The Game Towards Zero Episode 15

The Game Towards Zero Episode 15

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) stands in front of the picture. Today’s the day he might lose everything and die alone. He puts in his earpiece. Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) tells him she has to stop this and she can’t run away. Tae Pyung vows to do everything he can to change his prediction. Officer Joon and Officer Bong arrive and tells Joon Young the team is ready.

Joon Young walks to the same location. Everyone is watching. Do Kyung directs her to go into a mini cluster of shops. As she walks to the entrance, via his earpiece Tae Pyung tells her not to enter, that it is too dangerous. Joon Young enters. Tae Pyung rushes after her. Do Kyung directs her to a restroom. Joon Young says she’s at the restroom. Do Kyung direct her to enter a utility room. Joon Young enters the utility room. Tae Pyung searches for Joon Young. Do Kyung directs her to exit to the street level. Joon Young exits to the street level. Joon Young does so. Do Kyung directs her to get into the waiting taxi. Tae Pyung rushes outside and sees Joon Young getting into the taxi. He calls to her. She turns. They lock eyes. She gets into the taxi. Tae Pyung chases the taxi. Joon Young watches Tae Pyung chase the taxi but to no avail.

Team Leader Han and the others rush up. He declares they’ve lost her. Tae Pyung says they can track her necklace. Tae Pyung pursues the taxi using the tracker in Joon Young’s necklace. The others follow.

The taxi lets Joon Young off in a deserted area. Do Kyung calls and directs her into a building. Joon Young enters the building. Do Kyung comes up behind her and grabs her cell phone. He takes out her earpiece and crushes it with his foot. Joon Young aims her gun at him. Do Kyung says she’s alone. Do Kyung leads her into the building, Tae Pyung follows gun trained on Do Kyung’s back. Joon Young remembers Tae Pyung telling her that Do Kyung will commit suicide after he kills her. Do Kyung leads her to where he had Captain Lee and Reporter Yi captive. She asks where they are. Do Kyung says they are gone. Do Kyung is sure the bomb maker told her that once the timer is started, the bomb cannot be diffused. Do Kyung says that the email didn’t soften him.

Flashback…Tae Pyung sends an email “why us”? Initially Do Kyung believes it is from Joon Young, but determines that Tae Pyung sent the email.

Do Kyung wonders if Tae Pyung sent the email in hopes of creating a shared moment between them. Do Kyung snaps that growing up that everyone told him he’d turn out to be like his father. Do Kyung yells that Tae Pyung’s vision that he’d commit suicide in front of the police was cruel. Do Kyung declares Tae Pyung will never understand. Joon Young asks why he pretended to believe the email was from her. Do Kyung claims he wanted to know her true heart. Did she mean what she told him yesterday?

Flashback… Joon Young points out her father’s attempted arrest of Do Kyung’s father set this in motion. Joon Young assures Do Kyung she’s sorry.

Do Kyung calls her a liar.

Flashback… Do Kyung calls Joon Young and tells her not say he’s on the phone. She lies that she’s alone. With that said, everyone knows who is on the phone. Joon Young claims she just read his email. Do Kyung knows she did not send the email. Joon Young suggests they meet. Do Kyung agrees. He tells her the same location as last time but she must come alone. Joon Young agrees.

Do Kyung yells that she only wanted to catch him, not to apologize. Joon Young doubts that Do Kyung would accept an apology. Joon Young declares Do Kyung is the one in the wrong. She tells him to kneel. She fires her gun in the air. She orders him to kneel. Do Kyung kneels. Joon Young demands the code to disarm the bombs. Do Kyung asks if she wondered why he commits suicide. Joon Young counters that nothing he can say makes up for the evil he’s done. Joon Young says killing everyone and committing suicide won’t have people remember him with understanding, but as a crazy killer. Joon Young asks if that’s what he wants. Do Kyung admits he doesn’t want that.

Do Kyung says he’s changed his plans. He stabs Joon Young in the leg with a syringe. She goes down. Do Kyung stands over her and declares it won’t be him. It will be Tae Pyung that kills everyone she cares for. Then Tae Pyung won’t be lovable to her anymore. Do Kyung declares he can’t wait to see the choice Tae Pyung makes…will he save Joon Young or everyone else? The drug overtakes Joon Young and she loses consciousness.

