Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 9 Recap

Joon Jae opens up to Sim Chung and they strengthen their connection

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 9 Recap 

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) tells Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) that she’s leaving. Joon Jae reminds her that if he started liking her, they’d make a go of it. He tells her that has happened. He asks her to stay. A tear rolls down her face. He takes her hand to go home but winces in pain. He goes to the ground and falls unconscious. That timing was unrealistic, lovely conversation, then he passes out from pain? But it’s okay because we get this. Unconscious Joon Jae dreams he’s in a house of mirrors where he sees his past self, Dam Ryung. Now that’s cool! Sim Chung calls for help. Unconscious Joon Jae asks his past self who he is, Dam Ryung has the same question for Joon Jae. Dam Ryung tells him who he is. He tells Joon Jae that he’s the future version of him, he must remember this “Everything repeats itself. The fate in this world is continuing in that world. This includes bad fate. Protect that woman against the dangerous person.” Terrific! Dam Ryung warns Joon Jae. Now he needs to ascertain who the dangerous person is. We know it is Dae Young and Seo Hee. He knows about Dae Young but doesn’t know about Seo Hee. Joon Jae wakes, sits up and stands. He tells Sim Chung he’s okay. She hugs him relieved that the man she loves is functional.

Joon Jae scolds Sim Chung for planning on leaving. Sim Chung says that Yoo Jeong Hoon left and went far away. Joon Jae wonders if she was planning to go be with Yoo Jeong Hoon. Sim Chung snaps that Yoo Jeong Hoon isn’t “the guy that cooked her ramen”. Joon Jae asks who is. Sim Chung says she cannot tell him. Joon Jae uses a claw machine to illustrate the point that life doesn’t work out the first time and perseverance is required. She goes through a stack of coins trying to get the desired object (a pink stuff octopus). LOL, Joon Jae wants to go home but she’s determined. He tells her it’s okay to take a break and try again.

Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are relieved when Joon Jae and Sim Chung return home, then they are concerned about the bruises on Joon Jae’s face. Jo Nam Doo asks who attacked him. Joon Jae sees Dae Young on TV and identifies him as the man that attacked him. Sim Chung says she saw him wearing a police cap and a black cap. Joon Jae knows the police cap was from the day in the rain, but what about the black cap? Sim Chung says that Dae Young approached her when she was handing out flyers. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are chilled thinking about Dae Young Stalking Sim Chung. Joon Jae is angry that she didn’t tell him about her encounter with Dae Young. Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae to back off, they only just learned who Dae Young was. Tae O gives Joon Jae the silent glare.

Joon Jae doesn’t understand why Dae Young is following Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t know. Then Joon Jae remembers Dae Young telling him that the fate of the past continues in the present. Joon Jae shares that he dreamed he was living in the past wearing the jade bracelet. Jo Nam Doo says he’s talking nonsense, he can’t be seeing a past life. Joon Jae admits he thinks he’s seeing a parallel universe. Jo Nam Doo chides him into believing he can’t be right. Jo Nam Doo says it’s a sign that their scam of Ahn Jin Joo will go well.

Ahn Jin Joo is on the phone with another mother from school. Both of them agree the little girl, Seo Yoon Ah, should not be allowed to join the swim team. No need to mix social tiers. Her husband comes in the room. They discuss how elusive Joon Jae’s father has been to their repeated requests for social interaction. They fret that they set up an illegal fund for Joon Jae’s father and now they can’t reap the spoils. They both agree they have a find an investment that will make them loads more money.

Dae Young shows up at Seo Hee’s house pretending to have registered mail for her. She meets him outside the front gate, shocked that he’d dare to contact her at her house. Dae Young says he’s desperate for money. She hands him an envelope of cash. Dae Young says that Joon Jae was eluded every attempt he’s made. Seo Hee is not happy because if her husband meets with Joon Jae then he can give his fortune to Joon Jae not herself or her son Chi Hyeon. The car with Chi Hyeon pulls up and Seo Hee shoos Dae Young away. Chi Hyeon is surprised the mail is being delivered so late. Is Chi Hyeon Dam Ryung’s faithful assistant from the past? Seo Hee guides Chi Hyeon to the house. Chi Hyeon admits he recently saw Joon Jae. Seo Hee is relieved when Chi Hyeon assures her he didn’t tell father. Chi Hyeon asks his mother if she knew where Joon Jae lives. She claims not to know. Chi Hyeon doesn’t understand her disinterest. Seo Hee counters that if her husband isn’t interested in Joon Jae then she isn’t either. Chi Hyeon wonders if father hides his interest in Joon Jae out of respect for their feelings. Seo Hee says that if Joon Jae returned then everything Chi Hyeon has could vanish. Chi Hyeon tells his mother he wants to protect her. And that’s the rub with many a dutiful son in kdramas. They want to protect their mothers, even when they know they walk a path of hatred and evil. Seo Hee counters that she wants to protect both of them. That’s why Joon Jae’s father is expendable or at least must never make the new will. I think she’s more than willing to have her husband killed to maintain her status.

