Mad Dog Episode 10 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 10 “A Dog that Barks at the Sun”

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) and Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) get close to the safe. When Soon Jung spots it and puts his hand near it, an alarm is sounded.

Officer Jo and 3 other officers arrive about the burglary. Security escorts them to Chairman Cha’s office.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) is surprised to see Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) arrive. He orders her to hide in the Chairman’s office. He bursts into the green house and orders Soon Jung and Min Joon to escape. He locks himself into the greenhouse much to their dismay. Through the glass door he says he’ll buy them time. Min Joon realizes this was a trap. Kang Woo orders them to go.

Officer Jo, his men and Chairman Cha’s secretary are surprised to find Kang Woo. He smiles and smoothly apologizes for entering without permission. The secretary notices the plant doctors are gone. She leaves to find them.

Soon Jung, Min Joon and Ha Ri enter the lobby but are stopped by Officer Jo’s officers. Chairman Cha’s secretary demands to know where they are going. They lie that they need chemicals in their truck. The secretary turns on Ha Ri and asks why she stopped by. Ha Ri claims to be there to return files. Just then Manager Park enters the lobby and scolds Ha Ri for the need to call her for files she should have left behind.

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo and JH executive Hyun Gi exit his father’s funeral. Hyun Gi “thanks” Chairman Cha for being with his father until the end. Chairman Cha is irked by that. He reminds Hyun Gi to stay quiet until after the meeting.

Chairman Cha is irked that Kang Woo (aka mad dog) continues to plague them. Hong Joo says that whenever Kang Woo sees one of his team members in peril, he has to protect them. She suggests that they remove the unofficial team member.

The Mad Dog Team discusses what just happened. Min Joon makes the point it was a trap to capture them but instead only captured Min Joo. He predicts the person that visits Kang Woo in jail was the plan’s manager.

Hong Joo visits Kang Woo in jail. He slides his work badge her way. She hopes he’s learned his lesson and warns him not cause a ruckus again. She tells him what she’ll do something that won’t make him sad. She tells the officer they’ll let Kang Woo off with a warning.

The Mad Dog Team picks up Kang Woo. He asks where Min Joon is. Kang Woo has a suspicion that Hong Joo targeted Min Joo. Sure enough, Min Joon is attacked while jogging. On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) tracks Min Joo’s location though his cell phone and declares he’s back at the office. The team rushes there and finds Min Joon hanging. They get him down and find him breathing with a weak pulse. Kang Woo declares it isn’t safe here and picks up Min Joo.

After the doctor and Nurse Oh leave, Kang Woo tells the rest of the team not to be alone. They agree to sleep at the Mad Dog office. Noo Ri and Soon Jung promise to protect Ha Ri. She scoffs she’ll protect herself.

Sweet when Nurse Oh said she wouldn’t want to see Soon Jung hurt.

The next morning Min Joon wakes to find himself in Kang Woo’s bed and apartment. He sees the family photos. He opens the second bedroom and finds Kang Woo asleep in his son’s bed clutching a stuffed animal. When Kang Woo awakes he hears and smells something. He’s surprised to find Min Joon in the kitchen putting the final touches of breakfast. He asks Min Joon if he knows who attacked him. Min Joon didn’t see the face but guesses it was the legal counsel for JH airlines. Kang Woo realizes that Min Joon had to shop for the food. He tells Min Joon not to go out again. Min Joon smiles and declares Kang Woo loves to nag. They eat the seaweed soup. Kang Woo pauses. Min Joon asks if the food is okay. Kang Woo admits he hasn’t eaten a meal with anyone else in the house in years. Kang Woo declares the soup delicious. They both smile and eat.

I love the idea of two lonely souls finding a moment of comfort. Kang Woo brought Min Joon into his home. Min Joon repaid him in the best way he knew how; providing a delicious meal.

Chairman Cha meets with the Chief Prosecutor who informs him they’ll be ready to arrest Hyun Gi after the meeting. Chairman Cha warns that an acquittal will not serve his purposes. The Chief Prosecutor wonders if he should arrest Hyun Gi for management manipulation. That hits a little close to Chairman Cha who helped Hyun Gi perpetrate the fraud of his father’s coma then death. The Chief Prosecutor mentions the video of Min Joon making accusations against JH airlines. He warns Chairman Cha that the intertwining of JH airlines and his company could prove to be an issue. He advises Chairman Cha to avoid all scandal as they proceed forward.

Kang Woo and Min Joon discuss where they stand. Min Joon was hurt but not killed to silence him. Kang Woo was caught, jailed and released to silence him. They both wonder what is the event that they are being muzzled for. Min Joon suggested they cause trouble. Kang Woo refuses to do anything until Officer Jo’s daughter’s surgery is complete in 2 days. Min Joon doesn’t like staying muzzled. Kang Woo suggests they plan for a big move in 2 days. Min Joon agrees.

