The K2 Episode 8 Recap

Je Ha leads Anna out of the darkness and into the light.

The K2 Episode 8 Recap

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) sees Ko An Na (Yoona) looking forlorn and sad in her infirmary room. He gently wakes Agent Housekeeper while kicking Agent J4’s chair. LOL! He talks both women into going back to the house to prepare for Anna’s return. After they leave Je Ha asks Anna if there’s anything she needs. She says nothing. He turns to go and she breaks her silence and asks him why he brought her father to her. Je Ha tells her that he didn’t want her to die. Anna asks why he cares about whether or not she lives or dies. Je Ha says he’s one of the guys protecting her life. Anna tells him that he gave her ice cream or ramen but his kind of protection isn’t what she wants. She tells him to get out. Je Ha mutters to himself that he made a foolish promise to her father. He strides out of the room. Anna watches him go. She wonders what kind of promise he made to her father. I like that Anna is not simpering around Je Ha. He’s one of her keepers and to her, someone that stops her from living the life that she wants. Je Ha can’t refute that fact though he knows he truly cares for her well-being. How will they bridge this gap?

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) is livid that Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) almost fell into the trap that Assemblyman Park crafted. The JSS President apologizes. Col. Jo apologizes. Yoo Jin doesn’t care about their apologies. Col. Jo offers to resign and take full responsibility. Yoo Jin laughs in his face. He’s part of the inner circle and privy to cloud nine. He can’t just walk away; it doesn’t work like that. Yoo Jin yells at them that they better do better or else. Yoo Jin orders assistant Kim to personally get rid of the bodyguard that aided Assemblyman Park’s trap. Chase him to the ends of the earth is Yoo Jin’s edict.

The corruption committee that Assemblyman Jang lauded as a way to rid corruption; raids many businesses including IFG which Yoo Jin’s two-timing relatives run. Assemblyman Jang arrives to make a statement for prosecutors and is swarmed by reporters. Assemblyman Jang smiles as he exits the swarm of reporters. He’s loving all the attention.

Yoo Jin’s house is raided too. She greets them cordially. She offers them prepacked boxes of documents and breakfast too! She asks the leader to go with her to the study. She asks for an update on the investigation of her relative’s company, IFG. She urges IFG be treated as another or company, she does not want special treatment. Yes, making Yoo Jin angry has repercussions. She’ll make you pay.

Yoo Jin’s father’s second wife and husband discuss Yoo Jin’s wrath against IFG. The husband feels certain the Yoo Jin cannot do the same to them. He declares such a move would lose them the election. The husband believes they are safe now but if Assemblyman Jang becomes president, then they will be vulnerable to Yoo Jin’s wrath.

Assemblyman Park listens to the corruption committee news. His assistant states many of their allies are now under investigation. Assemblyman Park worries about the strength of his allies. Assemblyman Park asks his assistant why Assemblyman Jang is still alive. His assistant states one of the security team is exceptional. Assemblyman Park remembers Je Ha at the revolving door.

Assemblyman Park tries to convince defectors to come back but they resist. He’s livid. Things don’t get better when he learns that his trap for Assemblyman Jang isn’t yielding anything.

The girl that posted the picture of Anna to social media filter through comments about where Anna is in the city.

Assistant Kim shows Yoo Jin the photo of Anna that was uploaded to social media. Not what Yoo Jin wanted to see. Assistant Kim tells Yoo Jin that it’s time that she makes a hard choice. Is the choice to kill Anna?

Je Ha drives Anna back to the house. She remembers him telling her that she should appreciate his efforts to protect her. She remembers him trying to save her life in the park. Softly she asks Je Ha what kind of promise he made to her father. When he doesn’t answer immediately Anna yells at him to tell her the promise. Je Ha comments that he’s not deaf and heard her the first time. Je Ha tells her that her father requested that he protect her. Je Ha says that he agreed to do so. Anna is unimpressed. Je Ha states that because of that promise, he will be her primary protection from now on. He tells her that he’ll protect her, even from Yoo Jin. Anna grouses that he doesn’t have to do that. Je Ha agrees that Anna’s an adult, and if she doesn’t want his protection, she need only say so. When she doesn’t answer immediately he prompts her to talk to him. LOL! She mutters okay. Je Ha chuckles. Again I’m very pleased with Anna’s backbone in interactions with Je Ha. He so easy on the eyes we wonder why doesn’t she melt in front of him? But to Anna, JH’s good looks has nothing to do with his intentions. She doesn’t believe what he says fully, so he’s got to prove it.

