Goblin Episode 14 Recap

Will our couples reconnect?

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 14 Recap

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) holds the unconscious Eun Tak’s hands as he removes the sword from his body. He raises the sword int he sky. He runs the sword through the Evil Minister. The Evil Minister disappears.

Kim Shin slumps to the ground still holding the sword. He looks at Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) who has tears down his face. Kim Shin tells Wang Yeo that he’ll send word that he’s died a hero’s death. The sword falls from Kim Shin and disappears.

goblin_ep14_0501 goblin_ep14_0500
Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) wakes and rushes to him. She hugs Kim Shin crying her grief. Kim Shin hugs her as the life ebbs from him. He puts his hand on her face and says “my life has been a reward because I met you.” Eun Tak reminds him that he promised not to let go of her hand. Kim Shin says he’ll ask God for permission to come back at the first snowfall. Eun Take sobs no. She says she can’t live without him. She declares her love. He says he loves her too. He says he’ll love her to the end which is now. He smiles. She sobs. Tears fill his eyes but he still smiles. He closes his eyes. He disappears. Eun Tak sobs.

Lighting strikes. The ripple effect of Kim Shin’s death is felt by Duk Hwa, Sunny (Yoo In Na), Grandfather’s assistant, the female grim reaper, and Kim Shin’s reincarnated solider. Kim Shin’s written words are erased from his journal. Will he be erased from time?

Eun Tak grabs her journal and starts writing about Kim Shin, she doesn’t want to forget him, his sad smile, how he’ll return to her the first snowfall, how she is his bride. Impressive that Eun Tak realized that she could lose her memories of Kim Shin and documented him.

The lady in red intones over the butterfly flitting around the buckwheat flower in the snow that god said “you are erased from the memories of everyone that knew you. That was for their peace of mind.” Kim Shin begs God to let him stay so he can visit Eun Tak during her lifetime. Is he in a limbo plane of existence? Is it Siberia? God says he’s not there with the Kim Shin and flits away. The Granny says that Kim Shin is alone between heaven and earth. Granny guesses that Kim Shin will lose his memories and wander alone.

Eun Tak is a producer director at a radio station. Her coworker complains about the copious rain. Eun Tak dashes outside and takes a moment to breath in the rain. She gets coffee. Good grief, Wang Yeo is behind her in line. They don’t know each other anymore. They sit back to back unaware that they used to be friends when Kim Shin was alive and the glue of their relationship. At home Eun Tak flashes back to the first time Wang Yeo came to her when she was a child after her mother died. She thinks back to the coffee shop and wonders if the man was Wang Yeo. She muses it was 20 years ago. She touches her necklace and wonders where she got it.

Back to limbo land, Kim Shin walks and falls and walks. Kim Shin intones “He was so lonely that he’d walk backwards sometimes”. Is he in a desert limbo land with sand or a snowy limbo land?

Eun Tak writes the words Kim Shin uttered in limbo but doesn’t know where they come from. She looks at the erased writing in her journal. She wonders about it. It’s a quiet life.

goblin_ep14_2001 goblin_ep14_2000
Eun Tak goes to the eatery and Sunny greets her warmly. The class representative that was nice to Eun Tak at the end of high school shows up and they drink together. She wants to set up Eun Tak on a blind date. Eun Tak is not enthused. Sunny joins them and encourages Eun Tak to go on the blind date. Sunny says that being someone’s first love was a breeze for her. But now no men ask her out. Eun Tak looks at the rain outside and sighs. She’s thankful she has two good friends. The aura of melancholy is all around Eun Tak and her friends see it clearly.

As Eun Tak staggers home a ghost she used to be able to see tells another ghost that Eun Tak is the Goblin’s Bride though she’s 29 and never met him.

Eun Tak weeps on her bed. She clutches her hurting heart and wonders what is wrong with her. She wonders, why is she sad?

Back to limbo land, Kim Shin walks and falls and walks. He finds the buck wheat plant, he’s clutching a note. He falls. The note is the contract he and Eun Tak had. The wind takes the note. Kim Shin scrambles after it but getting solid footing is hard.

It’s the first snowfall of the season. Eun Tak walks and stares at the street light which illuminates the snow.

