Goblin Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Here we go, the last episode of this series…

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) tells Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) that she is beautiful, his first love, and asks if she’ll be his wife. Eun Tak savors the moment, touches his face, and tells him yes, she’ll become his first and last bride. He frames her face with his hands, and kisses her forehead. They both smile the smile of two committed people in love.

Awk! Tears, already? I’m a bit tense believing that I’m going to get gutted watching this final episode.

Later that night, Eun Tak sits on the roof and tells her mother in heaven that she’s going to get married. But she’s not alone, two ghosts talk about her getting married. Eun Tak talks to them. They are thrilled she can see them again. They congratulate her on her marriage.

Two men sit in front of the grim reaper, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), who offers them the tea that will wipe their memories before they move to the next phase of existence after their recent death. One of the men complains about being at the same table as the his driver. Wang Yeo calmly states that everyone is this room is equal and drinks the same tea. The man sneers the driver’s life isn’t even worth the price of his watch. Wang Yeo reiterates everyone drinks the same tea. But the man sees himself superior. Wang Yeo fixes a steely gaze on the man and tells him that once he walks through the exit, anything he held dear on earth (power, money, status) is gone. Wang Yeo firmly tells the man the sins he committed on earth have a due bill, one he will pay once he walks through the door. The man cries. Wang Yeo told him!

goblin_ep16_0614 goblin_ep16_0615goblin_ep16_0616
Kim Shin sees Eun Tak’s friend that tried to set her up on a blind date. Irked, with his powers he snips the straps of her purse which falls to the ground and the contents spill out. Kim Shin also sticks his tongue out at her. Eun Tak’s friend does not see anything of this. Kim Shin says he shouldn’t be waiting for Eun Tak in the lobby. He runs to Eun Tak.

Kim Shin bursts into the room with Eun Tak and her coworkers and announces that he’s her boyfriend. Eun Tak spins around in her chair stunned. Kim Shin continues his pronouncement that they are engaged. He asks Eun Tak if she wants to get married this weekend. He winks at her. Eun Tak’s coworkers are stunned. Eun Tak can only smile when Kim Shin invites her to lunch. Kim Shin is adorably awkward as he tells the world “mine” in reference to Eun Tak!

Kim Shin tells Eun Tak that Duk Hwa will be joining them for lunch. She worries that she’s aged since the last time he saw her. When Duk Hwa enters he does a double take when he sees Eun Tak. Kim Shin announces that he and Eun Tak are getting married. Eun Tak and Duk Hwa stare in surprise at Kim Shin. He suggests this weekend. Eun Tak asks why he wants to get married quickly. Kim Shin says he’s tired of people trying to set her up with good looking guys. Duk Hwa quips that he’s the kind of guy people want to set Eun Tak with. He assures Eun Tak that she’s not his type. He gives her his business card. Eun Tak chuckles that he’s a team leader now. Eun Tak introduces herself. Duk Hwa asks if she’s the Eun Tak from the old letter. She quips that he still doesn’t know much. Duk Hwa asks if she will marry Kim Shin knowing what he is. Eun Tak states she’s comfortable with Kim Shin being a goblin. Kim Shin nods approvingly. Duk Hwa wonders how he’s out of touch. Kim Shin warns Eun Tak that she better not accept any blind dates. She tells him she’ll be a married woman soon and off the market. Kim Shin gets a goofy grin on his face and thinks “married woman…that’s what she said.” Kim Shin is adorable in love!

Duk Hwa tells Grandfather’s assistant (now CEO) that Kim Shin is getting married. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO is happy. Duk Hwa declares he plans to get married before Kim Shin. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO approves. Duk Hwa tells him that he has many women. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO points out the obvious; marriage cannot involve many women, only one woman. Ha! He asks Duk Hwa if there’s woman that he thinks about constantly and can’t live without. Duk Hwa is forced to admit there isn’t anyone like that in his life. He asks Grandfather’s assistant/CEO if he wants to get married. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO states he is already married to a woman he can’t life without and has three children with her. Duk Hwa wonders why he didn’t know this. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO states he didn’t tell him. Duk Hwa asks why not. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO tells Duk Hwa that he’s not interested in the state of the world or others yet. He’s been waiting for Duk Hwa to mature and asks adult questions. Duk Hwa smiles and asks him to wait a bit longer. He promises to work hard and grow up. They toast each other with their coffees.

Wonderful scene. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO is straightforward about Duk Hwa’s immaturity. Duk Hwa is sheepishly aware that he is immature. While Duk Hwa has been amusing he’s not captured me due to his immaturity (though he was intriguing when god occuppied his body). His self realization is satisfying.

Eun Tak complains to Kim Shin that he blurted out their relationship without her permission. Kim Shin is nervous as Eun Tak drives. He’s a back seat driver. Where are they going?

Eun Tak and Kim Shin try on wedding attire. Kim Shin is blown away by Eun Tak’s simple wedding dress. Eun Tak compliments Kim Shin on being handsome. He jokes that being handsome is like breathing. They both smile. They agree to have a simple and beautiful wedding. The joy in their smiles is lovely.

Gong Yoo in a tuxedeo…yummy. Go Eun looks lovely though the costume designer’s choice in her gown seemed a bit simple.

Eun Tak picks out a watch for Kim Shin’s wedding gift. She places it in his room along with a note.

Kim Shin finds the watch and reads the note “for all the paths we will walk together. With a timid and excited heart, full of questions and answers. I will love you in all our moments together. Love, your Bride.” Kim Shin smiles in pleasure.

Is this too good to be true?

At work a coworkers reads a love letter a viewer submitted. Eun Tak reads the note and perks up immediately (the note is from Sunny). She orders the letter be read on air. She runs out to find someone.

Kim Shin hears the note read on air and turns his car in a new direction.

Wang Yeo hears the note read on air. He knows who wrote those words. He grabs his coat.

