Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 Recap

Joon Jae puts it all together.

 Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 Recap 

lbs_ep10_0033 lbs_ep10_0032
Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) stares at the painting of Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho). He sees the inscription on the side of the picture. It says “Everything repeats itself. The fate in this world is continuing in that world. This includes bad fate. Protect that woman against the dangerous person.” These are the same words he previously dreamed Dam Ryung told him.

In the past…Dam Ryung asks his servant to deliver the sealed painting to his mother. If something happens to him don’t open it.

In the present…Joon Jae asks the painting who is the woman and who is the danger? Hmm, he should know who the woman is and have a guess about the danger. He wonders if Dam Ryung is really him. Good question!

Cha Si A calls to Joon Jae that the power is out. He opens the door to the warehouse. The power goes back on. He wants to leave. She wants to see. She stares at the painting. She sees that the painting looks exactly like him. Joon Jae jokes that he’s better looking. She wonders if the painting is an ancestor. Joon Jae asks her to keep this a secret. He says that he’s figuring something out and she’s the only one he wants to know about it. Flattered, she agrees to keep quiet.

Dae Young wakes due to the storm.

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) waits for Joon Jae to return home. When he does, she immediately reminds him that he missed the 8pm curfew. Ha! Use his rules against him! Joon Jae says the house owner is exempt from all rules. He stretches out on the bed. She stares at him. He asks about the dream she described in the hospital. She recalls Dam Ryung holding his hand out to her. Joon Jae asks if the dream was in the past or present. Sim Chung claims not to remember. He accepts her lie and sends her to bed.

In the loft, she feels the lie as her heart races. She’s glad she didn’t give herself away with her voice.

Joon Jae dreams of Dam Ryung finding Sim Chung in the shack, the bowl of pearls besides her, and then rescuing Sim Chung. He gets up and goes to the kitchen. He finds Jo Nam Doo there. They share a beer. Jo Nam Doo says that Sim Chung is acting different. Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae about the x-rays and how she healed quicker than any human could. He holds up the pearl that he got from Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo notes that Joon Jae met Sim Chung in Spain but he can’t remember it. Joon Jae asks why he cares. Jo Nam Doo speaks his truth “I’ve barely made you into a bad guy. You are useful to me. I don’t want you to become a good guy and leave me.” I thought Jo Nam Doo would say he was worried about Joon Jae no longer being useful, instead he was worried about Joon Jae leaving him. I was thinking that Jo Nam Doo only saw Joon Jae as a useful tool, a resource to activate, to scam people for money. I wasn’t thinking that Jo Nam Doo actually cared about Joon Jae. Does he care?

Detective Hong reviews Dae Young ‘s criminal records and notices that Dae Young was a common burglar and turned to violence when he had a woman in his life.

Joon Jae’s father’s eyesight deteriorates. He’s unable to spear his food with the chopstick. Chi Hyeon is concerned. Seo Hee urges her husband to take his medicine. She pushes the bogus medicine to him. Recall she swapped the real medicine for bogus. She urges him to stay home. She’ll relay any business to his secretary. Chi Hyeon stares at his mother.

lbs_ep10_1616 lbs_ep10_1615
Sim Chung continues to try and win the pink octopus from the claw game. The little girl, Seo Hee, asks what she’ll do if she wins the stuffed pink octopus. Sim Chung is surprised to see Seo Hee during school hours. Seo Hee admits she didn’t go to school and came looking for Sim Chung. Seo Hee tells Sim Chung that heard her desire for the pink octopus. Sim Chung says she didn’t verbalize that desire. Seo Hee shrugs and says she heard it none the less.

