Suspicious Partner Episode 15 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 15 “Deceitful Truth Game” (part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) stares at the bar’s bulletin board. He realizes that Hyun Soo constructed his alibi for the murder by using the bulletin board. He knows “if one thing is a lie, everything is a lie”. He walks home, knowing he’s gotten a murderer off without punishment. Hyun Soo walks home, knowing he is a murderer that has gotten off without punishment. Hyun Soo and Ji Wook meet in the subway. Ji Wook asks Hyun Soo to join him and the rest of the firm for one last drink. When they arrive everyone else is almost passed out. Ji Wook asks Hyun Soo about his family, his girlfriend, etc. The rest of the firm stirs. Ji Wook apologizes for his crew.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) wakes in her bed with a serious hangover. Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) brings her water to drink and medicine to take. She’s disappointed that Ji Wook didn’t attend to her. Assistant Jang leaves, his feelings hurt.

Assistant Jang tells Ji Wook he brought her the water and medicine as he requested. Assistant Jang notes that Bong Hee was disappointed he was the one delivering the items. Assistant Jang says that he and Bong Hee are dancing around each other. Ji Wook glares ending that line of conversation. Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang to do a background check on Hyun Soo. As Assistant Jang leaves, Ji Wook expresses his gratitude that he was willing to quit his job to join his fledgling firm. Assistant Jang says he love it here. Ji Wook reflects on a drunk Assistant Jang regretting his decision to join the firm. They both smile. Ha!

Bong Hee startles them when she enters the room. She asks why they were discussing Hyun Soo. Ji Wook recalls Bong Hee’s drunken confession that she felt like their defense of Hyun Soo was just like she had wished she had experienced. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee there isn’t anything to know yet. Bong Hee doesn’t like being shut out. Ji Wook asks about her hang over. She shuts him out.  They both smile after that banter a bit. Sweet!

At the morning meeting Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) admits that drinking doesn’t sit well with him anymore. Bong Hee and Assistant Jang banter about Lawyer Byeon strengths and weakness. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) shows up to report his victory in court, he brings a treat. That clears the room. No one responds to his suggestion that celebrate that evening.

Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) interrogates the chef’s sister. After, they run into Ji Wook and Bong Hee. Ji Wook can’t help himself, he asks the sister why she took the picture frame from her brother’s house. She refuses to respond and strides away.

Hyun Soo recalls seeing the girl the chef assaulted. Hyun Soo recalls Bong Hee bemoaning her confusion on why she was framed. Hyun Soo thinks because Bong Hee saw something she shouldn’t have seen, she didn’t recognize him, which made him to decide to watch her. Hyun Soo thinks as long as Bong Hee doesn’t remember, he’ll be nice to her.

Really? That’s why? Dude, she was looking across the parking lot, to a dark roof, where you held a bag. Granted the bag likely had a murder victim BUT she couldn’t see anything but shadows and I’m completely ignoring that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. You were wearing a black hat and face mask. You know she didn’t recognize you. You know she’s never said anything about “what she shouldn’t have seen”. That means she doesn’t know what she saw. Flimsy rational for murder, framing, and obsessive tracking.

Hyun Soo calls Bong Hee and thanks her for her efforts. Ji Wook spies her talking to someone and guesses it is Hyun Soo. Ji Wook listens following Bong Hee as she turns. Yoo Jung spots them and frowns. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) spots Yoo Jung’s unhappy face and sees Ji Wook and Bong Hee talking. Ji Hae realizes that Yoo Jung isn’t a cool as she once thought.

Ji Wook tells Bong Hee that Hyun Soo shouldn’t just invite her to meet him. Ji Wook notes he did the heavy lifting in getting Hyun Soo off. Irked, Bong Hee says she’ll tell Hyun Soo to call Ji Wook separately to express his gratitude. Ji Wook declares Bong Hee won’t be meeting Hyun Soo alone. Ji Hae deliberately knocks Bong Hee into Ji Wook, then feigns an apology. Ji Wook and Bong Hee react to the closeness and pull away.

Things get grim when the elevator door open and District Attorney Jang is there. Bong Hee recalls him choking her. District Attorney Jang taunts her for being afraid. Ji Wook hold her a moment then gets on first. Bong Hee follows. When Bong Hee goes to get off the elevator instinctively she pulls Ji Wook with her, but he shrugs her off. The doors close leaving Ji Wook and District Attorney Jang alone in the elevator.

