Alice Episode 12 Recap

Alice Episode 12 Recap

Tae Yi’s voiceover “I cannot go back to yesterday because I’m a different person than I was then.”

At the church, Captain Go’s phone rings. He tells Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) to be quiet if she wants Jin Gyeom to live. The caller says he knows Jin Gyeom isn’t dead. The camera pulls back and we see Alice Team Lead Ki Cheol Am on the phone with Captain Go and Professor Seok O Won sitting in a nearby chair. Team Lead Ki gives Professor Seok the phone. Professor Seok tells Captain Go that his choice will cost him his wife and Jin Gyeom. We see the sigma tattoo on Professor Seok’s wrist.

Outside the church Captain Go tells Tae Yi that Professor Seok is a time traveler. He says Professor Seok wants time travel to continue and has been killing those that oppose it while he searches for the last page in the book of prophecy. Tae Yi asks why Professor Seok is trying to kill Jin Gyeom. Captain Go says Jin Gyeom can close the door to time travel. He tells Tae Yi to find the last page of the book so Jin Gyeom can close time travel. Captain Go states Tae Yi’s fate is to find the last page.  Captain Go says he’ll go to Jin Gyeom. He tosses Jin Gyeom’s phone forcing her to step away and allowing him to leave first.

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) tries to free himself. Professor Seok arrives. Jin Gyeom asks why he’s there. Professor Seok says he didn’t realize Captain Go cared for Jin Gyeom so deeply. Jin Gyeom asks if Professor Seok is the killer. He asks Professor Seok how long he’s been lying to him. Professor Seok smiles and says Jin Gyeom’s mother asked him the same question. Jin Gyeom realizes Professor Seok killed his mother because of time travel. Professor Seok asks what it is like being with Tae Yi in this time dimension. Not matter the number of time dimensions, Jin Gyeom states he only has one mother. He states Professor Seok killed his mother. Professor Seok assumed Jin Gyeom would understand his perspective. Jin Gyeom doesn’t care about time travelers. Professor Seok states his mother invented time travel and was a time traveler.

Tae Yi calls Officer Kim and asks shares they must find Jin Gyeom as he’s in danger.

Captain Go drive to save Jin Gyeom.

Flashback…Captain Go tells Jin Gyeom’s mother that he’s after her and she needs to be on guard. He says he can’t help her. He leaves.

Captain Go arrives and heads to Jin Gyeom.

Professor Seok assumes Tae Yi decided to destroy time travel because of what happens next. Professor Seok puts a gun and aims it at Jin Gyeom. Jin Gyeom says he’s afraid he’ll die without capturing Professor Seok. Captain Go calls to Jin Gyeom. Professor Seok turns and walks away. Captain Go starts to unlock the handcuff. Professor Seok shoots Captain Go twice. Captain Go falls to the ground. Jin Gyeom uncuffs himself. He shoots at Professor Seok who flees. Jin Gyeom lifts Captain Go into his arms. Captain Go tells Jin Gyeom he’s tired of life, now that he’s lived it twice. He apologizes for not catching Professor Seok. He tells Jin Gyeom he had more to teach him. Captain Go says he thought he’d be happy in this time dimension but he couldn’t forget the wife who died lonely in the other time dimension. He says when he came to this time dimension his life was done in many ways. He tells Jin Gyeom to cherish those in this time dimension. Captain Go admits that meeting Jin Gyeom and his wife again made him happy. Jin Gyeom cries that he was happy to be Captain Go in his life. Jin Gyeom calls him father. Captain Go smiles. Tae Yi arrives. Captain Go dies. Jin Gyeom sobs.

Good scene.

The next morning, the team cries at the site where Captain Go’s body lays. Do Yeon arrives and asks Jin Gyeom if she heard it wrong. She goes to Captain Go’s body. Officer Kim tries to block her but she falls to her knees and sobs. Jin Gyeom stands to leave. He tells Tae Yi he must do something for Captain Go.

At the memorial service, the team surrounds Captain Go’s wife. Tae Yi arrives. She sees how distraught Captain Go’s wife is. She calls Jin Gyeom but he doesn’t answer.

Jin Gyeom arrives at Professor Seok’s office. Back at the station, Jin Gyeom finds a cell phone in the box of items. He calls Professor Seok. Neither man speaks. Then Jin Gyeom says he doesn’t care where Professor Seok is or goes, he’ll find him and kill him. Professor Seok hopes Captain Go’s funeral goes well and hangs up.

Flashback…Professor Seok, Team Lead Ki, and Captain Go look at the man in the grave. It’s Professor Seok in that time dimension. He tells his counterpart he wants time travel to continue while his counterpart wants it to stop.

Professor Seok smiles at the memory of eliminating himself.

