonders if it is the bomb. Officer Joon opens the trunk and finds the maid’s dead body. Joon Young gets a call. It’s Do Kyung. She asks where he is. Do Kyung said he’d never fall for the trap they set. He tells Joon Young she’s made a mistake by using his mother. Do Kyung says he wants to kill his mother.  Joon Young says they should meet and talk. Do Kyung says the accident wasn’t an accident, it was murder. He enters Tae Pyung’s room. He says Tae Pyung isn’t fair, he is scorned but Tae Pyung is loved and they are both murderers. Joon Young realizes where Tae Pyung is.

Do Kyung sits on Tae Pyung’s bed. He claims to understand why Tae Pyung decided to kill him, to save others especially Joon Young. Do Kyung unplugs Tae Pyung’s life support.

Joon Young drives to the hospital.

WHY didn’t she call the hospital to alert them to the imminent danger?

Do Kyung exits Tae Pyung’s room.

Lawyer Lee arrives and is horrified to find the machines unplugged. She yells for the doctors.

Limbo…Teacher Baek tells Tae Pyung it is time to go. Teacher Baek walks towards the light. Tae Pyung says he was arrogant and foolish thinking he could change fate. Teacher Baek says god understands humans make dumb choices. Tae Pyung declares he can’t leave; he must go back. Teacher Baek walks to the light.

Joon Young arrives at the hospital. She finds Tae Pyung’s bed empty. She goes into the hallway and sees Tae Pyung walking with Lawyer Lee. She rushes to Tae Pyung and hugs him. She cries. She thanks him for coming back. He apologizes. Lawyer Lee walks away to give them privacy.

Do Kyung’s mother goes to the airport to return to China. Joon Young thanks her for giving the DNA sample. Joon Young promises to call her once she knows about Do Kyung. Speak of the devil, he waits for his mother at the top of the escalator. He removes his mask. Do Kyung says at least she recognizes him. He promises to make her suffer for the rest of her life. He walks away.

Hmm, I thought he’d grab her not walk away. Do Kyung has a Darth Vader vibe with the all black look (including mask).

The team gathers around Tae Pyung. He looks into their eyes. Tae Pyung can’t see their death. He wonders if his sight is gone. The police arrive and question him about trying to murdering Do Kyung. Tae Pyung realizes he can’t see anyone’s death. He wonders if they all die because of him.

My Thoughts

Do Kyung falls back into revenge mode. Writer Lee switched Do Kyung from a man suffering and not wanting to kill again to an angry man that was ready to murder Tae Pyung and his mother. I’ve had issues with Do Kyung this entire series. I don’t mind that he’s conflicted at times. His childhood sucked. But his adult choices include three murderers and one attempted murder of Tae Pyung this episode. At the beginning of the episode I wondered if Writer Lee was trying to reform Do Kyung when he accidentally killed the maid. I wondered if Do Kyung would reform and help capture Kim Hyung Soon when he’s released because the statute of limitation on his killing spree is over. But then Do Kyung fell back into the blame game, he seethed with jealousy that Tae Pyung was surrounded by friends and loved by Joon Young. It feels impossible to attempt reform Do Kyung.

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) tried to lure Do Kyung using his mother. Frankly, that was never going to work and we all knew that. Do Kyung ’s call to Joon Young proved he was back in evil mode. Joon Young’s devotion to Tae Pyung showed she’s made her choice to love him. Their union in the hallway showed her depth of feelings for him. Why didn’t she call the hospital or alert the police when she believed Do Kyung was in the room?

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) was comatose for most of the episode. Tae Pyung hoovered in limbo between death and life. Teacher Baek told him to let go of his fear but that was easier said than done. When he awoke, Tae Pyung was shocked to realize he can’t see death anymore. Then the police arrived to question Tae Pyung about the bomb under his car and the attempted murder of Do Kyung. Did Tae Pyung wake only to return to a nightmare?