Oh no, I hope they aren’t inferring Sunny would commit suicide. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman that would do that.

goblin_ep16_1621 goblin_ep16_1620
Eun Tak learns that Sunny sold the apartment building last week. Sunny leaves a note for Eun Tak. “I’m leaving. Be well. In whatever you do, take a big bite. I’m glad I could be your friend for a time. Take care of my big brother. Be happy together. Good bye.” Kim Shin arrives. Eun Tak tells him that Sunny has left and she remembered everything but kept that a secret. Eun Tak feels terrible that Sunny was lonely and never shared that with her. Eun Tak asks why Sunny left. Kim Shin guesses that Sunny could not forgive Wang Yeo and decided not to see him again in this lifetime. Kim Shin says this will punish Wang Yeo more than anything else could.

I’m relived it wasn’t suicide, which was out of character for Sunny. I still don’t completely get why Sunny choose secrecy about remembering her past and recent present. If she couldn’t forgive Wang Yeo, them maybe. But Sunny just told Eun Tak to live big when she’s chosen to do the opposite. The fact that Kim Shin was not surprised by this makes me wonder if his future vision of Wang Yeo and Sunny will happen in their next lifetime.

goblin_ep16_1748 goblin_ep16_1747
Sunny waits at the bridge for Wang Yeo. He shows up! They stare at each other. Tears fill his eyes. Tears fill her eyes. She tells him she won’t contact him again. She tells him they won’t meet again in this lifetime. She asks if she can hug him. He pulls her to him. They hug. Awk! Tears! Sunny tells him to be well. Wang Yeo wishes her safe travels. Wang Yeo thinks “we said good bye to each other for this life. News of her only came later.”

goblin_ep16_2118 goblin_ep16_2117
Wang Yeo sobs in his room. Kim Shin brings Wang Yeo a tray with food. He tells him the apples are cut into rabbits. Ha! Just like Wang Yeo did! Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin that Sunny left. He offers Kim Shin the scroll with Sunny’s portrait he painted as King. Kim Shin declines the scroll saying it is Wang Yeo’s to keep. Wang Yeo is grateful. Kim Shin thanks Wang Yeo for lighting candles on the appropriate day for the last 9 years. Awk! Tears! Wang Yeo admits that he doesn’t know if those he killed in his past life are walking better paths now, but he wanted to acknowledge them and face the consequences. Kim Shin wishes someone would tells them they’ve done enough and their retribution for the past is over.

Beautiful quiet scene that exemplified the beautiful friendship, understanding, acceptance, and love that Kim Shin and Wang Yeo have for each other.

goblin_ep16_2421goblin_ep16_2422Wang Yeo meets with the female reaper. He tells her he’s going to tell her their past sins. She braces herself knowing that she poisoned Wang Yeo (under the Evil Minister’s orders) when he was King. But Wang Yeo surprises her by saying their sin was one of suicide. He says those that take their own lives become grim reapers. He muses that not knowing their past sins in the present and wanting to live is part of the punishment. He tells her he knows who she was in the past. He knows the Evil Minister directed her. He apologizes for using her to get more poison so he could end his life. He urges her to forget and live by atoning and guiding the dead. Wang Yeo hopes she can forgive herself as god would want her to. She cries.

Quiet scene that wraps up the female grim reaper plot point. I hope Wang Yeo takes his own advice and forgives himself too.

Eun Tak makes dinner for her ungrateful aunt. She asks her aunt why she is rude and mean even in death. Her aunt yells at her that if she’d had the bank books she wouldn’t have had to life on the streets and she wouldn’t be dead. Eun Tak yells her own frustration. Her aunt goes to strike her but another ghost appears and stops her. She tells Eun Tak’s aunt that she needs to come with her and stop mistreating Eun Tak. She reminds the aunt that she’s the senior in this world. She brags she can handle the mean ghosts with ease. Eun Tak’s aunt tries to pull away but cannot. Eun Tak starts to say something to the ghost but she assures her that she’s found the person she will walk her path with. She says that the aunt will be with her along the way to the grim reaper. Eun Tak asks if she’s really leaving this world. The ghost says it’s time. She wishes Eun Tak happiness with the Goblin. Before the ghost drags the aunt away Eun Tak thanks her for raising her. She hopes they meet on good terms in their next life. The aunt, true to form, scoffs that she wouldn’t want to meet her in the next life. The ghost drags the aunt away with her.

That scene that wraps up the aunt and long standing ghost friend plot point. That the aunt never repented for her dreadful treatment of Eun Tak was fitting. She was not a nice woman from start to finish. Eun Tak’s kindness was demonstrated yet again.

Eun Tak arrives at the house. Wang Yeo says he wants to talk to her. Nervous, Eun Tak asks if her name came up as dying soon. With a brief pause, Wang Yeo assures her that isn’t the case. Eun Tak is relieved. Wang Yeo asks if she’s worried. Eun Tak wonders how fate has changed. Wang Yeo agrees that things are different so her fate has changed. They smile. Eun Tak says even though she has no birthmark, no sword to extract, and no near death incidents for 9 years, that doesn’t alter that she is a “special case”. Her mother was almost killed before she was born. The man she loved was killed. She’s friends with a grim reaper. She understands humans will die when the time comes. That’s why she loves life and lives like every day is the last one. Wang Yeo agrees life is beautiful. Eun Tak asks why he wanted to see her. Wang Yeo gives her a bouquet of buck wheat flowers. He wishes her happiness in her marriage. Awk! Tears! Eun Tak thanks him.

goblin_ep16_3007goblin_ep16_3008goblin_ep16_3006The field of buck wheat flowers is the perfect place for them to marry. Recall that’s the first place Kim Shin took her to through a portal. In the simple ceremony, Kim Shin vows to love Eun Tak until they die. Eun Tak vows she’ll love him forever and takes him as her husband. Awk! Tears! The dress (which had a bit of sparkle at the neckline that wasn’t apparent before) in combination with the wreath in her hair and bouquet in her hands was perfect. What a beautiful moment.

