Bride of the Water God Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 16 Recap

Yeom Mi tells So Ah the person that saved her will become the god of her death. Yeom Mi declares So Ah will die. So Ah is startled. Lord Habaek enters the room. So Ah stares at him in shock. Lord Habaek asks what they are talking about. So Ah claims it is nothing. Yeom Mi whispers that Lord Habaek isn’t the god that will kill So Ah. Yeom Mi stares at the picture of So Ah’s father. She picks up the picture and declares this is the man that will kill So Ah. So Ah is stunned. Yeom Mi asks who the man is.

The doorbells rings. Lord Habaek finds Joo Dong outside. Joo Dong apologizes for being away so long but things took longer than expected. Lord Habaek asks what things Joo Dong is referencing.

Lord Habaek asks Yeom Mi to leave because he and So Ah have limited time left together.

As Yeom Mi leaves, she tells So Ah her father is the reason she will die. So Ah proclaims that statement ridiculous. So Ah declares her father has never saved her. So Ah shoos her friend away.

So Ah stares at the picture of her father. She can’t understand why Lord Habaek moved the photo to the front.

Lord Habaek asks Joo Dong if he found the crest. No is the answer. Joo Dong declares he has trace information to cobble together. Lord Habaek tells him to do it at Moo Ra’s place. Joo Dong realizes Lord Habaek has received the summons to return to his world. Lord Habaek says he has 6 days left in the human world. Joo Dong is serious when he tells Lord Habaek not to fight the return to their world. Lord Habaek states he couldn’t stay in the human world if he refused to return to his world. Joo Dong is relieved.

So Ah stares at the picture of her father. Lord Habaek and Joo Dong enter the room. Lord Habaek states Joo Dong is leaving. Joo Dong asks if So Ah has heard from her father. So Ah doesn’t answer. Lord Habaek shoos his friend away.

So Ah puts her father’s picture behind another. Lord Habaek reverses that. Claiming to hate someone means you don’t hate them. Lord Habaek knows she’s lying when she says that. Lord Habaek apologizes for not having the power to grant her wish to see her father before he leaves this world. Lord Habaek tells So Ah to find her father after he leaves, even though it may be painful, she must search for him. So Ah cries. Lord Habaek declares that finding her father will free her from darkness. Lord Habaek doesn’t want her in darkness. He holds So Ah while she cries.

That tells us that So Ah’s father is alive. That tells us that So Ah’s anger at her father mires her darkness. That tells us that Lord Habaek can’t help her out of this, So Ah must help herself. It was great to see Joo Dong, even if only for a moment.

Moo Ra is worried Lord Habaek won’t leave. Bi Ryeon is confident he will. The doorbell rings, it’s Joo Dong. He tells them he’s just come from seeing Lord Habaek. Moo Ra asks if Lord Habaek will leave for their world. Joo Dong believes so. Bi Ryeon asks about Joo Dong’s search for the crest. Joo Dong declares he didn’t find the crest but knows who took it. Bi Ryeon notes the crest if invisible to humans. Joo Dong counters some human can see it. He asks for lodging for the night. Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon simultaneously tell him no. Irked, Joo Dong says love is a pain.

Joo Dong calls Soo Ri for help to sneak into the house. Soo Ri (wearing a chicken head) says he’s busy working to make money at Lord Habaek’s request and may not come home. Irked, Joo Dong hangs up.

Soo Ri wonders if Yeom Mi’s dream is wishful thinking. Yeom Mi counters it’s real. She flirts. Soo Ri flees.

The next morning, So Ah watches Lord Habaek sleep. She wonders why he’s sleeping late. Lord Habaek pulls her onto the bed. He says he was waiting for her to come to him. They smile. So Ah says she has present for Lord Habaek. She gives him a suit. She says they need to go on a date today. They agree they will go on a date.

They have fun on their date (though it isn’t safe to run with lollipops in your mouth).  As they walk they smile. So Ah eats cold noodles. She gets sauce on her lips. Lord Habaek wipes the sauce away. So Ah calls him Habaek surprising him. So Ah admits calling him by his first named seemed that same as admitting she loved him.

