Late Night Restaurant Episode 8 Recap

Charming episode…this is why I like this series.

Late Night Restaurant “Butter Rice” Episode 8 Recap

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A restaurant critic visits the late night cafe. The regulars are excited the a critic from TV is in their cafe. The critic is a bit of a jerk. Master isn’t interested in getting his cafe reviewed by the critic.

ln_ep8_2b ln_ep8_2a
A street performer shows up and orders butter rice. It’s simple – warm rice, butter, and a sprinkling of soy sauce. Everyone in the cafe orders the butter rice. They love it. Master notes the street performer pays by playing a single song – “The Girl in the Red Heels”.

The restaurant critic returns and orders the butter rice. He wants to meet the street performer again. Master tells him he comes on Thursdays. The critic faithfully comes on Thursdays but the street performer does not show.

ln_ep8_4a ln_ep8_4b
Finally one winter day, the critic is a the cafe, the street performer shows and we see he has hurt his hand. He gets ready to leave but the critic stops him. Don’t you remember me the critic asks. They played together as boy and ate butter rice the critic’s sister made them. The street performer does remember. The men share a bowl of butter rice. The critic shares his sister never married. The street performer is astonished. The critic urges the street performer to seek out his sister. The street performer hesitates. It’s been too many years. The critic tells him to go for it.

The street performer meets the critic’s sister once again. She’s the girl in the red heels. They become a couple.

My thoughts
The morale of the story was it is never too late and enjoy the simple things in life. Interesting that the master did not want the publicity the critic could provide. The butter rice was such a simple dish but it brought great pleasure to all that eat it. I loved that the critic persevered until the street performer returned and then convinced him to meet his sister again. Sweet!

The charm factor for this episode was high. The critic started out crabby but mellowed throughout the episode.  This episode put a smile on my face.

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