Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap

Wang So changes his career path.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap

Hae Soo (IU), tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun), and his wife Soon Duk hear the soldiers coming for them. Soon Duk tells Wang Eun that she will go face the soldiers alone. He doesn’t want her to go, but she convinces him that as the General’s daughter, she will not be injured. Soon Duk gives Hae Soo a look that tells her to take care of her husband. Soon Duk runs towards the soldiers. Hae Soo tries to take Wang Eun with her but he pulls away. He realizes that he can’t let his wife face what lies ahead alone. He takes off after her. Hae Soo stares at him believing that he is running to his death.

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) asks Princess Yeon Hwa how she knew where Wang Eun was. Yeon Hwa explains that as a young child Wang Eun would fashion things out of towels, and those things were all over Hae Soo’s house. Wang So strides away. Sometimes I’d like to wipe that smug smile off her face.

Ji Mong and the General learn that Wang Eun and his daughter are fighting the soldiers at Hae Soo’s house. The General starts running hoping that he gets to his daughter in time.

Wang Eun and Soon Duk valiantly try and stave off the soldiers surrounding them. But when Soon Duk is struck down, the tide turns. Wang Eun stands in front of his wife and tells her he will protect her now. But she is stuck again and dies.

Wang Eun can’t be protected from the wicked arrow of Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun). The King shoots an arrow directly into his arm. Wang Eun is shocked that he’s been shot. Wang So arrives and stares into his brother’s eyes. Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) and Hae Soo arrive but are blocked by soldiers. But an arm wound isn’t enough for our smiling King. He takes the next arrow and shoots it into Wang Eun’s chest. With his last moments of life, Wang Eun tells Wang So that Wang Yo manipulated him on the day he asked Wang So to remove his mask as a birthday gift. He has one last favor to ask. He says it’s something that only Wang So can do. He stares at him meaningfully and Wang So understands that his brother is asking Wang So to end his life, so he can be with the woman he loves in the afterlife. The King has another arrow ready to finish Wang Eun off but Wang So honors his brother’s final request and raises his sword. Wang Jung and Hae Soo stare in horror as Wang So does what his brother his asked him to do. Wang Eun falls to the ground and dies reaching towards his beloved wife with his last breaths. The King, having accomplished his goal to squelch treason by killing his brother, his supposed enemy, leaves. Wang So is overcome by pain and remorse. Once again he has shouldered a burden that no one else would want. He laughs hysterically as the pain guts his heart. Hae Soo sinks to the ground. Wang So leaves trying to get the grip on what he just did.

That death scene took longer than I expected. Couple of things stood out to me. Wang Yo even though you are good-looking, your heart is black; all that matters is your own power and for that reason, in this moment, you repulsed me. Wang So, why oh why do you take on burdens that torture you? Just like when you stepped into the fight with Wang Yo not allowing Wang Wook to kill his own brother. Instead you did that, and tortured yourself for two years until Wang Yo returned alive. I hope that Wang Jung understands that Wang So did not kill his brother for sport, I would assume so, but you just never know. Hae Soo please realize what you saw Wang So do was a mercy killing, not the slaughter that Wang Yo perpetrated.

The General sees a dazed Wang So walking. The General sees blood on Wang So’s sword. The General runs towards his daughter hoping against hope that she’s not dead.

sh_ep16_4b sh_ep16_4a
The General, Wang Jung, and Hae Soo, sit on the ground by the bodies of Wang Eun and Soon Duk. The General tells them that he wanted his daughter to marry Baek Ah or Wang Jung, but she insisted upon Wang Eun. The General says that she said that Wang Eun was her first love. She believes she would have married him even if she knew what would happen in the end. The General pays his daughter a high compliment saying that Soon Duk was true to herself and didn’t know how to change. Who wouldn’t want to go through life being respected for being authentically themselves? The General asks Hae Soo if his daughter got love from her husband. Hae Soo assures General that his daughter was well loved. That pleases the General. He cradles his daughter and says he can do nothing for her anymore, as tears streamed down his face. Wang Jung mutters that he will kill Wang So for killing his brother. I’m disappointed. Wang Jung must not have eyes or ears. Did he not see his brother, the King, with a bow and arrow in his hand, ready to kill his brother? Did he not see or hear Wang Eun plead for mercy from Wang So? Wang Jung grabs his sword and goes to find Wang So. Hae Soo grabs him and tells him that Wang Eun wanted Wang So to kill him. She tells Wang Jung not to hurt Wang So. She tells Wang Jung that Wang So is in a lot of pain. Wang Jung yells his frustration and drops the knife. I guess one out of two isn’t bad. Hae Soo saw that Wang Eun asked Wang So to end his life, but I don’t know how Wang Jung did not recognize this considering he was closer to Wang Eun.

Wang So stops in front of the palace and stares. He tells Ji Mong that he must become a killing dog that turns on his master. He declares he will become a rabid wolf dog. Wang So, you a wolf, that’s your spirit animal. Wang So walks away and thinks to himself “I will become King.” We knew this day would come. I hate the emotional knots wrapped around Wang So. His sorrow over Wang Eun’s death and his role in it, was plain to see. But Wang So must take a stand and rid the Kingdom of Wang Yo. He’ll also have to take on the silent but deadly Wang Wook.