Joon Jae finds a vase of pearls in Sim Chung’s bedroom. He wonders where she got them. When Sim Chung returns home Joon Jae scolds her for not having her cell phone on. He tells her to feed the cell phone. Seo Hee tells him that cell phones don’t eat. Joon Jae is surprised to see Seo Hee. Sim Chung says that Seo Hee is her friend. She does have an interesting array of friends. Joon Jae makes a similar comment. Seo Hee counters that he’s one to talk being an unemployed man with friends who sit and watch TV or play video games. Jo Nam Doo wonders why Seo Hee isn’t in school. Joon Jae realizes that Seo Hee is skipping school. Jo Nam Doo asks why she’s skipping school. Jo Nam Doo admits that school makes her development supernatural powers. That’s not a statement anyone expects. When she explains that she becomes invisible to other children, it makes sense. Jo Nam Doo asks why the other children ignore her. Seo Hee thinks it’s because she lives alone with her mother. She says people are afraid of differences. Sim Chung thinks that one day Joon Jae won’t like it when he learns how she is different from others. She worries he’ll leave her. Joon Jae stares at her. Does he hear Sim Chung’s thoughts? Seo Hee verbalizes Sim Chung’s thoughts and asks if Joon Jae will dislike Sim Chung’s differences and leave her. Jo Nam Doo asks how Seo Hee believes this is a fear of Sim Chung. Seo Hee says she heard Sim Chung say it. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O say they heard nothing from Sim Chung. Seo Hee is clear, she heard Sim Chung say it. Wanting distract the men, Sim Chung takes Seo Hee to her room. Joon Jae confirms they heard nothing. Jo Nam Doo asks if Joon Jae heard something. But a call from the assistant’s wife interrupts.

Sim Chung confirms that Seo Hee can hear her thoughts. Seo Hee can’t believe others can’t hear Sim Chung’s thoughts. Sim Chung asks her to be discreet about this. Seo Hee promises.

Joon Jae is thrilled that the assistant’s eyes are open. His wife says that he can’t speak or move yet. The assistant’s eyes fill with tears. Outside the room, the assistant’s wife asks Joon Jae is he’s heard from his mother. Joon Jae asks if she’s heard from his mother. The assistant’s wife admits that his mother used to call her but swore her to secrecy. She admits his mother hasn’t called in years. At least Joon Jae knows his mother is most likely alive. That’s good news.

Sim Chung finds Joon Jae drinking a beer. He admits he’s not a big fan of alcohol. He drinks it responsibility. Sim Chung wants to drink with Joon Jae. He’s open to that. He pours her a beer. She guzzles it! He stares stunned. He warns her to go slow. But she keeps on guzzling the beer. She ends up sad that the octopus is dried. She wags it at Joon Jae saying “you humans” always do these kinds of things. Joon Jae notices her phrase “you humans”. He asks if she’s human. She says she’s not. He asks what she is. She starts to slur mermaid, but she stops herself. Then she shakes off the alcohol’s effects and is ready to drink more. Joon Jae is impressed with her ability to continue drinking. After a couple of more beers, Joon Jae says he doesn’t like to lose control so he’s a careful when he drinks. After a couple of more beers, Joon Jae is decidedly under the influence. He tells her not to leave him. She tells him she won’t go. She notes she has nowhere else to go. He calls Sim Chung’s phone, doesn’t let her answer it, then rails that she never answers her phone. Yep, he’s drunk. He hugs her and says she can’t go anywhere. She promises not to leave him. She says alcohol is wonderful. Joon Jae mumbles that he won’t leave her even if she’s different. Yes! He did hear her thoughts! Loving this twist! He passes out leaning against Sim Chung. She enjoys the closeness. But she doesn’t know if he’s speaking the truth.

The next morning Joon Jae visits the bathroom multiple times due to his over indulgence the previous evening. Jo Nam Doo brags that he’s the one that taught Joon Jae to drink. Sim Chung asks if Joon Jae speaks the truth or lies when he’s drunk. Jo Nam Doo claims that Joon Jae only lies when he’s drunk. This disappoints Sim Chung. Tae O tells Jo Nam Doo that Ahn Jin Joo is going to the dog groomer. Excited, Jo Nam Doo tells him it’s time for action.