Duk Hwa, Grandfather’s assistant/CEO, Wang Yeo, Eun Tak and Kim Shin have dinner together at the house. Wang Yeo shows off his powers by chilling the champagne bottles in his hands. Kim Shin shows his flair by opening the refrigerator door sitting at the table and having the desired item fly into his hand. Duk Hwa shakes his head and Grandfather’s assistant/CEO is surprised into hiccups. When Wang Yeo offers him champagne he faints. Eun Tak is irked and Duk Hwa chides Wang Yeo and Kim Shin for openly displaying their powers. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO wakes. Kim Shin and Eun Tak sing at the table.

Later in bed, Kim Shin tells Eun Tak he loves her. She closes her eyes and goes to sleep with man she loves. Awk! Tears!

Everything is wonderful at work. Eun Tak is all smiles. Kim Shin walks home with groceries and fresh flowers for Eun Tak. Kim Shin is all smiles.

Wang Yeo and his coworker receive a myraid of death cards. There’s going to be a bus accident with children. Wang Yeo comments this work feels like punishment at times. His coworker takes a phone call. Eun Tak pulls up to the bus stop and waves to Wang Yeo. He waves back. She drives on. After the phone call the coworker says that the bus accident will no longer happen. He wonders what changed their fate. Wang Yeo thinks of Eun Tak driving. Wang Yeo tells his coworker that fate changed because of a death without orders. His coworkers didn’t know those kinds of things could happen. Wang Yeo states sometimes there is sacrifice.

I’m nervous, I’m betting you are too.

Eun Tak is at a traffic light and takes a phone call (hands-free) from Kim Shin. She tells him she’s coming home. She pauses the conversation so she can turn right. Awk! Tears!

Children and their teachers start to cross the road.

The parking brake fails on a dump truck. It speeds down the hill.

The children successfully cross the road.

Eun Tak sees the dump truck. Kim Shin calls to her.

Eun Tak sees the children getting on the bus. She sees the bus is parked so the dump truck will hit it. She realizes if she puts herself between the dump truck and the bus, the children will be saved. Kim Shin calls to her, she doesn’t answer. Deliberately Eun Tak drives into the road, in front of the oncoming dump truck. Eun Tak thinks she’s crazy but she must sacrifice herself to save the children. The children and teachers see the dump truck. With tears in her eyes, Eun Tak watches the dump truck bear down on her.

The dump truck hits Eun Tak’s car.

Eun Tak’s voice intones “It had been a perfect day. I woke up in his arms. The breakfast was perfect. The radio show was perfect. All that happened so I wouldn’t be late for this moment. This was fate.”

Kim Shin knows something is terribly wrong. He calls to Eun Tak. There is no answer.

Eun Tak thinks of Kim Shin. She closes her eyes. She dies.

Wang Yeo tells his coworker that god cannot calculate the sacrifice humans will make. It’s a choice made in the moment, by that individual. He cries. His coworker now has Eun Tak’s death card. Wang Yeo says Eun Tak had a severe question for god and got a severe answer.

On the side of the road, Eun Tak watches the commotion over the accident. Wang Yeo tell her the particulars on the death card. She nods to him. She tells him she knew this would happen. She was scared while she did it.

The public sees the new report. One woman says that the woman that sacrified herself must be an angel.

At the tea room, Eun Tak comments she now knows what this place looks like. She asks Wang Yeo if people have 4 lives, which life did she just complete? Wang Yeo says it was her first life. That’s a relief. Eun Tak is pleased that she has 3 lives left.

Kim Shin arrives. Eun Tak smiles. Wang Yeo gives them privacy. We now know who the older couple from the 15th episode foretold.

Kim Shin cries. Eun Tak tells him the person left behind must continue on living. She tells him it’s okay to cry but he’ll have to laugh too. She tells him to be strong since he knows what love feels like. Kim Shin hugs her. He asks how she could do this. She apologizes. He weeps. She wants to see his face.

She tells him she had one wish he didn’t grant. She asks him to wait for her. She promises to come back to him. She asks him not to make it rain too much. Kim Shin asks how he’ll be able to live without her. She promises she’ll only be gone briefly. She promises she’ll find him. She promises she’ll have a long life in her next life. She says she’ll beg god for it.

Wang Yeo brings the tea. She asks Wang Yeo to take care of Kim Shin.

Wang Yeo offers the tea. She won’t drink it. Wang Yeo understands. Perfect choice for Eun Tak.

Eun Tak tells Kim Shin she needs to go. She promises to return quickly. He implores her to return to him. He pledges to wait, no matter how long it takes. She releases his hand. She walks to the door. She opens it. Eun Tak walks through the door to the other side. She says “let’s meet later.” She closes the door.

Kim Shin weeps. Wang Yeo cries. Kim Shin’s pain is palpable.

I’ve been crying/weeping this entire time, this was gut wrenching BUT one of the most meaningful and touching deaths I’ve seen.

Kim Shin writes Eun Tak’s epitaph “Goblin’s bride loved and was loved. Her she lies”. He cries.

At the spot they first met Kim Shin burns Eun Tak’s epitaph with the blue flame from his hand.

Wang Yeo intones that Eun Tak walked through tears. For a while, you couldn’t tell if it was day or night because it rained constantly. Eun Tak once lived in a world without her protector. Now her protector lives in the world without her as a lonely and shining god.

The lady in red says Eun Tak met her mother. She deftly deals with two crabby teenagers.

Kim Shin (wearing Eun Tak’s red scarf) walks and remembers Eun Tak. I love that Kim Shin wears Eun Tak’s scarf. I hope it comforts him like it comforted Eun Tak.

30 years later…

Wang Yeo walks to the bridge at night and stares out.

The next morning Wang Yeo’s coworker gives him his last death card. He tells him his punishment is over. Wang Yeo stares at the death card and says it’s the end of his long punishment. His coworker congratulates him. He tells him to go in peace. Wang Yeo thanks him for all he did. His coworker cries.