Speaking of Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul), he learns that Wang Eun is dead from Wang Yo. He grips his hands to hide his emotion. Wang Wook, I know you loved Wang Eun but you didn’t help save him. You are complicit in his death. Wang Wook congratulates the King on removing another obstacle. Wang Yo believes this will bring the important families in line. He also plans to move the capital to satisfy his uncle.

sh_ep16_5bThirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) visits Wang So and tells him that even though Wang Eun and his wife were declared traitors he and Wang Jung found their bodies in the woods and gave them a proper burial. Wang So tells Baek Ah that Wang Eun remembered the cruel birthday trick that Wang Yo talked him into. Baek Ah tells Wang So he honored Wang Eun with his actions. Ji Mong brings Wang So the letter he just found from Hae Soo telling him that Wang Eun was at her house. Wang So sighs.

Hae Soo sighs. Her knee hurts. She rubs it as she waits for Wang So to come. When Wang So does appear, she runs to him but stops short when she sees the look on his face. Wang So believes she must consider him a monster. Hae Soo says he had a difficult choice. Wang So asks why Hae Soo hid the truth of Wang Eun’s whereabouts. He correctly surmises that she didn’t trust him and believed he’d kill Wang So. To her credit, Hae Soo confirms this. She explains she was worried about Wang Eun, worried that Wang So would have to do something awful, and felt if Wang Eun could escape, all would be well. She didn’t see that withholding the truth would hurt them until it was too late. The letter was her attempt to make things right. Even though it took her time, she declares her full trust in Wang So. She admits that she trusts Wang So in everything, even with her heart. She admits she likes him. Wang So declares he no longer cares for her. He only sees her lack of faith in him. He says Wang Eun died because of her. He lays it on thick, telling her that when he became the King’s dog he still cared for her, but today changed everything. He looks at her tear streaked face and declares their relationship over. She declares he’s lying. He invokes the “truth zone” and says they don’t lie to each other. He walks away. She cries, stunned that once again, her timing in matters of the heart is off.

Wang So staggers into his apartment, undone by what he forced himself to do. The agony on his face is evident.

Not a bad scene. It was very subdued. Considering Wang Eun’s death and the emotional drain of that event, I get that they were tired. Wang So obviously lied so he could pursue his goal, and eliminate risk to her and himself, by cutting her out of his life. I have to shake my head at Hae Soo. She took too long to realize and admit her feelings to Wang So. I worry that Wang So is hurting. His pain never sits well with me.

The King gifts Wang So with land for dispensing with Wang Eun. He sees that Wang So is bummed out, so he orders him to oversee the building of the new capital. Wang So thanks the King for his faith in him.

Wang Jung asks the King how he can live with his actions. The King calmly states difficult positions require difficult choices. He warns Wang Jung that he will only tolerate a certain amount of back talk. Wang Jung tells the King he’s leaving with the troops. The King approves, warning Wang Jung to avoid battle and stay safe for their mother’s sake. Wang Jung refuses to cower and claims he will fight and pay for his brother’s crimes. Bold statement! He drops the broken bloody arrow he extracted from Wang Eun’s body onto the ground. He tells his brother this is a reminder of Wang Eun. He leaves. Nicely done! I didn’t know Wang Jung had it in him!

The King is spooked when he imagines hearing Wang Eun calling to him. He tells his minister to put more food out for the recently departed. Serves you right Wang Yo, you deserve to be haunted by your innocent brother. There was no one more innocent of treason than Wang Eun!

As Wang So exits the palace with Wang Wook, the General looks at him and “congratulates” him on his new role earned by killing his daughter. He stalks away. The others leave him commenting on his bad behavior. Wang Wook stares at him and strides away.

Flashback…Wang So, Baek Ah, Ji Mong meet with the General who asks Wang So if it’s true that he’s decided to become King. Wang So confirms this. The General scoffs that Ji Mong has been spouting Wang So’s destiny of becoming King for years. I love that he called Ji Mong a quack! The General confesses Wang So’s father, the former King, believed Wang So would be King one day. He sent the General to watch over Wang So. Wang So doesn’t care what the stars predict, he only knows that he must become King. He won’t stop until he reaches the throne. Wang So tells the others they must decide now, are they with him or against him? Baek Ah is with him. Ji Mong is with him. The General says he’ll decide after he sees who Wang So is willing to throw away to reach his goal. He reminds Wang So that his father was always willing to throw away people to maintain the Kingdom. Nice moment amount Wang So’s supporters. I liked that Baek Ah supported him because he was the younger brother, Ji Mong supported him because he had to stand behind his predictions, and the General needed proof that Wang So was serious enough to toss away the most important person to him before he agreed to support Wang So’s quest to become King.

Baek Ah tells Hae Soo that Wang So has left for the new capital. Hae Soo can’t believe that he’d leave without saying goodbye. She goes to their meeting spot, but he’s not there. She declares she will wait for him.

I know I should be pleased that she’s finally found faith in their love, but I’m irked that it took her to the 80% complete point of this series to sort out her feelings. And yes, I know it’s the writer’s choice to do this, but it diminishes this character, and I wish it had been handled a bit differently. I’d preferred to have seen strong love between them only to have them torn apart again and again by life’s cruel circumstances.

Two years pass…

Chae Ryung finds Hae Soo excited to see Hae Soo’s reaction when she learns who is returning to the palace. Hae Soo is excited when she realizes Chae Ryung must be referring to Wang So. She runs to see him. Chae Ryung smiles broadly.

