Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap

Cinderella leaves the castle and the knights.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) packs, thinks about Ji Woon and cries. Someone calls her.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) signs his albums telling his fans not to suffer unrequited love. As he thinks about Ha Won, the irony doesn’t escape him. Someone calls him.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) flashes back to asking Hye Ji to marry him when they were children. He stares at the ring. He leaves it at the playground and walks away. Someone calls him.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) drives with the photo album of his father and mother by his side. When Assistant Lee (Choi Min) calls him, Ji Woon demands to know where Grandfather is, he must speak with him. Assistant Lee tells him that Grandfather is in the hospital.

c4k_ep14_1b c4k_ep14_1a

Ha Won reaches the hospital first and learns Grandfather is in ICU. Ha Won tells Grandfather’s wife that she angered Grandfather by dating Ji Woon. She feels guilty. Grandfather’s wife pushes her against a wall and stuns her with the news that Grandfather is waiting for a liver transplant. She blames Ha Won for upsetting Grandfather. Ha Won explains the two options Grandfather gave her – leave the mansion for cash and never to contact the Kang cousins again or continue dating Ji Woon. Grandfather’s wife tells her of the choice is easy. She tells Ha Won to leave the mansion immediately without anyone knowing. Grandfather’s wife really pushes the guilt telling Ha Won that she’ll tell everyone that it is her fault that Grandfather collapsed and had to reenter the hospital. Grandfather’s wife tells Ha Won to leave now and never come back. Ha Won apologizes again and slinks away tears in her eyes. Grandfather’s wife might be nice to the orphans but she was a witch to Ha Won. She kicked Ha Won out into the street. She wrongly blamed her for something that she knew was not Ha Won’s fault. Grandfather’s wife should be the one feeling guilty. Grandfather found her with Assistant Lee and made the wrong assumption that they were lovers, that’s when Grandfather collapsed.

When Ji Woon gets to the hospital Assistant Lee tells him the Grandfather’s in a coma and they don’t know when he’ll wake up. He says that Grandfather has liver cancer. Assistant Lee states that Grandfather kept it a secret. Assistant Lee notes that visiting hours are over so he’ll wait outside Grandfather’s room. Assistant Lee asks Ji Woon why he wanted to speak with Grandfather. Ji Woon says it doesn’t matter in this moment. Assistant Lee tells him that Hyun Min and Seo Woo are on their way. Ji Woon asks about Ha Won. Assistant Lee assures him that Ha Won is in route to the hospital as well. Grandfather’s wife has been listening to their conversation but says nothing.

c4k_ep14_2b c4k_ep14_2a

Grandfather’s wife finds Ji Woon after he unsuccessfully tries to call Ha Won. She tells him that Ha Won won’t pick up. She tells him that Grandfather knew about their relationship. She calls Ha Won a pretender, someone that fakes being nice but really is after the cash. Anybody else think she’s describing herself? Ji Woon tells her not to speak about Ha Won like that. Grandfather’s wife states Ha Won faced an ultimatum from Grandfather to either take the cash and disappear or date Ji Woon. Grandfather’s wife says Ha Won’s choice is obvious because she’s not taking Ji Woon’s calls. Grandfather’s wife states that Grandfather will never accept someone as lowly as Ha Won is a suitable partner for Ji Woon. Fed up with listening to her, Ji Woon leaves.

Assistant Lee tells Hyun Min and Seo Woo the Grandfather’s only chance is a liver transplant. Assistant Lee tells both of them that Grandfather kept it a secret because he didn’t want to put the burden of his illness on them. Both of them wonder why Grandfather collapsed. Assistant Lee lies and says he doesn’t know why their Grandfather collapsed. Hyun Min and Seo Woo leave to go speak with the doctor. Assistant Lee calls Ji Woon, but he doesn’t answer.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) is given storage space to live in by a fellow designer.