When Ahn Jin Joo arrives at the dog groomer she asks about Jo Nam Doo. Look who walks in the door, it is Jo Nam Doo. Ahn Jin Joo is happy to see him. She asks if he was able to arrange a meeting with Kim Jae. Jo Nam Doo says that Kim Jae’s social calendar is full and a meal will be difficult to arrange. She stresses that she and her husband have money to invest. She presses homemade dog food on Jo Nam Doo and urges him to call her when Kim Jae can meet.

Ahn Jin Joo asks Cha Si A if a con man would reject her like Jo Nam Doo just rejected her. Cha Si A is confident it is a strategy to make her even more interested. Joon Jae’s mother asks Cha Si A to properly sort her laundry. Cha Si A counters that she’s not the maid of the house. Cha Si A continues that she doesn’t like being scolded like a mother in law would scold her. Joon Jae’s mother assures her that she had never thought of Cha Si A as daughter in law material. Ha! The irony that Cha Si A desperately would want Joon Jae’s mother to like her but doesn’t know she’s actually insulting Joon Jae’s mother. She walks away. Cha Si A tells Ahn Jin Joo that she should fire that woman. She calls out that she pities the woman that does become her mother in law. Seo Hee is thrilled when Jo Nam Doo calls saying that he’s arranged a meeting with Kim Jae. Excellent! Mother and son in the same house!

Ahn Jin Joo tries on many outfits while Joon Jae’s mother enjoys withholding her approval. Ahn Jin Joo repeats Jo Nam Doo’s words to her husband. They must be discreet in what they hope to achieve out of the dinner. Her husband worries that Cha Si A could be right. What if they are dealing with con artists? Ahn Jin Joo convinces her husband that Cha Si A doesn’t know investment professionals. Her husband asks where Cha Si A is. Ahn Jin Joo says that Cha Si A is on her way home from work.

Jo Nam Doo drives Joon Jae and Sim Chung to the house. Joon Jae reminds Sim Chung to call her Kim Jae, not his real name. Those oversized shades look surprisingly good on Lee Min Ho. Jo Nam Doo rings the video doorbell. Joon Jae’s mother sees only Jo Nam Doo on her screen in the house. Ahn Jin Joo, her husband and her daughter tell Joon Jae’s mother they’ll go collect their guests and greet them.

Ahn Jin Joo’s husband leads Jo Nam Doo and Joon Jae into the house. Ahn Jin Joo tells Sim Chung that she and her daughter met her previously. She tries to ingratiate herself but Sim Chung doesn’t respond. Cha Si A pulls up at the front of the house. Ahn Jin Joo’s husband introduces himself. Joon Jae gives him his business card. As Cha Si A starts to open the gate to the house, Ahn Jin Joo calls and asks her to pick up figs. Irritated, she grumbles about the extra trip but agrees knowing this dinner is important.

Meanwhile Ahn Jin Joo’s husband calls the phone number on Kim Jae’s business card. He doesn’t know it but he’s speaking with Tae O who tells him Kim Jae is on a personal trip to South Korea. That makes Ahn Jin Joo’s husband smile believe that he’s confirmed Kim Jae is legit.

Ahn Jin Joo checks on Joon Jae’s mother who tells her dinner is underway. Ahn Jin Joo is relieved. When Joon Jae’s mother put appetizers on a try, Ahn Jin Joo offers to transport the food for her. When Joon Jae’s mother goes into the room Joon Jae’s back it to her, so she does not recognize her son. Ahn Jin Joo’s husband asks when Joon Jae and Sim Chung will marry. Joon Jae says they’ll marry next year. Sim Chung and Joon Jae stare at each other. They enjoy the delicious food. When Joon Jae eats a particular dish, you see he reacts to the memory of the food. He tells Ahn Jin Joo it tastes like his mother’s cooking. Ahn Jin Joo and her husband are thrilled with the high praise. Ahn Jin Joo calls for more. Joon Jae’s mother brings the food out and slips the plate next to Joon Jae. She tells him to enjoy. He thanks her. She doesn’t know she just served her son. But Joon Jae senses something and turns to look at her. But he only sees her retreating back.

