Bride of the Water God Episode 14 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 14 Recap

CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) shoots his dark energy at Bi Ryeon. Jin Gyeon takes the blow and falls to the ground. Bi Ryeon yells at the unconscious Jin Gyeon. CEO Shin is shocked when he recognizes Jin Gyeon from the cave. Then he recognizes Bi Ryeon from the cave. Bi Ryeon yells that CEO Shin murdered this face in the cave and that is his sin was. CEO Shin shakes in horror. Moo Ra and Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) arrive.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) realizes CEO Shin has god-like powers.

Moo Ra demands to know if CEO Shin killed Jin Gyeon’s twin brother. CEO Shin can’t believe it. Bi Ryeon tells CEO Shin he’s wanted to kill him for 1200 years. But Bi Ryeon realized life trapped in the cave was an even better punishment.  Bi Ryeon goes to hit CEO Shin who is dazed at the revelation. Lord Habaek intervenes. Bi Ryeon disappears.

Lord Habaek stares at the unconscious Jin Gyeon. Moo Ra reports that Bi Ryeon won’t answer his cell phone. Lord Habaek asks if Jin Gyeon will be okay. Moo Ra guesses that CEO Shin didn’t use his full power. Moo Ra explains that Jin Gyeon’s twin brother was close to Bi Ryeon but disappeared one day without explanation. They don’t understand why CEO Shin killed Jin Gyeon’s twin brother.

CEO Shin thinks over all that happened. He cries.

Lord Habaek returns home. So Ah asks if CEO Shin is a god. Lord Habaek notes it wasn’t something she needed to know. So Ah asks if the gods told CEO Shin he should never been born. Lord Habaek doesn’t like that CEO Shin shared personal details with So Ah. Lord Habaek angers CEO Shin when he asks when she and CEO Shin started sharing like that. Before he left or after he left? Lord Habaek tells So Ah she’s wasting her energy on CEO Shin who is third rate. Lord Habaek reminds So Ah he’s the jealous type and her friendships with other men will not be tolerated. He goes to his room.

That was patently unfair of Lord Habaek to rip into So Ah. She didn’t know who CEO Shin was. Lord Habaek declined to tell her. Yet he accuses her of colluding with CEO Shin.  At least Lord Habaek admits he’s the jealous type. He proved it.

Lord Habaek recalls asking Bi Ryeon to look for Nak Bin (his human lover) in the caves controlled by the sky god. Bi Ryeon was reluctant. Lord Habaek pressed stating he needed to know if Nak Bin used him or loved him. Lord Habaek wonders if initiated the conflict in the cave.

So Ah calls Yeom Mi for advice about Lord Habaek’s angry behavior last night. Yeom Mi believes Lord Habaek has anger issues. She states if Lord Habaek realized he was wrong then his anger would escalate. Yeom Mi tells So Ah to break up.

Assistant Min calls So Ah asking about CEO Shin’s whereabouts.  So Ah calls CEO Shin. He doesn’t answer.

Lord Habaek asks Bi Ryeon if he met Hoo Yee in the cave because of his request. Lord Habaek recalls Bi Ryeon refusing to go the cave stating Lord Habaek needed to suffer for Nak Bin’s betrayal. Bi Ryeon admits he went to cave and has suffered the consequences ever since. Bi Ryeon rails that Nak Bin was hiding in the cave.

Bi Ryeon recalls seeing Nak Bin in the cave with the child Hoo Ye. As Jin Gyeon’s twin brother approached Nak Bin, the child moved in front of Nak Bin.  The child tried to stop them taking Nak Bin. But it was moot when the sky god’s men surprised them and grabbed a struggling Nak Bin. The child released his dark energy reducing the men and Jin Gyeon’s twin brother to a crisp. Jin Gyeon arrived and saw his twin on the cave floor. Jin Gyeon dragged Bi Ryeon away.

Lord Habaek demands to know why Bi Ryeon didn’t tell him this all those years ago. Jin Gyeon and Moo Ra arrive. Jin Gyeon explains that Bi Ryeon was ordered not to tell Lord Habaek by the sky god. Jin Gyeon notes their allegiance was to the sky god and therefore had to follow his orders. Lord Habaek takes responsibility for Jin Gyeon’s twin brother’s death. Jin Gyeon disagrees stating their shared fate was that one of them would die. Moo Ra doesn’t agree and slaps Lord Habaek for sending Jin Gyeon’s twin to his death. Moo Ra declares that Bi Ryeon was right, Lord Habaek deserved to be hit for his past actions. She tells Bi Ryeon to leave to her. They leave.