Two reporter stare at the online photo of Anna and wonder if she is indeed the “Angel” the famous designer was looking for.

Anna thanks Je Ha for agreeing to protect her and bringing her father to him. She now knows her father deserted her mother and her. Je Ha calls her a whiny crybaby. That’s a bold response! Je Ha says her father didn’t throw her away. Anna counters that she knows better than anyone else that she was thrown away. After her mother died her father’s never showed up and she was sent to Barcelona to live in solitude for years without any contact with her father. If that’s not throwing her away; then what is? Je Ha states yes her father did treat her terribly, but if she is honest she’ll see that if her father completely abandoned her, she’d be dead. Je Ha reminds her that Yoo Jin is a deadly foe and she must be careful and mature in her dealings with her. Anna can say nothing because he’s right. I’m very pleased that Je Ha isn’t treating Anna as if she’s some gentle princess that he needs to bow to. It will only help the cause if they forthright with each other. They must rely on each other to get through this mess and come out the other side.

One of the reporters posts an online article about Anna. A young guy spots Anna in the back of the car as Je Ha drives by. He follows them to the house and snaps a picture of Anna and JH as she gets out of the car. Je Ha and Anna see him. He realizes he better get out of there fast. Je Ha runs up to the guy and stops his exit. Meekly the guy hands over his phone and Je Ha sees the article about Anna online. He stares at the phone in shock. Anna watches as the guy drives away as Je Ha gives him a clap on the back. As Je Ha walks back to the car he remembers her father worrying that continued public appearances by Anna will only inflame Yoo Jin’s anger and put Anna in further jeopardy. Anna gets an out of the car. She wants to know who the guy was. Je Ha says it was nobody. Surprisingly, she doesn’t pursue the matter.

As they walk to the house Je Ha stops her and puts up his fist and says the word ice, then he opens his hand says the word ding. Anna looks at him in confusion. Je Ha states it’s just like the children’s game of freeze tag. Ice means you’re frozen and cannot move, ding means you’re allowed to move. He has her practice. She does well. Then he adds a new gesture and word to the repertoire, sit. Anna looks at him in confusion but does as he asks and sits. Je Ha gets a smile on his face, pats her head, and tells her that she’s a good obedient girl. He walks away grinning. LOL! Anna comes up behind him and asks what that was about. Je Ha turns and signals and says ice. Anna stops. Je Ha signals and says ding. Anna moves. They repeat it. All throughout this Je Ha maintains a good distance between them so she can’t smack him. When Anna tries to stop him with the signals and word ice he ignores her and goes into the house. That made me laugh out loud! Seriously! That was funny!

Mr. Song considers what he’s about to do but considering Je Ha made the special request he decides to go forth with it. He calls of the entertainment news and tells them that he knows who the identity of the Barcelona “Angel” is. He claims it is Anna, daughter of movie star Ume Hye Rin. Ah, Je Ha’s plan is to put Anna in the open, and let the public protect her.

The guy on the scooter posts the picture that he snapped of Anna and Je Ha. He adds Anna’s address. The Internet goes crazy. Yes, Je Ha is going to bring Anna in the public’s eye. Yoo Jin won’t be able to easily kill a public figure. Or so he hopes.

Assistant Kim gives Yoo Jin the bad news that more information about Anna has been posted online including the address of the house. Yoo Jin yells that they need to move Anna. Assistant Kim tells Yoo Jin that the house is surrounded and reporters are there too. Needless to say, Yoo Jin is not happy.

Je Ha, Agent J4, Agent Housekeeper, and Anna see the crowd around the house. Je Ha tells them, so this is what we are going to do…

Yoo Jin speaks to the JSS President as a van loaded with security guards head to the house. The JSS President asks if he can have some latitude to assess the situation and get back with her. Yoo Jin is livid, he is to dispose of Anna. The JSS President says that her Assemblyman Jang may not have the same opinion. Yoo Jin can’t believe that her orders are being questioned. She tells Assistant Kim to call the captain in the van. She asks the JSS President if he’s trying to make a deal with her. The President denies this but reminds her that killing a future president’s daughter, is something he does not take lightly. He changes his tune when assistant Kim calls the assault captain who pointedly put his gun on the set. Yoo Jin tells the JSS President the only thing he was to fear is her. The JSS president promises he’ll follow her orders.

