Suspicious Partner Episode 25 Recap

 Suspicious Partner Episode 25 Recap

Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) and Hyun Soo fight until Hyun Soo gets the better of Assistant Jang. Hyun Soo pauses then plunges his knife into Assistant Jang. Hyun Soo leans against the wall, removes his mask, panting with the exertion of the fight and the double murders.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) gets into the ambulance with Assistant Jang.

I hope he’s not dead or will not die in front of Ji Wook at the hospital.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) picks up Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) saying Ji Wook is in the ambulance heading to the hospital now. The mood in the car is subdued. Assistant Jang is more than a coworker. Bong Hee and Lawyer Ji both know who did this. But how can they prove it?

Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) urges his driver to hurry.

Lawyer Ji calls Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) and informs her. She’s on it.

In the ambulance Ji Wook apologizes to Assistant Jang for being too late. He flashes back to his father dying in the fire.

In the hospital Ji Wook stands behind the surgery door and thinks of Hyun Soo who he knows stabbed his friend. He screams Hyun Soo’s name in anger, frustration and fear. He slides to the floor exhausted.

Lawyer Ji and Bong Hee arrive and find Ji Wook waiting outside surgery. Yoo Jung arrives. Ji Wook asks her to take the case directly. He starts to detail that Hyun Soo is a slippery criminal to catch and the steps that should be taken. Yoo Jung assures him, she’ll handle it. Lawyer Ji says they should concentrate on Assistant Jang now. Ji Wook sinks into the chair and waits.

I found it surprising that Bong Hee didn’t offer any physical comfort to Ji Wook.

Yoo Jung arrives at the crime scene. She asks that CCTV footage be gathered.

After the surgery is complete, the doctor tells every one that Assistant Jang physically has survived but there might be brain damage. Until Assistant Jang wakes, they won’t know for sure. Lawyer Ji puts his arm around Ji Wook.

Hyun Soo meets with his alibi, a man that he paid to make a delivery, use his phone to text, all during the timeframe that he was murdering Lee Jae Ho and assaulting Assistant Jang. He pays the man who walks away. He feels Hyun Soo watching him and he asks if anything is wrong. The malice disappears and the benign smile appears on Hyun Soo’s face.

Hate to say it, but that’s fairly clever. I was surprised he didn’t voice record the alibi’s recounting of all the details.

Bong Hee finds Ji Wook outside and pulls him into a sweet hug. She comforts him with her touch and words assuring him that Assistant Jang will be okay. Ji Wook admits he thought Assistant Jang was dead because he wasn’t breathing nor did he have a pulse. Bong Hee holds him tight and he returns the hug.

Nice moment. Bong Hee gave the right amount of support.

Yoo Jung tells Lawyer Ji that she’s requested Hyun Soo come in for questioning. Lawyer Ji is confident Hyun Soo will come in. Yoo Jung says the police officers at the scene of the crime saw the intensity in Ji Wook’s eyes. Yoo Jung worries that Ji Wook may try and take matters into his own hands.

The next morning Ji Wook decides to take action. Lawyer Ji tries to stop him arguing that this isn’t wise but Ji Wook is in rage-mode and won’t listen. Lawyer Ji watches Ji Wook stride away knowing his friend shouldn’t confront Hyun Soo.

Hyun Soo provides his detailed alibi to Yoo Jung. She’s impressed at the level of detail and his readiness to provide one. He’s playing with her and she knows it. He smirks as he walks away. Yoo Jung tells Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) they’ll find the proof to put Hyun Soo away.

Ji Wook calls Hyun Soo to meet. Of course, smug Hyun Soo agrees. Everyone arrives at Assistant Jang’s hospital room. Lawyer Ji gives Ji Wook a meaningful look. Lawyer Byeon tell everyone to talk so Assistant Jang knows they are there for him. He shares the story of his father talking to his mother when she was sick in the hospital. When his mother woke she complained about father talking so much. There’s a knock at the door. Hyun Soo arrives. Bong Hee and Lawyer Ji are stunned. Lawyer Byeon doesn’t understand the current of tension. Even Ji Wook isn’t happy that Hyun Soo entered the room. He directs Hyun Soo outside.

Hyun Soo talks to Ji Wook on an overpass so he can’t be recorded. Hyun Soo boldly admits to all the murders. Ji Wook isn’t surprised. Hyun Soo dares Ji Wook to arrest. Ji Wook promises he’ll catch him. Hyun Soo recounts how Ji Wook got him off with glee. Ji Wook says if he’d figured out that Hyun Soo was the murderer he could have saved lives. Hyun Soo tells Ji Wook now he should understand the pain of watching someone he cares for get hurt. Hyun Soo offers to leave Ji Wook’s friends alone but Ji Wook must let him do what he must do. Hyun Soo holds out his hand. Ji Wook smacks the hand away. Hyun Soo says that Ji Wook still doesn’t understand. He claims he’ll have to kill everyone. He walks away. Ji Wook gets a look and follows.

I was seething watching the smug, arrogant, confident Hyun Soo admit to all the murders. I wanted to smack him!

Bong Hee can’t stop pacing wondering what is happening between Ji Wook and Hyun Soo. She leaves the room and runs into Lawyer Ji who tells her Ji Wook requested Hyun Soo come to the hospital. He worries at what Ji Wook might do.

Ji Wook beats Hyun Soo up. He taunts Hyun Soo to hit him. Hyun Soo does.

My Thoughts

Hyun Soo admits to the murders. Ji Wook and Hyun Soo’s confrontation (the verbal part) was difficult to watch. Hyun Soo’s smug satisfaction to being the murderer, to Ji Wook getting him off, to his belief that he should be allowed to continue, made me want to toss him off the overpass. I can’t blame Ji Wook for hitting Hyun Soo. Beating him to a pulp is what he deserves. I see Hyun Soo is confident that he cannot be caught. This has stirred my bloodlust.

I still need details WHY Hyun Soo is doing what he’s doing. Writer Kwon needs to share more than Hyun Soo stating someone he loved got hurt. Did the 3 men assault a woman he loved? Did the chef assault a woman he loved?

Lawyer Ji is Ji Wook’s friend even if Ji Wook won’t acknowledge it. Lawyer Ji helped Ji Wook’s plan to meet Hyun Soo even if he didn’t agree with him. He offers his support at the hospital. Can time heal the wounds between the trio of friends? Can Ji Wook put the past in the past? I’m not suggesting he forgive or forget. I’m suggesting he move on and free himself and his former friends from their shared pain.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) gave Ji Wook sweet support. Ji Wook need her so he could be vulnerable with someone he trusted. Her hug outside the hospital was just right.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) didn’t lose Assistant Jang, he survived. I’m guessing Assistant Jang will stay in a coma while they try and catch Hyun Soo. Ji Wook’s confrontation with Hyun Soo was good. The gloves had to come off. Both men were honest. No need to lie about intentions or actions anymore. I’m a “cards on the table” type of person so I appreciated the forthright conversation.


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2 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 25 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hyun Soo had sizeable cajones 🎱🎱 telling Prosecutor Cha to her face that she was incompetent and his confession to Ji Wook of the murders 🗡🗡🗡 he committed.

    I’m a bit concerned about the anger 😡😠 roiling 🆙 inside Ji Wook; the confrontation coul get out of hand✋ quickly‼. I hope Hyun Soo is not packing a 🗡‼


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