Back to limbo land, Kim Shin cries. Does he know he’s not keeping his promise to Eun Tak? I’m guessing yes.

goblin_ep14_2501 goblin_ep14_2500
Eun Tak wonders who she’s forgotten. She lights the candle on her cake. We see Kim Shin lift his head. Eun Tak wonders what promise she’s forgotten. We see the contract blow against the buck wheat flower. Kim Shin lift his head. She wishes someone would save her from the sadness she can’t shake. WE HEAR THE THEME MUSIC!!!

goblin_ep14_2603 goblin_ep14_2602goblin_ep14_2604goblin_ep14_2605
Eun Tak blows out the candle on her cake. The dandelion releases it’s florets. Kim Shin picks his head up. We see the blow out candle again with the contract blurred behind it. Kim Shin is sent to Eun Tak. Awk! Tears! Eun Tak turns to looks at the Goryeo era clad warrior. Kim Shin stares at her. She stands. Flashback to their first meeting at the ocean. They stare at each other. Flashback to their last moment before he disappeared. Kim Shin comes forward and hugs her. Awk! More tears! They both cry. I don’t think she knows who he is but she FEELS him. She pushes away and apologizes for crying. She stops and wonders why she’s the one apologizing him. She asks who he is and why he hugged her. Kim Shin sees her badge from work and congratulates her an achieving her dream. She asks why he hugged her and why he is using familiar speech with her. Kim Shin realizes that he’s been erased from the memories of all that knew him. Kim Shin says as long as she’s at peace, he’s happy. Assuming he’s an actor she tells him where the drama building is. She walks away. But she stops and looks back at him. She asks how he came to this spot. He says that someone summoned him. She walks away.

goblin_ep14_3101 goblin_ep14_3100
Duk Hwa and Grandfather’s assistant (now CEO) stride through the lobby. Kim Shin calls Duk Hwa’s name. Security surrounds Kim Shin. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO agrees to hear Kim Shin out. Kim Shin declares that he used to be Duk Hwa’s uncle. Duk Hwa decides he’s nuts and Grandfather’s assistant/CEO agrees. They leave Kim Shin behind as they go to lunch. Kim Shin looks frustrated and sad.

Duk Hwa can’t believe that man said he was his uncle. He comments that his uncle is a guarded company secret. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO quips that Duk Hwa just told him. Duk Hwa tries to play it off. He declares he’s worked hard to protect the company. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO reminds him that all the employees protect the company.

Kim Shin stares at Sunny through the eatery window. She sees him, turns away and looks back to find him gone.

goblin_ep14_3501 goblin_ep14_3500
Wang Yeo is in the tea room. Kim Shin stares in the secret window. Flashback to their former days. Kim Shin says the reaper hat is as ugly as ever. Wang Yeo wonders if Kim Shin is the goblin that returned to nothingness. Kim Shin says there are many rumors. Wang Yeo says he didn’t return to nothingness. With tears in his eyes, Wang Yeo stares at Kim Shin who sees that against the norm, Wang Yeo remembers him. Yes, yes! Our bromance can restart!

Wang Yeo explains that everyone else but him forgot Kim Shin. Wang Yeo doesn’t know why, but he has suspicions.

Flashback to the lady in red recommending that God (occupying Duk Hwa’s body) leave Wang Yeo’s memories of Kim Shin intact if he wants to give Kim Shin a chance. God wonders about leaving the door open for Kim Shin. He smiles at the thought.

Wang Yeo wonders where Kim Shin was. How did he return? Kim Shin says that his fellow contract holder called him back. Wang Yeo is grateful Kim Shin is back. Kim Shin is happy that Wang Yeo is welcoming. Wang Yeo apologizes for the long overdue statement. He apologizes for not treating Kim Shin fairly. He apologizes for taking love but not giving love. Kim Shin accepts his apology. Wang Yeo quips Kim Shin needs a haircut. Kim Shin smiles. I smile too. Perfectly placed moment of humor.

With a hair cut and clothes, Kim Shin looks around his house. Wang Yeo corrects him that it’s his house. They smile. Kim Shin asks about Sunny. Wang Yeo says he hasn’t seen her for 9 years. Wang Yeo assumes Eun Tak did not recognize Kim Shim. He confirms this. He says he’s pleased that Eun Tak is in the job she dreamed about. They hear the door. Wang Yeo panics realizing that it is Duk Hwa. He shoves Kim Shin behind that couch. Yo, this is an open concept room. Duk Hwa enters. He wonders why he calls Wang Yeo “Uncle Tenant”. He wonders how long Wang Yeo has been living there. Wang Yeo recommends that he read the contract. He wonders why there are two bottles of beer on the coffee table. Wang Yeo claims he likes double fisting the beer. Ha! He wonders why someone is hiding behind the couch. Wang Yeo spits out the beer he just sipped. Ha! Kim Shin stands up. Duk Hwa recognizes Kim Shin from earlier. Kim Shin claims to be Wang Yeo’s friend. Wang Yeo claim Kim Shin was just about to leave. Wang Yeo awkwardly waves goodbye. Kim Shin leaves but then the second story bedroom door shuts. Duk Hwa notices. Wang Yeo asks him to look into his eyes. Ah, some things never change. That makes me happy.

