Doom at Your Service Episode 16 (Final)

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) catches the bus. It starts to rain. She wonders if she’ll ever hold his hand again. She wants to. The bus stops suddenly. A man grabs her wrist. It’s Doom. They lock eyes. Dong Kyung can’t believe it. Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) holds her umbrella and asks if she has one as it is raining outside. He takes her hand. He smiles.

They exit the bus in the rain. Doom holds the umbrella and they walk. Doom explains he’s now human. Dong Kyung hugs him fiercely. They hug in the rain.

Back at Dong Kyung’s apartment she asks what happened. Doom explains he was in the garden. He and Sonyeoshin were the gardeners. He was the butterfly. He bloomed when he chose to die for her, eventually Sonyeoshin let him be reborn as a human and leave the garden. Dong Kyung hugs him and declares she missed him terribly.

Dong Kyung makes him a simple meal. Doom admits he can hardly believe he’s back, he’s human, he’s hungry and getting tired. He eats.

As they lay together in bed, they assure each other this is real. He promises to never disappear. They both sleep.

The next morning, Dong Kyung wakes to an empty bed. She finds him in the kitchen. They hug. She admits she was worried he’d let.

Joo Ik isn’t impressed when Dong Kyung brings Doom to work. She admits she didn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone. He doesn’t have many friends. Joo Ik tells her to get the writer to sign the contract. Dong Kyung and Doom leave for the meeting.

Hyun Kyu gets a call about an upcoming reunion meeting. The caller says Ji Na hasn’t RSVP’d. Sun Kyung brings a plant sent by Joo Ik with a note “raise it as you would raise me”. Dong Kyung call her brother.

Dong Kyung realizes her family won’t recognize his face. Doom pulls over and gets out. Sun Kyung recognizes him and hugs him fiercely. Dong Kyung asks if he looks different. Sun Kyung says no. He shows them the selfie of the trio. This time the blond man is gone and Doom is in the picture. Dong Kyung can’t believe it. Doom smiles at Sonyeoshin’s magic.

Sonyeoshin smiles and declares she’s dice. She’s dressed as a high schooler. Her friends call to her. She looks pot she’s planted. She tells her friend she won’t know what it will be until it sprouts.

Doom tells Dong Kyung that Sonyeoshin changed the photo. Dong Kyung takes Doom to her meeting with Writer Kwi Gong Ja (boy band member). He recognizes Doom and declares he’s as annoying as ever. Doom tells Writer Kwi that he’s marrying Dong Kyung. He knows Writer Kwi likes Dong Kyung. Writer Kwi is surprised. When Dong Kyung returns with drinks, Writer Kwi stands to leave. She asks him for a favor. The former cancer ridden writer enters the coffee shop. She’s thrilled to see Writer Kwi. Dong Kyung asks Writer Kwi to meet with her as a favor. He agrees. Dong Kyung shows Doom the signed contract from the writer. Doom says he doesn’t like Writer Kwi. Dong Kyung doesn’t feel the same. Doom is jealous and glares at Writer Kwi.

As they walk home Doom takes Dong Kyung’s hand. Aunt Kang, Kevin, and Sun Kyung are there. Smiles all around.

Hyun Kyu and Ji Na run into each other at the hair salon. Hyun Kyu is pleased Ji Na’s friend is better. He mentions the upcoming class reunion. Ji Na says she’s not going. They pass each other, stop, look back and smile.

Full circle moment.

Sun Kyung announces his new position as manager of a second coffee shop. Everyone is pleased for him. Aunt Kang notices that Doom is eating with gusto. He admits he missed Korean food. Aunt Kang tells Dong Kyung she has to live with her until Dong Kyung and Doom get married. Doom suggests his home. He says it is a large home. Aunt Kang asks if his travels in the US are complete. Dong Kyung shoots him a look that explains that was her cover story. Doom confirms his US travels are complete. Aunt Kang asks what Doom will do for a living.

An ambulance pulls up to the hospital. They rush the patient to the emergency. In his doctor’s uniform, the nurses tell Doom about the patient’s condition. He examines the pregnant patient. He orders emergency surgery.

Dong Kyung congratulates Dr. Jung Dang Myun (Writer/Doctor) on his upcoming first child. He’s pleased. She gives him a new contract to sign. She urges him to look it over thoroughly. She admits the purpose for the visit was twofold. Doom calls her. She assures him she’s almost done with her meeting. Dr. Jung is happy things have worked out for her.