Cha Si A returns home and Tae O spots her. He rushes from his car and stops her from ringing the doorbell for admittance. She doesn’t have the PIN or a key? Cha Si A is surprised to see Tae O. She tells him she has guests and must go in. He tells her he’s got something urgent to tell her. He grabs her shoulders and says he loves her. He hangs his head in embarrassment.

Cha Si A takes him for coffee. Cha Si A tells him that she cares for Joon Jae. She tells him love isn’t a crime. She’s flattered but she needs to go home. His hurt eyes won’t let her leave. Ha! Cha Si A repeats that Joon Jae is the only one for her. Without Cha Si A being aware of it, Tae O texts Jo Nam Doo that they need to exit quickly because Cha Si A lives there.

Jo Nam Doo reads the text and realizes they must leave ASAP. He whispers the text to Joon Jae who declares they must leave ASAP. They stand to leave. Ahn Jin Joo and her husband are surprised at their abrupt desire to leave. The car with Joon Jae, Sim Chung, Jo Nam Doo pulls away just before Cha Si A’s car pulls in front of the house.


They all breathe a sigh of relief when they get home. Joon Jae isn’t happy that Jo Nam Doo didn’t know that Cha Si A lived there. Jo Nam Doo counters that they were there for Ahn Jin Joo, no background data showed Cha Si A lived there too. Sim Chung hears their angry words and realizes they were in trouble. She asks why they almost got in trouble. She goes to Joon Jae. She looks at him. She THINKS “are you a con artist?” Joon Jae stares into her eyes. You know he hears her thoughts, now Sim Chung knows it too! Love it! Sim Chung recalls thinking that she’s different and Joon Jae would reject her for it. Our couple stares intently at each other communicating nonverbally. Jo Nam Doo notices the charged atmosphere between them. He asks why they are not talking and only staring. Sim Chung THINKS “was this a lie?” Joon Jae verbalizes that he did lie. He admits to deceiving others to earn money. He looks at her and says “that is my secret, what is yours”. Sim Chung stares at Joon Jae. Sim Chung THINKS “I am different from you. I am a mermaid”. Bam! The truth is revealed! And with telepathy! Awesome! Joon Jae remembers the painted vase, he remembers Sim Chung in the aquarium tank, he stares at her in comprehension. Sim Chung THINKS “If you know who I am, you will be shocked, hurt, and scared. You will leave me. That’s why I didn’t want you to find out.” She walks away.

Joon Jae asks Jo Nam Doo if he heard what Sim Chung said. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Joon Jae is in shock.

Sim Chung stares at her jar of pearls. She touches her heart. She’s in pain. It’s hardening. Her time is ticking away.

Joon Jae looks at the photo of the painting on the vase. The painting that shows a present-day man kissing a mermaid. He recalls Sim Chung’s confession. He recalls he thought he was the man in the painting. He flashes back to kisses someone under water. He goes to Sim Chung’s loft but she’s not there. The vase of pearls has more content than before. Joon Jae wonders where Sim Chung went.

Joon Jae rushes out the door. He recalls Dam Ryung’s words that everything was repeating. He recalls Dae Young in the past and the present. He recalls Dae Young in the past asking about the mermaid. He has copious flashbacks to the past. He runs to find Sim Chung, the woman he loved in the past and the woman he loves in the present. He runs knowing he must find Sim Chung and protect her. He recalls Sim Chung telling him that long ago a young man loved a mermaid. He recalls Sim Chung saying that she was different. He hears Sim Chung say that mermaids can erase themselves from another human’s memory with a kiss. Then the mermaid can disappear forever.

