Alice Episode 11 Recap

Alice Episode 11 Recap

Jin Gyeom’s voiceover “Time is the most valuable thing that humans can use.”

Arriving at the at the amusement park, Captain Go calls and tells someone as ordered, he’ll take care of Professor Seok.

Officer Kim and Jin Gyeom arrive at the amusement park. They search for Professor Seok. Jin Gyeom spots Captain Go’s car. Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) tells Officer Kim Dong Ho they should split up to search. Officer Kim agrees and goes another direction. Jin Gyeom confirms it is Captain Go’s car. Jin Gyeom searches. He finds the steps to the cellar. He goes down the steps. He turns off his flashlight and draws his gun.

He slowly opens the door. He enters and Captain Go puts a gun to his head. Captain Go feigns surprise, hands Jin Gyeom Professor Seok’s badge and states the missing professor must have been there. He tells Jin Gyeom to investigate. He leaves.

Jin Gyeom goes to the basement. Officer Kim arrives. He asks if Captain Go was just there. Jin Gyeom tells him finding Professor Seok is the priority.

In the light of day, the team searches for Professor Seok. They have no luck.

At the station, Officer Kim briefs the team. They discuss whether Professor Seok is alive. Officer Kim asks Jin Gyeom if he checked the dashcam video from the motel where Lee Se Hoon was murdered. That gets Captain Go’s attention. Jin Gyeom lies the video didn’t have anyone suspicious.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) holds the dashcam video flash drive. She goes to the police station and gives it to Jin Gyeom. He remembers dropping it from a moving car. He glances to see if Captain Go is in his office observing them. He takes Tae Yi’s arm and leads her away. He doesn’t see Captain Go watching from door into the bullpen.

Jin Gyeom asks where Tae Yi got the flash drive. She knows he’s seen it before. He asks if anyone knows about it. Tae Yi blurts that Captain Go is in the video. Jin Gyeom says the video is misleading. Tae Yi declares Captain Go has been acting weird. Jin Gyeom states Captain Go is like a father to him. Tae Yi points out that Captain Go didn’t investigate Professor Seok’s connection to his mother, but Jin Gyeom did 10 years after the fact. Jin Gyeom asks for the flash drive. Tae Yi declares she found this on him after he was murdered.  She refuses to give it to Jin Gyeom. She leaves. She says nothing to Captain Go as they pass each other.

Tae Yi asks Kim Do Yeon (Lee Da In) about Captain Go. Do Yeon says that Captain Go is like a father to Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi notes Jin Gyeom met Captain Go when he arrested him after a false accusation. Tae Yi asks how long after was Jin Gyeom’s mother murdered. Do Yeon says it was 3 days.

Tae Yi finds Captain Go in the house. She asks why he’s there in the room she’s using. Captain Go claims he was relieving memories and wanted to talk to Jin Gyeom. He asks if she remembers anything from her childhood. Tae Yi says she doesn’t. She asks if Captain Go knew Jin Gyeom before the false arrest. Tae Yi asks how Captain Go got the tattoo behind his ear. The smile is wiped from Captain Go’s face and he approaches Tae Yi. She backs away. Jin Gyeom returns home and sees the tension on Tae Yi’s face.  Captain Go smiles at Jin Gyeom.

Outside Captain Go says he came to Jin Gyeom’s house to announce he’s retiring. Captain Go says Jin Gyeom is the first to know. He claims he’s tired and wants to spend time with his wife. Jin Gyeom says that’s a good idea. Captain Go says he’ll announce it after they find Professor Seok. Jin Gyeom asks if they’ll find Professor Seok. Jin Gyeom’s phone rings. Officer Kim reports Professor Seok is back.

Jin Gyeom finds Professor Seok in his office. He says he was locked up until yesterday. Jin Gyeom reminds Professor Seok he said he’d share the Book of Prophecy which had something he should see. Professor Seok says the book was stolen and he won’t say anything about the book. Jin Gyeom wonders why Professor Seok is willing to give up stopping time travel. Professor Seok says he’s reconciled to the fact that time travel exists and he can’t stop it.

