Goblin Episode 15 Recap

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 15 Recap

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) walks in Quebec. A man (I believe they saw each other in the park 10 years prior) says “you again”. Without thinking Eun Tak responds in the affirmative. She stops, surprised by her automatic response. She turns and runs after the man, but he’s gone.

A jewelry vendor says hello to Eun Tak. Politely Eun Take returns the greeting. She asks the woman if she knows her. The jewelry vendor eyes her necklace and says she made that custom necklace 10 years ago for a Korean man. Flashback to Kim Shin making the request for the necklace. Is anyone immune to Gong Yoo’s smile? Eun Tak asks who the man was. The jewelry vendor chuckles that as the owner of the necklace she should know. The jewelry vendor asks Eun Tak if she knows what the necklace means. Eun Tak does not know. The jewelry vendor says it means “match made in heaven” in French. How perfect is that?! The jewelry vendor says it represents destiny made outside of man’s boundaries. Again, how perfect is that?! The jewelry vendor asks if she’s living happily with the man that gave her the necklace. Eun Tak has no response.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) stares at the maple leaf.

Kim Shin goes back and forth between locations around the world. Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) grumbles at his ramblings. Kim Shin admits he wants to go where Eun Tak is. Wang Yeo encourages Kim Shin do go to Eun Tak. Kim Shin worries that he’ll confuse Eun Tak. Wang Yeo tells him to go before he drives him crazy. LOL when Kim Shin returns to the house inside a Pharaohs’ sarcophagus. Wang Yeo order him to return it before he starts an international incident. Kim Shin mutters that Wang Yeo is scary when he gets mad.

As Eun Tak stares at the door that is a portal, it opens and Kim Shin goes through! He’s startled she’s there and tries to go back through the door but it’s locked. Marvelous! Eun Tak can’t believe it. Kim Shin claims he’s here on business. With a shy note in his voice, Kim Shin asks how she is. Eun Tak asks if he followed her. He assures her he’s a nice guy. She wonders how she’d know that. He recommends that she hang out with him and find out for herself. He reminds her she owes him a meal. She agrees and tells him to follow her. Is anyone immune to Gong Yoo’s smile? It gets me every time.

Eun Tak treats Kim Shin to a snack they munch at an overlook. Kim Shin asks if Eun Tak thinks this snack is sufficient. Realizing that she did short change him, she asks what he likes to eat. Kim Shin says he likes beef. Eun Tak claims not to like beef. Kim Shin chuckles and says she likes beef. She asks how he knows. He says no one dislikes beef. Irritated that Kim Shin seems to know her, she accuses him of having her investigated. Calmly Kim Shin says she still owes him a meal. She snaps that she’ll call him later. She puts her food in the trash and starts to walk away. Kim Shin stops her and tells her that he’ll be her guide now. Shyly, Eun Tak asks if that would be a nuisance. Kim Shin is happy to do it.

She’s impressed that he knows Quebec. Kim Shin says he came here before with his first love. Kim Shin stares at her and says under his breath that he’s been to Quebec now 4 times with her. Eun Tak thinks that Kim Shin has a current girlfriend. He says that they broke up. Eun Tak asks what happened. Kim Shin states that he went far away for a long time and she forgot out him. He says he never forgot about her. Jealous, Eun Tak mutters his girlfriend is lucky. She kicks at the leaves on the ground. Kim Shin tells her that if you catch a falling maple leaf with someone, you’ll be together forever. Irked that Kim Shin’s past girlfriend told him that, Eun Tak notes that he’s with her now. She grouses that men always talk about their past loves with the current woman they are with. Kim Shin is practically giddy that she’s jealous. Love his smile!

Back in her hotel room, Eun Tak complains to herself about Kim Shin being hung up on another woman. She plops on the couch and wonders how much she’s forgotten. She’s surprised when she looks out the window and sees Kim Shin sitting on a bench.

She goes to him and asks if he’s staying at the same hotel. Kim Shin confirms this. Eun Tak asks THE question “have we met before around 10 years ago?” Kim Shin remembers her running up to him in Quebec. Kim Shin answers her question with a question. Do you like me? Eun Tak assures him that she’s not hitting on him. Then she admits she likes him. Just as straightforward as before. I like it. She says she doesn’t have a boyfriend or someone she is fated to be with. Are you smiling like I am? Embarrassed, she starts to walk away. Kim Shin calls to her just as she turns and calls to him. He tells her she can speak first. She asks him to an early dinner. He smiles. I smile too. He says he was going to ask her to dinner. He says he knows a good place for beef. She smiles. He smiles. They are darling!

