Mask, Episodes 13-16 Recap

Our couple deals with the truth of identity…can they survive or is it time for them to break up?


brother in law Min Seok Hoon, replacement Seo Eun Ha, heir with issues Choi Min Woo, jealous boozy sister Choi Mi Yeon

The players: Brother in Law Min Seok Hoon is portrayed with relish by Yeon Jeong Hun. Our leading lady, the replacement Seo Eun Ha and dead Byeon Ji Sook is portrayed by Soo Ae. My favorite is our heir with issues Choi Min Woo who is played by Ju Ji Hoon. Can’t be a quadrangle without a jealous boozy half sister Choi Mi Yeon portrayed by Yu In Young who nails the snide looks.

Mask 13-16 Summary

Episode 13: Mi Yeon realizes her actions directly lead to Eun Ha’s death – she drugged the wine, she allowed Eun Ha to fall into the pool, she walked away without helping her. Mi Yeon can’t believe it…she’s a murderer. Missing the real Eun Ha, brother-in-law Seok Hoon visits the memorial house. He puts the diamond necklace at the marker for Ji Sook. He cries. He loved the real Eun Ha. Unbeknownst to him, Mi Yeon has followed him. The pieces fall into place. Mi Yeon realizes Eun Ha is not really Eun Ha but the presumed dead Ji Sook.

Mi Yeon has bitter news, she’s not really pregnant, the fertility drugs made the false positive pregnant test.  On the one hand, I feel sorry for her, but on the other hand, Seok Hook a father, that would be scary. Gotta hand it to Mi Yeon, she doesn’t fake it and tells the family the next day.

Seok Hoon finds out that Mi Yeon killed his love, that’s bitter news for him. That doesn’t help their marriage.

mask_ep13_1a mask_ep13_1b mask_ep13_1c
Eun Ha is assigned the task of making a failing coffee shop successful. Her family gets to run another coffee shop (the magic of Eun Ha is strong now). To scout for new flavors and food, the gang takes a trip for inspiration. Min Woo is stoked…he has an opportunity to get alone time with Eun Ha. Turns out Min Woo is not a great griller of meat. Min Woo can cross a rock bridge across a stream with the patient support from Eun Ha. They both have lovely smiles and enjoy being together. I like watching love bloom between them. Min Woo takes out the marriage contract and tears it up in front of Eun Ha. He tells her he wants them to be a real married couple.

mask_ep13_1d mask_ep13_1e
Mi Yeon is jealous that Eun Ha is Min Woo are falling in love. Things are going too well for Eun Ha. Mi Yeon decides to put a stop to it. She drives to the outing spot. Min Woo must know once and for all that Eun Ha is really the presumed dead Ji Sook. Seok Hoon calls her to stop her from spilling the beans, but she ignores the call and marches towards Eun Ha and Min Woo.

Episode 14:

Just as Mi Yeon is about to tell Min Woo that Eun Ha is really the presumed dead Ji Sook, Eun Ha gets a call from Seok Hoon. He asks to speak with Mi Yeon. He tells her their relationship is done if she tells Min Woo. Angrily, she walks away from our couple and drives home fuming. When she gets home, Min Yeon and Seok Hoon agree to lie and trust each other. Their relationship is not a healthy one.

mask_ep14_1d mask_ep14_1eMeanwhile Eun Ha and Min Woo, sleep in the same room and bed and enjoy each other. They are cute. Eun Ha admits she loves Min Woo after he is in a minor accident. Another nice moment between them. She will wait for him at home. She promises she will tell him everything. If he still wants her, then she will tell him again that she loves him.

Operation expose Eun Ha is underway by Mi Yeon.

First, she has Eun Ha’s family show up at a coffee shop. There is an awkward moment when her father and Eun Ha pretend not to know each other.

Second, at the presidential campaign gathering where Eun Ha is to give a speech about her father, Mi Yeon switches the teleprompter text to be a confession that Eun Ha is really Ji Sook. This stops Eun Ha mid speech and it takes several moments to recover her composure. In the end she speaks lovingly of her father. But she speaks Ji Sook’s father not Eun Ha’s father. As her father listens to Eun Ha’s speak, he knows she is really the presumed dead Ji Sook. Eun Ha’s father on the other hand is mystified about the childhood story Eun Ha told because they never experienced it. Just go with his wife tells him, the press love it.

mask_ep14_1g mask_ep14_1f
Third, Mi Yeon has the projector display pictures of Ji Sook to expose the truth. But the beginning snippet of the pool video where a drugged Eun Ha stumbles around is shown. Mi Yeon cannot believe Seok Hoon was willing to expose her secret. That surprises me. She’s willing to blow up his closely guarded secret. Therefore he is willing to blow up her closely guarded secret.

mask_ep14_1l mask_ep14_1k
Finally, Mi Yeon slips the fingerprint report that Min Woo had done on Eun Ha when he suspected her of breaking into his safe at work, into the business papers Min Woo examines at a meeting. With satisfaction Mi Yeon watches him. He is thunderstruck as his looks through the papers. Does Min Woo realize that Eun Ha is really the presumed dead Ji Sook?

