Mask, Episodes 8-12 Recap

Our leading lady Eun Ha starts to get a backbone and some leverage…my dream is coming true!


brother in law Min Seok Hoon, replacement Seo Eun Ha, heir with issues Choi Min Woo, jealous boozy sister Choi Mi Yeon

The players: Brother in Law Min Seok Hoon is portrayed with relish by Yeon Jeong Hun. Our leading lady, the replacement Seo Eun Ha and dead Byeon Ji Sook is portrayed by Soo Ae. My favorite is our heir with issues Choi Min Woo who is played with the right amount of tender angst and smidgen of crazy by Ju Ji Hoon. Can’t be a quadrangle without a jealous boozy half sister Choi Mi Yeon portrayed by Yu In Young who nails the snide looks.

Mask 8-12 Summary

Brother in law Seok Hoon interrupts our leading lady, Eun Ha’s confession to husband Min Woo that she’s not who he thinks she is. Seok Hoon lies to Eun Ha that her nanny (her mother) is ill and they need to go to the hospital. Eun Ha leaves with him. Instead of the hospital he drives to the edge of the overlook (love the symbolism). They agree to continue their uneasy alliance. Frankly Eun Ha knows she can’t trust him, that he’s a liar. But without power, she has little choice, Eun Ha agrees to go along with his plans.

Seok Hoon’s plan? Attack and get rid of Min Woo professionally and personally.

On the personal attack, the chant against Min Woo is that he’s crazy and needs to be institutionalized or he might kill someone. Mother In Law Seol Hee tells Min Woo’s father commit your son, it’s what is best for him. The doctor tells Min Woo he is a danger and must take his pills regularly. Funny thing, when he takes those pills he hallucinates and does not feel better.

ep9_1 mask10_1
On the professional attack, Seok Hoon has Eun Ha plant a book in Min Woo’s secret room. Seok Hoon claims that this book will help Min Woo and her brother. As she plants the book she finds evidence in the book connecting Min Woo to the dead construction head. Eun Ha takes the evidence thinking she’s done as Seok Hoon asked but mitigated the threat to Min Woo. Unfortunately things don’t work out that way.  Prosecutors come to the house with a search warrant. They demand access to the secret room, find the book, and find crushed pills in the binder of the book. Everyone assumes that Min Woo has not taken his medicine as he claims. Seok Hoon pays a maid to tell Min Woo’s father she saw Min Woo crushing the pills in the kitchen. At the board meeting some claim that Min Woo is not fit to be CEO. A secret ballot vote is begun. Eun Ha interrupts the voting process and produces evidence that she’s been treated for depression for years and the pills were hers. Thwarted, Seok Hoon is not happy. Min Woo is stunned his wife boldly supported him. Min Woo’s father wants to know if the maid was lying that Min Woo crushed the pills. Min Woo is further stunned when Eun Ha finds proof the pills are hallucinogens and Min Woo’s doctor is hurting him. It is a bit overwhelming for Min Woo, concrete evidence that others have plotted against him.

mask11_1a mask11_1b
Eun Ha finally has a bit of luck and comes into possession of hard evidence against Seok Hoon. She visits the crime scene of the dead construction head. She finds a watch. The watch has a camera. On the camera is a video of Seok Hoon killing the construction head by lethal injection. She gives the video to Seok Hoon on a flash drive. Clever, a mask is the symbol on the flash drive. Seok Hoon watches the video stunned at the daming evidence of murder. Meanwhile, Eun Ha sees Seok Hoon and Min Woo’s doctor meeting. She wonders if they are colluding against Min Woo. Eun Ha demands that Seok Hoon unfreeze her bank accounts and not interfere with her life anymore. Seok Hoon has no choice…he agrees IF she gives him the original source of the video. They have a public exchange of the watch unaware that two parties are observing them. First, the loan sharks watch, trying to discern what is happening. Second, Seok Hoon’s wife Mi Yeon watches, trying to discern if Eun Ha and her husband are restarting their affair. Seok Hoon receives the watch from Eun Ha and they exit in opposite directions. The loan sharks pull the fire alarm and grab the watch. Seok Hoon’s henchman stops the loan sharks and the watch comes free in the struggle.  No one sees Seok Hoon’s wife Mi Yeon pick up the watch. She surprises Seok Hoon and Eun Ha at dinner when she sports the watch. Mi Yeon taunts Seok Hoon that she’ll watch the video and learn his secret. But she’s in a bit of a bind. She’s pregnant with Seok Hoon’s child and thrilled about that fact. Does Mi Yeon want to learn a secret that could destroy her marriage? In his hypnotic soothing way, Seok Hoon tells his wife he’s going to lie to her. On the watch is a video with proof of his affair with Eun Ha. Is that true, the wife asks. No, it’s a lie. Now Mi Yeon must decide. Evidence and power or continued marriage to her child’s father? Mi Yeon gives her husband the watch.