Do Kyung believes this is all about him. His pain and hurt justifies everything he’s done or plans to do. He believes the injustice done to his family when he was young exonerates his present-day actions.

Tae Pyung arrives. The others arrive. They rush to find Joon Young. Tae Pyung leads them to the building. They fan out. Tae Pyung finds Joon Young’s crushed earpiece on the ground. He rushes into the building. Tae Pyung finds the others viewing a live stream from a taxi. We see inside the taxi is Captain Lee with the bomb strapped to him. He has an earpiece.

Reporter Yi walks to the prison where Do Kyung’s father was held for so many years. The bomb is strapped to her. The closes her coat so the bomb isn’t visible. Reporter Yi enters the prison reception area. She fills out a visit request form. She has a camera on her live streaming her actions. Tae Pyung calls Joon Young put she doesn’t pick up. He looks at the tracking information from her necklace. Office Joon searches for Joon Young too. Tae Pyung ends up on the roof.

Reporter Yi finishes filling out the visit request form.  She gives it to the officer.

Is she visiting serial killer Kim Hyung Soon?

Tae Pyung and Officer Joon return to the team and state Joon Young can’t be found but the tracker says she’s close. They wonder if she’s been abducted by Do Kyung. Team Leader Han directs Officer Bong to call the bomb squad and alert them about the bombs. Team Leader Han, Officer Joon, and Tae Pyung continue to search for Joon Young. Do Kyung drives right in front of Tae Pyung then speeds away. Tae Pyung tells Team Leader Han he’ll chase Do Kyung. Team Leader Han agrees and requests Tae Pyung keep them updated.

Really? The police let Tae Pyung chase Do Kyung on his own? This is the man that has the access codes to the bombs.

Team Leader Han, Officer Bong and Officer Joon head to the bomb locations.

The bomb makers asks Tae Pyung if he wants the bombs to go off. Tae Pyung confirms if they can’t defuse them, blowing them up is the only way. The bomb maker points out that if Tae Pyung can’t defuse the bomb, he’ll die. Tae Pyung is good with that, but first he’ll ensure everyone is safe.

Tae Pyung tells the team he can’t see Reporter Yi’s death either. They assume she’s wearing one of the bombs. Tae Pyung asks for photos of those Reporter Yi interacts with. He hopes to find a clue. Tae Pyung looks at Reporter Yi’s friends and co-workers and others. He lands on Captain Lee’s wife’s photo. Joon Young realizes that Do Kyung will send Reporter Yi to the prison where Captain Lee’s wife is being held. This will force Captain Lee to do as Do Kyung directs.

If the team figured this out beforehand, were there countermeasures they took based?

Do Kyung watches Reporter Yi. What he doesn’t know if that the police are there. When Reporter Yi turns her head, she sees the police from the bomb unit. With placards they tell her they will guide her through and diffuse the bomb.

Tae Pyung learns that Do Kyung changed one of the bomb locations. Tae Pyung and Do Kyung play cat and mouse in traffic.

Flashback…Tae Pyung shows the drawings from his last encounter with Do Kyung to the team. They recognize the building next to the rooftop. They determine the rooftop is at the paper where Captain Lee works.

Do Kyung and Tae Pyung enter the parking lot. Do Kyung walks away. Tae Pyung searches his car. Joon Young isn’t in the trunk but her necklace is. Tae Pyung now knows how he gets the necklace back.

Flashback…Joon Young tells Tae Pyung he’d be a heck of a detective with his abilities. Tae Pyung says he only has eyes for her. He doesn’t want her to be heart broken. Joon Young thinks he’s cool for caring for her and others. They snuggle. Joon Young says Tae Pyung won’t die alone or regretful because of her death. She vows to live.

Captain Lee reveals the bomb he’s wearing in the lobby. Team Leader Han tells Tae Pyung there are 29 minutes before the bomb explodes. Tae Pyung says Joon Young is still missing. Do Kyung tells Captain Lee to get Chief Nam there. Captain Lee demands that Chief Nam arrive. Tae Pyung says he’ll go get Do Kyung. Officer Bong calls in Do Kyung’s phone number.

Reporter Han gets on the elevator with Do Kyung. He recognizes him. Do Kyung knows he’s been made. He stops Reporter Han from exiting. Do Kyung holds the scalpel to Reporter Han’s throat. Captain Lee can hear their conversation. He begs for Reporter Han’s life. Captain Lee becomes overwrought.  Tae Pyung finds Reporter Han bleeding profusely. Officer Joon calls for an ambulance. Tae Pyung says with Reporter Han until the paramedics arrive.