Kang Woo meets with Manager Park. He apologizes for the mess he left at the insurance company. Manager Park says there isn’t a need to be sorry, he had amends to make for his investigation of the airline crash. They get down to business. Kang Woo asks Manager Park for a list of all the unpaid insurance claims. Manager Park declares this would amount to a large amount of money. Kang Woo smiles.

The Mad Dog Team discusses how the insurance company is ignoring a court order to pay for suicides under their life insurance policies. Couple that with a mass of unclaimed claims and the insurance company would face a double whammy. The financial oversight board would consider action against the insurance company’s management. Kang Woo knows it’s time for Chairman Cha and Hong Joo to face the music.

Hyun Gi finds Hong Joo drinking alone. He correctly surmises she’s mourning the loss of her unrequited love for Kang Woo. Surprisingly Hong Joo admits she liked Kang Woo. But his wife was too good and his son was important to her. Hyun Gi inches the blade in Hong Joo by soothingly telling her that she allowed Kang Woo’s wife and son to get on a plane with deficiencies. He soothingly tells her it was a small mistake. He says he made a similar mistake. Hong Joo cries. Hyun Gi cradles her face in his hands. She tells Hyun Gi not to touch her.

The inference was loud and clear, Hong Joo had an awareness that the doomed plane had mechanical issues. But Kang Woo was scheduled to be on the flight as well. What delayed him to the airport, his employee being in an accident while following Ko Jin Chul, did not appear to be part of a plan. I wonder, was Kang Woo (and by extension his family) a target?

Soon Jung sees Nurse Oh at the hospital. She notices the suit and tie. She asks if he’s trying to compete with Min Joo’s good looks. Soon Jung scoffs that Min Joo’s pale face and red lips make him appear to be a vampire. Ha!  Nurse Oh has to chuckle. Soon Jung asks Nurse Oh if he looks like a trustworthy guy. She sniffs her approval.

Soon Jung begins talking to current patient’s families with unpaid insurance claims. Nurse Oh vouches for Soon Jung. He smiles and hands out his business card all around the hospital. The card shows his company whose purpose to retrieve unpaid claims.

Working out of Kang Woo’s home, Min Joon and Ha Ri man the company’s phones to handle the influx of inquiries from Soon Jung’s activities. When Nurse Oh calls Min Joon to inquire about his health, he demurs and Ha Ri watches a touch miffed.

Ah, Soon Jung was jealous of Nurse Oh’s interaction with Min Joon and now Ha Ri feels the same sting.

Min Joon looks around Kang Woo’s son’s room. He asks about the height marks on the wall. Ha Ri explains. Min Joon explains he’s empty but Kang Woo has memories, something he’ll never have. Flashback to Kang Woo’s son getting a mark on the wall by Kang Woo. Min Joon wonders how Kang Woo can stand to be in this room so filled with happy memories that have disintegrated. Ha Ri can’t help but reflect on the same.

Hong Joo asks Kang Woo if he’s decided to stay put as she’s recommended. Kang Woo asks when she got involved with the plane crash. She deflects this. Kang Woo shakes his head that trying to kill Min Joon was a new low. Hong Joo declares she had to make her position clear. Kang Woo doesn’t know who she is anymore. Hong Joo claims that all that matters are the insurance company and her father. She asks again, will he stay put? Kang Woo states he will.

Officer Jo follows Kang Woo and texts Chairman Cha where Kang Woo is. Chairman Cha double checks Officer Jo’s information with the legal counsel. When it checks out, Chairman Cha tells the legal counsel the surgery for Officer Jo’s daughter will proceed tomorrow.

Manager Park meets Kang Woo in a bar. Kang Woo tells him that the surgery is tomorrow and they’ll need to get busy after it. They agree.

When Kang Woo gets home, Min Joon chides him for drinking again. Kang Woo warns Min Joon they aren’t living together. Chastened Min Joon agrees that this isn’t personal. The next morning Kang Woo finds food in his fridge. He’s not happy assuming that Min Joon shopped. Min Joon counters Ha Ri brought the food for them. Min Joon says Officer’s Jo’s surgery is underway and he’ll let him know when it’s complete. He chides him again for drinking. Kang Woo notices the tidy house and wonders if Min Joon is taking over.

The surgeons tell Officer Jo and his wife that the daughter’s surgery went well. They cry with relief. Officer Jo texts Kang Woo the good news and that he resigned from the police force. He calls Officer Jo and warns things will heat up now. Officer Jo says he’ll be working in Busan and that Kang Woo must do what he must. He wishes his friend well.

Kang Woo calls Ha Ri and declares they must begin. Kang Woo isn’t happy to find Min Joon has left the apartment. Ha Ri isn’t happy to find Min Joo’s cell phone is off.