But Hae Soo doesn’t find Wang So at her house, she finds Wang Jung, and she’s disappointed. But she’s happy to see Wang Jung and greets him. Happy to drink Hae Soo’s delicious tea, Wang Jung admits he stopped by Wang Eun’s grave and bragged to his sister in law that he is now a top General. He’s relieved Hae Soo is still at the palace. She didn’t have anywhere else to be, she quips. Wang Jung asks if she got married. Still single Hae Soo claims to be planning to retire and travel, joking she’s built up a nice nest egg to do this with.

Wang Jung and Hae Soo greet Baek Ah and Woo Hee. Baek Ah is happy to see Wang Jung who stares at Woo Hee like he can’t quite remember who she is. Hae Soo explains she’s a court lady who stopped by for tea. Wang Jung realizes Woo Hee is the former gisaeng. He tells Baek Ah he consorts with murders and gisaengs. Baek Ah doesn’t like that. Wang Jung warns Baek Ah that one day Wang So will kill him. Wang Jung tells him to stop sending musicians to spy on him. Baek Ah calls him paranoid. Wang Jung strides away.

Baek Ah can’t believe that Wang Jung spotted his spy. Hae Soo can’t believe Baek Ah sent a spy. Baek Ah confirms it stating he wanted to know that Wang Jung was well. Baek Ah asks Hae Soo where Wang So is. Hae Soo is disappointed Wang So did not come to see her. Good to see Woo Hee there. What was the price Wang Yo made her pay?

Wang Yo has gone a bit mad in the interim and is at the temple banging and praying to those he killed. I never expected him to feel guilty. I suppose he doesn’t feel guilty, rather he’s sorry he’s haunted and desperate to make it stop. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Queen Yoo arrives not happy to see Wang Yo praying yet again. She tells him with Wang Jung back he’ll need to decide what to do. She urges Wang Yo to make Wang Jung the Crown Prince, he needs the support. Wang Yo asks if she sees him as her son or a sacrificial animal to gain the power of the throne. She doesn’t have to answer; they both know the answer. Wang Yo wants to know if Wang Jung wants the throne. Wang So is announced and enters the room. Wang Yo declares that he’ll make either Wang Jung or Wang So the Crown Prince. Queen Yoo admonishes him to discuss it with her later. She storms past Wang So without acknowledging him. Wang Yo declares Wang So useful and goes back to praying.

Hae Soo sees Wang Wook and Wang Jung in the hallway. Wang Wook stares and says nothing.

sh_ep16_10b sh_ep16_10a
Wang Wook, Wang Jung, and Wang So meet with the King who is upset construction on the new capital is delayed again. Hae Soo enters with tea and glances at Wang So. He does not look at her. She takes the King tea. Wang So explains the delays are due to poor supplies and lack of manpower. The King throws a tea cup at Wang So and squeezes Hae Soo’s wrist forcefully declaring Wang So must complete the job. Wang So grits his teeth seeing Hae Soo hurt by his brother. Wang Jung goes to intervene but Wang Wook stops him. To distract the King, Wang So falls to his knees and states he must confess something. Wang Wook tells the King they must talk in private. The King releases Hae Soo and she walks out of the room. All three brothers are relieved. Is Hae Soo like a Lays potato chip, once you fall in love with her, you can’t stop?

Chae Ryung asks Hae Soo why she always writes the same phrase. Hae Soo admits she lies the sound of “I came to sit by the water but the clouds came”. Recall Wang So wrote that to her once.

Wang So goes to their spot. She’s not there. He remembers moments from their past. He smiles a secret smile. He senses that she’s there. Super moment where his face tells you everything. Lee Joon Gi is a master at facial expressions. Hae Soo stares at him. Wang So stares at her.

The King and Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) stare at Wang So and Hae Soo. The King declares that Wang So is useful if his leash is tightened just the right way. Wang Won asks if the King believes that it’s over between Hae Soo and Wang So. Ahem, anyone with eyes can see it is not. In addition, anyone with eyes can see that Wang Wook still loves her and Wang Jung too. Wang Won tells the King everyone needs a good whipping now and then. Wang Won is scum!

sh_ep16_11b sh_ep16_11a
Hae Soo starts towards Wang So but he tells her to stop. He wishes they hadn’t seen each other. The King draws his bow and aims at Hae Soo. Wang So sees the King take aim and tackles her taking her out danger from the deadly arrow. As they lay on the ground they stare into each other’s eyes. Hae Soo notices Wang So’s arm is bleeding. The King and Wang Won, aka “smug and smugger”, feign concern for Wang So’s arm. Wang Won says that Wang So and Hae Soo are still chummy. Wang So refutes that stating he couldn’t let the King kill a court lady for sport. The King agrees it wouldn’t look good. He smiles and offers an insincere apology. Wang So warns Wang Won to be careful. Wang Won scoffs and leaves. Wang So winces in pain and leaves. Hae Soo stares at the arrow in the tree.

In her room, Hae Soo stares at the arrow she took from the tree. Woo Hee appears per her request. Hae Soo asks if Woo Hee can get a message to Baek Ah. Woo Hee confirms she can. Hae Soo says she wants to see Wang So. Woo Hee warns her it is dangerous. Hae Soo is prepared for the danger.

