Snowdrop Episode 4


Lim Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) rides back to Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo). He gives her the necklace he made for his sister and she gave to him to keep him safe on his mission. Young Ro protests it keeps him safe. Soo Ho wants her to wear it so he’ll know she’s safe.

Yoon Seol Hee (Young Ro’s roommate) watches Oh Gwang Tae (Soo Ho’s former friend) return to the booth and look out the window. She looks out the window. Gwang Tae mutters the police better hurry. Seol Hee can’t believe Gwang Tae called the police. She wails she’ll be arrested because all the roommates helped hide him. She hits Gwang Tae and hurries out of the coffee shop.

She tells Young Ro and Soo Ho that Gwang Tae called the authorities. Soo Ho asks Young Ro if she’ll be okay. She confirms and urges him to go. He bikes away.

Agent Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) and the other agents arrive but Soo Ho is gone. They see Young Ro and Seol Hee. They ask if they’ve seen a man in a suit on a bike. The girls deny it and head back to the university.

Kang Moo doesn’t believe it when Gwang Tae claims the man he saw wasn’t Soo Ho. He wonders which side Gwang Tae is on, the north, the south, or the person protecting Soo Ho. Gwang Tae believes his silence will endear the rich Seol Hee to him and promises he won’t call again unless he’s sure it is Soo Ho.

Soo Ho returns to the hideout. Agent Joo (under orders to kill Soo Ho if his loyalty to the North is waning) tells Soo Ho that their driver comrade took cyanide during interrogation. Soo Ho declares this operation is his and he’ll take the blame. He tells AJ to watch Professor Han. He’ll adjust the plan to help Professor Han to defect to the North. AJ declares Soo Ho’s face is well known. Soo Ho counters he’s the team lead and AJ is to follow his orders. They stare and glare. AJ leaves. Soo Ho takes off the suit jacket. He sees Young Ro’s brother’s name embroidered. He thinks of Young Ro.

The girls tell Young Ro his male guest was hot. She remembers him giving her the necklace. Mistress Pi’s assistant, Kye Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) tells her they have to talk. In a private area, Boon Ok rips into Young Ro for hitting on Soo Ho. Young Ro explains she ran into him after the group blind date. She assures Boon Ok she didn’t reveal Boon Ok wasn’t a college student. Boon Ok claims she knows where she stands now and leaves. Boon Ok checks the open house guest list and sees Young Ro’s guest didn’t come through the front door. She assumes that means Young Ro’s guest was the spy hiding on the 4th floor.

The roommates discuss Boon Ok’s irritation. Jung Min realizes that Boon Ok will check the guest list and see Young Ro’s guest didn’t enter the front door. They worry Boon Ok will figure out they hid the spy. Mistress Pi enters one her night rounds. She notices Young Ro’s nervous state. She warns that one mistake can ruin a life. She tells the girls to get their act together and do well on the upcoming exams. She leaves. Boon Ok glares before she follows Mistress Pi. The roommates wonder how to dispose of Soo Ho’s clothes.

Mr. Kim calls his son who wants money for his gambling problem. Young Ro exits her room and finds Mr. Kim. She asks for his help with the clothes. He agrees. She leaves the clothes. Boon Ok watches and listens.

Young Ro returns to the room and falls asleep holding the necklace.

Soo Ho and AJ have a memorial moment for their fallen comrade.

Agent Jang Han Na (Jung Eugene) brings food for the bull pen. Alone with Kang Moo she tells him she became an agent to question the man that promised to marry her then dumped her 6 years ago without a reason. Kang Moo glares and states that’s a dumb reason to join. She starts to ask why but stops herself. Instead, she warns him that continuing the operation will get him in trouble. She offers to keep Professor Han on surveillance herself. She leaves.

Boon Ok calls and asks how much money she’ll get if she gives them information about who hid the spy. Mistress Pi hangs up the phone and asks why Boon Ok is asking that question. Boon Ok declares the roommates in 207 hid the spy. She takes Mistress Pi to Mr. Kim. She pulls out the bloody clothes Mr. Kim hasn’t disposed of yet.  Mistress Pi fires Mr. Kim. He’s upset.

