The Game Towards Zero Episode 14

The Game Towards Zero Episode 14

After watching Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) drive away with the bomb, Team Leader Han Dong Woo tasks Officer Joon with getting Do Kyung’s license plate and phone number from Tae Pyung’s phone. Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) asks Tae Pyung what Do Kyung told him. Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) can’t repeat that Do Kyung taunted that Tae Pyung will be left alone and everyone’s death will be his fault.

Back at the police station the bomb maker is more interested in food than cooperation with Officer Joon and Officer Bong. Team Leader Han tells Tae Pyung not to feel bad. Joon Young says Captain Lee is there to speak with him. But when Officer Bong goes to Captain Lee’s room, it’s empty.

Captain Lee steps outside and sees young reporter Yi Ji. He approaches. She’s crying. He sees she’s wearing a device. She puts a handcuff on him and apologizes.

Officer Bong reports Captain Lee is missing and his phone is off. Tae Pyung stares at Captain Lee’s picture. He says he can’t see Captain Lee’s death. Tae Pyung admits since waking from the coma, he can’t see any of their deaths because he’s responsible for their deaths. Tae Pyung says Do Kyung told him he’d be alone and the cause of everyone’s death. Tae Pyung admits he’s never seen Do Kyung’s death. Tae Pyung frets this is all his fault. Team Leader Han declares they’ll catch Do Kyung. Officer Joon reports there are two bombs in play not one. Everyone is shocked.

Do Kyung puts the second bomb on Captain Lee. The first bomb is on Reporter Yi.

After learning Captain Lee’s last phone call was to Reporter Yi, Joon Young calls but her phone is off.

The bomb maker won’t admit to anything. The entire team joins Chief Yang in the interrogation room. Tae Pyung declares everyone in the room because of his bomb. Chief Yang promises the bomb maker he’ll join them at the ceremony. The bomb maker explains his bomb, there are two detonators and the wires are the same cover. The bomb can set off remotely or if incorrectly detonated.

Do Kyung unmasks Captain Lee. He sees Reporter Yi with her bomb. Do Kyung says people don’t die easily. Captain Lee says nothing. Do Kyung asks if Tae Pyung told him about his death. Captain Lee asks if Do Kyung is sacred to tally more deaths than serial killer Kim Hyung Soon. Captain Lee begs Do Kyung to kill him and be done with it. Do Kyung scoffs that Captain Lee has become a saint after the ridicule and torture he gave him as a boy. Captain Lee apologizes. Do Kyung isn’t interested.

Tae Pyung can’t get Do Kyung’s words out of his mind.

Do Kyung reads the article about the promotion ceremony. He thinks of Joon Young.

Joon Young urges Tae Pyung to come to bed. Tae Pyung is worried about the future. Joon Young promises to stay by his side. She points out the doubters are now believers. She’s confident they’ll stop Do Kyung. Speak of the devil, Do Kyung calls Joon Young. He tells her to pretend it’s not him if she wants to save Captain Lee. Joon Young takes the call in Tae Pyung’s bedroom after telling him it’s Do Kyung’s mother.

Joon Young asks if Do Kyung has Captain Lee and Reporter Yi. Do Kyung directs her to come alone and meet him tomorrow. Joon Young agrees. Do Kyung says he’ll text the location.

Tae Pyung stares at the bedroom door.

Joon Young grapples with the possibility of tomorrow. She asks the number Do Kyung called her from be identified.

Do Kyung’s mother finishes cleaning her son’s home. She lights candles at his alter and prays for her son. She finds his diary that Do Kyung requests is given to Tae Pyung.

Goodness, one last attempt to mess with Tae Pyung from the grave.

Tae Pyung wakes alone and finds a note from Joon Young that she has gone to work.

Joon Young stands at the payphone where Do Kyung called. Officer Bong tells her Do Kyung’s phone is prepaid. She says she’ll run late today. Do Kyung texts the meet location.

At the meet location, Joon Young waits. Do Kyung watches and calls her. He lies he’s stuck in traffic. Joon Young asks what he wants. Do Kyung says he wants to know why he’ll kill her.