The two patients that once spoke about a ghost doctor, recognize Doom and greet him warmly. He tells them he’s going on a date with his girlfriend. Dong Kyung find them. The ladies ask when they are getting married. Dong Kyung hedges. They walk away remarking they haven’t seen the ghost in a long time.

Doom admits being a doctor makes him happy. Dong Kyung is surprised he took the name she gave him. She teases she could have come up with a better name.

As they walk, Doom asks when they are getting married. She deflects. Doom admits he’s fitting in better and better every day. He likes not knowing the end of things anymore. Now every day is a beginning. Dong Kyung points out all human die. Doom counters when he was an eternal being life was a prison, now that he’s human life feels eternal. Dong Kyung tells him to live with her forever. Doom asks if that is a proposal. Not yet.

They watch the sun set. Dong Kyung remembers doing that before. She’s happy he’s in a better place. Dong Kyung says he’s not lonely and has purpose. He declares she is his purpose. Dong Kyung shares the text message she saw on his phone that he didn’t send. She wonders why the text message was still in memory of the phone. Doom assumes it was Sonyeoshin’s doing. Dong Kyung wonders what she’s doing. Doom assumes Sonyeoshin is well and loving humans as always. He shares that Sonyeoshin was grateful humans created her, so she loved him. Dong Kyung asks Doom how it feels to live. He admits it feels good. They smile.

Ji Na is thrilled she’s a top 10 writer. She was right, romance wasn’t the best genre for her. Joo Ik agrees and wonders if the male lead is based on him. Ji Na admits it noting she took creative liberties. Joo Ik asks if she finds him sexy. She admits. He notices her hair. He asks if she’s going to the reunion. She admits she got it done because he was coming over. Joo Ik makes a move to kiss her. She blocks his eyes, stopping him. Joo Ik suggests they get a drink.

At a bar that overlooks the city, Ji Na admits being a top 10 writer feels marvelous. She explains what the key plot points of the next episode. Joo Ik reaches over and lightly kisses her. Ji Na admits she expected that kiss. Joo Ik kisses her again. They both participate. Ji Na admits she expected the second kiss too. Joo Ik suggests they move to the next step. Will she be his girlfriend? She agrees. Joo Ik suggest they spend the day together tomorrow. Ji Na admits she has other plans. Joo Ik offers to accompany her.

Sweet and playful!

Everyone gathers to make kimchi. Doom has reservations about Joo Ik. At dinner Joo Ik mentions he and Ji Na were drinking the previous evening. Dong Kyung chides him about a professional versus personal relationship. Next is the story of how Dong Kyung and Doom met. Joo Ik tells everyone this is the second day he and Ji Na are dating. Ji Na tells Dong Kyung and Doom they are inspirational for all they’ve gone through. Aunt Kang points out that she and her husband overcame cultural differences. Talk turns to Ji Na’s latest writing. Kevin motions Doom to follow him outside.

He asks if Doom will marry Dong Kyung. Doom confirms this. Kevin is pleased and welcomes him to the family. Doom is pleased. Sun Kyung finds them chatting. He hugs on Doom who endures the contact.

Joo Ik and Ji Na walk home together. He likes the real weird Ji Na. She asks if he remembers his first love. Joo Ik says she’s his first love. He suggests every love is a first love. She doesn’t buy it. He teases he’ll teach her.

Doom and Dong Kyung say goodnight. She kisses his cheek and bids him safe travel. He takes an extra hug.

You can’t but smile watching these two.

Doom calls Dong Kyung when he gets home. She smiles. Doom calls Dong Kyung after he gets ready for bed. She smiles. She asks what he was thinking when they hugged at the hospital. Doom admits he had tons for feeling for her and hugged her. Dong Kyung declares he loved her then. Doom agrees. Dong Kyung asks about when he told her he loved her. Doom admits he was afraid he might not see her again and needed to express his love. Dong Kyung admits that not seeing him felt more painful than the possibility of dying. Doom falls asleep. She wishes him goodnight. She smiles.

Dong Kyung continues to writes she was afraid of never seeing the man she loved again.

Dong Kyung’s dream…In the flowers Dong Kyung sees Sonyeoshin who hands her the flower that represents Doom. Dong Kyung likes Sonyeoshin’s school uniform. She thanks Sonyeoshin for what she did for them. She asks why Sonyeoshin let it play out that way. Sonyeoshin explains even though she knew what would happen, they needed to experience to understand the joy of love. She says Dong Kyung’s story isn’t over.

At the hospital, the husband of the pregnant patient he treated in the emergency room thanks Doom for his medical expertise. Doom is happy everything turned out well. They clasp hands.