Agent J4 asks Col. Jo what they should do. Angrily, he orders them to sit tight then hangs up.

As Je Ha surveys the rooftops of the house and adjoining cottage, Col. Jo calls and warns him that the JSS President is headed to the house with an assault team. Col. Jo tells him he stuck at the prosecutor’s office with Assemblyman Jang. He tells Je Ha to be careful. He tells Je Ha that Anna spate is in Je Ha’s hands Nice! Col. Jo isn’t a hired lackey without a brain. He cares about Je Ha and warned him of the impending situation.

The assault force is ready to kill Anna. The assault captain orders one of his men to stay close to Anna and be the one to kill her should their long distance assassination not work. The JSS President tells everyone in the van that he will disavow them should they be caught. It’s just like mission impossible! I like the music that ratchets up the tension of the scene. Something big is going to happen! LOL, at the steely stare the assault captain gives the JSS President. Respect must be earned.

Je Ha heads to Anna’s room. He tells her it’s time they go. She’s nervous. He bends down and tells her she can do it. He smiles that smile that would make any woman melt. Anna looks at him and smiles.

Yoo Jin and Assistant Kim drive to the house. All forces are converging! Cue choral music!

The assault van arrives.

k2_ep8_8b k2_ep8_8a
A light goes on and Agent Housekeeper tells the crowd that Anna will be out shortly. She begs them not to take flash photos.

The sniper readies to kill Anna. He reports he’s in position as he eyes the Anna. Je Ha eliminates the sniper. Yes!

Anna stares out the window. Agent Housekeeper tells Anna it’s her turn and she can do it. Anna looks out the window and sees Je Ha give her the ice signal. She smiles. He smiles. I’m loving it!

Another sniper locks on Anna looking at the window.  Je Ha eliminates the sniper with an awesome spin kick. Yes!

k2_ep8_10b k2_ep8_10a
Anna looks out the window and sees Je Ha give her the ding signal. She smiles. He smiles. I’m loving it!

Anna braces herself and prepares to reveal herself. Je Ha sees the assault captain who sees him too. Ok, whoever set up this scene is brilliant. Both men walk down parallel steps to what we must assume will be an awesome confrontation. As the men reach the ground they stare at each other. The assault captain takes out his gun. He tosses the gun aside. Yes! He’s going to fight Je Ha hand to hand! I’m going to dub this the “spin kick” fight.

k2_ep8_11b k2_ep8_11a
The public waits. Anna appears. They rush forward and take pictures. She proceeds down the steps as everyone yells their approval. They quiet. Anna introduces herself as movie star Ume Hye Rin’s daughter. She says her name is Go Anna. The JSS President watches Anna talk to the crowd.

Yoo Jin arrives and bolts out of the car. She stops stunned when she sees Anna in front of the crowd. Her mouth is open so wide in shock a swarm of bees could fly in.

The “spin kick” fight continues. Lots of good grunting in this fight! The assault captain nicks Je Ha’s check and draws blood.

Anna tells the crowd that she’s not an angel but confirms she was in Barcelona.

Yoo Jin regains herself and rushes forward.

k2_ep8_13b k2_ep8_13a
The spin fight continues. The assault captain puts his shoulder back in his socket. Ouch!

Anna sees the JSS President. He orders the snipers to pull the trigger. But they aren’t there.

Yoo Jin rushes to the front of the crowd and stares at Anna.

The man charged with killing Anna from close range, withdraws his knife and starts into the crowd. Suddenly, he’s disabled. It’s Agent J4! She did something right! Nice!

Anna tells the crowd that she’s Korean. She says as for my father…she stares at Yoo Jin who shakes her head…she says “my father is deceased director Go Joon Ho.” Yoo Jin and Assistant Kim sigh in relief. Yoo Jin stares at Anna and wonders what kind of game she’s playing. Anna stares at Yoo Jin and thinks you’ll find out soon enough. Bam! Loving the telepathy conversations!

Oh no, the flash photography starts with Assistant Kim leading the way. Low blow! Agent Housekeeper tries to stop them but to no avail. Anna sways and falls to the ground. Yoo Jin rushes forward feigning concern.