Tae Pyung arrives at the police station and is surprised that Joon Young isn’t there. Officer Bong asks if they came together. Team Leader Han reports Joon Young said she had to meet someone. Do Kyung calls her but her phone is off. Tae Pyung reports Do Kyung’s mother called last night. Tae Pyung asks for her number. Just then Officer Joon leads Do Kyung’s mother into the bullpen. She’s there to see Joon Young. Do Kyung’s mother says she didn’t see Joon Young last night and is here to give Joon Young something. Tae Pyung rushes out of the police station.

Tae Pyung tracks Joon Young’s necklace.

Joon Young asks Do Kyung why he wants to kill everyone. Do Kyung admits he doesn’t want her to die in the explosion. She offers to trade herself for Captain Lee and Reporter Yi. She points out her father’s attempted arrest of Do Kyung’s father set this in motion. Do Kyung asks if she’s doing this for Tae Pyung. Joon Young assures Do Kyung she’s sorry. Just then Tae Pyung arrives. Joon Young hangs up on Do Kyung who watches Tae Pyung approach and hug Joon Young in relief. Do Kyung remembers Tae Pyung’s vow to kill to protect. He realizes the person Tae Pyung would kill to protect is Joon Young and that her death hasn’t changed. Joon Young urges Tae Pyung to leave with her.

Do Kyung calls her again. This time Tae Pyung answers. Do Kyung asks if Tae Pyung came running because Joon Young’s death hasn’t changed. Do Kyung declares Tae Pyung doesn’t know how Joon Young will die. Tae Pyung tells him not to jump to conclusions. Do Kyung is livid that he didn’t know that Tae Pyung can’t see Joon Young’s death yet claimed he would kill her. Tae Pyung demands to know if Do Kyung will kill Joon Young based on his prediction. He snaps that Do Kyung’s life was not ruined by Tae Pyung’s vision of Do Kyung’s death.  Tae Pyung declares he lived in pain after seeing Do Kyung’s death vision. Tears fill Do Kyung’s eyes and he hangs up.

Finally, Tae Pyung gets some backbone and points out the obvious. Do Kyung made his own life path.

The team watches the video footage of Do Kyung’s phone call with Joon Young and Tae Pyung.

Joon Young apologizes for lying to Tae Pyung. She points out she is only trying to save people. Joon Young doesn’t believe that Do Kyung wants or will kill her. Officer Bong says that waited for 1 hour for her to show and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Tae Pyung says Do Kyung has realized he can’t see her death. Officer Joon asks how Tae Pyung knows Do Kyung will kill her. Tae Pyung shares that Do Kyung told him that Joon Young would never be found in his recent memories of the death scenes with Do Kyung. Tae Pyung said he left Korea knowing someone would die because of him. Tae Pyung finally shares that Do Kyung has him in a hostage situation on the roof of a building and no one from the team is there. Instead the detectives that arrested him for the bomb and Do Kyung’s mother are there. Joon Young asks if Tae Pyung knows Do Kyung’s mother. Tae Pyung says he met her at the police station.

When they return to the bull pen, Do Kyung’s mother says she has something for him. She hands over Do Kyung’s diary that he requested be given to Tae Pyung. She hands over the diary. She asks how Tae Pyung knows Do Kyung. Tae Pyung asks if she read the diary. She confirms this. Tae Pyung asks if Do Kyung wrote about the pain of his death. She confirms this. She asks if he was the one that foretold her son’s death. Tae Pyung confirms this. He admits he’s the one that tried to blow up Do Kyung. He apologizes.

That’s a lot for Do Kyung’s mother to process.

Joon Young leaves Tae Pyung alone with Do Kyung’s diary. Tae Pyung begins to read. Do Kyung talks about Tae Pyung’s vision made him try to live a virtuous life. He wonders how he’ll die. He says meeting Tae Pyung again was terrifying. Do Kyung wonders why he keeps making the wrong choices. Do Kyung details his bond with Joon Young. His desire not to hurt her. The painful path he’s walked in his life.

Joon Young stares at the beach where Tae Pyung will die. She touches the tracker necklace Tae Pyung will drop before his heart attack.

Do Kyung stares into the night.

Tae Pyung sends Do Kyung an email. “Why us?”

The police plan for the ceremony and try and find Do Kyung.

