Doom at Your Service Episode 15

Three months later, Dr. Jung can’t believe how the tumor keeps shrinking. Isn’t her family thrilled? Won’t she be rescheduling the wedding? Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) share her finance went far away and she must wait until he returns to reschedule.

Dong Kyung walks past Sonyeoshin’s hospital room. It is empty.

She walks outside and wonders if it was all dream where she was loved and cherished then he sacrificed to save her life.

Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk) meets with Writer Kwi Gong Ja (boy band debutant). Writer Kwi declares he won’t sign the contract because he’s too busy entertaining to be a writer. Joo Ik notes that if anyone found out that he was a top tier writer, it could get sticky. KW narrows his eyes and says he won’t be bullied and he won’t work with anyone other than Dong Kyung. Joo Ik calls Dong Kyung on speakerphone. He asks her to stop by when she has time. Joo Ik slides the contract to Writer Kwi stating he hopes it will be returned to him signed. Joo Ik exits.

Dong Kyung doesn’t understand why Joo Ik called her. She doesn’t work for him anymore. Now he wants her to stop by his house. Best friend, Writer Na Ji Na, offers to drive her there. Dong Kyung suggests Ji Na come into the house. Ji Na isn’t interested. She admits she and Joo Ik took a break so she could sort out her feelings. Ji Na says she’s thankful Dong Kyung beat her illness. Dong Kyung is grateful to everyone that supported her.

Joo Ik tells her he plans to sign writers and start his own media company. He wants her to join his team. He’s willing to pay good money. Dong Kyung asks why Ji Na isn’t in his stable of writers. Joo Ik admits he’s letting Ji Na take time to sort out her feelings. Dong Kyung argues that time is finite and he needs to make a move. Dong Kyung promises to think about his offer. They bicker. She leaves.

Dong Kyung stands at their crosswalk. She remembers Doom leading her across. Tak Sun Kyung (Dong Kyung’s brother) surprises her and walks her across. Dong Kyung offers to enroll him at the academy. Sun Kyung says he’s got a new dream. He’ll share it when he’s ready. They bicker while they walk.

Aunt Kang eats with Dong Kyung and Sun Kyung. She says this family time is like a dream come true. Aunt Kang announces she’s moving back to Korea. Her husband is supportive. Sun Kyung is pleased  food options will be good. Dong Kyung announces she’s returning to work. Aunt Kang and Sun Kyung aren’t excited. They want her to take it easy. Dong Kyung wants work. She doesn’t want to live as a sick person any more.

After dinner, Sun Kyung and Aunt Kang wonder what happened between Dong Kyung and her boyfriend. Supposedly he went to the United States but no one knows why and Dong Kyung won’t say. Aunt Kang notes they need to keep things stress free for Dong Kyung.

At home, Ji Na frets that Joo Ik hasn’t called her for a long time. The doorbell rings. It’s Joo Ik.

Joo Ik admits he taking the advice to engage with her. Ji Na knows Dong Kyung gave her the same advice. Joo Ik wants her to sign a contract with him. He wants to work with her. He doesn’t like not seeing her. He’ll be the bad guy. Ji Na says he’s not a bad guy. She says she doesn’t write romance any more. She isn’t talented in that genre anymore. Joo Ik suggests they have their own relationship. Ji Na says she didn’t make a mistake with in the past, she followed her heart. Joo Ik teases she’s good with romance. Joo Ik stands to leave. He’ll be back when she signs the contract or when she wants another kiss.

Dong Kyung’s alarm goes off. She steps out of her bed room. Her apartment is joined with Doom. He’s sitting on the couch. Myul Mang (aka Doom) (Seo In Guk) talks to her. She can’t believe it. Her eyes fill with tears. She rushes to him and hugs him. She asks if this is a dream. Dong Kyung says she missed him. Doom cradles her face. He notes they didn’t see each other for only one night. She hugs him and cries.

Dong Kyung’s alarm goes off. There’s blood on her pillow. She cries knowing it was a dream. She marks another day on the calendar. She tells Aunt Kang she marks good days on the calendar.

Dong Kyung meets with her former coworkers. She explains she’s working with Joo Ik now. They may steal their writers. She offers to hire them when they grow. Ye Ji notes she’s the team lead now. Da In notes things are interesting at the office.

Flashback…CEO Park introduces Ye Ji to Writer Jijo King. He’s not happy to have a new handler. Da In bring in coffee. Writer Jijo complains his ratings have gone done. Why do young writers like Writer Shanghai Park have better ratings than him? Da In reveals she’s Writer Shanghai Park. She can easily explain why Writer Jijo’s ratings are going down.

Dong Kyung laughs at the story. Jung Min can’t believe his coworkers didn’t tell him. Da In and Jung Min reveal they are dating. Now Dong Kyung and Ye Ji are surprised.