Je Ha is bloody and tired.

Yoo Jin yells at the reporters to stop with the flash photography. She asks Anna if she’s okay. Anna passes out.

She wakes in her room. Je Ha visits her. She’s crying. He leaves to give her privacy.

Je Ha enters the living room where Yoo Jin and assistant Kim are talking to Agent J4 and Agent Housekeeper. Je Ha claims it was all his idea. Agent J4 states they thought they were following her orders.

Yoo Jin walks to Je Ha and asks why he did that. Je Ha says it was better than having her murdered in front of a crowd. Yoo Jin agrees that killing her would have been a bigger mess to clean up. She tells Je Ha he did well. Assistant Kim can’t believe that Yoo Jin is falling for Je Ha is lame excuse. She tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha is lying. Yoo Jin states she can kill Anna tomorrow if she decides to. Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if he knows that she can kill Anna whenever she wants. Je Ha nods his understanding. Yoo Jin turns and lets Agent J4 and Agent Housekeeper off the hook and asks them to leave the room. Yoo Jin looks at Assistant Kim. She leaves the room, but she’s not happy about it.

Yoo Jin asks Je Ha to sit on the couch. Yoo Jin tells Je Ha she’s had a big couple of days he saved Assemblyman Jang from Assemblyman Park, and saved Anna from her. Yoo Jin asks if he’s given up on justice for the woman he loved that was killed in Iraq. Yoo Jin says their opponents are circling them and she wants to strike back. Yoo Jin, you manipulative witch.

Later in the car Assistant Kim tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha organized the whole outing of Anna. Yoo Jin snaps that she knows that and is angry that her Assistant can’t tell that she knows that. Yoo Jin states that Anna has the power at this moment. I love how that practically puts tears in Yoo Jin’s eyes, the fact that she is out of control in this particular situation. So that’s her Achilles heel, absolute control. Not having control drives her mad.

Yoo Jin’s father’s second wife sees the news report of Anna outside the house and Yoo Jin cradling her. She smiles. She makes a call.

Je Ha sits in the observation room and observes the CCTV inside the house.

Anna lays on her bed and thinks about the day’s events. She heads to the roof. Yoo Jin sits on the roof and watches her. He thinks about how they met in Barcelona, the silly ramen joy scenes, his setting up the fixings for ramen, her finding the fixes and her happiness, her happy dance, etc. Good grief Je Ha looks like a love struck fool. Reign it back buddy. Act cool! You are intrigued not swooning! Next Je Ha remembers Anna as a nun. Are we going to relive every moment of their acquaintance? Yes, we are. Next up Je Ha and Anna in the park. The ice cream. The seizure, the CPR, etc.

Anna stands and bobbles a bit as she tries to make her way back into the house. Quick as a flash but with limited grace Je Ha gets to her. He falls on the tiled roof himself. Je Ha tries to regain his dignity and crawls back, but Anna asks him what is he doing. Again he tries to play it cool and tells her he’s not doing much. Anna realizes he injured himself in the mad scramble to get her and asks if he’s okay. Grimacing he claims he’s okay. Deciding offense is the only way he can regain his dignity, Je Ha berates Anna for going outside on the dangerous roof. She stares at him. He stares at her. He realizes dignity cannot be regained and decides to leave. As he turns to leave, she asks him to stay. He stares at her. She starts to sit and says come over and sit back next to me. Standing is too dangerous for you. She asks again if he’s heard. Again he lies he’s not. She laughs.

Sitting next to each other on the roof she thanks him for everything. For what he did for her in Barcelona, the ramen, the ice cream, bringing dad to her, and for today and now. Je Ha agrees she should be thankful. She laughs. He laughs. Je Ha tells her that her life will be a lot more interesting now. People want to know about her. He thinks she’ll be able to move about much more freely now. And if she wants privacy, she can have it. He warns her that he can’t really leave the public eye, because that would be an opportunity for her enemies to kill her. Je Ha is blunt. She was allowed to live because Yoo Jin didn’t think she was a threat. But Yoo Jin knows differently now. Je Ha declares that Anna is Yoo Jin’s Achilles heel. Je Ha says Anna could destroy Yoo Jin just by telling the world who her father really is. He warns her that when people lose interest in her, Yoo Jin will strike. Anna wonders what would happen if she told the world JS is her father. Je Ha says that would put her in the unenviable position of being the daughter that destroyed her father’s career. He asks if that’s what she wants to do.