Tae Yi arrives at the police station. She tells him to go to the memorial service. Jin Gyeom asks if Captain Go talked about Professor Seok. Tae Yi tells him to stay by Captain Go’s side and do his duty as his son. Jin Gyeom cries as he looks at Captain Go’s empty chair. Tae Yi hugs him and promises to stay by his side.

At the burial, Captain Go leads the police team in a moment of silence. Tae Yi watches from the side. Tears fill Jin Gyeom’s eyes as he looks at Captain Go’s marker.

Awk! Tears!

Tae Yi admits she thought time travel would be a positive and allow people to right wrongs, meet interesting people, soothe their grief. She wonders if Jin Gyeom’s mother thought the same. Jin Gyeom says his mother and Captain Go were killed because of time travel. He tells her being with him puts her in danger. Tae Yi says Captain Go told her about the book of prophecy. She doesn’t believe it in. Instead she’d like to review his mother’s computer. Tae Yi says time travel isn’t bad, but it is when bad people abuse it.

Jin Gyeom gives Tae Yi the hard drive from his mother’s computer. She notices the bloody bandage from his wrist injury. She changes the bandage. She says they’ll catch Professor Seok. She tells him not to get hurt.

Tae Yi investigates the hard drive.

At the police station, Officer Kim says the flip phone Captain Go had only called a few numbers. Officers Ha and Hong report Professor Seok car was found near a warehouse. They cross reference the calls and manage to unearth Professor Seok’s body.

Professor Seok goes to Jin Gyeom’s mother’s memorial marker. He tells her to see if she can save her son again.

Officer Kim tells Jin Gyeom they can’t conduct an investigation for a killer whose dead body they just found. Jin Gyeom says they have to find the last page of the book of prophecy.

Agent Oh watches the restored video. It shows Team Lead Ki entering the hotel. She’s shocked.

She goes to Team Lead Ki’s office and reports the restored video showed nothing of interest. Team Lead Ki says he was hoping the video would reveal the killer.

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang), Jin Gyeom’s father (though Jin Gyeom doesn’t know this), and Agent Choi stand where Captain Go was killed. Min Hyeok asks if Agent Choi is sure Professor Seok wanted to hurt Jin Gyeom. Min Hyeok directs Agent Choi to retrace where Captain Go went on the day he died.

Tae Yi buys a nice wallet for Jin Gyeom.

When she arrives at the house, Jin Gyeom is washing his face. She decides to swap his wallet for the new one. She’s taken aback by the photo of a young Jin Gyeom and his mother who looks exactly like her. She knew she had a resemblance to Jin Gyeom’s mother but didn’t realize they were identical. Jin Gyeom finds her and says he didn’t hide this on purpose. Tae Yi feels stupid. She’s traveled time but didn’t know she was Jin Gyeom’s mother in this time dimension. She knows she shocked him the first time she met. She says she’s got someone to meet. She leaves.

Good scene.

Tae Yi meets Min Hyeok. He asks if Captain Go told her anything before, he died. He wants to find the person that wants to kill Jin Gyeom. Tae Yi ask why he cares and why he’s being nice to her. Tae Yi says she looks exactly like Jin Gyeom’s mother. She declares she’s herself, not another person. She wants people to want to be with her not someone else. Min Hyeok says he knows she looks like someone else, but he knows she is unique to her own life experiences. He apologizes for the trouble he and others have caused. Tae Yi asks who he is. Min Hyeok gives her his name. Tae Yi is stunned

Flashback…the night Tae Yi’s father was killed…as a young Tae Yi hides under the desk, Min Hyeok tells LHS who he is.

Flashback…After seeing her father murdered by LHS, he pulls a young Tae Yi from under the desk and demands to know where the last page of the book is. Clutching the page in her hand, Tae Yi cries she doesn’t know. Alice Agent CC shoots LHS. She holds a young Tae Yi and apologizes for frightening her.

Overcome with the flood of memories, Tae Yi faints. Min Hyeok rushes to her side.

At the hospital, Min Hyeok tells Tae Yi he’s called Jin Gyeom. As he starts to walk away, Tae Yi says her father was murdered. She wants to know why. She says Min Hyeok was there when her father died. They lock eyes. Jin Gyeom arrives. He’s not happy to see Min Hyeok. Min Hyeok walks away but Jin Gyeom grabs his arm. Min Hyeok points out this is a hospital. Jin Gyeom drops his hand. Min Hyeok tells him to take care of Tae Yi. He walks away. Tae Yi tells Jin Gyeom she met his mother once before.

Min Hyeok stand outside the hospital. Agent Oh watches him.

