Revolutionary Love Episode 9 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 9

Recall Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) agreed to kiss but if it doesn’t evoke a reaction in her, they are only friends. Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) kisses her with intensity. Baek Joon responds. Hyuk pulls away. He is sure that she felt the high voltage of the kiss too. Baek Joon deflates Hyuk declaring they should just be friends. Hyuk can’t believe it. Baek Joon assures him that he was alone in a sizzle reaction. She smiles, chants that they are friends and leaves. Hyuk can’t believe what just happened.

Baek Joon walks away and has to pause to collect herself. Her heart is still pounding and her lips still tingle.

Hyuk complains to Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) without specifying what he’s upset about. Je Hoon goes to bed. Hyuk has no choice but to do the same.

Baek Joon can’t still her beating heart.

Hyuk declares Baek Joon is a master at playing with men’s hearts. Je Hoon throws a pillow at Hyuk and orders him to sleep.

At work Je Hoon warns Hyuk that the fired subcontracting company selling the beef and rice product under the Gangsu label will cause problems. Hyuk doesn’t agree. They aren’t stealing the recipe and the food is properly branded. He declares they’ll have to see if it sells first. Je Hoon tells him not to embarrass Gangsu.

The trio and Baek Joon are exhausted the next day at work. Packing food all night and working during the day has worn them out. Baek Joon imagines Hyuk declaring his love. It disturbs her.

Hyuk pleads with his Uncle to allow the beef and rice to be sold next to other Gangsu products. His Uncle correctly surmises that Hyuk’s father knows nothing about this. His Uncle reminds Hyuk they discontinued the beef and rice product for a new one. He warns pitting the new product against the old one won’t make Gangsu happy. Hyuk only needs a couple of weeks and his Uncle’s approval. He reminds his Uncle that he procured Viagra for him. His Uncle isn’t excited to have his private needs brought into the discussion.

Hyuk tells Baek Joon and the trio he got permission for the subcontractor to sell the beef and rice product. They are thrilled to hear the news. When Hyuk winks at Baek Joon, she tosses her head and walks away. Hyuk marvels at her savvy way of keeping him off kilter.

At the grocery store, the samples of the Gangsu new products have it flying off the shelves while the beef and rice sits on the shelves. Hyuk and the subcontractor president look at each other in dismay.

Je Hoon reports to Hyuk’s brother what Hyuk is doing. His brother sighs that Gangsu doesn’t want the new product to suffer. He tells the Strategic Manager (the department Je Hoon works in) to throw more support behind the new product. The Strategic Manager realizes the beef and rice product is troubling Hyuk’s brother.

Team beef and rice are despondent about the lack of sales. The subcontractor president thanks them for their efforts. Baek Joon cajoles the former marketing expert of the trio to come up with a marketing strategy.

At the grocery store, Baek Joon does a demonstration and they trio judiciously marvel at how good the product is and create a buzz. Shoppers respond and purchase the product. When it appears to run out Baek Joon restocks the shelves and the eager shopper snap the product up.

Baek Joon sits with the Strategic Manager in the Gangsu cafeteria and asks why he assigned Hyuk the difficult assignment. The Strategic Manager wanted to see what Hyuk would do when reality hit his enthusiasm. Would he crumble or persevere?

The section chief rips into Hyuk for cross marketing the beef and rice product while the new products were launching. The chef of the new product is livid, declaring Gangsu didn’t market properly and is therefore in breach of contract. Je Hoon hands the section chief the sales figures. The beef and rice sales are stellar. Hyuk is thrilled. No one else is.

The trio and Baek Joon discuss Hyuk’s disfavor with the section chief.

Hyuk doesn’t understand how helping the terminated subcontractor wasn’t the right and ethical choice. The section chief yells that the managers won’t see it that way and they all stand to get in trouble and possibly lose their jobs due to Hyuk’s tactics. Hyuk realizes they are all afraid of his father’s reaction. Hyuk’s father assistant tells Hyuk his father wants to see him.