So Ah has an artist ready to draw a portrait of Lord Habaek. So Ah goes off with the artist’s wife. The artist says Lord Habaek’s bride is coming. So Ah walk out in a beautiful off the shoulder wedding dress. Awk! Tears! Lord Habaek is gob smacked. So Ah smiles as she walks to Lord Habaek. With a wreath of flowers in her hair, So Ah asks if she’s pretty. Lord Habaek manages to say yes. So Ah sits next to him. She explains a photograph will fade, but the artist’s portrait will stay pristine though out time. Awk! Tears! The artist tells them to look at him. Lord Habaek can’t tear his eyes away from So Ah. The wife brings a bouquet of wildflowers. She declares they are a beautiful couple. Awk! Tears! They smile for the artist.

Wow! That was simply beautiful. I haven’t had tears much this series. That moment yanked at my heart. Lord Habaek’s stunned look. That was the perfect dress for So Ah. A moment to remember for our couple.

Joo Dong visits CEO Shin who apologizes for hurting him previously. Joo Dong shrugs and asks for CEO Shin’s help to find someone. Joo Dong says the day he and CEO Shin clashed he lost his crest. Joo Dong says that CEO Shin’s adoptive parents found him that night. CEO Shin confirms this. Joo Dong shares that the same man that saved CEO Shin returned and took him to the hospital. Joo Dong says that man took his crest.  CEO Shin says that man told his mother that he was on his way to visit his wife’ grave. He’d just return from abroad and learned his wife had died. CEO Shin says his mother nor he could ever locate the man. CEO Shin says the man was also going to visit his daughter. CEO Shin says the man’s name was Yoon Sung Joon.

Finally, So Ah’s father comes into play in this final episode.

Joo Dong asks So Ah where she was on the day he lost his crest. Lord Habaek hurries Joo Dong away before So Ah can answer.

Lord Habaek demands to know why Joo Dong returned when he told him not to. Joo Dong explains So Ah’s father likely took his crest. Lord Habaek is surprised. Joo Dong puts it plainly; their servant stole his crest.

So Ah wonders why Joo Dong questioned her about that day in time.

Joo Dong points out that humans couldn’t see the crest but the servant to the gods could see the servant’s crest. Joo Dong believes So Ah’s father wasn’t awakened by the crest. However, Joo Dong believes the crest recognized that So Ah’s father was the servant to the gods. Joo Dong says that So Ah’s father saved the half-god CEO Shin that evening before saving him. So Ah’s father stated he was going to see his daughter. Lord Habaek says “the servant’s crest has the power to grant the servant’s dearest wish.” Joo Dong agrees. Joo Dong believes the crest felt So Ah’s father’s sincerity. Joo Dong believes So Ah’s father found her that night. Joo Dong asks where So Ah was that night.

You must be thinking what I’m thinking. That must be the night So Ah jumped from the bridge. Did her father save her?

So Ah stares at her father’s photo. She tells her father if he visits, she’ll forgive him.

Geol Rin visits CEO Shin in his office. CEO Shin asks Geol Rin to explain the servant’s crest. Geol Rin says the crest is used to awaken the servant to the gods. Geol Rin states other humans cannot see the crest. CEO Shin realizes that So Ah is the servant of the gods.

Joo Dong stands at the bridge where So Ah jumped. He calls Lord Habaek and confirms he’s found it. Lord Habaek closes his eyes.

Lord Habaek finds So Ah planning their next date. She tells him they should get going on their date. She tells him she’s decided to take his advice and search for her father after he leaves. Lord Habaek apologizes that he must step out for a while. So Ah says she’ll get ready for their date and smiles.

CEO Shin recalls So Ah sharing that her father wasn’t around and her mother was dead. He recalls Joo Dong telling him not to interfere. Joo Dong states someone else is fated to unravel this mystery. None the less, CEO Shin calls So Ah. He asks for a short meeting.

Joo Dong points and tells Lord Habaek that So Ah’s father is in the river. Joo Dong says his crest is there too. Joo Dong believes CEO Shin survived her jump from the bridge because of her father. Lord Habaek recalls asking So Ah to confirm her single wish was to talk to her father, which she confirmed. Lord Habaek declares he’ll bring So Ah’s father from the river. He dives in.