Min Joon meets with Cho Kyung Eun’s sister a beneficiary of her sister’s suicide. The reporter is there too. She declares her sister did not commit suicide. She makes the point that there were no sleeping pills in her sister’s bloodstream though there were sleeping pills found near her. But the sleeping pills near were enough for the insurance company to refuse to pay. Kang Woo realizes that the insurance company paid Min Joon on the same day they rejected the sister’s claim. The reporter agrees to writer about the denied claim. He asks if Min Joon wants to declare his brother didn’t’ crash the plane. Min Joon states his opinion doesn’t matter, rather shaping what the public thinks does. The Mad Dog Team realizes Min Joon has gone rouge again. Kang Woo tells Noo Ri to take down the insurance company servers. Kang Woo declares he’ll find Min Joon stopping Ha Ri from getting involved. Frustrated she acquiesces. Kang Woo remembers his cold words to Min Joon the previous evening.

Manager Park reports the insurance company servers are down after the flood of unpaid insurance claim submissions. The dollar amount of the claims surprises her. She orders Manager Park to pay the small claims. She gets summoned by her father who isn’t happy. He declares the insurance claims are initiated by Kang Woo. Hong Joo says she’ll pay the small claims first. Chairman Cha declares they can’t pay the claims because the money was already given to Hyun Gi. Hong Joo is shocked.

Min Joon smiles at the missed calls and texts from the Mad Dog Team. The legal counsel follows Min Joon and tries to hit him in a cross walk but Kang Woo’s appearance makes him hit the brakes. Hyun Gi calls the legal counsel about the unpaid insurance claims flooding the insurance company. He asks if the $10M from the insurance company is this unpaid insurance money. He promises to look into it. Frustrated he drives around Kang Woo and Min Joo. Kang Woo tells Min Joon it’s his turn to bark now that they’ve taken down the insurance company servers.

Hyun Gi tells legal counsel he knew Kang Woo wouldn’t lay low. Hong Joo finds Hyun Gi in her office. He sees she’s busy with the unpaid claims mess. He declares they need to tells her father that Min Joon is doing a live interview.

On live TV Min Joon declares that he got the insurance claim before the investigation was done while Cho Kyung Eun’s sister did not receive her insurance claim after the investigation was done.  Min Joon makes the point that Cho Kyung Eun’s sister insurance was for $200K and his brother’s claim was for $3.4M. Why was the larger claim paid first?

Noo Ri, Soon Jung, and Ha Ri watch the ripple effect. Soon Jung says Min Joon planted the seeds of doubt. Ha Ri declares they’ll water the seeds.

Chairman Cha, Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi watch the interview. Chairman Cha says to pay Cho Kyung Eun’s sister’s claim. Hyun Gi declares Chairman Cha has made a mess. He has cancelled the meeting. Chairman Cha looks livid. Hyun Gi relishes telling Chairman Cha that once on the internet, always on the interest. With glee Hyun Gi informs Chairman Cha that the Chief Prosecutor is looking into management succession tampering and where he got $10M. Hyun Gi declares he’s an observant man and know Kang Woo is the source of the problem.

Kang Woo and Min Joon walk compatibly and agree that while they both once didn’t care about living, they do now. The Mad Dog Team arrives they decide to eat together.

Hyun Gi flips through photos of the Mad Dog Team. He pauses on Noo Ri and declares he’s special. Why? Because he’s the chief prosecutor’s son.

Noo Ri is surprised when his father calls him. He steps away from the Mad Dog Team to take the call. His father orders him to leave the Mad Dog Team.

Chairman Cha and Hong Joo tells Hyun Gi it is against the rules to go after someone’s family. Hyun Gi looks at Chairman Cha pointedly. Obviously, he’s inferring that Chairman Cha killed his father.

Noo Ri stares the Mad Dog Team, his family, who his father has ordered him to leave. He stares at Kang Woo whose happy smile leaves his face as he sees Noo Ri staring intently.

My Thoughts

Noo Ri’s family connections matter. Writer Kim Soo Jin tied Noo Ri to his father the Chief Prosecutor. The man that Chainman Cha wants to arrest Hyun Gi for management succession tampering (among others). Did Kang Woo realize something was wrong when Noo Ri looked at the Mad Dog Team at the end of the episode?

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri, and Min Joon unpaid claims operation got traction. I loved their team work. They have an easy comradery. But will it implode with Noo Ri’s background reveal?