The moment we’ve waited for…
Ji Wook tells District Attorney Jang never to touch Bong Hee again. He warns District Attorney Jang that while he typically does things in a lawful manner, he can forget himself sometimes. District Attorney Jang asks if that’s a threat. Ji Wook confirms it. He tells District Attorney Jang that if he touches Bong Hee again, he’ll return tit in kind. They glare. They stare. Ji Wook exits the elevator and tells District Attorney Jang to take a private elevator from now on.

Good set down of the bully District Attorney Jang. No one liked that Ji Wook held his outrage at District Attorney Jang’s treatment of Bong Hee close to the vest. This resolved that. I’m willing to overlook Ji Wook’s lack of response in front of Bong Hee who shied away and didn’t want to discuss it immediately after the incident. That doesn’t mean I agree, but he did as she asked.

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook to stop inserting himself in her affairs. He counters that it is his business to. She snaps that he need to stop this now. Ji Wook counters he can’t let this go. Bong Hee counters that Ji Wook already lost enough due to her. She doesn’t want him to lose his fledgling law firm too. Ji Wook can only acknowledge the validity of her point. But he reminds her, his actions were his own, and he’ll take responsibility for the consequences. Bong Hee surprises Ji Wook when she declares that his initial assessment that they were an ill-fated relationship may be true. In the future, he better give her the same courtesy of listening and following wishes, that she gives him. She walks away.

Good confrontation. Ji Wook pushed Bong Hee away. Now he’s acting like her knight again. She’s tired of the flip-flop. It hurts her heart. That’s why she had to tell him to cease and desist.

Bong Hee cries that she takes this anymore. Ji Wook spies her.

Lawyer Ji suggest they all go out together. Assistant Jang says that everyone is still hungover from the previous evening.

Later Lawyer Ji takes the remains of his cake to the park and has solo celebration of his birthday. Yoo Jung shows up. She wishes him happy birthday. She remembers coming to the park in past years. She starts to walk away but stops and asks if she can join him. He says no. She sits next to him anyhow.

I felt sorry for Lawyer Ji celebrating his birthday alone. He tries so hard to maintain the shield of indifference with Yoo Jung, but couldn’t deny that he didn’t want to be alone on his birthday.

Ji Wook writes a happy birthday text (several in fact) but erases and rewrites them without sending. When Bong Hee bumps into him, he inadvertently hits the send button. Lawyer Ji smiles at the short text.

Yoo Jung admits telling Ji Wook that his love wasn’t enough for her. Lawyer Ji is surprised. Yoo Jung admits regretting that statement. Lawyer Ji tells her to forget that foolish statement. Yoo Jung wishes that Lawyer Ji and Ji Wook didn’t dislike her so flagrantly. Lawyer Ji confirms he dislikes her, when she asks. But he recalls answering Assistant Jang’s question at the previous evenings celebrate “who do you hate the most in the world?” Lawyer Ji admitted that he hated someone but liked her too. He tells Yoo Jung only half of his sentiment and says he hates her. She leaves a birthday gift, calls him a jerk and walks away.

Lawyer Ji wants Yoo Jung but can’t because it makes him a betrayer of Ji Wook, something he never wants to do again. Unfortunately, I don’t feel much for Yoo Jung, so her pain in the matter doesn’t resonate. But I do feel something for Lawyer Ji, the man that loved her from afar for so long, the man that can never have her without Ji Wook’s blessing.

Hyun Soo meets the forensics guy. He asks why his footprint and button ended up at the murder scene when he’s usually meticulous about wiping all traces of him away. The forensics guy claims it was an accident. But Hyun Soo doesn’t accept the excuse and grabs him.

My Thoughts

Another good episode. Finally details and motivations are being revealed. Our characters are opening dealing with things (at least admitting them to themselves) instead of lying to themselves and other. I like the fade in and out of characters, objects, etc. to indicates a past memory. It allows the more tie-ins to past moments, without the standard flashback mechanism.

Hyun Soo’s rationale for tracking Bong Hee is stupid. He only THINKS she saw him with a body bag, across a parking lot, on a roof, when it was dark. In 2 plus years she’s said nothing about what she saw. That means she didn’t see anything OR took whatever she saw as inconsequential.

