Discovery of Romance Episode 3 Recap

Episode #3: “Can’t Help it if You Think it’s Jealousy” 

I start with a question for you. Would you swoon if someone from your past (that you still seem to have feelings for) said to you “I have never forgotten anything about you from the beginning to the end”? I thought so! Kang Tae Ha (Eric) says those very words to ex-girlfriend Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi).

We flashback to discover more details about their first meeting. The train ride is complete. They have said their goodbyes. Yeo Reum knows that Tae Ha will be heading to the island. Yeo Reum does not want to let him go. She talks her two friends Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) and Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) into visiting the island too. As Yeo Reum boards the boat, Yoon Sol refuses to board. Alone on the boat Yeo Reum finds Tae Ha. He is flattered that she followed him. When they arrive at the island she tells him she has no cash and asks if he will lend her money. She follows him around trying to get the money. He loves it! It is fun to watch him tease her as they hike and view a lovely sunset.

As they enter the village he finds the cash machine is out of order. Without money they cannot buy boat tickets to leave the island. Now the tables are turned. He follows her. Stuck they share a ramen and Yeo Reum is resourceful finding them a place to sleep for free. She gets spooked by mice noises. She pushes their sleeping mats together. Lying side by side she asks if he is having fluttering feelings like she is. He identifies those feelings as the beginning of love. They sleep holding hands.

The next morning Tae Ha gives Yeo Reum the money for the boat ticket AFTER the boat has left. She is frustrated and angry at his timing. Tae Ha tells her directly “Stay with me for one more day”. Ok, that was swoon moment #2.  They have a wonderful day exploring the island, holding hands, and taking a scenic boat ride. He gives her a heart shaped rock. Young love, it is wonderful to watch.

Present day Tae Ha tells her to think about his offer to work with her. As he walks away Tae Ha gives Yeo Reum a shoulder pat and Yeo Reum reacts to it. He touch still tingles.

Next up Yeo Reum’s current boyfriend plastic surgeon Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) proposes marriage in a simple manner. I would go as far to say it was a bit clunky. She does not accept the proposal embarrassed about her debt.

When Yeo Reum’s mother comes to the house to collect the rent, Joon Ho pays and does not have an balance, Yoon Sol pays and has a small balance, Yeo Reum does not pay and has a large balance. Love the interaction of the three of them as they unsuccessfully try to convince Mother to give Yeo Reum a break on the debt. Her mother notes that Yeo Reum has been staying out at night quite a bit. She tells both Yeo Reum and Yoon Sol that birth control is a necessity if they do not want to end up pregnant. As her mother leaves Yeo Reum conjures tears and tells her mother with the debt she cannot accept Ha Jin’s marriage proposal. Unmoved her mother leaves. You then see that Yeo Reum manufactured the tears on cue and is disappointed they did not soften her mother.

Yoon Sol glares at Yeo Reum until she agrees to a field trip with Tae Ha’s partner. They visit the construction site of the wine bar. It is lovely even in the construction phase. Yeo Reum and Yoon Sol are impressed. So take the job!

Ha Jin’s dream provides background on the girl with the scar. Turns out that he and his sister had run away from the orphanage where they were soon to be separated.  Sister (An A Rim) does not feel well so Ha Jin piggy backs her down the hill. Unfortunately he slips and falls and A Rim tumbles into a metal fence slicing her arm. Ha Jin takes A Rim back to the orphanage where he begs the nuns NOT to separate them. They take A Rim to the hospital without making that promise. The inference is that Ha Jin never saw A Rim again.

Because of the dream Ha Jin is talking in his sleep. Yeo Reum wakes him up. He will not tell her the dream so Yeo Reum suggests they go outside and work off some excess energy. They are darling as the play soccer, race each other, and let the stress flow out of their bodies with the physical exertion. Yeo Reum wants to know about the dream but then realizes that she too has a secret that she does not want to share with Ha Jin. He decides to tell her that he did something bad as a child and hurt someone. Sometimes he dreams about the incident. Yeo Reum tells him only nice people stress over past mistakes.