Dong Kyung calls Joo Ik with the news. While he knew Da In was Writer Shanghai, he’s surprised Da In and Jung Min are dating. Dong Kyung tells him to text her the address of his office. Dong Kyung sees roses. She remembers when Doom gave her roses.

Dong Kyung isn’t impressed with the spartan office.  She points out she can’t be Team Lead if there are only 2 of them in the company. She asks if Joo Ik met with Ji Na. He says Ji Na won’t write romance anymore. He doesn’t think that’s the correct direction for Ji Na. Dong Kyung believes they should date. Dong Kyung offers to get Ji Na’s signature on the contract. Joo Ik admits he’s pushing Ji Na to sign though gently.

Dong Kyung can’t believe Ji Na likes a man like Joo Ik. She sighs. Dong Kyung tells her to write a new novel and find a new ending. Dong Kyung promises to cheer her on. Ji Na asks what happened with Dong Kyung’s boyfriend. She explains he went far away and she’s waiting for him until she can see him again. But she’s going on with her life. She knows he wants her to be happy. Dong Kyung chides Ji Na to write and sign the contract. She makes puppy eyes. Ji Na reveals she already signed the contract. Ji Na suggest Dong Kyung write too. Dong Kyung says she has nothing to write about. Ji Na suggests Dong Kyung write a book based on her life. Dong Kyung teases that is Ji Na’s method. Ji Na asks about the rose. Doom admits she’s pretending someone gave it to her.

Lee Hyun Kyu (coffee shop owner) listens to Sun Kyung wonder what to do with his life. Hyun Kyu suggests Sun Kyung manage a second store he’s opening. Sun Kyung is thrilled and accepts. Sun Kyung tells Hyun Kyu he needs to tell him something. He admits he knows Ji Na. Hyun Kyu asks how. Sun Kyung admits Ji Na is best friends with his sister. He apologizes for not telling him either. He’s glad he got to find out Hyun Kyu was a good guy, unlike what he thought after listening to Ji Na. Hyun Kyu admits he made his bed. Sun Kyung asks if Hyun Kyu is okay. Hyun Kyu assures he’s fine. Sun Kyung asks if everything is fine with Joo Ik. Friendship is important too. He apologizes for overstepping. Hyun Kyu sees Joo Ik walking down the street.

Joo Ik is surprised to find Hyun Kyu at his apartment. He suggests they go to the batting cages. Hyun Kyu wins batting practice. Hyun Kyu suggests they need to start over. Joo Ik agrees. He asks how Hyun Kyu’s new house is. Hyun Kyu says they should get together from time to time. He hopes they forge a new relationship. Joo Ik agrees.

Dong Kyung returns to her apartment with the rose. She goes about her evening. She sees the roses in the base. She takes her new rose and places it on the table, then puts it in the vase. She wonders if Doom is living well. She tells him the flowers withered so she bought new. She’ll pretend he bought the rose for her now and in the future.

She decides to write a story called “Doom at Your Service”. She remembers their story and writes about their first meeting.

The next day Dong Kyung meets with Writer Kwi. She slides him the contract. She teases him that Joo Ik will suck his blood if he doesn’t sign. Writer Kwi signs. He remembers Dong Kyung’s earlier dilemma – the world falls into doom if she chooses love or she chooses to protect the work and the person she loves will die. He admits he’s reading the story and wants a happy ending though it doesn’t look possible.

As Dong Kyung walks, she stares into the sky, she remembers Sonyeoshin imploring her to live so she can have a happy ending. Dong Kyung knows her world is still full of him. She calls Aunt Kang and suggest the meet for a meal.

Aunt Kang, Ji Na, and Sun Kyung enjoy dinner together with Doom. Sun Kyung says he’ll have news next time they meet. Dong Kyung wants to celebrate the beautiful day. Everyone is all smiles. Prompted by Aunt Kang, Sun Kyung suggests adding Dong Kyung’s boyfriend to the meal would be fun. Aunt Kang asks if he’s doing well. Ji Na offers to book a plane trip to him. Dong Kyung promises to tell him everyone misses him.

Dong Kyung walks to Doom’s house. It’s empty. She sits on the couch. She looks at a picture of them and remembers when it was taken. She puts it on the coffee table and smiles. She texts Doom that everyone misses him. She hears his cell phone beep. It’s beside her on the couch. His screen saver is their picture. She reads the texts between them. She reads a text he typed but never had a chance to send. She cries. She hits send on the text. She goes to the bedroom. She lays on the bed. She imagines Doom there. He smiles. She touches his face. He disappears. She cries. She tells Doom she’ll be back and leaves his house.

It begins to rain during the bus ride home. Dong Kyung is surprised to find Sonyeoshin (non-human being / god) waiting for her when she exits the bus. Sonyeoshin asks how Dong Kyung has been. Dong Kyung ask the same question. Sonyeoshin says she got surgery. She puts Dong Kyung’s hand on her heart. Sonyeoshin says this will be her longest life. Dong Kyung thanks her for staying alive. Sonyeoshin tells Dong Kyung she’ll see her later. Dong Kyung follows and offers her the umbrella. Dong Kyung says she doesn’t mind getting wet. She runs into the rain.