Do Kyung makes his way to the roof. Tae Pyung follows. The police are waiting for Do Kyung. Chief Yang, Chief Nam, his mother, et al. Do Kyung isn’t surprised. He puts down his tablet and holds up the detonator. His mother calls to him. Do Kyung isn’t impressed. Do Kyung says he didn’t know he’d die with his mother watching. Do Kyung backs up to the edge of the roof. He tells his mother to keep quiet. Chief Nam urges Do Kyung to calm down. Do Kyung points out he’s the one with a bunch of guns trained on him. Tae Pyung arrives on the rooftop.

The bomb squad arrives in the lobby. Team Leader Han tells Captain Lee that Reporter Han is okay and the bomb squad can defuse the bomb. The bomb squad decides with limited time, they can’t remove the vest. Captain Lee urges Team Leader Han to leave. But Team Leader Han won’t leave him alone.

Tae Pyung asks Do Kyung where Joon Young is. Do Kyung asks if he cares more for Joon Young than the two bombs.  Do Kyung hold Joon Young’s phone. He tosses it to Tae Pyung. Do Kyung looks at the photo of the team. Do Kyung says Tae Pyung must choose who to save. He tells Tae Pyung to press zero to her Joon Young’s voice for one last time. Tae Pyung ask the police to track the cell phone he’ll connect to.

The cell phone rings in the coffin. Joon Young wakes. She pounds on the top of the coffin. Tae Pyung hangs up and redials. This time Joon Young answers. Tae Pyung asks if she’s okay. Joon Young says everything is okay.  She asks about the bombs. Tae Pyung asks where she’s at. She says she’s trapped and can’t see. Tae Pyung asks if she’s in a coffin. Joon Young asks about the others. Tae Pyung asks again if she’s in a coffin. Joon Young lies that she’s not. She tells him to track the cell phone she’s talking on. She tells him to save the others first. Joon Young says she doesn’t know how she got here. Tae Pyung asks Team Leader Han to dispatch the search team. Officer Joon has the general location of Joon Young’s cell phone. Team Leader Han says the bombs are not diffused yet. Tae Pyung stares daggers at Do Kyung. Tae Pyung tells Joon Young he will find her no matter what. Joon Young promises to wait for him.

Tae Pyung hangs up with 2 minutes to go on the bomb. He looks at Do Kyung and asks why he had to go this far. Why is he killing the one woman he liked, who made his life bearable? Do Kyung declares this isn’t his choice but Tae Pyung’s choice. Tae Pyung says his choice is the same. He asks where Joon Young is. Do Kyung says there are 30 seconds until the bombs explode. Do Kyung yells everyone will die. Tae Pyung grabs Do Kyung and demands to know where Joon Young is. The bomb squad cuts the wire on Captain Lee’s bomb. He declares it is defused. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.  Do Kyung asks what happened. He presses the button but it’s no use. Tae Pyung tells him the bomb has been defused. The bomb squad removes Captain Lee’s vest. Tae Pyung reminds Do Kyung he can see people’s deaths.

Flashback…Tae Pyung sees the camera on Captain Lee’s bomb vest.

Tae Pyung tells Do Kyung he realized Do Kyung was threatening Captain Lee through the camera.

Flashback…the bomb squad defuses the bomb Reporter Yi wears. She sobs in relief.

Tae Pyung tells Do Kyung he knew the bombs were defused. Therefore, his choice was simple, save Joon Young. Tae Pyung says they should stop know. Do Kyung throws the remote on the ground. Tae Pyung asks if Do Kyung is angry that Tae Pyung helped save the people or angry because Do Kyung couldn’t kill them. Tae Pyung says it wouldn’t have mattered what he said because Do Kyung would never have given them the deactivation code. Tae Pyung says that even though the circumstances are different Do Kyung’s response is the same as the death scene he saw 20 years ago.

Death scene…Tae Pyung watches Do Kyung put the gun to his head. Do Kyung tells Tae Pyung he’ll never find Joon Young.  Do Kyung shoots himself and falls off the roof.