Yoon Sol, Yeo Reum and Tae Ha visit a bar that has similar characteristics as the one under construction. Tae Ha seems knows the band leader. They companionably sips beers and enjoy the band.

The band leader calls Yeo Reum to the stage for a song.

Ha Jin calls as she is on stage.Yoon Sol answers Yeo Reum’s phone and tells Ha Jin they are at a bar. Yoon Sol tells Tae Ha that Yeo Reum’s boyfriend is coming to the bar. She tells him Yeo Reum has not told her boyfriend about her past relationship with Tae Ha. She asks that he honor Yeo Reum’s wish to keep the past in the past. She leaves the table.

When Ha Jin enters the bar, Yeo Reum is on stage singing. He nears the table where Tae Ha is watching Yeo Reum sing.

Tae Ha turns and stares to Ha Jin.

Recalling the blind date at the hotel where Yeo Reum threw water in the face of a man, the same man she spent the night in his apartment, he recognizes Tae Ha as that man and potential rival!

* Good third episode! These are interesting characters portrayed by actors that are in the groove.


    •  Eric emotes with his eyes and his face. He does not need to speak for you to understand his heart and head. He delivered swoon worthy moments; #1 He’s never forgotten Yeo Reum, and #2 wanting her to stay just another day with him on the island. I liked how he knew Yeo Reum was feeling love in the flashbacks.


    •  Jung Yu Mi portrays Yeo Reum as an interesting mix of emotion and calculation. 10 years ago her heart obviously tumbled quickly for Tae Ha. Now she is more calculated. When she cried to get her mother release her from debt so she could marry, that was calculated.


    •  Sung Joon’s character Ha Jin delivered a proposal that was sweet and awkward. He was completely adorable during the late night play session with Yeo Reum. He let his hair down and was appealing and approachable. You saw they worked as a couple in that moment. He totally nailed the last scene with Tae Ha. He realized Tae Ha was the man from the hotel and that Yeo Reum spent the night in his apartment. Then he KNEW this man is a rival for Yeo Reum.


    •  Yoon Sol mourning over her losing her boyfriend (who only considered her a friend) was the right mix of obsessive, pitiful and humorous. Amusing scene when she declares she wants to get breast implants to bump up her atractiveness. Joon Ho offers to do the procedure but she declines. I liked how direct she was with Tae Ha to keep his past relationship a secret from Yeo Reum’s current boyfriend.


    •  Do Joon Ho was totally sweet to Yeo Reum’s mother while the girls were a bit icy. Loved his offer to Yoon Sol to pump up her breasts via surgery. He was rightfully scared of Yoon Sol as she mourned for her former relationship.


  •  Brief sighting of delivery girl An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi). We did learn about how the scar came to be. She appears to be Ha Jin’s long lost sister.

* Fashion miss – Yeo Reum’s wore two dresses that overwhelmed her frame this episode. The first was in a unattractive print fabric and shapeless. The second was in a pale apricot fabric and shapeless. She wore a shapeless dress for this promotional shot. She is too slender and looks swallowed up in these boxy clothes.

* The Yeo Reum and Tae Ha interviews were brief and occurred after he proposes they work together then leaves. Yeo Reum complains to the interviewer about his hidden agendas. Then we continue the flashback to their island trip 10 years ago. Tae Ha tells the interviewer that the only way to capture Yeo Reum is hit her where it matters, her pride. Then we continue the flashback to their island trip 10 years ago.

* No bunny cameo. I missed the bunny.

Pretty song that played during their sleep scene. Hope it makes it to the OST.

* Hands down the best scene of the show was when the guys sized each other up in the bar – awesome nonverbal acting!

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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  1. Shayne says:

    Hi! Do you know the song that yeo reum sang at the bar? Please please thanks!


  2. carrie says:

    Hello,excuse me do you know what is the song played when yeo reum and ha jin were playing soccer and racing in the field?


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