Sonyeoshin walks through a field of flowers with Dong Kyung’s umbrella. She turns. Doom is there. They walk. He asks if Dong Kyung is well. Sonyeoshin reports Dong Kyung is well but not well. She sees the flower in her pot blooming. She tells Doom he’s a butterfly for her flowers. She says when he dies, he becomes a flower. She says a flower bloomed when the butterfly’s body fertilized it. She holds out the flower and says it represents him. She says he’s no longer a butterfly. He’s a flower. Doom touches the flower. She says his destiny is live now as a flower, a human. Doom asks if this was her plan from the beginning. Sonyeoshin admits she didn’t know it would happen like this, but she had faith in him and Dong Kyung. She tells him to go. Doom says he’s happy to see her. He smiles. Sonyeoshin is happy to see him smile. She says it is time to say goodbye. He must seize the day and love without reservation. Doom points out she’ll be alone in the garden. Sonyeoshin counters she’s never alone. She’s always with him. One day they’ll meet again. She only wants his happiness. She hands him Dong Kyung’s umbrella. She tells him Dong Kyung is waiting for him. Sonyeoshin wishes him happy birthday. Doom smiles and walks away. Sonyeoshin says goodbye.

The next day, Dong Kyung rushes to work. She thinks of Doom. She works. She eats. She pays off her loans and smiles. She works late. She looks at the picture of her and Doom. She stands at the crosswalk. She crosses. She waits at the bus stop. The bus comes. She wonders if Doom will return in a different body and face. She stares at the men that exit the bus. She wonders if one of them is Doom. She catches the next bus. It starts to rain. She wonders if she’ll ever hold his hand again. She wants to. The bus stops suddenly. A man grabs her wrist. It’s Doom. They lock eyes. Dong Kyung can’t believe it. Doom holds her umbrella and asks if she has one as it is raining outside. He takes her hand. He smiles.

My Thoughts

Doom returns. Writer Im Meari let our couple have another chance. Sonyeoshin decreed that Doom had evolved from a butterfly to a flower and now could return to Dong Kyung. She stayed behind but would always be watching like a parent does for a child. Dong Kyung lived a life that was busy yet not fully complete without Doom. She missed him but didn’t mope around. Ji Na and Joo Ik were in limbo. He moved forward and gave her a contract to sign. Hyun Kyu took Sun Kyung’s advice and reached out to Joo Ik. It was good to see the two men acting like they could be friends again.

Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) missed Doom.  Dong Kyung kept a running dialogue with Doom. She ate with the inner circle, bonded with Ji Na, worked for Joo Ik, but she never forgot Doom and wanting him to return to her. She got her wish.

Myul Mang / Doom (Seo In Guk) was granted a return ticket to Dong Kyung. He paid the price. Sonyeoshin declared he could return to love Dong Kyung with all his heart. She told him not to waste his time with Dong Kyung. Frankly his return felt almost too easy.

One episode to go, what’s my wish list for the final episode?

  1. Our couple is happy. The big hurdle is complete. Doom is back. Let this couple have a victory lap.
  2. Our triangle resolves. Ji Na and Joo Ik need to decide if they want to give it a go. Hyun Kyu and Joo Ik should continue to rebuild their friendship.
  3. Everyone is happy in the final scene. With Aunt Kang deciding to live in Korea permanently, the final scene should have Doom and Dong Kyung surrounded by friends and family.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Doom at Your Service Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was overjoyed Dong Kyung’s brain tumor shrank and was going away. I 💗 that Dong Kyung missed Myul Mang/Doom and moved forward with hope, instead of wallowing in misery.

    I’m good with Ji Na taking her time to figure out what she wants before getting involved with Joo Ik or anyone else.

    Who knew Sun Kyung would have such good advice for Hyun Kyu. I concur it was good to see the relationship between Hyun Kyu and Joo Ik move towards normal. Sun Kyung becoming a manager of his own café moves him closer to reaching his goal of being a Café owner.

    I felt warmth surge through my body as Doom took Dong Kyung’s hand. The stars seem to be aligning for a happy ending. You wishlist is perfect KJT; happiness all around and at least peace for the third wheel of the love triangle❣


    • I 💗 that Dong Kyung missed Myul Mang/Doom and moved forward with hope, instead of wallowing in misery.
      Excellent point. Not every kdrama character in similar situation lived life, often they only existed.

      Sun Kyung would have such good advice for Hyun Kyu
      He scored a couple of times in this series as a wise sage. The other one I recall is the past tense for Hyun Kyu and present tense for Joo Ik.

      I concur it was good to see the relationship between Hyun Kyu and Joo Ik move towards normal
      Bonus points to Writer Im for making the long standing friendship survive.

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