FINALLY…the memories of Spain break free in Joon Jae’s mind. He remembers all of it. He remembers Sim Chung. He remembers her saying that she loved him. It washes over him. He finally sees the truth. The woman he loves is a mermaid. The woman he loved in a former life was a mermaid. And that woman needs his protection. He runs to find her.

My thoughts

This was a slower episode with two great reveals. The timing of Joon Jae learning Sim Chung is a mermaid was perfect. I loved the reveal that he was able to hear her thoughts. I loved that Sim Chung wasn’t aware that Joon Jae (or Seo Hee for that matter) heard her thoughts. I loved that Joon Jae was embarrassed when Sim Chung realized he was a con man not the noble man she believed him to be. I loved that Joon Jae did see his mother but felt her though her food and near miss encounter. That’s so similar to Joon Jae not recognizing Sim Chung are his memory was wiped but feeling her. Not much happened with Daddy dearest other than step mother from hell continued to deny him the correct medicine. Dae Young was relegated to flashbacks. I have no doubt that he will torment our couple before long.

Dam Ryung/Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) had a melding of their minds. Joon Jae finally remembered his past experiences with Sim Chung in Spain. I liked that Jo Nam Doo was honest that he was afraid that if Joon Jae turned into a good man, he would leave him. Sim Chung was honest that she was afraid that if Joon Jae learned her secret, he would leave her. And Joon Jae carries around a ton of pain from his mother leaving him. Fear of abandonment was crucial in this episode. It is fear that caused Sim Chung to lie to Joon Jae and vice versa. They are doing the same thing to each other. Now Sim Chung has disappeared and Joon Jae remembers everything. Will he find her first or will Dae Young?

Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) realized Joon Jae could hear her thoughts. She was surprised to learn Seo Hee heard her thoughts. She was stunned to learn that Joon Jae heard her thoughts. He pushed her to a hard spot when he admitted his secret, that he was a con artist. The cards were on the table then. Sim Chung took the big risk and reciprocated and told Joon Jae she was a mermaid. That scene where they stared at each other and thought to each other was well staged and portrayed. It was the riveting moment of the episode. I’m concerned about Sim Chung’s heart and how much time she has left. I bet you are too.

Check out the sweet and soft song “WindFlower” by Lee Sun Hee.


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15 comments on “Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Verrry interesting that when they speak of the criminal suddenly knocking over jewelry stores because he had a girlfriend that they then cut to Evil Whore. (I called her EW for husband stealing, but she may have actually been a street prostitute hanging out with criminals before latching on to Jaejoon’s dad.)

    But why did the assistants wife lie about Jaejoon doing well at home and then leaving for college abroad? This is why I hate liars so much. Even if her boss instructed her to say that, she should’ve just said “I really don’t know for sure how he’s doing” or been vague. Then mom would have to take steps to find out for herself and she might’ve come back and intervened upon discovering that being away is not helping her child and he’s being mistreated (that is assuming there was no threat to Jaejoon’s life, in which case she’d have to stay away anyway. But if she’d had the truth, maybe she could have arranged for Assistant Ahjusshi to arrange secret meetings with her son to provide comfort or something.) But noooo, Miss Liar McLiarpants makes mom feel all assured which makes mom think that her staying away is making things better for Jaejoon.

    Oh, while we’re on the subject, I do not like Jaejoon’s mom. She’s written in a way that I should LOVE her. I should be cheering for her with the way she demands respect and outclasses her employers but something about her smug demeanor makes me dislike her almost as much as I dislike her employers. At first I thought it’s because she played the mean stepmom in Fated to Love You, but that’s not it. There have been plenty of actors that made me hate them in one show and love them in the next.

    But she makes me think of her as the thoughtless boss she was shown to be in the Joseon backflash. Which makes me wonder – is the show purposely portraying her that way or is this the actresses inability to make me like her?I should be cheering everytime she makes her employers and Shi Ah stumble over “just who’s the boss here?!”