Jin Gyeom, Captain Go and Professor Seok go to where Professor Seok was held. Jin Gyeom doesn’t understand why Professor Seok wasn’t killed when the others were. Professor Seok and Captain Go look at each other. Professor Seok says he never saw the criminal, his voice, and escaped when the man was on the phone. Professor Seok says he’s done with questions. Captain Go escorts him out.

In the car Professor Seok says that Jin Gyeom suspects him. Captain Go says as long as they play their parts all will be well.

2050…Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am assures Alice Agent Oh Shi Young that eventually Min Hyeok will trust her again.  She admits did she lie to Min Hyeok. She says restoration of the CCTV outside the hotel will take time.

Alice Agent Choi Seung Pyo reports to Alice Agent Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang), who is Jin Gyeom’s father though Jin Gyeom doesn’t know this, that Captain Go is a suspect but Jin Gyeom won’t act against him.

2020…Tae Yi is surprised to find Min Hyeok outside the house. He tells her he wants to speak with Jin Gyeom. He assures her he wants to help with the matter. She points out he wanted to kill Jin Gyeom just a couple of days ago. She knows he’s a time traveler. Min Hyeok pledges not to bother Jin Gyeom after the matter is resolved.

Tae Yi wonders what the matter is. She looks at the calendar. She gets lost in work. She creates a tracking app.

Captain Go surprises his wife with the news that he’s resigning tomorrow. She’s pleased with his decision. She admits she worried constantly due to his job. She urges him to celebrate with the team tomorrow, on her.

The team celebrates. Do Yeon arrives. Tae Yi’s mother and sister serve the food. Tae Yi’s sister tells Officers Hong and Ha not to come back for the remainder of the week. She tells Captain Go he can come back whenever he wants. Captain Go has no words when the team presses him to give a speech.

Captain Go tells Jin Gyeom to call him when he gets home. Jin Gyeom watches Captain Go enter the apartment building. Captain Go starts up the stairs. He’s surprised when a man waits for him. It’s Min Hyeok. He wants to talk to Captain Go.

Jin Gyeom gets a call from Captain Go’s wife. She assumes Captain Go is still drinking with the team. Jin Gyeom knows that isn’t true and gets concerned.

Min Hyeok hits Captain Go demanding to know why he’s time traveled here and what he wants with Jin Gyeom. Captain Go asks if Min Hyeok is finally going to act like Jin Gyeom’s father. Min Hyeok is surprised that Captain Go knows he’s Jin Gyeom’s father. Min Hyeok vows to make Captain Go talk. Jin Gyeom arrives and hits Min Hyeok. He tells Jin Gyeom that Captain Go is in illegal time traveler. Min Hyeok vows to find the person that killed his mother and is trying to kill him. Jin Gyeom demands to know why Min Hyeok is involved. He warns Min Hyeok not to interfere with Captain Go again, stating Captain Go is like a father to him.

Captain Go wakes to find Jin Gyeom in his room. His wife enters relieved he’s awake. She chides her husband for getting drunk enough to slip on the stairs. Captain Go looks at Jin Gyeom who says he must leave.

On the evidence board, Jin Gyeom posts Captain Go’s picture and wonders if he’s the teacher.

2050…Min Hyeok frets that Jin Gyeom is so close to Captain Go. Team Lead Ki points out Min Hyeok doesn’t know for sure that Captain Go killed Tae Yi. Min Hyeok points out the teacher wants the book of prophecy and to that end has killed Tae Yi, sent Lee Se Hoon, and wants to kill Jin Gyeom.

Agent Oh watches the restored video. It shows Team Lead Ki entering the hotel. She’s shocked.

Team Lead Ki says no one know who wrote the book of prophecy nor what it says. Team Lead Ki says the book foretells the end of time travel and someone that can stop time. Min Hyeok realizes wormholes have opened around Jin Gyeom. He leaves.