mask12_1a mask12_1b
On Eun Ha’s birthday, she receives a gift from herself she prepared 1 year prior. Two dresses and a cryptic note. Which dress will she choose to wear to the birthday party? In flashbacks we learn that Seok Hoon pressed the real Eun Ha to follow his plan. He wanted her to marry and eventually kill Min Woo.  She wanted to think about the plan for 1 year. The agreement was she would tell Seok Hoon her answer by the dress she wore on her birthday. White dress – yes, she’ll marry and kill Min Woo. Red dress – no to the plan. In a nice plot point, Eun Ha has been scouring real Eun Ha’s papers and learned much about her relationship with Seok Hoon. At the birthday party clad in the red dress, Eun Ha whispers to Seok Hoon, she won’t go along with the plan. Seok Hoon is surprised she knows. Eun Ha is becoming more formidable than he expected. After the birthday party, Min Woo sweetly gives her a flowering plant for her gift. He hides a new wedding ring for Eun Ha. He slips on her finger when she finds it hidden in the couch. Our couple smiles, happy, life is good.

mask12_2a mask12_2aamask12_2b
Mi Yeon realizes her actions directly lead to Eun Ha’s death – she drugged the wine, she allowed Eun Ha to fall into the pool, she walked away without helping her. Mi Yeon can’t believe it…she’s a murderer.  Missing the real Eun Ha, Seok Hoon visits the memorial house. He puts the diamond necklace at the marker for Ji Sook. He cries. He loved the real Eun Ha. Unbeknownst to him, his wife Mi Yeon has followed him. The pieces fall into place. It looks like Mi Yeon realizes Eun Ha is not really Eun Ha but the presumed dead Ji Sook.

My Thoughts:

1.       Episodes 8-12 ratcheted up Eun Ha’s power which is exactly what this show needed. The balance between good and evil is tricky for writers. If is it weighed too much evil, then watching is dreary when good is downtrodden and without hope.  I had been irritated that Eun Ha believed anything that Seok Hoon said, when time and time again, he proved he was not helping her only himself.

2.       Our couple is slowly becoming emotionally invested in each other. I really like Min Woo. His story interests me more than hers.  Amazing that he has lasted this long without an ally. Who isn’t against him in the household? Mother In Law Seol Hee, sister Mi Yeon, Seok Hoon, maids are all working against subtly or oververtly.  The writer did touch on the plot point of his mother’s death with the statement that he suspects Mother In Law Seol Hee of killing his mother.

3.       Ji Sook’s family was more back burner these episodes. Her mother’s illness is serious requiring a liver transplant. This should put pressure on Eun Ha to reveal she really is Ji Sook.

4.       The loan sharks don’t interest me. Initially I didn’t mind the plot point but they keep hanging around drawn by the lure of a big blackmail score. I don’t like them. Best part of these episodes was the fact they had to kneel to the family and apologize.

5.       Seok Hoon finally got a taste of blackmail. Loved it when Eun Ha told him she once thought him untouchable but now knew he was fallible and vulnerable. Seok Hoon had to give his wife the hard sell that watching the video would destroy them. The pregnancy forced her to evaluate her priorities. In the end her child, her marriage, won.  A theme of this show is living a lie, or wearing a mask, is an acceptable way to live. It all comes down to personal choice.

6.       Min Woo’s sister Mi Yeon appears to know the truth of Eun Ha’s identity and that her actions directly lead to Eun Ha’s death. What happens next? Who does she tell? I like that Mi Yeon is not good or evil, she’s in between and pragmatic. Now she believes she is a murderer. What will her husband do when he learns this? I’m thinking it will not go well for Mi Yeon.

7.       The second song of the OST is “Pain” by Zico of block.B and Park So Jin of Girl’s Day. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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