The King thanks Wang Jung for settling the unrest at the borders. He offers Wang Jung anything, except the throne, that he wants. Wang Jung gets that look that screams Hae Soo and tells the King there’s something (or someone) that he’s wanted for a long time.

Wang Jung goes to Hae Soo’s home but she’s out. Chae Ryung continues to be the worst liar on the planet claiming Hae Soo is ill. Wang Jung tries to see Hae Soo anyhow but Chae Ryung effectively stops him with concerns for his health. Wang Jung gives Chae Ryung a message for Hae Soo.

Hae Soo finds Wang So trying to recovering from his wound but struggling. She runs her fingers over the scars on his back (he’s shirtless). She tends his wound. He wakes and sees her but it’s blurry and he falls back asleep. When he wakes he finds Hae Soo asleep against the wall. He bends down and stares at her. Yep, he still loves her. He touches her face and she wakes. He pulls his hand away. He asks whys she’s there. She had to ask him something, so she asked Baek Ah to arrange the meeting. She asks Wang So if he lied when he said he no longer cared for her. He tells her to return to the palace. But Hae Soo didn’t come this far to be dismissed. She points out this is a safe spot and she risked her life to see him. She tells him she’s thought about him every day for the last 2 years. She’s wished they could travel back in time, to when they could openly care for each other. With his back to her, Wang So smiles in pleasure at the confession. Hae Soo admits she trusts him. Isn’t that the same as I love you? Hae Soo invokes the “truth zone” and tells him to answer honestly. She asks if he still loves her. Wang So wages a battle within himself, should he tell the truth or lie to protect her. Throwing caution to the wind, he kisses her. She kisses him back. He pulls away and looks at her tenderly. He hugs her. She hugs him back. Next we see she’s sleeping in her nightgown. He watches her sleep. He gently stokes her face. She wakes and smiles. He smiles. They make shadow animals and laugh together. He smiles at her. They eat together. She feeds him. They watch the night sky and laugh when he struggles to pronounce Pegasus. The good times must be ending because Ji Mong appears.

Ji Mong explains that they inadvertently scared the King to a near death state. LOL! Serves him right! Hae Soo guesses it is a heart attack. Wang So guesses it is guilt over the deaths Wang Yo is responsible for. Ji Mong tells Wang So the time to make his move has come.

Wang So stares at the night sky knowing his world is about to change. Hae Soo stands next to him and asks if he wants the throne. Wang So confirms this. Hae Soo asks if he will toss her aside because of the throne. Wang So states that the King used Hae Soo to control him. Hae Soo asks if he’ll relinquish his quest for the throne. Wang So says he’ll convince her he’s the right man to be the next King. She reminds him that he said he didn’t want the throne as long as they were together. That was then, this is now. Wang So states they agreed not to lie to each other. He admits his desire to become King started to save the princes from killing each other. But his assignment to build the new palace showed him that the right kind of King can change the world. “I won’t be controlled anymore. I’ll eliminate the absurdity of the present Kingdom. I want to be King.”

My Thoughts

At the 80% complete point in this series. We all hoped that if the young lovers died (as we expected they would), it would be quick. Soon Duk’s death was quick while Wang Eun’s took longer. He asked Wang So to release him, and his brother complied with this last wish. Done with being controlled by the King and helplessly watching the King eliminate his brothers, Wang So decided he must gain the throne. To that end he walked away from Hae Soo, who was finally ready to fully trust. Too little, too late, as she had to wait 2 years for his return. But once Wang So returned, the chemistry was apparent and they finally had a romantic rendezvous. With Wang Yo near death, Wang So told Hae Soo that he rescinded his earlier claim to be satisfied with a life of only her and declared he would become the next King.

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) decided he wanted the throne. He reached the end of his rope. Being a passive slave to Wang Yo’s whims wasn’t protecting those he loved. Wang So decided the power of the throne was the only way to do this. He’s right. But does he realize that he may be carving out a life that will satisfy professionally but be lacking personally? When Wang Eun asked Wang So to kill him, I groaned that Wang So was once again put in a dreadful position. But Wang So honored his brother’s final wish, even though it ripped him up. Wang Yo’s reward for his “loyalty” was building the new capital far away. Wang So broke things off with Hae Soo to prove to the General he could put the throne before love. But a weakened Wang So couldn’t lie anymore when Hae Soo invoked the “truth zone” and wanted to know if he still loved her. I loved the emotions that played on his face as he considered how to answer. He kissed her and they enjoyed time together. One thing is a constant in this drama, our leading couple only get snatches of time together (Episode 14 and Episode 16). With the news that Wang Yo was near death, Wang So told Hae Soo he would make his play for the throne. Will she stand by him?

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is stern. He was still the loyal servant of Wang Yo waiting for his chance to become King.  Now he’s got two obstacles; Wang So (formidable) and Wang Jung (dispensable). What evil scheme will he concoct to win the throne?

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) died.  It was an effective death scene and the most maturity this character ever displayed. At least he went out being the best he’d ever been. While I appreciated his apology/explanation for asking Wang So to remove his mask on his birthday, I did not appreciate his request that Wang So mercy kill him. Wang So has a tender heart. Yes, I said Wang So has a tender heart. He only pretends otherwise. Wang Eun’s request gutted our sweet Wang So. I felt terrible for him.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) left the palace after Wang Eun died. I was pleased that he and Baek Ah gave Wang Eun and his wife a proper burial. I was displeased when he believed Wang So killed Wang Eun for the King. I shook my head in amazement that Wang Jung was oblivious to Wang Eun’s plea for mercy. Talk about lack of trust in Wang So, Wang Jung was the poster child this episode. Even Wang Yo had more trust in Wang So. But let’s face it, Wang Jung isn’t the smartest prince in the bunch.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) arranged the fateful meeting between Wang So and Hae Soo. Baek Ah is the perfect friend. I was happy to see him with Woo Hee. Wang Wook’s slander against Woo Hee, raised Baek Ah’s ire. I wonder what he’d be like really angry.

