Bride of the Water God Episode 15 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 15 Recap

We see the image of So Ah plunging into the river and sinking. She thinks “if you fade from sunlight you disappear. If you are colored my moonlight you become a myth. I guess our story will become a myth”.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) watch the sunset on top of the car. So Ah shares that her parents would fight. Flashback to So Ah’s single wish for Lord Habaek to fulfill is to meet with her father to understand why he deserted her. Lord Habaek asks if that is still her single wish. So Ah confirms this. Lord Habaek and So Ah hold hands as they drive home. As they walk the alley to the house, they hold hands again. So Ah asks if gods get married. Lord Habaek explains marriage is allowed though it isn’t binding. So Ah isn’t impressed by that.

So Ah is miffed as she makes tea. She asks if the gods have multiple partners. Lord Habaek confirms this. So Ah is shocked. Lord Habaek says he is unmarried. So Ah asks about Lady Yoo Hwa but he cuts her off. Lord Habaek drinks copious amounts of water to avoid going to bed. He mentions that Soo Ri is staying out all night. Lord Habaek looks like he’s going to suggest they sleep together. Instead he turns on the TV.  So Ah asks when Lord Habaek will return to his world. She muses that they are at a terminal point in their relationship. So Ah says she’ll have 40 to 50 years after he goes back. But Lord Habaek’s life won’t end. So Ah knows she’s being selfish when she wishes that he’ll remember her for a long time after he returns. Lord Habaek gently kisses her.

So Ah wakes the next morning to the smells of Lord Habaek cooking breakfast. So Ah is pleased. Lord Habaek lays out a beautiful variety of food. So Ah is pleased. When Lord Habaek tells her to eat, she gets choked that he did all this for her.

So Ah answers the doorbell to find CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) to drop off a new set of keys. Lord Habaek is not happy to see him. CEO Shin explains that dropping the keys off seemed the straightforward path. Lord Habaek invites CEO Shin to join them for breakfast. CEO Shin accepts. So Ah can’t believe it.  Lord Habaek tells CEO Shin irksome things about So Ah; she can’t cook, she falls asleep anywhere, she can’t clean, and she’s embarrassed by his naked body. So Ah asks him to stop. CEO Shin pleases So Ah when he announces he’s the new owner of her building. She’s grateful and thrilled. Lord Habaek announces he’s a king. CEO Shin ignores that and eats.

CEO Shin looks at a picture of So Ah and Yeom Mi. He asks So Ah is they’ve ever met before. So Ah is positive they have not. CEO Shin has a feeling they’ve met before. Lord Habaek enters and tells So Ah to bring tea. She looks at the two men, one a god of water and one a half god. Lord Habaek asks for his special cup for his tea. He brags he bought the cup with money earned from a “part-time job”.  CEO Shin tells Lord Habaek they are a good-looking couple. CEO Shin reconfirms he is willing to wait for So Ah. Lord Habaek counters that he’ll waste his life waiting for So Ah to be ready for another love. CEO Shin says in this world money is more important than being a king. CEO Shin reminds So Ah that she need to work at his farm per their agreement when he paid the cancellation fees. CEO Shin gives Lord Habaek a look and leaves.

CEO Shin calls Moo Ra and explains he needs money to cover So Ah’s cancellation fee. Moo Ra hangs up on him.

Bi Ryeon brings Moo Ra breakfast in bed. They discuss the initial steps their relationship has taken. Bi Ryeon smiles at how difficult Moo Ra can be. Lord Habaek calls Bi Ryeon who tells him he doesn’t have time for him today.

Lord Habaek tells the cell phone that when he returns to their world, he’ll turn Moo Ra into a mackerel and Bi Ryeon into a sparrow. Ha! Lord Habaek calls Soo Ri and asks if he’s making money from his part-time job. Soo Ri reports that Moo Ra has complained how often Lord Habaek asks for money.  Lord Habaek deems Moo Ra impudent.