Anna tells Je Ha that her mother was in a similar position where admitting to the world who she was involved with, would have destroyed her father. Anna says her mother lived for interactions with her father. She says on the day that her mother died her father was supposed to visit, but did not.

Flashback…Her mother drank herself into a stupor. A young Anna heard her mother declare she would expose her father’s identify.

Anna says she hated her mother when she drank. She’d cry uncontrollably. Anna thought her mother’s tears repelled her father. That night when her mother wanted to hug her, she backed away, telling her mother she reeked of alcohol (Anna had the sleeping pills behind her back). Her mother said she was sad and cried. Present day Anna cries at the memory. She cries that she didn’t hug her mother. She thought her mother was rambling and drunk like usual. Anna cries for her mother’s forgiveness. Je Ha puts his arm around Anna and draws her to his chest. Je Ha tells her she was just a young girl. She can’t beat herself up for what she did when she was so young. He tells her it’s going to be okay. Anna pulls away from him sobbing that she was mean to her mother. Anna sobs that what she did next was even worse. We see the young Anna give her mother the sleeping pill bottle. Her mother asked her if she wanted her to sleep for a long time. Anna replied that she didn’t want her mother to cry and she wanted her to sleep soundly. Young Anna promised her mother that if she took the sleeping pills, she’d wake her if her father came. Anna’s mother takes the sleeping pill bottle. Anna’s mother said that if she had to sleep until her father came, she’d have to sleep for a very long time. Anna’s mother walked to her bedroom, open the door, turned and looked at her daughter, then went in, the door. Present day Anna sobs and Je Ha once again pulls her to his chest. Anna sobs that she killed her mother. As Je Ha pats her shoulder Anna sobs the pain of not knowing that was the last time she would see her mother. Je Ha holds her and lets her sob out her pain. That’s a gift, just letting someone cry while you hold them. Most people are so uncomfortable with tears that they back away. But Je Ha embraces her and lets her get some of that pent-up pain out.

Later when she’s calm and collected, Anna leans against Je Ha who has his arm around her. Nice!

The next day Assemblyman Park has a visit from the Chief of Police. Assemblyman Park comments that the Chief is loyal to him and Assemblyman Jang. The Chief declares his loyalty is to Assemblyman Park. He hands Assemblyman Park the dossier on Je Ha. The police chief explains that Je Ha was a mercenary in Iraq but fled after murdering a refugee. The chief says that Interpol has him on the wanted list. Assemblyman Park sees that Je Ha worked for Blackstone. He laughs. He now knows that he and Je Ha have common past. Assemblyman Park laughs and laughs.

My Thoughts

Anna meets the public. Je Ha’s plan was a good one. By making Anna alluring to the public, he saved her life. Yoo Jin, the JSS President, the captain of the assault team, and the assault team are ready to kill Anna. But by putting Anna in front of the reporters in the adoring public, he stayed the execution.

This episode was even better than the last. We’ve seen Yoo Jin had the upper hand for the first seven episodes. It was terrific to see her not be in control. Anna and Je Ha made a real connection. That may be the last time we see Je Ha fantasize about the ramen because he’ll have real memories from now on.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) made a plan that saved Anna’s life. He realized that putting Anna in the spotlight would shield her more than the shadows that Yoo Jin kept her in. Finally, we got to see a real connection between Je Ha and Anna. The ice/ding scene was delightful. Those hand signals were used perfectly when Je Ha signal her to wait while he disarmed the second assassin, then told her to proceed when all was clear. Je Ha blithely lied to Yoo Jin and they both knew he was lying. I can’t believe Je Ha is doesn’t know that Yoo Jin is on to him. But Yoo Jin is a woman that must save face and be in control. How will she punish Je Ha? Because you know she will. I did enjoy when Je Ha scrambled to keep Anna from falling and wasn’t his normal cool self as he tried to extract himself from the situation. Finally, the moment on the roof was a lovely cathartic moment for Anna and allowed Je Ha to draw her close to him literally and emotionally. Je Ha allowed Anna to sob out her pain, stroking her hair, stroking her arm, and soothing her. This is the halfway point of the series and now we see this couple has potential.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) lost control and I loved it. Yoo Jin’s idea of a perfect day, is a day where she gets everything that she wants and everyone does exactly as she wants them to. But Anna and Je Ha went off script. She wanted Anna dead. Je Ha ensured that Anna had to live. The control was wrestled from Yoo Jin’s hands. She’s not happy about that. She’s going to get control back. She’s going to punish Anna and Je Ha.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) had a cameo role this episode. He showed up to give his statement to the prosecutor.