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi dynamics tilted so Hyun Gi gained power.  Just when I discounted Hyun Gi as a real player, he puts the screws to Chairman Cha and Hong Joo. He relishes Chairman Cha’s anger over Min Joo’s interview, the flood of unpaid claims requests, and the Chief Prosecutor’s interest in Chairman Cha’s management succession tampering of JH airlines. While Hyun Gi is a bad guy, he does have charm. I enjoyed him poking Chairman Cha. I enjoyed Chairman Cha getting angry. I enjoyed Chairman Cha’s plans unraveling a bit. The Mad Dog Team has turned up the heat and Hyun Gi is smart enough to leverage it to his benefit. Hong Joo’s declaration that her loyalty was to the insurance company and her father told Kang Woo that she’s no longer under his influence. She believed Kang Woo when he said he’d lay low. But Chairman Cha realized too late that Kang Woo had lied.

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) plans to rattle Chairman Cha and the insurance company bore fruit. Kang Woo saved Min Joon from hanging and took him into his home. It was telling that Kang Woo sleeps in his son’s bed. He felt decidedly uncomfortable when Min Joon made himself at home. He wasn’t used to having a healthy refrigerator and someone to nag him to eat. That’s exactly what Kang Woo needs. He’s had two years of mourning and being stuck. He needs a resolution that will allow him to move on. I respected Kang Woo’s stay of activities until Officer Jo’s daughter’s surgery was complete.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) had a moment of yearning for the happy family Kang Woo had. Min Joon let his guard down when he expressed happiness at sharing Kang Woo’s apartment. But Kang Woo snapped at him, not ready for that. Min Joon couldn’t understand how Kang Woo could live in an apartment full of memories of his happy family that imploded when the plane crash. Min Joon was the most vulnerable this episode. It was a welcome change.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) had to stand down when Kang Woo told her to. She wanted to go after Min Joon but Kang Woo didn’t want her to be put in danger. She bit back her response and acquiesced. Ha Ri got jealous when she saw the easy banter between Nurse Oh and Min Joo. Ha Ri and Min Joon continue to slowly build.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) called Min Joon a vampire. He told Nurse Oh that Min Joo’s pale face and red lips make him appear to be a vampire. Ah, the things one says when the green-eyed monster strikes.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) is the son of the Chief Prosecutor. I liked this reveal. I like Noo Ri. Will he step away from the Mad Dog Team as his father ordered? Will he admit his connections to Kang Woo? Why wouldn’t Kang Woo already now this? Wouldn’t you already know the background of everyone on your team?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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14 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    You’re ranking chart is right on the money. I didn’t find this episode as exciting as the previous ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beez says:

    Oh, and I don’t think it was Nurse Oh that was calling Min Joon back to hear his sexy voice, but I think it was one of the insurance policy holders that Team MD contacted to inform them they were owed money by Taejang Insurance.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 about Noo Ri’s family connection. How will this affect Team Mad Dog⁉

    I 💗 the family type dynamic between Kang Woo and Min Joon as they lived in Kang Woo’s apartment. The care and concern for Min Joon from the team makes me feel like loner 🚶 Min Joon is Incorporated I to the gang 👫🚶👬 now. I’m ready for Min Joon and Ha Ri to be a couple 💑.

    I was a bit taken back that Hyun Gi had a bite 😬 to follow up his bark 🐶. I must admit I relished 🌭 Hyun Gi poking at the Affably Evil 😈 chairman Cha. There’s nothing more satisfying than Evil people fighting each other 👊😈💢👿👊‼


    • Beez says:

      @JT, if you feel like a loner, but assumung you’re not purposefully one, then just know it will pass. (Been there, experienced that.) There is a season for all things. 😍


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, contrary to my auto-corrected post, I am not feeling like a loner, although growing up in a large family there are times I choose to be alone.

        I think what I meant to say is that Min Joon has been a loner since he was abandoned and now Team Mad Dog has incorporated (my phone keeps trying to auto-correct “incorporated”) Min Joon as one of their own. You can tell Min Joon likes being part of the gang.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beez says:

          @JT embarrassed 😶

          Liked by 1 person

        • Jane Tilly says:

          Im sorry I didn’t consider your feeling Beez in my attempt for clarification. Don’t be 🚫😳 embarrassed Beez, I 💖 your lovely soul for caring 🐻🤗 (the best I can do to send big bear hugs‼) as your are always super sweet 🍭🍬🍫🍬🍭

          Liked by 1 person

          • Beez says:

            @JT That’s sweet and funny that you’d call ME “sweet”. My father-in-law used to call me “Razorback”. lol (Hey, I lived in Detroit and the best defense is a good offense.) I admit my temper is my most unattractive quality but I go to the wall and beyond for my family and friends.

            If anyone had ever told me I’d consider people I’ve never seen/met on the internet as my friends, I would’ve said they were crazy. But here y’all go. 🙂


    • I must admit I relished 🌭 Hyun Gi poking at the Affably Evil 😈 chairman Cha. There’s nothing more satisfying than Evil people fighting each other 👊😈💢👿👊‼
      Agreed. It adds more depth to have multiple evil characters. And then when they battle each other, it is even better.


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