Tae Pyung says he knew Joon Young would never live. Do Kyung asks what he saw in his death. Tae Pyung says his own death is up to Do Kyung. Upset, frustrated, and cornered Do Kyung backs up to the edge of the roof. He tells Tae Pyung to stop acting like he understands him. Chief Yang tells his men to shoot Do Kyung in the leg if he takes another step. Tae Pyung tells the police to wait. Tae Pyung asks where Joon Young is. Do Kyung says nothing. Tae Pyung asks where Joon Young is.

Police search for Joon Young.

We see Joon Young is in a coffin inside another box.

Tae Pyung asks where Joon Young is. Do Kyung says this must be hard for Tae Pyung. Do Kyung says he didn’t understand how his death made Tae Pyung suffer. Tae Pyung steps to the edge of the roof. Do Kyung says this will torment forever. Do Kyung declares that Tae Pyung will understand once he loses someone precious to him. Do Kyung says Tae Pyung will never find Joon Young. Do Kyung puts the gun to his head. Tae Pyung rushes Do Kyung and jars the gun. They both fall off the roof. Chief Yang, Chief Nam, et al look over the roof. Tae Pyung and Do Kyung land on the waiting air cushion. Tae Pyung crawls to Do Kyung and demands to know where Joon Young is. Do Kyung says nothing. Tae Pyung screams his request.

My Thoughts

Strangely, I didn’t feel any tension in this episode. Writer Lee let Do Kyung believe he had every advantage. Finally, our nice and usually ineffective cops formed the right plan to defuse both bombs. But Joon Young couldn’t protect herself from the angry Do Kyung who put her in a coffin. We’ve come full circle. Captain Lee’s daughter was in a coffin at the end of the episode one. Joon Young is in a coffin at the beginning of the final episode. I’m done with Do Kyung. He won’t allow Tae Pyung to win. And that’s what this is; a game between himself and Tae Pyung with Joon Young as the prized possession that Do Kyung would rather kill than allow Tae Pyung to have. I’d like to tell Tae Pyung to shove Do Kyung aside, and go find your woman.

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) is in a coffin…will she live or die? Joon Young was felled by a syringe that Do Kyung injected into her. It earned her a trip to a coffin. Joon Young didn’t beg for her life and was only concerned about the others. Now everyone else is safe. It’s time to save Joon Young.

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) had the advantage. Tae Pyung correctly reasoned that Do Kyung would never provide the codes to the bombs wanting everyone and Joon Young to die to forever torture Tae Pyung. So, he chose Joon Young when Do Kyung gave him the choice. But Tae Pyung’s choice wasn’t acceptable to Do Kyung so he opted to kill himself. Tae Pyung went over the roof saving Do Kyung. Can he save Joon Young in time?

Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) finally lost. Do Kyung became a murderer with two defused bombs. He lied, not keeping his word to Tae Pyung when he made him chose who lives and who dies. I’m over this character. Do Kyung has blamed Tae Pyung for 15 episodes never acknowledging his own responsibility; that he has made the decisions that created his path.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?

* Tae Pyung and the team save Joon Young. That’s it. Good must finally triumph.
* I don’t care what happens to Do Kyung. Minimal screen time for this character in the final episode would be optimal.

 I rate this rate this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “The Game Towards Zero Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Do Kyung believes this is all about him. His pain and hurt justifies everything he’s done or plans to do. He believes the injustice done to his family when he was young exonerates his present-day actions.” -KJT Yep, classic narcissist.

    Do Kyung🥼💀changed the location, but the police also changed the situation by being prepared. In the past Captain Lee Joon Hee 📰🙎‍♂️ was being defused by someone is SWAT type clothes, but this time they have an EOD disposal specialist in a Gumby suit, which will take some of the impact IF the bomb goes off. There was also an evacuation of people.

    When Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 went over the edge of the building with Do Kyung🥼💀 I thought, I hope the police had deployed an impact cushion … Do Kyung🥼💀 has persisted in winning so frequently throughout the series it was hard to believe the police finally got the upper hand, except for finding Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿. They FINALLY had a chance to look competent.

    I concur with your wish list KJT., it is concise and perfect: Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 lives.


    • Do Kyung🥼💀changed the location, but the police also changed the situation by being prepared.
      Do the changes counteract each other?

      I hope the police had deployed an impact cushion … the police finally got the upper hand, … had a chance to look competent.
      Never too late to be acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding.

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