Ghost Doctor Episode 3

After going up the stairs to reach the ICU, Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) stops to catch his breath. Ghost doctor Cha Young Min (Rain) jumps out of his body, urges Seung Tak to keep going and jumps back in.

Intern Ahn Tae Hyun recalls Intern Kim Jae Won telling him the 5000 dose was a mistake. His phone flashes an alert from the ICU. Intern Ahn heads that way.

When Young Min inside Seung Tak, Intern Ahn, Intern Lee, and Intern Kim arrive the nurse informs them Young Min is breathing on his own. Seung Tak order an MRI with authority. Everyone looks surprised. Seung Tak points out he didn’t work closely with Young Min and can be impassive about the treatment. The others agree. Intern Ahn watches Seung Tak gently touch Young Min’s face. Intern Ahn is surprised by Seung Tak’s devotion.

The interns are chewed out for ordering the MRI. The attending doctor barks that coma patients go on and off breathing equipment all the time.

Later Young Min inside Seung Tak pins Intern Ahn and says that Seung Tak under orders from Deputy Director Han injected Chairman Jang with the 5000 dose and the trust must come out. He demands the truth come out at the press conference. Intern Ahn sees Seung Tak running away.

Young Min inside Seung Tak checks Chairman Jang’s medical records. When Oh Soo Jung (Son Na Eun) finds him at the computer she hits him. Young Min is expelled out of Seung Tak. When Seung Tak leaves Soo Jung looks at Chairman Jung’s medical record on the screen.

The nurse apologizes for calling all the interns. Young Min chides the interns for ordering the MRI. The interns point out he demanded it. Young Min doesn’t remember and leaves.

Intern Ahn asks why Seung Tak accused Deputy Director Han. Young Min doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Seung Tak promises to text the address of the press conference. Intern Ahn walks away. Young Min warns Seung Tak tell all at the press conference. Of course, Seung Tak can’t hear him and walks away. Ghost Tess arrives and tells Young Min it won’t be as easy as he thinks.

Seung Tak texts Se Jin that he’ll buy her coffee tomorrow. Se Jin overhears the interns talking about Seung Tak’s atypical behavior. She tries to distract them.

Tess reveals he does little things for the interns around the hospital. He suggests Young Min has rules to follow now he’s a ghost. He points out that Young Min doesn’t know what really happened with Chairman Jung. Tess warns him jumping in and out and Seung Tak’s body will deplete him.

Jang Se Jin (Uee) phones a friend for a favor.

Young Min is constrained by the force field around the hospital that he can’t break through.

At the press conference, Deputy Director Han Seung Won and lawyers join the interns waiting. Young Min arrives and promises Deputy Director Han won’t get away with it. He remembers Tess’s belief that Seung Tak isn’t a liar.

Intern Ahn tells the press about Young Min leaving after receiving a text. Intern Lee tells the press that he called Young Min about Chairman Jung’s vitals. But the second time he called he got no answer because Young Min had been in the accident. Chief Ban tells the press he did what he could. He states blood tests revealed Chairman Jung’s had too high a dose in his body. Intern Ahn tells the press Young Min ordered the dosage. Intern Kim remembers fretting over the dosage with Seung Tak. Unconcerned Seung Tak tells the press he was told the dose by Intern Kim. Deputy Director Han smiles. The lawyer demands to know what dosage Seung Tak administered. Seung Tak claims he didn’t administer any dose and the nurse on duty can confirm it. Seung Tak explains the dose Young Min ordered was a proper amount to stop Chairman Jung from having a stroke after the surgery. Any dose higher could harm. The nurse reports Seung Tak ordered no higher dosage administered to Chairman Jung. Deputy Director Han isn’t happy. Young Min wonders what really happened.

Back in his office, Deputy Director Han reports what happened.

Chief Ban wonders who administered the dose. He suggests Chief Ban left the hospital deliberately. Young Min can’t believe Chief Ban administered the dose.

Young Min considers Intern Kim and can’t believe he administered the dose. Young Min considers Intern Lee and can’t believe he administered the dose.