Wang Yeo boxes everything up. He looks at his hat and says he won’t need to dry clean it again. He finally looks at the death card. Oh no, it’s Sunny? Wang Yeo tears up and says “you said you wouldn’t contact me. I have news of you.”

goblin_ep16_5602 goblin_ep16_5601
He exits his bedroom in his reaper outfit for the last time. Kim Shin walks to him. Wang Yeo says this is the last time. Kim Shin tells him to be safe. Wang Yeo tells him to be well. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo no matter where he goes he hopes he’s happy. Wang Yeo says that life was good with Kim Shin as his friend. He asks Kim Shin not let it rain. Kim Shin assures him he’s gotten good at saying goodbye. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to come to the tea house. He’ll break the rules one final time. Kim Shin stares at him.

Sunny enters the tea house. She smiles and tells Wang Yeo he is still good looking. Wang Yeo says she promised not to contact him. She smiles and says she forgot he was a grim reaper. He says he’s missed her. She says she knows. He puts the jade ring on her finger. Awk! Tears! He tells her he wanted to put that on her finger properly just once. She tells him she missed him. He says he knows. He tells her she’s the last soul he is guiding to the other side. She asks what happens next. What happens to them? Do they get a happy ending? Wang Yeo says this is her third life. Excellent, one more to go. She asks what life he’s on. He says he doesn’t know. She realizes this could be their last moment together.

He tells her Kim Shin is outside. She smiles glad to see his face before she leaves. Kim Shin says he can see her because he has a good friend in Wang Yeo. Sunny tells Kim Shin she’s sorry to be the one to leave first. She wishes him good health. She says they should meet again. He tells his ugly sister to be well.

goblin_ep16_10001 goblin_ep16_10000
Wang Yeo stands and takes her hand. She stands and lets him guide her to the door to the other side. Wang Yeo opens the door. They both step through. Kim Shin watches them go. Awk! Tears!

Kim Shin walks in the buck wheat field. He thinks his sister, his friend and his bride have left. Now he’s here alone.

goblin_ep16_10121 goblin_ep16_10120
A man shares a sandwich with Kim Shin. He tells him to be strong. Kim Shin looks at the man and thinks just when he was distancing himself from the world, he met someone that pushed him towards the world. The man stands to leave. Kim Shin tells the man to go the opposite direction because there is a person that will need his help. He tells the man it’s payment for the sandwich.

The man comes across Grandfather’s assistant/CEO who is staring at his car engine which isn’t functioning. The man offers to look and fix it. He comments that if the insurance company had been called he wouldn’t need him. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO shoots a look at his driver who says he’ll call the insurance company. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO declares they were meant to meet.

Kim Shin looks around the draped and empty house.

goblin_ep16_10407 goblin_ep16_10408
He walks and sees two people shooting on a kdama or commercial set. It’s Wang Yeo and Sunny!! He smiles. He remembers lighting the lantern with Wang Yeo’s and Sunny’s names and thinking of them in a life far away. He hoped they’d meet again in a future life and be happy together. Kim Shin looks to heaven and smiles.

goblin_ep16_10501 goblin_ep16_10500
Wang Yeo handcuffs Sunny to show her how a criminal is arrested. She’s not impressed with the handcuffs. She scoffs she wanted to know how to do it not have it done to her. Wang Yeo says she looks like a criminal. She asks if she was a criminal that stole his heart. Ha! Wang Yeo says she looks like a gambling madam. Sunny says she’s undercover and that is what she is. Frustrated she calls to the director and asks who this man is. The director says that the man is the consulting detective from the violent crimes unit. Wang Yeo introduces himself as Detective Lee Hyuk. She likes his name.

They end up at a motel that just happens to only have one room. They agree to take the room. Sunny gives the key to Wang Yeo who is pretending to be her stylist. LOL when a couple comes in asking for a room and the front desk woman says there’s only one more room. Sunny tells Wang Yeo to ignore that. Wang Yeo takes her hand and says he heard nothing. Ha!

goblin_ep16_10800goblin_ep16_10801goblin_ep16_10802  In a coffee shop Sunny asks Wang Yeo when he will say they are dating, seeing each other, and that likes her. Ah, Kim Shin’s future vision! Wang Yeo asks why he has to say it first. Sunny declares it was annoying that she liked him first. Wang Yeo asks how she knows she liked him first. She declares everyone says so. Wang Yeo says he liked her first. She smiles. She asks for his hand. She puts a bracelet on him. She tells him to think of it as a handcuff because he stole her heart. She points to the lion charm and says he’s nickname at work is the grim reaper. He hold up his wrist and asks if she’s bribing him. She hold up her wrist with the identical bracelet and tells him to arrest her. They smile. He kisses her. Sunny declares this is their first official day together. They kiss again.

Terrific wrap up for this couple. Wang Yeo was perfectly stone faced but with a twinkle. Sunny was forthright, pretty and unabashed about liking him. I loved the bracelet. Wang Yeo’s work nickname, the grim reaper, was perfect. Wang Yeo’s hair was an improvement. Their happiness being together was wonderful to see. They deserve it.

You know there’s only one more loose end to tie up…

Kim Shin heads out for a walk. His man tells him that many students from Korea on a field trip have arrived, so it’s hectic.

goblin_ep16_11000Kim Shin goes to the headstones at the lookout in Quebec.

A female student walks behind the headstones. She’s holding a dandelion. The florets blow off. Yes folks, we’ve come full circle. It’s a young Eun Tak! She stares at Kim Shin reading in front of the headstones. She smiles and says “I found him”.

She recalls walking with Kim Shin the question which lasts longer sadness or love. Recurring question in this series. She says (again) “a sad love”.

Kim Shin hears her. He turns. He stands.

She walks to him. With tears in her eyes she asks if he knows who she is.

Kim Shin says she’s the first and last Goblin’s bride.

goblin_ep16_11007 goblin_ep16_11006goblin_ep16_11008
He smiles. The tears are brimming in his eyes. She smiles. The tears are brimming in her eyes.

The camera pulls away for one last look at Quebec, the city I’ll forever associate with this beautiful couple. Thank you Writer Kim. This was your best work to date.

