Fated to Love You Episode 20 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 20: “A Confession Over Two Years”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) now knows that Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) did not give her the abortion agreement. Mr. Z encouraged Xin Ji to give Cun Xi another chance.  Dylan (Baron Chen) now knows he is Anna’s brother. Anna (Bianca Bai) needs support as the dance mothers are banding together against her.

ep20_1 ep20_2
Xin Yi arrives late to ceramics class to find her only student is Cun Xi. He had the local supermarket give a 99% discount and everyone is there. Xin Yi asks if he made the ridiculous discount available so he could spend time with her. He confirms it. Thinking about their on-line chat where she admitted she had feelings for him, he asks if she has anything to tell him. She starts to leave but he lures her back to look at pictures of Baby Ji’s puppies on his cell phone. He shows her the picture of them in their family outfits when she was pregnant. She is stunned he still has the picture. He tells her it was their first family photo. Sweet, she should melt at that! 
Cun Xi: Just admit it. You still have feelings for me. You hid in Shanghai to get away from me 2 years ago. You cannnot forget me. That is why you cannot accept Dylan’s love. That is why you have returned to the island.
Xin Yi: Classmate Ji, I do not know where you heard this from, but you are wrong, stop lying to yourself.
Cun Xi: The fact you are eager to get away from me proves you still love me.
Xin Yi: You think I still love you?
Cun Xi: If not love, then why do you try to get away from me?
Xin Yi begins the class to prove she can be in the same room with him. Cun Xi asks when she last dated. Xin Yi lies that she had a date with a mysterious admirer last night. She reminds him that she has an admirer Mr. Z. I love the way she air-draws the letter Z. Her mother calls and she pretends it is Mr. Z. Cun Xi loves it! He knows HE is Mr. Z. The flower boy delivers a navelwart flower and card inviting Xin Yi to dinner. Cun Xi tells her to enjoy her date with Mr. Z. He says he is jealous of the man. Xin Yi says Mr. Z is her soulmate. Cun Xi wishes her well on her date with Mr. Z. He whispers to her as he leaves, see you tonight.

Xin Yi cannot believe he still has the family photo. She muses, should she forgive him?

Anna arrives at her studio and does not find students but instead their mothers. The mothers are hateful to Anna. They claim she is a drunk, that she is not qualified to teach, that she was never a top ballerina because she was fired as Odette, and they state they are going to tear her reputation and studio to shreds. They literally start tearing down posters. Anna tries to stop them. Dylan enters the room capturing video of the melee with his phone. He shames the mother’s into stopping and leaving. Anna does not understand why Dylan is there and is distraught that her studio and reputation are in tatters.
Dylan encourages her to re-engage in ballet. Anna cries that everyone that ever loved her, her mother and Cun Xi, no longer love and support her. She claims her life is in ruins. Dylan senses this is NOT the right time to tell her he is her long-lost brother. Instead he tells her there is someone out there quietly supporting her. He offers a supportive pat on her shoulder. Anna brushes his hand away and claims no one loves her anymore. She begs him to leave her alone. Though he does not want to, Dylan leaves. He is determined to help her rebuild her self-esteem. Good luck with that Dylan!

Cun Xi misses Anna’s phone call (he was in the shower). Anna takes this as rejection.

Xin Yi tells her mother and sisters she has a date with the mysterious Mr. Z. Her mother totally surprises Xin Yi and her sisters when she presses a condom into her hand. She does not want Xin Yi to end up pregnant again after a first date. The collective look of horror from her daughters – priceless!

Meanwhile Cun Xi is getting a pre-date pep talk from Grandma Ji and Anson. They are not pressing condoms in his hands and instead want him to go for it.

By a lake Anna remembers the rejections in her life: dancing, multiple Cun Xi moments and the dance studio mothers. She remembers being separated from her brother as a child. Dylan watches her unseen.
She gets a call from Cun Xi and in her excitement over the call, the phone slips out of her hand and into the lake. She tumbles into the lake after the phone. I guess she cannot swim. Dylan dives in to save her.

Cun Xi (who is at the restaurant waiting for Xin Yi) calls Anna but she does not answer. Cun Xi practices different scenarios in which he admits he is Mr. Z and asks Xin Yi to be his wife again. It is all so sweet. Dylan calls Cun Xi and explains that he is taking Anna to the hospital. Cun Xi calls Xin Yi to explain but she does not take the call. Frustrated Cun Xi tells the waiter to apologize for him. He leaves the restaurant and drives to the hospital.

