Yong Pal Episode 12 Recap

I thought that this episode would bug me…I was right.

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor to gangsters for cash. The police found Yong Pal’s want to capture Yong Pal. The police talked to Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) who blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP only patients. Our leading lady was drug induced coma VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee). Yeo Jin was put in the coma on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) is working against her husband.

Yong Pal Episode 12

Yeo Jin tells Do Joon’s assistant Min to kneel. He needs a reason. Yeo Jin shows him the USB drive which contains company slush fund data. This data links all the executives to illegal money connections. He kneels and pledges his service to her. She gives him the USB drive.

Can’t believe she casually tossed the USB drive to someone she’s not sure she can trust.

Tae Hyun has his loan shark retrieve Yeo Jin’s passport from the security head at the airport. As they drive away, thinking they are not being followed, President Go’s henchman follows. Tae Hyun sweetly admits he loves Yeo Jin and is getting married. The loan shark talks Tae Hyun into caring for gangster.

While I enjoyed his happiness marrying Yeo Jin, who he loves, his subsequent choice, to act as Yong Pal, bothers me. Focus…eye on the prize…keep your promise to the woman you love Tae Hyun!

A henchman tries to kill Chief Lee but secret surgery nurse interrupts and saves him.

yp_ep12_4a yp_ep12_4b
Do Joon’s assistant Min spills the beans about Yeo Jin and gives him the USB. President Go is surprised when Do Joon knows about Yeo Jin when he arrives to tell Do Joon himself.

I liked the smirk assistant Min gave President Go. I don’t like that Do Joon has the USB.

yp_ep12_3a yp_ep12_3b
President Go’s man get the order from President Go to kill Tae Hyun. The police detective desperate to catch Tae Hyun finds him at the scene of the gangsters that got care. When President Go’s henchman threatens Tae Hyun the police detective interferes and is severely injured. Tae Hyun is unable to walk away and saves the police detective’s life.

yp_ep12_6b yp_ep12_6c
The maid calls Do Joon’s wife Chae Young to let her know Yeo Jin is alive. She overhead Do Joon and President Go talking. Yeo Jin meets with Chae Young. She shares she’s marrying Tae Hyun so he becomes her legal guardian. Chae Young asks if Yeo Jin has feelings for Tae Hyun or is it a marriage of convenience. Yeo Jin lies and claims she does not care to Tae Hyun. Chae Young calls dibs on Tae Hyun.

All the big wigs attend the funeral.

Yeo Jin cuts her hair to shoulder length and dyes it red. Chae Young takes her to the funeral.

Tae Hyun takes Yeo Jin’s passport and begins to register their marriage. Unfortunately the police arrest him and drag him away before he can complete the registration. Bald gangster offers the police detective the henchman in exchange for Yong Pal being able to register the marriage.

I knew the police would interfer. I knew it would bug me. I enjoyed bald gangster dangling the henchman in front of the police detective. He could not resist.

yp_ep12_8a yp_ep12_8b
Yeo Jin declares herself at the funeral. Do Joon easily squashes Yeo Jin’s story with a counter story of her mental incompetence.

yp_ep12_8c yp_ep12_8d
Yeo Jin waits for Tae Hyun to save her. Do Joon smiles his smirky smile thinking he is victorious over his sister once again.

My thoughts

1. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin both made dumb choices. Yeo Jin declaring herself without knowing that Tae Hyun had registered the marriage…that was dumb. Tae Hyun wavering and involving himself by caring for the gangsters…that was dumb. I’m ok with him saving the police detective, that was being a decent human. I liked bald gangster inserting himself. This character finally mattered.

2. The show has a 2 episode extension. The writer adjusts the storyline appropriately. It is unusual that an extension enhances a show. It can happen (Divorce Lawyer in Love) but more often that not it does not help (Warrior Baek Dong Soo). Fingers crossed it works out well for Yong Pal.

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