Back in her office, Boon Ok puts the backpack with Soo Ho’s bloody clothes next to Mistress Pi. Boon Ok declares the man is a spy not a protestor. Mistress Pi counters that Boon Ok will be suspected too and never receive the money. She knows Boon Ok’s sister is a communist. Boon Ok denies it. Mistress Pi reminds her that as a sister of suspected communist, Boon Ok has few employment options. Mistress Pi reminds her she hired Boon Ok as a favor to an old teacher. She tells her to round up the 207 roommates. Boon Ok is furious and leaves the office.

Mistress Pi questions the roommates. Young Ro declares he wasn’t a spy. Jung Min says he wasn’t a spy. Mistress Pi snaps that they’ll all be implicated, the entire building, of harboring a spy. She declares she’s evicting the roommates. Young Ro begs that she be only one punished, she was the master mind. Mistress Pi agrees she was the master mind but the others helped. She warns Hye Ryeong, Seol Hee, and Jung Min the next transgression will earn them eviction. She revokes their phone privileges and sends them out. Hye Ryeong accuses Boon Ok of snitching. Boon Ok notes no phone calls for Hye Ryeong lightens her work load. Hairpulling ensues. Mistress Pi breaks it up with a glare. The roommates head back to their room. Boon Ok is livid.

Soo Ho calls his boss, Director Lim, who declares he couldn’t leave Beijing because he was worried. Soo Ho apologizes for worrying his father. He’s told he must complete the mission. Soo Ho promises his father he’ll succeed and thereby thwart his father’s enemies.

Director Lim tells his assistant, Agent Choi, his son will complete the mission. She pretends she’s happy. She’s not happy when Director Lim declares the new team Agent Choi sent will assist, not replace, his son. He won’t need her help in future negotiations with the South officials. She doesn’t like that.

Secretary General, Nam Tae Il (ruling party 2) and Director Eun Chang Soo (ruling party 3) negotiate with DL for his help disrupting the upcoming elections to their advantage. Chang Soo gulps when Director Lim wants $400M. He says they don’t have that much money readily available. Tae Il sees Director Lim’s displeasure who steps away to let them talk. Tae Il isn’t happy. Chang Soo points out they can’t function if they empty the coffers here. Tae Il counters if they don’t win the election, they won’t have jobs. Tae Il declares they’ll have to use the secret stash of cash.

Four ladies gather to game – Cho Seong Sim (Tae Il’s wife), Hong Ae Ra (Chang Soo’s wife), boutique designer and owner Choi Mi Hye, and Kang Chung Ya (Yoo In Na) (Tae Il’s mistress). SS and Mi Hye tease Ae Ra about the priest’s prophecy that the only way to avoid the pitfalls that Chang Soo may fall into are by sacrificing 13 young virgins. Mi Hye fills CY in. She notes that the future is what we make it.

The roommates have only last evening together. They drink and declare they’ll miss each other when Young Ro leaves. Young Ro shares she’s moving in with her father even though that means she has to also live with the hated stepmother. A group hug and tears end the evening.

Young Ro ends up in the chapel and prays for Soo Ho to call her once before she leaves.

Soo Ho can’t stop thinking about Young Ro. Soo Ho jots down the secret message over the radio. AJ returns and glares at Soo Ho.

Professor Han goes into the confessional booth. Han Na watches from her pew. Professor Han is surprised when the priest on the other side of the divider is Soo Ho. He explains Professor Han’s son willing went to the North to be with his girlfriend who was recruited by the North. Soo Ho explains he guided the couple to the North. He offers photos of Professor Han’s son. He claims to have a letter written by Professor Han’s son. Soo Ho states that soon the world will know where Professor Han’s son is. He claims the North has kept silent for Professor Han’s sake. Professor Han dashes into a taxi driven by AJ. Han Na follows in her own car. A chase ensues. A staged intervention allows the taxi to get away much to Han Na’s dismay. Her frown turns upside down when she learned the radio team was successful.

Kang Moo returns to the interrogation room. He maintains he mistook Soo Ho and wouldn’t help a communist. Kang Moo warns him not to make a mistake again. Han Na finds Kang Moo striding down the hall. She gives him the cypher the radio team overheard.

