Ghost Doctor Episode 5

Flashback…A young Seung Tak sees a ghost person outside the hospital crying of the shoe of a loved one. He picks up the shoe and hands it to her. She can’t believe he can see her.

Present day…Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) tells ghost Cha Young Min (Rain) they can bicker later, now they must save the patient. Seung Tak’s cousin, Deputy Director Han Seung Won is thrilled to see Seung Tak freeze. Intern Ahn Tae Hyun decides to take over as the patient’s blood pressure drops. Now joined with Young Min, Seung Tak barks he’ll handle the surgery from here. Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) steps into the observation room already populated with Deputy Director Han, Chief Ban Tae Sik, Intern Kim Jae Won and others. The anesthesiologist yells at Seung Tak and Intern Ahn to stop bickering and save the patient. Seung Tak does Young Min’s signature hand flex and begins the surgery.

Jang Se Jin (Uee) sits by comatose Young Min’s bedside knowing his surgery skills are no longer saving lives. The nurse enters and reports Seung Tak is doing the same surgery he performed on Young Min. Unfortunately, there is no one else.

The surgery complete, Young Min exits Seung Tak’s body and tells him to follow him.  He looks up and sees the amazed faces in the observation room. Deputy Director Han and Chief Ban can’t believe a first-year intern was able to conduct the complicated surgery for a second time.

Once in a private room, Seung Tak admits he’s been able to see Young Min from the beginning. Young Min can’t believe he didn’t tell him. Young Min asks if Seung Tak can see the other ghosts. Seung Tak confirms he can. In fact, Young Min is the 250th ghost Young Min has seen. Young Min asks why did he tell him now. Saving the patient was the priority. Young Min admits he went to Young Min’s house because he heard Young Min whine about “his baby”.

Flashback…Seung Tak gains access to Young Min’s apartment. He finds Young Min’s pet and takes it home.

Young Min is relieved “his baby” is fine. Then they bicker like crazy about the situation. Seung Tak declares he never wants Young Min in his body and storms out.

Young Min goes to the ICU to check the surgical patient’s status. Intern Ahn and Intern Kim can’t believe Seung Tak’s surgical skills. Seung Tak arrives and learns the patient’s vital are solid. Intern Lee tells him to write the operation record. Intern Lee reports Chief Ban wants the surgeon to stay with the patient.

Intern Ahn replays what Seung Tak said to him. Chief Ban enters and warns him they must keep quiet about Seung Tak performing the surgery. Chief Ban notes Seung Tak seems very different during surgery.

Deputy Director Han requests the surgery footage.

Young Min and Seung Tak stay by the patient’s side. Seung Tak tells him to leave. Young Min and Seung Tak are thrilled when the patient wakes and are apply to perform all the post-surgery actions. The mother and daughter are thrilled and nod their approval to Seung Tak.

Young Min leaves the ICU. He doesn’t know why Seung Tak cares so much about the patients. He doesn’t realize a black shrouded ghost is watching him.

Young Min returns to his room where Se Jin continues the bedside vigil. She wonders what the relationship is between Young Min and Seung Tak. She calls Seung Tak an odd guy.

Seung Tak arrives home. In his room, he looks at his father’s picture with tears in his eyes.

Flashback…While cannoning Seung Tak falls out of the canoe. His father drowns saving him.

The chairman of the hospital, Seung Tak’s great uncle, learns the surgery patient’s daughter wasn’t hurt in the accident and that Seung Tak surgical skills saved the patient. He watches the surgery footage.

The next day…

Seung Tak arrives at the hospital.

Young Min sees Se Jin listening to music on the roof terrace. He wants to share the earbud with her.

Flashback…Young Min and Se Jin share earbuds while relaxing on the rooftop terrace. They are all smiles.

Seung Tak approaches and wonders if Se Jin should waste her time caring for Young Min. He strides away. Se Jin notes Seung Tak is an odd guy.

Seung Tak and Young Min argue. Two reporters arrive and asks Seung Tak about how a 1st year intern was able to perform complicated surgery. The ER is buzzing about yesterday’s surgery and the news coverage. Chief Ban and his colleagues gossip too.

Deputy Director Han calls Seung Tak to his office. Initially complementary, Deputy Director Han starts probing where Seung Tak got his surgery skills so early in his internship. Seung Tak’s mother calls thrilled at the positive press. Deputy Director Han’s mother call unhappy at the positive press. Deputy Director Han assures her Seung Tak will make a mistake and never pass his boards. Both mothers share an elevator with fake smiles on their faces. Deputy Director Han’s mother snipes that Seung Tak loves attention. Seung Tak’s mother declares Grandfather will be happy that both grandsons are doing well.

Young Min realizes Seung Tak has a difficult family situation. The other ghosts intercept him for a chat.

Seung Tak and Intern Kim see a mother plead for surgery for her son. Intern Kim explains it is too complicated to be done at this hospital. Unfortunately, other hospitals won’t cover the costs like this hospital will as Young Min set up a fund with excess earnings. Seung Tak didn’t know such a fund exists. Intern Kim notes Young Min may seem gruff and uncaring, but he has a caring side.

The ghosts ask Young Min to do some shopping for them. They want him to enter Seung Tak’s body and make the shopping trip. They suggest agreeing is best.

Seung Tak looks at the mother that was pleading for her son. He remembers Intern Kim telling him the son is adopted.