Flashback….Lee Se Hoon returns to his hotel room. He calls Jin Gyeom and tells him to protect him and he’ll learn who killed his mother. The door to room opens.  Team Lead Ki flings open a curtain. Lee Se Hoon calls him teach. Team Lead Ki gives Lee Se Hoon a red pill. He says this is his only chance. He shows Lee Se Hoon the antidote. After taking the pill, Lee Se Hoon begs for his life. Team Lead Ki asks for the last page of the book of prophecy. Lee Se Hoon says he doesn’t have it, because it was already gone the night he attacked Dr. Jang. He spits blood. Team Lead Ki hold the antidote, drops it, then crushes it with his foot. Lee Se Hoon keels over and dies. Captain Go bursts into the room. Team Lead Ki says he’s late. He gives Captain Go a handkerchief with Lee Se Hoon’s blood on it. He tells Captain Go to take care of Lee Se Hoon.

2050…Team Lead Ki opens a case. He takes out the book of prophecy. He looks at the page that states the child that time travel was born to help with end it one day.

2020…Tae Yi watches Captain Go leave the hotel in the dash cam video. She finds Jin Gyeom’s phone unattended. She tries to figure out his password to no avail. Jin Gyeom asks what she’s doing. Tae Yi admits she wants to put a tracker app on both their phones. Jin Gyeom agrees to let her install the tracker app. He promises he won’t go anyplace dangerous.

The next morning, Tae Yi makes good. She smiles when the tracker app shows her Jin Gyeom’s location.

Captain Go meets Team Lead Ki at the church. Team Lead Ki states Jin Gyeom can now time travel. He says it’s over when Jin Gyeom can control time and therefore must die. Captain Go points out they need the last page of the book. Team Lead Ki counters the book is less important than allowing Jin Gyeom to close time travel and trapping them all and eradicating Alice. He repeats Captain Go must kill Jin Gyeom.

Captain Go’s wife notices he’s distracted. She tries her best to cheer him up.

Jin Gyeom is distracted and Officer Kim prompts him to answer his phone. It’s Captain Go requesting a night of fishing. Jin Gyeom agrees. Captain Go takes his gun and remembers Team Lead Ki’s threat – kill Jin Gyeom or lose his wife again. Team Lead Ki says Captain Go is of no use unless he follows orders. Team Lead Ki reminds Captain Go the choice is Jin Gyeom or his wife.

Tae Yi packs the food with a smile. She notices Jin Gyeom is on the move. She calls him. He doesn’t answer.

Tae Yi questions Officer Kim who states that Jin Gyeom often goes out with Captain Go. She had him the dashcam video. She says Captain Go is a suspect in Lee Se Hoon’s killing.

At the night fishing spot, Captain Go and Jin Gyeom fish in shared silence. Captain Go stands to get food. Instead he gets his gun. He looks at Jin Gyeom whose back is to him. He walks back to Jin Gyeom and points his gun at him. Jin Gyeom stands. Captain Go says he’s sorry. The men face each other. Captain Go says this is the only way he can save his wife. He puts his finger on the trigger.

Flashback…2050…Captain Go brushes the hair back from his dead wife. Team Lead Ki enters the room. He says he’s there to offer Captain Go the chance to meet his wife again. Captain Go says she’s dead. Team Lead Ki says he can time travel and meet his wife again. But first he has to take care of a small matter in 2010.

Flashback…2010…Captain Go goes the Jin Gyeom’s house. He searches it but Tae Yi isn’t there. He finds Professor Seok’s business card. He drives to the university. He watches Tae Yi get into her car. He follows her. He watches her in the market. He’s distracted when he spots his wife doing her shopping. He can’t help but follow her home. His 2010 self rushes to his wife. He apologizes for being out of pocket for a week on a stakeout of an arsonist. They head into their apartment building.

At the public bath, Captain Go gets a call that the arsonist has been found. He says he’ll be there shortly. Captain Go’s wife warns him to be careful as he rushes away. 2050 Captain Go watches. His wife spots him. He turns away. She calls Captain Go who tells her he’s busy and hangs up.