My thoughts

Perfect final episode. Writer Kim Eun Sook gave us the best ending to this story. I loved the world she created. I loved the rules she followed. I know she had a game plan for this series. She did not make this series up on the fly. She crafted this series. All my questions were answered. I am completely satisfied. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way after a final episode.

This series was one of the finest I’ve seen. The writing was superb. The acting was superb. The production was superb. The costumes were superb. Any faults I would identify seem like quibbles now that I’ve experienced the complete series.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) loved, lost and got a second chance with Eun Tak. I am assuming Kim Shin is mortal. I assume he will die with Eun Tak after a long and happy life together. Kim Shin was a wonderful character. He was strong but he was vulnerable. He was confident but he was unsure. Gong Yoo’s performance was perfection.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) sacrificed herself revealing again that she is a fine caring individual. That satisfied my desire for Eun Tak to have a shining moment. Did that death scene rip me up? Yes it did. But it was beautiful and meaningful. There was purpose to her death. You knew that she and Kim Shin would reunite. And they did. One last beaming smile from Eun Tak. One last loving look from Kim Shin. One last lovely vista from Quebec.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) lead Sunny to the other side.  How perfect that his penance was complete and he was able to go with Sunny to the other side. How perfect that he was able to tell Kim Shin to come to the tea house to say goodbye to his sister. I was a bit surprised that Kim Shin did not come inside to say goodbye.

Kim Shin’s vision came true. Wang Yeo and Sunny got their happy ending. I liked their future personas. I liked their chemistry. They still had “it”.

Sunny (Yoo In Na) left town but returned to go to the other side with Wang Yeo. She was able to say her goodbyes and live a separate life until it was time to begin again. I learned to like this character a great deal.

How did I do on my wish list?
* Eun Tak and Kim Shin have a happy ending. Granted – They reconnected in the next life. Eun Tak was young. She knew him. No wasted time getting to know each other. They hit the ground running with this reboot. They will have lasting happiness together.
* I want the final episode to make sense and leave me happy. Granted – Writer Kim wasn’t sloppy. She didn’t implode the final episode as many writers do. She gave me a full and complete script chock full of relevant meaningful plot points. This was not a victory lap. This episode was as important as all the others. Writer Kim gave me a happy ending.
* Wang Yeo and Sunny have a happy ending. Granted – Their happily ever after came in the next lifetime. I was fully satisfied by their ending.

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. For those that read these recaps, know that I loved doing them and sharing them with you. Till we meet again. To those that commented and enriched my understanding of this show, thank you.

The 14th song of the OST is titled “Round and Round” by Heize. It’s the superb theme song of this masterful series. The video has lyrics and a provides a good overview to the series. Enjoy!

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55 comments on “Goblin Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    I cried so hard my dear hubby rushed in from the other room. I was so embarrassed but all could say was I am sorry it is this kdrama l am watching. Goblin rocks. Now on to the VOICE!


  2. Holly Moon says:

    Kim Shin is adorable in love! Yeah, he is.

    Go Eun looks lovely though the costume designer’s choice in her gown seemed a bit simple.
    I really loved that dress. If I had seen a dress like that , I would have worn it for my wedding. But that would be my taste. And I know not for everyone.

    Kim Shin vows to love Eun Tak until they die. Eun Tak vows she’ll love him forever and takes him as her husband.
    And the tears flow. I wept tears of sadness for Sunny and Wang Yeo, and tears of happiness here…..

    Kim Shin and Eun Tak sing at the table.
    I absolutely loved the singing and wished there was more…

    I’ve been crying/weeping this entire time, this was gut wrenching BUT one of the most meaningful and touching deaths I’ve seen.
    I’m with you on this… I have watched this 4 these last 3 episodes 4 times now, and even just reading your recap started the tears flowing. I don’t think I have ever had another drama affect me this way before. Although DaeGil’s last fight and death scene was right up there, still this drama has firmly sat itself on my emotions button, and just wouldn’t get up.
    And then comes the Sunny and Wang Yeo scene and I am happy that they go together, but so sad as I think about now The Goblin is once again The Great and Lonely God. And I am crying again.

    When I said back at the end of 13 that maybe they will kill all four off, and have them all come back–an off the cuff response as I dealt with the death of the Goblin, and how to make it happen– I really didn’t think it was a choice. How wrong about that I was, as the writer basically did that, and in such a fashion as to be very natural and not seeming to be contrived.
    First Sunny and Wang Yeo, and than The Goblin and his bride. A Perfect ending.

    And I said it before and I must say it again. Thank you Writer and Director and Actors for a super lovely drama. It certainly deserves the rating it received. They are the highest ratings ( even surpassing Reply 1998) any cable drama has ever received.

    And the highest rating 1 minute of this drama happened in this episode. And surprisingly it was the Wang Yeo and Sunny reunion as cop and actress.

    And thanks to you kjtamuser, for providing us the recaps and a place to vent our questions and ideas. And the OST links as well. Perfect!


    • kjtamuser says:

      The wedding dress was perfect in the wedding scene along with the bouquet and head wreath. Standing in a field of buck wheat flowers a more ornate dress would have been out of place.

      I don’t think I have ever had another drama affect me this way before. Although DaeGil’s last fight and death scene was right up there, still this drama has firmly sat itself on my emotions button, and just wouldn’t get up.
      I can’t say that this drama gripped me into obsession which other dramas have done. But the intelligence behind this drama, the on-point acting, and visuals hooked me more and more each week. I truly looked forward to watching these three episodes this weekend. And even better, these episodes did not disappoint.

      When I said back at the end of 13 that maybe they will kill all four off, and have them all come back–an off the cuff response as I dealt with the death of the Goblin, and how to make it happen
      My hats off to you for seeing the possibility which turned into reality.

      It certainly deserves the rating it received. They are the highest ratings ( even surpassing Reply 1998) any cable drama has ever received
      I concur. An article on the ratings stated:
      The final episode of Goblin, Episode 16, garnered an average viewer rating of 20.5 percent. At its peak, the viewer rating figure was closer to of 22.1 percent. As alluded to before, the previous record for the highest viewership rating for a cable drama episode was held by Reply 1988’s Episode 20, which had an average viewer rating of 19.6 percent, and peaked at 21.6 percent.
      How awesome is that?!

