Mask, Episodes 17-18 Recap

Our leading lady and leading man take dumb pills and put themselves in jeopardy, can they survive?


brother in law Min Seok Hoon, replacement Seo Eun Ha, heir with issues Choi Min Woo, jealous boozy sister Choi Mi Yeon

The players: Brother in Law Min Seok Hoon is portrayed with relish by Yeon Jeong Hun. Our leading lady, the replacement Seo Eun Ha and dead Byeon Ji Sook is portrayed by Soo Ae. My favorite is our heir with issues Choi Min Woo who is played by Ju Ji Hoon. Can’t be a quadrangle without a jealous boozy half sister Choi Mi Yeon portrayed by Yu In Young who nails the snide looks.

Mask Episodes 17-18 Summary

Episode 17

Eun Ha and Min Woo, confronts his sister, Mi Yeon about Seok Hoon’s actions. Min Yeon begs Min Woo and Eun Ha for time, she’ll make him confess. Instead Seok Hoon tells the family he’s leaving the house. Dramatically he leaves with only the clothes on his back.

The next morning we get a cute cuddle moment between our couple. Min Woo whispers he love her and Eun Ha’s eyes pop open. Savor it!

mask_ep17_3a mask_ep17_3b
Min Woo tells Seok Hoon he’ll pay for the pain he’s caused his wife.

mask_ep17_4a mask_ep17_4b
Eun Ha tells Mi Yeon that she’s lying to herself if she thinks she can make Seok Hoon confess. She loves him and that rules her choices.

Eun Ha’s brother tells her he’s donating part of his liver for their mother’s transplant surgery. Stunned that a transplant is required, Eun Ha grapples with the seriousness of her mother’s condition.

mask_ep17_5a mask_ep17_5b
Min Woo is sweetly nervous before meeting his in-laws. Min Woo visits the coffee shop Eun Ha’s family runs. Father knows who Min Woo is but her mother is clueless. Min Woo is a sweet heart!

Eun Ha cannot get the man to confess that Seok Hoon hired the him to shoot Min Woo. Next she tries to track down who Seok Hoon hired to rig the lighting to drop.

Min Woo is thrilled to learn that the real Ji Sook likely did not kill her passenger. He hopes to send Seok Hoon to jail for providing false evidence.

Another sweet moment when Eun Ha and Min Woo decide living together with her family is what they should do.

Mi Yeon order the staff to clear out all of Seok Hoon’s belonging out of her room. Man, I’d have that done when I was not around.

mask_ep17_8a mask_ep17_8b
Eun Ha and Min Woo looks at a place to live with her family. There is a flicker of heat between them when they both try out the bed. Eun Ha picks out a lovely ring for her mother. Min Woo lavishly buys most of the jewelry case for her mother.

mask_ep17_9b mask_ep17_9c
Min Woo and Eun Ha videotape Seok Hoon admitting that he shot Min Woo to the man Seok Hoon hired. Thrilled, they revel that they have hard evidence against Seok Hoon.

mask_ep17_10a mask_ep17_10b
Mi Yeon tells Seok Hoon that she hates him. She cannot forgive him shooting Min Woo. Seok Hoon messes with her head claiming he does love her. She wants that to be true so badly. She is willing to turn her brain off for the love she desperately craves.

With that turn of loyalty, Mi Yeon decides to mess with Eun Ha. She tries to run down her brother so he cannot be a donor for her mother’s surgery. But that’s only a ploy to get him alone and talk over tea.

Min Woo and Eun Ha prepare to leave for the hospital where they will watch the surgery progress of her mother from afar.

But things unravel before the surgery. Eun Ha’s mom goes into a coma. The doctor says immediate surgery will be needed when she wakes. Eun Ha’s brother has an allergic reaction and starts to break out.

mask_ep17_11a mask_ep17_11b
Min Woo meets his friend the prosecutor. He’s ready to hand over the hard video evidence on Seok Hoon.  But Seok Hoon calls Min Woo and threaten her with Eun Ha’s imprisonment if he shares the evidence. Thwarted Min Woo elects not to hand over the evidence.