Dr. Jung sees Doom and recognizes him as Dong Kyung’s boyfriend. He shares Doom looks like the ghost doctor. He smiles and says he teasing. Dr. Jung offers coffee to Doom.

At work, Joo Ik sees a new story titled Doom at Your Service. He likes the writing. He wants to sign the writer. Dong Kyung declares she has to go home. Joo Ik suggests they have a team dinner. Dong Kyung declines stating she has plans.

Doom arrives at the coffee shop Hyun Kyu runs. He stares at Hyun Kyu. He tells Hyun Kyu he has a nice smile. Hyun Kyu tells him he’s handsome. Sun Kyung arrives. They both say Sun Kyung is cute.

Dong Kyung introduces him to her former co-workers stating he has no friends. Doom points out he’s now friends with the care owner. Doom apologizes about his earlier meeting. They don’t know what he’s talking about.

Doom asks Dong Kyung to sleep over. She sees shooting star and tells him to make a wish. She does the same. Doom won’t tell his wish. Dong Kyung won’t tell her wish. Doom says they should get married.

My Thoughts

Everyone turns the page to their future. Writer Im Meari let our couple have a victory lap and closed out all the characters in a positive place. Sonyeoshin spoke with Doom and Dong Kyung separately and gave them her blessing. Sonyeoshin turned out to be one of the more benevolent gods unlike other kdramas (Bride of the Water God, Hwayugi) who gods are more like petulant children. Everyone ended up in a happy place ready to face the future. When you end the series with a smile, the writer has achieved “Happily Ever After” status.

Series Quick Take. While this series wasn’t complex, the characters and the actors who brought them to life, made it worth watching. Seo In Guk is a terrific actor and made Doom a character whose evolution made you root for him to achieve his wish to be with the woman he loved. Park Bo Young had the easier and harder lift with a character that was classic kdrama heroine nice (easier) but had to make her struggle and evolving relationship with Doom engaging (harder). The trio of Hyun Kyu, Joo Ik, and Ji Na acted like adults. While it took them a while to reach honesty, once they got there, they all moved to a satisfactory ending.

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) got to enjoy her romance with Doom.  Dong Kyung spent this episode relishing having a boyfriend that loved her, was normal, and would never leave her. She became a writer and wrote the story Doom at Your Service (nice touch by Writer Im). She avoided agreeing to marriage. No doubt she’ll consent at a future date.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) got to enjoy his romance with Dong Kyung. Doom spent this episode learning the nuances of the human condition, enjoying a girlfriend that loved him, and building relationship with Dong Kyung’s circle of family and friends. He asked her to marry him but she avoided agreeing to marriage.  No doubt they’ll marry at a future date.

Was my wish list for the final episode granted or denied?

  1. Our couple is happy. GRANTED. Our couple have a victory lap. They were an appealing pair.
  2. Our triangle resolves. GRANTED. Each member of the triangle ended in comfortable places. Ji Na and Joo Ik gave romance a go. They were cute to watch.
  3. Everyone is happy in the final scene. GRANTED. While I thought the final scene would be all the characters happy together, that happened at the dinner table after the kimchi making fest. The final scene ended with our couple making wishes, loving each other and being happy together.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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5 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 16 (Final)
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Thanks kjt. I enjoy following along with you even if I have to play catch up because I have real life interruptions to my k-life.

    My personal rating system is based on Would I watch it again and flows up from No > Doubtful > Maybe > Yes and the occasional Favorite. My Yes in this case is being (as you said) sufficiently interested in the cast and acting plus a desire to watch the episodes in a row without a week or 2 interruption. (I think it’s an age thing, I forget bits.. 🙂)Imo Seo In Guk has a lot of talent, and I am a fan of Lee Soo Hyuk (anyone see Valid Love?). Park Bo Young is undeniably talented but her cuteness gets in my way of fully appreciating her. I thought she did great work in Oh My Ghost.

    I am waiting for all episodes to post to finish Bossam so I can run them together.

    Thanks these posts kjt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Would I watch it again and flows up from No > Doubtful > Maybe > Yes and the occasional Favorite. My Yes in this case is…sufficiently interested in the cast and acting plus a desire to watch the episodes in a row without a week or 2 interruption.
      The cast was stronger than the story. A binge watch could work. How many episodes can you manage in a single sitting?

      Liked by 2 people

  2. DramaDazed says:

    Agree. You would be surprised…I can watch a ridiculous number of episodes a row. I work from home so my hours are my own. Some days I can watch 6-9 episodes. Realistically 4 or 5. How about you?

    Liked by 1 person

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