Eun Tak calls Sunny and reports on the trip. Ah, so it is Sunny she’ll be talking to on the phone while she waits for Kim Shin at their eatery. Yes! She’s at their eatery. The SAME waiter from Kim Shin’s vision serves a chatty Eun Tak. She says the SAME dialog. Kim Shin smiles watches her. He thinks that his vision came true. Eun Tak turns and calls to him “President, come over here.” Kim Shin chuckles to himself that he’s the President. He’s so giddy he knows he can’t hide his smile. Kim Shin sits down and grins. I am loving this!!

goblin_ep15_1353 goblin_ep15_1352
Eun Tak tries to maintain decorum and asks if he brought his first love here. He confirms this. That irks her. He grins. She bad mouths his first love’s memory. Kim Shin says his first love it still pretty. That angers her. She calls for the waiter to take their order. Ha! She cannot control her jealous reactions. I’m loving this as much as Kim Shin is. Eun Tak semi brags that she just recently became pretty. Kim Shin asks if she wants to see him tomorrow. She says she’s flying home in the afternoon. Kim Shin clarifies. He wants to see her before her flight and after her flight. Swoon! Eun Tak hides her grin behind the menu. Kim Shin grins knowing she’s grinning. Could this scene be any better?

Sunny (Yoo In Na) watches the CCTV feed of Wang Yeo delivering the letter for Eun Tak at her eatery. She mutters that she had a feeling the she wanted to go to work.

Sunny goes to the corporate building. Duk Hwa meets her in the lobby. He’s blow away by how pretty she is. Sunny asks if he remembers that she had a chicken eatery in the building he once own. Duk Hwa confirms it stating her rent was always late. Ha! Sunny shows him a picture of Wang Yeo on her phone. She asks for his contact information. Duk Hwa is taken aback that Sunny wants Wang Yeo’s contact information, not his. Ha!

Wang Yeo stares at his phone in disbelief when Sunny’s contact name is displayed as the phone rings with her incoming call.

Eun Tak looks at a Quebec tourist magazine as she tries to decide where she and Kim Shin should visit. She looks at a picture of the headstones overlooking the city. She has a brief flashback! She recalls Kim Shin steering her away from that location yesterday. She has another flashback!!

She goes to the headstone with Kim Shin’s picture and stares. Kim Shin arrives. Eun Tak asks if the picture on the headstone is him. She asks if he’s a ghost and if that’s why she sees him everywhere. Kim Shin asks if she can STILL see ghosts. Eun Tak isn’t happy to learn that Kim Shin knows that she can see ghosts. She demands to know if he’s a ghost. But then she starts to put it together. She asks if they came to Quebec together 10 years ago. She mutter to herself, why can’t I remember? She stares at him and asks if his name is Kim Shin. He doesn’t answer. Passion fills her voice as she demands that he tell her who he is. She wrote a note to herself not to forget him. She wrote that she was his bride. She asks again, “are you Kim Shin?” He denies it and says she should return to the hotel. He walks away. That denial surprised me but it didn’t disappoint me.

Wang Yeo waits for Sunny at the coffee shop. She walks to him. He stares at her like she’s water and he’s been in the desert. I’ve got a ridiculous smiles on my face. Sunny sits down at his table. She asks why he’s not surprised that she sat down uninvited. She asks if they’ve met before. Wang Yeo finds the ability to speak and denies they’ve met previously. She asks if he came to her store. He confirms this. She asks why he cried on the street when he saw her. He claims she reminded him on someone. Unphased Sunny comments that her look is unique. She suggests they introduce themselves. He says his name is Wang Yeo. Sunny comments that sounds like a King’s name. She says she’s Sunny. She admits she saw him on the CCTV footage and wanted to meet the handsome man. She quips he looked better on the CCTV footage. That makes Wang Yeo smile. Sunny says Eun Tak was able to travel because of the letter he delivered. She tells him she has to get back to work. She leans towards him and recommends that he not cry and walk today because it’s cold outside. Wang Yeo says he enjoyed meeting her. She smiles and walks away. He cries. She stops walking and says “it was nice to meet you, Mr. Kim Woo Bin.” She cries. Great scene! Both actors killed it. I love this unconventional couple. She’s got moxy. He’s reserved. They are a terrific match. More please.

