Snowdrop Episode 3


Mr. Kim makes noise as he and Mistress Pi Seung Hee (Yoon Se Ah) approach the 4th floor entrance Lim Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) and Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) hear them and stare at each in shock. Mistress Pi orders Mr. Kim to unlock the door. He does so. They enter. Mr. Kim unscrews a light bulb then claims the lights don’t work. Mistress Pi searches. She finds water on the bathroom floor. Mistress Pi looks out the window. She can’t see Soo Ho and Young Ro how are on the ledge below the window. Young Ro slips and Soo Ho holds her with one hand. He manages to pull her up back on the ledge.  Mistress Pi concludes her search and takes the keys from Mr. Kim. They leave.

Soo Ho brings a shaken Young Ro back inside. He gives her something warm to drink. She asks if he is superman? How did he pull her back onto the ledge? Soo Ho apologizes for the situation. She sees his shoulder wound is bleeding. She bandaged him again. He promises to move less. Young Ro says she must leave.

Mistress Pi puts the 4th floor keys in her locked stash. She locks at the secret key hidden under a door.

Young Ro and Soo Ho are shocked when they can’t open the door, finding it locked. Soo Ho claims as superman he’ll be able to solve this problem.

Yeo Jung Min realizes Young Ro isn’t in the room and goes to search. She runs into Mr. Kim who says Young Ro must be worried. They head up the stairs to the 4th floor.

To pass the time, Soo Ho shows Young Ro how to make paper airplanes. Mr. Kim and Jung Min arrive. He tells Soo Ho that Mistress Pi has the keys. Soo Ho states he must leave tonight. Mr. Kim suggests the secret exit in the basement. Young Ro wants to wait until Soo Ho’s wound has healed. She suggests the open house later in the week, when the dorm will be open to outside visitors. Soo Ho wants to leave tonight. They make their way to the secret exit. When he cracks the door, they hear and see the agents waiting outside to catch Soo Ho. The escape is thwarted.

The girls discuss the activities at the open house. Go Hye Ryeong is adamant they need to have disco not folk dancing. The Resident Advisor gets things under control. Young Ro ducks out to tell Soo Ho about the open house. She says he can leave safely 1 hour into the open house. She suggests he’ll be able to come next year on his own. She dashes away when she realizes she’s late for class.

Agent Lee Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) and another agent question the boarding house owner and Gwang Tae where Soo Ho stayed. They take Gwang Tae back to the office and pressure him to agree to report any future contact with Soo Ho. Chief Ahn Kyung Hee can’t believe Kang Moo won’t shut down the operation. He makes a call to cancel the operation but Kang Moo relents and does it himself.

When Young Ro hangs laundry as rouse to see Soo Ho, Mistress Pi’s assistant, Kye Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) joins her and suggests the spy is still on the 4th floor. Young Ro claims she doesn’t believe it. Boon Ok pretends to believe her.

Cho Seong Sim (Nam Tae’s wife) and designer and boutique owner Choi Mi Hye take Hong Ae Ra (DE’s wife) to see a priest. He states her husband could ascend to the presidency IF he can avoid the pitfalls the await him this year. The only way to guarantee the pitfalls are avoided is by sacrificing 13 young virgins. All the women are taken aback at the pronouncement.

Hye Ryeong, Yoon Seol Hee, and Jung Min go to confront Boon Ok about missing items from their dorm room. Mistress Pi is there. Hye Ryeong tells Mistress Pi about the missing items. Inside her office Mistress Pi asks if the girls have proof Boon Ok stole from the items.  She yells this is partially their fault for having expensive items. When the trio leaves the office, Boon Ok smirks having overhead. The trio glares and Boon Ok and leave.

Mistress Pi calls Boon Ok into her office. She asks if Boon Ok is jealous. Boon Ok confirms it declaring it isn’t fair that she wasn’t born into a good family. Mistress Pi tells her to put the things back where they belong. Mistress Pi warns this is a one-time pass. Boon Ok stomps out.

The roommates can’t believe that Mistress Pi sided with Boon Ok. They wonder if Boon Ok has dirt on Mistress Pi.

Mistress Pi stares at a picture of herself from long ago. It is folded. We don’t see the other side.

The girls discuss details of getting Soo Ho out during the open house. Young Ro agrees she needs to get a set of clothes for Soo Ho. She calls an older woman, the housekeeper and asks to meet when she’s alone in the house. The housekeeper suggests tomorrow. Hong Ae Ra overhears. She cancels her golf game so she’ll be in the house when Young Ro comes.