Seung Tak purchases coffee for the ER team. Young Min considers Seung Tak and decides he did not administer the dose.  Young Min considers Intern Ahn and decides he did not administer the dose. He’s taken aback when Intern Ahn doesn’t look at his body saying Young Min would never care for patients that had no chance. Young Min hears and sees other ghosts. They introduce themselves as ghosts of the other comatose patients he ignored. Tess arrives and chides them for scaring Young Min. Frightened Young Min jumps into Seung Tak. Now the ghosts are scared that Young Min can jump into a body. Seung Tak steps out of the ICU. Young Min jumps out of Seung Tak’s body. Tess and the ghosts arrive and wonder why they can’t jump into Seung Tak.

Alone in stairwell Young Min sulks then gets a phone call from ER and leaves.

In the ER, the attending doctor complains about not having an available surgeon. Soo Jung jumps in so Seung Tak doesn’t feel pressured to perform. Seung Tak strolls away. Then he returns enthusiastic and concise about the patient’s treatment. Soo Jung notices the difference. It’s more apparent when Seung Tak orders the attending doctor and Soo Jung to get cracking. We see Young Min is in Seung Tak’s body. He jumps out and tells Seung Tak they are even.

Young Min avoids the other ghosts who still wonder why they can’t possess a body like Young Min.

Seung Tak watches the CCTV and asks it be deleted. He goes and plays video games to relieve the tension.

Young Min wonders why his ghost body is aching. He wonders why he’s avoiding the ghosts that like Seung Tak better than him. He remembers Seung Tak telling the comatose ghost bodies to ignore Young Min’s negative words.

Intern Kim busts into the room and tells Intern Ahn and Intern Lee he has news about Young Min.

Young Min talks to ghost Chairman Jung who believes Young Min took his case not to save him, but to elevator his own stature. Ghost Chairman Jung says Young Min’s body will be moved per Deputy Director Han’s direction. He finds the interns wondering why Deputy Director Han ordered Young Min moved from ICU.

Young Min rushes to ER to find Seung Tak. He learns he took the day off.

Seung Tak hides when his father comes looking for him.

Intern Ahn asks Deputy Director Han why Young Min is being transferred. Deputy Director Han explains Young Min is a liability to the hospital. He tells Intern Ahn his wishy-washy actions have complicated things. If only he’d stayed on the path they’d agreed to. Deputy Director Han says the gun doesn’t matter, only the person that pulled the trigger matters. Intern Ahn leaves his office shaken.

Flashback…Intern Ahn calls in a 5000-dosage claiming it is Young Min’s orders. He hesitates in the ICU. Should he administer the dosage. He decides he must and administers the dose. He backs away upset at his choice. Later he doesn’t answer the ER’s call for his service for surgery.

Intern Ahn cries then makes a call.

Intern Lee and Intern Kim are bummed that Young Min is being moved. The ghosts tease Young Min with the words he once spoke about them. Young Min tries to find Tess. He spots Chief Ban moving a bed to take Young Min away. He rushes back to the ICU and finds Seung Tak moving Young Min. Seung Tak avoids detection by Chief Ban. Tess helps Seung Tak get away.

Young Min doesn’t understand why Seung Tak is saving him. Seung Tak moves the bed down the hall. Deputy Director Han runs into him and asks what he’s doing. Chief Ban catches up to him. Se Jin arrives and demands to know what the other doctors are doing around her patient.

Flashback…Deputy Director Han learns Soo Jung is Chairman Jung’s daughter. He’s told she’s taken over Young Min’s care. The director tells him to do as he’s told and stay out of her business and the chairman’s. She reminds him Chairman Jung is the priority patient.

Se Jin explains to Seung Tak she doesn’t understand why her father’s successful surgery lead to a coma and why Young Min got into an accident and coma the same day. She asks Seung Tak to help her unravel the mystery. Seung Tak points out Young Min hated him. Se Jin asks why he tried to keep Young Min from being transferred. Seung Tak explains he felt responsible for Young Min, his first surgery. He claims he doesn’t feel well and leaves. Deputy Director Han watches Seung Tak go from across the way.

Seung Tak looks at his disheveled state in horror.

Se Jin talks to Young Min. She wants to explains things to him. Young Min wishes she’d done so 12 years ago. The nurse explains Seung Tak came to help Young Min when she called him. Se Jin asks the nurse to care for Young Min now that she is his guardian.

Se Jin walks through the lobby and out of the hospital. Young Min follows as far as he can before the force field stops him. He watches her go and sighs. He spots Seung Tak leaving too.