Chi Hyeon is dialing the numbers from the assistant’s call log. When he calls Joon Jae, they both recognize each other’s voices. Joon Jae isn’t happy that Chi Hyeon has his number. Chi Hyeon tells him the assistant is hurt and in the hospital. Ah, the assistant is Dam Ryung’s faithful friend, right?

As Joon Jae gets ready to leave for the hospital he asks Jo Nam Doo and Tae O where Sim Chung is. They don’t know. He doesn’t like that. Sim Chung doesn’t answer her phone. But her GPS shows that she’s in the park. Joon Jae takes off not understanding why Sim Chung goes to the park so frequently.

Sim Chung hangs with her homeless buddy. She relays that Joon Jae says he likes her. The homeless buddy says now Sim Chung must make Joon Jae fall head over heels in love with her. Sim Chung is open to learning how she can make that happen. The homeless buddy says the three phases of love are romantic, hot, and dirty. What? Aren’t hot and dirty the same? She says Sim Chung should concentrate on romantic love by doing things with Joon Jae (tea, meals, movies, etc.) so they become closer through shared experiences. The homeless buddy asks if they have pet names for each other. Sim Chung suggests mermaid but her friend scoffs that fairy tales aren’t real. Joon Jae arrives not happy Sim Chung didn’t answer her phone.  He avoids the homeless buddy’s outstretched hand. He asks Sim Chung why she’s hanging with a beggar. The homeless buddy reminds him her ears work fine. Nice! He leads Sim Chung away.

Joon Jae visits the assistant in the hospital. The wife begs her husband to wake. Joon Jae is sure that the assistant did not drink and drive. He asks about the black box. The wife says there was no data from that day. We see a flashback of Dae Young erasing the black box data.

Joon Jae’s father learns that he has a traumatic cataract. Joon Jae’s father doesn’t recall being poked in the eye. He thought it was a side effect of aging. The doctor prescribes medicine. He warns that a transplant could be required if things get worse. He admonishes Joon Jae’s father to care for his health not just his wealth.

Chi Hyeon sees Sim Chung waiting for Joon Jae outside the assistant’s room. She firmly tells him she’s not breaking up with Joon Jae. Chi Hyeon laughs remembering their last encounter. He asks if they plan to marry. She asks why he and Joon Jae don’t have a warm relationship. Father arrives surprising Chi Hyeon. Sim Chung asks if this man is also Joon Jae’s relative. Joon Jae exits the assistant’s room. He stares at his father. His father is stunned.

As they stare at each other over coffee they each have different flashbacks. Father remembers happy times with his son. Joon Jae remembers being excluded by Seo Hee and Chi Hyeon from his father one time he was sick. Gosh, Seo Hee is the evil step mother! Father asks how Joon Jae got his bruises. Joon Jae chuckles that his father’s concern is too late. Joon Jae says living apart is better than living together. Father snaps that his heart didn’t care for Chi Hyeon more than Joon Jae. That doesn’t matter, Joon Jae remembers his father giving up on finding his mother and remarrying without a second thought. Joon Jae advises his father to continue ignore him. Father says it’s time to settle the inheritance. Joon Jae isn’t interested in anything his father has to offer. Joon Jae is clear, he doesn’t want to get involved and he doesn’t want to see his father again. The hurt in his father’s eyes is obvious. Joon Jae wishes his father good health. He bows and leaves. His father calls to him but Joon Jae walks away. His father suffers pain in his eyes and blurry vision.

Joon Jae walks past Chi Hyeon without a word. Sim Chung scampers after him.