CEO Shin tells So Ah this will be their last therapy session. He’ll finish his past story today.

CEO Shin shares on the night he was found, he saw a light (headlights) and run to it.  A man and woman exited the car.  The man put his coat around CEO Shin to warm him. CEO Shin explains that was his first encounter with human warmth.  CEO Shin says he’s met three such people in his lifetime – this man, his adoptive mother, and So Ah. They clasp hands.

Nice moment. CEO Shin is right, if he had not been treated with kindness, he would be a different person.

So Ah stares at their portrait. Lord Habaek enters. She sees his wet close and serious face. She hugs him and asks what is wrong. Lord Habaek says he found her father. So Ah stares into his sad eyes. So Ah asks where he is. Lord Habaek says he found him at the bottom of the river where she jumped. So Ah tries to understand. Lord Habaek says that her father returned to Korea on that day. Her father was going to visit her mother’s grave when he found Joo Dong’s servant’s crest with the power to grant one wish. Lord Habaek guesses her father wished to meet her. Tears fill So Ah’s eyes. Lord Habaek steadies her. Lord Habaek tells her that her father was transported to the river by the power of the crest. So Ah shakes her head no. Lord Habaek says her father saw her jump. So Ah shakes her head no.

Flashback…So Ah’s father finds her phone. He sees her perched on the rail. He calls to her. He sees her jump. He passes the say “whether it may be relationship with one’s child or with one’s parent”. So Ah enters the water. So Ah’s father jumps in. He swims to his sinking daughter. He propels her up to the surface. So Ah wakes and makes her way to the surface. So Ah’s father watches. He sinks. So Ah’s phone falls from his pocket. He descends to the bottom of the river and dies. Awk! Tears!

Standing next to the river, So Ah tells Lord Habaek that her father can’t swim. She collapses that he couldn’t swim but saved her. She cries out to her father in anguish. Awk! Tears! She begs Habaek to save her father. Habaek can’t bring him to life. She sobs. She declares his death is her fault. Habaek comforts her. So Ah can’t believe that she hated her father never knowing he saved her life. So Ah declares her father won’t come forth from the river but she’ll go to him. Habaek stops her. She weeps against him.

Wow! Talk about intense. Shin Se Kyung let herself be wracked with grief. This wasn’t a pretty cry moment. She went for it.

Joo Dong explains to Moo Ra, Bi Ryeon, and Soo Ri that Lord Habaek couldn’t dislodge the crest without disturbing the body, so he left the crest there.

Habaek watches So Ah sleep. He wipes a tear away.

Habaek sits alone. He recalls So Ah saying a god can grant a wish. Habaek thinks about So Ah’s wish to meet her father and his inability to grant it.

Habaek returns to watch So Ah sleep. He keeps vigil until morning. Soo Ri enters the room.

Lord Habaek meets Joo Dong, Bi Ryeon and Soo Ri. They tell him they couldn’t move So Ah’s father either. Lord Habaek says that So Ah wants to go to her father. Bi Ryeon declares the water is too deep. Moo Ra is blunt. Leave So Ah’s father there. She snaps she knows the crazy thoughts running through his head. Moo Ra declares that Lord Habaek plans to use the power to return to their world to help So Ah. Soo Ri is shocked. Bi Ryeon says if he doesn’t return and become king then he becomes extinct.  Moo Ra declares she won’t allow it. Bi Ryeon, Soo Ri, and Joo Dong tells Lord Habaek not to do it. Lord Habaek says he promised So Ah. Moo Ra rejects that logic. Lord Habaek says it’s his duty to protect her. He must save her or he doesn’t deserve to be king. Moo Ra barks that So Ah won’t even remember him when he becomes extinct.

So Ah interrupts and asks what they are talking about. They all stare at her.

So Ah rails at Habaek for his selfish idea. She doesn’t want him to die. She doesn’t want him to vanish from her memories. Habaek hugs her and declares he must do this. He must grant her wish. So Ah rejects his logic. She cries she has no wishes. Habaek reminds her he promised to take care of her. So Ah counters that his life is too big of a price. She calls him selfish and sobs in his arms.