Xin Yi arrives and thinks the waiter is Mr. Z. The waiter tells her he is not Mr. Z but Mr. Ji just left. There is confusion on the similar sounding Z and Ji. Finally Xin Yi understands the Cun Xi IS Mr. Z. She describes him to the waiter as tall, skinny, curly hair with caterpillar eyebrows – ha! She learns he went to the hospital. Xin Yi hurries to the hospital. In taxi, Xin Yi is stunned that Cun Xi has been quietly supporting her since he found her in Shanghai and that he really cared about her and their baby.

At the hospital Cun Xi finds Dylan who shares the video of the mothers verbally attacking Anna and physically attacking the studio. Cun Xi realizes that Anna must have been calling him about her awful day. Cun Xi feels terrible he was not there for her. So sweet. Cun Xi asks why Dylan was stalking Anna. Dylan comes clean that he is Anna’s long lost brother. Cun Xi does not believe him stating that Anna never mentioned a brother. Dylan shows the photo of he and Anna as children. He assures Cun Xi he IS Anna’s brother. Dylan tells Cun Xi Anna cannot lose Cun Xi right now. He tells him he know better than anyone how much Cun Xi loves Xin Yi. He asks selfishly if Cun Xi will stay by Anna’s side to build up her self-confidence. AWK! NO!
Cun Xi calmly tells Dylan Anna needs her brother more than she needs him. Dylan says Anna cannot take that truth right now. He begs Cun Xi to help Anna. The doctor wheels Anna out and both men rush to her. The doctor says Anna will be fine but NOT to upset her emotionally.  Xin Yi arrives at the hospital. Cun Xi calls to Anna who wakes and immediately hugs him begging him NOT to leave her.
Xin Yi walks into the hallway just in time to hear Cun Xi say he WILL NOT leave Anna alone. AWK! NO! Stunned Xin Yi cannot believe that Cun Xi has now picked Anna over her. She leaves but Cun Xi sees her.
He catches her and tells her this is NOT what it looks like.

Xin Yi: (livid) Why did you pretend to be Mr. Z? Do you like making me look like a fool?
Cun Xi: (pleading) Everything you said on-line last night meant so much to me. I want to start fresh with you.
Xin Yi: (kicks him) I will not believe you ever again!

She gets into the elevator and leaves. Dylan finds Cun Xi at the elevator.
Dylan: Xin Yi found out you were Mr. Z?
Cun Xi: How did you know?
Dylan: I wondered who would use such an old method to woo a woman. Do you know what women hate the most?
Cun Xi: What?
Dylan: The man they love being close to their ex-girlfriend.
Cun Xi: Can you help explain this to Xin Yi? You guys are close.
Dylan: Why should I help you? We are love rivals. Tell you what, IF you promise to stay by Anna’s side, I will help explain to Xin Yi.
Cun Xi: You are such a businessman and deal maker.
Dylan: I ask you sincerely. For Anna I am willing to give up my life.
Cun Xi: You do not have to go that far. I was going to help you anyhow. For Anna, I will do my best.
Dylan raises his hand so Cun Xi can clasp it.
Cun Xi: You have to help me with Xin Yi.
Dylan: (smiling) You are quite the business man too.

They clasp hands and both say “deal”.

At the Ji mansion, Grandma Ji and Anson are unhappy the reunion with Xin Yi was a bust. They are stunned Dylan and Anna are brother and sister. They encourage Cun Xi to call Xin Yi. He says he tried but she will not answer.

At the Chen house, Mother is livid that Cun Xi pretended to be Mr. Z. Why is there no phone call from Cun Xi explaining his actions? Xin Yi says she would not answer even if he would call. She heads to bed.

Xin Yi waits for Cun Xi to call again. She tells the phone, Cun Xi you need to make an effort!

Cun Xi elects NOT to call. He believes she will simply hang up on him again. He decides to engage her in the morning after she has cooled down.