Both Hyun Min and Seo Woo tell the doctor they want to be tested for compatibility for a liver transplant. As they walk the halls of the hospital Hyun Min admits that he had to take a cab to the hospital because he got so upset when he was driving. Seo Woo notes that Hyun Min never admits that he’s human. Hyun Min says that Grandfather is all he has left since his father died when he was 10. Notice he ignored his mother? She deserves to be ignored. Seo Woo agrees that he’s worried about Grandfather too.

c4k_ep14_3b c4k_ep14_3a

Ji Woon finds Ha Won wheeling her suitcase out of her room. He asks where she’s going. She tells him that her part-time job is done and she’s leaving the mansion. Ji Woon grabs her suitcase to stop her. Ha Won says she was kicked out of her own home and Grandfather gave her this part-time job which included living at the mansion. Who wouldn’t take the job? She even got to date him which made her feel like Cinderella. Ji Woon tells her to stop talking. Ha Won gently removes his hand from her suitcase and tells him that they need to stop dating. Ji Woon looks into her eyes and says he’s upset about other matters and this is not the time for her to dump him. Ha Won says that this is the way it has to be. She tells him to let her go. Ji Woon says he knows she really doesn’t want them to stop dating. She starts to walk away. Ji Woon says that if she leaves him right now, he’ll never see her again. With tears in her eyes Ha Won walks away. Ji Woon stands there stunned. I wanted a more intense confrontation between these two. Ji Woon knows the choices Grandfather gave Ha Won. But Ji Woon seems to doubt Ha Won. Then he does the one thing you should never do in a fight, he delivers an ultimatum. Ha Won walks away, guilt ridden about Grandfather because his witch of a wife did a negative number on her head.

Ha Won walks the street crying as she remembers moments with Ji Woon.

Ji Woon returns to his father’s storage room. He remembers Ha Won telling him to break up.


Hyun Min sees the housekeeper with Hye Ji’s sewing items. She tells him that Hye Ji told her to put them in storage. Hyun Min takes the items to his room. He remembers moments with Hye Ji. He calls himself a jerk.

Hye Ji looks at the picture of herself, her brother, and Hyun Min and remembers his confession that he ran away after he saw her brother hit by the car. She remembers Hyun Min denying their relationship.

Grandfather’s wife asks her son to confirm that no one knows about their meeting and Grandfather’s collapse when he found them. Assistant Lee confirms this. She suggests that he take over the company while Grandfather is in a coma. He tells her she has no right to decide that. She states as his mother; she has every right.

Ha Won goes to see her mother at the memorial. She explains her actions have only caused pain. She cries and asks her mother what to do.

Assistant Lee learns that Hyun Min and Seo Woo are not a match for a liver transplant. The doctor asks if there are distant relatives that could be tested.


Stepmother and stepdaughter try and sell used merchandise at the store. The clerk doesn’t believe their handbags are authentic. She refuses to buy the bags.

Ji Woon looks at a photo of his mother. He visits the location one of the photos was taken.

Hye Ji dresses a mannequin with her friend’s clothes. Unbeknownst to her, Hyun Min watches her. He calls someone and asks to meet.


Ji Woon gets coffee at the location in his mother’s picture. This is a touch stone location for couples that break up and long to get back together. They write each other notes. The waiter sees the photo of Ji Woon’s mother. The man says his father probably took the photo. He brings the notes from 1995 and suggests Ji Woon looks for a note from his parents. Ji Woon finds one. He then asks for the notes from 1996. Now he finds his mother confessing to returning to this spot in hopes of finding his father. Another notes tells his father she named the baby Ji Woon. There are many notes. His mother admits she left Ji Woon’s father so their son wouldn’t have to worry about social status. Ji Woon seethes that Grandfather made his mother leave his father.

Seo Woo visits his sleeping Grandfather in the hospital. Hyun Min arrives and asks Grandfather to wake up.


At Grandfather’s office Assistant Lee runs his hands over Grandfather’s name plate. He flashes back to his parents bitterly fighting. His mother leaves the house, deserting Assistant Lee. He thinks about repeatedly besting a man in karate and stating he has something important to fight for. What is he talking about?

Hyun Min meets his fashion designer friend. He tells his friend he needs a favor. Does he have Hye Ji’s sketch book?

Ji Woon looks at the album and drives. He tosses his phone out the window. Why?

The doctor tells Hyun Min he can’t find Ha Won who was tested but not a match for Grandfather. The nurse tells Hyun Min the restaurant that Grandfather collapsed at has Grandfather’s items. Hyun Min goes to the restaurant to retrieve the items. The manager gives Hyun Min Grandfather’s cells phone and mentions that Grandfather was at the restaurant along with his wife and Assistant Lee. That gets his attention.