I’m with everyone BUT Lord Habaek. He doesn’t have to do this. So Ah released him from the promise. Forsaking his destiny to keep a promise that he didn’t realize the ramification doesn’t make sense. He would never let So Ah do so, yet he puts the constraints on himself. Lord Habaek is indeed a King.

Moo Ra frets. She wants to force Lord Habaek to return. She implores Bi Ryeon to help. Bi Ryeon says none of them can stop Lord Habaek. Moo Ra tells Joo Dong she blames him for this mess.

Bi Ryeon meets So Ah. He tells her that Habaek was born the King. If he isn’t King, then he ceases to exist, then he becomes extinct. Bi Ryeon says that is why humans do not remember past gods. Bi Ryeon asks So Ah to tell Lord Habaek that leaving her father in the river is what she wants. That she won’t try to and extract her father from the river. Bi Ryeon says that’s the only way both of them live. So Ah cries.

Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek that So Ah promised not to extract her father from the river.

Lord Habaek finds So Ah starting at their wedding portrait.  He asks her to promise that she will cherish her life. So Ah promises. Lord Habaek asks her to promise, she’ll do so after he leaves. Lord Habaek promises to care for her father after he leaves. Awk! Tears! He reminds her as water god and King he will have the power to care for her father. He takes her hand and says they should visit her father.

By the river, So Ah apologizes to her father in a soft voice.

Jin Gyeon tells Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon something that shocks them.

At this point, I’m almost reeling from the emotions this episode is evoking. I NEVER imagined such and intense episode considering the tone of the previous episodes (except episode 14 which was CEO Shin’s tour de force).

Soo Ri finds the house empty and wonders where they went.

Habaek tells So Ah not to worry. So Ah tells him to return to his world as planned. Habaek takes her hand. They stare into each other’s eyes. Lord Habaek tells So Ah he loves her. Awk! Tears! He kisses her. They cling to each other in a passionate kiss but So Ah tries to push him away. So Ah stares into his eyes. She demands to know what he just did. Habaek declares he just gave her a god’s blessing. He says she will live. So Ah cries no. Habaek promises she won’t experience any more misfortune. Awk! Tears! So Ah cries no, no. Habaek tells her to meet a man, fall in love, and live a happy life. He says that was her real wish. So Ah can’t believe it. She demands to know if he brought her to the river to trick her. Habaek hugs her. He can’t leave her knowing she could try and go to her father. So Ah hits him. She calls him foolish.

Habaek urges her to go see her father. Awk! Tears! So Ah cries no. Habaek tells her to hurry. Habaek tells her to do it while he’s here. Bi Ryeon, Moo Ra, and Joo Dong appear. Moo Ra can’t believe it what Habaek has done. Awk! Tears! Habaek urges So Ah to go to her father. Moo Ra starts to go to Habaek but Joo Dong holds her back. He tells her to let this happen as it was meant to happen. Moo Ra turns to Bi Ryeon who hugs her. Habaek urges So Ah to go to her father.

So Ah dives into the river. Lord Habaek follows her into the river. So Ah sees her father covered by H’s water shield. The crest illuminates in his pocket. So Ah goes to her father and pulls him up with her. Lord Habaek follows.

The camera pans to the picture of So Ah and her father.

So Ah puts a plaque on the tree with the plaque for her mother. Lord Habaek watches her stroke the tree. Habaek hugs So Ah. She tells him she’ll never forgive him for what he did. Habaek says he knows. So Ah says she’ll regret that they met. Habaek says he knows. So Ah says before that happens she’ll make things right. Habaek asks what she means.

Soo Ri, Bi Ryeon, Moo Ra, and Joo Dong appear. Moo Ra declares that So Ah does have brains after all. Soo Ri giggles that So Ah has found a solution. Joo Dong holds the servant’s crest that was in So Ah’s father’s pocket.  So Ah says the crest will grant her a wish. So Ah says she’ll wish that Habaek can return to his world. Habaek is surprised. Moo Ra urges her to get on with it.