The next morning Cun Xi overhears step-mother (Ji Liu Xiu Lin) and step-brother (Ji Zheng Ren) discussing his lack of progress at the company, his excessive time in nightclubs, and his limited cash. Step-mother tells him that she will support him but he needs to make an effort at work. Step-brother notes that everyone calls him parasite at work. His mother tells him to press on. It is actually a nice conversation. As step-brother leaves he runs into Cun Xin and realizes that he has overhead the conversation. Outside the house, Cun Xi counsels him to give up the night clubs. Step-brother tells him night clubs are the only places he gets respect. Cun Xi admits he has not recognized step-mother’s hard work at home or his efforts at the office. Cun Xi tells him if he can make him happier, then he should. Step-brother doubts his word. He tells step-brother his actions will  prove his words. He knows that living a happy life is important. Step-brother says he would be grateful if Cun Xi could be nicer to his mother. Step-brother gets a phone call from an angry girl friend and calms her down. Cun Xi asks if he can help him solve woman problem a friend has. Step-brother recommends flowers and chocolates and a sincere apology. He wishes him good luck in getting Xin Yi back. Cun Xi sputters the advice is not for him but Anson – ha!

Cun Xi sends flowers and the oldest sister believes they are for her sent by Anson. Cun Xi sends chocolates to the classroom and married sister thinks they are for her from her husband. Xin Yi arrives at class wondering where Cun Xi is and why he has NOT contacted her. Her cell phone rings, it is Cun Xi, her sisters urge her to talk to him, her students urge her to talk to him…Xin Yi does not accept the call. The student start to paint the cups they made last class. Her sisters admire the cup Cun Xi made. They note the cup’s drawing has him with curly hair, Xin Yi with a sticky note on her shirt, and baby Ji Nian.
Cun Xi calls again and she does not accept the call. Her sister asks, doesn’t she want to know what happened? Xin Yi says she has given him chances. Sister sagely asks but how many chances to love you has he gotten? She notes that 2 years prior Xin Yi thought he gave her an abortion agreement and Cun Xi never had a chance to explain. Last night Xin Yi saw him embrace Anna but is not giving him a chance to explain. Sister says Cun Xi even pretended to be Mr. Z to see if she still had feelings for him, but she has not given him a chance to explain. Sister asks Xin Yi not to take happiness so lightly. Furthermore she thinks what happened in the hospital does not compute. Who goes on a date in a hospital? She points to Cun Xi’s cup, this means you and the baby are important. Xin Yi cannot deny her words and thinks about it.

Cun Xi is at Anna’s apartment. He urges he to return to the stage. Anna says she has lost him and he was her focus when she danced. Cun Xi asks would she be willing to reengage if he became her focus again? Anna gets angry. She knows she is no longer the most important woman in his life. She cannot stand to see his pity. She leaves the room. Cun Xi calls Dylan as he leaves Anna’s apartment saying he failed. Dylan is having an equally hard time convincing the dance moms to let their daughters return to the studio. He beseeches angriest dance mom to listen to him.

Xin Yi is thinking on the steps when her Mom sits down and tells her the time has come… It is time that she know that Cun Xi visited their house everyday asking about her. It is time she know that the island directly benefited because Cun Xi poured money into the island to maintain contact with Xin Yi in some way while she was gone.  Xin Yi admits she is scared. Everytime she gives him a chance, she ends up hurt.  Mom says the most important thing is get back up after you have been hurt.  She tells her about mp3 player with a message that Cun Xi left 2 years ago for her.  She urges Xin Yi to listen and decide if she can try one more time with Cun Xi.

She listens to his message:
Xin Yi, I am sorry. I could not protect the baby. This is the second week after you have left. Grandma and I often go into the nursery. The room you decorated. Every time I am in the room, I feel your anticipation for the baby. You know I am a bad man. Who says they only want the child after they marry? How could I ask you to leave the baby after birth? No mother would be willing to abandon their own child. My thoughts were too simple. Blood relations cannot easily be severed. You said once I treated you well. But it was not enough. I did not take care of you enough. I was not considerate enough. I did not spend the time to understand you. I looked at the baby’s diary you made. The content was beautifully detailed. I switched the Mother’s photo on the last page to you. In my heart you are his mother forever. I realized this too late.  I understand why you had to leave me. But could you give me one more chance? I will do better. Xin Yi, please give me one more chance. I now know that even before you left I had fallen in love with you.
Wow! She is crying. He is crying (in flashback). I am crying.

Xin Yi is thrilled…He loves her. He confessed his love 2 years ago. Overcome by emotion, she shakily dials his cell phone. Cun Xi is exiting a store and drops the cell phone and the call goes straight to voicemail. The cell phone screen is blank. Cun Xi says it could not have been from Xin Yi. She has not called me in days. He walks away. Xin Yi is dialing over and over but he does not pick up. Xin Yi says “Cun Xi give me one more chance, I beg you.”

