Snowdrop Episode 9


Doctor Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) (Tae Il’s mistress and secret North spy) learns there is a secret passage to the basement from Comrade Joo. She tells him to follow her.

Lim Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) says they’ll return to the North in nine days. Soo Ho doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He wants to release her, but can’t. Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) gives him a back hug. He tries to step away. She won’t let go. He gently pulls out of her grasp. Then he pulls her into a hug. Young Ro hugs him back. She moves her hand and grabs the detonator. She pushes him away from her, holds up the detonator and asks him to confirm if she pushes the button the dorm will be blown up. Soo Ho is stunned. She wants to know why they must wait nine days. Soo Ho doesn’t offer an answer. She runs. He chases. He catches her in the chapel. He pushes her against the wall and takes the detonator. He assures her he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but he can’t do more than watch. He walks away. Little does our couple know that Chung Ya has heard everything from the secret passage from the chapel.

Chung Ya is shaken by Soo Ho’s admission. Not having overhead, Comrade Joo comes up the passageway and tells Chung Ya to follow him.

Agent Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) maneuvers Mistress Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah) into getting him a cup of water. She asks what he wants. Bluntly he asks if she helped conceal the Soo Ho because she works for the North. She throws the water in his face and declares she’s tired of the idiot agents she’s encountered.

Soo Ho takes Kang Moo so they can speak privately. He hits Kang Moo for telling Young Ro about the detonator. Kang Moo declares he told her so she wouldn’t do anything rash. Soo Ho wants proof that Kang Moo’s theory that the North and South are working together and the big dollars involved nullifies their lives. Kang Moo promises he’ll deliver through Han Na. If he brings the proof, will Soo Ho work with him not against him?

Secretary General, Nam Tae Il warns Agent Jang Han Na (Jung Eugene) she is to deliver the goods then get out, no additional actions. Her boss, Chief Ahn Kyung Hee, promises she’ll follow his orders. Han Na confirms this. Chief Ahn suggests Han Na is favorite. She declares they hate her. Tae Il yells the North spies are threatening to blow up the dorm. He wants her to tell Chung Ya she’ll be safely extricated. Han Na asks if he only cares about Chung Ya. Chief Ahn ushers her out.

The reporters report Han Na’s delivering supplies. Chief Ahn appears and explains they are urging the North spies to release the hostages.

Chung Ya tells Soo Ho the South continues to posture.

Tae Il calls Soo Ho and declares he can’t release any hostages. In addition, he better not touch Chung Ya. Chung Ya hangs up. She tells Soo Ho to give her the detonator. She can’t trust him, especially if he lets a woman best him. She decides they need to teach the South a lesson.

Comrade Joo checks the supplies for explosives. Han Na tells Soo Ho that the SWAT didn’t kill him. Soo Ho orders her to follow him. He brings her to Kang Moo. She falls to her knees concerned about him. Kang Moo tells her to listen to him.

A reporter tells his boss, that something seems off about the South’s handling of the situation. He waylays a food delivery guy and delivers the food to the command tent himself. He overhears a snippet of Tae Il talking to Chief Ahn.

Kang Moo tells Han Na the North and South are working together to fix the presidential election. He explains Professor Han was Plan A to fix the election and the hostage situation is Plan B. She’s surprised but quickly accepts it could be true. Kang Moo asks her to get proof. Kang Moo warns her if she divulges the proof to anyone but him, she could be killed. Han Na doesn’t understand what Kang Moo can do with the information. Kang Moo looks at Soo Ho who tells her she has until tomorrow when he makes another request for supplies. She asks if they are working together. Kang Moo says they are both rats trapped and must save themselves by working together. Kang Moo asks to speak with Kang Moo privately. He claims Han Na is his fiancée. Soo Ho doesn’t give it to them the requested time.

Cho Seong Sim (Tae Il’s wife) and boutique designer and owner Choi Mi Hye gossip about Chung Ya. Seong Sim shares Chung Ya told her she’s single because one snowy night when she was about to fall from a cliff, a man saved her. They spent the night in a cave and she’s been waiting to meet him every since. They chuckle at Chung Ya’s naiveté. They count the number of hostages as 57.

