Divorce Lawyers Episode 22 Recap

Our couple’s clients continue to cause problems. Hai Dong suspects Luo Li of stealing information. But Hai Dong still worries about her safety when his client tries to bribe and subtly threaten Luo Li.

Episode 22 Highlights:

Luo Li’s parents bicker about the blind man date that she is no longer dating. They spend a lot of time talking about their daughter.

dl_ep22_1adl_ep22_1bIt’s the next round in the  “fake but real” divorce case.  The lover and the ex-wife as supposed to apologize to each other. Instead we get name calling and insincere apologies. Our leading lady, Luo Li, finds herself unable to control her client, the ex-wife. Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, has similar issues with his client’s lover.  The negotiator stops the session. Into the courtroom they go.

dl_ep22_2bdl_ep22_2aThe mutual apology did not work so Luo Li reveals the ex-husband hid assets by transferring them to his lover. She shows pictures of the mansion they currently reside in which was described as a “small house”. Hai Dong wonders how Luo Li found out about the house. Hai Dong’s assistant, Pan Xiao Gang, knows he inadvertently provided the information to Luo Li. Angry the lover and ex-husband stalk out of the courtroom. Luo Li smiles. Hai Dong suspects her of stealing information from his computer. This round goes to Luo Li and the ex-wife.

Luo Li’s parents decide to visit her by traveling to Beijing.

dl_ep22_3b dl_ep22_3aAfter court, Hai Dong wants to know how Luo Li found out about the house. She refuses to reveal her source.

dl_ep22_4aLuo Li helps her friend and new mother, Mei Yu take the baby to the doctor. Husband, Qian Kuen, is out of town on a business trip. Actually he’s just returning to town with his lover and Mei Yi’s friend. Mei Yu asks her husband to pick up diapers. He agrees.

dl_ep22_5Mei Yu asks Luo Li what is bothering her. Luo Li admits that she recently gained an advantage in court by misleading the opposing lawyer and she’s feeling guilty. Mei Yu is unfazed. Tricks are part of a lawyer’s arsenal.

Luo Li’s former lover, Wen Hui, just happens to drive up and offers Luo Li and Mei Yu a ride home. At home Mei Yu tells Luo Li that Wen Hui is an honorable. He didn’t divorce his wife because of Luo Li. Ok, that logic is twisted.

dl_ep22_6Luo Li’s former lover, Wen Hui, just happens to drive up and offers Luo Li a ride home. He’s practically her personal cab these last two episodes. He warns her about Hai Dong’s client, the ex-husband. This guy is not simply a buisness man. He has ties to organized crime and won’t hesitate to intimidate Luo Li. He recommend she drop her client, the ex-iwfe. Luo Li refuses. Wen Hui worries for her safety. Interesting moment of the conversation was when Luo Li comments she must invest in herself not a man. Wen Hui counters she can do that, she’s a lawyer. But other women may only have a man and not have marketable skills so their investment is in the man not themselves.

dl_ep22_7Hai Dong sees Luo Li get out of Wen Hui’s car. He comments that Wen Hui is the man that texted her “true love has nothing to do with marriage”. He comments he’s worried about her. Hmm, everyone seems worried about Luo Li this episode.

dl_ep22_8b dl_ep22_8aHai Dong suspects that Xiao Gang may have tipped off Luo Li about his client’s secret mansion. Xiao Gang denies the possibility. The ex-husband is not happy with Luo Li and considers bribery as a way to bend her to do what he wants. Hai Dong tells him that method won’t work with Luo Li.

Mei Yu finally finds out her husband is no longer employed. She is stunned. When he comes home she does not confront him but ponders her next move.

dl_ep22_9b dl_ep22_9aAs predicted Luo Li is not impressed with Mr. Dong’s bribery attempt. There is a hint of menace but Luo Li shows no fear.

dl_ep22_10b dl_ep22_10aAfter he leaves she takes his bribe across the hall to Hai Dong and leaves it with him. She tells him to warn his client not to bribe or try and scare her again.

dl_ep22_11b dl_ep22_11aHai Dong returns the bribe to Mr. Dong. Xiao Gang suggests that Mr. Dong put pressure on his ex-wife by sending people with IOU’s created during their marriage to demand money.  Mr. Dong likes the idea. If only his ex-wife would go away. He declares her ungrateful.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), does care for Luo Li. Of course he denies interest in her.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), showed no fear when Mr. Dong threatened and offered a bribe. I like her!
* The next divorce case had more movement as court round was won by the ex-wife and Luo Li. They won this battle but the war is not over.

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