We end the episode with an inkling that forensics guy and Hyun Soo are not partners. Forensics guy appears to be afraid of the volatile Hyun Soo.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) rejected Ji Wook’s attempt to help. She clearly told him that he ended their closeness, and he couldn’t restart it whenever he wanted. He laid down their relationship rules, and he must follow them.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) returned to knight in shining armor mode when he warned District Attorney Jang never to hurt Bong Hee again. It was overdue. It was well done. Ji Wook is still a loner with his feelings and thoughts. He isn’t sharing his suspicions about Hyun Soo with Bong Hee. Why should he? She’s sees herself in Hyun Soo. She’s blind to the Hyun Soo’s true nature. Ji Wook probably tells himself that he’s protecting her from Hyun Soo. But we all know that Hyun Soo sees Bong Hee as a potential threat that may have to be eliminated.



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21 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 15 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    Ji Woo’s face when approaching the murderer was tense, but he, for once, pulled up a good act outside courtroom and pulled him back in the bar… Just to witness all his employees totally wasted. The “fml” was clear on Ji Wook’s face.

    “They’re all crazy. If you think of them as crazy people, you’ll feel a lot more at ease.”

    Well, that’s a little harsh. They’re just all #wasted.

    Did he carry her back again, I wonder? In any case, here comes the savior with the water, just as hungover princess demanded. Even if it is Mr. Jang. :’D

    Ahhaha, “just don’t get scolded from her. You can’t scold her.” Dang, Mr. Jang you know who is under whose heel, haha. The whole “I’m so content to be here” smile killed me… Poor, lovely Mr. Jang.

    That murder face of Ji Wook when Mr. Jang threw him under the bus!!! Reaction gif right there. Her drunk speech only rubs the salt in wound further, reminding that she was too emotionally close to this case. Sigh. Poor girl, you got freedom back to one of the men who got you that experience. Life is irony.

    Her snark is lovely, though, “mentees take after their mentors. I’m like this because I learned from you.” Gurl, you’re just walking argument even without his influence. And he points it out – scores a smile!! Gets smitten. Ahh boii. Here comes the puppy heart eyes.

    “You can call me her son.”
    “You will have a son soon.”
    “I don’t want son like him.”
    “What? Why not?”

    me dying a lil with laughter.
    Mr. Jang and Bong Hee friendship is gold.

    Poor Lawyer Ji, I know what this is building up to and it’s gonna be sad.

    That awkward meeting in halls!! I don’t agree with Ji Hye that just because Yoo Jung is crying she’s less cool. There’s like, other reasons why she shouldn’t be an idol, but that’s not one of them!

    We also get the explanation we were waiting for, for the motivation. Though it still feels a little stitched up. There was no proof to say she had seen ANYTHING. But I am guessing he’s a psycho and a psycho doesn’t need that much reasoning, though he insists he only uses violence when necessary. At least now we know why he *stopped* and didn’t try to kill her after, as it was obvious she hadn’t seen anything.

    Ji Wook went up in her space again at the phonecall, ahaha. And so casually. That’s not what bosses do, my friend.

    Also, that is the worst way to be mean to someone – to push them straight in arms of personn they like. Ahahah. You failed, Jin Hye. Also, Ji Wook, you’re realllly bad at making up reasons why Bong Hee can’t meet Soo Hyun. But you’re cute as heck while doing it.

    Here we get the scene people were hoping for, Ji Wook being a knight about the strangling case. Not only he took her hand again and led her in the elevator, had her back, but also stayed to confrot DA Jang. Yes, he didn’t accept her initiated wrist grab, but only so he could use this chance to talk with the old meanie. It is probable he is more daring because they’ve got a sniff of actual culprit, or he just has this chance. He couldn’t quite go to attack him somewhere openly or in DA’s office, so this is perfect opportunity.

    Honestly, I just hope it doesn’t backfire very badly on him. It probably will, but still. Annnnd as we see, she doesn’t really appreciate it anyhow, because it’s her life and her business. Though I may not really agree with her on that point, but agree about his unfair flip-flopping. But at least she’s honest about her feelings in every sense with him, despite her love for Ji Wook. Though it is partially out of her concern for him. Ugh, this messed up situation. Just let me hug ’em both.

    I loved how he assured her it was always his choice. It’s important. For both of them, to know their mistakes or right picks are their choices and others aren’t responsible. (Quite a difference from Yoo Jung, ahem.)
    This scene also parallels his blame from both few eps ago and 2 and half years ago about his lost job, and the line about ill-fated relationship is also paralleled, this time from her.

    Her last line was powerful and though I wish it came at some different circumstance, it was important to be said.

    Actually, you made me realize that she meant it all through the denied confession lens. I thought of it in more general aspect. It does make more sense that this means she is telling him to stay in the self-proclaimed boss-only (and lover of mankind) role.