Whose fault it is? That’s a common theme in kdramas as every character likes to assign themselves the blame for bad things. So, who is at fault for Jin Gyeon’s twin’s death? The sky god. He put Nak Bin in that cave. He put the child in the cave. Everything went wrong after that.

Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon that now she understands his anger at CEO Shin, Lord Habaek, and life in general. She recalls telling Bi Ryeon to run should he ever encounter the half human/god. She believes Bi Ryeon’s willingness to leave with Jin Gyeon saved both their lives. Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon she wants to comfort him and can only think of one way. She frames his face with her hands and gently kisses him. Bi Ryeon asks if she’s toying with him. He pulls her into a deeper kiss. Moo Ra doesn’t protest but rather relishes the kiss.

Moo Ra gives Bi Ryeon a bigger pass than perhaps he deserves but she’s angry at Lord Habaek for his relationship with Nak Bin making her side blame Lord Habaek and consider Bi Ryeon a friend that tried to help but got hurt through no fault of his own. Moo Ra’s blue nails looked great as she held Bi Ryeon’s face and sweetly kissed him. It was interesting the deeper kiss was captured in a long shot.

Lord Habaek tries to grapple with everything he’s learned.

The blind girl calls out to CEO Shin in the gardening shed. He acknowledges her not does help her when she trips. She leaves. He sobs. He goes into a rage. CEO Shin sinks to his knees and sobs his pain.

CEO Shin is the poster child for “the truth hurts”.

So Ah wonders what kind of god CEO Shin is. She recalls CEO Shin saying his father hated him, feared him, and locked him up. She wonders if CEO Shin is a human god hybrid.

When Lord Habaek returns he hugs her and apologizes for his behavior last night. She asks what happened. He won’t say. She gently teases him. She says they’ll make dinner together. She leaves to get some ingredients.

Lord Habaek finds a picture of So Ah and her father while he waits for her to return.

As So Ah walks home, someone grabs her. It looks like the clothes of Geol Rin.

Lord Habaek finds the ingredients So Ah shopped for. He sees her phone and wallet. He’s concerned.

Geol Rin drives So Ah to a location. She freaks when she wakes.  She tries to run. Geol Rin catches her. He asks her to meet with CEO Shin.

So Ah finds CEO Shin in the garden shed. He backs away from her. He tries to shrug her off. She gives him a back hug. CEO Shin stands still and wills himself to stay calm.

So Ah calls Lord Habaek to assure him she’s fine. Lord Habaek knows she’s with CEO Shin. So Ah assures him that CEO Shin won’t hurt her. Lord Habaek is NOT happy. So Ah says she’ll be home later.

Lord Habaek asks Moo Ra to teleport him to CEO Shin’s farm. Moo Ra retorts that CEO Shin is a perfect fit for So Ah. She refuses to help him and leaves.

CEO Shin orders So Ah to leave. He yells that he almost killed her once. He bemoans that no matter what he tries to do, he cannot escape who he is. Everything reverts to the beginning. So Ah is unfazed. She disputes that CEO Shin cannot escape the past. So Ah puts it simply; does he want to be a god or a human? So Ah recommends CEO Shin be human, as he does that well. She reminds him of all the people he’s saved as a human. She tells him the humans he’s saved, see him as a god. Even better, So Ah points out that his behavior as a human is what a god should act like. So Ah reminds him that his actions have a long-lasting ripple effect. So Ah promises to stand by his side. So Ah offers to be his god. CEO Shin stares at her, tears streaming down his face. He starts to speak but Lord Habaek interrupts. He pulls So Ah away.

Excellent scene. So Ah got to the heart of it. CEO Shin isn’t demon spawn in this world. He’s a powerful man that does good things. Her viewpoint is simple, ignore the god part and focus on the human part. And she doesn’t even know that he is half god / human. The vulnerability of CEO Shin was compelling. Lord Habaek’s arrival interrupted CEO Shin’s response. I want to know what CEO Shin was going to say.

