Divorce Lawyers Episode 20 Recap

Good episode! Our couple has their first kiss! Was it romantic? No. Was there passion? Yes. Baby steps for our couple.

Episode 20 Highlights:

dl_ep20_1New father, Hai Dong’s friend, visits a farm with his boss and sugar daddy. She asks if he’d like to live there. That is one way to try and push them into a romantic relationship.

Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong, discuss their current civil case with our leading lady, Luo Li. Recall “ake but real” divorced ex-wife has been slandering her ex-husband’s lover. Tired of it, the husband’s lover is suing the ex-wife. Hai Dong is representing the ex-husband and his lover. Luo Li is representing the ex-wife.

dl_ep20_2adl_ep20_2b Luo Li’s first client shows up with a wedding invitation. She is surprised to see Hai Dong and tells him she has an invitation for him too. She eyes them speculatively.

After the first client leaves, Hai Dong grouses that women hang onto husbands until they find another man then they divorce the man quickly.

The first client and her fiancee happily discuss their upcoming wedding. She speculates whether Hai Dong and Luo Li have a romantic interest in each other.

dl_ep20_3adl_ep20_3c dl_ep20_3b While wedding dress shopping with her first client (that seems a little odd), Luo Li’s mother continues to pursue her primary goal in life – getting her daughter married. To that end she calls Luo Li and tells her found a man for her. Auntie Qin’s nephew has approved the photo of Luo Li and wants to meet her. Auntie Qin then gets on the phone to promote her nephew. It’s a full court press and Luo Li reluctantly agrees to meet him.

dl_ep20_3d dl_ep20_3eHer client asks if Luo Li is interested in Hai Dong. She denies a romantic interest but agrees they have become friends. Her client astutely notices how vehemently Luo Li protests and doesn’t believe her.

dl_ep20_4adl_ep20_4bdl_ep20_4c  Hai Dong and Luo Li go to the wedding together. Luo Li thinks it is a lovely romantic occasion. Hai Dong scoffs and says marriage is only short term happiness.  The bride gives Luo Li her bouquet. Then the men are allowed to vy for Luo Li’s attention to earn the bouquet.

dl_ep20_4ddl_ep20_4e Luo Li and Hai Dong are so intently arguing they don’t realize the attention is on them. When Luo Li tosses the bouquet at Hai Dong to make a point, the MC comes over and declares that Luo Li has given Hai Dong her heart. Stunned the couple denies any romantic interest. The crowd chants for them to kiss.

dl_ep20_4gdl_ep20_4hdl_ep20_4i  Now our lawyers stare at each other. Hai Dong taunts that Luo Li is too innocent and doesn’t have the guts to kiss for the crowd. Luo Li takes that dare and kisses him hard (even biting his lip). Astonished Hai Dong stares at her when she breaks the kiss. He then evens it up and kisses her hard. This is not a romantic kiss but there is passion.

dl_ep20_4jBaby steps for our couple. I love how our couple fights with passion. Intellectually they challenge each other. They enjoy each other and gravitate to spend time together. I loved when Hai Dong raises his arms for the crowd like a prize fighter after his kisses Luo Li.

dl_ep20_5b dl_ep20_5aLuo Li gets a call from the man her mother and auntie want her to meet. She declines. Hai Dong offers to give Luo Li a ride home. She declines. Her mother calls her an pesters her to meet the man. She acquiesces. He’s just okay.

About to sit down to a lonely bowl of ramen, she calls Hai Dong and they eat together.

Tdl_ep20_6ahe next day Hai Dong and his assistant meet with the “fake but real” divorce ex-husband  about his pregnant lover’s law suit suing his ex-wife for slander. The ex-husband makes the valid point that both women are suing each other using his money!

dl_ep20_6bLuo Li gets a call from her mother that the man liked her. That makes her mother happy but Luo Li, not so much. Her parents argue about mom’s obsessive need to get Luo Li married.

dl_ep20_7b dl_ep20_7aHai Dong meets with the lover and she is adamant that the ex-wife must apologize to her for her to agree to drop the lawsuit.

dl_ep20_8adl_ep20_8bLuo Li meets with the wife about the lawsuit. She is adamant that the lover  must apologize to her for her to agree to drop the lawsuit.

dl_ep20_9b dl_ep20_9aHai Dong and Luo Li meet and realize their respective clients will never apologize to each other. Looks like they are heading to court.

dl_ep20_10b dl_ep20_10aThe episode ends with Luo Li telling the ex-wife they could lose in court. The ex-wife is determined to meet her opponent in court.

* Our leading man, Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo), planted a kiss on Luo Li at the wedding. I loved the intensity of the argument during the wedding. They were oblivious to others and riled about intellectually by each other. That kiss had passion!
* Our leading lady, Luo Li (Yao Chen), boldly intimated the first kiss. I love this character. She’s a smart female lead that knows (or think she knows) what she wants. Independence and emotional and financial stability without a man. Her mother cis a broken record about getting married.
* The next divorce case had more movement as the ex-wife has Luo Li and  the ex-husband and lover have Hai Dong. I’m looking forward to this court battle.

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