2050 Captain Go takes a phone call from Team Lead Ki. He reports he’s found Tae Yi and his wife. He says he’ll return once he’s killed Tae Yi. He won’t need to stay because his wife has a good man by her side.

The next day Captain Go’s wife texts her husband. 2050 Captain Go watches. He does a search and learns his 2010 counterpart goes missing after they the arsonist. Captain Go tracks the arsonist down who declares he stabbed him. Captain Go forces the man to divulge where Captain Go is.

Captain Go finds his 2010 self tied to a tree and heavily bleeding. 2010 Captain Go can’t believe his eyes. 2050 Captain Go convince him, that he is him in a different time. Captain Go shares that he worked hard after his 5 year old son died and avoided the house. Captain Go shares that he wasn’t around to caught his wife’s illness and she died. 2010 Captain Go says his wife can’t die. He slumps. 2050 Captain Go urges him to rally. 2010 Captain Go says he won’t make it. He tells 2050 Captain Go to take care of their wife. He gives 2050 Captain Go his badge. He dies. 2050 Captain Go decides he must stay. He buries 2010 Captain Go. He vows to make their wife happy.

Excellent scene.

Captain Go is at the police station when the call about a girl falling from the school roof comes in. Captain Go heads to the school. Captain Go interrogates Jin Gyeom. Later Captain Go teaches Jin Gyeom to fish. He’s appalled when Jin Gyeom catches all the fish. Captain Go says Jin Gyeom might not have the aptitude to be a police officer. Jin Gyeom vows to become an officer to find his mother’s killer. Captain Go vows to find Jin Gyeom’s mother’s killer.

Nice scene.

Captain Go apologizes to Jin Gyeom but he can’t kill him. He yells at Jin Gyeom for not doing anything. Jin Gyeom says Captain Go can’t be the man that killed his mother. Jin Gyeom says Captain Go vowed to find the killer. Captain Go handcuffs Jin Gyeom to a sign. He takes Jin Gyeom’s phone. Captain Go declares he’ll go catch the man that killed his mother. He asks Jin Gyeom to take care of his wife while he’s gone. He leaves. Jin Gyeom yells and struggles to free himself.

Captain Go gets in his car after calling and reporting he killed Jin Gyeom. He says he found out something that he must share.

Team Lead Ki smiles.

Tae Yi keeps calling Jin Gyeom’s phone but he doesn’t answer. She passes Captain Go. She stops her car and decides to follow him because Jin Gyeom’s phone shows movement.

At the church, Captain Go waits. He hears someone coming and draws his gun. The person that enters is Tae Yi. He follow her. Captain Go asks why she is there. She demands to know where Jin Gyeom is. Captain Go orders her to leave. Tae Yi declares that Jin Gyeom trusted Captain Go. She demands to know why Captain Go killed Jin Gyeom. Captain Go declares Jin Gyeom is like his son and he’d never kill him.

Captain Go’s phone rings. He tells the caller he’s at the church. The caller says he knows Jin Gyeom isn’t dead. The camera pulls back and we see Team Lead Ki on the phone with Captain Go and Professor Seok sitting in a nearby chair. Team Lead Ki gives Professor Seok the phone. Professor Seok tells Captain Go that his choice will cost him his wife and Jin Gyeom. We see the sigma tattoo on Professor Seok’s wrist.

Jin Gyeom tries to free himself. Professor Seok arrives. Jin Gyeom asks why he’s there. Professor Seok says he didn’t realize Captain Go cared for Jin Gyeom so deeply. Jin Gyeom asks if Professor Seok is the killer. He asks Professor Seok how long he’s been lying to him. Professor Seok smiles and says Jin Gyeom’s mother asked him the same question. Professor Seok puts a gun and aims it at Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi arrives at the parking lot. Professor Seok cocks the gun. Tae Yi hears a shot.