When they get home Joon Jae tells Sim Chung she can leave if she wants to. Joon Jae recants his perseverance advice. He says he was happier before they met. Ouch!

Joon Jae crawls onto his bed and flashes back to calling for his father (who never came) when he was sick. When he wakes, Sim Chung is there and holding his hand. Sweet! He tells her to go to bed. She wisely says she knows he wants her to stay. She declares she won’t leave him or give up on him, no matter what he says. She encourages him to say what’s really in his heart. Joon Jae pauses then admits that he couldn’t tell his father what he wanted to say, that it was hard leaving home, that it hurt him that his father never called him, that he was lonely and missed his father, he cries. Sim Chung hugs Joon Jae while he releases his pain. Lee Min Ho was believable as his walls crumbled and he finally admitted that walking away from his father was painful. I’m guessing the director advised Lee Min Ho to pause before divulging his inner thoughts. That pause was perfect.

After that Joon Jae asks Sim Chung to keep that between them. She agrees. She assures him that she’ll be his vault, confidences in, and she’ll forget them all. Joon Jae asks if she will really forget what he tells her. Sim Chung assures him she will. He asks if she’ll forget this and pulls her into a kiss. Nice! It makes sense after an emotional close moment that a physical close moment follows. Not a passionate kiss, but a caring one.

Joon Jae makes Sim Chung spaghetti. She dolls up with some makeup. Jo Nam Doo praises her. Tae O says she’s pretty (yes, he spoke). Joon Jae snatches Tae O’s phone and sees the stealth photo of Sim Chung. He chides Tae O not to photograph someone without permission. Sim Chung says he has her permission. Joon Jae deletes the photo from Tae O’s phone and returns it. Sim Chung smiles at Joon Jae. He remembers their kiss. He tells her to eat with him. Jo Nam Doo jokes that Joon Jae made the meal especially for her. Embarrassed, Joon Jae leaves the room marveling how calm Sim Chung is. He’s nervous and awkward after their kiss. LOL, Joon Jae looks at the picture that Tae O took of Sim Chung that he texted to himself. Darling!

Cha Si A arrives and tells Joon Jae that she wants to tell him something in private. She takes him aside. Sim Chung watches them go to the pool room. LOL, Cha Si A shuts all the shutters in Sim Chung’s face.  Cha Si A shows Joon Jae archaeological dig photos from what they believe is Dam Ryung’s family home. That gets Joon Jae’s interest. Flashback to Dam Ryung waking from a nap, and thinking he’s only got 19 days until the full moon. He’s at a loss what he should do. He wonders what he needs to do to convince the person in his dreams (Joon Jae) that he is real. He has an idea.

At the archaeological dig they find something.

Seo Hee switches her husband’s medicine. Unaware he’s not taking the correct medicine he swallows it. Seo Hee suggests they hire a new assistant. Joon Jae’s father tells her to wait on that. She agrees and tucks her husband in bed.

Jo Nam Doo runs into Ahn Jin Joo at the dog groomer. Jo Nam Doo brags about the “after school” activities he plans for his dog. He leaves.

He reports that his initial contact with Ahn Jin Joo went well. Jo Nam Doo says he’s hired a friend to attend the ladies gossip session. The friend brags to the ladies that a self-made millionaire, Kim Jae, just returned to Korea. He claims that this man has the Midas touch with money and won’t help just anyone. The friend shares that the man returned to Korea to be reunited with his fiancée. Jo Nam Doo chuckles that Joon Jae only needs to show off his fiancée and the women will come to him. Someone walks to the couch in a black skirt, white shirt and heels. It isn’t Sim Chung, it’s Tae O! Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae agree that Tae O isn’t pretty enough. Jo Nam Doo suggests that Jo Nam Doo play the part of finance. Sim Chung appears besides them. She impresses them with her knowledge that kdramas are produced in studios and the actors don’t live in the TV. Ha! Jo Nam Doo says that Joon Jae will be playing a role of rich man and they need Sim Chung to play his fiancée. She’s on board with the plan. Joon Jae tells her during their play acting she can’t talk, laugh or eat. She negotiates for sweet and sour pork delighting Joon Jae and Jo Nam Doo.