Joo Dong hands So Ah the crest. She declares everything will go back to normal. Joo Dong closes his eyes and starts to speak but it interrupted by the high priest. Everyone is surprised. He declares that he comes to the human world often. He declares he came to retrieve someone that fled to this world. He holds a bag with a small fish. The high priest tells So Ah that they met when he drove her taxi. So Ah is surprised. The high priest knows about the part time jobs. Moo Ra interrupts and urges Joo Dong to continue. But the high priest interrupts. Moo Ra snaps that Lord Habaek used his power on So Ah and cannot return to their world. The high priest asks So Ah if she plans to use the crest’s powers on Lord Habaek. He declares that useless. No one understands. The high priest explains that Lord Habaek completed his duty and can return to their world.

Lord Habaek says the high priest sent him to find why the god stones exist in the human world. The high priest says Lord Habaek found the reason. Lord Habaek takes So Ah’s hand. He says if a god can’t save a person, how can he save the world? Joo Dong chortles that the energy of the universe is always on Lord Habaek’s side. The high priest chuckles. He tells So Ah to use the crest on something else. He states he must leave. He tells Lord Habaek to return to their world. He leaves them and disappears into the mist.

Joo Dong tells So Ah to ask for the best thing. Habaek tells her to make it what she wants so that it gives him comfort when he returns. Bi Ryeon suggests wealth. Joo Dong wakes the crest. He tells her to make her wish for the thing that will make her happiest during her lifetime.

So Ah wishes for…she turns to Habaek …my wish is for you to go back a little later. Please stay by my side until I die. Let’s live together until I die. After I die, go back and become a great King. Awk! Tears!

Habaek stares at the woman he loves, at the woman he’ll love until she dies. Tear fill his eyes.

Moo Ra leaves and disappears into the mist. Bi Ryeon smiles and follows taking Soo Ri with him into the mist. Joo Dong goes into the mist as well.

Awk! Tears!

Habaek and So Ah stare at each other.  They hug. They declare their love.

The high priest meets with CEO Shin Hoo Yee and says he did a good thing. Hoo Yee demurs he did nothing. Awk! Tears! He says he only answered So Ah’s questions about the strength of the crest. The high priest says he preserved and helped declaring it Hoo Yee’s strongest power. Awk! Tears! The high priest introduces himself. Hoo Yee introduces himself as the god of fire. The high priest asks Hoo Ye to teach him how to control fire, then he’ll be able to control all five categories – water, fire, air, earth and humans. Hoo Yee tells him to visit anytime. Hoo Yee walk away after smiling at the couple hugging.

The high priest calls to Lord Habaek that it is time to go back. Lord Habaek says he’ll return to water country and properly prepare to meet her wish. So Ah asks if he’ll be back. Habaek confirms he will return. So Ah smiles. Habaek smiles and kisses her forehead. He promises to return.

Lord Habaek walks to the high priest. They disappear into the mist.

CEO Shin smiles.

Ja Ya tells Assistant Min she found the answer on how to be a decent human. Assistant Min asks what she learned.  Ja Ya shows proposals she will make to Grandpa Shin to help the elderly and single parents. Assistant Min agree this is a good idea. He tells her to write the names of those she’ll help and get it stamped. Ja Ya is taken aback. Assistant Min tells her to learn the individuals that deserve the apology and get it stamped by Grandfather Shin. Assistant Min promises to become her oopa again when she does. Assistant Min leaves.

So Ah stares at the saying on the bridge. She throws flowers into the water. She thinks about a jump into the water. Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra appear. Bi Ryeon says that Habaek won’t come back to save her if she jumps. Moo Ra asks why she’s at the bridge when her father rests in the woods. Moo Ra tells So Ah that Lord Habaek won’t return. So Ah is surprised. Moo Ra doesn’t know but she has a feeling. Bi Ryeon winks at So Ah and follow her as she leaves. He tells Moo Ra to concentrate on their relationship.

Sang Yoo tells So Ah he’s going to marry. So Ah is surprised. She doesn’t think that friends should marry. Sang Yoo brings in his fiancée who admits she hasn’t been around because So Ah scares her.