    Tragic Puppy Eyes have me so sad right now. They both don’t know what to do in this situation they have brewed. Well, him mostly. But still. This situation would be messy even if they were together, I think. I think it makes him feel even more, in this second, he doesn’t know how to be fit to be with someone. Sigh. Socially and emotionally inept Ji Wook.

    I feel bad for Lawyer Ji, he should’ve said it’s his birthday… Oh man. It was a sad scene between Yoo Jung and him, this time it felt like she still genuinely cared for him as a friend instead of just wanting to get everything in the order she likes. She was obviously always bossy anyway.

    And wow, man, WOAH what. Now I’m scared for the Forensics guy. This won’t end well. What is their relationship?? Why is the main villain so scarily psychotic?

  2. Beez says:

    Being an OCD JCW fan, I can tell that the first hands that brought Bong hee water were Ji Chang Wook’s. The manliest hands in K-drama. To confirm this, the guy she blurrily saw had on a black tie and Assistant Jang had on a printed blue tie. Oh. And the epilogue confirms it. Does anyone know what Ji Wook said in the epilogue because Viki didn’t sub it?

    You know, I would totally be rooting for Hyun Soo (even though I know he’s a murderer) if he didn’t smile so creepy.

    I’ve been wondering about the cheaters. Who pursued who? Was Yoo Jung being greedy? Did she feel she could and should have both? Or did Atty Ji badger her until she gave in? How many times and how long behind Ji Wook’s back? If it was the first time, would they have continued if they hadn’t been caught?

    What right does Atty Ji have to hate her unless she approached him?

    Inquiring minds…

    The killer know he be rolling his head more than I roll my eyes. And that’s a LOT. smh

    • imberreader says:

      I think it was just her hopes to see him, with the blurred image. From Ji Wook’s comment, I couldn’t quite make out if he had ordered both visits to Bong Hee or just latter one!

      And yes, I’ve been wondering about how it all went down, too, it definitely will put some things in perspective. Maybe they were just drunk and it was kinda mutual consent thing, maybe one of them strongly pursued other? Who knows.

      • Beez says:

        @ imberreader There is an epilogue tacked on the end (it comes after they show still pics from this episode) that it really was Ji Wook with the water the first time.

        The epilogues are strange because they appear after you’d think the show is done AND, they appear after every other episode. Probably because the show wasn’t deigned for the half splits we have now. The subbers keep missing the epilogues too. I had to write to Viki and tell them that the subbers missed the epilogue of the two lead’s mom’s fighting. (I forget which episode it was but it was when Bong hee’s mom got the job at the pizza place.)

        • imberreader says:

          Oh, I definitely have missed out on most Epilogues then!! I noticed them few times, but since shows are usually so random with them like bloopers, such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon or Goblin, I didn’t think it was common occurrence. I don’t watch on Viki, so the comments don’t even give that away, haha. Thanks for pointing out, I’ll try to watch them sometime!

          • Beez says:

            I used to miss epilogues on all shows because I’d be avoiding the previews. So now, I do try to watch thru the end because of that.

  3. Beez says:

    @imberreader “fml”?

    I thought The “just think of them as they’re all crazy” was hilarious. Probably because I identify with it when I introduce people to my family. lol

    Agree about the morning banter 😍 and Bong hee and Assistant Jang. *fun*

    Oh yeah, the phone-space thing. Yeah buddy! He’s a goner.

    Come join the rest of us, Ji Wook, who are caught in Bong hee’s smile.

    • imberreader says:

      “F**k my life.” Sometimes, he is just very exhausted with everything. Can’t blame him, too!
      And, oh, I thought it was hilarious, too. Just pointing out wasted us are usually crazy us, hahaha. He isn’t that much better when drunk as a skunk too! The line was golden, tho.
      I hope he joins us all soon! HE BETTER.

  4. Beez says:

    @imberreader -Ok- so here’s how I reacted – I was totally let down because I expected a big reaction from Ji Wook such as grabbing Head Prosecutor Jackazz by the throat when those elevator doors closed. But had I expected nothing, then even him confronting the Prosecutor at all (as he did) would’ve had me squeeing.

    Years ago, I could care less about spoilers. It didn’t bother me to hear the entire plot of a movie and I’d still go see it and enjoy it. But my son came home from college and had become a person who hates spoilers and we’d watch stuff together and I had to learn how to not say the least little thing. At first, I thought he was crazy but then I began to see what he was talking about in that it makes such a huge difference in enjoyment when you have no idea at all what’s coming. So there it is.