The games afoot. Joon Jae and Sim Chung shop together, looking every inch rich. Let’s not even contemplate the amount all those purchases add up to. Ahn Jin Joo isn’t happy to hear the VIP room is occupied. She demands to know who has a higher priority than her. She turns and sees Joon Jae and Sim Chung striding down the hall. She recognizes Sim Chung from their encounter over the little girls. Nice tie in! Joon Jae’s words lead Ahn Jin Joo to believe that he’s the rich guy that she heard about. As Joon Jae, Sim Chung, et all walk past her she recognizes Jo Nam Doo from the dog groomers. She greets Jo Nam Doo and asks about the couple. Jo Nam Doo claims to run an investment company and the rich couple are his VIP guests. She shares details she heard and asks if this is that man. Jo Nam Doo looks shocked that she figured out who that his VIP client is Kim Jae. He asks her to keep this a secret. She agrees.

As Joon Jae and Sim Chung stride through the store, Sim Chung whispers sweet nothing about what the food she wants to eat in Joon Jae’s ear. He laughs. Ahn Jin Joo calls Jo Nam Doo to her and asks him to arrange an introduction. She says she and her husband have money to invest. Jo Nam Doo says that Kim Jae loves home cooked food. Ahn Jin Joo claims the food at her house is awesome. Yes, this will get Joon Jae in the same house as his mother!

Ahn Jin Joo brags to her husband over dinner that they will get an introduction to the best investor in Korea, Kim Jae. They are thrilled. She asks Joon Jae’s mother to cook delicious food.  Cha Si A guesses that Kim Jae could be a con artist. She’s got that right! Ahn Jin Joo says she confirmed Kim Jae by calling a mutual friend that Kim Jae refused to invest with.  Cha Si A points out that pulling desperate investors like Ahn Jin Joo and her husband is exactly what a con artist would do. Ahn Jin Joo asks Cha Si A to assess Kim Jae when he comes over for dinner.  Cha Si A agrees.

Cha Si A gets a phone call. Whatever is said, piques her interest.

Jo Nam Doo compliments Sim Chung’s performance. She’s pleased. Joon Jae brags that Sim Chung is smart. Sim Chung says that she had fun “helping Joon Jae with his good deed.” LOL! She remembers Joon Jae telling her that he does good deed by redistributing wealth. Unknowingly Sim Chung describe a con artist, who unbeknownst to her is Joon Jae. Jo Nam Doo, Joon Jae, and Tae O chuckle. Jo Nam Doo says that con artists con those who deserve it. Sim Chung doesn’t like their lies. Jo Nam Doo suggests that even sweet Sim Chung has secrets or has told lies. Joon Jae tells Jo Nam Doo to back off. He asks Tae O if there is a change in status in Joon Jae and Sim Chung’s relationship. She confirms it. He denies it. Ha! Joon Jae demands silence so he can take an incoming phone call. It’s Cha Si A asking him to meet her. He readily agrees. He tells Jo Nam Doo to drop him off because Cha Si A has something to share with him.

Cha Si A leads Joon Jae through the museum saying that she hasn’t seen the artifact yet. She says it was buried in a sealed box. She says it was like someone wanted it found by someone in the future. As she opens the door, Joon Jae asks for a first look by himself.  Cha Si A is surprised but agrees.

Joon Jae approaches the dig artifacts. He sees the picture on the wall (it is a portrait of Dam Ryung). The electricity goes out due to a storm. Joon Jae approaches the picture, illuminates it with his lighter and stares at his former self. Love that his trusty lighter showed him his former self.

lbs_ep9_5901lbs_ep9_5902 Epilogue in the past: Dam Ryung realizes to make an impact on his future self a portrait must be made. He asks the artist to capture every detail of his face and use the best materials because the portrait must survive for many years. I love his focus and his determination to facilitate his future self and the next chance at love.

My thoughts

Every choice writer Park Ji Eun makes works. I love that Dam Ryung decided to communicate with his future self. I love that Ahn Jin Joo’s past encounter with Sim Chung, which impressed her with Sim Chung’s unusual sense of fashion, tied into seeing Sim Chung on the arm of rich investor Kim Jae. I love how Cha Si A correctly surmised that Kim Jae was a con artist. I loved how Ahn Jin Joo will have Joon Jae’s mother cook for him. The cruelty of Seo Hee increases. She’s denying her husband the drugs he needs to avert blindness. That is cold! Chi Hyeon wants to believe in his mother. Chi Hyeon wants to protect his mother. Can he really talk himself into thinking that Seo Hee isn’t out to hurt Joon Jae?

