Revolutionary Love Episode 10 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 10

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) looks at the files on his computer that clearly show illegal dealings of Gangsu. He silently tells his father that backing that family has forced him to do things he now regrets.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) and Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) wash the dishes after their ramen. Hyuk recalls Je Hoon warning him that once his brother sets his sights on someone like Baek Joon, he won’t shift his focus until he rids the company and Hyuk of her. Je Hoon tells Hyuk that his brother leads the airline disturbance video to the press. Hyuk realizes his brother wants to get rid of him. He empathizes with Je Hoon for bearing the truth alone. As they finish the dishes Hyuk stares at Baek Joon. Their hands graze and they lock fingers for a moment. Then Baek Joon pulls away and declares she want to get to bed early. Graciously Hyuk wishes her a good night.

Baek Joon calls her mother and struggles to ask if her father took bribes. Her mother doesn’t understand why Baek Joon would say such a thing. Baek Joon cries and tells her mother she’s hanging on by a thin thread.

Hyuk’s mother and father discuss Baek Joon. They have a favorable opinion even though she doesn’t have much money. But when Hyuk’s brother states that Baek Joon is the daughter of the man that created the signature chili paste, Hyuk’s mother is thrilled but Hyuk’s father is not. He stalks away livid. Hyuk’s mother doesn’t understand the reaction. Her son warns her that Baek Joon will eat Hyuk alive.

Hyuk finds a note on Baek Joon’s door that she’s sleeping late and is not to be disturbed. Reluctantly Hyuk turns and walks away. Meanwhile Baek Joon sits alone in her apartment.

Hyuk’s father complains to Je Hoon that Hyuk picked the worst woman possible to get involved with. He orders Je Hoon to persuade Hyuk to drop Baek Joon. Je Hoon agrees.

Hyuk spies Baek Joon’s mother starting at the Gangsu building. With purpose she enters the building and goes into an office. Hyuk and one of the trio overhears Baek Joon’s mother declare to the Strategic Manager that she knows what Gangsu did to her husband and warns that if they continue to bother Baek Joon with their version of the truth, she won’t be able to keep quiet about what she knows. Flashback to henchmen forcing Baek Joon’s father to accept payoff money. Baek Joon’s mother sees the henchmen tell the Strategic Manager they did as he bid. Je Hoon catches Hyuk listening at the door. When Baek Joon’s mother exits the office Hyuk ducks out of the way. The Strategic Manager strides out of the office and watches her walk away. He spies Je Hoon and Hyuk watching him. He walks away. Je Hoon tells Hyuk that his father wants Baek Joon out of his life. Je Hoon believes Hyuk’s brother stirred the pot. Hyuk is no longer surprised at what his brother does.

Baek Joon’s mother makes her way up the stairs to her daughter’s apartment. The police officer spies her going up. At Baek Joon’s door, her mother calls to her but there’s no answer. Her mother declares her father wouldn’t take a bribe, he wasn’t that kind of man. Still no answer. Her mother starts to leave. Baek Joon opens the door and hugs her mother crying. The women hug it out. Her mother says her father was the best kind of man. Baek Joon sobs tears of relief and affirmation that her father was who she believed. The police officer walks away. He finds Hyuk on the landing. Hyuk stares at him and walks away.

A determined Hyuk finds his brother doing his daily swim. When his brother exits the pool, he puts him off kilter by reminding him of the incident. Deadly serious Hyuk tells his brother he likes Baek Joon and will not tolerate her upset by his games again. Hyuk tells his brother he’s too old to tattle to their father. He warns his brother not to mess with him. He strides away.

Yes, yes, yes! Love it! Hyuk stood tall and firm against his jealous insecure brother.

Baek Joon stares at the picture of her father. Determination grips her. She makes herself a nourishing meal that she eats with gusto.

Baek Joon appears in front of the subcontractor president. She tells him she knows he’s lying and keeping part of the story from her. He walks away and refuses to tell her. She declares she won’t leave until he talks to her.

The subcontractor president sits in his office and thinks.