Sunny watches it rain. She finds a boy waiting for his grandmother. She ushers him into her eatery and gives him something to eat and drink. She comments the boy has a hard life waiting for his Grandmother. She says God doesn’t treat everyone fairly. That sacrilege concerns the boy. Sunny says she knows a goblin, his bride, and a grim reaper that erases memories. The boy comments that erasing memories erases misery and is a kind thing to do. A BUTTERFLY flits next to the boy!! Loving it. Thank you God! She grouses to the boy that she still wishes she had not been tampered with.

Flashback to 5 years ago…Sunny’s upstairs tennant moves out. She goes downstairs and finds Eun Tak (wearing her mother’s red scarf) getting ready to move in. Eun Tak introduces herself. Sunny is shocked and says this is their first day together.

Flashback to the recent past…Sunny spies Kim Shin (dressed in Goryeo warrior clothes) staring at her through the window. She looks away, looks back and he’s gone. She cries and drops the tray of dishes in her hands. She asks herself it that was her big brother?

Flashback to the recent past…Sunny sees Wang Yeo watching her as she passes. She turns, stares, then walks away. She cries when she gets out of his sight.

Wang Yeo cries in his room holding the scroll with Sunny’s picture he painted when she was his Queen. Sunny intones “you who thought erasing my memory would give me peace, I knew who you were when you saw me. I knew you knew who I was too. We must pretend not to know each other as we live our own ‘happy endings’. I hope when we meet in our next lifetime, our wait to be together will be short and our time together will be long. I hope we’ll be able to acknowledge each other when we meet. It’s enough for me that we met again. Kim Woo Bin and Wang Yeo, may you live a long happy life. Good bye.” The scene is peppered with the “best of” moments from their previous present day relationship. Sunny cries. Their relationship is filled with longing, denial, and poignancyWhy can’t they be together now?

Duk Hwa can’t shake the feeling that he was important to Sunny and this Eun Tak woman from the letter, but he can’t remember.

The maple leaves fall. Eun Tak holds out her hand to catch one.

Kim Shin sits in their eatery believing that he made the wrong move to come to Quebec to see Eun Tak.

Eun Tak sits by the Parliament building’s fountain and stares at the maple leaf. She sighs and put it on the fountain’s lip. She has a flashback of the maple leaf on her journal. She has a flashback of meeting Kim Shin in Quebec 10 years ago! She has a flashback of telling Kim Shin that if catching a maple leaf meant you will fall in love with who are walking with!! Tears fill Eun Tak’s eyes as she remembers telling Kim Shin that he’s a goblin and she loves him. A truly darling moment from this series. She smiles as she remembers their conversation at this fountain. She cries that she missed him terribly. Awk! Tears! More memories flood her.

goblin_ep15_3341goblin_ep15_3344 goblin_ep15_3345goblin_ep15_3346
Then she’s running to her love, to Kim Shin. She’s in front the Christmas shop. She blows out a candle. She sobs that she misses him. She demands to know where he is. Kim Shin spins her around. He kisses her gently. He pulls away. Then she kisses him. Holy smokes, that was perfection! Excuse me while I rewind and watch that again!!!

I’m back. That is one of the most perfect reunion scenes I’ve ever watched. The production of time reversing as the maple leaf edge UP the paper as she started to remember, and the leaves fell UP, was magical and I appreciated the detail. Kim Shin stared into her eyes non verbally asking her to assure him that she really remembered him. Her response of taking his face in her hands and kissing him was perfection. Shall we continue?

goblin_ep15_3642 goblin_ep15_3641
Kim Shin and Eun Tak discuss how the contract brought him back. She lets him know that she not happy with his choice to remove the sword using her hands to save her and then leave her. He apologizes. She knows it doesn’t matter now that they are back together. She admits that she was in pain without him. They agree to move forward together. She can’t stop touching him, she has to confirm he’s real. He hugs her. He tells her this isn’t a dream. She admits she’s still in shock. He wows her by opening up the mini fridge with a wave of his hands. They have a beer together. She tries to decide what to call him. She asks if he showed himself to Sunny. Eun Tak brags that Sunny is doing well. She asks if he met with Wang Yeo. Kim Shin says they are real friends now, though they’ve been friends for a long time. They clasp hands. He tells her he missed her too. She says she loves him.

The next day she prepares to leave. She invites him to take the plane ride with her. He doesn’t have a passport. They kiss. She heads to the airport.