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) are two sides of the same coin. Just before his death Dam Ryung was focused on one thing, making sure his future self believed dreams starring Dam Ryung. I’m impressed with Dam Ryung’s drive to ensure the future couple had a chance. It’s beautiful, my chance didn’t work out, but I’ll do everything I can to make the future chance have better odds. Joon Jae doesn’t totally freak out about his dreams. He believes them. He even risked sharing his dreams with Jo Nam Doo, who scoffed at them. But in his heart Joon Jae knows, this is real, his past self is warning him, and he must listen. He proved that when he asked Cha Si A to let him see the artifacts alone. He needed time to absorb whatever it was solo, without interruption, to let it stir in him however it would. Imagine coming face to face with your face on a Joseon era painting. That would be a moment to remember! Then we turn to our cute couple. Sim Chung and Joon Jae had fun together pretending to be a rich couple. Sim Chung and Joon Jae had meaningful moments when Joon Jae admitted he liked her and when he admitted the pain over the loss of his father and former family. Lee Min Ho portrayed the hurt and pain perfectly, it felt real. I’m worried about Joon Jae’s evil step mother. Murder is in her repertoire and she has the perfect man to perform it, Dae Young. The past Dae Young was richer as he and Dam Ryung went head to head and competed. Present Joon Jae and Dae Young are the hunted and hunter, much simpler because Seo Hee is the brains behind the evil. Will Joon Jae’s father go blind or be killed before they have a chance to reconcile? Will Joon Jae meet his mother and finally have the reunion his wished for?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) supported her man in every way she could. She got a scare when Joon Jae passed out. When he took her home, the relief that she was back in the house was evident with Jo Nam Doo and Tae O. They like her. Thankfully Tae O’s crush on her is puppy dog and doesn’t make him hate Joon Jae who is obviously the man Sim Chung loves. I enjoy every interaction Gianna Jun has. She’s a natural. She’s fresh, at ease, and connects with every character she comes in contact with. I loved it when Sim Chung refused to listen to Joon Jae’s request that she leave him. She loves him, and she’s standing by her man. She offered comfort and support. Her reward was a sweet kiss from Joon Jae. Last episode our couple in the past kissed, this episode our couple in the present kissed. That’s what we call the cherry on top!

Some instrumental songs of the OST are out, check out “Sound of Ocean” by Ryo Yoshimata.

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15 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 9 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    As always, enjoyed the recap, kjtamuser.

    As to Joon jae’s dad, I hope Jj sticks to his guns – “Hasta la vista, Abeoji. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”.

    I cannot see ANY excuse for whatever he allowed to happen with Jj’s mom. (I’m guessing she stayed away because Evil Whore threatened Jj’s life or something. At least that better be why she stayed away or Jj has two awful parents.) And as to how he treated his own son….that’s why I’m all for Clueless Dad living out his days with the two he chose but he better leave the bulk of the money to Jj so they can all be miserable together. EW is already hiding his medicine, so we KNOW the type of care she’d give him once he leaves the money to Jj. That would be just desserts.


    • kjtamuser says:

      It makes sense that evil step mother threatened JJ’s mother. I don’t really have much sympathy for JJ’s father. I want JJ to reunite with his mother. I would guess that somehow JJ realizes evil step mother is hurting his father and saves him. We’ll see.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I have to laugh, I initially thought Beez was making a commentary on the step mother EEW! Then I realized EW = Evil Whore…hmm…an apt designation!

      I’m sure EW swooped in to snatch clueless dad away from JJ’s mom, once dad became wealthy. I have NO DOUBT EW threatened JJ’s life to get his mother to leave. I’m sure EW manipulated to build and widen the chasm between father and son. Too bad dad didn’t make the time to foster a relationship with his own son.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Even with the machinations of evil step mother the father’s actions were unkind and excluded JJ in a cruel way. He has reaped what he has sown.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to excuse JJ’s dad’s actions, which fell dreadfully short of my expectations of a good father. I just saying stepmommy’s machinations are making it even worse. Dad knows he is reaping what he has sown and now he regrets his actions or lack of actions. BIG MISTAKE!