Ko An Na (Yoona) stepped into the light and into the public’s eye. I applaud Anna for facing her fears and greeting the public and speaking to them. She stared Yoo Jin in the face and decided not to reveal that Assemblyman Jang was her father. It’s not like Yoo Jin owes her for that, but it insured that Yoo Jin wouldn’t kill her, right away. Finally, we got to see a better picture of what happened on the fateful night her mother died. The new information was that her mother had been waiting for her father who did not show. Disappointed her mother got drunk. A young Anna used to her mother’s drinking wanted her to stop crying and offered sleeping pills to help her mother cope. Her mother took the sleeping pills into her room. So what we have a better understanding of what happened outside the bedroom, and what happened inside the bedroom (to a point). Anna’s interactions with Je Ha ran the gauntlet of irritated and angry (in the hospital and initially in the car), to thankful for his support in bringing her father to her, to playful interactions with the hand signals of ice/ding, and trust as he directed her public debut. When she went to the roof and he followed her to make sure she was fine, he couldn’t just let her fall when she stumbled, and practically leapt to the other side of the roof where she was. In that moment he tried to regain his equilibrium, and she held out her hand figuratively when she asked him to stay. That allowed for the real moment to occur between the two of them, when Anna shared her emotional pain over the death of her mother and what happened that fateful night. Je Ha was strong, supportive, and gave Anna exactly what she needed in that moment. Folks, we have a basis for a relationship between these two. Finally, their relationship becoming real, and based on something that matters.

The third song of the OST, “Amazing Grace” by Yoona (our leading lady), is released. Check it out in the embedded video below:

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36 comments on “The K2 Episode 8 Recap
  1. Am waiting (keep looking) for the song with violins and mellow male voice that played during her crying and his holding her on the roof. Love that one.

  2. Beez says:

    This is turning out to be the Yoo Jin show for me because she’s the only one giving me what I need.

    I was really upset when everyone else was criticizing this show for too much action cause I felt it was too early to criticize and because I love action. Can’t be too much. But…something…

    I love me some Ji Chang Wook but I feel like there’s something missing. I’m not enough of a film student to know what it is, but much like art, I know what I like.

    It’s almost as if the directing or editing or writing or something is just not getting to me. I am known for crying at the drop of a hat in sympathy for characters and yet for Ana…I got nothing. Maybe because it seems like I’ve heard her story and seen her crying over it too often or a little too long? Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the type of grief and guilt she’s been burdened with for years and I don’t expect it to suddenly go away, I’m not talking about the character isn’t right for me, just something about the way her story is being presented.

    Anyway, I’m watching for The Wook and will continue to do so but…I’m…still…waiting…for…something…???

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yoo Jin is on the edge of crazy. Some of her facial expressions reveal the monster below the surface.
      As far as Anna I have felt more empathy for the child actress versus the adult actress. I am not faulting the actress as Anna has been written as a withdrawn prisoner. I am hoping now that she is in the public eye she can blossom. They were darling with the hand signals scene. I saw potential in that moment.
      These characters are more serious, this story has focused on the quest for power.
      Ep 8 featured our couple, 50% of the drama is done and this was their first feature episode.
      All this adds up to a different twist on a story. There aren’t endearing characters. They all are damaged and focused on their own quests for power, revenge, or freedom. I liked the direction of these last 2 episodes. The characters seemed more human and relatable.

      • Beez says:

        Yoo Jin is fascinating. She loves and hates her husband. You could see her dilemma as she watched her husband interact with Ana, all the while despising him for being the cad she thinks he is and wanting him to be a better man (father) even though she would make him pay (either with his own life or Ana’s) if he is.

        Just like when she told him she wishes he had been a man and stood up to her by leaving her when she killed Ana’s mom even though the only choice she gave him was stay or your daughter will be killed too.