Jin Gyeom takes Tae Yi back to her apartment. He tells her to rest. Tae Yi says his mother saved her life thanks to time travel. But because of time travel, which his mother created, her father died. Jin Gyeom apologizes. Tae Yi says this isn’t his fault. None of it was their fault. She thought time travel would be positive. She didn’t know that those that shouldn’t meet would. She wonders what her relationship is with his mother and her. She supposes it would have been better if they’d never met, if she’d never remembered her past. She goes into her bedroom and shuts the door. She sinks to the floor. Jin Gyeom tells her maybe they shouldn’t have met, but he’s happy they did.

Nice moment.

Min Hyeok asks Team Lead Ki why he sent Tae Yi and him to Dr. Jang’s house. Min Hyeok says headquarter sent the assignment. Min Hyeok asks if headquarter ordered Tae Yi’s death. Team Lead Ki says that is ridiculous. Min Hyeok reveals Tae Yi is Dr. Jang’s daughter. He notes different Tae Yi met in the same time dimension. Team Lead Ki counters that was inevitable with time travel. Min Hyeok snaps that Tae Yi’s life was forever changed because of time travel. He vows to stop it. He leaves the office. Team Lead Ki makes a phone call to Professor Seok. He reports Tae Yi has started to get her memory back. Professor Seok says this will help in finding the last page of the book of prophecy.

Agent Oh wants to talk to Min Hyeok. He’s not interested. She wants to help. He doesn’t want her help. He says her lies were a factor in Tae Yi’s death. Agent Oh snaps that Min Hyeok is substituting the other time dimension’s Tae Yi. Min Hyeok snaps he’ll never forgive her for contributing to Tae Yi’s death. Agent Oh counters she wishes she would have killed Tae Yi herself.

Do Yeon can’t access Jin Gyeom’s apartment with the code she has. Officer Kim finds her at Jin Gyeom’s door. She asks what he and Jin Gyeom are investigating. Officer Kim lets her in. She stares at the evidence board. She demands answers from Officer Kim.

Agent Oh watches the video. Team Lead Ki enters and she hides the screen. He wants to talk. Agent Oh says she’s not interested. Team Lead Ki says Min Hyeok will find out about him just like she did. He must get rid of Min Hyeok before that happens. He offers that Min Hyeok will never know, if she’s willing to help him. Agent Oh realizes he’s ordering her to keep quiet. Team Lead Ki declares the decisions he’s made have been for Alice. He suggests he can help her get Min Hyeok back once they retrieve something from Tae Yi. Team Lead Ki says they may want different things but they can work together to get what they want. Team Lead Ki says the other time dimensional Tae Yi will have an emotional hold on Min Hyeok while she lives.

Tae Yi researches her father. She calls the university he used to work out asking to speak with someone that knew him well.

Agent Oh looks at the video. She deletes the video.

Tae Yi doesn’t answer Jin Gyeom’s call.

Tae Yi enters her classroom. Agent Oh is there.

Officer Kim notices Jin Gyeom is distracted. He’s right, Jin Gyeom is thinking about cherishing those in his present. Jin Gyeom tells Officer Kim he’s going to see Tae Yi.

Tae Yi ends her lecture. The class leaves. Agent Oh approaches and says she has information about her father.

Jin Gyeom sees Tae Yi in the car with Agent Oh. Jin Gyeom remembers Agent Oh from the encounter in the parking garage. He spins around and follows. Agent Oh sees she’s being followed. Tae Yi notices too.  Agent Oh puts a gun to Tae Yi’s head. Agent Oh tells her she’s always been a problem – then and now. Agent Oh ends up slamming into a barrier. Tae Yi is knocked out. Agent Oh exits, locks the door, and runs. Jin Gyeom has to smash the window. Flames start to consume the car. Jin Gyeom unlocks Tae Yi’s seatbelt to extract her. The car explodes!

Agent Oh runs away.

2010…Tae Yi wakes in Jin Gyeom’s house.

Jin Gyeom’s mother gets meat for dinner from the butcher. She makes her way home with her groceries.

Jin Gyeom arrives at his house to find 3 schoolmates spray painting terrible words on the exterior. He tells them to leave. They run. Tae Yi is startled to see that Jin Gyeom is a young man when he enters the house. She enters Jin Gyeom’s mother’s room and explores. She sees a picture of herself as a young girl on Jin Gyeom’s mother’s desk. She looks in drawers. She finds pictures of herself at the orphanage with Jin Gyeom’s mother.

Flashback…A young Tae Yi wakes to find Jin Gyeom’s mother in the hospital. The doctor tells her that the young girl thinks she is her mother not her aunt. Jin Gyeom’s mother is kin and support of the young Tae Yi.

Jin Gyeom’s mother returns home. He says he already spoke to her in the living room. She notices the door to her room is closed. She finds it locked. Tae Yi is startled. She opens it with the spare key. The past and present Tae Yi come face to face. They stare at each other in shock.