    But please don’t apologize any further. I truly appreciate how cool you’ve been about this whole thing. I only described it so you can see and possibly understand why I’m this way.

    • imberreader says:

      I am officially in shame corner!! I will be super careful from now on, I swear. For me, I didn’t really imply huuuge reaction and I think his reaction to DA was exactly as much as he could afford – there’s often cameras (or is it just some movie stereotype) in elevators, so he couldn’t physically assault DA, but he did the next best thing and, to be honest, risked quite a lot at it. I am sure we will see it backfire as it is. But, yes, I swear I’ll be very, very careful! Good news is, I won’t be able to watch for few weeks now, most likely, so next bunch of episodes, you’re ‘free’ from my possible slip-ups. Though I really will be super careful! I hate to ruin anyone’s enjoyment. It’s possible I just got carried away trying to give an encouraging slap on our Ji Wook’s back, hence my mention of the moment.

      • Beez says:

        @imberreader Your not being here is NOT “fortunate”!

        The more people I can share Kdrama with, the better!

        • imberreader says:

          Q_Q You’re really kind and understanding!
          I also wanted to express something on this note. I think Ji Wook’s reactions are going to get to extremes. Because there’s an increasing ladder to be seen:
          1) He passively protects Bong Hee from DA Jang, by cancelling his charges and takes his punishment for it silently (which is probably partially all done to his heightened sense of justice)
          2) He hints that he thinks Bong Hee is innocent and what DA Jang is doing is immoral after the car-following-Bong-Hee is revealed. He doesn’t get actually involved and even ‘dismisses’ the incident, though, or threaten DA Jang
          3) At next opportunity to confront DA Jang, he openly defends Bong Hee and actually threatens DA Jang with bodily and not only harm
          Obviously, the more his feelings grow and he accepts them, the more he’s going to protect/react to DA Jang’s evilness. Since we have over 20/10 episodes left to go, I am sure we will see more of DA Jang and how Ji Wook goes all berserker on him. Just my opinion.

          • Beez says:

            @ imberreader I hope so too. We’ve seen that Ji Wook continually loses his cool in firm meetings so it’s not it like he’s the type to always stay calm.

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m with y’all on cheering that Ji Wook stood 🆙 for Bong Hee when he confronted DA Jang. I can understand Bong Hee being irked by Ji Wook’s flip-flopping 👡.

    It appears Hyun Soo is the Mastermind of the murdering duo. How did the 🍭-faced forensics​ guy get involved with Hyun Soo⁉. If these two feel justified in punishing ‘wrongdoers’, how do they justify ⚖ going after innocent witnesses⁉. It seems Hyun Soo has a crush ♥ in Bong Hee.

    • It seems Hyun Soo has a crush ♥ in Bong Hee.
      I hope not! The creepy smile. The first time scene with him, I found him compelling. Now he compels me away from him!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Hyun Soo is creepy 😨😱‼. Hyun Soo was following Bong Hee around, presumably to keep an eye 👁‍🗨 on her investigation of Hee Joon’s murder, but why did he send her the shoes 👠 she admired in the store window⁉. Maybe he was trying to freak her out; mission accomplished‼

        • I feel the banner she put up bothered him and led him to watch her knowing she hadn’t forgotten and moved on. I took the shoes to be another “I can mess with you” moment from Hyun Soo. I must admit the production did a good job of leading me to believe it was Chan Ho messing with Bong Hee.

          • Beez says:

            “I must admit the production did a good job of leading me to believe it was Chan Ho messing with Bong Hee.” kjt

            Yes! Because far from seeming a forced or unwilling accomplice, Chan ho was giving those little creepy smiles whenever he was around Bong hee. What’s up with that?

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Good point, they did an excellent job of making us think sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho was behind everything. I know my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho has done bad things including killing 🗡, but there’s something about him that makes me feel sorry for him… I am at a loss ➖ for words as to why I feel this way ⁉‼

      • imberreader says:

        I do hope they don’t go down ‘murderer has a crush on Bong Hee’ route. It just doesn’t seem fitting Hyun Soo and the tone of show. I am firmly in the camp he just wanted to mess with her with the shoes thing. He may develop some crush over the course of time, though, after the case, since he may like how she believes him to be a good person. I think he probably wants to be seen as one, as he sees his act as justified. But definitely agreed about Chan Ho, he seems troubled by what’s going on, but at first seemed like the murderer so professionally I’d never think he was just an unwilling accomplice. Some good writing and acting there, for sure!!

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