So Ah calls Yeom Mi to report on Sang Yoo’s engagement as she walks home. She rounds the corner into the road in front of her house. She stops. She sees Habaek waiting. He turns and looks at her. She can’t take her eyes of him.  Yeom Mi hangs up. So Ah walks toward H.  He waits for her. She approaches and smiles. He says he’s back. She smiles. He says she stayed out late when he told her not to. She smiles and ask what took so long. Habaek explains the process was long and complicated. So Ah hugs him. Habaek puts his arms around her. So Ah says they should go inside and eat. They smile and walk hand in hand. Habaek says he wasn’t allowed to bring his driver’s license. So Ah sighs they have much to do. As they pass by the bricks with their names, the names disappear. They enter the courtyard. They walk to the house all smiles.

So Ah’s voiceover “People live on any strength they have. If it’s love it’s even better.”
We see a names from the brick reform a wooden plaque at the gate that reads “Yoon So Ah and Habaek”.

My Thoughts

Writer Jung crafted an emotionally satisfying final episode. Frankly I was stunned at the depth of emotions this episode evoked. It has to be said, no other episode packed this kind of punch. The best was saved for last.

CEO Shin (Hoo Yee) gave So Ah the information she needed on the power of the crest. I was pleased to see CEO Shin happy at the end of the series. I loved when the High Priest treated him with kindness. I enjoyed this character and agree that his caring and humanity was his greatest strength.

Bi Ryeon got his dream girl in the end. Bi Ryeon finally landed Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon ended up more than an angry god. It was an evolution worth watching.

Moo Ra was prickly to the end, but it was who she was. Her connection to Lord Habaek was too tight for her not to be angry every time he stepped away from his duties for love. That explains her consuming focus to get him back to their world. In the end, she gave grudging admiration to So Ah for the idea of using the crest’s single wish to send Lord Habaek back to their world.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) proved he was a King and a man in love. I will not reiterate every beautiful moment (many which I commented on in the recap). Habaek’s love for So Ah was raw and real this episode. In this final episode Habaek could finally voice his true feelings backed by a deep love and desperate desire to keep his promise to the woman he loved. Nam Joo Hyuk often had less dialog than many of the characters but made it count. This episode was the tour de force moment. Nam Joo Hyuk’s eyes shimmered with tears, his voice conveyed the emotions, and his body leaned into So Ah with cherishment. The passionate kiss where he conveyed his power and his promise was surprising. So Ah felt it wasn’t just passion he was giving her and tried to push him away but to no avail. Habaek gave all to protect the woman he loved. In doing so he completed his assignment from the high priest. But more importantly he allowed himself to love freely and openly. I loved Habaek’s intensity and found this measured, direct, honorable and sexy water god appealing on every level.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) got her wish to keep Lord Habaek by her side until her death. Finally, we learned the truth about So Ah’s father and it was gut wrenching.  Shin Se Kyung had her own tour de force moments this episode. I loved this couple. I loved that So Ah found a way to save Lord Habaek. I loved that once So Ah didn’t have to save Lord Habaek, she saved both of them by committing them to a lifetime of love.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
I don’t want Lord Habaek to abdicate being king. Granted. Lord Habaek got the best of both worlds, King for eternity and to love So Ah for her lifetime.

I don’t want So Ah to die. Granted. So Ah couldn’t die thanks to Lord Habaek’s gift. Her alternative wish gave this wonderful couple a happily ever after.

Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon are on their way to being a couple. Granted. They are well suited to each other.

CEO Shin can shirk his god powers and focus on his human half. Granted. The hatred towards him seemed to vanish. The high priest asked for fire lessons. He ended the series happy which pleased me to no end.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as excellent. It was the best episode of the series. It was a superb final episode. It was more than I imagined it would be. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

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16 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Where is everybody? I’ve been out of town for a funeral and come back And it looks as if this show as driven everyone away!

    Jane Tilly?

    Anyway, after constantly falling asleep and having to rewind and force myself to finish this, hers my thoughts:

    Soooooo, do we assume after Soo ah dies that Moo ra gets Habeak? (they did have a strange connection). Then what happens to Bi Ryeom?