My Thoughts

Captain Go dies from gunshot wounds trying to save Jin Gyeom from Professor Seok. Writer Kim Kyu Won gave Captain Go a respectful sendoff. In the previous episode we learned Captain Go wasn’t completely evil, he was a man caught in a service debt to Teacher. The memorial and funeral service conveyed loss and pain from the characters left behind. Tae Yi’s quiet reminder that Jin Gyeom was Captain Go’s son tore him away from the investigation to pay his respects. The moment of silent at the cemetery was touching. Professor Seok is determined that Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom don’t end time travel. Is it more than money and power that drives Professor Seok’s obsession with time travel?

Park Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) wept for the loss of his surrogate father. Jin Gyeom loved Captain Go, considered him a surrogate father, and called him father just before he died. That was touching. While I can’t accept everything, Captain Go did in the employ of Team Lead Ki and Professor Seok, Jin Gyeom saw beyond that to the man that took him under his wing and taught him much. When Captain Go lay dying and said he was tired of living, having lived 2 lives, he was compelled to admit that meeting Jin Gyeom in this lifetime helped make it worthwhile. With Captain Go gone, Jin Gyeom turned his attention to the mastermind Professor Seok. Officer Kim pointed out finding Professor Seok’s dead body and still searching for Professor Seok was difficult to explain. Side note, I’ve been enjoying the exchanges between Officer Kim and Do Yeon. Professor Seok pointed out that Jin Gyeom’s mother not only created time travel, she also tried to end time travel which led to him killing her. The ending of the episode, the exploding car, made me believe Jin Gyeom facilitated Tae Yi’s time travel. If so, where is Jin Gyeom?

Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) remembered Jin Gyeom’s mother was there when she woke in the hospital after the night her father was murdered. She remembered seeing Min Hyeok and Tae Yi the night her father died. We know he gave her the last page of the book of the prophecy. Where did the young Tae Yi put the page? Tae Yi’s gentle reminder that Jin Gyeom needed engage not bury himself in work was well done. I like the positive place Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom have evolved to. Jin Gyeom took Captain Go’s dying advice to heart, enjoy those love in the present. When he saw Tae Yi with Agent Oh, he pursued them. When he saw Tae Yi in the flaming car, he went to save her. Can you imagine coming face to face with the version of yourself in a different time?

Yoo Min Hyeok (Kwak Si Yang) (Jin Gyeom’s father) overshared that Tae Yi is getting her memory back. Min Hyeok confided in Team Lead Ki that Tae Yi remembered the night her father died. What will trigger Min Hyeok realizing that Team Lead Ki is working against Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi? He asked the right question – why was he sent with Tae Yi on the night Dr. Jang was murdered?

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “Alice Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was sad to see Captain Go 🍶🚔 die. I felt especially bad for his wife. Captain Go🍶🚔 was complicit in murder, but he was not a cold blooded murderer. I liked the way Captain Go 🍶🚔 got a respectful send-off.

    Agent Oh 👤 is OBSESSED with Min Hyeok🕶 … I don’t think there is a thing she can do to win over Min Hyeok 🕶. Working with TL Ki 👨‍🏫 and attempting to kill Tae Yi isn’t going to bring her any closer.

    Tae Yi 💳 was stunned to the picture of Jin Gyeom’s 🥋🚨 mom🤱💳 … does she realize mom was another version of her❓⁉️ It had to be freaky to figure out the woman she thought was her mom was actually Jin Gyeom’s🥋🚨 mom🤱💳 .

    Where did the Professor Seok 🦋 that killed current day Professor Seok 🦋 come from❓⁉️ This drama is becoming almost as difficult to determine which character was from which dimension in “The King, The Eternal Monarch”.

    It had to be freaky for 2010 Tae Yi 🤱💳 to come face to face with 2020 Tae Yi 💳. Where is 2020 Jin Gyeom 🥋🚨❓⁉️ I would have thought he would have ended up with 2020 Tae Yi 💳. Where did radiation rash Jin Gyeom ☢ come from❓⁉️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DramaDazed says:

    I agree with both kjt and JaneT. The episode was good, showing our characters attachments to each other in moving ways. I like Jin Gyeoms emotional growth.

    It was interesting this Tae Yi is confronted with unintended consequences of her invention, something scientists have to address more and more.

    And I agree the parallel dimension aspect of different selves is getting distracting. I’m a bit suspicious of hunky detective…he accepted time travel too easily.

    Looking forward to the next episode. Glad to have a distraction from waiting for Dating in the Kitchen. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      “I’m a bit suspicious of hunky detective…he accepted time travel too easily.” -DD. I had not even thought of that. I hope not … there are too many characters out of place already … hmmm … reminds me of “The King, The Eternal Monarch” I hope Dong Ho 🏋️‍♂️ is where he belongs. It is possible Dong Ho 🏋️‍♂️ accepted as he has witnessed many strange things❓⁉️

      Liked by 2 people

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