She’s pleased when he meets her at the airport in Korea. They are giddy with love.

goblin_ep15_4144 goblin_ep15_4143
He takes her to a beautiful suite. The moment has come. Finally they make love. It’s perfect that they transition to passion and expressing their love fully.

Eun Tak goes to see Sunny but she’s not at the eatery. She calls Sunny but she doesn’t pick up. She heads up to her apartment.

Wang Yeo prepares the heaven tea for an elderly woman. Her love comes for her. It’s been 73 years since they’ve seen each other. It’s quite touching knowing that Wang Yeo is listening. It’s lovely that we see them as younger versions of themselves. Wang Yeo offers to reheat the tea while they talk. Now we see them at their real age. Delightful! Did we see that to foretell the future for Wang Yeo or Kim Shin?

goblin_ep15_4626 goblin_ep15_4625
Wang Yeo gets home and Kim Shin greets him. He says they have a guest. Eun Tak runs out all similes. Wang Yeo calls her “special case” and smiles. Kim Shin says she remember it all. Wang Yeo tells her he likes her radio show. She grins and says she’s 29 now. Wang Yeo gets a look on his face. Oh no, does he have a death card for her?

In his room Wang Yeo recalls a conversation they had years ago where he told her (via thoughts) that when she turned 29 a grim reaper would come for her. Such is the fate of special cases. Wang Yeo realizes that he may be the grim reaper for the 29 year old Eun Tak. That’s cruel, but reasonable in this world.

Eun Tak thanks her shrink for all the support over the years. The shrink asks how Eun Tak got over her sadness.

Cue Eun Tak blowing out a match and Kim Shin appears. She even calls him when she’s in bed. She convinces him to stay. They are so cute!

Eun Tak wakes from a bad dream and summons Kim Shin. She hugs him and says she was scared that their being together was only a dream. He pats her and tells her this isn’t a dream. He’s here. She’s still worried. He soothes her. He apologizes for leaving her. He settles her back to sleep.

As Kim Shin leaves her apartment he stares at Sunny’s apartment door (one floor down). Sunny spots him from the street and comes up the flight of stairs to her landing. She wonders what he’s doing coming from Eun Tak’s apartment so early in the morning. She asks if he’s the man from the eatery. He sees a future vision of Sunny and Wang Yeo happy and laughing together. Kim Shin murmurs “so that’s what will happen.” He tells Sunny he’s happy to see her smiling. She snaps at him a bit. He chuckles and tells her she may not be smiling now, but later in life she will. He heads downstairs and away. Watching him go Sunny says that she wants Kim Shin to make Eun Tak happy. She says then she’ll become happy too.

Wang Yeo reveals who he is to Duk Hwa. Kim Shin chides him for it. Duk Hwa counters that Kim Shin revealed who he was when he appeared at the office with blue smoke emanating from him. Wang Yeo chides him for it. Duk Hwa declares he knows that Wang Yeo is the grim reaper and Kim Shin is the goblin. Kim Shin is startled. Wang Yeo chides him for confirming Duk Hwa’s guess. Duk Hwa says he’s known about Kim Shin since he was 6 and Grandfather prepared him to serve Kim Shin. Duk Hwa dares them to prove it. Wang Yeo disappears and reappears in another spot. Kim Shin levitates a pan. Duk Hwa is not impressed. Magicians can do that he scoffs. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo to take care of Duk Hwa. Wang Yeo says seriously that Duk Hwa must come with him. Afraid Duk Hwa tells them he was just joking.

Eun Tak is surprised to find her Aunt outside her door. She tells Eun Tak to make her food. Eun Tak graciously agrees. The Aunt complains that her children are worthless and she hasn’t seen them lately. Why are we seeing the Aunt now? What purpose does this serve?

Eun Tak’s friend appears on the radio show. Eun Tak tells her she’s a natural on radio. Her friend notices that she’s distracted. She suggests they catch a drink together. Eun Tak tells her another time.

goblin_ep15_5828 goblin_ep15_5827
Eun Tak visits Sunny at work. She hugs her and says she missed her. Sunny tells her she’s moving apartments and to a new business location. Eun Tak gives her maple syrup. She says she found a boyfriend in Quebec. She promises to introduces them one day. Sunny says she met him when he was coming from her apartment. Eun Tak says she’s reminiscing about old times lately. Sunny wishes her a good life. Eun Tak asks why she’s acting like they won’t see each other again. Sunny just smiles noncommittally. Eun Tak leaves.

