7 First Kisses Episode 3 Recap

7 First Kisses Episode 3 Recap

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) slacker co-workers hand over her phone so she can vote on the most popular guy at work. They titter they voted for the boss. Guess who walks up? The boss, Park Hae Jin, looking classically handsome in a dark suit. He snatches the phone from her hand, sees the survey and asks what she’s doing. Soo Jin looks stunned. He stares at her in irritation. He tells her personal phone use is not allowed during work hours. He takes her phone and orders her to come to his office at the end of her shift. Soo Jin doesn’t understand why the actor Park Hae Jin is the boss. Her slacker co-workers tell her he is not an actor but their boss. Soo Jin wonders what is happening to her lately.

After work, she stops by his office to retrieve her phone. He holds up a hand indicating he’ll be with her in a minute. She stares at him wondering how Park Hae Jin is the boss. She wonders if she’s going crazy. The camera loving sweeps over Park Hae Jin. I laughed out loud when he rubs his lip with his finger. We are clearly seeing men objectified. Is it awful that I’m okay with it?

Park Hae Jin hands Soo Jin her phone. He asks if she’s meeting someone after work, like a boyfriend. Soo Jin says no. He asks her to confirm she does not have a boyfriend. She confirms this. He asks if she’d be willing to work overtime to help him out. She hesitates but agrees. He suggests dinner first. He has food brought in. But he works during dinner leaving her to eat and stare at him. When she asks if she can do work too. He asks her to play saved music on her phone for ambiance. Her first attempt is loud and makes him smile. Her second attempt is soft. She continues to eat her dinner staring at him. After dinner, he offers to giver her a ride home.

She cleans up the meal and find pictures of herself on his desk. She recalls seeing those same pictures in her locker. What is going on? Startled, she rushes down the stairs wondering if her boss is a stalker. He follows her down the stairs. She goes faster and he does too. She gets held up by the elevator. Her stalker gets off the elevator and starts taking pictures. The stalker drops his pants. Good grief! Park Hae Jin arrives and pushes the stalker against the wall. The stalker says he loves Soo Jin. Good grief!

The police take the stalker away. Soo Jin and Park Hae Jin watch the police drive the stalker away. Park Hae Jin says that he was going to discuss the photos with her in the morning, that’s why they were on his desk. He said he was worried about her, so that’s why he asked her to be with him until he finished work, so he could escort her safely.

He reconfirms she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She reconfirms this. He offers to drive her home every day. He knows she voted for him as the most popular guy at work. He likes her. So they mutually like each other, right? Loving that flimsy logic! He asks her to be his girlfriend. This is her fantasy, I give her full latitude. She really likes her men to cut to the chase! She’s startled. He asks if she dislikes the suggestion. That’s not it, she declares. He smiles. He stares. He leans towards her to kiss her. This time she doesn’t purse her lips. She learning, even if it’s only in her dreams.

Her fantasy ends and she’s back at the work counter. She sees another card turn from silhouette to a picture of Park Hae Jin. Her bald boss delivers her a sealed note. She stares at the note in confusion.

7kiss_ep3_1207 7kiss_ep3_1211
In the parking garage a man is chased by a group of men. As he hides, his face is revealed…it’s Ji Chang Wook!

My Thoughts

Park Hae Jin was a boss that protected her from the stalker. This is Soo Jin’s fantasy so I give her full latitude. What’s wrong with a boss fantasy starring Park Hae Jin as a boss that secretly likes her and saves her from a stalker? Nothing at all.

Why did the stalker drop his pants? Was that necessary?

Lee Cho Hee continues to deliver the stunned look consistently. The kiss was interrupted and the fantasy ended just before the actual kiss. This is what happened with the almost kiss from Lee Joon Gi. I did chuckle at the music that plays when the kiss attempt happens.

So what do we know about Soo Jin from her fantasies?
* She likes to watch her men eat
* She likes her men to secretly like her
* She likes her men to want to date her
* She likes her men to kiss her after confessing they like her

Park Hae Jin was loving caressed by the camera but his character wasn’t as impactful as Lee Joon Gi.

My ranking of the men so far:
1. Lee Joon Gi
2. Park Hae Jin

Episode 3 is below. If you want to see Ji Chang Wook head to the 12:05 mark.


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2 comments on “7 First Kisses Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    While I agree Park Hae Jin didn’t have the same impact as LJK, he was looking MIGHTY FINE!🕴 He looked more manly than his usual flower boy look. 😏

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