    Who’d-a-thunk LMO makes for the cutest drunk ever! lol

    And what are the chances Si ah wouldn’t recognize the car of the man she’s trying to leech onto parked in front of her house? Every now and then the show keeps bouncing me out of the fantasy world with real world faux pas.

    Jin Joo’s husband – what type of idiot checks out a scam by calling the number the scam artist gives you?

    Does Jaejoon being able to hear Chun’s thoughts mean he has mermaid ancestry? I mean, normally my romantic side would interpret it as a soul mates type of thing, but with all the early news reports on this show saying LMO would play a merman…

    • kjtamuser says:

      I do not like Jaejoon’s mom. She’s written in a way that I should LOVE her. I should be cheering for her with the way she demands respect and outclasses her employers but something about her smug demeanor makes me dislike her almost as much as I dislike her employers.
      I feel indifferent towards her which is unfortunate because I don’t feel indifferent about Jin Joo finding her.

      Who’d-a-thunk LMO makes for the cutest drunk ever!
      You got that right!

      what type of idiot checks out a scam by calling the number the scam artist gives you?
      The kind of idiot that will get scammed.

      Does Jaejoon being able to hear Chun’s thoughts mean he has mermaid ancestry?
      Could be. I’m resisting mermaid ancestry though the writer may sell it to me later. I thought the reveal scene between them was great.

      • Beez says:

        I agree because we don’t see Joseon Jaejoon have any signs of….oh wait…Joseon Jaejoon could “hear” the mermaid’s cry for help too, right?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      In the credits Yoo Na is the name of little girl and Seo Hee is JJ’s stepmother rechristened Evil Whore by Beez.

      I wonder the same thing as Beez about the EW being Dae Young’s former girlfriend. Being with EW, it that what caused him to step up his violent game? What is EW’s relationship with Ahn Jin Joo? In the episode where Jin Joo took food prepared by JJ’s mom to EW’s house, I thought she called EW “eonni” (big sister) are they friends or sisters?

      I concur with Beez about not diggin’ on JJ’s mom. While I am not fond of the residents of Cha house, I don’t like JJ’s mom having a smug attitude towards them…what make her such a great person…deserting her son? Couldn’t she at least be a “Southern Lovely”, be sweet to their faces, but snarky behind their backs?

      • Beez says:

        @JT – in the show Five Children,they had a maid who would correct her bosses as she had more knowledge on picking the correct wine and etiquette and all around common sense than her employers. They nicknamed her “Brain”. The viewers lovrd it. She was very likeable so I know this type of role could be pulled off where we’d be cheering for Joonjae’s mom. But alas…

      • kjtamuser says:

        I wonder the same thing as Beez about the EW being Dae Young’s former girlfriend. Being with EW, it that what caused him to step up his violent game?
        I think that was implied. That would explain their past association and Dae Young’s willingness to do whatever she asks.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    DADDY’S DISEASE – What is up with this drama’s description of cataracts? Cataract causes vision to gradually become cloudy and dim, but I haven’t heard it being associated with pain nor of any medication to mitigate the vision loss. The ophthalmologist simply removes the cloudy natural lens and implants an artificial lens. Any competent doctor would have done this surgery long before the patient got to the point they couldn’t feed themselves. Was the identification of the illness being cataracts a translation error – could it be a torn retina or glaucoma?

    SEOUL DREAMS – Are both Chung and Dae Young having Joseon “dreams” or flashbacks too? I don’t like the idea of the murderer having premonitions—NO BUENO! JJ has been Dae Young’s target. The murderer has no compunction against collateral damage; I am concerned visions of the past will identify Chung as a mermaid and make her the primary target.