Eun Tak mulls over the guy in Quebec that said “you again.” She recalls their first meeting in the park when she told Kim Shin he was a ghost. Eun Tak muses the man was a ghost. She wonders why she can see ghosts again. I’m thinking this isn’t a good sign. What about you?

Kim Shin shows up. Eun Tak tells her she was thinking about Canada. She comments that Kim Shin talks about meeting his first love. She doesn’t understand his statement that they met before this lifetime. Kim Shin tells her he had a vision of her in the future. She doesn’t believe him. He convinces her though she thinks it’s almost impossible. Eun Tak asks Kim Shin if he was wearing his General’s garb when he returned to her. He confirms that. She tells him he looked cool.

Kim Shin stops and looks into her eyes. He tells her the time has come. He says she’s so bright and beautiful. He says every time he mentioned his first love, he was referring to her. He asks her to marry him. She stares at him stunned. The trees blossom. In the gentle breeze, the blossoms fall about them.

My thoughts

Kim Shin and Eun Tak rediscovered each other again. Writer Kim Eun Sook crafted a enjoyable path to watch as they found their way back to each other. I relished every moment. The initial phase of a relationship is rich in infatuation and romance. If well done, it’s fun and and intoxicating for the participants and the viewers. With Goblin we got to see our leading couple establish their relationship twice. Gong Yoo and Go Eun sparkle together. They project feelings that seem authentic. They are wonderful to watch.

All that being said, I’m concerned about whether or not Kim Shin and Eun Tak will get their happy ending. Writer Kim has rules and she follows them. Enough was said in this episode to give a sense of foreboding about Eun Tak’s death and their happiness being potentially short lived. Kim Shin’s vision made me confident that Wang Yeo and Sunny will end up happy. But I’m not as confident as I previously was for our primary couple.

Why did we see the old couple in the tea room? What did that signify?

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) showed patience as he slowly won Eun Tak back. Kim Shin joy’s in Quebec was wonderful to watch. Every time Gong Yoo smiled, I smiled. I love this couple. But he needs her and she needs him. They can not be happy without each other. I am concerned what waits them in the final episode.

I enjoyed seeing Kim Shin admit that he and Wang Yeo had been friends for years and were solid buddies. Terrific to see Kim Shin release the pain of the past.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) had a melancholy that she couldn’t shake. She wasn’t so depressed that she was unable to function but she was strongly affected by the loss she didn’t understand. I felt joy when Kim Shin first reappeared. Eun Tak was drawn to Kim Shin, She initially resisted but then gave herself over to his magnetism. It’s true, she can’t resist what her heart knows is right. She FEELS Kim Shin. He obviously feels her. Watching them reconnect was pure pleasure.

But why the scene with her aunt? That fact that she can see ghosts again, what does that signify?

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) continued his bromance with Kim Shin and his estrangement from Sunny.  I hope that Wang Yeo isn’t the grim reaper that comes for Eun Tak if she dies next episode. I will weep copious tears if that occurs.

I wanted Wang Yeo and Sunny to get some solid air time this episode. That happened.  I don’t really understand their choice NOT to be together NOW. I see no impedances. But that’s the way it is.

There was the inference that Wang Yeo and Sunny will connect later in this lifetime (Kim Shin’s vision) or that this lifetime isn’t the lifetime they’ll connect in (Sunny’s stance (and Wang Yeo too)). I’m not sure which will be Writer Kim’s choice. IF they reconnect per Kim Shin’s vision and it’s this lifetime I wonder if that means that Kim Shin and Eun Tak won’t have a happy ending. IF they reconnect in the next lifetime, I wonder if Kim Shin and Eun Tak will have a happy ending and we’d get to see them fall in love a third time. That sounds like wishful thinking doesn’t it?

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) remembers Wang Yeo, Eun Tak, and Kim Shin but she kept that to herself. She indicated that she and Wang Yeo won’t reconnect in this lifetime. She indicated that she was leaving. She was definitely hiding her memories from those she loved. Why?

Next up is the final episode. What’s my wish list?
* Eun Tak and Kim Shin have a happy ending. If I have to endure her death at 29, then I want them to reconnect in the next life. I want them to find lasting happiness together. I know fate can be cruel. I don’t want them to live without each other. I want them to have the time to relish happiness. They’ve had slivers of togetherness and happiness. They deserve a lifetime.
* I want the final episode to make sense and leave me happy. I know this writer isn’t sloppy. I trust she won’t implode the script in the final episode and leave me wondering what just happened. She’s crafted a world I’ve enjoyed visiting, a world I’ll be sorry to see end. Please Writer Kim, give me a happy ending.
* Wang Yeo and Sunny have a happy ending. If it’s this lifetime or the next, it doesn’t matter.

