Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 10 Recap

The soup hits the fan this episode. He takes the hit instead of her. Just another day in romance land for our couple.

dll_ep9_10b dll_ep9_10aAt home, our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong)  realizes her clients womanizing husband’s girlfriend is a model. Can she get proof they are having an affair? She goes to the husband’s office where he and the girlfriend are getting closer. The husband catches her snooping and about to take photos with her cell phone. He calls our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) and tells him he’s got his girlfriend. Jung Woo spins his car around and drives to the office. Jung Woo finds the husband menacing Cheok Hee.

Jung Woo wants to hit the husband but refrains after making sure Cheok Hee is ok. The husband wants Jung Woo to hit him so he can sue him for assault. The husband is scum.

As they leave the office Jung Woo angrily tells Cheok Hee not to return without letting him know.

Cheok Hee realizes her actions have upset Jung Woo. She feels bad. This is progress. She’s thinking about him. She makes a good point when she tells Jung Woo to treat her like her co-worker not his girlfriend when they are working a case. She won’t avoid dangerous situations. Jung Woo makes a good point and asks that she treat him like her boss and discuss these sidebars before they happen.

dll_ep10_1They hold hands and walk together. They’ve talked out the issue like adults. Awesome!

The next day they have no luck locating husband’s girlfriend.

dll_ep10_2adll_ep10_2bBong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) and his finance, Ah Jung, discuss whether or not they should end their engagement. He votes yes. She votes now. She tells him he won’t break the engagement because he is a dutiful son. Min Gyu is surprised by her assessment. But she’s right and he knows it.

dll_ep10_3Cute scene when Jung Woo’s mother describes the perfect girl for  him thinking of Soo A and Jung Woo describes the perfect girl for himself thinking of Cheok Hee.

At work they’ve tracked down the location of the husband’s girlfriend. Much to their surprise their client, the wife, is also there and goes to the girlfriend. She falls to her knees begging the girlfriend help her get the charges dropped. She can’t lose custody of her son. They pull her away. The girlfriend looks at the wife with disdain.

dll_ep10_4aCheok Hee has a nice conversation with the wife. She convinces the woman to leave the case in their hands. Good to see her connecting with clients personally.

dll_ep10_4bJung Woo pleads with the girlfriend to help his client. She refuses. He tells her one day the husband could hurt her like he’s hurting his wife. She denies the possibility. She’s special to him, he won’t hurt her. Wanna bet she’ll regret those words?

At home, Jung Woo asks Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) about the mint candy lady. Did she talk to the family so he could meet with them to express his gratitude. She lies.

The girlfriend is shocked when she returns home and finds the husband entertaining a new woman. That man is scum.

A cavalry of models, the girlfriend, and the wife descend on the law firm. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are thrilled. With their testimony, they can have the husband arrested for sexual harassment because he made a relationship with him part of the model duties.

The plan works! The husband is arrested. Nice moment between the girlfriend and wife. The wife thanks the girlfriend for being brave enough to break the relationship and come forward to help her.

dll_ep10_5Cheok Hee asks Jung Woo if he’s the kind of man that will hold her wrist or grab her ankle. His answer…he takes her wrist. I love it when they smile sweetly at each other.

dll_ep10_6bdll_ep10_6aMystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that must be from Han Mi Ri calls Cheok Hee. Will she take on her divorce? Yes, Cheok Hee will take on the divorce. Yoo Ran wants the house. She won’t give Cheok Hee the information she wants, “an interesting recording”, until she gets the divorce she wants.