      Link to article: http://www.inquisitr.com/3910337/goblin-korean-drama-reply-1988-kim-go-eun-gong-yoo-2017/

      thanks to you kjtamuser, for providing us the recaps and a place to vent our questions and ideas
      It was my pleasure to recap this series. I enjoyed all the interactions. Thank you Holly Moon for adding your voice and thoughts to the discussions.


      • jeshia says:

        i agree with you, this drama has been hooked up with my heart like no other dramas does.my heart was so touched, im very into this drama. it feels like its not a fantasy, well i hope so…


  3. Tasneem Zaman says:

    what about Duk-Hwa?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Duk Hwa’s future was ambiguous as we they did not show him and CEO Kim was still the chairman. Hopefully Duk Hwa matured and had a happy life.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I made the assumption that Duk Hwa continued up the corporate ladder and became more mature.


    • Beez says:

      @Tasneen – I, too, missed that we didn’t get to see a 50-year old Duk Hwa.

      And why didn’t we see Sunny aged at all? I understand that people appear young again upon entering the tea room but it was weird enough seeing she hasn’t changed at the 10 year reunion, at which time I’m guessing she should’ve been 40. So 30 years after that -70. A glimpse of a gray wig just before she opened the door to the tea room would’ve been a nice bit of editing continuity. But all in all, I’m very satisfied with this series.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    SUNNY IN THE SHADOWS – I also wondered if Sunny had suicide on her mind. While it was a relief Sunny didn’t commit suicide, although I don’t understand why she felt she had leave, other than to punish Wang Yeo. Was her timing based on her knowledge Eun Tak would be okay with Shin’s return and not wanting to be reminded of her Goryeo life? It was probably difficult for Sunny to keep her memories especially when she knew Eun Tak was suffering due to her lack of memories of Shin. I felt very sad for Sunny and Yeo not finding their happiness in this life. I concurred with Shin’s sentiments about wanting to know when his and Yeo’s penance would end.

    DEATH BECOMES HER – I found it interesting that Yeo forgave the female Reaper and informed her being a Reaper was the punishment for suicide. I recalled a person who committed suicide in “Arang and the Magistrate” that ended up being a Reaper. Not believing in reincarnation, I wondered if this cause and effect are part of reincarnation or Asian folklore.

    Last episode I wasn’t thrilled Eun Tak letting Aunt Stank into her home. I was surprised to find out Aunt Stank was a ghost. Of course Eun Tak’s generosity had her being hospitable and gracious to thank Aunt Stank for raising her. Color me happy when the ghost pestering Eun Tak to come with her ended up dragging Aunt Stank away! Beez, was this the ghost you called “Eyes”? Anyhow, GOOD RIDDANCE!

    GOBLIN AND BRIDE WED – what a thrill for Shin and Eun Tak become engaged! 💍 I 💖 Shin joyously announcing their engagement to everyone. I ❤ Yeo for his thoughtful gift of buckwheat blossoms for her bridal bouquet. 💐 True to her nature, Eun Tak chose a simple wedding gown (very 1970s), which was perfect for her! I was surprised that no one else was at the wedding, but then again only Eun Tak could follow Shin through the magical transportation door. It was great our OTP had their loved ones,sans Sunny, for the celebration of their marriage. Leave it to the Goblin and the Reaper’s antics to divulge their identities to CEO Kim – it was fun to watch! 😏

    BELATED DEATH NOTICE – I felt the same as KJT, wondering if our OTP’s happiness was “too good to be true”. Eun Tak seeing ghosts again gave me pause. My heart sunk and I cried “NO”, as Eun Tak drove past the reapers at the bus stop waving at them. Just thinking about it now,two days after watching the episode, my throat is constricting and tears are welling up in my eyes – what do my co-workers think? True to her nature, Eun Tak sacrificed herself for the school kids,at least her death was meaningful. It was gut and heart wrenching to watch Shin and Eun Tak say their goodbyes.😭😥😢 I’m glad Eun Tak did not drink the tea,so she could remember her Goblin.

    HAPPY ENDINGS ALL AROUND – how fitting Yeo guided Sunny to the afterlife as his last Reaper task. As Yeo put the jade ring on Sunny’s finger, said their goodbyes and walked out the door I wept, hoping they would find their happiness in another life. I also wept for Shin losing more loved ones yet again. I was glad Shin saw them happy together in their next life. Our secondary OTP got their happy ending, YEAH! 🎉

    Despite Shin having to wait 900 years for his first love and then another 30 years to get her back, Shin finally got his Eun Tak🎉🎊! I was so pleased Eun Tak remembered her Goblin 😍! My only qualm would be wanting Eun Tak to be out of high school when she reunited with her Shin.

    I concur this is one of the finest and most satisfying series I have ever seen! I appreciate the consistency of the storyline; it was unparalleled! The amalgamation of the writing, acting, visuals and OST made a superb drama!

    Thank you KJT for continuing to produce quality recap that spur our discussions! It cannot be easy to keep up with the 3 dramas you are currently recalling. Thank you, THANK You, THANK YOU!!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Color me happy when the ghost pestering Eun Tak to come with her ended up dragging Aunt Stank away!
      I was happy about that closure point too!

      then again only Eun Tak could follow Shin through the magical transportation door
      The location was perfect considering their history and that was the first portal he took her through.

      I’m glad Eun Tak did not drink the tea,so she could remember her Goblin.
      That was a nice touch that she rejected the tea. She spent so much time NOT remembering that she didn’t want to go through that again. I assume that’s why she remembered him when she returned in Quebec.

      said their goodbyes and walked out the door I wept, hoping they would find their happiness in another life. I also wept for Shin losing more loved ones yet again.
      You weren’t alone weeping at these poignant and perfect points in this episode.