Hyuk apologizes to the section chief for not attending to his duties. Hyuk gets a phone call from the subcontractor president and Baek Joon and leaves immediately. Je Hoon stops him. They agree he’s the better one to deal with this because he knows the background. Je Hoon leaves with Hyuk knowing he’ll take care Baek Joon.

Baek Joon stands and waits for the subcontractor president but he won’t come. Coward! He watches her from his office. Coward! It turns night but Baek Joon won’t give up. Je Hoon arrives. He tells her she can’t force the truth like this. Je Hoon reminds her there will be a ripple effect from the truth. Je Hoon flashes to his father being taken away by the police when he was young. Baek Joon doesn’t care. Her father was the scapegoat and she’s not having it anymore. Je Hoon tells her to fight properly. Baek Joon declares she won’t back down. Je Hoon leaves her to it.

The police officer buys a drink and offers it to Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won). She refuses the drink. She declares she’s not a drunk. He gives her the drink saying it was a BOGO. Yeon Hee refuses it. He walks away. She gets her heel stuck in the grate. She calls to him but he’s out of earshot. Je Hoon comes along. He notices her predicament. He offers his arm to steady herself while she tries to extract her shoe. He lifts her foot out of her shoe, pulls the shoe out of the hole, and puts her foot back in. That was kind of hot! Yeon Hee stares at him. He starts to ask. She tells him she’s available. He corrects her assumption and asks for Baek Joon’s mother’s phone number.

Hyuk and the trio discuss the situation. Their investigation yields a pact among the subcontractors not to discuss the bribery or Baek Joon’s father.

Hyuk stares at the Strategic Manager. He follows him when he leaves work.

Baek Joon sits cold and alone. The subcontractor president passes her. He tells her to go home. She promises to return tomorrow. He leaves. She struggles to walk home. Her mother is there when she returns to her apartment. Her mother tells her she’s foolish to demand the truth. She urges Baek Joon to move on. They know her father didn’t take the bribes. Why isn’t that good enough? Baek Joon can’t let it go. Her life has been a reaction to her father’s incident. She must resolve it, so she can move forward with her own life. Her mother worries for Baek Joon. But Baek Joon is firm. She’s not scared and she won’t back down. Her mother begs her to have nothing to do with Gangsu and move on. Baek Joon promises she will AFTER she clears her father’s name. She tells her mother not to stop her.

She finds Je Hoon on the rooftop. She asks if he called her mother. He confirms he wanted her mother to stop her. Je Hoon reminds her that she looked down on him for cleaning up Hyuk’s messes. Now he has the same reaction to what she’s doing. Je Hoon asks if she believes she can win against Gangsu. He warns her Hyuk will side with his family not her. He admits others went through something similar. He asks her to stop.

The Strategic Manager and the subcontractor president drink. The strategic manager warns this could be the last chance to make things right and to free himself from the guilt. Hyuk is nearby eavesdropping. The subcontractor president reminds him that things won’t go well for either of them if the truth is told. The strategic manager says he can’t protect the subcontractor president but it is time to pay for their actions. The strategic manager tells the subcontractor president to choose his path. He states he knows what he will do. He leaves. The subcontractor president thinks about his next move.

Hyuk meets the strategic manager and asks for the truth of the past.

Hyuk walks home and sees Baek Joon outside the convenience store. He flashes back to the strategic manager stating that once the truth comes out, Hyuk will lose either his father or Baek Joon. She spots him. He smiles. She worries that he’s working too hard. He asks if she’s okay. She claims she rested all day. Hyuk asks if he’s still her friend. She assures him they are friend and that’s all, just friends. Hyuk asks for a hug. He hugs Baek Joon. She asks what’s wrong. He tells her something bothered him. Hyuk thinks know he knows why she’s kept distance between them. Baek Joon hugs him back and reminds him they are just friends. Hyuk’s mother watches them hug. She tells Je Hoon’s father to drive her home.