Yeom Mi flashes back to So Ah talking about a person that saved her. She can’t figure out who the person was. When Soo Ri arrives, Yeom Mi shares that she’s have a repetitive dream but she can’t recall the ending. Yeom Mi calls So Ah and declares that loving Lord Habaek only to break up with him does not make sense. So Ah explains that doing this will make their breakup clean.

When Bi Ryeon meets Lord Habaek, he’s surprised when Lord Habaek offers him interest if he gives him money now. Lord Habaek notes that in their world money isn’t needed. Bi Ryeon says he won’t do it because Moo Ra forbid him to do so. Bi Ryeon hesitates then asks what kind of woman Moo Ra is.

Moo Ra asks if CEO Shin met with Lord Habaek.  She urges CEO Shin to attack Lord Habaek’s sense of superiority with his superiority in this world. Moo Ra declares before Lord Habaek leaves this world, she wants CEO Shin to sap the life force from him. CEO Shin laughs. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Meanwhile Lord Habaek praises Moo Ra’s loyalty but notes if you wrong her, she won’t forgive or forget. Lord Habaek declares that Moo Ra could never get mad at him. Knowing Moo Ra is angry with Lord Habaek, Bi Ryeon declares that Lord Habaek doesn’t know Moo Ra as well as he thinks. Lord Habaek counters that he knows that Bi Ryeon wants to put himself in Moo Ra’s heart. He offers to help Bi Ryeon, for a price. Bi Ryeon declines.

Lord Habaek goes to CEO Shin’s farm with So Ah. He ends up doing much of the work. Watching Lord Habaek work, CEO Shin muses that Lord Habaek isn’t like he envisioned. So Ah explains that Lord Habaek is doing this to help pay off her cancellation fee. CEO Shin is amused that Lord Habaek thinks his labor is worth 50M a day.

CEO Shin informs Lord Habaek that learning the power of money is a good thing. Lord Habaek retorts that no matter how much money Lord Habaek has, he’ll never find room in So Ah’s heart for him. CEO Shin counters that humans are lonely by nature.

Jin Gyeon informs someone has a message for her. He delivers the message by holding her hand and the power and message flows between them.  Moo Ra smiles in satisfaction at the message.

CEO Shin tells So Ah that he doesn’t personally know about Lord Habaek but the stories Geol Rin told him purported Lord Habaek to be a god of gods. CEO Shin explains because Lord Habaek is king he has major powers. But Lord Habaek cannot bring someone back from the dead nor can he do what CEO Shin can do. CEO Shin asks if So Ah will be okay when Lord Habaek returns. He believes Lord Habaek may need to return tomorrow. So Ah is thankful that Lord Habaek returned for this short time to help her cope with their separation.

Lord Habaek pours the water over his head and teases So Ah that she should be swooning at how sexy he is. So Ah towels him off. She asks why he’s being so forward. Lord Habaek says he wants to give her plenty to remember about him. So Ah call him heartless.

Lord Habaek pulls her close and says he’s not heartless. They hug. Lord Habaek admits he’s selfish enough to hope that she isn’t lonely for a long time. So Ah promises she’ll remember him for a long time. They hold each other.

CEO Shin watches this tender moment from afar.

Lord Habaek and CEO Shin walk home together. So Ah says they should go to the farm everyday and work together. So Ah wants to stay together forever. They find Moo Ra outside the gate to the house.

Moo Ra smiles and says his summons to return to his world have come. So Ah is floored. Moo Ra informs Lord Habaek the red water returned. She tells him it’s time to return to their world. She warns him that he understands the consequences of what will happen if he doesn’t return.

Lord Habaek sees the number 7 on the paper.

So Ah urges him to come inside and share a meal.

So Ah tries to be positive. Lord Habaek can’t manage the same.  So Ah tells him he knew he’s have to go back. Lord Habaek asks why she’s not asking him to stay. So Ah counters that it won’t change anything, so she won’t make the request. So Ah jokes that if Lord Habaek didn’t return then he’d be an unemployed person that likes to bath but not work. So Ah says she doesn’t want to take care of him. Tears fill Lord Habaek’s eyes. He walks away from the table.