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) was the loyal lap dog of team evil. He’s scum.

King Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) suffered hallucinations after killing Wang Eun’s family. Serves him right. I felt no pity for him. He sunk to a new low when he shot the arrows into sweet Wang Eun. Labeling him as a traitor, hunting him down, and then plunging arrows into Wang Eun, was despicable.

The twelfth song of the OST is “Be With You” by Akdong Musician. Check out the video below.

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21 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    It is finally time to talk about this episode! It was mostly heart break throughout with the amazing scene between So/Soo to end it.

    One more of mention between the DramaFever version and Chinese version. The scene between So, Baek Ah, Ji Mong, and the General was actually before his split up with Hae Soo. I felt the Chinese version gave a better breakup because you knew that So was tasked with what he would throw away.

    Lee Joon Ki was masterful in this episode with facial expressions. You could see everything that was playing out on his face. I hope Hae Soo realizes is that Wang So will become a great king because of her. She has helped him open up, and understand others.

    Also, I think she will stand by him because she knows it inevitable with her knowledge of history. When he’s king, there’s no one who can say you can’t be together.

    I can’t convey in words my feelings about Eun and Soon Deok’s death scene. The amount of ugly crying going on during that was incalculable. While I was upset he asked So to end his life, both of them realized it was better than letting Yo toy with him longer. Also, I feel So would echo the same words of wanting to go with Soo if she was ever killed. He could understand Eun in a way Jung couldn’t.

    Jung needs to wake up. And he will most likely get a rude awakening when Soo tells him it’s not happening between them.

    Wook, Won, and Yo can all go down as far as I’m concerned. Just leave our precious Baek Ah and WooHhe alone. They’re beautiful.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “The scene between So, Baek Ah, Ji Mong, and the General was actually before his split up with Hae Soo.”
      That makes more sense than the breakup scene before the setup scene forcing Wang So to do it.

      “Wang So will become a great king because of her. She has helped him open up, and understand others.”
      Plus she helped him realize what he wanted when he grew up.

      “she will stand by him because she knows it inevitable with her knowledge of history. When he’s king, there’s no one who can say you can’t be together”
      I hope she sees this. Wang So mentioned previously that she did not want to be a second wife.

      “While I was upset he asked So to end his life, both of them realized it was better than letting Yo toy with him longer”
      What a sad state of affairs realizing your brother (Yo) won’t let you live and your only option is whether you die by his hand or the brother that cared (So).

      “Jung will most likely get a rude awakening when Soo tells him it’s not happening between them”
      Yes, he will. You’ve got to respect Hae Soo for not toying with the princes by pretending to have romantic feelings. She’s been upfront about the friend zone. That doesn’t stop them from trying.

      “Wook, Won, and Yo can all go down as far as I’m concerned. Just leave our precious Baek Ah and Woo Hee alone”


  2. Review Leaver says:

    This episode was acted out so well by so many actors. I have always been impressed by Lee Jung Ki, but his killing of Eun, and his withholding his heart from Hae Soo as he rips himself away (in several Scenes) was mind blowing. I feel that he is going to be forever known as 4rth prince for a long time to come- (just like Reeves was superman no matter who else played the role after).

    Now regarding what this chapter means: Oh god. I’m going to cry.

    This was to me a heart breaking chapter. We see in its progression, that Wang So has grown into a man, who realizes he can no longer blindly love Hae Soo and die for her. His leash forced him into an untenable situation, complicated by Eun’s mercy kill request, and by doing so, he ensured that he would be tormented enough to do something to change that. He therefore saw that by being leashed he was neither protecting Hae Soo, nor himself and those beloved to him. It was a no win situation, which forces him to come to the realization that he had to change things. To change things, he had to leave the situation, and therefore what and whom he loved behind. As he speared him own heart to seperate from her, he was forced to leave for 2 years, during which time he found his destiny- what he was meant to be. He was capable of becoming a king, and changing the situation of the world he lived in. This realization is powerful. Because this realization is no less important that Hae Soo’s love. How could you sacrifice your very destiny and role in life any more than you could sacrifice your heart? However, it is heart breaking. Hae Soo is the one who first reached out and removed his mask, and scar- which allowed him to realize this destiny. This destiny -which he is able to achieve, will take him to a place where she cannot survive. It is a place where people like Queen Yoo and Yeon Hwa (who poison people, and force miscarriages of babies) thrive. While I am not condoning what they do- it is proven throughout history that often to survive at this pinnacle, a ruthlessness and cunning is needed, which Hae Soo does not have. If she were to change to have it, we know she would not be the person Wang So has come to love. They are doomed, even though they love each other so much and this love has not run its course. They are doomed despite their love, because the circumstances of Wang So’s destiny will part them like the Red Sea.