        She’s evil yet pitiful. Daebok!

        • kjtamuser says:

          She realizes that her choices, stay or Anna dies, aren’t choices to anyone with a heart.
          She hopes her husband is a better man, yet she’s helped drive him to deny his heart and become a callous cad (except for Anna).
          She destroys what she wants from people. Does it make it easier to focus on her quest for power?
          The writer will have to balance a bit of humanity with the drive for power to keep this character from veering into a stock mustache twirling villain.The actress is doing everything she can to show what the character’s choices cost her with the crazy looks, the outbursts of laughter, the tears, etc.

          • Beez says:

            Yet it never feels over done to me. She reminds me of the actress who is famous for playing this same type of role over and over but you can SEE her acting and think “so cheeseball”. I never “catch” the actress playing Yoo jin acting so I’m not yanked out of the world the drama had drawn me into. I never feel she’s over doing it, even at her most moustache twirling-est. lol

            Now I KNOW JCW is a good actor, but when he was giving Ana a comforting hug on the roof, he didn’t seem full of heartfelt sympathy enough to believe it himself so I certainly didn’t. Since I know he can act, and the actress playing Ana was doing a good job, that makes me think director/editing problem.

            • kjtamuser says:

              I’ve never seen Hwang Shin Hye in a series. There are simply too many actors to keep up with.
              I concur that Song Yoon A seems “in the moment” and “real” when she portrays this character.
              The rooftop scene had moments. When Je Ha lunged for Anna, slipped, and righted himself, I felt that JCW nailed awkward adorable. I felt their comfort with each other after the crying jag when they sat side by side. I appreciated that he let her cry all over him but I imagine that he wouldn’t be moved to tears (aka heartfelt sympathy) at this point. She’s still a virtual stranger, although one he’s been watching. All that being said, I think the writer’s choice to keep them separate without meaningful interactions to build a friendship that will evolve to more, has created a minimal relationship between leads at the mid way point in the series than a typical drama would have.

              • Beez says:

                “, I think the writer’s choice to keep them separate without meaningful interactions to build a friendship that will evolve to more, has created a minimal relationship between leads at the mid way point in the series than a typical drama would have.”

                tru dat, kjtamuser, true dat.

                btw, that was redbutterglys who commented on JeHa not being a bad boy. I think he’s bad-azz but with a heart-o-gold.

  3. Beez says:

    Btw,look what I spotted on the desk of Yoo Jin’s study. Nice detail by the props department to put a book about America’s current first lady onto the desk of a woman whose sole ambition is to be first lady.!AvE2-hpAQD16qSM0XxQBIpQm4L_F!AvE2-hpAQD16qSKd0q9xDCr6OPEH

  4. I have appreciated how the relationship between Anna and Je-Ha is progressing from being aware of each other without really knowing each other to now slowly sharing friendly as well as tense moments. It is a sufficiently realistic projection for me that I can’t complain about it. Like you mentioned Je-Ha and Anna will pay for Yoo- Jin’s perceived affront in some painfully cruel but subtle way which I hope will bring them closer. And is it just me or was that assault captain kinda hot 🙂 and dangerous looking, he did seem to have that bad boy edge that JCW seems to lack in this show( which is not a bad thing)

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m pleased that Anna is no longer merely a captive victim and Je Ha is no longer merely a sympathetic behind the scenes protector. This episode they came into the light and started interacting with each other as equals. From the bickering in the car, to the hand signals, to executing plan to publicize Anna, this couple communicated and built trust. I needed this. This couple is evolving from concept to reality.

      Assault captain was kinda hot. I loved when he put the gun on the seat next to him that conveyed to the JSS President that he better comply with Yoo Jin’s request or else. I respected that he fought Je Ha without using his gun. The strong silent characters can pull off the bad boy edge.

      As you noted, JCW is not a bad boy in this drama. I’d like to see that one day.

      • Beez says:

        Sinichi! The Assault Captain played a character in Age of Feeling aka Inspiring Generation that was totally bad-azz. The show was worth watching for the glitz, the production value, and just because it was something different, being set in the 1920’s-30’s. The fight choreography is AMAZING! With the hero (the kpop idol from BOF) facing and learning a new martial art style with every showdown. Too bad the writers switched half way through so the story went ly.NO..WHERE.

