Would I Date Him? Melting Me Softly

This time on “Would I Date Him?”I reflect upon the leading man from the series Melting Me Softly.

Our candidate
: Ma Dong Chan, portrayed by Ji Chang Wook, is a director of a television series that does outlandish experiments. He decides to participate in and document a 24 hour cryogenic experiment. Unfortunately, things go wrong and the 24 hours turn into 20 years. When he is unfrozen 20 years later, he’s the same but everyone else has aged 20 years and the world has moved on.

Ji Chang Wook is in my cadre of cuties, actors that I consistently watch their series. I first fell for him in Healer.

Background. When Dong Chan is unfrozen, he finds out that his family, girlfriend, and bosses either haven’t fared well in his absence or have done things he can’t condone. For example, Dong Chan is shocked to learn that the public at large doesn’t know about the cryogenic experiment, his bosses having buried the failure. There are physical after effects of the experiment that must be overcome too. It’s not all sunshine and roses.

His pluses:

DETERMINED. Dong Chan would not give up finding out who was responsible for past and current actions associated with the cryogenic experiment. The fact that some were powerful and deadly people, didn’t deter his pursuit of the truth. In addition, Dong Chan found a way to deal with the technology advances, cope with the societal changes, and make a new path for himself.
PROTECTIVE. Dong Chan’s protective natural was rooted in accepting responsibility for his actions. Dong Chan vowed to protect the other test subject, Mi Ran, who he’d cajoled into doing the experiment 20 years prior. After they were unfrozen, he watched over and helped her through after effects of the cryogenic experiment. This proximity and shared experience blossomed into romance.
GOOD KISSER. Kdrama kissing is often lacking, utilizing the lip press and tilted heads. Actors that deliver engaged kissing and have partners that appear to be comfortable with lip locks, are gems. Ji Chang Wook never fails to deliver, therefore his characters never fail to deliver. Dong Chan had kissing chemistry with both female actresses, delivering a surprising flash of sizzle in a mostly sweet series.
The proof is in the video use this link or watch below.

His minuses
TRADITIONAL. Dong Chan wanted his woman to do as he said. When Mi Ran didn’t, he struggled to deal with it. He eventually realized that he had to let her walk her own path, but his inclination was to direct her path.

Is he my next date?

👍 Yes. Dong Chan overcame obstacles and didn’t whine about them. You never know what life will bring. Who wouldn’t want someone by your side that can cope with the big and little challenges? Dong Chan was hardworking, ethical, and a decent guy. On the physical level, he’s good looking and delivers sweet and sizzling kisses. Yep, sign me up for a New Year’s Eve kiss from Dong Chan!

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5 comments on “Would I Date Him? Melting Me Softly
  1. beezrtp says:

    Nope. Strangely, I can easily separate JCW from this character. I just didn’t like how he handled anything. It’s not that I didn’t agree with his decisions, I just didn’t like the way he went about ANYthing.

    When he was worried about the heroine’s health early on, instead of warning her so she could adjust her behavior accordingly and know what to watch for, he just kept nagging her (all while she’s in the dark). Did anyone else notice when he got an alert that the heroine’s body temp had gone up dangerously, he ran to her instead of calling an ambulance to go to her location first? Hero delusion complex plus stupidity!

    Even though I wanted him to dump the Betrayor, he didn’t know she was a betrayer yet and so his behavior toward her felt – I started to say “unkind” but there felt like he had no real feelings toward her nor struggle with having to end their relationship. Again, I’m talking about BEFORE he realized her role in abandoning him.

    This show performed the impossible, it made me able to just plain ol’ not like a character that that had the built-in benefit of JCW playing him.


  2. Kay says:

    I too think Dong Chan was a pretty great guy. Definitely not perfect, but he improved throughout the drama and always had his heart in the right place 🙂


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez brought a couple problematic issues Dong Chan 🥶🎬, namely his treatment of former girlfriend, Ha Young 👩‍⚖🎙, before he found out he betrayed her and the lapse of judgement for not calling 119 for Mi Ran 🌬❄. I give Dong Chan a pass due to 1) never seeing ANY chemistry 🚫⚗ between him and his former girlfriend; and 2) who wouldn’t have brain fog after being frozen for 20 years?

    I 💗 Dong Chan’s 🥶🎬 protective ways and let’s face it … he was VERY EASY on the eyes 👁👁❣ Besides I WANT to be on the receiving end of his lips 💋❣

    Liked by 1 person

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