Han Na leads the 30 selected hostages out of the dorm. Boon Ok has Comrade Joo escort her to the restroom.  She watches him reload his weapon. Mr. Kim’s son ducks down the hall.

Young Ro tells Kang Moo that the North spies will leave in nine days per Soo Ho. She asks what the significance of nine days is.

Mr. Kim’s son warns Boon Ok to help her get money from the North. He says she’s nothing. She screams that she works hard to take care of her ill father while he’s a leech to Mr. Kim. Comrade Joo overhears. Just as Mr. Kim’s son is about to strike her, Comrade Joo grabs his arm. He hits Mr. Kim’s son repeatedly. He drags him out. Boon Ok assures him she’ll tidy up and return to the cafeteria shortly. Boon Ok finds the walkie talkie Mistress Pi left in the trash.

The reporters cover the hostage release. Tae Il and Chief Ahn are shocked. Tae Il yells at Chief Ahn to take care of the reporters. The agents take the hostages to their cars. Han Na gets in her car and takes a device.

Chief Ahn tells the reporters the negotiation expert they hired, brokered the deal for the 30 hostages to be released.

The reporter than delivered food to the command tent sees the hostages being taken away by agents. He takes the food delivery scooter and follows much to the agitation of the owner of the scooter.

Tae Il yells at Han Na for bring hostages out. Han Na counters the North told her to do it. She asks if he’s happy the hostages were released. Tae Il assures her he is happy. When his back is turned, she plants a listening device.

Seong Sim and Mi Hye aren’t happy to hear 30 hostages were released.  Seong Sim worries there are 13 students/virgins left. Mi Hye shares the North and South are working together to fix the election. Therefore, the students won’t be killed. That turns Seong Sim’s frown upside down.

Director Eun Chang Soo and his wife Hong Ae Ra learn 30 hostages were released but Young Ro wasn’t one of them. He’s told Kang Moo tried to get the SWAT team to follow him into the dorm but they refused and sent him back in. Chang Soo tells his wife he must return to the command tent. Ae Ra smiles when she realizes 27 student/virgins are left in the dorm. She wonders if the priest’s prophecy might come true.

Yoon Seol Hee (roommate) defends Oh Gwang Tae for setting up the group blind date that included Soo Ho. Go Hye Ryeong (roommate) asks Seol Hee if she likes Gwang Tae. Seol Hee denies it. Gwang Tae declares he’s fallen for Seol Hee. Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend says he’s after her money. Gwang Tae vows to protect her forever. They are all smiles.

Young Ro recalls the political machinations that Kang Moo told her about. She returns to him and volunteers to help. Kang Moo whispers that Chung Ya is also a North spy. Young Ro stares at the doctor with a hard look to her eyes.

The red phone rings. Tae Il tells the president that he ordered the hostages released and swears the election is a lock.

Tae Il calls Soo Ho and berates him for releasing the hostages. Soo Ho asks what his plan is to return them to the North. Tae Il claims the plan will work. Soo Ho doesn’t believe him. Tae Il explains on the day before the election, all the remaining hostages will be released and they’ll make it look like the North spies have been killed. That lie will be the cover to transport them to North. Tae Il warns Soo Ho better do as he says. The North has been paid enough money they won’t care if they ever return. That gets Soo Ho’s attention. Tae Il hangs up.

Tae Il declares the North spies don’t matter more than the money. Chang Soo arrives and demands to know why Kang Moo was shot at and will extract revenge. Tae Il says Kang Moo won’t be able to extract revenge when he’s killed when the hostages are saved. Chang Soo and Chief Ahn are shocked. Tae Il believes Kang Moo’s death saving students will make all of them look good. Tae Il declares even if the students must die, they must remember the election is the priority. Han Na is besides herself as she listens. Tae Il promises Chang Soo his daughter will be saved. Chang Soo declares they can’t do this. Tae Il reminds him they agreed to kill all the North spies and save the students. Chang Soo says all the students must be saved including his daughter. Chang Soo strides away. Tae Il calls him hypocritical. Tae Il yells it is Chang Soo’s fault his son died because he sent him to the front. Han Na stops the recording livid at what she’s heard.