        But seeing a recapper talking about Shinichi (actorJo Dong-Hyuk who played the sex addict in Searching for the Elephant with Jang Hyuk) and posting this pic of him:!AvE2-hpAQD16oXUQBm4wQxgaufAs

        Made me go on a hunt for the swashbuckling drama the pic is from. The show is called Yacha. So I watched Yacha on DramaFever. Warning: you must be 18 years old to watch. Yacha also could have been great with its fight scenes and Conan the Barbarian-ish feel, but alas, it spent too much time on T&A (trying to imitate Spartacus 2010) and the story is mishmash. It only had 10 episodes and I didn’t realize until episode 8 that the hero and heroine had been in love and that’s where all the motivation for everything came from. And believe me, the show didn’t MEAN for us to not realize, I think they only remembered in episode 8 – “oh, if we don’t make some backflashes scenes, then the heroine looks like she’s just in a one-sided stalker love affair because the hero never wanted to be with her in the first place.

        So if you want to see Shinichi, and don’t mind seeing a couple of shows that feel epic and has some great moments but, overall,the stories aren’t told in a way to live up to their potential or to the cast and awesome film crews…then I recommend these for the eye candy and especially for Jo Dong Hyuk.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Woah Beez! What a pic of Jo Dong Hyuk! 😵 I might just have to put him on my watch list.

        • Beez says:

          Jo Dong Hyuk is an older actor. I think he’s best known for VERY riske films and I wonder if that affected why he didn’t become a bigger star while he was younger. I know that other big stars have done R rated films but it’s usually after they’ve become stars.

    • @Beez I have watched Yacha/Yaksha and I am not surprised I did not remember him from there,that show had blood ,heads and limbs rolling everywhere and it was all I could do to keep looking at the screen 🙂 Not even sure I finished watching

      • Beez says:

        @redbutterflys – I’m strangly okay with graphic novel type over exaggeration of blood & guts. It’s when it looks too real that it bothers me. I actually like the stylized

        • In my case the real is okay it is like my head can’t make it any worse but my imagination goes into overdrive with stylised graphics making everything appear even worse than it really is. Oh the Joys of an overactive imagination 😦

          • kjtamuser says:

            I often have to close my eyes. I don’t like it when the imagery gets in my head because I’ll see it again in dreams.

            • Beez says:

              Oh noeees, kjtamuser! Not nightmares! That’s why I don’t watch horror or occult shows cause they give me nightmares. (So glad I watched Master’s Sun in spite of that though.)

              The graphic novel type violence reminds me of cartoon violence so …it’s almost funny it’s so over the top so no problems for me there.

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Je Ha brilliantly put the spotlight on Anna to protect her from Yoo Jin. I noticed Anna didn’t seem to have issues with Agent Housekeeper or J4 upon return to the house. I ❤ the ice/ding hand signals and laughed when Anna unsuccessfully tried them on Je Ha. I concur with @redbutterflys the assault Capitan was bad boy hot 😎! I wonder 🤔 how much heat Je Ha will take for taking down “offense” squad?

    LOL 😝 “the last time we see Je Ha fantasize about ramen”! I am sooo ready to move past the happy ramen dance! Je Ha and Anna’s rooftop encounter brought out vulnerability in both of them.

    I think the missing part of the plot is evil Yoo Jin’s motivation for hanging on to the vile assemblyman Jang. The loathsome assemblyman is motivated by power and his daughter’s safety. Why did this dysfunctional couple get together? Did they ever like each other? Why do they stay in this nightmarish marriage? Yoo Jin seems to have plenty of money, if $=power, why does she need the assemblyman?

    • I have been asking myself that question about Yoo Jin why does she need Assemblyman Jang and how they got together,she doesn’t seem the type to fall for a sleazy guy like him nor he her. He seems to like the vapid,flashy type women and she can hardly be described that way

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yoo Jin can’t achieve the power herself but with a politically savvy husband, she can be the power behind the man.

      I’ve thought that maybe women are unable to be elite in politics (now or back in the day when Yoo Jin decided he was the one to facilitate). So she hung her star to him years ago with the goal of becoming Mr. and Mrs. President.

  6. Kdramaland300 says:

    Yoona’s acting so great! i fall in love with her role as Anna, she is catching all my attention and heart!

  7. fibi says:

    who is the captain inside the van? whats his real name?

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