Eun Tak recalls Kim Shin hugging her. When she goes to work she gets in trouble for typing 22 not 2 degrees above zero. But then the weather turns springlike. She rushes outside. The blossoms float in the air. The trees in bloom. Kim Shin stares at her. She stares at him. He looks dashing in a sky blue trench coat. He walks away.

Eun Tak works a script in a coffee shop. A waitress puts a candle on her table. She blows it out. She recalls Kim Shin. She looks up. He’s there. They stare at each other. She starts to cry. She doesn’t understand her reaction. She asks why he’s sitting with her. She asks if his friend ever arrived. Kim Shin says his friend didn’t recognize him. Eun Tak lies that her boyfriend is coming soon. She comments that she almost didn’t recognize him with the haircut. He quips that seems to be the way his day is going. She recognized him outside her office building. Kim Shin says he wanted to see someone that he misses. He wants to hug that person, but knows they won’t return his hug. She asks why he isn’t ordering anything. She irked when she has to pay. Recall she had to do that in the past. Kim Shin apologizes that he was unable to grab his wallet after he was summoned. She asks if he’s leaving and which way he’s going. When Kim Shin points left,  Eun Tak turns rights and exits. He wishes they could have had more time together.

Cute sequence when Kim Shin bursts into Wang Yeo’s room and asks for increasing amount of cash. Wang Yeo quips that God must have a reason for allowing him to be the only one that remembers Kim Shim. Desperate, Kim Shin declares he can get money the old fashioned way. Wang Yeo tells him that summoning gold won’t work anymore. Kim Shin wonders if that is his only option.

Kim Shin startles Duk Hwa and Grandfather’s assistant/CEO when he appears in their house. Kim Shin declares that he is Kim Shin. Duk Hwa asks if he is his uncle. Kim Shin inclines his head yes. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO declares that Kim Shin was listed in Grandfather’s will. We hear Grandfather’s voice intone when Kim Shin comes to claim what is his, give it to him. I’d forgotten what a deep rich voice Grandfather had. Kim Shin tells them they can keep the company but he needs a home, an identity, a credit card and a nephew. Grandfather’s assistant/CEO assures Kim Shin he’ll prepare what he requested. Duk Hwa is less enthused to be the nephew.

Eun Tak’s boss yells at her to find new client for advertising at this company. He says if she doesn’t, she’s fired.

goblin_ep14_5001 goblin_ep14_5000
Eun Tak reads the dossier on the company in the book store. Ah, it’s their book store. Kim Shin appears surprising her. He takes a book to buy. He walks with Eun Tak when she leaves. She complains about kids now a days. He chuckles. She complains that he won’t pay her back. She doesn’t understand why their paths keep crossing. He chuckles. She doesn’t understand. He tells her this moment is perfect. He tells her he listens to her radio show. She asks what he does for a living. He points to the corporate building. He claims he’s the guy with the most power. She doesn’t believe him. He says she was reading a dossier on his company. He tells her he can get her the contract she wants. He smiles. She doubts him.

But at the company Grandfather’s assistant/CEO signs the contract and confirms that Kim Shin is the President. Yes, just as we believed. Recall the future vision of Eun Tak meeting a president in their eatery in Quebec. It will happen! Eun Tak is embarrassed to admit she doesn’t have the President’s contact information or name. This doesn’t phase Grandfather’s assistant/CEO at all. He tells her that the President’s name is Yoo Shin Jae. Eun Tak gives Grandfather’s assistant/CEO her contact information to give to Yoo Shin Jae.

Eun Tak gets praise from her coworkers for landing the contract. They begin working on a project to find lost contacts from long ago. Eun Tak stares at her phone wishing Yoo Shin Jae would call. Loving that! She wants to interact with Kim Shin.

Eun Tak drinks with her buddy who suggests Eun Tak try and find Kim Shin. Eun Tak jokes that she can no longer see ghosts.

Eun Tak gets out the journal she wrote in right after Kin Shin disappeared. She stares at what she wrote but it doesn’t jog her memory. She wonders who Kim Shin is. The statement she wrote “you are his bride” mystifies her.