Hyuk’s father is not happy. He tells Hyuk it is survival of the fittest and he’s willing to play the game by wiping out his competition. Hyuk tells his father his greed isn’t necessary. Hyuk’s brother counters that market share is everything. Hyuk tells his father both products can co-exist and be profitable. Hyuk’s father isn’t interested. He fires Hyuk and order his security to throw Hyuk out. Then they get word that the President of Korea is calling. Hyuk’s father takes the call and stares at Hyuk during the conversation. He thanks the President for the call.

Baek Joon meets with the chief of the new product. He’s not happy that Gangsu cross marketed reducing his sales. Baek Joon shows the chief the sales figures which clearly delineate the ages groups that bought the chef’s product (younger) and the beef and rice product (older). Then she drops the bomb that the President was so impressed that Gangsu took a “both products can coexist” tactic, that he issued a commendation.

Social media is a buzz with Gangsu’s good will.

Baek Joon tells the chief that suing Gangsu would put egg on his face.

Baek Joon thanks the reporter for the article that tipped the scales so both products could survive. The reporter thanks Baek Joon for the hot tip.

The chief of the new product calls the Strategic Manager and states that Hyuk’s secretary convinced him not to sue. He advices the Strategic Manager to keep the smart woman on the payroll.

Everyone celebrates with food and drink. The subcontractor thanks Hyuk, Baek Joon, et all for their efforts.

Hyuk and Baek Joon walk home. Hyuk takes her hand. She pulls away. Hyuk declares she MUST have felt the electricity between them last night. Baek Joon recalls the Strategic Manager asking why Baek Joon didn’t change Gangsu by accepting the internship. Baek Joon counters that change requires power and Hyuk has that wherein she would not. Her strategy is simple, guide Hyuk and let change occur. As they walk home, Baek Joon thinks she’ll let things happen and see where it takes her.

Hyuk’s brother complains to Je Hoon about the unfairness that Hyuk’s crazy ways seem to work. Je Hoon thinks that life is indeed unfair.

Je Hoon arrives home to find his father bring clothes and food for Hyuk. He asks why his father is concerned about Hyuk but shows no concern for him. Je Hoon’s father says that Je Hoon is self-sufficient but Hyuk isn’t. His father asks about the state of the relationship between Baek Joon and Hyuk. He notes Hyuk’s mother is considering Baek Joon as a potential spouse for Hyuk. Je Hoon can’t stand it. He asks his father if he can honestly say that being a lackey for the family has made him happy. Je Hoon’s father remembers going to prison for the family. His father declares he has no regrets because Je Hoon has turned out so well. Je Hoon can’t believe that his father justifies all the indignities he’s suffered so his son would have an opportunity. Je Hoon recalls his father being taken away by the police and his shattered heart. Je Hoon tells his father that his role is killing him. Je Hoon’s father doesn’t know what to say to his son’s honesty. Je Hoon recalls the anguish after his father went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He cries.

I’m relieved that Je Hoon is looking at his own life and his own happiness.

Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won) explains how she got drunk and ended up at her neighbor’s apartment. Baek Joon tells Yeon Hee to forget about it. Yeon Hee worries that Hyuk and Je Hoon think badly of her. Baek Joon assures her they don’t think badly of her. Yeon Hee admits she feels tenderness towards Je Hoon and can’t stop thinking about him.

Hmm, that seemed a bit contrived. Wouldn’t Yeon Hee be drawn to the kind neighbor? We all know Yeon Hee is the match for Je Hoon, so let it begin.

The family dinner is full of praise for Hyuk. His father is thrilled by the good publicity and certificate from the President. Hyuk’s mother is thrilled that Baek Joon is a positive influence and believes she’s’ the woman that shaman foretold. Hyuk’s Aunt and Uncle are thrilled the stock prices have soared. Though Hyuk’s brother utters words of support, Hyuk realizes the sentiment has no depth of feelings.

Hyuk’s brother stares at Baek Joon while she cleans. He recalls his mother wanting to know more about the woman that is helping Hyuk evolve. Hyuk’s brother walks up to the trio and Baek Joon. He asks to speak with Baek Joon in his office.