Meanwhile Eun Ha waits in their bedroom. Tonight she will finally reveal who she is to Min Woo.

Episode 15:

Min Woo isn’t happy to learn that Eun Ha is really Ji Sook.

Is anyone surprised that Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon shoot targets for fun?

Seok Hoon sends Mi Yeon’s father the video of Mi Yeon leaving Eun Ha for dead in the pool. The price for the video is 50% of his shares to Min Woo who he will announce as his successor. Ah, Seok Hoon is back on plan A. Min Woo gets all the assets then he is murdered leaving Eun Ha wealthy and malleable.

Min Woo digs into what kind of person Ji Sook was. He finds out that she was kind, smiling, and loved. His icy feelings towards Eun Ha melt a bit.

At the charity event, at Eun Ha’s request, Eun’s father takes Min Woo’s father aside and tells him to delay the successor announcement until after the presidential election. Taking that into consideration, Min Woo’s father does not appoint Min Woo as successor instead saying he must prove himself. Seok Hoon is not happy.

Eun Ha pledges to give her shares to charity. Seok Hoon is not happy. A light above her snaps. Min Woo sees it falling and pushes Eun Ha out of the way.

Episode 16:

At home, Eun Ha tells Min Woo she wants a divorce. He doesn’t like that.

Eun Ha stuns everyone at dinner and says she will divorce Min Woo. Why the family asks? Because she’s not comfortable around Seok Hoon. Nice way to throw him under the bus too! Mi Yeon’s mother goes ballistic realizing Seok Hoon had an affair with Eun Ha. She gets even more upset when she realizes that Mi Yeon know about the affair. Seok Hoon leaves the house.

In a cute series of scenes, Min Woo and Eun Ha file for divorce. They undergo marriage counseling where it is obvious they love each other. Irregardless, they both want the divorce.

Family hunting trip time. Min Woo, Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon go hunting. Eun Ha tries to stop Win Woo but Seok Hoon has her put in jail on charges of embezzling. Eun Ha manages to break out of the police department and drives to the hunting area. Just as Eun Ha reaches Min Woo, Seok Hoon shots Min Woo. But because of Eun Ha’s arrival the bullet strikes in the shoulder. Mi Yeon clearly sees Seok Hoon shoot Min Woo.

At the hospital it is obvious Seok Hoon is disappointed he missed killing Min Woo. The contrast with the relief of the other family members is humorous.

mask_ep16_1h mask_ep16_1jIn the sweet moment of the episode, as Min Woo and Eun Ha trudge up the courthouse stairs to make their divorce final, Min Woo stops.  He looks into Eun Ha’s eyes and tells her he doesn’t care who she is. He tells her not to leave him…if she does…it is the same as killing him. Min Woo say he loves her – Ji Sook. Swoon! Eun Ha is stunned. He just called her by her real name and said he loves her. Cutely they bicker why they didn’t admit the truth to each other. They agree not to divorce. They kiss.

My Thoughts:

1.       Episodes 13-16 blew the roof off the truth. Mi Yeon finally succeeded in letting Min Woo discover that Eun Ha is really the presumed dead Ji Sook. Sure Min Woo was mad. But what did he do? He looked into what kind of woman Ji Sook was. He learned she had the same traits of kindness that his wife does. He confirmed she was the woman he loved. The divorce counseling was cute. Eun Ha was determined a divorce was the only way to stop Seok Hoon’s plan to kill Min Woo so she’ll inherit his assets. I also like the reveal the real Eun Ha planned to divorce Min Woo to thwart Seok Hoon’s plan. Eun Ha has deftly mined the real Eun Ha’s diary and videos to learn about her relationship with Seok Hoon. What is it they say? If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. Eun Ha is taken that to heart with Seok Hoon. Finally the scene on the steps was well produced. As Eun Ha stood above him, Min Woo took 2 steps at a time to reach her. He told her that he needed her in his life. He didn’t care who she was. He loved her – Ji Sook. Superior moment for our couple.

2.       Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon aren’t boring. I found it interesting these episodes that whose side Mi Yeon was on changed. She actively campaigned so Min Woo found out his wife was an impostor. But when she feared her husband would kill Min Woo, that seemed to cross the line in the sand. She couldn’t support him anymore. Though she did not finger her husband as the man who pulled the trigger.

3.       With Seok Hoon, Mi Yeon, and Eun Ha all battling each other, there isn’t as much pre-planning anymore. It is more strike counter-strike. I like that Seok Hoon has tricks up his sleeve. So does Mi Yeon and so does Eun Ha. Interesting we finally got to see Seok Hoon’s father and know that revenge for his father’s sake is Seok Joon’s goal. His father’s wishes to cease and desist went unheeded.

7.       The third song of the OST is “One Person” by Moon Myung Jin. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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