c4k_ep14_8b c4k_ep14_8a

Hyun Min learns that Assistant Lee isn’t at the company but instead at the hospital. When he gets to the hospital he doesn’t find Assistant Lee. He calls him. Assistant Lee lies that he’s at the company. We see he’s actually meeting his mother. She offers to transfer her stocks in the company to him. She admits she not only wanted a relationship with Grandfather, she also wanted a relationship with her son. She asks if he’ll let her be his mother again. Assistant Lee doesn’t answer. She leaves telling him to think about it. Assistant Lee remembers his conversation with the orphanage director.

c4k_ep14_9b c4k_ep14_9a

Ha Won’s friend is sad that Seo Woo’s Grandfather is sick. Ha Won’s friend says her manager will only let her stay there for one week. Ha Won is surprised when her father visits. He asks why she’s not at the mansion. She tells him she’s working two jobs. He worries about her socializing with rich people. He asks if Ha Won has her mother’s ring. She has the ring on a necklace. He tells her the ring did not belong to her mother. He explains the ring was from the woman next door that her mother died trying to save. He admits that ring caused a long lasting misunderstanding. He suggests they return the ring to the rightful owner. Wouldn’t that be Ji Woon?

The fashion designer calls Hye Ji to meet. He tells her that he likes her designs and is recommending her for a scholarship in PARIS. Far away from Hyun Min?! She’s thrilled.

Hyun Min shows Seo Woo Grandfather’s cell phone the manager gave him. Hyun Min asks if Assistant Lee stopped by the mansion. Seo Woo says Assistant Lee didn’t stop by. Seo Woo manages to unlock the phone. He sees the blurry picture of Ha Won and the Kang cousins. Hyun Min tells Seo Woo that even Ha Won got tested as a potential liver match for Grandfather but she wasn’t a match. Hyun Min says Ji Woon might be the last hope for a match. They wonder where Ji Woon is.


Ha Won’s friend brings Seo Woo a lunch to support him while he is busy at the hospital. Seo Woo enjoys the lunch. She’s thrilled. She does a capability test with his phone and finds they are 95% compatible. Seo Woo asks if she knows where Ha Won is.

Seo Woo visits Ha Won at the coffee shop. Ha Won asks how Grandfather is doing. Seo Woo chides her for ignoring her phone calls. Seo Woo says that Ji Woon is the only relative that did not get tested. Seo Woo asks for her help. He gives her Grandfather’s phone. He tells her she must show Ji Woon something on the phone. He is sure she is the only one that can bring Ji Woon back to the family. He admits he knows about her relationship with Ji Woon.

c4k_ep14_11b c4k_ep14_11a

Ha Won remembers Ji Woon’s ultimatum. She cries. Ha Won remembers Seo Woo telling her she’s the only one that can bring Ji Woon back to the family. She looks at the texts from Grandfather telling his son (Ji Woon’s father) that while he couldn’t stand Ji Woon’s mother, he was glad to get to know Ji Woon. He asks his son why he had to die and leave Ji Woon behind without a father. Ha Won wonders what to do.


Ha Won searches for Ji Woon and finds him at the car repair shop. Makes sense that he’d return to his former life. Ha Won offers Ji Woon Grandfather’s cell phone and tells him it has texts about his father. Ji Woon is surprised that Grandfather sent texts to his dead son. Ha Won says there is a text for every day since he found Ji Woon. He looks at the texts. She asks him to go to the hospital. She says Grandfather needs him. Ji Woon says he doesn’t need Grandfather. Ha Won says that Grandfather will always be his Grandfather no matter if he’s happy or angry with him. She calls him a coward to run away. He tells her not to talk to him like that. Ha Won admits she doesn’t know all the details of his relationship with his Grandfather. She’s afraid that Ji Woon may be the only match for Grandfather. She shares she got tested but wasn’t a match. Ha Won tells Ji Woon his family and may be a match. She urges him not to run away from his family. She declares he needs make things right with Grandfather.

At the company, Grandfather’s wife tells the board they need a “fresh start”. They don’t like her words. She declares they are changing the 5 major stockholders of the company. She says she’s brought the newest major stockholder with her.

Ji Woon considers what Ha Won says. He sees Ha Won watching him consider her words.

The doctor tells Hyun Min that Grandfather’s liver has failed. Unless they perform the transplant quickly, Grandfather will die.

c4k_ep14_13b c4k_ep14_13a

Grandfather’s wife says the newest major stockholder wants to meet the board. Assistant Lee walks in and stands by his mother.


Ji Woon arrives at the hospital with Ha Won in tow. The three Kang cousins stand by Grandfather’s bed. Assistant Lee stand in Grandfather’s board room.