Tae Pyung doesn’t get an email response from Do Kyung.

The police find Do Kyung’s car but Captain Lee and Reporter Yi are nowhere to be found.

Three days before the ceremony the team arrives at the location of the ceremony. Tae Pyung sees the death scene. He walks through the scene and sees the death and carnage. He wonders if he can change fate. Tae Pyung looks at the team distracted. He admits he’s afraid. The team says this isn’t his fault. Team Leader Han says if they work together, they can stop Do Kyung. Tae Pyung vows to work with them. Officer Joon suggests group photo.

Nice moment.

Chief Nam visits Joon Young’s father’s grave. He’s sorry he fabricated the evidence against Jo Pil Doo. He cries knowing a father was separated from his daughter.

Each team member prepares for their death in different ways.  Officer Bong and Officer Joon meet each other at the bank. Officer Joon admits he withdrew money to spend time with his girlfriend. They part ways.

Nice moment.

Officer Bong goes to buy a fast car. He finds Officer Joon there buying a fast car too. In the end they enjoy the fast car together.

Terrific moment.

Officers Bong and Joon get a speeding ticket. They are giddy with joy claiming it was something they wanted to do before they died. They invite the officer for a ride. They apologize and leave.


Chief Yang takes the direct route and leaves town after telling his wife he won’t be blown up.

Officer Ji asks Team Leader Han to lunch. He declines. She points out he could die tomorrow. He says that won’t happen. She exits the police station. Team Leader Han follows. He sees she’s crying. He assures her he won’t die. He hugs her.

Sweet moment.

Joon Young prepares a surprise movie night at home for Tae Pyung. He loves it. She promises to do this every night for him. He smiles. She smiles.


Tae Pyung gets an email response from Do Kyung. It reads “I’m still not sure if I want to kill you.” Tae Pyung believes Do Kyung thinks he’s communicating with Joon Young. She tells Tae Pyung to set up a meeting with Do Kyung. Hopefully they can catch him.

Do Kyung waits for a response to his email.

Tae Pyung won’t let her meet Do Kyung. Joon Young presses that this is their last chance to save lives. Tae Pyung refuses to allow her to take the risk.

The team arrives. Lawyer Lee leads them into the living room. Joon Young tells Tae Pyung she called them. She has to persuade him to let her meet with Do Kyung. When the team learns the particulars of the email, they agree with Tae Pyung. Lawyer Lee sides with Joon Young.

Do Kyung calls Joon Young and tells her not say he’s on the phone. She lies that she’s alone. With that said, everyone knows who is on the phone. Joon Young claims she just read his email. Do Kyung believes she sent the initial email. She confirms this. Joon Young suggests they meet. Do Kyung agrees. He tells her the same location as last time but she must come alone. Joon Young agrees. Do Kyung hangs up before Tae Pyung can grab the phone and talk to him. From the cell phone location, they know the general area where Do Kyung is but agree finding him will be difficult. Joon Young points out searching for him might anger him. She tells Tae Pyung to trust her.

Tae Pyung and Joon Young argue after everyone leaves. Tae Pyung hugs her desperately. He admits he loves her. She tells him everything will be okay. Tae Pyung gets Joon Young to promise she won’t leave with Do Kyung no matter what he says. Joon Young promises.

The next day the team is in place. Joon Young walks to the same location. Everyone is watching. Do Kyung directs her to go into a mini cluster of shops. As she walks to the entrance, Tae Pyung tells her not to enter, that it is too dangerous. Joon Young enters. Tae Pyung rushes after her. Do Kyung directs her to a restroom. Joon Young says she’s at the restroom. Do Kyung direct her to enter a utility room. Joon Young enters the utility room. Tae Pyung searches for Joon Young. Do Kyung directs her to exit to the street level. Joon Young exits to the street level. Joon Young does so. Do Kyung directs her to get into the waiting taxi. Tae Pyung rushes outside and sees Joon Young getting into the taxi. He calls to her. She turns. They lock eyes. She gets into the taxi. Tae Pyung chases the taxi. Joon Young watches Tae Pyung chase the taxi but to no avail.

Team Leader Han and the others rush up. He declares they’ve lost her. Tae Pyung says they can track her necklace. Tae Pyung pursues the taxi using the tracker in Joon Young’s necklace. The others follow.

