Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 8 Recap

The roof blew off this series! A previously simple story was turned around with an unexpected twist. Count me surprised the writers dropped this bomb, this early in the series. The reveal could have been milked for several episodes. Is there enough story for the remaining 12 episodes? 

Episode 8 Recap:

Reeling from the news the assailant is Soo Hyun, the chauffeur’s son and fellow childhood kidnap victim, Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) tries to gather himself in the stairwell. “It’s all in the past” he tells himself. Ha Na (Han Ji Min) tracks him down. Needing comfort, he pulls her into a hug. She hesitates then hugs him comfortingly back.  Seo Jin tells her to leave him alone and leaves. Ha Na is understandably confused at Seo Jin’s pull and push habit.

Everyone (Father, Mother, assistant) is upset that the former’s chauffeur’s son and Seo JIn’s fellow kidnap victim, Soo Hyun, is the assailant and back in their lives.

We learn that after Seo Jin escaped from the kidnapper, Soo Hyun’s father asked Seo Jin’s father for money to pay the kidnapper. Seo Jin’s father refused. Desperate, Soo Hyun’s father stole money from Seo Jin’s father but died in a car accident in route to meet the kidnapper. How Soo Hyun escaped is unknown.

At the police station, Tae Joo (Sung Joo) asks how Seo Jin escaped from the kidnapper. Seo Jin claims not to remember.

Oh the irony of Seo Jin telling Detective Na that Soo Hyun must have underlying mental issues.

Seo Jin meets with his father, Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa), who believes the Soo Hyun knows about Seo Jin’s mental illness and targeted Dr. Kang as part of a revenge plot. Seo Jin says he will forever live with guilt should Dr. Kang be killed.

Exhausted from the day, Seo Jin goes straight to bed when he gets home. Ha Na meets his assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), as she returns home. He relates that Seo Jin has had a difficult day. He asks her to call him if Seo Jin needs him. Ha Na goes to Seo Jin’s room and knocks. He does not answer. After repeated knocks, she enters the room and finds him in bed hot with fever. Ha Na calls the doctor, then administers fluids and fever reducing medicine.

ep8_12aep8_12b ep8_12cep8_12d
Seo Jin is not gracious and growls at her to leave him. Cryptically Seo Jin says that Ha Na has given him hope for a life that cannot be. He tells her not to be kind to him and give him false hope. Ha Na admits “I worry about you.” Seo Jin must eliminate this at all costs and barks back “You are nothing”. Ouch! Ha Na counters “Go ahead and live your life as a ghost”. She leaves his room but lingers outside the door. Seo Jin wants to open the door and go to her, but he stops himself.

ep8_13a ep8_13b
Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In), asks Detective Na if he can meet with Soo Hyun. He claims they were childhood buddies. LOL when crafty cousin’s secretary does a G rated Basic Instinct stance.

Crafty cousin interviews Soo Hyun who does not remember him. Soo Hyun reminds him about the accident that left a scar on his neck. He looks at Soo Hyun’s neck. The scar is not there. This man is not Soo Hyun but an imposter! Big reveal! What is going on?

The police search Soo Hyun’s apartment and find an empty photo album marked Hope Orphanage 1989. The time frame is out of sink with this story. The police are mystified.

ep8_15b ep8_15a
Robin (Hyun Bin) (Seo Jin’s alternate personality) goes to a fan club meeting organized by Woo Jung (Hyeri). He calls Ha Na to come too. After the meeting they discuss Seo Jin. LOL when Robin describes Seo Jin’s father’s eyebrows as “having their own fits of rage”. Robin declares Seo Jin’s father is a brick wall so Seo Jin blames others (Robin, Ha Na, etc) and lives a miserable life. Ha Na admits she feels sorry for Seo Jin.

Back at the house after her date with Robin, Ha Na prepares barley tea for Seo Jin and leaves it outside his door. Robin snags the tea after Ha Na leaves. As Ha Na and Robin settle down in their respective beds, Robin promises himself that if Ha Na gives him a chance and is willing to accept him as he is, he will never leave her first. My thought…unfeasible Robin…not gonna happen.