At a work dinner (that didn’t start out with the entire office but morphed into that as Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are keeping their relationship a secret) things get out of hand when Jung Woo and Cheok Hee discuss taking a trip together but they are overheard and before they know it, their trip turns into an office camping trip.

dll_ep10_7cdll_ep10_7e dll_ep10_7dAt the camp site Jung Woo promises Cheok Hee he will find a way for them to have some alone time. Kicking the ball away does not work. Hiding the condiments and soju don’t work. But a sick child clears the ladies leaving only Lee Gyeong at the camp site. When he finally goes to bed, Jung Woo and Cheok get some alone time at the camp fire.  Nice moment when they share the best and worst moments in life. You feel them connecting, good stuff. When she whips out a mint candy (the same mint candy from the subway accident), Jung Woo is surprised but does not suspect she could be the mystery mint candy woman. Even better when Lee Gyeong exits his tent, Jung Woo hides Cheok Hee by holding him tight against her. He keeps telling her that Lee Gyeong is around allowing him to continue to hold her close. Sweet!

dll_ep10_8d dll_ep10_8c dll_ep10_8b dll_ep10_a8Min Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, and her mother, Ma Dong Mi, meet with Min Gyu and his father. Their message is pointed. If the engagement is broken the land they gave his father as a wedding gift must be returned. Of course, father is constructing a new building on that line. Dong Mi offers his father the wedding date picked that guarantees good fortune. The ladies have made their point and leave.

dll_ep10_9b dll_ep10_9aCheok Hee asks Jung Woo to her place for a birthday dinner (tomorrow is Jung Woo’s birthday). He wonders if she knows how to cook. How hard can it be? Just follow instructions from the internet. Wanna bet it won’t go smoothly. He agrees. She declares tomorrow, with him there, she will have the courage to tell her father that she has been suspended and that they are dating. Hmm, not the combinations of reveals I’d tell my father. No matter, they look forward to their evening together and smile.

Turns out making the seaweed soup (to make up for throwing it in his face 3 years ago) is easier said than done.

dll_ep10_10b dll_ep10_10aJung Woo’s mother remembers with disdain the awful lawyer that threw seaweed soup in his face on his birthday. Wanna bet when they meet again she won’t be happy to see her?

Cheok Hee is determined to prevail but she cancels dinner when it looks like she won’t accomplish making the soup.

dll_ep10_11b dll_ep10_11aJung Woo and Soo A have a crucial conversation. He goes first and admits he likes Cheok Hee. Soo A is distraught. She planned for him to join her new law firm. She signed a lease. She got him a desk nameplate. She leaves upset. My opinion? I do not feel sorry for Soo A. Loving Jung Woo from afar was her choice. Loosing him because she was afraid to tell him…the consequences.

dll_ep10_12Finally Cheok Hee manages a tasty version of the seaweed soup. Her father urges her to surprise him at his house with the soup. He declares no man can resist a house call of homemade soup. Sweet advice from her father.

dll_ep10_13Jung Woo can’t receive Soo A on her cell phone. She pours out her heart to Jung Woo’s mother. She’s liked him forever. She’s been rejected. He has a girlfriend. Mom is not happy to find out he is dating and has not told her. Mom decides she will insert herself and now.

dll_ep10_14Cheok Hee surprises Jung Woo with the food. Nice throwback to the first time she stopped by his house thinking he liked her (when he did not much to her chagrin). Her father is right, he is impressed that she personally made and delivered the soup. They share the soup. Gosh, they are cute.

dll_ep10_15adll_ep10_15bOh no, mom and Soo A spot them enjoying each other’s company. Mom is not happy that Jung Woo is with Cheok Hee. She lays into Cheok Hee. You guessed it, she grabs the seaweed soup to throw it in Cheok Hee’s face. Jung Woo, throws himself in front of Cheok Hee and the soup hits him. I love his gallantry. His mother…not so impressed with Jung Woo’s choices.

Final Thoughts
* Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that Jung Woo gets better looking every episode? He’s sported several hairstyles. He did look fabulous in the tuxedo last episode. His smile is darling.
* The best part of this show is Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. I like the honesty they have achieved. They treat each other as equals which is refreshing. She is helping him grow. He is helping her grow. They are cute together.
* This show has evolved to a much better show than it started out as.

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3 comments on “Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 10 Recap
  1. kiwimints says:

    I can’t believe how good this show is! Too bad the ratings are on the low end. 😦

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