The reporter watches the students blind folded led into the agency’s safe house. Chief Ahn tells the agent to make sure the students sign the NDA and no reporters are about.

Chief Ahn sweeps the command tent for bugs. He finds the bug under Tae Il’s desk. Chief Ahn guesses the food delivery man planted the bug.

Han Na listens to the conversation she taped with the reporter. He can’t believe she plans to give this to the North spies.

Chief Ahn and his men arrive when they spot the delivery scooter. Han Na and the reporter shove their evidence under the seats. Chief Ahn asks why Han Na is with the reporter. He arrests both of them.

Kang Moo is livid and yells at Soo Ho that Han Na is in danger because of him. Kang Moo says they’ll all be dead in nine days. Soo Ho says he’ll be back in the North in nine days. Kang Moo says he told Young Ro that the South promised the spies that they’ll be return in nine days but that is a lie propagated by Tae Il and her father. Soo Ho can’t believe Kang Moo blamed Young Ro’s father to her face. Kang Moo guesses the guilt must be weighing on Young Ro. Soo Ho slams Kang Moo against the wall. Kang Moo notes it feels terrible to have the woman you care about in jeopardy. Soo Ho promises Kang Moo will suffer too. Kang Moo says Soo Ho loves Young Ro. Soo Ho tells him to shut up. Kang Moo urges Soo Ho to turn to the South and save the woman he loves. Soo Ho declares he wouldn’t join the agency willing to kill innocent students. He says the South is not better than the North. Kang Moo agrees that the North and South took different paths. Kang Moo urges Soo Ho not to continue to be a pawn. Soo Ho declares they are enemies.

Great scene!

Comrade Joo gorges the cups of noodles along with the other students. Mistress Pi offers Kang Moo bread. She admits she was harsh earlier. He says he found her surveillance office. He promises not to blow her cover. Mistress Pi says she never sold her students out. Kang Moo suggests they save the students together. Comrade Joo orders them to separate.

The reporter swears he didn’t plant the bug in the command tent. Chief Ahn doesn’t believe him. The agents work him over. Han Na demands to be released.

Mistress Pi heads to the bathroom. Her walkie talkie is missing. She can’t believe it.

The students listen to music in the cafeteria. Soo Ho watches Young Ro. Chung Ya watches him watching Young Ro.  Soo Ho patrols the dorm with Comrade Joo. Comrade Lee urges Hye Ryeong to sing. Another student offers to play the piano. Hye Ryeong sings.

Kang Moo surges Mistress Pi to join him. She wonders how he’ll escape Chung Ya.

While the students sleep, Mistress Pi gives Young Ro the key to the secret room. Kang Moo tells Gwang Tae and Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend to dispatch Comrade Joo.

The next day…8 days until the election….

Mistress Pi leads stretching exercises for the students. Soo Ho asks what she’s doing. Mistress Pi demands the demands students be able to wash and brush their teeth. All the students plead. Young Ro suggests they be able to wash their faces. Soo Ho agrees to 10 girls at a time. Young Ro nods to Kang Moo and Mistress Pi. The first 10 girls rush to their rooms to get basins. Boon Ok asks Comrade Joo if she get her basin. She admits she’s not a student.

The roommates luxuriate in laying on their beds for a moment. Young Ro finds her watch and tosses it down the basement stairs before heading to wash her face.

Boon Ok thanks Comrade Joo for helping her escape Dr. Kim’s son. She admits no one has every taken her side before. She heads to her room all smiles. Comrade Joo hears the watch alarm go off. He heads down into the basement to find it. Young Ro heads up the stairs while he goes down the stairs. Comrade Joo finds the watch. He realizes something is wrong.