My Thoughts

Grandfather needs a liver transplant ASAP. But Hyun Min, Seo Woo, and Ha Won are not a match. Will Ji Woon be match? Grandfather’s texts to his dead son (Ji Woon’s father) may have saved his life. I’m not thrilled with Assistant Lee’s choice to go along with his mother.

Kang Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) gave Ha Won an ultimatum. I could have told him that ultimatums never work. I was disappointed their breakup was more a conversation rather than an intense moment. They both felt sad later but during the breakup, the feelings were low key. It makes sense that Ji Woon elected to reject his new life and return to his former. But Ha Won made him see that he couldn’t ignore his Grandfather. The texts proved that Grandfather did indeed love his son and grandson.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) left the mansion. I was a bit surprised when her father told her the ring she’s worn around her neck all these years wasn’t her mother’s but the next door neighbor. The ring must belong to Ji Woon’s mother. Ha Won swallowed her pride and went to see Ji Woon to urge him to do the right thing and stand by his Grandfather. I was majorly irritated how Grandfather’s wife made her feel guilty and manipulated Ha Won.

Kang Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) caught Assistant Lee in multiple lies. Hyun Min doesn’t know why Assistant Lee is lying…yet. Hyun Min did Hye Ji a favor when he asked his designer friend to review Hye Ji’s designs. I’m okay with Hyun Min supporting Hye Ji as long as he’s not in a romantic relationship with her.

Park Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) left the mansion. She was thrilled when a designer told her a scholarship in Paris was an option open to her. I hope she takes it and exits Hyun Min’s life as a potential romantic interest.

Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) admitted he know about Ji Woon and Ha Won’s relationship. Sweetly he sought out Ha Won to bring Ji Woon back to the hospital. She was the right person to tap for that piece of persuasion.

Assistant Lee (Choi Min) agreed to the proposed plan by Grandfather’s wife (his mother). I’m not sure what the karate scene implied. What is it that he fights to protect? I’m a bit disappointed that Assistant Lee lied and went along with the stock transfer and takeover attempt of the company.

Part 3 of the OST had two songs and I only mentioned the first song. The second song is “If I Meet You Again” by G.Cacao X Monet. Check out the video below:

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20 comments on “Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap
  1. jienkim says:

    Love your blog♡ look alike watching full episode!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    GOLD-DIGGER GRANNY & GRANDPA MONEYBAGS—Granny did not miss the opportunity to dump the blame for the chairman’s collapse on Ha Won. She did the same thing to Ji Woon that Grandpa did to his father—told him his lover chose money over love. I concur with @KJT Granny was describing herself, not Ha Won as a gold-digger.

    Question: how can you change the stockholders by calling a meeting, without buying them out?

    YOON SUNG—I don’t know where to begin expressing my severe disappointment in Yoon Sung capitulating to his dreadful mother’s schemes. Covering up the fact they were both at the restaurant when Gramps collapsed, lying about his location. Yoon Sung is becoming the black knight and not in a good way.

    I think “something important to fight for” means protecting his sorry excuse for a mother. Asian guilt has him feeling bad for his mother, despite her abandoning him. Going along with Granny’s plan to take over the company is going to come back to bite him in the butt. Yoon Sung, you jumped into the bed your mother made—now you get to pay the consequences for it. Gramps is not a kind, generous man and the Kang cousins will bond over ousting you and your dreadful mother from the company.

    SEO WOO—Seo Woo is such a sweetie—he used Ha Won’s friendship with Ja Young to find Ha Won. He was met with fan love and success in his quest. Ja Young might be a nice love match for Seo Woo, as he seems to have accepted Ha Won is not for him.

    HYUN MIN—I just don’t get what compels this knight to seek after Hye Ji! Quit stalking the girl you have been pushing away!
    Someone suggested in the commentary with episode 13 that Hyun Min would make a good chairman. I am included to agree—he is following his hunch about Yoon Sung and Gold-digger Granny.

    HYE JI—Paris is calling…good riddance!

    JI WOON—Ji Woon doesn’t buy what Granny is selling, but he doesn’t seem to have good faith in Ha Won either. Issuing ultimatums is not a good option when it comes to romance.
    I think Ji Woon tossed his phone to disconnect from extended family crap as he embarks on his investigation of his parents. On the plus side, Ji Woon’s adventures have led him to discover he parents really were in love and the chairman caused their separation. Ji Woon is angry enough with Gramps he went off the grid. Gramps’ texts and Ha Won’s persuasion brought him back to the hospital.
    What do you want to bet Ji Woon is a match for the liver transplant? Will he be willing to donate a portion of his liver to the Grandpa who caused his parents’ separation and Ha Won to leave? If Gramps wakes up soon, will he issue an ultimatum to offer his liver in exchange for being with Ha Won?