    SCAM GONE BAD – The Ahn Jin Joo project went belly-up fast. The scammers were nearly caught during the home cooked meal by JJ’s mom and Si Ah. Jin Joo’s past encounter with Chung could have been and may yet be a problem as well. Neither Nam Doo nor JJ had any idea where Si Ah lived – could they have any less interest in Si Ah? Poor Tae Oh…he is crushing on Chung but bites the bullet of pretending he is crushing on Si Ah to save the day.

    I agree with Beez “what type of idiot checks out a scam by calling the number the scam artist gives you?” and laughed at KJT’s response “The kind of idiot that will get scammed.”

    MELDING MINDS – Dam Ryeong heard the mermaid’s cry when she was held captive – he started hearing her voice when he fell in love with her when they were younger. Even though his memory was erased, it did not affect his ability to hear the mermaid voice.

    When Yoo Na ditched school, Chung realized could hear her thoughts – I thought I saw JJ hearing them as well. We got confirmation of JJ understanding Chung’s thoughts when he learned she was a mermaid. JJ connected the dots of Chung being a mermaid with the odd things he experienced. The scene when JJ had the flashbacks of the forgotten memories and realized the truth of Dam Ryeong’s warnings to protect Chung was absolutely beautifully done! ❤

    In the last scene we heard the Joseon mermaid‘s voice saying “Long ago a young lad loved a mermaid, he heard the mermaid’s voice” I think JJ hears Chung’s voice because he is in love with her.

    • Beez says:

      @JT- YES!I actually Googled “is there oral medicine for cataracts?” because we’re trying to convince my 94-year old aunt to have the surgery but she’s refusing (despite us telling her off all the people she knows who’ve had it done successfully.)

      Anyway, I have learned so many things watching Korean dramas that have surprised me regarding food, medicines, and natural treatments that I actually thought maybe there was a new, even easier way to deal with cataracts.

      I didn’t even think to check some other sites subtitles to see how that might read elsewhere. I’ll do that right away.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Are both Chung and Dae Young having Joseon “dreams” or flashbacks too?
      I understand why you ask the question. Like you want to, I reject this. Only Joon Jae (and Sim Chung) should have flashbacks per the writer’s setup of this series.

      I am concerned visions of the past will identify Chung as a mermaid and make her the primary target
      Dae Young will use Sim Chung as bait but he’s being paid to eliminate Joon Jae. Sim Chung would be collateral damage.

      Even though his memory was erased, it did not affect his ability to hear the mermaid voice
      Excellent point. It ties back to Joon Jae feeling Sim Chung even though he couldn’t remember her.

      The scene when JJ had the flashbacks of the forgotten memories and realized the truth of Dam Ryeong’s warnings to protect Chung was absolutely beautifully done!
      The last 5 minutes of the show was a plethora of flashbacks but you could see the puzzle pieces clicking together in Joon Jae’s mind. I was relieved that he finally understood and remembered. When will he figure out that Seo Hee (aka EW) is his enemy?

      I think JJ hears Chung’s voice because he is in love with her.
      I like your thinking!

      • Beez says:

        quoting kjtamuser:
        “When will he figure out that Seo Hee (aka EW) is his enemy?”

        I think he knows she’s definitely his enemy. He just probably assumes she’s a “normal” evil step mom and he’s removed himself (he thinks) from inheriting so he figures they have nothing to do with each other. He’s not thinking she’d be in cahoots with a murderer whom she would actually order to perform “hits”.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Exactly. He does not consider her a friend but a divisive disrupter. I too am concerned that he does not realize that she is evil and has joined forces with another evil force to do her bidding.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yup, you may not expect your stepmother to be on your side, but being in cahoots with a convicted murderer is not the usual expectation. I hope JJ makes the connection soon; JJ may be able to take care of his self, but I shudder at the thought of Chung being in Dae Young’s clutches–at least she knows to avoid the bad man.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Dae Young doesn’t seem liked the kind of person who would take the time to lure anyone, even a mermaid…he seems like a snatch and grab kind of bully.

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