With Eun Ha’s brother’s allergic reaction, the surgery cannot be performed.  It is revealed that under the guise of a cup of tea to talk, Min Woo slips something into the tea.

mask_ep17_13a mask_ep17_13b
In the hospital room, Eun Ha’s mother wakes. She’s positive she won’t make it. Eun Ha’s brother and father implore her to keep trying to live. But Eun Ha’s mother can only say she’s going to see her beloved Ji Sook and slips into death. When Eun Ha and Min Woo arrive at the hospital she finds her mother dead. She slips the ring on her mother’s finger and sobs. Eun Ha realizes that everything she did for money, led her down a dark path, one that her mother died without knowing her daughter was still alive.

Episode 18

Eun Ha’s mother is buried. Eun Ha reels from the knowledge that her greed helped create the situation. Min Woo tries to get her to listen to reason but Eun Ha drinks the poison of the guilt.

Min Yeon can’t believe, that’s twice she’s directly involved herself in someone’s death. She confesses that she spiked Eun Ha’s brother’s tea to Seok Hoon. I don’t understand this but Seok Hoon pays the loan sharks big bucks to learn that Eun Ha’s mother death was not directly associated with Eun Ha’s brother’s allergic reaction. Why he didn’t just ask the doctor…I don’t know.

Eun Ha is ready to confess all to the family at breakfast but Seok Hoon stops her. Taking her aside he threatens to hurt her brother and father.

Eun Ha and her brother realize that Min Yeon was involved.

Min Woo tells Seok Hoon that he’s going to hand over the video evidence. Seok Hoon tells him that something bad will happen to Eun Ha if he elects to do that.

Min Woo remembers that Min Yeon’s actions directly contributed to the Eun Ha’s death.

Eun Ha tells Min Woo that Seok Hoon threatened her family. Min Woo remembers that Seok Hoon threatened Eun Ha. They agree not to turn in the video evidence until they have additional proof.

mask_ep18_6b mask_ep18_6amask_ep18_6c
Seok Hoon lures Eun Ha’s father to a shopping trip that looks to Eun Ha as a kidnapping with nefarious intentions. She calls Seok Hoon who puts her father on the phone. All is well. When she speaks with Seok Hoon he admits he knows that Mi Yeon contributed to the situation with her mother. He implies he was part of that.

mask_ep18_7a mask_ep18_7b
Now afraid for those she loves, Eun Ha pushes her husband away, to figure out a plan solo.

Brother in law Seok Hoon now has the power with Eun Ha with the threat of hurting her father and brother. The hard video evidence against Seok Hoon is rendered useless with Seok Hoon’s threats.

mask_ep18_8a mask_ep18_8b
Min Woo confronts Min Yeon about Eun Ha’s death. She denies his memories. Min Woo tells Min Yeon that he will not allow Seok Hoon to mess with Eun Ha. Too late!

Seok Hoon seems omnipresent to Eun Ha and able to hurt anyone she loves.

Mi Yeon no longer wavers between supporting her brother Min Woo or her husband Seok Hoon. Strange, just last episode she felt her husband trying to shoot Min Woo was unacceptable. Now she knows Seok Hoon shot Min Woo and is lying about it. Her guilt over Eun Ha’s mother’s death makes her husband’s actions ok? Is she afraid he’ll turn her in? I really dislike this plot point.

In the driver’s seat, Seok Hoon decides it is time to end this once and for all. Seok Hoon’s plan? It’s simple now – kill Min Woo, kill Eun Ha, both is optimal.

Don’t worry, Eun Ha makes it easy for him. Eun Ha tells Seok Hoon that she wants Eun Ha to die so she can flee and begin again under a new identity. She offers all her shares to him in the event of her death. She tells him, he wins.

In reality, Eun Ha plans to trap Seok Hoon attempting to murder her and have him thrown in jail. In reality, Seok Hoon decides not to bother pretending to kill Eun Ha but actually killing her.

mask_ep18_10a mask_ep18_10b
Eun Ha does a farewell tour with the house staff and Eun Ha’s father. She also cooks dinner for Min Woo.  He comments she’s acting like she will never see him again.

Seok Hoon controls Min Yeon again with the news that her mother wanted them to divorce, but he refused because he loves her. Sucker!

Because Father requests it to improve the publicity about the family, Min Young, Seok Hoon, Eun Ha and Min Woo head to a villa to pose as loving in-laws.

Eun Ha plans to expose Seok Hoon. But things don’t go as she plans.