Tears fill So Ah’s eyes as the realization of his leaving hits her heart. She cries.

When Soo Ri returns Lord Habaek tells him to make ready to return. He doesn’t want what happened last time to happen again.

It’s morning and Moo Ra is all smiles. She recounts Lord Habaek’s shock with glee to Bi Ryeon. She admits she almost didn’t remind him that if he doesn’t return, he’ll be extinct. Ouch! Bi Ryeon is sympathetic to Lord Habaek’s plight. Moo Ra is miffed. Bi Ryeon asks who she likes better, Lord Habaek or him. Moo Ra picks Bi Ryeon. She’s distracted by the socks with her face that Bi Ryeon is wearing. Bi Ryeon admits it was a gift from one of her fans.

Moo Ra goes to her room to check on the gift box from the fans. Bi Ryeon enters saying he ate the snacks from the gift box. Bi Ryeon asks why she kept it. Bi Ryeon jokes that Moo Ra might want love from humans after all. He removes the gift box.

So Ah puts on her game face to go to somewhere. Lord Habaek is waiting. She asks if he’d like to join her. She takes him to the bridge she jumped from after her father deserted her. She recalls her father leaving, her mother calling him a deserter, and her pain in trying to cope. She knew her mother was in terrible pain too. So Ah controlled her pain, even after her mother died. But one day, the flood gates broke open. The pain overwhelmed her. She wonders why her pain was ignored by the gods. Why they hated her. Why did her father ignore her phone calls and turn off his phone? In anger, she jumped in the river. But it turned out to be embarrassing that she didn’t die. So Ah admits she wonders if she’s feeling the same now with him on the verge of leaving. She thanks Lord Habaek for the love he gave her. Lord Habaek hugs her. So Ah tells him they should go home.

Ja Ya interrupts Assistant Min meeting with CEO Shin. She tells Assistant Min she doesn’t understand why he recommended she become a decent person. She tells CEO Shin that Assistant Min looks down on her. Assistant Min drags Ja Ya out of the office.

He can’t believe she doesn’t understand the brains and beauty are meaningless without a kind heart, that’s what makes a decent person. He strides away. Ja Ya is confused.

Moo Ra spies the towel with her name that Bi Ryeon is sporting. Moo Ra hides her gift box from the fans. She spies Bi Ryeon using more of her gifts. She gets irked. He asks if using her gifts makes her mad. She denies it. Bi Ryeon urges her to allow her fans to send gifts.

Bi Ryeon summons a diamond ring.  He offers it to Moo Ra. She tells him to leave. Bi Ryeon feels the rejection but shrugs, determined to find the key to her heart.

Yeom Mi wakes from a dream. She rushes to So Ah’s house. She declares she understands why she’s been dreaming about So Ah. Excitedly Yeom Mi declares she finally heard what So Ah said to her. “That person saved me.” So Ah isn’t impressed. Yeom Mi tells her there’s more to the dream. So Ah also said “But…” meaning there is a twist that neither of them realize.

Lord Habaek stares at a picture of So Ah. He turns the frame over. Recall there’s a picture of So Ah and her father underneath the first picture.

Yeom Mi says So Ah full statement was “The person that saved me will become my god of death.” So Ah is startled. Yeom Mi declares So Ah will die. Lord Habaek enters the room. So Ah stares at him in shock.

My Thoughts

Writer Jung has lead us to the precipice of the final episode. This episode was muted as the we waited for the axe to fall in the form of summons for Lord Habaek to depart this world and return to his world. The impending recall was keenly felt by Lord Habaek and So Ah and anticipated by all the other characters.

CEO Shin (Hoo Yee) will wait for So Ah. His reiterated his warning to Lord Habaek. When Lord Habaek leaves, CEO Shin will wait to pick up the pieces of So Ah’s broken heart. I found it odd that there was no continuation of Hoo Yee’s story. He was devastated last episode. Now he’s decided to take So Ah’s advice, ignore the half god part of him, and embrace his humanity. It seems a little too pat. The insight that humans are lonely and therefore So Ah would be vulnerable to him one day, was on-point. Why did he ask if he’d met So Ah before?