Professor Han reads his son’s letter. Soo Ho arrives. Professor Han is upset. He wants to get his son out of the North. Soo Ho shares the son wants to escape. If Professor Han goes to the North, they can both leave together with his help. Professor Han can’t believe it.  He asks what he must do in return. Soo Ho claims not to know but guarantees Professor Han and his son will return to the South if he cooperates. Professor Han agrees. Soo Ho organizes the team to take Professor Han to the rendezvous point. He states the party directed him to pick up weapons at a drop off location, which he’ll do then meet them at the rendezvous point. AJ remembers AC’s directive to kill Soo Ho if his loyalty appears to waver. The agents vow to make the operation succeed. Soo Ho salutes them. They gather their weapons and prepare to depart.

Kang Moo deciphers the code. It takes the University dorm was the location and a trip to the North is imminent. The agents head for the University.

Soo Ho runs to the weapon store in the woods near the university.

Young Ro packs her things. Seol Hee wonders why Soo Ho hasn’t called her yet. The announcement is made there is a call for Young Ro. She rushes to the phone. Boon Ok hands it over while she glares. It’s not Soo Ho on the phone, it’s Ae Ra who chews Young Ro out for helping a protestor.  She warns her not become a troublemaker like her brother. She declares she’s sending a car for Young Ro. Bummed, Young Ro looks at the necklace Soo Ho gave her. She writes a note to Soo Ho explaining the situation and that she misses him.

Soo Ho rushes through the woods not realizing he passes a paper airplane he made for Young Ro. He arrives at the weapons stash point and begins to dig. He finds the backpack full of money and weapons.  He takes off.

Kang Moo and the agents drive to the University. The shoot to kill order is given.

Soo Ho looks at the outside of the dorm as he sees a paper airplane stuck in the chain link fence.

The dorm gathers to give Young Ro a farewell toast. Young Ro quietly watches. Seol Hee sobs.

Soo Ho looks at the paper airplane. He reads the note from Young Ro. She wants to see him one more time. Soo Ho hears the radios of the incoming police and agents. He runs into Mr. Kim’s son who sees the police and believe he’s being hunted. They head back into the woods. They duck into a hut. The agents surround the hut. Han Na approaches the door and opens it. It appears to be empty. She tells the agents to continue to look. Mr. Kim’s son realizes Soo Ho might be who the police are looking for. Soo Ho pins him to the ground. Mr. Kim comes up the secret stairs into the hut.

Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend arrives to help Young Ro move. Seol Hee sees him as she waits outside for Gwang Tae to arrive. When he does, she sees the marks on his face. Gwang Tae vows he told the agents nothing. He swears he did it to protect Seol Hee. They hug. Gwang Tae grabs Seol Hee’s hand and hauls her into the dorm when he sees Kang Moo’s car approaching.

Mr. Kim and his son are tied up.

Gwang Tae and Seol Hee rush into the dorm. Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend follows. Kang Moo and another agent burst into the dorm. They draw their weapons. Mistress Pi can’t believe it is happening again. She demands an explanation. Kang Moo and the agent ignore her and begin to search. The agent goes upstairs while Kang Moo goes to the basement.

When Kang Moo enters Mr. Kim’s area, Soo Ho jumps him. They fight. Soo Ho gets the advantage and rushes upstairs into the lobby. Everyone screams when they see his guns. Agents enter the front doors. Soo Ho spins. Young Ro is there. They stare into each other’s eyes. The agents surround Soo Ho. He takes Young Ro hostage. He orders them to drop their guns and threatens to kill Young Ro. He puts the gun to her head.

My Thoughts

Logic gaps at the end of the episode. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi focused the 3 substories – Soo Ho persuading Professor Han to come to the North, the agents’ search for Soo Ho that ended with a swarm of agents around Soo Ho, and the political realm where we learned Tae Il and Chang Soo were negotiating with Soo Ho’s father in Beijing. The scenes where Soo Ho went solo to retrieve the backpack THEN ending up BACK in the dorm through the secret passageway from the basement, THEN being surrounded by 20+ agents, THEN taking Young Ro hostage…it felt forced and not the moves the smart Taedong River 1 would make. Revelations included who Soo Ho’s father was and that Kang Moo and Ha Nan were once engaged (she became an agent to ask why, but he refused to explain).

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) must get Professor Han to the North to complete the mission and help his father. Nothing like politics to complicate a mission. Soo Ho must have sensed AJ glaring at him often. What would Soo Ho’s father think if he knew his son was under a shoot to kill order by North and South agents? How can Soo Ho escape the swarm of agents that surround him?