Duk Hwa shows Kim Shin a letter addressed to Ji Eun Tak that arrived at the old chicken eatery he used to own. Wang Yeo tells Duk Hwa the letter belongs to Kim Shin. He tells Wang Yeo to give the letter to Eun Tak. Wang Yeo declines saying that doesn’t make sense. Duk Hwa offers to do it. They ignore him. Kim Shin suggests Wang Yeo give it to Sunny who now lives above Eun Tak. Wang Yeo thinks that a too circuitous path. Duk Hwa offers to do it. They ignore him. Kim Shin pushes Wang Yeo saying for the first time in nine years he has an excuse to see Sunny. Kim Shin pats Wang Yeo on his shoulder and walks away. Duk Hwa grouses they don’t seem to hear him. Ha! Recall a similar scene in Episode 3.

Wang Yeo goes to the eatery. He learns Sunny isn’t there. He comes back another day. He learns Sunny isn’t there. He comes back another day. This time he hands over the letter. He seems to see her everywhere. He thinks it’s another vision when she walks by but Wang Yeo’s senses prickle that it’s real. Sunny turns and stares at him. She looks confused. He stares. She walks away without saying anything. Tears fill Wang Yeo’s eyes. That scene coupled with the music choice was poignant.

Eun Tak asks what the letter is when Sunny gives it to her. Sunny is confused too. The letter went to Sunny’s old eatery which Eun Tak has never been to. Sunny reports that when she review the CCTV feed, she saw the man that delivered the letter was good looking. Eun Tak recognizes her handwriting on the envelop that bears the stamp of the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Quebec. The letter is from Eun Tak speaks to her mother. She asks if heaven is good. She tells her she’s writing from Canada. She says that getting to Canada was a magic step through a door. She says she’s happy with him and he cares about her. Eun Tak tells her mother not to consider her ability to see ghosts a burden anymore. Eun Tak says that ability lead her to him. She says she’ll be happy. She wishes her mother well from Canada. Eun Tak starts to cry. She wonders how she ever went to Canada when she has no passport. It freaks her out. She stares at the journal and wonders if the man she references in the letter is Kim Shin. She wonders what happened 9 years ago. She wonders what she forgot. You are getting warmer Eun Tak!

Shin Jae / Kim Shin calls Eun Tak startling her. She almost knocks over a candle so she blows it out. He appears in the studio behind her. He can see her through the glass. He asks if she was waiting for his call. She’s giddy with glee externally but feigns nonchalance verbally. Love it! Kim Shin gets a big grin on his face! Love it! He asks her to go on a walk. She confused because he doesn’t know where she lives. She tells him. He tells her he’ll be there in 30 minutes. She asks if this is a date. He confirms this declaring he’s determined to date her. She tells him to call when he’s nearby. She smiles a hopeful smile. He watches her spritz perfume on herself. I adored that scene. They still have “it”!

As they walk, Kim Shin compliments her perfume choice. He tells her she’s the only woman that knows his phone number. He tells until recently he was in a place with bad cell reception that was covered with snow. Eun Tak’s phone beeps. She takes a pill. He asks what the medicine is for. She quips it is to heal her broken heart. She tells him he can walk away from her, no harm no foul. He’s not phased. She smiles. She tells him soon she’ll be going abroad for the first time and she’s nervous. Kim Shin assures her that she’ll act like a local, like it isn’t her first time abroad. He smiles. She wonders how he can be so certain. Interesting that she’s taking a pill for heartache. Anti-depressant? I’m pleased she’s going to Canada. I look forward to them meeting at their special eatery in Quebec.

Eun Tak tells Sunny she’s going to Quebec even though she doesn’t know exactly what she’s looking for. Sunny supports her travel plans. Eun Tak asks why Sunny still lives in this building. Sunny shrugs and says she doesn’t want the hassle of moving.

Eun Tak shops for the trip. She flys to Candada. Yes, Quebec is still beautiful. Eun Tak checks with the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac about they letter. They confirm they sent it. Eun Tak is relieved when the desk clerk speaks Korean. The clerk says that the owner is Korean. The clerk shows Eun Tak the mail chute that the letter was stuck in. The clerk tells Eun Tak the envelope design is from 10 years ago. Eun Tak says there is a reason why she got this letter 10 years late. She recalls someone telling her there is a reason why God does what he does. Eun Tak tries to remember who told her that.

Her room is lovely and she’s impressed. She walks through old town.

Wang Yeo stands on the bridge. He remembers.

Sunny drinks in her eatery.

goblin_ep14_11414 goblin_ep14_11416 goblin_ep14_11415
Eun Tak walks in Quebec. She passes THE DOOR!!!! She walks back to the door. It opens and Kim Shin goes through!!! He’s startled she’s there and tries to go back through the door but it’s locked. Marvelous! Eun Tak can’t believe it. Kim Shin claims he’s here on business. With a shy note in his voice, Kim Shin asks how she is. Eun Tak asks if he followed her. He assures her he’s a nice guy. She wonders how she’d know that. He recommends that she hang out with him and find out for herself. He reminds her she owes him a meal. She agrees and tells him to follow her.