Seo Jin wakes in the morning and finds a note from Robin to check the computer. I must say, I miss the darling notes from Robin from the first couple of episodes.

ep8_16b ep8_16a
Seo Jin views the video Robin left him. Robin tells Seo Jin that he was created because Seo Jin needed him. Robin suggests they both live happy lives. Why should Robin be the only one that is happy? He tells Seo Jin to ask for his help.

ep8_17aep8_17c ep8_17b
Crafty cousin is at the police station when Seo Jin enters having heard that Soo Hyun is an impersonator. Seo Jin meets with Soo Hyun and sees for himself the neck scar is not there. Tae Joo believes that Soo Hyun has been hypnotized into believing he is Soo Hyun. Soo Hyun taunts Seo Jin with how he escaped alone. Frustrated, Seo Jin lunges at Soo Hyun. The police pull him off. Tae Joon asks again about how Seo Jin escaped the kidnapper by himself. Seo Jin offers a bit more information “even though I tried to save Soo Hyun, I did not have the strength for it.” Now everyone tries to determine who could have hypnotized Soo Hyun. Dr. Kang appears to be the likely suspect. Wow, interesting twist to a previously simple story!

ep8_18b ep8_18a
Detective Na tells Ha Na that remembering the assailant’s face on the hospital rooftop is now critical. Ha Na now believes that they were two separate men.


Now the big reveal…
* Tae Joon is Soo Hyun
* Tae Joon is holding Dr. Kang hostage
* Tae Joon is the hospital assailant
* Tae Joon mocks Dr. Kang that her simple solution of Soo Hyun and Seo Jin meeting and mutually forgiving each other will not work. Seo Jin is a cold man and needs to be taught a lesson.
* Tae Joon decides that Seo Jin must suffer. He must feel loss like Tae Joon felt.

Tae Joon answers the door to admit Ha Na for a hypnosis session to remember the assailant’s face on the hospital rooftop. This will be futile because Tae Joon has already planted a “do not remember” stake in Ha Na’ mind. Tae Joon is surprised when Robin appears behind Ha Na. Does Tae Joon think it is Seo Jin?

* Huge reveals this episode…too many reveals too fast?   I’m going to say it. I feel like the writers, Lee Choong Ho and Kim Ji Woon, have done an about face. The first 6 episodes were light and airy. But episodes 7 and 8 have taken a turn into the past and the pain that has repercussions in the form of Soo Hyun seeking revenge. Mind you, I am fine with the twist. But I am surprised that the writers elected to reveal as much as they did in this episode. Each reveal could have been stretched out over several episodes. Whatever, the cat is out of the bag. Do the writers have enough story for the remaining 12 episodes of this 20 episode series? It was nice to see crafty cousin have relevance in this episode. It also makes sense that Sung Joo’s role (Tae Joon) is bigger.
* Hyun Bin as Seo Jin is got a major shock when Soo Hyun was an impersonator.  Who wouldn’t reel from this reveal? My favorite Seo Jin moment was when he told Ha Na that she had given him hope for a life that he could not have. My favorite Robin moment was when he suggested to Seo Jin that they should both be happy, not just him. Robin’s raging eyebrows quip about Seo Jin’s father was perfect!
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na is now a reactionary character to Robin and Seo Jin. Her own story line has stopped and all that matters for this character are the interactions between Robin and Seo Jin. Ji Min does a terrific job of portraying the conflicted feelings for Seo Jin. She feels something for him but he continually pulls her to him then pushes her away. Robin is a nice guy. But sorry, I do not see the emotional connection between Robin and Ha Na. Maybe I just don’t want to see one. I am openly rooting for Seo Jin who must be the last man standing in the multiple personality war.
* The OST is solid with sweet and catchy tunes. Listen to the OST via the embedded playlist or this link.

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