The 13th song of the OST is titled “Love” by Mamamoo.

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9 comments on “Goblin Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I liked the additional Quebec back story which showed the clues Eun Tak received before Shin appeared. It was so awesome to see Shin realize he WAS the president Eun Tak was waiting for when he saw the future though the eyes of the waiter.

    I could hardly believe Shin denied he was the man she knew 10 years ago. Anywho, I thought my heart would burst when Eun Tak’s memories of Shin came back and she found him. It was a joyous reunion. 🎉

    I 💖 Eun Tak calling Shin at all hours. Now Eun Tak’s character is 29, and no longer in high school, it feels so right for them to have a passionate 💋 romance.

    I think the old couple in the tea room may be a harbinger of Yeo and Sunny be separated and reconnecting someday down the road as the woman lived and died in So. Korea separated from her man who got stuck in No. Korea and ended up living there the rest of his days. Yeo seemed to be touched by their story.

    I did find it curious that Sunny hid the fact she did not lose her memories, especially after she knew Eun Tak regained her memories. Was it part of her estrangement from Yeo plan?

    I must admit the happy ending I pictured is starting to look a bit dubious.😕 Here’s hoping for a happy ending for both couples.


    • Kelli says:

      I feel Sunny not revealing her memories were intact as to protect her and Eun Tak in the beginning. Then once Kim Shin was back, she knew it was inevitable that she would run into Wang Yeo more.

      I was shocked as well that he didn’t say he was Kim Shin to Eun Tak. Maybe he was wanting her memories to come back organically instead of filling in the blanks for her.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Sunny not revealing her memories were intact…to protect her and Eun Tak in the beginning
        I could see that.

        I was shocked as well that he didn’t say he was Kim Shin to Eun Tak. Maybe he was wanting her memories to come back organically instead of filling in the blanks for her
        Glad I wasn’t alone in being surprised by that. I agree that Kim Shin needed Eun Tak to remember who he was, not be told who he was.


    • kjtamuser says:

      additional Quebec back story which showed the clues Eun Tak received before Shin appeared. It was so awesome to see Shin realize he WAS the president Eun Tak was waiting for
      Yes, Quebec was a source for more information for Eun Tak and finally the trigger to remembering. When I getting screen shots for the recap I wish there would have been a closeup Shin’s face as he saw Eun Tak chatting on the phone just like in his vision. But alas that moment a wide shot with no close up.

      I thought my heart would burst when Eun Tak’s memories of Shin came back and she found him. It was a joyous reunion
      Joyous is the perfect word to describe their reunion.

      Now Eun Tak’s character is 29…it feels so right for them to have a passionate 💋 romance
      I agree, a side benefit of the 10 year separation.


  2. Holly Moon says:

    With this episode, I found myself totally immersed in emotions, theirs and mine. I actually cried when she sobbed that she missed him and he came and kissed her. I cried again for Sunny and Wang Yeo, and again when Kim Shin proposed at the end.

    I absolutely love how this writer phrases the words. While they are so ordinary and simple in reality, they are beautiful in the phrasing. I must have replayed the ending words a dozen times, just to hear the sound of them.

    Anyway, more tomorrow for the 16th episode.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur it was very easy to be wrapped up in the emotions of this episode. 😅😍


    • kjtamuser says:

      I absolutely love how this writer phrases the words. While they are so ordinary and simple in reality, they are beautiful in the phrasing.
      Excellent observation.


  3. Kelli says:

    Big mistake watching the finale episodes while at work.

    I agree that reunion is one of the best that I’ve ever seen. Every time she got close to a break through, and then it would elude her was a bit torturous. It felt like to me that a part of her personally was missing along with her memories. When they all came flooding back, the full version of Eun Tak came back which was great to see.

    Holly made a great point about how the writer takes simple things, and arranges them extraordinarily well. This drama never needed to be high on action. The writing and superb acting have been the star of the show.

    I’m going to wait for 16 episode recap for more….


    • kjtamuser says:

      Big mistake watching the finale episodes while at work.
      I can only imagine the copious tears that flowed or your tried to stuff down.

      This drama never needed to be high on action. The writing and superb acting have been the star of the show.
      Good point. This show kept a steady pace while subtly ratcheting the emotional noose around the viewers necks tighter so we were emotionally gripped to fully experience the final episodes.


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