Bi Ryeon wore Moo Ra fan gifts. Bi Ryeon offered a diamond ring. Moo Ra wasn’t impressed. Bi Ryeon was sympathetic to the rock and hard place Lord Habaek is in. Moo Ra wasn’t impressed.

Moo Ra relished telling Lord Habaek he had to return to their world. Her glee annoyed me. Moo Ra’s pleasure that Lord Habaek had to return got under my skin. I’m not feeling kindly to her at this moment. What does the number 7 mean?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) knew the summons were coming. He was openly unhappy about the path he had to walk. When Bi Ryeon said that if Lord Habaek didn’t return that he’d cease to exist, I was surprised. I didn’t realize his very existence was in jeopardy. Lord Habaek wanted to limit the contact between So Ah and CEO Shin but couldn’t. Is So Ah’s father dead? Is that why Lord Habaek can’t grant So Ah’s wish? Lord Habaek doesn’t have the power to bring someone back to life.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) got a shock when Yeom Mi told her Lord Habaek would be the cause of her death. So Ah kept a stiff upper lip for most of the episode but broke down when Lord Habaek received his summons to return.  Is So Ah’s father dead? How did he die? Is it possible to have a happily ever after for this couple?

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
I don’t want Lord Habaek to abdicate being king. I love him but his identity is steeped in being king. The other gods need his leadership. It comes down to the “work life balance”. I don’t see how Lord Habaek can maintain king status and keep So Ah.

I don’t want So Ah to die. I would hate it if Lord Habaek was a reason why she died. She’s been through enough. All indications are that she’ll jump off the bridge just like she did when her father deserted her. I don’t want that happen. Is it wishful thinking on my part?

Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon are on their way to being a couple. It bothers me they get to live in the human world while Lord Habaek cannot. He should revoke their play time on earth and make them come back too.

CEO Shin can shirk his god powers and focus on his human half. I like this character. I don’t want him stuck in limbo waiting for So Ah to feel for him.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

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4 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with KJT, what does the 7⃣ on Ha Baek’s summons mean … 7 days⁉ How could Ha Baek, who is supposed to be the most powerful in the godly realm, have his existence in jeopardy if he does not return⁉ All or nothing⁉

    It is hard to say if So Ah’s dad is dead or alive. I mentioned in the last recap I recollected that the child Hoo Ye had an encounter with So Ah’s dad soon after coming through the gate ⛩ in an earlier episode’s flashback 📸. We also heard the words of So Ah’s dad, “stay still, it will be okay” as a flashback 📸. I hope Hoo Ye was not involved in her dad’s disappearance or death. Another question I have is did someone save So Ah when she attempted 🌉 suicide in high school? If so, was it Hoo Ye or Ha Baek? Is the person who causes her death, the person who saved her then or in a present day 🌉 suicide attempt? If so, it could be Ha Baek or Hoo Ye.

    I concur with KJT that Moo 🐮 Ra’s glee at announcing Ha Baek’s return caused me to be piqued! 😾 I’m also annoyed with Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon being in the human world, I agree they should be recalled too. I’m in complete agreement with KJT’s wish list.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I don’t know when I will get a chance to watch the last episode … I’m moving across town this week.


    • How could Ha Baek, who is supposed to be the most powerful in the godly realm, have his existence in jeopardy if he does not return⁉ All or nothing⁉
      That surprised me as well.

      It is hard to say if So Ah’s dad is dead or alive.
      I had assumed he was alive.

      did someone save So Ah when she attempted 🌉 suicide in high school? If so, was it Hoo Ye or Ha Baek?
      I remember originally thinking that Habaek saved So Ah but rejected that because he never mentioned it and appeared not to know her.

      I’m also annoyed with Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon being in the human world, I agree they should be recalled too
      Why are they allowed to frolic in the human world without a deadline?


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