We learn Eun Ha writes a letter intended to Min Woo to find after her “death” where she tells him the fire is part of a plan where she will trap Seok Hoon into becoming a murderer.

mask_ep18_12a mask_ep18_12b
Before they drive to the villa the final act of the farewell tour is when Eun Ha asks Min Woo to remember her even if she’s not around. She gently outlines his face as if to memorize him.

At the villa, everyone sits down to drink wine to relax before the reporters come to photographs them as one happy family. Min Yeon has a good line – it will be hard fake it unless we are drink right? But the conversation turns tense. The truth of Eun Ha’s identity get things going in a bad direction. Seok Hoon denies again that he shot Min Woo.

mask_ep18_14Then Min Woo and Min Young quarrel about Min Young’s willingness to lie that Seok Hoon did not shoot Min Woo and the fact that Min Young murdered the real Eun Ha when didn’t save drowning woman. Min Woo has a good line – have you been brainwashed by him?

In a dumb move, Min Woo leaves Eun Ha alone in the house with Seok Hoon to follow Min Young outside. She lures him away from the house where Seok Hoon’s evil sidekick knocks him out.

mask_ep18_15a mask_ep18_15c
Seok Hoon keeps Eun Ha from following Min Woo. Eun Ha feels the effects of the drugged wine and passes out. Clever plot point that she is drugged with wine just as the real Eun Ha was drank drugged wine before she feel into the pool where Min Young walked away letting her drown. Seok Hoon puts her in the bedroom and wishes her a better life in the afterworld.

mask_ep18_16a mask_ep18_16b
Seok Hoon’s evil sidekick douses the interior of the villa with gasoline. Seok Hoon lights the fire himself.

mask_ep18_17a mask_ep18_19a
We learn that Min Yeon found Eun Ha’s letter and has called off the police and reporters. No one is coming to the villa.

mask_ep18_20b mask_ep18_20c
When Eun Ha wakes up, she is in a bedroom of flames. She attempts to exit the bedroom door but it is stuck. She is overcome by smoke and falls to the floor unconscious.

mask_ep18_20a mask_ep18_20d
When Min Woo wakes up he is in a boat in the middle of the lake. Recall he is water phobic due to the accident where his mother died trying to save him. Min Woo sees the villa in flames and realizes Eun Ha must be in danger. Min Woo tries to start the engine in vain. Min Woo gathers his courage and jumps out of the boat to try and swim ashore.

Is this the end for both Min Woo and Eun Ha?

My Thoughts:

  1. Episodes 18 had our couple taking dumb pills and doing dumb things. The balance of good and evil tipped to give the advantage to evil. Why Eun Ha thought she could escape Seok Hoon or that he would keep his word and only pretend to kill her is beyond me. When in the course of this show has Seok Hoon kept his word to Eun Ha on anything?  When Eun Ha pushed Min Woo away from her, she forced him to explore options to help without her consent.
  2. Speaking of taking a dumb pill and pulling an about face, why is Min Young totally under Seok Hoon’s spell? She abhorred his actions just a one episode ago but now is willing to do anything to keep her husband? The husband she wanted gone just recently? Why is she on board with killing Min Woo and Eun Ha. Is it the threat of her part in the deaths of real Eun Ha and Eun Ha’s mother? It was also difficult to watch her deny her part in the real Eun Ha’s death.
  3. Seok Hoon gained all the power these two episodes. Father in Law invited him to the return to the house. Min Young is willing to do anything to keep him by her side. Helping kill Min Woo and Eun Ha, no problem if Seok Hoon stays by her side. Eun Ha offered herself on a silver platter when she asked Seok Hoon to fake killing her. The glee Seok Hoon must have felt before he dropped the lighter onto the gasoline soaked floors at the villa. His plan to eliminate his enemies and gain control of the company to revenge his father was posed for success.
  4. With only two more episodes to go, what do I want to happen?
    1. Min Woo does not die
    2. Eun Ha does not die
    3. Seok Hoon is caught and prosecuted for his crime. Death is another option.
    4. Min Young loses her horrible husband Seok Hoon and gains some self respect. Better to be alone than dragged down by a loser.
    5. Eun Ha must be able to reveal that she is not Eun Ha but rather Byeon Ji Sook.
  5.  The fourth song of the OST is “As If I’m Dead” by Chancellor and Vasco.  Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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