Divorce Lawyers Episode 23 Recap

Hai Dong assistant, Xiao Gang feels the heat of suspicion from Hai Dong. New parents, Qian Kuen and Mei Yu take center stage this episode.

Episode 23 Highlights:

dl_ep23_1b dl_ep23_1a
Cheating new father and husband, Qian Kuen, belts out a song of sorrow.  Wife and new mother, Mei Yu, comes to the wine bar and takes her husband home. Shi Jiang, lover and Mei Yu’s friend, watches him leave with his wife.

dl_ep23_2Mei Yu puts her husband to bed. She then goes and checks the black box video from her husbands car. Only she had the camera turns towards the driver so she can monitor her husband. Turning the camera around is clever.

dl_ep23_3Everyone gathers to discuss the IOUs. The sum the lover loaned the ex-husband is large and she wants the ex-wife to pay half. That does not go over well. Luo Li asks to talk to our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, on the side. She tells him his client better drop his bogus IOUs. Hai Dong tells her to send him and his client to jail.

dl_ep23_4b dl_ep23_4aMei Yu goes to her husband’s work to see if he’s really there. Embarrassed he takes her to his office. He apologizes for lying about being laid off from the previous job. Mei Yu implores her husband to not only share the good but also the bad with her. She wants to be his full partner. She’s grateful Shi Jiang was there to help him through the hard time.

dl_ep23_4d dl_ep23_4cQian Kuen admits to Hai Dong that he can’t easily give up his affair with Shi Jiang. There is no pressure with her and she’s hot. Hai Dong tells him to drop his mistress and concentrate on his wife. A hot picture of Shi Jiang impresses Hai Dong.

dl_ep23_5b dl_ep23_5aHai Dong assistant, Xiao Gang, calls Luo Li worried Hai Dong will find out that he’s the leak about the ex-husband’s mansion. She assures him she will not tell Hai Dong. To ingratiate himself, he offers to pick up her parents tomorrow morning.

dl_ep23_6Mei Yu and  Qian Kuen remember how they met and got together.  Qian Kuen is racked with guilt of his treatment of his wife. She is supportive of him.

Hai Dong sees someone drop off Luo Li. He wonder who the man is.

dl_ep23_7b dl_ep23_7aThe next morning, Hai Dong decides to head out early on the guise of jogging to see who picks up Luo Li in the morning. He is surprised to see it is Xiao Gang. He explains he is helping Luo Li pick up her parents.

dl_ep23_8Of course Luo Li’s mother wonder who is the nice young man picking them up.

dl_ep23_9b dl_ep23_9aHai Dong asks Xiao Gang why he is being helpful to Luo Li. He’s a gentleman is the response. Hai Dong asks Xiao Gang directly…did Luo Li find out about the secret mansion from him. Xiao Gang denies it. We know he is lying. Does Hai Dong?

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), is curious about (which equates to caring about) Luo Li and her life. He simply can’t help himself from wanting to know about her.
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen),  has to listen to many complaints  – her mother, her father, her clients, Hai Dong, etc.
* The next divorce case had little movement. The IOU was the big item.
* Mei Yu and Qian Kuen took center stage this episode.
She found out he lost and found a job. He felt bad for having an affair with her friend.

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