* Very good episode! Excellent progress between all our leads on the two major story lines. I like the balance between the two story lines and how they have entwined together.
* Cell phone quality an issue. Too bad Cun Xi’s cell phone could not take being dropped or he would have heard the words from Xin Yi that would restart their relationship. I knew there has to be SOMETHING that slows their reunion…but rats, get a better cell phone Cun Xi!
* Laughing Out Load when Cun Xi “wiggled his cell phone” to lure Xin Yi to his side with pictures of Baby Ji on his cell phone.
* Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s classroom banter was cute, cute, cute!
* The exchange between Dylan and Anna at her studio was excellent. Dylan was fiercely protective of her and gave the dance mothers a good talking to. Anna was NOT ready for his support thinking she was all alone in the world. Super job by both actors Baron Chen (Dylan) and Bianca Bai (Anna). I am surprised that I care about Anna again after the abortion agreement lie, but I do. I am surprised that Dylan and Anna matter to me, but they do. That’s the product of good writing and acting folks!
The whole drowning fall in the lake accident was a bit ridiculous from a medical point of view. Not the strongest plot point either.
* The exchange between Dylan and Cun Xi was excellent. Both actors, Baron Chen (Dylan) and Ethan Juan (Cun Xi), delivered on that scene. They went from rivals for Xin Yi’s affection to joint supporters of Anna. They are more fun as bros than foes. Well written and acted!
* I am a huge fan of banter between couples and the ceramics class was full of crisp banter between Cun Xi and Xin Yi. It is so clear they love each other. They are so cute! Even the students saw it clearly.
Color me surprised but the exchange between step-mother and step-brother made these characters real not just leeches on the Ji family. Even better when Cun Xi told step-brother that he would recognize step-mother’s efforts at home and his efforts at the office. It was a respectful admission of not paying attention by Cun Xi. The two actors, Ethan Juan (Cun Xi) and Tian Jia Da (Ji Zheng Ren), sold me on this scene. Step-brother was suspicious and Cun Xi was willing believe in his hard work. Nice!
* The advice from her oldest sister was spot on. Had Xin Yi ever given Cun Xi a chance to explain? How could Xin Yi treat this chance at happiness so slightly? Terrific!
* The advice from Xin Yi’s mother was kind, firm, and direct. It was time to stop pretending. Xin Yi loves Cun Xi. Cun Xi had proven his love through his actions. Listen to the mp3 player and decide for yourself. But either get up and try another time or stop the madness.
* When Xin Yi listened to Cun Xi’s message…It ripped her up, it ripped me up. It was simple, truthful, and wonderful to hear Cun Xi declare his love for Xin Yi, his pain over the loss of the baby, and his hope that she could give him another chance. When they showed him making the outline of the family in the sand (like she did on the fateful day they lost the baby), that was it, the tears started. This couple has heart and are simply lovely.

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3 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 20 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The banter between our OTP and with rivals was really well fone.

    Did Dylan deliberately try to sabotage Xin Yi and Cun Xi by asking Cun Xi to stay with Anna until she was more emotionally stable to keep Cun Xi from Xin Yi or was he truly more concerned about his sister❓⁉️ It seems like a really bad move as leaving her again would be hurting her again. Just admit you’re her brother Dylan … and MAYBE Cun Xi could be supportive as a friend to her.

    Cun Xi is softening overall as a person; was touched by the sincere conversation between his stepmother and stepbrother. I concur they seem more real and even slightly likeable. I remember in an earlier episode step-bro suggested that Stephen Zhu out a hit on Cun Xi. I wonder if step-bro’s nightclub girlfriend is really pregnant or trying to trap him❓⁉️

    I was ALMOST surprised that Mom suggested Xin Yi listen to Cun Xi’s recording and then decide how she feels about her ex. The recording was touching, heartfelt and their longing for each other was palpable. That was my favorite scene in this drama so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This couple captured my heart with their obvious love for each other. But such a hard road to return to each other with the painful past blocking them. There are times when the dialogue in this series is superior. The characters have a level of complexity at times that surprises and pleases.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        So much was well done, but the slapstick was overdone, it would have improved the series to tone it down.


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