Lord Habaek doesn’t speak to So Ah during the drive home, though he does lace his fingers through hers.

  When they arrive home, Lord Habaek pounces on So Ah kissing her passionately. He kisses her while maneuvering up the stairs and onto the couch. He abruptly halts. He states that’s as far as they’ll go tonight. So Ah doesn’t understand why they must stop. Lord Habaek suggests she wants to continue. So Ah retracts and agrees to stop. Lord Habaek declares that a bag of candy should not be eaten in a single sitting. He goes to his room. So Ah stares after wondering what Lord Habaek is about.

Kissing while going up the stairs was sexy. Nicely choregraphed!

Lord Habaek works off his frustration with pushups.

So Ah can’t believe that she suggested they not stop. When she sees the hot and sweaty Lord Habaek come down the stairs she is stunned. Lord Habaek says he needs a bath. He starts to take off his shirt and she gets fluttered. She can’t believe her reaction to him.

LOL, when So Ah saw hearts around an ethereal glow that surrounded Lord Habaek. She’s got the hots for him.

CEO Shin asks to meet So Ah via text.

While CEO Shin waits, he and Assistant Min confer on business matters. Ja Ya arrives. CEO Shin tells her their business is complete. Ja Ya mutters she’s here to see Assistant Min not CEO Shin.

Outside, Ja Ya is miffed that Assistant Min hasn’t answered her phone calls. Assistant Min is blunt, he didn’t want to answer her phone calls. He is angry that she tried to oust So Ah from her building based on something he told her in confidence. Ja Ya gets jealous. Assistant Min is clear, Ja Ya must become a better person before he’ll continue their relationship. He leaves.

CEO Shin works with the blind girl drawing a picture. So Ah arrives. She introduces herself to the little girl. CEO Shin tells the little girl he has business with So Ah. The little girl sagely notes that CEO Shin is happy when he deals with So Ah. She asks if he likes So Ah. CEO Shin disavows this. Assistant Min enters and takes the little girl home.

CEO Shin explains the little girl is his neighbor and friend. So Ah notes the little girl sees things with her heart. CEO Shin admits the little girl is blind because of him. He admits that controlling his power used to be difficult. He shares that when a wild dog attacked the little girl, he used his powers to kill the dog and ended up blinding her. He declares he lives to help the little girl. CEO Shin declares says he’s going to go for it. He pretends that they met long ago. He recalls her kindness to him last night. Assistant Min interrupts to take CEO Shin to a meeting. CEO Shin says he’ll see her later. That statement startles So Ah.

I appreciate the explanation between the little girl and CEO Shin. I find CEO Shin imminently sympathetic.

Soo Ri stares at a sleeping Yeom Mi. He wonders why she’s sleeping when she asked him to come to her.  Yeom Mi dreams about So Ah visiting her stating that man saved her. We don’t see the man that enters the office. When Yeom Mi wakes she complains to Soo Ri that So Ah’s devotion to Lord Habaek could make her jealous.

Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo tells So Ah that the building’s new owner will be stopping by this afternoon. He gets a call about someone in the hospital. Sang Yoo leaves.

So Ah calls Lord Habaek and asks him to bring rags when he picks up her after work. She can’t get the sexy images of him out of her head.

LOL, how she used the filter to hide her rosy cheeks.

Lord Habaek is surprised to find Bi Ryeon at the house. Bi Ryeon says that Moo Ra made him come. Lord Habaek apologizes for putting Jin Gyeon’s twin in harm’s way. Bi Ryeon says he’ll think about it.

Bi Ryeon reports to Moo Ra that Lord Habaek asked for cash. Bi Ryeon chuckles that he told Lord Habaek that no one carries cash anymore. Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon not to cave to any of Lord Habaek’s requests. Bi Ryeon counters that Moo Ra took Lord Habaek to CEO Shin’s farm. Moo Ra vows that was the last time she’ll do as Lord Habaek requests. Bi Ryeon asks to kiss her. Moo Ra denies the request. Bi Ryeon chuckles.

So Ah can’t believe she can’t get Lord Habaek out of her mind.  She walks to the convenience store to purchase a drink to serve when the new owner arrives.