    Why wasn’t Soo ah going back with Habeak ever brought up? It’s not like it’s unprecedented for a human to go to his world since his first love was human.

    Why didn’t Haebak come up with staying for her lifespan on his own? I’d rather he had the idea rather than being compelled/required to do so because of Soo ah’s wish must be granted.

    Poor execution of the curse on Haebak. Who was it again that put the curse on Haebak? And what exactly was up with Habeak’s previous human relationship? They didn’t really address why he allowed a woman he loved who, granted, made a foolish mistake, to die without lifting a finger.

    While it is a “happily ever after”, is it really? I wouldn’t enjoy aging as my lover remains a hot body.

    Why couldn’t the high priest reach out to CEO a long ago when he was a child?

    the CEO’s story was the most interesting thing here. After that it was Bi Ryeom’s seemingly unreasonable hatred of him. But we were left in the dark about CEO’s parents. I know JT thinks he and Bi Ryeom are half brother’s and it’s possible but I’m not so sure.

    This show has almost made me give up on Kdramas completely. I kept falling asleep and could barely finish it. And all the unanswered questions… it’s bad enough when writers leave the secondary stories with big gaping holes, but your main characters’ story…I’ve had it.

    Thank goodness for Circle and Reunited Worlds or I think I would’ve quit watching K’s all together. I’ll definitely be more discriminating from now on.


    • You are back! I as hoping all was well.

      The final episode of this series surprised me with the emotional impact.

      do we assume after Soo ah dies that Moo ra gets Habeak? (they did have a strange connection). Then what happens to Bi Ryeom?
      Since we get to decide what happens after the series ended, Moo Ra stays with Bi Ryeom.

      Why didn’t Haebak come up with staying for her lifespan on his own?
      I was surprised that as the water god Haebak couldn’t come up with an alternative solution.

      They didn’t really address why he allowed a woman he loved who, granted, made a foolish mistake, to die without lifting a finger.
      With that thought process, if betrayal is a huge deal, then the sky godr should have been banished.

      I wouldn’t enjoy aging as my lover remains a hot body.
      Hate to admit this but that point reminds me of Twlight’s Bella’s horror of aging while Edward stayed forever young. She choice to become a vampire instead.

      Why couldn’t the high priest reach out to CEO a long ago when he was a child? the CEO’s story was the most interesting thing here…we were left in the dark about CEO’s parents. I know JT thinks he and Bi Ryeom are half brother’s and it’s possible but I’m not so sure.
      I agree that the sky god is CEO Shin’s father. Good question about the high priest allowing him to live a life of misery.

      This show has almost made me give up on Kdramas completely…it’s bad enough when writers leave the secondary stories with big gaping holes, but your main characters’ story…I’ve had it.
      I liked the main couple’s intensity. I felt it was obvious this story was ripped from a larger storyline and the writer didn’t keep the plot tight and the characters always focused.

      Picking a kdrama is the luck of the draw. You win some, you lose some. I concur that you should exercise your discretion so your viewing hours are enjoyable. I always appreciate your suggestions when there is a drama that has caught your eye. Good to hear from you!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Hi Beez, welcome back! I wondered where everyone was too;. I know where I was…I moved 3 weeks ago and after returning from a few days off have been working overtime since. Since the move I’ve found the necessities, except my dishes, but since I found paper plates I’m good!

      My “lovely” corporate employer decided that 2 of our team of 5 quitting was leaving us lean enough and in their “benevolence” simoly terminated my manager to recoup her payroll *⃣GRIMACING IN DISGUST*⃣. Two of us are doing the work of FIVE. Can you tell I’m a bit irritable? I’ve already worked 35 hours in 3 days, stressed out enough I’m sleeping 4-6 hours a night and living in a 🌊 of boxes and bins.

      Anyhoo, I hope to gather my thoughts and contribute to this forum on the weekend. *⃣BOWS A DEEP 90°*⃣. THANKS for letting me vent!


      • n their “benevolence” simoly terminated my manager to recoup her payroll *⃣GRIMACING IN DISGUST*⃣. Two of us are doing the work of FIVE.
        That is dreadful! Sorry you are suffering for other’s stupid, greedy (echoing Beez on that word) choices.