      My only qualm would be wanting Eun Tak to be out of high school when she reunited with her Shin
      That thought struck me for a moment too. But the younger she is the longer life they can enjoy together.

      The amalgamation of the writing, acting, visuals and OST made a superb drama!
      Hear! Hear!

      Thank you KJT for continuing to produce quality recaps that spur our discussions! It cannot be easy to keep up with the 3 dramas you are currently recalling.
      This series was a pleasure to recap. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m relieved that I’ll be only recapping VOICE after the end of this week. A break will be welcome.


    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly
      Yup, that’s her! “Eyes”.

      Her eyes are probably amazing with mascara and eye liner but left as they are, she’s spookier than Christinna Ricci (back when she was a child actress).


  5. Carmen says:

    Throughout the series I fast forwarded most of the Goblin/EunTak scenes so to save me from a lot of cringing from the lead actress’ awful annoying portrayal of the Goblin’s bride. However, my friends and I decided to stick with the show when we reached ep 10 when the show’s story started to become intriguing, and we fell in love with the second lead couple. We were absolutely captivated by these two. And the actress that portrayed Sunny was just so adorable that we became instant fans.

    Overall , a huge shout out to the writers and makers of the show. It was certainly fun ride.


  6. katzone beats says:

    Who were the old people in episode 15? I didn’t get that part though..


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I don’t believe this couple was known to us before this episode. This husband and wife were separated during the Korean War and reunited in death. I think this was simply a foreshadowing of the separation and reunion of Eun Tak and Shin and/or Sunny and Yeo.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Kay says:

    Wonderful recap. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the series. It really was a fantastic show. The mythology was so well done, great actors, great characters, gorgeous cinematography, great OST. So much to like. It was definitely a wonderful journey 🙂


  8. Jane Tilly says:

    We didn’t see Sunny drank the tea either, in fact we did not see it offered to her or even on the table. Based on her prior experience or not wanting to forget, I don’t think she would want to lose her memories at all.


  9. Kelli says:

    Ah my comment didn’t post before. No wonder I wasn’t getting these updates.

    This was an absolutely FANTASTIC ending to a superb series. I don’t think they could have changed, or added anything to make it better than the A+ I give it already.

    I loved the imagery of the guy down on his luck giving Kim Shin a sandwich in one of his saddest points. How many sandwiches has Kim Shin handed out to turn someone’s life around?

    Oh, another tidbit I picked up. Back in the first episode when Kim Shin and Eun Tak first meet, he gets the flashes he normally does. In that flash of images, are basically the last scene with a few of the 15th episode in there. It’s at the 57:30 mark. I checked, it’s true. So even before they finished filming the series, the writer knew where she wanted to go, and didn’t chance. Simply brilliant work.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Thanks Kelli, I went back and watched it. Shin’s flash when seeing Eun Tak for the first time surprised me. Even though this was not pre-produced, I’m sure they filmed all the Canada scenes at the beginning as the grass was green and fall leaves were on the trees. I suppose that is how they had the footage to put the flash of their future. Ironic since later in the first episode, Shin says he could not see Eun Tak’s future.

      I also thought it was awesome that a guy down on his luck offered half of his sandwich to Shin to give him comfort. We can assume he certainly go rewarded for his good deed.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I loved the imagery of the guy down on his luck giving Kim Shin a sandwich in one of his saddest points.
      Writer Kim went full circle on that. When we first saw Kim Shin in Paris 1968, he gave the boy a sandwich.

      In that flash of images, are basically the last scene with a few of the 15th episode…even before they finished filming the series, the writer knew where she wanted to go, and didn’t chance. Simply brilliant work
      Thank you Kelli. I checked it out, though brief, it was there. I can’t say enough about Writer Kim’s vision and attention to detail in this series.


  10. Holly Moon says:

    Kelli— Thanks for that tibbit—It has been so long that I forgot that. I just know I am going to go back and watch all this again.

    And I really liked the fact someone offered the Goblin comfort, since the Goblin has done so many nice things thru those many years.


  11. Alley says:

    the guy in the car with the CEO was Duk Hwa, not the driver LOL you can tell by the fact that Duk Hwa still requires the CEO to basically tell him what to do by calling the insurance company, and the “driver” says in typical Duk Hwa fashion “OH i was just about to do that but then forgot because you got out of the car”
    they definitely wouldn’t leave out Duk Hwa, and it only makes sense to have him with the CEO who has basically been guiding him the entire time throughout his career 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      That didn’t even cross my mind! They aged the actor that played the CEO for that scene. Why not the actor that played Duk Hwa? I think your logic has merit.


      • Alley says:

        I guess because the CEO was a middle aged man, and as middle aged people get older they don’t tend to change very much visually so it was fine to just make him appear older through makeup, whereas young people change a lot from their youth to their 50s+ and so if they were to put makeup on Duk Hwa to make him look older it wouldn’t really work bc 1. he already has very youthful features so it wouldn’t look natural (I’m guessing) and 2. it would just be easier and make more sense to get an actor that already has matured features! 🙂


        • kjtamuser says:

          Yep, that all makes sense. Not having the continuity of actors, made me gloss over who the driver was. If the CEO had called him Duk Hwa that would have triggered the recognition.


          • Beez says:

            Agree with kjtamuser. Thanks Alley, cause I think most of us missed that was Duk Hwa. Dramabeans just called him the driver as well (if I remember correctly) and they, too, said “Wish we had seen Duk Hwa”.

            Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I missed our older Duk Hwa. I just do not see him as the CEO’s driver; I think he should have been at least upper management after 40 years. It would have been nice to have heard what he was doing. I concur the young actor playing Duk Hwa may not have been believable if they tried to make him look older. Samshin (aka the lady in red) looked pretty phony with the granny face. Not only was the actor, Yook Sung Jae, too young looking; I suspect he would have not enjoyed wearing the “middle age suit” that would have made he look like he gained weight, including a middle age spread and belly. LOL


        • Alley says:

          you’re welcome, OP and Beez! also Jane, I personally don’t think he’s quite literally the CEO’s “driver”, rather they just happened to be driving together somewhere 🙂 I’m sure his position is far higher than a driver hahaha 😂 but I do agree I wish they had specified or implied what his position was now, that would’ve been nice to see

          Liked by 1 person

        • Beez says:

          @Jane Tilly, I agree with you that Duk Hwa should have a higher position within the company but I don’t like the idea that the writer would leave him out so I’ll go along with he was the driver and assume he drives the Grandpa’s Assistant out of respect.