When Lord Habaek arrives at So Ah’s office he finds CEO Shin there waiting for So Ah. CEO Shin declares that he’s So Ah’s new landlord. Lord Habaek tells him to leave. CEO Shin tells Lord Habaek that one day he’ll leave this world, and he’ll be waiting to comfort So Ah. She arrives to find the men staring at each other. Lord Habaek grabs So Ah and they leave.

So Ah asks Lord Habaek if he’s jealous of CEO Shin. She smiles. She says Lord Habaek is sexy when he’s jealous. She suggests they go see the sunset. Lord Habaek agrees.

They arrive at the beach in time for the sunset. They watch the sunset on top of the car. So Ah admits she used to do this with her parents. She shares that her parents would fight. Lord Habaek admits he’s thinking about the day he won’t be here. So Ah tells him to enjoy this moment and ignore tomorrow. So Ah muses that their love story will become a myth.

Lord Habaek kisses her. So Ah kisses Lord Habaek.

We see the image of So Ah plunges into the river and sinking.

My Thoughts

We get even more answers. Writer Jung is laying it out rapid fire now.

CEO Shin (Hoo Yee) was the star this episode. His story is touching. I put the blame squarely on his father’s shoulder. He hated his son. He locked his son in a cave. Nak Bin hid in that cave. Lord Habaek sent Bi Ryeon to find Nak Bin. When Jin Gyeon’s twin tried to take Nak Bin, Hoo Yee wanted to protect her. But things spun out of control when the sky god’s men arrived to take Nak Bin. Hoo Yee’s emotions couldn’t be controlled. The dark energy flows and the men and Jin Gyeon’s twin were killed. Bi Ryeon’s hatred was born. CEO Shin’s self-loathing was cemented at the memory. So Ah’s interactions with CEO Shin are excellent. She doesn’t judge him. What a novelty for this poor man. I loved her advice that he act as a human. CEO Shin rocks as a powerful CEO. His warning to Lord Habaek was fair play. Lord Habaek will leave. CEO Shin will be waiting to pick up the pieces of So Ah’s broken heart.

Bi Ryeon’s hatred of Hoo Yee was fully explained. I have more sympathy for CEO Shin than Bi Ryeon. Bi Ryeon’s interactions with Moo Ra continue to please. When she kissed him, it was sweet and tender. His surprise and pleasure was lovely. Nice moment for these two.

Moo Ra continued to be angry with Lord Habaek. She can’t stand that he’s back for So Ah. She can’t stand that Lord Habaek is shirking his duties as king. She even struck Lord Habaek. I do that like her jealousy has lessened. Her kissing lessons seemed to have paid off, she laid a good one on Bi Ryeon.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) put the moves on So Ah, multiple times, and each was successful. I love the building passion of this couple. Lord Habaek measured interactions amps up the volume every time. So Ah is completely under his spell. And with good reason, he’s yummy. Even Lord Habaek’s jealously of CEO Shin is tempered by the reality that he will leave So Ah. He tries to forbid their interactions but knows he can’t control it. Lord Habaek taking the responsibility for Jin Gyeon’s twin’s death was typical guilt logic, though I reject it.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) has the hots for Lord Habaek. I don’t blame her. Her heart is his. Why not let her body be his too? Their interactions work for me every time. I’m a fan of So Ah and CEO Shin. Not romantically but she is good for CEO Shin. Her advice and support to him this episode pulled him from the brink of self-hatred. Bravo So Ah! Are we every going to learn what happened to her father?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

The sixth song of the OST “Without You” by Lucia has been released.

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6 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 14 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    Gotta love the Sexy Love filter So Ah’s brains got!!

    There is one thing I keep wondering… So Ah’s family punishment is that once they have a child the partner (or mother?) quickly dies. Would that apply to case where she, the servant, becomes lover and mother of a God’s child? And would they even take the risk, considering they’ve now witnessed what a half-God can be?

    Of course, So Ah would take the risk. She has sympathy for CEO Shin, she sees him for all the good he is. (And he’s someone who never got any love from parents, apparently, which leaves a permanent scar.) But Habaek? Especially remembering that he is all about leaving (having no choice), would he consider leaving So Ah with a dangerous child who may put her life at risk in more than one way?