    HA WON—Ha Woon willfully disobeyed Gramps and got caught red-handed. Our sweet protagonist received speedy and merciless judgement from Gramps with a choice; we were not sure which she chose. Granny forced the issue, but Ha Won came back to persuade Ji Woon to be tested. Will her act of courage have an effect on Grandpa’s frozen heart?


    • Cyrl Casalme says:

      I seriously have this weird feeling that Ha Won may somehow be related to them and that’s why Gramps is quite against it. On episode 13 when Ji Woon called him out for being a shallow bastard (pretty much), gramps looked away…as if he was hiding a little secret as to why :/ Though I do hope that this theory is nothing but just a theory.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Yoon Sung, you jumped into the bed your mother made—now you get to pay the consequences for it. Gramps is not a kind, generous man and the Kang cousins will bond over ousting you and your dreadful mother from the company”
      * His choice was disappointing. The consequences may cost him.

      “I think “something important to fight for” means protecting his sorry excuse for a mother. ”
      * That could be it.

      “What do you want to bet Ji Woon is a match for the liver transplant? Will he be willing to donate a portion of his liver to the Grandpa who caused his parents’ separation and Ha Won to leave? If Gramps wakes up soon, will he issue an ultimatum to offer his liver in exchange for being with Ha Won?”
      * All of these potential plot points would work for me. Only 2 more episodes!


  3. Friez says:

    Does anyone knows the tittle of backsound when seo woo meet ha won at cafe, i know the song but i don’t recall what the tittle or the singer. Thanks before


  4. minholovesme says:

    Does anyone know the song on 26:48 wherr Ji Woon entered the cafe where his mother left notes? I’ve heard it on a drama but I can’t remember.


  5. mikaela says:

    hello .. first time posting but have been reading your musings … good job by the way .. I like the nugget of wisdom you insert after the scene and your thoughts on the whole episodes ..

    I agree, I needed more intensity on that “break up”. I would have been happy with frontal shot of JIW, mouth and jaws clenched tight, hand fisted, stopping himself from being JiWoon (asking her she is going,how will get there etc). I feel short changed because the people who could actually deliver the emotional content were not given a chance. Instead I have to fast forward the other scenes that were suppose to give me the emotional content but everytime it falls flat.

    I was giving Grampa the benefit of doubt. JW’s mom and Gramps have a mutual hate for each other. Mom’s side is understandable. She was after all kicked out and separated from her husband.She to chose to hide herself and JiWoon because she wants JiWoon to be free to love whoever he chose to love. I wonder if JW’s dad died trying to look for her. And I do remember Grampa saying that because of her, JiWoon was forced to fend for himself at a very young age. It is the Mom’s choice to hide JiWoon. Grampa seems to genuinely love his kids and JiWoon based on the text he sent to his son.

    What if Grampa was testing HaWon ? See if she gives up an easier way to get her dreams for JiWoon ..

    Just thoughts that’s playing thru my mind.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad you are enjoying the recaps. They help me get more out of a series.

      I liked your shot choices for the breakup, that would have ratcheted it up as we both agree it needed to be.

      I agree that Grandfather cares for his grandsons but his tactics to manipulate have and still continue to alienate.

      We wrap the series up this week!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur with @Mikaela that gramps loved his sons and for that matter, his grandsons. Every decent parent or grandparent wants the best for their progeny.

      Unfortunately, loving someone and agreeing with their choices of “what is best” are two different things. Gramps pondered to himself in an earlier episode if money was ruling his life…the answer is “YES”. Money and its perks including status and power, inform Grandpa’s choices. The last laugh is on him…while he was busy trying to control his progeny’s choices, he ended up the top social ladder climbing, gold-digger of all! I hope he lives to rue his choice!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Mariela Ali says:

    Hi! Do you know the title of the song played in the restaurant (when seo woo and ha won was talking) I’m trying to remember the k-drama of which i’ve heard it from. thank you!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I did not recognize it. Sorry about that. The soompi forum for the show may yield the song if someone posted this question.


    • AnicA says:

      Oh my gosh! I have exactly the same question!It’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember what song was that and where I heard it from.


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