Discovery of Romance Episode 2 Recap

Episode #2: “Will You Break Up with Him and Come Back to Me?”

We begin this episode with a refresh of Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) waking in Kang Tae Ha’s (Eric) bed to her shock and horror.  She scrambles out of her ex-boyfriend’s bed. Her current boyfriend plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) calls her to wish her happy birthday. He is almost to her house to surprise her with a lovely bouquet of flowers and an engagement ring. Yeo Reum lies that she is at her mother’s house. The is quickly dispelled when her mother is at her house. Yeo Reum lies she is at the studio with roommate and co-worker Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi). This is quickly dispelled when Yoon Sol and Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) (roommate and Ha Jin’s co-worker) walk up to her house to celebrate her birthday. Ha Jin insists on knowing where she is. Unable to fabricate another lie, she tells him she will talk to him later and hangs up. Ha Jin does not know what to do with that. Yeo Reum turns around to find Tae Ha watching her from his bed with a satisfied smile.

Yeo Reum cannot remember what happened last night. She primarily wants to know if she slept with Tae Ha. Tae Ha enjoys her lack of memory and teases her saying “last night was good for me”. Yeo Reum quizzes Tae Ha if she slept with him. Tae Ha demurs it might be better if she NOT know then she can continue to claim she does not remember with a clear conscience. Tae Ha leans on the counter teases her “I remember you being hot in the evening, but you are hot in the morning too”. Ha! Yeo Reum blasts Tae Ha for NOT sending her home. He directly tells her he did NOT want to send her home. “I wanted to be with you for one last day.” Ah, that is sweet and upfront.

She heads home but before she goes boyfriend Ha Jin gets a location on her cell phone and does not understand why she is in that particular neighborhood. Ha Jin heads to work at the hospital. Yoon Sol and Joon Ho grill her where she was last night. They light the candles on her birthday cake.

Ha Jin has been looking for a girl with a particular scar. The delivery girl happens to be the right scar and girl.

Ha Jin takes Yeo Reum to dinner. Ha Jin directly asks Yeo Reum where she slept last night. Yeo Reum wonders if she should tell the truth.  She tells him that she ended up at the apartment of man at the hotel that had her cell phone. She omits that the man was her ex-boyfriend. Ha Jim assumes she slept with the man. Yeo Reum goes on the offensive and gets angry he assumes she slept with the man and stalks out of the restaurant.  Ha Jim catches up with Yeo Reum and gives her his wallet to cover the cab fare. Why not just give her the cab fare?

Oh my how cute is this…Tae Ha takes the bunny to the vet for a checkup, cage, food, etc. The vet tells him NOT to bathe the bunny again. It is a girl bunny and it is up to him to name her. Darling moment when he puts the bunny in his pocket.

Yeo Reum shows up at Tae Ha’s apartment determined to learn what happened last night. Excellent banter between the two of them. Tae Ha notes that when a boyfriend wants to know what happened he only cares about if sex was in the evening’s activity list. Through flashbacks we learn that Yeo Reum fell asleep on his bed huddled in the comforter. They did not have sex on their activity list. She asks how her clothes were dried and Tae Ha lies that he hung them up to dry. Instead the flashback reveals he carefully ironed the skirt and hung up the top. Ah, that is sweet.

Yeo Reum tells Tae Ha to take care of the bunny. She tells the bunny to endure and to stay strong! LOL!

Tae Ha and Yeo Reum are interviewed more about their past relationship. This time more details are revealed beyond what we saw in episode 1. Things were good for three years but then their relationship started to get less warm and more mechanical. It is obvious they did a poor job of communicating with each other.  LOL when she slides to his interview set and smacks him on the back of the head for something he said. Clever!

We see the initial meeting of Tae Ha and Yeo Reum. They met on a train. When she looks at his ticket, he is sitting next to her. She warns him to come for the food train. Once he arrives at his assigned seat Yoon Sol and Joon Ho are across from him in their assigned seats. They are bickering. As she recommended he heads to the food train to escape. I love the way she tells him that she is interested in him, attracted to him and has just experienced love at first sight. He is surprised and flattered.

More details on their breakup five years later at the train station are revealed. It looks like Tae Ha worked many hours leaving Yeo Reum alone and lonely.  From her point of view she was in touch with her emotions and in tune with him. But Tae Ha had no clue what was happening with her and therefore he was disconnected with the relationship. Their breakup scene at the train station seemed realistic. During the break up Tae Ha stated that he would never see her again. He was true to his word. He also reveals that she called him constantly and came to his apartment often after the breakup to beg him to take her back.

Yeo Reum uses Joon Ho to convince Ha Jin that she is so distraught over her lapse in sleep locations that she is not eating or sleeping well. She even sends over her relationship memorabilia. That does the trick and soon he is fretting about her. She goes to his apartment and cleans it. When he arrives home he finds her in the closet (this seems to be normal) and they fall into bed together.

Tae Ha is at work distracted during a presentation of new furniture designers to work with. He is uninterested until he sees Yeo Reum’s company as a candidate. He quickly selects her company much to the surprise of his staff. He and his partner visit Yeo Reum’s workshop. Yoon Sol is surprised to see him after all these years. Yeo Reum immediately tells him she will NOT take the job. Yoon Sol urges her to take the job. The shop is practically broke and they need the work and money. Yoon Sol and Tae Ha’s partner leave them to talk it out.

Tae Ha grabs Yeo Reum’s chair and pulls her to him. He looks into her eyes and asks Will You Break Up with Him and Come Back to Me?

* Good second episode! This is a likable cast and multi-dimensional characters.


    • Eric is riveting in a subtle way. His character Tae Ha is beautifully direct. His bantering with Yeo Reum is outstanding. He has a devilish grin that I adore. He does a terrific job in the direct to the camera interview segments. I love his case of relationship memorabilia.


    • Jung Yu Mi is doing a fine job and continues have chemistry with both male actors. She relies heavily on the shocked look. Yeo Reum’s interpretation of their back-story was so logical and controlled. Then Tae Ha revealed her regret and emotional outbursts begging him to take her back. She is definitely the emotional one.


    • Sung Joon was strong this episode. His character Ha Jin was no patsy when Yeo Reum stayed out all night. He got mad and did not immediately forgive her. Even when she cleaned to his apartment and they were about to make love he told her sex did not erase what she did.


    • Yoon Sol did not wait long to get the details from Yeo Reum about the evening with Tae Ha.I felt sorry for her when she recounted her two year relationship that she learned was not boyfriend/girlfirend without sex. That was quite the crying jagfest including mascara streaming down her face.


    • Do Joon Ho had much more to do this episode. Yeo Reum used him as the intermediary between herself and Ha Jin. You can see that he cares for both of them but his loyalty is to his roomate Yeo Reum.


  • Another split second of delivery girl An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) . What’s the deal with the scar and why does Ha Jin care?

* Yeo Reum’s initial outfit of white lace skirt, gray top, and pink pumps worked for her. She is very slender and this accented her nicely.

* The writer, Jung Hyun Jung, is pleasantly surprising me. I am a fan of snappy banter between couples and this episode provided plenty of that. Her writing of the direct interviews with Yeo Reum and Tae Ha is also well done. Adding the moment when Yeo Reum stepped from her interview spot and whacks Tae Ha on the head was clever. I am curious if these interviews will continue throughout the series. They work.

* I hope they keep the bunny cameos every episode. When Tae Ha put the bunny in his pocket, so cute! Perfect the bunny is a girl.

* Enjoyed the production choice that during the flashback to what happened the previous evening, you saw present day characters with previous evening characters in the scene.

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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