The next day Baek Joon prepares to get the truth. Her mother asks why she must do this. Baek Joon says her life is in limbo until she resolves this. The subcontractor president isn’t happy to see Baek Joon outside his office. He walks past her without saying a word. She yells that she’ll be here all day. Hyuk arrives and heads up to the subcontractor president’s office. Baek Joon follows. He tells the subcontractor president he’ll protect him when he tells the truth of what happened to Baek Joon’s father. The subcontractor president the truth will affect Hyuk’s father. He refuses to talk. Hyuk reminds him that he’s different from his father. He wants to set things right. He asks for the truth to make that happen. The subcontractor president recalls the strategic manager warning him this could be his last chance to tell the truth.

Hyuk flashes back to the strategic manager admitting the Baek Joon’s father tried to stop the practice of taking bribes from subcontractor formally through the process at Gangsu. The strategic manager says Gangsu management decided to sacrifice Baek Joon’s father to keep the truth suppressed.

The subcontractor president admits to Baek Joon that someone high up in Gangsu told him to lie that her father regularly took bribes or his contract would be terminated. The subcontractor president says that her father never took a bribe and fought for subcontractor rights. He apologizes to Baek Joon. Baek Joon cries tears of relief to hear the truth.

Flashback to Baek Joon’s father packing his desk up with the strategic manager watching. Baek Joon’s father left the company with his head high. Flashback to the strategic manager telling Hyuk that Baek Joon’s father left the company due to false accusations. Hyuk asks who ordered the cover up? He asks if it was his father.

He waits for Baek Joon outside the subcontractor president’s office. She finds him. She tells him she learned what she needed to know. She asks how he knew about her father. Hyuk admits he learned of her father’s supposed crimes on the same day as she did and from his brother as well. She asks if he heard her brother accuse her of manipulating him. Hyuk confirms this. He claims to know she wouldn’t do that. He admits all this stems from his father. He walks away. Baek Joon says he’s her friend. She smiles. She asks if she can hug him. She runs to him and hugs him. Sweet! Hyuk hugs her back. Baek Joon thanks him for clearing her father’s name. She cries. Hyuk smiles and hugs her. But he thinks “this is only the beginning.”

Hyuk is blossoming into a responsible adult right in front of my eyes this episode.

Je Hoon meets Hyuk at Gangsu and demands to know why Hyuk is doing this. He wars Hyuk is brother is upset and his father wants him to part ways with Baek Joon. Hyuk declares if there is a secret, he’s ready to expose it. Hyuk asks Je Hoon if he’s happy working at Gangsu. Je Hoon says no one is happy working. Hyuk counters they should be. Je Hoon scoffs that Hyuk can’t sing and dance his way to making Gangsu a fun place to work. Hyuk agrees that he needs to continue to leverage the fact that he’s the CEO’s son to make changes. Je Hoon is taken aback. Hyuk chides Je Hoon to admit he’d like to see Hyuk’s father admit he was wrong. Hyuk wants to see it too. He smiles and leaves Je Hoon.

Je Hoon watches his father dust the car.

Hyuk walks with purpose. He recalls the section chief words, his father’s words, the strategic managers question of what will he do.

The trio checks their employment papers and find them correct. They worry what Hyuk wants with them. He assures them it is something good.

Hyuk asks his father why he framed Baek Joon’s father. Hyuk’s father says a company’s purpose is profit. Hyuk says he choose money over a person. His father declares he is Gangsu and made the choice. Hyuk switches gear and asks if his father will still grant him the favor he promised after the presidential commendation. His father assures him he will. Hyuk places the trio’s papers on his father’s desk. He asks his father to hire them onto the management team. His father looks at the trio’s papers. He shakes his head. Hyuk thanks his father for granting his wish. His father asks if he broke up with Baek Joon. Hyuk counter that he and Baek Joon are just friends. Hyuk leaves. His father stares after Hyuk. He recalls Hyuk’s brother’s claim that Hyuk and Baek Joon are more than friends. Hyuk’s brother produces pictures of Hyuk talking to the strategic manager and hugging Baek Joon. Hyuk’s father stares at the trio’s papers.