    With the amping up of their physical interest in each other (and let me tell you, how I love that it comes later into their romantic closeness), I feel like it could be a thing/question posed in a show. Habaek googling contraception, though…. Lol!

    Speaking of googling, I love how they both were googling when it came to potato peeling/curry making. Lovely symbol for how they both learn because of and from one another.

    I would translate some interactions a little differently, but then again I’ve only seen clips, not whole episodes and, as always, I just love your recaps!!

    Side note, I think Habaek’s jealous nature did not exist before his first lover betrayed him. Now he is possessive of So Ah, especially with again a god on the scene who could steal her away, even if not relationship wise. He showed signs even with Bi Ryeom, when they met him and she kept fainting. And he was deep in denial then.


    • So Ah’s family punishment is that once they have a child the partner (or mother?) quickly dies. Would that apply to case where she, the servant, becomes lover and mother of a God’s child? And would they even take the risk, considering they’ve now witnessed what a half-God can be?
      I believe the punishment would be in play. However I don’t think that’s So Ah’s destiny.

      Habaek googling contraception, though…. Lol!
      That’s the first time I’ve seen that on a kdrama.

      I would translate some interactions a little differently
      Of course, we all view an episode from our own vantage. The different interpretations and nuances and the best part of the comments.

      I think Habaek’s jealous nature did not exist before his first lover betrayed him. Now he is possessive of So Ah
      Agreed. I’m sure he never imagined he could be betrayed, until it happened.


  2. humbledaisy1 says:

    Great review – so much on poor CEO Shin’s shoulders. He has been the best god so far if caring for others makes you a god.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    While I do like Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon together, I’m tired of her moodiness.

    Hoo Ye was the star 🌟 of this episode. The Sky god, who is father to both Hoo Ye and Bi 🌧 Ryeon, is to blame for sequestering Hoo Ye instead of raising him and helping him to control his deathly 💀⚡ power. My heart went out to Hoo Ye as he recalled and mourned the devastating effects of his uncontrolled power. So Ah has been the only one to offer Hoo Ye solace ☮ and tell him to live as a human being.

    When So Ah back hugged Hoo Ye and told him to “stay still, it will be okay”, he flashed 📸 back to hearing a man’s voice saying those words. That was voice of So Ah’s dad. I also recall the child Hoo Ye running into her dad soon after he came through the gate ⛩ in a flashback 📸 in an earlier episode. It seems So Ah’s dad influenced Hoo Ye early on; I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) that Hoo Ye was not involved in her dad’s disappearance. Like KJT, I wanted to know what Hoo Ye was about to say when Ha Baek interrupted. I also wondered how much Ha Baek overheard 👂 … did he hear So Ah tell Hoo Ye “I will always take your side”?

    While Ha Baek didn’t say much on the ride home, he did intertwine his fingers with So Ah’s as he held her hand. That was sweet 🍭 and tender, but the mood kicked up a notch or two to passion 🔥💋 when they returned home. Oooh, Ha Baek was hungry alright, but not for food. OMO, “Kissing while going up the stairs was sexy. Nicely choreographed!” No lamppost kissing or lip presses for our OTP. I burst out laughing when So Ah asked “why” the passion ceased, then quickly tried to brush it off not wanting herself to look aggressive. I loved So Ah’s imagination as she gazed at Ha Baek through the lenses 👓 of Ha Baek enchantment. I hate to see this end when Ha Baek returns to the godly realm.


    • I’m tired of her moodiness.
      She is trying in that way.

      So Ah has been the only one to offer Hoo Ye solace ☮ and tell him to live as a human being
      That was good advice.

      he flashed 📸 back to hearing a man’s voice saying those words. That was voice of So Ah’s dad. I also recall the child Hoo Ye running into her dad soon after he came through the gate ⛩ in a flashback 📸 in an earlier episode. It seems So Ah’s dad influenced Hoo Ye early on
      Good recall! Thank you for that.

      Oooh, Ha Baek was hungry alright, but not for food… I burst out laughing when So Ah asked “why” the passion ceased, then quickly tried to brush it off not wanting herself to look aggressive.
      It was heated one minute, amusing the next. I do enjoy this couple.


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