Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 21 – Cast Thanks Fans

This brief episode (4 minutes) is a thank you to the fans who loved this series.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 21 Recap – Special Episode to Thank Fans

sh_ep21_1a sh_ep21_1b
We start this special episode with Lee Joon Gi (Fourth Prince/King Wang So) greeting all the Drama Fever fans in America who have supported this series. Gosh he looks so different! Glowing skin! Sweet face! He wishes all viewers good health. He promises to continue to work hard. He thanks us for our support. He makes a heart with his hands as he says goodbye.

sh_ep21_2a sh_ep21_2b
IU (Hae Soo)
is up next in a cute short bob. She thanks the Drama Fever fans for making Scarlet Heart the number one show on DramaFever. She waves as she says goodbye.

sh_ep21_3a sh_ep21_3b
Hong Jong Hyun (Third Prince/King Wang Yo)
is up next. He mentions that started filming when it was cold and ended filming when it was hot. He mentions the popular Chinese series. He was worried remaking a series. He mentions playing a villain was significant. He promises we’ll see him again in his next project. He wishes all viewers good health.  He thanks us for our support and waves goodbye.

sh_ep21_4a sh_ep21_4b
Next up is Nam Joo Hyuk (Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah). This filmed outside. He thanks the viewers for making Scarlet Heart the number one drama on Drama Fever. He waves as he says goodbye.

sh_ep21_5a sh_ep21_5b
Next up is Baekhyun (Tenth Prince Wang Eun). Wow, red waving hair! I’m not sure I would have recognized him as Wang Eun. He thanks the viewers for their support and waves goodbye.

sh_ep21_6a sh_ep21_6b
Ji Soo (Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung)
smiles broadly happy that American fans love Korean dramas. I’m sure Korea does love American fans and their support for their entertainment industry. He’s happy that Scarlet Heart is the number one drama on Drama Fever. He thanks us for our support of the show and his character Wang Jung. He gives us fighting fists as he says goodbye.

sh_ep21_7a sh_ep21_7b
Yoon Sun Woo (Ninth Prince Wang Won)
thank the viewers for our support. He gives us a heart over the head as he says goodbye.

sh_ep21_8a sh_ep21_8b
Jin Ki Joo (Chae Ryung)
is thankful for the love the viewers have given Scarlet Heart. She gives us a a big smile as she says goodbye.

sh_ep21_8c sh_ep21_8d
Z.Hera (General’s Daughter Soon Duk)
speaks to us in English. She lets us know she’s a singer and actress. She thanks the viewers for loving Soon Duk and asks for support for future efforts. She waves as she says goodbye.



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10 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 21 – Cast Thanks Fans
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I enjoyed the comments from the stars of the series. It was great to see them in their street clothes. Someone mentioned in one of the later recaps that this drama was filled with beauty and it most certainly was. I cannot recall any other drama where there were sooo many hot men and beautiful women! We missed hearing from Kang Ha Neul (Wook) and the princess we love to hate Kang Han Na (Yeon Hwa).

    As always Lee Joon Gi was handsome, gracious and speaking in his sexy deep voice! He has lost weight for this series and is seriously too skinny! LJG excels in any part; if you haven’t seen him in much, be sure to check out some of his best work in “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Iljimae”. Jo Min Ki (Taejo) is LJG’s biological father in Iljimae and LJG’s nemesis in “Two Weeks”. Kang Ha Neul showed his acting chops playing a smaller part as a disabled teen in “Two Weeks”.

    I have seen IU in several dramas, found her to be very beautiful, delightful and very perky. I have enjoyed her performances, especially in Dream High. Are they going to do a second season of Producer? I want to see where her storyline would go next.

    Hong Jong Hyun must have had a blast playing the villainous Yo. I have got to watch something with His Royal Hotness where he is not a villain. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Nam Joo Hyuk and Baekhyun were handsome, but not as easily recognizable without their Goryeo hair and gear. Baekhyun’s contribution to the soundtrack is my favorite! Although admittedly this is a solid soundtrack!

    I got a kick out of my Ji Soo and his “fighting” – he is always so vivacious! Ji Soo do you have a hug for this noona? I have loved in in all the dramas I have seen him in; he was particularly compelling in Angry Mom – that was introduction to Ji Soo.

    Yoon Sun Woo seemed really nice, unlike his cockroach-like character Won.

    Jin Ki Joo has such a great smile, I noticed her adorable dimples during the series.

    Z.Hera is beautiful and had excellent English. I have Moorim School on my watch list.

    I ❤ this OST and the drama; I'm definitely going to buy both!


    • Review Leaver says:

      I enjoyed this as well. They look just as awesome in the modern world as they did in Goreyo!

      As for his royal hotness, I didn’t see much with him in it….. but I enjoyed his short role as a side character (in his earlier years) in Oh my Lady. Its a bit of a light-hearted happy series that would be the perfect thing after the tear duct draining SHR end.

      Let me know if you find anything in which he has more of a role. I know he played a King once in a Senguk, but never got around to see it……


    • Review Leaver says:

      Also if you have not seen the Running Man episode in which the SHR characters battled it out, I think in August of 2016 ?? (you’ll have to confirm which date it was) , its something amusing to watch if you like that sort of thing. I do…….and it was a great way of poking fun at the whole SHR thing. Also you had Wook, Yo and So in it! It was good fun.

      Both the Running man episode and Oh my Lady are available on DFever with subs…….not sure if that helps.

      As for Baek Ah- Did you catch Cheese in the Trap with him in it? I really enjoyed that series as well.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I fell for Ji Soo while watching Angry Mom. I wasn’t sure his character would fully evolve in Scarlet Heart but it got there. I liked how he went from boy to man. His loving support of Hae Soo at the end of her life was touching.

      I enjoyed seeing the actors too. You’d think more dramas could do this kind of “special episode” and use it to mid-way in a series run thank existing fans and hopefully garner new fans. Or maybe add a thank you from one actor just before the credits starting at the mid point of a series and switch actors each episode until the end.

      This drama will stick with me. It mattered to me.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Thank you Kelli for the link. I would have been fine with the hand offering a tissue too. In my mind I am confident they meet again so whether he comes to her in the musuem or later, it will happen.


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