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) was expelled from the dorm. She deserved to be expelled for her actions. MP was clear and concise when she handed her judgement. Boon Ok’s sister potentially being in the North was a welcome surprise and added nuance to this nosy self-serving character. Gwang Tae leveraging his sighting of Soo Ho to score points with Seol Hee was self-serving. Seol Hee fell for it. Young Ro ended the episode with a gun pointed at her head by the boy she likes. Not the meeting she dreamed about when she wrote she wanted to see him one last time.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Snowdrop Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I can’t decide if Seol Hee🍾👑 was stupid or brilliant to inform Gwang Tae that she and her roommates hid Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️. I hoped for the girls’ sake Gwang Tae would keep quiet to win over Seol Hee🍾👑.

    Too bad the sleepwalking Gyeong Ja👩‍🏫 didn’t keep Boon Ok☎️ from eavesdropping Young Ro📕💁‍♀️ and Custodian Kim Man Dong’s 🔑🧹 conversation about Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️.

    So, ANSP officer Jung Han Na 🔫 was jilted by a North Korean spy❓⁉️ Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned … Watch out North Korean agents.

    “Boon Ok’s sister potentially being in the North was a welcome surprise and added nuance to this nosy self-serving character.” -KJT I wondered if it were possible Boon Ok☎️ and Mistress Pi🎻🎵 were siblings or if the dam flashback was Mistress Pi being accused of being a spy from NK❓⁉️

    “The scenes where Soo Ho went solo to retrieve the backpack THEN ending up BACK in the dorm through the secret passageway from the basement, THEN being surrounded by 20+ agents, THEN taking Young Ro hostage…it felt forced and not the moves the smart Taedong River 1 would make.” -KJT Valid point, Soo Ho’s🇰🇵👨‍✈️ choices seem like poor judgment for a seasoned spy team leader. Despite the fact that Soo Ho’s 🇰🇵👨‍✈️feelings for Young Ro 📕💁‍♀️, I doubt he would have returned to the dormitory just to see her.

    I forgot about the underground tunnel from the dorm to the forest. Good thing for Mr Kim🔑🧹 that Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️ tied him up to absolve the Custodian of being complicite in letting Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️ into the dorm, although I don’t think that will help him with his impending unemployment.

    There’s nothing quite like having your crush utter a mortal threat against you while he holds a loaded gun at your temple to squash that budding romance … I’m sorry Young Ro 📕💁‍♀️, the truth was going to come out sooner or later … could we hope that Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️defects or will this be another Crash Landing on You ending❓⁉️

    “She [Young Ro] deserved to be expelled for her actions.” -KJT I concur that Young Ro’s punishment fit the crime. In fact I think all of the roomies got off lightly due to Mistress Pi’s🎻🎵 fear of getting involved in a National Security investigation. ANSP’s treatment of Gwang Tae substantiates Mistress Pi’s🎻🎵 fears along with what I believe is her own experience.


    • I wondered if it were possible Boon Ok☎️ and Mistress Pi🎻🎵 were siblings or if the dam flashback was Mistress Pi being accused of being a spy from NK❓
      Interesting thoughts. I hope no on the siblings.

      There’s nothing quite like having your crush utter a mortal threat against you while he holds a loaded gun at your temple to squash that budding romance … I’m sorry Young Ro 📕💁‍♀️, the truth was going to come out sooner or later … could we hope that Soo Ho🇰🇵👨‍✈️defects or will this be another Crash Landing on You ending❓⁉️
      Soo Ho has lived a life of espionage that eliminates him as the right guy for Young Ro. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi is going to try and convince us otherwise. Crash Landing on You was special in that both leads were adults and decent people; with a top shelf male lead that didn’t have a list of murders and espionage missions under his belt. Young Ro is so young, Soo Ho lives a life that doesn’t appear to be allow him to include her on a permanent basis.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Soo Ho has lived a life of espionage that eliminates him as the right guy for Young Ro.” -KJT As I compared Soo Ho to the male lead of Crash Landing on You, I came to the same conclusion … Soo Ho is not a good person, he good looks cannot override his bad actions. There is no future, at least a happy one, for Soo Ho👨‍✈️🇰🇵 and Young Ro💁‍♀️📕

        Liked by 1 person

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