          Liked by 1 person

  12. Holly Moon says:

    And don’t forget the “grandpa’s assistant” became CEO when Grandpa died. As he was picked by the Goblin for that role while he was young. Duk Hwa is going to be the next CEO and was learning the business from the ground up. Which is why we saw him in sales. Who knows, he may already hold that position, or one close to it, and he would most likely still go places with the “Mr. Kim”.
    But I would have liked to see him married, as we know the next youngster to learn to serve the Goblin, would be coming from his family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – Oh noeeessss! You bring up an interesting point!

      I was satisfied with the ending of Goblin, but you made me remember, he’s still immortal, right?

      Will he stick around and wait for Eun tak to be born for her remaining 3 lives? How will he find her each time? He had no idea Sunny was his sister without the Reaper telling him so.

      And let’s say they do find each other each lifetime, what about her last? Well he be left to wander the earth as “the lonely Goblin” forever?

      *Sob!* I can’t stand it! I could barely cope as he was wandering that cold wasteland alone for 10 years!

      Darn it, Holly Moon! Got me thinking! lol


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I would suppose Eun Tak would continue to refuse to drink the tea so she could continue to find her Goblin. Maybe the “Almighty” would eventually grant Shin mortality so he could pass away with Eun Tak’s fourth life.


  13. Holly Moon says:

    Yes! I would vote for that, @Jane Tilly, as I want a real happy ending for this drama. They both die together at the end of her 4th life.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Holly Moon says:

    Also Goblin special airing 4:40-6 am EST on TVN this Friday and Saturday morning Can be watched with no subs on http://www.sinktv.com When there, pick Korea, and TVN.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I had no idea this website existed. Thanks for the information!


      • Holly Moon says:

        If you checked the site out, keep in mind it does not connect you to the actual stations, just a feed coming from them, similar to watching on Viki, or where you like to watch. Therefore, if it locks up, try clicking the stop arrow, and then click it on again. The difference with this site, and Viki would be the almost same time (within seconds) showing of the dramas as Koreans see them. Just no subs. But since some shows will never get subs, like the My House Appearing show (a new show on JTBC–about totally rebuilding a home in Korea for a needy family—which will have an episode in the future with Jang Hyuk) I find it a very useful place to see these shows.


        • Beez says:

          @Holly Moon
          *hitting the LIKE button*


        • Beez says:

          @Holly Moon (and everybody else too) 🙂

          I just now went to sinktv (pretty cool), but I didn’t realize it’s “live” or I would’ve paid more attention to your post that gave the time for the Goblin special. Does anybody know where I can watch it since I missed the live broadcast?

          Also, @ Holly Moon, the jtbc show – will Hyukie be doing manual labor? *fanning self just thinking about it*


        • kjtamuser says:

          Totally appreciate the information!


    • Beez says:

      Thanks, HM!


      • Holly Moon says:

        HaHa Yes he will be doing some manual labor, but it is in the nature of tile work on a wall. I will let you know when he will be appearing on the show. This coming week his friend Kim Jong Kook is the guest.

        As far as Goblin special is concerned, Viki has it, but has not subbed it yet. Dramanice has it subbed, which means dramacool probably has it subbed as well.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Dani says:

    What the name of the song at the final scene? When Kim Shin and Eun-tak meet again, and then the credits roll. It doesn’t seem to be part of the OST, am I mistaken?


  16. heather says:

    Just watched this series and loved it!! Found your recaps and enjoyed reading all of them. Glad you took the time to write these very detailed recaps because I couldn’t find any others 😊👍🏻


  17. Paris Asuncion says:

    Hi! I just recently finished watching Goblin – my initiation into KDramas and it was a masterpiece that will be locked in my heart forever!!! I am so thankful for all your recaps. I’ve been religiously reading them after each episodes since i felt that I have missed something due to the fact that I have to do 2 things at the same time, watching the scenes and concentrate on the subtitles! I wish I can understand KOREAN (language) but a BIG THANKS to you for capturing every details giving me a better understanding of this beautiful drama after each episode and providing your THOUGHTS after each recap! Again, thank you so much!!! I will rewatch it but will concentrate more on the scenes and just glance at the subtitles once in a while! This quarantine was a blessing because I have discovered the beauty of watching KDRAMAS and now asking myself if I missed out a lot because I started late but I believe, Goblin was an excellent start for me and it gives pure joy to my heart even in this unprecedented times 💕 Take care and be well! BTW, the OST’s are on a different level as well! It’s mesmerizing and lightens up my soul!

    Liked by 1 person

    • my initiation into KDramas and it was a masterpiece that will be locked in my heart forever!
      You picked an excellent drama to start with.

      THANKS to you for capturing every details giving me a better understanding of this beautiful drama after each episode and providing your THOUGHTS after each recap!
      I’m so pleased the recaps/thoughts enhanced your viewing of this terrific drama. I found other’s blogs and read their recaps when I got started in kdramas. Then I decided to try my own blog, which has provided a community that makes kdramas even better when experienced with others.

      I have discovered the beauty of watching KDRAMAS and now asking myself if I missed out a lot because I started late but I believe, Goblin was an excellent start
      kdramas are addictive and can be wonderful. Branch out and explore what other dramas the writer and/or the actors have given their talents to. A blog that I enjoy is kdramakisses, check out the best of 2019 kdramas https://kdramakisses.com/2019/12/15/best-korean-dramas-of-2019/



  18. Esther Star says:

    Bruuhh, this is like the first time I’m crying while watching a kdrama, it just gushed down🤦😓😢😩


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