Baek Joon offers Yeon Hee coffee. Yeon Hee asks if Je Hoon has a girlfriend. Baek Joon says he doesn’t. Yeon Hee tells Baek Joon about Je Hoon helping her last night with her stuck shoe. Baek Joon is surprised. Yeon Hee admits she feels something for him. She asks if Je Hoon could like her. Baek Joon counters that Yeon Hee’s feelings are more important. Je Hoon arrives with dinner for himself and Baek Joon. He covers by asking for Hyuk. He leaves the girls none the wiser.

Je Hoon runs into the police officer. He offers dinner to him. The police officer is surprised but takes the food.

Je Hoon enters his apartment and sinks onto the bed. Hyuk chides him to change before going to bed. Je Hoon asks how serious Hyuk is about making changes and exposing truths. Hyuk tells him to wait until tomorrow.

The next day the trio join Gangsu as full-time employees.  Mr. Kim introduces himself to the strategic planning team.

Je Hoon asks Baek Joon is she put Hyuk up to it. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She spies Hyuk and Mr. Kim walking down the hall. Mr. Kim is in a suit. Both men smile. Baek Joon is pleased. Je Hoon states Hyuk says he will be making changes. He asks if she knows what Hyuk’s plan is. Baek Joon doesn’t know Hyuk’s plan. She says Hyuk probably doesn’t have a plan. Hyuk stares at Baek Joon as his strides towards her. He thinks “I will revolutionize everything. I will become closer to you Baek Joon.”

My Thoughts

Hyuk is evolving right in front of our eyes. his episode he realized that his loyalty was to Baek Joon. He convinced the subcontractor president to admit the truth to Baek Joon. That meant the world to her. He has a plan. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Hyuk has a plan! Atta boy!

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun gave us another step in Hyuk’s evolution. This episode his analytical side emerged as he decided freeing Baek Joon’s father was worth the risk. He formed a plan. He took the initial steps. There’s more to come. As Hyuk said “this is only the beginning.” Director Song Hyun Wook layers flashback seamlessly. This episode had two flashbacks from two different years back to back in the single present-day scene which was a flashback itself.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) stepped up and confidently helped Baek Joon get the answer she needed. Hyuk set aside his romantic aspirations and concentrated on meeting her need for the truth about her father. He knew this was crucial for her to resolve this so she could move on…move on to a relationship with him. Hyuk, I didn’t know you had the ability to coolly and effectively strategize!

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) warned Hyuk of the ramification his actions would have. He was clear with Hyuk. But Hyuk surprised Je Hoon by not altering his course one bit. Je Hoon is considering revealing the dirt he has on Gangsu. This will be the path to freedom for Je Hoon. I’m chomping at the bit for Je Hoon to trust Hyuk and place the information in Hyuk’s hands. Better yet, I want them to work as a team.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) was relieved when it was confirmed father was framed for bribery. She finally felt support from her mother and Hyuk and leaned on them. Strong independent people often fail to realize that those in their circle need to be needed. She allowed her mother to support her. She literally reached out to Hyuk for support and hugged him. And best of all, she’s not the mastermind behind Hyuk’s plan. This is all Hyuk. She’s going to love it and him too.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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9 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    At least this episode made me feel like Joon’s mom isn’t totally worthless.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Joon’s mom came to Joon’s defense; I was very pleased‼. Bottom line, I was glad Joon got the truth.

    KJT said it best describing Hyuk as having “the ability to coolly and effectively strategize!” You gotta 💗 a man with a plan. Even Je Hoon is starting to recognize Hyuk just might be able to make a difference.

    I laughed my butt off when Je Hoon offered the sandwiches 🍞 to the 👮; was it my imagination or was the 👮 wondering if Je Hoon was hitting on him? I’m still curious about the cop’s motivation for becoming a neighbor. Is the 👮 a nosy neighbor, working for someone or simply curious about why Joon and Je Hoon protected 🛡 Hyuk when they helped Hyuk they thwarted the 👮 from arresting Hyuk?


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO my jaw slackened and my mouth dropped open as I was mezmirized 😵 by Mr. Fine But Evil Hyung aka MFBEH’s fantastic physic gliding through the water as he 🏊 swam laps … and I thought he looked mighty fine WITH his clothes on…


  4. Beez says:

    Or, to put it in language JT can better relate to:


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