Secretary General, Nam Tae Il (ruling party 2) and Director Eun Chang Soo (ruling party 3) fret about the negotiations with the north. Nam Tae Il blames Eun Chang Soo for a botched operation.  Eun Chang Soo declares Nam Tae Il killed his predecessor to climb the ladder. They grab each other and grapple. The North official and his assistant arrives and declares he wants to hear why the South agents hunted the North agents. Nam Tae Il starts to apologize but the official doesn’t care. He declares he won’t help in the upcoming election. He leaves. Nam Tae Il and Eun Chang Soo are nonplused.

The North official’s assistant calls an agent and directs him to follow the protocol if Soo Ho isn’t found within 3 days.

Young Ro enters the house all smiles. The housekeeper motions to Hong Ae Ra reading on the couch. The smile fades from Young Ro and she stalks upstairs. She returns with her brother’s clothes and takes a pair of shoes. Hong Ae Ra asks why. Young Ro glares and states it isn’t her business. Hong Ae Ra declares she hasn’t seen Young Ro for 10 years, since she left to live with her maternal grandmother. Hong Ae Ra points out she’s Young Ro’s stepmother and deserves some modicum of curtsey. Young Ro says hello and turns to leave.  Hong Ae Ra declares she wasn’t the one that killed Young Ro’s mother. Young Ro smashes a picture frame on the ground. Hong Ae Ra slaps her. They glare. Young Ro leaves.

Young Ro returns to the dorm subdued. She takes the clothes to Soo Ho. He models them. She tells him to pack his current clothes and she’ll return it next they meet. He says nothing. Soo Ho thanks her for her help.

On the day of the open house, Soo Ho exits the 4th floor apartment. Young Ro is waiting for him. They smile at each other.

When the open the door to go down the stairs, they find Mistress Pi putting a notice on the door. All parties are surprised to see each other. Mistress Pi asks why he’s there. Young Ro claims he’s her partner for the open house and wanted to see the rooftop. Soo Ho apologizes and scurries down the stairs with Young Ro following closely behind.

The dorm is packed with visitors for the open house. Soo Ho stares at the crowd. Young Ro takes his arm and they descend the stairs. A girl takes their photo.

Oh Gwang Tae (Soo Ho’s friend) strides to the dorm much to Seol Hee’s dismay.  He’s there to see Hye Ryeong. Seol Hee dashes into the dorm past Boon Ok taking tickets. Gwang Tae hands over his ticket to Boon Ok who hides her face (recall she pretended to be a college student on the coffee shop blind date). She wonders why the boy is chasing Seol Hee when he likes Hye Ryeong. Gwang Tae chases Seol Hee down and explains his roommate got sick so he came in his stead. He only wants to talk to Hye Ryeong. Seol Hee wishes he’d given her advance notice. Soo Ho and Young Ro appear at the stop of the stairs. They freeze when they see Seol Hee’s face. She makes a scene allowing them to go back up the stairs.  Then Seol Hee scampers up the stairs and Young Ro and Soo Ho to hide.

Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend a military man shows shooting skills. Seol Hee tells Gwang Tae to wait in their room. Hye Ryeong can’t believe her eyes when she sees Soo Ho and Young Ro. Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend dares Soo Ho to show his kills in the shooting game. Young Ro hisses to Hye Ryeong that Gwang Tae is here. Hye Ryeong declares she didn’t invite him. Hye Ryeong’s boyfriend gives Soo Ho tips on shooting. The targets are set spinning. Soo Ho can’t help himself; he shoots all of them. The room is agog.  Soo Ho and Young Ro exit. They get drawn into a conga line while trying avoid being spotted by Boon Ok.

Gwang Tae snoops in the room. Seol Hee puts things away and is forced to admit her father is president of a chain of bakeries. That gets Gwang Tae’s attention. He quickly sets his sights on Seol Hee. He claims he was interested in her at the blind date. He declares meeting again means they are meant to be. He hugs Seol Hee. Jung Min dashes in the room. Gwang Tae takes her hand and they leave.

The dance competition begins with Hye Ryeong leading off. Everyone dances. The conga line ends up at the dance party much to Young Ro’s dismay. She’s pushed to the middle of the floor. A boy tries to dance with her. A confetti guns goes off. Soo Ho stares at her as the confetti falls.

Young Ro’s fantasy…Soo Ho steps to the middle of the dance floor. The lights dim for a solo dance for the couple. They acquit themselves well.

Hye Ryeong pushes Young Ro from the middle of the dance floor. Soo Ho grabs her hand and they exit. Boon Ok sees them and isn’t pleased.

The agents patrol the grounds. Jung Min waits outside with a bicycle. Soo Ho thanks them for their help. He gets on the bicycle. Jung Min sees the men watching. She tells Young Ro to get on the bicycle noting it will be safer that way. Young Ro hesitates but gets on the bike. Jung Min puts her arms around Soo Ho. He starts in motion. Jung Min waves goodbye. Boon Ok watches and seethes.