My thoughts

Quiet episode that balanced the pain of separation with new beginnings. I liked writer Kim Eun Sook’s choices. This is a transition episode to position us for the final two episodes which we’ll get back to back tomorrow. Eun Tak grieved for a loss she couldn’t identify. When Kim Shin appeared she FELT a pull emotionally but not intellectually. Kim Shin bided his time and inched back into her life perfectly. Sunny and Wang Yeo had less progress leaving them to have a bigger resolution in the latter two episodes. There were multiple references to other episodes and their history enriched this episode. Thanks Writer Kim! On the bromance side of the house, what a relief that Wang Yeo remembered Kim Shin. After 20 years in the deep snow, Kim Shin’s anger at Wang Yeo was gone. They could begin anew and be friends again. I couldn’t ask for anything more between them.

Schedule Note. Episodes 15 & 16 will air back to back Saturday January 21. I will do separate recaps for each episode. TBD when I will get the final episode posted as one recap a day is my norm.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) languished in the snow until Eun Tak called him back. Kim Shin begged go to live in the middle space between earth and heaven so he could be closer to Eun Tak and not committed to heaven. It took 20 years for her to call him by blowing out the candle on her cake, but it happened. Perfect that she blew out a candle on a cake just like she did before their initial meeting. Perfect that Kim Shin heard Eun Tak’s wish before he was pulled to her just like before their initial meeting. I loved Kim Shin’s open longing for Eun Tak. She had to respond eventually and she did. He was thrilled when she was giddy that he called. He was adorably embarrassed when he went to Quebec and literally exited the door while she stood there and watched.

Not only do Eun Tak and Kim Shin still have “it” but Wang Yeo and Kim Shin have “it” too. I was touched when Kim Shin urged Wang Yeo to take the letter to Sunny. That was approval for Wang Yeo to pursue Sunny once again. That was big! The 20 years gave Kim Shin the time to see that present day Wang Yeo may be a reincarnation but he’s not really culpable for the “sins” of his former self the King.

Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) had a melancholy that she couldn’t shake. She wasn’t so depressed she was unable to function but she was strongly affected by the loss she didn’t understand. The joy I felt when Kim Shin first reappeared felt great. As Eun Tak was drawn to Kim Shin she resisted but then gave herself over to his magnetism. It’s true, she can’t resist what her heart knows is right. She FEELS Kim Shin. He obviously feels her. Watching them reconnect was pure pleasure.

I said it last time and it’s still true. I am confident that this will turn out okay. We now know this is a strong possibility. I couldn’t be more pleased. I look forward to both couples finding their way back to each other and plan to savoir their journey to each other.

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) memories reconnected him with Kim Shin.  Wang Yeo spent most of this series not remembering anything. Finally his memories were a positive in his life. Dong Wook has had to tear up almost every episode, right? He’s got the forlorn lonely look down pat. I relished Kim Shin and Wang Yeo picking up where they left off. When Wang Yeo tried to hid Kim Shin from Duk Hwa in an open concept room…darling! When Wang Yeo and Kim Shin ignored Duk Ha just like they did in episode 3…loved it. I’m ready for Wang Yeo and Sunny to get some solid air time in the next two episodes. Wang Yeo deserves happiness. Sunny is a terrific match for him.

Kim Sun / Sunny (Yoo In Na) was once again intrigued by Wang Yeo. I see their potential. I’m ready for Writer Kim to let them shine in the last two episodes. I want to relish watching Sunny and Wang Yeo rediscover each other. I was pleased that Sunny and Eun Tak found each other and were friends. Eun Tak is an good friend to Sunny who in turn is a good friend to Eun Tak.

The 12th song of the OST is titled “Heaven” by Roy Kim and Kim EZ.


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8 comments on “Goblin Episode 14 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    Another great episode. I liked the quieter tone of this one compared to the emotional roller coaster of the last one. However, death scene replaying again at the beginning.

    At work so I can’t elaborate more than I can right now. But, I do believe it was only 10 years, not a 20 year wait. She was 19 when he left, and 29 now. I just noticed that in the recap.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Nice episode bringing back Kim Shin and setting up Eun Tak to start recalling her memories. Ah the bromance was key to Shin transitioning back into the world. A happy ending is looking favorable 😊!


  3. Holly Moon says:

    Not a spoiler—but get your mops and buckets out for the next two episodes.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I was a bit surprised Shin came back as the Goblin; I assumed he would have returned as a mortal as part of his punishment was to have the people he knew die and him be left alone.


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