Outside the hospital, Seung Tak looks around. We see Young Min has jumped in his body. He pulls out car keys and finds Seung Tak’s car in the parking lot. Young Min promises to make this up to Seung Tak as he drives the streets of the city.

The ghosts tell Tess that Young Min jumped into Seung Tak’s body and left the hospital. Tess hopes Young Min stays in the body. If he gets humped out, he could disappear.

Just then a woman bumps into Seung Tak, Young Min is expelled. As Seung Tak stares at the woman, Young Min starts to disappear. Seung Tak ascertains the woman needs medical help, more than he can provide. Seung Tak asks the entity near him to help save the woman. Seung Tak reaches out to find the entity. Young Min reaches out to Seung Tak.

My Thoughts

Soo Jung is now Young Min’s guardian. Writer Kim Sun Soo revealed Intern Ahn did administer the dose to Chairman Jung with Deputy Director Han’s knowledge, but we don’t know what circumstances led him to that point. Soo Jung called in a favor and was given guardianship and care of Young Min. The hospital’s director told Deputy Director Han not involve himself in matters at her level. Seung Tak revealed he was aware that an entity was following him and helping him perform medical feats he wasn’t capable of.  Now Young Min lies on the ground and must reunite with Seung Tak or he’ll die.

Cha Young Min (Rain) kept jumping into Seung Tak’s body. Last episode Tess told him every takeover of Young Min would lessen the chances of his body recovering.  But Young Min kept jumping into Seung Tak to save patients, give medical guidance, etc. The only ill effects noted was ghost Young Min claiming to be sore. Young Min was surprised when Soo Jung took over his care. He looks at her with longing just like she looks at him. Young Min also saw his coldness to other patients wasn’t always kind.

Go Seung Tak (Kim Beom) knows something is entering and exiting his body. He tried to shake it off, sleep it off, but it kept happening. When faced with a life and death situation outside the hospital, Seung Tak called upon the entity to help save the patient. Though Seung Tak feigns bored disinterest, he does care.

I rank this episode as good7 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Ghost Doctor Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The Heprin setup seemed to be aimed at Intern Go Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️, which he was able to avoid due to his book smarts and not administering the drug to begin with.

    OMO, I didn’t expect Intern Ahn Tae Hyun💉👨‍⚕️ to be the heprin culprit. At least Tae Hyun💉👨‍⚕️ has shame and regret … but what was his impetus❓⁉️

    I wondered if Young Min’s🙌👨‍⚕️ attitude towards patients in poor condition was adjusted when he saw his protégé, Intern Ahn Tae Hyun💉👨‍⚕️, bypass his unconscious self stating Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ didn’t spend time on cases with no chance.

    I wonder if anyone will notice Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️, while being possessed by Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️, logged into the hospital’s computer system as Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️. I think it is good Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ recognizes he is being possessed.

    Has Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ figured out it is occurring at the hospital❓⁉️ That may not have occur to Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ as he left the hospital possessed and will likely repossessed outside the hospital or Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ won’t be long for this world. How long will it take Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ to figure out that Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ is the entity possessing him. Intern Oh Soo Jung ⛑👩‍⚕️ recognized that Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️ was possessed, does she recognize Dr Cha Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️ is possessing Intern Go Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️❓⁉️

    Lucky for Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ that Se Jin🧠👩‍⚕️ took him on as a patient. Otherwise Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️would spend his days roaming the halls of a nursing home rather than being able to possess Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ and investigate his hospital’s conspiracy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least Tae Hyun💉👨‍⚕️ has shame and regret … but what was his impetus❓⁉️
      Good question.

      bypass his unconscious self stating Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ didn’t spend time on cases with no chance
      That had to be an ah-ha moment for Young Min.

      How long will it take Seung Tak📚👨‍⚕️ to figure out that Young Min🙌👨‍⚕️ is the entity possessing him. Intern Oh Soo Jung ⛑👩‍⚕️ recognized that Seung Tak 📚👨‍⚕️ was possessed
      Seung Tak must have a growing awareness. Soo Jung tries to protect Seung Tak.

      Se Jin🧠👩‍⚕️ took him on as a patient. Otherwise Young Min 🙌👨‍⚕️would spend his days roaming the halls of a nursing home
      Good point.

      Liked by 2 people

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