The trio calls Hyuk and reports the meeting occurring in his brother’s office. Hyuk assure them he’ll look into it.

Hyuk’s brother asks Baek Joon why she’s hanging with Hyuk. He claims to care for Hyuk and doesn’t want her to use his brother. He accuses her of manipulating him. He asks if this is about her father. Baek Joon says her father was fired. Hyuk’s brother adds that her father was fired for taking bribes. Baek Joon refuses to believe it. Hyuk’s brother demands to know why she’s manipulating Hyuk. He orders her to stay away from Hyuk…or else. Baek Joon clenches her fist. Hyuk listens at the door and watches Baek Joon stride away. He stares at his brother and enters the office.

Baek Joon tells Je Hoon about the encounter with Hyuk’s brother. Je Hoon reminds her that he warned her about getting involved and the consequences. Baek Joon demands to know if her father was fired for bribery. Je Hoon says it doesn’t matter. Baek Joon counters that it does matter. She believed her father was fired for no reason. That was the crux of why she rejected full-time employment. She declares she must know the truth. Was her father fired for bribery? Je Hoon confirms the story. Baek Joon is stunned. Her father wouldn’t do that. Je Hoon offers her the termination notice for bribery that was witnessed by a subcontractor. Baek Joon stares in shock. She demands to know who the subcontractor was. Je Hoon tells her it was the subcontractor president she recently helped.

Baek Joon meets with the subcontractor president.

Hyuk’s brother tells Hyuk that people approach rich guys like them with ulterior motives. He urges Hyuk to find a woman “at his level”. Hyuk says their inheritance and his family’s machinations to get even more money don’t make them great people. Hyuk’s brother tells him to leave the family and stop torturing the company with his antics as an intern.

The subcontractor president is stunned when Baek Joon reveals who her father was. She presses him to confirm or refute the bribery charges in the termination notice. The subcontractor president claims not to remember. Baek Joon reminds him that he spoke of her father frequently before knowing of her connection. The subcontractor president hesitates then claims the termination notice is correct. Her father took bribes from him in the past. Baek Joon struggles to reconcile these words with all the positive things he said about her father. The subcontractor president declares he will say no more. He leaves. Baek Joon can’t believe what she’s heard. She recalls her parents fighting over his devotion to Gangsu. She recalls her mother weeping after he was fired. She recalls finding her father drinking and considering jumping from the balcony. She recalls demanding why her father was considering suicide (she clenches her fists). She recalls distracting him by claiming to be hungry.

Baek Joon walks home slowly, her heart heavy. Hyuk meets her. They stare into each other’s eyes. Baek Joon recalls Hyuk’s brother mandate that she stays away from Hyuk. He smiles and declares he’s hungry. Baek Joon recalls her father making ramen for her. Her father urges her to eat. Hyuk presents Baek Joon with a bowl of ramen. She looks into his eyes. She stares at the ramen. Hyuk urges her to eat. He shares that the best ramen he’s ever had was the first bowl she made it. It was the best because he shared it with her. Hyuk eats his ramen. Baek Joon eats her ramen. She recalls eating the ramen her father made her and crying at the bittersweet moment. She recalls her father eating his ramen. Baek Joon recalls wondering why she met Hyuk. She struggles not to cry. Hyuk watches her and smiles knowing he’s comforting her. As Baek Joon stares at him, a tear falls down her check. Hyuk smiles with quiet support.

My Thoughts

The tables were turned and Hyuk helped Baek Joon. This episode showed the strength of Hyuk. His strength is humanity and creative thinking. He effectively got his Uncle to “approve” the subcontractor selling the beef and rice. With brainstorming by the trio, their marketing strategy created positive sales. It was Baek Joon’s stroke of genius to bring the press into the matter ensuring Gangsu got positive publicity. That effectively neutralized Hyuk’s father’s angry response. Where was Hyuk’s strength of humanity demonstrated? When he didn’t burst into his brother’s office when BJ was there, when he told his brother that money didn’t make their family better than others, when he offered uncomplicated support to an obviously hurting Baek Joon. He didn’t press her, he was there for her. Perfect!