The mother and daughter thank Seung Tak for saving their husband/father.  The nurse encourages Seung Tak to perform post operative care. It doesn’t go well. Young Min sees and allows Seung Tak handle the situation. Later Young Min reminds Seung Tak he told him not to enter his body. As payback, Seung Tak throws one of Young Min’s jackets out of the window. Se Jin enters the room and wonders why Young Min’s suitcase is open.

Young Min follows when Se Jin searches his office. He wonders what she’s looking forward. He doesn’t realize the black shrouded ghost is watching. Se Jin finds what she wants but knocks a book of the desk. Intern Ahn is in the hallway and hears. He approaches the office. Se Jin hides. Intern Ahn enters. He doesn’t go far in the office before he turns around and leaves. The black shrouded ghost watches him go. Se Jin stands in relief. She’s holding Young Min’s notepad.

Se Jin tries to deliver food to Chairman Jang. The security guard stops her. He promises the Chairman will get the food. He claims the Chairman loved the food she sent last time. He promises to let her know if the Chairman asks for her. She leaves. The Chairman’s ghost watches her go.

In the Chairman’s room, Chairman Jung asks if Young Min loves his daughter. He warns her not to pursue Se Jin for her money, because she won’t accept any money from him. He doesn’t want to be a burden to Se Jin. He’s only caused her pain. He notes Se Jin is in pain over Young Min’s state. He doesn’t want those trying to kill him turn their attention to her. Intern Ahn enters the room. The chairman notes he visits 4 times a day. Young Min watches Intern Ahn administer an injection.

Young Min runs into the black shrouded ghost. They make real contact. The ghost runs away.

Back in his room, Se Jin calls Deputy Director Han to talk about her father.

Young Min goes to Seung Tak to borrow his body. Seung Tak refuses noting Young Min didn’t give him support earlier. He walks about of the hospital.

Soo Jung joins Seung Tak for a coffee outside. He wonders why she isn’t asking how he was able to perform the surgery. Soo Jung knows he’ll tell her because they are friends. He asks what she thinks. She tells him to do what is best for him. Seung Tak’s phone rings. He answers the call from his brother and walks away.

Young Min finds Se Jin administering CPR to a patient. The patient’s ghost asks Young Min if he’s going to die.

Seung Tak finds the little boy hiding in his room. The boy lifts his tear stained faces and asks Seung Tak if he’s going to die.

The patient’s ghost asks if he’ll die as payback for causing Young Min harm. Young Min recalls the delivery driver that swerved into his car just before the accident.

The little boy begs Seung Tak to keep him alive.

Young Min and Seung Tak agree to help each other out.

My Thoughts

Family does not mean loving support in this series. Writer Kim Sun Soo revealed Seung Tak’s mother and Deputy Director Han’s mother use their sons for status and Seung Tak spotted Young Min in the back of the ambulance and has willingly let him take over his body. We also learned Deputy Director Han considers Seung Tak a rival for status with their father. Young Min learned that Intern Ahn was in cahoots with Chairman Jung’s son and Deputy Director Han. What a mess family rivalry has made.

Cha Young Min (Rain) realized jumping into Seung Tak’s body was hurting his brain in his physical body. He decided to step back from Seung Tak. Young Min was shocked in Seung Tak looked him in the eye and challenged him to save the patient. Will Young Min sacrifice his health for the patient? The black ghost watching Young Min was a new challenge for Young Min. Tess saw and realized things just got more complicated for Young Min. It was nice to see the flashbacks between the warm and loving Young Min and Se Jin. They were a cute couple. Her departure changed Young Min. Can it be undone? Can Young Min find the caring side of himself?

Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) knew Young Min was entering and exiting his body. He saw ghost Young Min from the first moment. How unsettling that must be, seeing a ghost Young Min that no one else sees. Seung Tak prioritizes patients. Young Min prioritizes himself. Can Seung Tak become a better surgeon with Young Min’s help while he helps Young Min become a better person? His family situation is dicer than expected. He carries guilt from his father’s death. Deputy Director Han has his sights on Seung Tak, and wants to lower his status their grandfather’s eyes (the Chairman). Having Seung Tak know about the ghosts from the beginning makes this role much better. Now he’s more than a pretty, lazy, kind doctor that is book smart.

I rank this episode as almost very good7.5 on a 10-point scale.

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One comment on “Ghost Doctor Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Did Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ever tell Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️ that his cousin, VP Han Seung Won💩, is gunning for him❓⁉️

    It was nice to hear that Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ has a softer, generous side to him of taking care of people who cannot afford life changing surgical services. My heart went out to the little boy, who was being turned down for surgery, since Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ wouldn’t be able to perform the surgery. We need to see this boy saved.

    I’m curious what Resident Ahn Tae Hyun💉👨‍⚕️ gave Dr Jang Se Jin’s 🧠👩‍⚕️ dad, Chairman Jang ♟ … I suspect Chairman Jang ♟might be able to wake if Resident Ahn 💉👨‍⚕️ didn’t keep administering drugs. Dr Jang Se Jin 🧠👩‍⚕️is onto the rouse, I hope she doesn’t put herself in jeopardy with her money grabbing brother.

    I wonder if Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️would be able to a one-on-one mentor to Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️, rather than jeopardizing his brain and life by possessing the hapless intern.

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