Gwang Tae complains to Seol Hee about Hye Ryeong. Then he grabs her hands and declares they were meant to be. She pulls her hands away.

Kang Moo finds a gun they assume is Taedong River 1’s gun.

Soo Ho and Young Ro bike through the neighborhood. She makes sure he knows the dorm’s phone number and her room number. He doesn’t respond. He stops. She gets off.  She wishes him well. They stare at each other. Soo Ho says he better go. He gets on the bike. She stops him from pulling away.

Gwang Tae declares they are meant to be. Seol Hee pulls away. He spies Soo Ho outside on a bike. He steps away and calls the agents to report Soo Ho’s whereabouts.

Young Ro tells Soo Ho to be safe. He smiles and rides away.

Kang Moo and his men learn Soo Ho is nearby and traveling by bike. They hurry to pursue him.

Soo Ho stops riding away.

Kang Moo and the agents run through the university.

Soo Ho rides back to Young Ro much to her surprise. She smiles. He gets off the bike and walks to her.

My Thoughts

Tense moments. Writer Yoo Hyun Mi weighed the 3 sub stories – Soo Ho escaping from the dorm (heavy), the agents’ mission (light), and the political realm (light) – and the balance worked. What did we learn this episode? Young Ro’s father is Eun Chang Soo and Hong Ae Ra is her stepmother. Boon Ok admitted to Mistress Pi that she was jealous of the college girls. Were you surprised when Soo Ho turned back to Young Ro?

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) escaped but couldn’t leave Young Ro standing there. He had to go back. He knows she imagines they can have a relationship. Is he starting to imagine the same?

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) helped Soo Ho escape. She’s a cool customer and has inner strength. She doesn’t know who Soo Ho really is. Director Eun is her father. Her stepmother, Hong Ae Ra, implied her mother’s death was Young Ro’s fault. What’s that about?

The second song of the OST is the pretty “Friend”, which plays during the opening credits, sung by Kim Hee Won.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.


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4 comments on “Snowdrop Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Of course, resident busybodies Boon Ok ☎️ and Gyeong Ja👩‍🏫 had to point out the open window to Mistress Pi 🎻🎵, which put Young Ro and Soo Ho in even more danger. Good thing ANSP agents weren’t watching the exterior of the building at that point in time. Then I thought, Young Ro will get in trouble for being out … good thing Mr Kim 🔑🧹knows how to pick a lock

    My whole body flinched when the snake 🐍 appeared over the shaman’s shoulder. Telling the politician’s wife that 13 virgins needed to be sacrificed for her husband to prosper is crazy … and the fact their ambitions are large enough to consider doing it is even crazier.

    My heart sunk when Mistress Pi🎻🎵 caught Young Ro and Soo Ho leaving the rooftop. Will there be consequences for Young Ro❓⁉️

    Using the Open House to help Soo Ho escape was a brilliant idea, too bad spoilers Boon Ok☎️ and Gwang Tae seem to be stirring up trouble. Poor Soel Hee🍾👑, Gwang Tae is only chasing her because she is an heiress.

    I find it appalling that ruling parties 2 & 3 are colluding with North Korea, their enemy, to gain political power. I’m conflicted as I want to root for Young Ro and Soo Ho despite knowing Soo Ho is an active enemy spy.

    “Were you surprised when Soo Ho turned back to Young Ro?” -KJT I have to admit Soo Ho turning back to Young Ro was not what I expected. Logically he should be hightailing it out of Dodge ASAP, changing transportation and disguising himself. Soo Ho must really like Young Ro to jeopardize his getaway and potentially put Young Ro in danger of being charged with abetting his escape. I did enjoy Young Ro’s dance fantasy.

    Young Ro seems to be a loser in the parent lottery, worsened by her dad’s choice of a nasty piece of work stepmother.


    • Telling the politician’s wife that 13 virgins needed to be sacrificed for her husband to prosper is crazy … and the fact their ambitions are large enough to consider doing it is even crazier.
      You can’t make this stuff up.

      Poor Soel Hee🍾👑, Gwang Tae is only chasing her because she is an heiress.
      I felt bad for her.

      I find it appalling that ruling parties 2 & 3 are colluding with North Korea, their enemy, to gain political power.
      Do you think that scenario plays out across the world more often than anyone knows?

      Young Ro seems to be a loser in the parent lottery, worsened by her dad’s choice of a nasty piece of work stepmother.
      I felt bad for her.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    KJT, I know you don’t generally watch previews, but are you aware there is a bonus scene after the previews and enriches the story? Just saying you might want to fast forward through the previews.


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