        Add your thoughts when you have time…put yourself first in your off-time. We will be here.


  2. Beez says:

    @kjt – don’t be ashamed. lol I enjoyed Twilight. It lets me re-tap into my 15-year old girl and I am a proud losing member of TEAM JACOB! But he could do better anyway.

    @Jane Tilly, feel free to vent. I know how you feel. It’s unfortunately a common scenario between noises and employees. I’m be praying for you that God touched your boss’ heart to stop being so greedy and that he realizes he doesn’t have to squeeze his employees to get ahead!


    • Don’t hate me but I’m Team Edward (though he wasn’t as smart as he thought and WHY did they believe Alice’s visions as gospel?). My favorite part of the 4 book series was when Bella got changed and came into her own. She got smarter and I loved her power and how it tied into why Edward couldn’t hear her thoughts. The movies were uneven but Taylor Lautner did have a rocking body.


      • Beez says:

        I know it’s a no-win argument, but for me, the important factor was Jacon was a live (alive), warm body. lol


        • Jane Tilly says:

          A “live (alive), warm body” is important, but let’s face it having a rockin’ body doesn’t hurt…AT ALL‼ (I lean towards Jacob).

          By the way, my manager tried to stop the termination of my boss and has been really great; this is simply a greedy corporate executive decision. You know, some hot shot executive who makes 10x my salary deciding that mid-level managers, who make 20% of their salary, contributes to actual revenue AND cares about us drones, can be trimmed to save payroll dollars. Hmmm, wouldn’t a lot of mid and low level associates (drones) be able to keep their jobs by trimming ONE executive? But it is clear profit rules over employee morale.

          I think its time to go back to teaching…


          • Beez says:

            @jT – interesting that you are a teacher. What subject and what grade level did you teach? And why did you stop?


          • Jane Tilly says:

            I taught college: textiles clothing and design. I had a bad year and a half in my personal life… Bottom line I had a hard time coping and couldn’t keep up with the publishing so I left before I perished.

            I’m considering teaching High school or middle School home economics so I don’t have to move again.


            • Beez says:

              Clothing and textiles! No wonder you and I see eye to eye! 😁

              I might have told you already but I went back to school when my son went off to college and got a degree in fashion. I wanted to continue training until I got my master’s so that I could teach but by 2012,I was too sick.


          • Jane Tilly says:

            Beez we are kindred spirits‼. I’m sorry you were not able to pursue your passion for fashion the way you wanted.


            • Beez says:

              I still believe it will work out eventually as I continue to feel better. My very last semester before graduating, a young girl came into our classroom frantic because she said the teacher was gong to flunk her if she couldn’t insert a zipper. She had a jacket/coat weight zipper for a flimsy cotton material dress that was light as air. She had left the opening for the zipper from the neckline to past the butt! I told her to never leave a zipper that long and showed her how to install the zipper and then sew across it so she could cut off the excess length. There was nothing I could do about the hugeness of the zipper but I felt so satisfied that I could teach her something and decided that’s what, I want to do. Especially since our school spent more time on Algebra (messed up my 4.0) and environmental science than on clothing construction. Most of my knowledge is still what I learned from my mom.

              And if it doesn’t work out…God knows all things. 🙂


          • Jane Tilly says:

            My basics came from learning from my mom too. I had some great teachers, was mentored by one in particular, and attended workshops from visiting textiles artists, where I learned some amazing techniques.


            • Beez says:

              We’ll have to get in contact so we can discuss without usurping kjt’s blog. I know we tried once before, but the email address that I gave you went defunct. That address became available and I jumped on it because it was my childhood nickname with no numbers behind it but it began repeating one particular email between me and my son 3,000 times a day! So of course, it kept saying my email was full so I couldn’t send or receive. I notified aol and closed the account. That’s probably why whoever had that account let it go. I know it sounds weird, but aol confirmed the error was on their end and not a virus. It was so weird.

              Kjt has my regular email (that I’ve had for 30 years) so maybe I can impose on her to forward it to you?

              Liked by 1 person

          • Jane Tilly says:

            Please do KJT

            Liked by 1 person

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