    Realizing this (that this was the begining of the end for So-Soo) was actually tormenting for me. I had heart-ache sensations and flash-back pain since watching the leaked episode Monday. I couldn’t shake it because the above thought and sorrow from it would not leave. I am actually glad there was no other episode this week…………. I need time away from SHR to get back to normal.
    Infact, I may need SHR-Rehab.
    I am not sure I can go back to watching immediately even come Monday because this just tore me apart. I didn’t even realize how vested and involved I had become into the characters, and am so impressed by the fine nuances here by the story writers- but its killing me.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You detail Wang So’s evolution beautifully. He did indeed realize that he could do more good and to stop the madness of others if he becomes King. As I said to Kelli, he decided want he wanted to be when he grows up. He wants to keep Hae Soo in his life. She sparked his evolution. But it will be tough going for our couple.

      “Infact, I may need SHR-Rehab”
      LOL, I’ve felt that way after episodes.

      I wonder if Hae Soo will return to the future in the final episode. Was the plot mechanism that she came from the future a one way trip?


  3. Review Leaver says:

    Also in the Raw version, it appears Woo Hee is spying for Yo……….this will have implications. I also think Cheay Rung still needs implicating for Mercury poisoning- and was way to happy this episode. It grated on me. I am also thinking that Jung has asked Yo for Hae Soo’s hand in marriage, and that Yo will actually give it to him. This is something that is likely going to be used similar to the C-version to shelter her from the coming storm. Like I said above, the circumstances of So’s destiny which were opened up by Hae Soo, will be the very thing to likely keep them apart.

    At this point, if it ends happy I will likely die from happiness.
    But it was soooooo Angsty and what I got from it was as I noted above. So I am having my heart shredded since Monday.

    Its good there is no video on this share, because right now (ever since I saw this episode) – I looked like Yo while he was praying to Buddha…………….as I pray to Buddha and any Drama God out there, to please please save me and my heart! (And thereby So-Soo)


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Also in the Raw version, it appears Woo Hee is spying for Yo……….this will have implications.”
      Makes sense, but what happens when he dies? Won’t she be free to live as she wants?

      “Cheay Rung still needs implicating for Mercury poisoning- and was way to happy this episode. It grated on me.”
      She was a pawn but she does seem to have bounced back from poisoning the former King.

      “Jung has asked Yo for Hae Soo’s hand in marriage, and that Yo will actually give it to him. This is something that is likely going to be used similar to the C-version to shelter her from the coming storm. Like I said above, the circumstances of So’s destiny which were opened up by Hae Soo, will be the very thing to likely keep them apart.”
      When Yo dies, will his approval of Jung’s marriage to Hae Soo be irrelevant?


      • In all the Sageuks I have watched the final wishes of a person leading up to their death seem pretty binding which means that they are taken very seriously by the living. Therefor if Yo leaves behind a written edict as the late king then everyone may be compelled to obey even Wang So as the sitting king has to abide because to disobey would be to leave a door open to question his legitimacy on the throne.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Review Leaver says:

        In the past, a prior king’s authorization usual held on marriages. We will have to see how this goes. Also, regarding Woo Hee, she didn’t spy on just any one. She spied on So. He is now going to be king, and I really wonder how Baek Ah and his relation will get affected by this. Especially if there is more to Yo’s knowing, that will go into effect later. Again- we will have to see. SHR has been a show where things like inducing abortions, poisoning and other vile outcomes have gone by without justice (which is often how it was in those days ). I am not sure how they will tie it in or not.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      @KJT excellent question—what price did Yo make Woo Hee pay? Some of you mentioned in the raw version Woo Hee is spying for Yo. Jung maybe right being wary of Woo Hee. Has Woo Hee given Yo full disclosure—how much damage has her spying done? What will she have to pay if/when her snooping is discovered?


      • Review Leaver says:

        Yes, regarding Woo Hee, So has never trusted her from the start.
        Remember his “how can I trust her ?” question, and then even when reassured, he really didn’t look to be. We don’t know what Yo was doing with this info and who else knows. You have that minister in court who knows it well, and has seen her with the two princes…(Baek Ah and So) …. she may be ratted out about assassination attempts and spying etc and I am not sure that So will be forgiving. He will in return harm his own relations with Baek Ah and Hae Soo if they do use this line going forward. But who knows. We will have to wait and see. I just found Jung’s caution about her the sort of pre warning of things to come with Woo Hee. So I really suspect they are going to use this and damage relations to isolate Gwanjeong going forward.

        I also think Hae Soo may stand up for Chae Rung, if that thing ever comes out, with Won and Wook involved in poisoning of Mu. Also I am wondering if the physician will ever let So know about Yeon Hwa’s invovlement in the first attempt of poisoning, which led to Lady Oh’s sacrifice. It is scary how similar Hae Soo’s situation is. If she is pregnant like every one on line is wondering about, I wonder if they have a miscarriage vs poisoning set up, so this follows C verse. Also from the preview, you have to wonder if Wook and Yeon Hwa will double team So to get her married to him, so that he has the clan and power backing to take the throne………. not a lot of sure fire positives to look forward to.


  4. lee sarang says:

    onthe condition wangso keeps on haesoo ,”there shouldn’t be any lies between them”.How would wangso reacts if haesoo tells him that she is from future. Will there be another breakdown.