Coroner Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) was frustrated when the maid assumed he’d kill her. Do Kyung is a murderer. Of course, she was scared to be held hostage by him. Joon Young almost discovered Do Kyung in his basement but Team Leader Han called her away just before she shone the light on Do Kyung.  Im Joo Hwan does his best to sell that Do Kyung’s frustration and desire not to kill again. But then the maid died, either because he suffocated her when Team Leader Han and Joon Young searched his house or from a heart attack. The bottom line…the maid is dead because she had the misfortune to cross Do Kyung ’s path. Do Kyung continued to bath in blame. Blame Chief Nam, blame Captain Lee, blame Teacher Baek, blame Tae Pyung, blame his Mother, the list grows every episode. Do Kyung doesn’t hold himself accountable.  It appears that any desire to stop his ways are gone. He tried to kill Tae Pyung. Now he’ll try and get him arrested. I must say I was surprised that he only threatened his mother at the airport instead of dispatching her. She did abandon him when he was child. She was a coward. I’m glad Writer Lee brought her back as she was a catalyst for Do Kyung’s evolution.

I rate this rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “The Game Towards Zero Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Of course Do Kyung🥼💀 survived the bomb and now has the burn scar seen at his death. I thought with bomb 💣💥 on the bottom of the car, I thought it would be his other set of cheeks that would have been burned 🍑😳❗ Has Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 riled Do Kyung🥼💀 to the point he will kill Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 out of revenge❓⁉️

    Why did the police 🚔 chief Yang let the press take pictures of so called evidence against serial killer Kim Hyung Soon ⚰♠️, when the I investigation is far from over and nothing has been charged yet❓⁉️

    While I 💖, 💟, 💗 Captain Lee Joon Hee’s 📰🙎‍♂️change in approaching the news, while I’m glad to see he does not want the sensational, I’m not so sure the news isn’t biased.

    Ooh housekeeper 🧽🧼, when the house looks broken into, do NOT go in, do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200, go back to your car immediately, drive away and call the police. When the housekeeper 🧽🧼 confined in Do Kyung’s 🥼💀 dungeon, we just KNEW it would not end well. Whether intentional or not, Do Kyung🥼💀 killed the poor housekeeper 🧽🧼 and then was smug to Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 about her being at fault for the housekeeper’s 🧽🧼 death by coming to his house. Do Kyung🥼💀 continues to play the blame game, like a skilled narcissist.

    I found it incredulous that the police actually thought Do Kyung🥼💀would show up for his dad’s funeral … an OBVIOUS trap. Do Kyung🥼💀 was seething with jealousy that Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 and her colleagues were fawning over an unconcious Tae Pyung 🔮🙌, who was in that state due to his failed attempt to murder Do Kyung🥼💀, but they were not consistent by NOT cutting him any slack. Do Kyung🥼💀 wasn’t wrong about their treatment being different between the two men who intended to kill each other. Planning to kill someone IS murder, regardless of the motivation. That being said the motivation does play on our emotions. Tae Pyung’s 🔮🙌 motivation was to protect, while Do Kyung’s 🥼💀 motivation was revenge.

    Similarly, the accidental suffocation of the housekeeper 🧽🧼 was not premeditated, so it is manslaughter, the strangling of student Mi Jin was premeditated, so it is murder … I would imagine since charges for Mi Jin would be more severe because of intent and it was the second attempt. I believe the police 🚔 at the end of the episode were investigating Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 for the attempted murder of Do Kyung🥼💀 and use of explosives 💣. Will Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 miss the opportunity to protect Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 because he is incarcerated or tied up in the investigation due to his choices❓⁉️ We know he already lost the ability to see the deaths of the police 🚔 squad for which he was consulting … another consequence for his actions.

    Do Kyung 🥼💀 cleverly chose the time of Jo Pil Doo’s funeral to turn off Tae Pyung’s 🔮🙌 life support, while the entire police squad 🚔 were lying in wait for him. At last … things are no longer going Do Kyung’s 🥼💀 way.

    Wait a second, I thought Do Kyung 🥼💀 wanted to kill his mother, but when he found her, he blamed her for his choices and future choices❓⁉️ What kind of revenge is that❓⁉️ Do Kyung’s 🥼💀 mother failed to teach her son responsibility when she abandoned him, but at some point an adult Do Kyung needed to learn responsibility. Where did he go after the orphanage closed❓⁉️


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