My Thoughts

The identity of Teacher is revealed. Writer Kim Kyu Won gave us ton of content this episode. We learned the full backstory of Captain Go and it was worth the wait. Captain Go was lured to work for Team Lead Ki with the promise of seeing his wife in the past, for the price of one job. Captain Go was surprised to see his wife while tracking Tae Yi. He had to follow her. He learned his 2010 counterpart went missing. He learned his whereabouts but couldn’t save himself. His 2010 counterpart urged him to stay and take care of their wife. Captain Go couldn’t refuse. The scene with both 2050 and 2010 was well done in all aspects – writing, acting and production from Director Baek and the team. While I wondered if Team Lead Ki was teacher, I wasn’t surprised to learn Professor Seok was really Teacher. Frankly Team Lead Ki didn’t seem smart enough.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) didn’t believe Captain Go killed his mother. Jin Gyeom loves Captain Go, considers him a surrogate father, and refused to accuse him. He couldn’t help but observe Captain Go and Professor Seok. He couldn’t help but see Captain Go aim the gun at him. He couldn’t help but stop Min Hyeok from hurting Captain Go. In the end, Captain Go couldn’t kill Jin Gyeom and lied about it. Why Captain Go believed that wouldn’t be discovered doesn’t make sense. But he handcuffed Jin Gyeom to the sign and left him. In the Professor Seok arrived. Then Jin Gyeom realized Professor Seok was the one behind everything…he was Teacher. Jin Gyeom and his mother had been fooled by Professor Seok. Too late they realized the truth. It can’t be too late for Jin Gyeom, we’ve got 5 more episodes to go.

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) (Jin Gyeom’s mother) made an app to track Jin Gyeom. She was openly suspicious of Captain Go. He had no answer for her inquiry about the sigma tattoo. Professor Seok has one too. Does Team Lead Ki?

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) interrogated Captain Go…in a fashion. Min Hyeok confided in Team Lead Ki that he was worried about Captain Go. He time traveled to confront Captain Go. Jin Gyeom intervened. Great moment when Jin Gyeom told his own father (though Jin Gyeom doesn’t know Min Hyeok is his father) that Captain Go is his surrogate father and he’d protect him. Agent Oh saw Team Lead Ki enter the motel. We know Team Lead Ki killed Lee Se Hoon. Will Agent Oh tell Min Hyeok about Team Lead Ki? When will Min Hyeok realize Team Lead Ki is working against the people he loves?

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.



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2 comments on “Alice Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Why am I not surprised TL Ki 👨‍🏫 is the teacher. Somehow I’m relieved Captain Go 🍶🚔 didn’t kill ex-con time traveler. Dang it, why did Min Hyeok 🕶 just tell TL Ki 👨‍🏫 he thought Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 might be the one who can control time … he just put a target on his son’s back. WHAT❓⁉️ Professor Seok 🦋 is the Teacher afterall❓⁉️ I had suspected Professor Seok 🦋 to be the Teacher in the first place.

    Captain Go’s🍶🚔 backstory was compelling. It was so wild to see himself try to save himself. I was relieved the affable Captain Go 🍶🚔 did not kill Tae Yi🤱💳 either. I hope he really doesn’t lose his wife.

    I think Agent Oh 👤 will tell Min Hyeokv🕶 about TL Ki 👨‍🏫… but when❓⁉️ I think it is time Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 learns Min Hyeok 🕶 is his dad. I’m counting on Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 to stop time again to escape Professor Seok 🦋.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WHAT❓⁉️ Professor Seok 🦋 is the Teacher afterall❓⁉️ I had suspected Professor Seok 🦋 to be the Teacher in the first place.
      Your instincts were right.

      Captain Go’s🍶🚔 backstory was compelling. It was so wild to see himself try to save himself. I was relieved the affable Captain Go 🍶🚔 did not kill Tae Yi🤱💳 either.
      The backstory was well done. I too was relieved he did not murder Tae Yi.

      I think it is time Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨 learns Min Hyeok 🕶 is his dad.
      I’d like to see this reveal within in the next couple of episodes. The secret has kept this character on the fringe most of the series.

      Liked by 2 people

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