  5. Yo at his prayer activities is probably the funniest thing i have seen on this show. he reminds me of me in my school days praying for deliverance when I knew I had not prepared for an exam and note all his eyeliner is missing,is that the reason his sanity has departed ?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Queen Yoo’s irritation at Wang Yo, her “success story” in a son, sinking into a bit of madness with the banging and bell ringing was enjoyable too.

      As far as limited guy liner, they swapped in a plum shadow or something, maybe it drained him. He seemed to bounce back when he left the temple.


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    DAMIWON TRAGEDY—I was proud Eun followed his beloved wife to fight, instead of running away. Even though we’ve seen premonitions of Eun and Seon Duk’s deaths, I was disgusted as Yo ordered the attack from behind slaying the plucky Seon Duk followed by him shooting arrows into his brother Eun. I was saddened as So followed Eun request to quickly kill him so he could join his wife in death. I understand the request, but it brought a huge burden of guilt to So. Jung was furious with So—gotta agree with @KJT “Wang Jung must not have eyes or ears. Did he not see his brother, the King with a bow and arrow in his hand, ready to kill his brother? Did he not see or hear Wang Eun plead for mercy from Wang So?” Soo understood So and realized So’s laughter at Eun’s death was out of anguish and therefore had a different context than her premonition. It is such an indignity for this royal couple to unjustly die in the shadow of treason to hide Yo’s treason. I enjoyed the review of Eun’s best moments and took heart knowing Eun and Seon Duk were in love as they followed each other into the afterlife. I agree Wook standing by made him complicit in Eun’s death. This was So’s watershed moment to decide to play Game of Thrones—Goreyo.

    JUNG GROWS UP, KINDA—While I have slight disappointment in Jung not recognizing So’s sacrifice in giving Eun mercy, I admire his boldness in confronting Yo with the arrows from Eun’s body.

    Holy smokes Jung was looking so manly and handsome with his long flowing hair coming back from the Northern front! Given Jung’s propensity to be impulsive and reckless, returning in one piece was amazing. Jung was not pleased with Baek Ah’s spying on him his choice of companions in Woo Hee—did Baek Ah marry her? What do you want to bet Jung asked the King to marry Soo? Jung is aware of Soo’s past with Wook and I have a hard time believing he is totally clueless of So-Soo. I don’t think he realizes the depth of their connection and will be disappointed when he is rejected as a lover, although I agree Soo may consider him a “safe harbor”. I’m curious about the content of Jung’s message left with bad liar Chae Ryung.

    THE KING’S MADNESS—Yo seems to be losing it, but is not anxious to make Jung the crown prince at his mother’s insistence. Now Yo is down the path of madness, he has lost his hotness; I wonder how much of His Royal Hotness was his confidence? When Yo was painfully grabbing Soo, the princes who love Soo, Jung, So and Wook, were concerned about her safety—So wisely came to the rescue by bowing down to Yo—once again he subtly proved his love. When Yo shot an arrow at Soo, with the slimy Won egging him on, the King was able to confirm there were residual feelings between our favorite couple. Danger lurks…I can’t wait for Won to get his just desserts, and I’m not talking cake.

    SO-SOO’S SAGA—I wondered if So was truly angry at Soo for not initially trusting him about Eun or if he broke up with Soo simply to protect her. I was anxious General Park would be an enemy of Team Wang So—I’m glad he is on board. Looks like Soo is what So gave up for the throne.

    I ❤ the tenderness of Soo’s caress as she traced So’s old and new scars across his bare back. I *SWOONED* at So’s passionate response to Soo asking if he still loved her. Several have mentioned Lee Joon Gi’s mastery of facial expressions—I’ve been his fan since I saw my first drama with him—he excels at displaying emotion! I was so glad our favorite lovers were able to escape prying palace eyes, if only for a few days. I was amazed So could still have compassion for Yo in his sickly condition after all the abuse he has suffered from Yo. It seems So is adamant about never being controlled again and will not give up his quest for the throne, despite Soo’s plea. Will Wang So have to give up Soo for the throne?


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Jung was looking so manly and handsome with his long flowing hair coming back from the Northern front!”
      * What is it with the characters that look better after an absence? Yo improved when he returned and Jung did too. Are we reacting to the flowing mane of hair?

      “I can’t wait for Won to get his just desserts, and I’m not talking cake”
      * He’s on death’s door, it won’t be long now.

      “I wondered if So was truly angry at Soo for not initially trusting him about Eun or if he broke up with Soo simply to protect her”
      * Wang So broke up with her to protect her, win the General’s support, and set himself on the path that valued the throne. At the end of the episode didn’t Wang So basically tell her NOT to ask him to turn away from his quest for the throne? This would NOT be the time for Hae Soo to give Wang So an ultimatum like me or the throne. I think she’d lose. Wang So sees the positive impact he would have if he were King. He now believes “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one”.


    • Review Leaver says:

      I believe So left Hae Soo because even by staying he could not protect her, and when he was by her side, he was forced to situations (like the one with Eun) in which he would lose himself. He could not let this occur again. He was leashed by his weak spot- (Hae Soo), and could not protect her, or himself or any one else dear to him (like his brother). Distance was the only option. That is how this began. He wanted to change his situation and so thought to take the throne, and had to cut Hae Soo out as he would harm everyone, including her if he didn’t.