Young Ro heads into Mistress Pi’s office. She finds the secret room per the directions. She unlocks it and enters. The surveillance information it all around her. She closes the door.

Comrade Lee declares he’s doing better. Comrade Joo returns the girls to the cafeteria and says Young Ro is missing. Soo Ho and Comrade Joo take off to search for her. Kang Moo disarms Comrade Lee. Mr. Kim’s son exits the cafeteria. Soo Ho calls for Young Ro. Mistress Pi tells the students there is a secret passage from the chapel they can escape to the basement. The girls exit the cafeteria. Chung Ya is startled when Kang Moo enters the bathroom. He tells her she and Young Ro will be released first. He leads her to the rooftop apartment and locks her in. Chung Ya can’t believe it.

The students follow Mr. Kim into the chapel. He shows them the secret passage. The girls make their way down to the basement.

Boon Ok searches cabinets for the bag with weapons and money. She pulls it away. Mr. Kim arrives to search for the same bag.

Gwang Tae and Young Ro1’s boyfriend lock Comrade Joo into the basement.

Chung Ya escapes the apartment in the roof.

Soo Ho bursts into Mistress Pi’s office and calls for Young Ro. He doesn’t know about the secret room. She knocks over tapes. Soo Ho hears them fall. He walks to the panel with the door to the secret room. He sees the latch with the keyhole. He calls to Young Ro. He tells her to answer him. She says nothing. Soo Ho says he wants to save her. He begs her to answer. He uses their secret knock. He asks her to talk to him.

Kang Moo enters Mistress Pi’s office. He and Soo Ho fight. Young Ro opens the secret door and sees Soo Ho dispatching Kang Moo. She grabs a metal object and is about to strike him. He sees her and pauses. Kang Moo gets the advantage on Soo Ho.

The students notice the bobby trap on the front door.

Kang Moo brings Soo Ho forward and orders Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend to guard him. Soo Ho works to dismantle the bobby trap. He opens the door. He tells the students to make their way outside.

Soo Ho and Young Ro lock eyes.

The students start towards the door.

Chung Ya appears holding the detonator. She declares no one should move.

Gwang Tae decides to try and escape. He opens the door. Chung Ya presses the button. An explosion in one part of the building occurs.

My Thoughts

Kang Moo and Soo Ho do not trust each other…nor should they. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi continued to make the hostage situation interesting. Soo Ho and Kang Moo learned their respective agencies were willing to let them die for a priority of political power and money. Kang Moo urged Soo Ho to join him. Soo Ho scoffed that Kang Moo’s agency had no ethics. Mistress Pi was unveiled to a select few to work for the South. Though she was not happy with the agency’s actions. Young Ro continued to resist Soo Ho’s pull. He is appealing but she knows that being a North spy takes priority. I enjoyed the interaction between the irksome Comrade Joo and Boon Ok. It made them more human and more palatable. Chung Ya was surprised to learn Kang Moo knew she was a North spy. She stopped the mass exodus with the detonator. Willing to save himself before anyone else, Gwang Tae tried to leave. Chung Ya pushed the button. It looks like the explosion was in a small section of the dorm. Is that all the explosives that have been planted?

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) can’t help being drawn to Young Ro.  Yes, he has feelings for Young Ro. We know Chung Ya has feelings for him as he is the mystery savior from her past. I can’t see Soo Ho defecting to the South. Both the South and North have fluid subpar ethical conduct in their upper ranks.

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) worked against the spies. She didn’t keep the detonator for long. Soo Ho wrestled it away with ease. Young Ro went directly to Kang Moo and offered her help. She entered Mistress Pi’s secret room only to be found by Soo Ho. The fight between Kang Moo and Soo Ho lured her out of the secret room. She was ready to bash Soo Ho on his head, much to his surprise. That moment allowed Kang Moo to get the upper hand. True to his word, Soo Ho motioned for Young Ro to flee when the opportunity arose.

I rank this episode as very good8 on a 10-point scale.

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