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun gave us another step in Hyuk’s evolution. He stood by Baek Joon when she was heartbroken about the possibility of her father accepting bribes. Director Song Hyun Wook utilization of the popup image of Hyuk while Baek Joon was cleaning the window effectively showed try as she might, she can’t get Hyuk out of her head. The layering of the flashback with her father and the present day was well done.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) couldn’t believe the Baek Joon didn’t feel the magic of their kiss. Hyuk felt the electricity and assumed Baek Joon did too. But her denial didn’t ring completely true. Undaunted, Hyuk continued his pursuit but at a gentler pace. He showed a willingness to abide by her “friends edict” but did not remove himself from her orbit. Hyuk’s kindness towards his brother (who is an obviously user), is a measure of the man indicator. He loves his brother, in spite of his arrogance and jealously. He loves his father, in spite of his brutality. Hyuk loves with a pure spirit. That is rare and precious. Of course, Baek Joon is drawn to him.

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) finally admitted he wasn’t happy. He told his father who is the master at lying to himself that serving the family is the number one priority. His father simply wasn’t equipped to help Je Hoon grapple with wanting to reject a lifetime of servitude to the family. I am happy JH is turning inward and examining himself. He needs a change.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) was shocked that her father was fired for bribery. She instinctively knew her father’s moral compass wouldn’t bribe another. But the subcontractor president insisted it was true, though his refusal to provide details and his unease practically screamed it wasn’t true. Baek Joon continues to impress with her smarts. She masterfully handled the chief with the new product and got him to back down. Seeing Baek Joon upset was necessary. She has to come to terms with the choices she’s made and why. She doesn’t want to believe her father committed bribery but his attempted suicide adds a dash of doubt. Baek Joon was lucky to have Hyuk there for her. Not pushing her, but nourishing with food and support.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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6 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 9 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I take back my “yech” about the kiss. The opening scene, sans Baek Joon’s initial reluctance, was a nice kiss. And I loved Hyuk’s description of the electric voltage of it and his shocked reaction that Baek Joon didn’t feel it too. lol Siwon emoted so well that I felt like I understood Korean. I didn’t need any subtitles for that scene. lol

    I usually feel like I’ve “seen it all” which is why I’m bored with American tv, and starting to feel like Kdramas are getting there too but, you could’ve bowled me over with a feather when the accuser of Joon’s father was Factory President whom she and Hyuk saved and who had mentioned inn the past what a good man Chief Baek was to work with.

    BTW,I don’t think Chief Baek was accused of giving bribes but of accepting them. Even though my subs also refer to it as “bribery”.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, I’m so glad you reneged you position on Joon and Hyuk’s kiss 💋. I thought Joon initially looked apprehensive, but she has fallen 💕; she simply has some anxiety about the feasibility of their relationship and a decent poker 🃏 face. I thought the scene with Joon wiping the windows where she imagined Hyuk’s face as if that could wipe Hyuk from her mind was very clever.

      I 💗 that Hyuk is starting 🔫🏃 to face reality and continuing to grow and brainstorm. I also 💗 Je Hoon for taking the first step of acknowledging that he does not enjoy his life as-is. I can’t wait for him to make some changes and start gathering some happiness for himself.

      I can’t wait to see where the story will go next… We didn’t see our new policeman neighbor this episode; I’m curious about his motivation for moving in…


      • I thought Joon initially looked apprehensive, but she has fallen 💕; she simply has some anxiety about the feasibility of their relationship and a decent poker 🃏 face.
        Well said. I enjoy Joon. She’s so much more than a typical kdrama leading lady.


    • you could’ve bowled me over with a feather when the accuser of Joon’s father was Factory President whom she and Hyuk saved and who had mentioned inn the past what a good man Chief Baek was to work with.
      That surprised me as well. Good writing on that plot point.


  2. Terry says:

    When Jun takes her hand away from Hyuk, I like what she says: that she needs a bit of time. It was her way of acknowledging that they do have a relationship future, but yet.


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