      Now however, 2 years later, he has grown that thought of taking the throne beyond only his situation (Of his life under Yo’s rule). He realizes the regime is also harming the slaves, and people of the kingdom. They are moving a capital for no reason and building useless things. However, only a king could change the fate of the country and what its direction and resource use would be. He has the lineage, capability and ruthless mind to become king. He has the drive to get him there. He realizes this, and wants this. I think the So that Hae Soo now meets two years later cannot give up this goal- it is what he is meant to be, his calling, and his definition of himself. It is his destiny so to speak. He loves her but this is who he is and was meant to be. That is not any more or less important.

      Hae Soo has asked him what he would do if given an ultimatum (of not going for the throne and giving it up) by her, and he answered that he would not give up this dream. They werwe in the truth zone when this conversation took place, and he would not reassure her that life with just her was enough anymore, because now it would sacrifice his purpose and calling in life- of what he was meant to be. He replies however that he would try to convince her. So is idealistic right now. He just got Hae Soo back, and did not have her for 2 years, and has not yet realized that she again will be a leash and weak point when he is king. He thinks he can have it all- like many of us do when young and idealistic. You can have it all- but not all at the same time : So has not come to realize this yet. His belief that when he is king he will not be controlled by anyone is false. If Hae Soo is by him, when he is a king, she will be the point through which others control him. He is also going to become controlled by the need to maintain that throne as well, which is surrounded by a political web that he has not yet gotten into. Even though he grew up a prince and is aware it is not fully known until you sit on the throne what it takes to keep it. Yo was similar. He only realized once he was king, that yes it gave power and pull to do things, but exacted a toll so high for that as well. He is all alone, and even his mother’s true colors have become more aweful, and what he had to do to ensure his own safe-keeping of the throne to Eun is haunting him.

      Outside of the cost when you become a king issue. I found it interesting the Yo and So relationship that is hinted here this episode. Yo finds So useful, and appears to in reality when push comes to shove, believe So would be his choice over Jung for Crown Prince.

      (I think the drama did a poor job of showing guilt, and its coming off as completely a crazy Yo, but when you see his awareness, he has not lost it fully)
      Yo’s just gotten crazy religious due to his guilt. He is having guilt- induced hallucinations, which are pushing his sanity to a fine edge- but not off the cliff yet. He is seeing and hearing Eun and Mu, and not continuously seeing odd things- so I am assuming its more guilt induced here….. . Yo also seems to have after this stopped fraticide plans (despite what his mother advised earlier) and left all the others alone now that he had proven his point that he could.

      So interestingly seems to understand Yo the most. Even Jung and Queen Yoo don’t understand. I also liked how So was more sympathetic to Yo’s plight with both his obsessive buddhist prayers, and when he realized Yo was feeling more guilty about the things he has done, and about the monk dying (that he is sensitive). It appears that So realizes that Yo is guilt ridden.

      And I found it interesting that Yo seems to understand what makes So tick the most as well. He knew that squeezing Hae Soo’s hand and aiming an arrow at her would control his brother, though Won was doubtful. I think Yo knew and did it to prove it. He is even aware enough to know So is not so simple to listen to him blindly given what happened. He appears to be aware that So has forced himself to part from Hae Soo, and Yo therefore was smart enough to ensure Woo Hee is spying on So for him. It was ironic to me that the two (Yo and So) are in the end, get each other and are really more brothers than some would have thought given their start in this drama. I don’t think any brother, even Jung comes close to understanding Yo or So as mush as they do each other. Though neither can grow this awareness & knowledge into something greater in meaning, because the brothers are too dangerous (Politically and power wise) to the other to let their guards down and allow such a thing.


      • kjtamuser says:

        RL, you make an excellent point “Yo finds So useful, and appears to in reality when push comes to shove, believe So would be his choice over Jung for Crown Prince”.

        I concur that Yo did respect So more than any of this other brothers just as their father eventually believed that So was the best choice for King.

        Could you argue that in some ways Yo was kind to So? I’m going to try and see if I can convince myself. Yo did not banish So when he became King. He gave him a position of trust in building the new capital. Anything else? He kept Soo around but that was to control the three remaining threats to his throne – Wook, Jung, and So.

        Besides respecting So, Yo also respected Soo.

        “I don’t think any brother, even Jung comes close to understanding Yo or So as mush as they do each other. ”
        I agree. Jung is a bit of a hothead and his brain turns off when he get angry. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer as they say.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur So and Yo understand each other more than Jung. I think part of it is these two brothers have the bond being having the same mother, who has used and to some extent abused, them unlike Jung, who is the apple of her eye. So and to a lesser extent Yo, have both been expendable pawns in Queen Yoo’s Game of Thrones-Goreyo.

        Queen Yoo attempted to sacrifice “Pawn So” by threatening Taejo with a young So’s life to not take another queen; when that failed she sent her facially scarred pawn as a hostage to a concubine to “keep the peace” and to keep So out of her sight as she undoubtedly does not want the reminder of her failed game play. The Evil Queen us using “Pawn Yo” to gain power as the dowager queen and do the bloody work of removing obstacles (other princes), clearing the path for her darling Jung to take the throne. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the hotheaded Jung–he has no control over his gene pool, but I don’t think he is fully aware of the extent of his mother’s evilness an has not been on the receiving end of her wrath, unlike Yo and So, who continually received it.


    • Review Leaver says:

      Oh- and yes- I also swooned on the scar touching scene. I have never seen such a sexy candle blow out scene as the one there, to signify they did it. Wow.


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