        • Beez says:

          He’s a complacent PIG! Sorry, this is just my sore spot. When men remarry and blindly trust a stepmother to raise their kids and they’re doing NOTHING and paying ZERO attention to what their kids needs are and if they’re not being treated well. Seen it too much in real life.

          But I understand what you were/are saying, JT.


  2. Beez says:

    BTW, I know this show is fantasy and I’m able to go “all in”, suspending belief and enjoying the ride. You tell me a mermaid exists and came to land…I buy it. You tell me they’re living out their past lives again and one person is communicating across time with himself…Cool. You show me people being hypnotized in 3 seconds by a cigarette lighter while going about they’re everyday lives…ummmmm, okay. BUT you tell me that a person takes another person to their job (where, on top of it, they work with precious artifacts) to see something the employee hasn’t seen themselves yet,and the guest says “I’m going to go in alone first” and the person goes along with it? Nope. You just snapped me out of your world.


    • kjtamuser says:

      BUT when the person they take to their work is the man they love, the man they’d do any for, the request for the solo viewing is an opportunity to give him something he wants, an opportunity to matter to him. They grab it because they value him more than work.


      • Beez says:

        Yep, when they have stalker issues and low self- esteem, (or the writer couldn’t think of another way. Wouldn’t it have played better to have Si ah get a call that she had to run upstairs to her office to do fax something real quick (or anything) so he went in alone first.

        Even if I thought the guy wasn’t up to no good I’d be like “WEIRDO!” And that “relationship” would be kaput! lol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I am with you Beez, “You just snapped me out of your world” I minored in Museum Studies and as a student toured many museums, including storage rooms. Access is controlled and monitored, hence the IRFD card to track and limit access the room. A paper and/or textile artifact would NEVER be stored hung on a wall, it would likely be rolled up. If it were being examined or worked it might be laid out on a table. I flinched when JJ flicked his lighter … open flame + close proximity to a flammable piece of material culture = potential for disaster. Holy Cow, curators are very careful about exhibit lighting and usually prohibiting flash photography as light exposure can be harmful to artifacts. I wonder if JJ will break the cardinal rule for artifacts next episode and touch the painting with his bare hands.

      TV shows almost always break the rules for material culture. Have you ever seen an episode Warehouse 13? Special agents seek out artifacts with supernatural powers and then contain them in Warehouse 13–fun series, but always breaking the rules for handling artifacts.

      What @KJT said…People sometimes make poor choices trying to please the one they love and some have been known to lose their job over it. I doubt Si Ah will lose her job.


      • Beez says:

        @JT – See! I didn’t even know all that stuff about museums but I knew the whole scene didn’t make sense. When I was working, if I had taken anyone to my job and they did something like left the area where I told them to sit and wait to wander around the office…even more so with the situation in this scene.

        I watched the first season of Warehouse 13, because I’m a sci-fi geek and can’t get enough of good sci- fi (of which Warehouse 13 was not IMO). But I did watch up until H.G. Wells’ character began appearing. I had no problem with him being depicted as female, I just got tired of a mediocre show. So it’s no surprise to me that they violated protocols. To me, fiction in books or film are most interesting when they get the details right. That’s why the old adage exists “write what you know”.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Having Dam Ryeong and Joon Jae meet in a dream was awesome! Dam Ryeong is very resourceful in response to his “dreams” or premonitions of the future.

    The scammers do not have a chance in pulling off the Ahn Jin Joo project successfully. A home cooked meal and Ahn Jin Joo’s house will be the undoing of the project. Who will blow this project out of the water first? The candidates for blurt out JJ’s true identity are: guileless Shim Chung; JJ’s mom, who will be cooking; and Si Ah—is she aware they are con men? Someone fell down on the job when checking the background of their sucker—how could Nam Doo or JJ fail to discover Ahn Jin Joo is married to Si Ah’s brother and living in the same house. Could either man have any less interest in Si Ah?

    This instrumental selection from the OST is beautiful. This is shaping up to be a nice OST.


    • Beez says:

      I’ve forgotten, how did Jaejoon meet Cha Si ah? It wasn’t college because he never went to college, right?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        It was in college they met–an earlier episode indicated Si Ah was JJ’s hoobae (junior) in their college days. JJ talked about going to college on his own (without his dad’s help) when he was crying on Chung’s shoulder during this episode


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