The taxi lets Joon Young off in a deserted area. Do Kyung calls and directs her into a building. Joon Young enters the building. Do Kyung comes up behind her and grabs her cell phone. He takes out her earpiece and crushes it with his foot. Joon Young aims her gun at him. Do Kyung says she’s alone.

Tae Pyung arrives. The others arrive. They rush to find Joon Young. Tae Pyung leads them to the building. They fan out. Tae Pyung finds the crushed earpiece on the ground. He rushes into the building. Tae Pyung finds the others viewing a live stream from a taxi. We see inside the taxi is Captain Lee with the bomb strapped to him.

Reporter Yi walks to the prison where Do Kyung’s father was held for so many years. The bomb is strapped to her. The closes her coat so the bomb isn’t visible.

Tae Pyung calls Joon Young. She in a coffin. The cell phone is near her knees. Tae Pyung is beside himself. Joon Young realizes that Do Kyung has buried her in a coffin.

My Thoughts

Do Kyung effectively lures Joon Young. Writer Lee continued to give Do Kyung every advantage. Our nice but ineffective cops couldn’t protect Joon Young. Now she’s in a coffin, just like Captain Lee’s daughter was in a coffin at the end of the first episode. We’ve come full circle. Two episodes remain. The best part of the episode was the moments of humanity as each team member dealt with imminent death. I had to laugh when Officer Bong and Officer Joon got pulled over for speeding in a fast car and fulfilled a childhood wish.

Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) was willing to risk her life to save others. Tae Pyung didn’t want her to meet Do Kyung, but Joon Young had to try. She believed she could reach any remaining humanity Do Kyung had. I enjoyed the movie night that was cut short by Do Kyung’s email.

Kim Tae Pyung (Ok Taec Yeon) watched the woman he loved be driven away under direction of Do Kyung. Tae Pyung continues to be mentally tortured by Do Kyung, who blames him for everything. Tae Pyung finally pointed out the obvious. He may have foreseen Do Kyung’s death 20 years ago, but Do Kyung has taken every step to make it come true.

Goo Do Kyung (Im Joo Hwan) can’t lose. Do Kyung is a murderer with two bombs. The one strapped on Reporter Yi is for the prison where his father spent his life and the other strapped on Captain Lee who is headed to the police station. The bomb maker noted the bombs can be detonated by Do Kyung via remote control and are next to impossible to defuse. Will Do Kyung set off the bombs? Will Do Kyung allow Joon Young to die alone and afraid in a coffin, repeating the same method that serial killer Kim Hyung Soon coached him to use? The fact that he did that to her makes me shake my head in disgust.

I have enjoyed the six songs of the OST collated in this video:

 I rate this rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “The Game Towards Zero Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, two vest bombs 💣❓⁉️ Where in the world is Do Kyung🥼💀 hiding out TWO hostages❓⁉️ Have the hostages had the bombs strapped to them the whole time of their captivity❓⁉️ They ought to be easily detected by their ripe odor.

    When Do Kyung’s 🥼💀 mom found his diary it was another black mark ☑ against the affable police 🚔 team for missing the diary during their search and seizure of the killer’s home. The writer has continually made this genuinely nice police 🚔 squad into a much of bumbling amateurs, which I do not like. That diary is simply another tool to manipulate Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 into feeling guilty for all the people Do Kyung🥼💀 has AND will yet kill.

    I 💗 Chief Yang for suggesting the bomb 💣 maker be on the front row of the award ceremony. How DISAPPOINTING when he ran away rather than face the music. But wait, he’s back … what changed❓⁉️

    It was sobering when the two young detectives, Bong and Joon, were putting their affairs in order and then the mood lightened when they went for a joyride 🏎 Good for them checking off a bucket list item together.

    Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 to Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 “I’ll stay right by your side” … 2 minutes later Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 to Do Kyung🥼💀 agrees to met him alone … so much for her promise to Tae Pyung 🔮🙌. Even if Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 felt she couldn’t tell Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 about meeting Do Kyung🥼💀, she should have told her colleagues. It is now clear Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 is NOT trustworthy: she promises to stay in the square on this second time to meet Do Kyung🥼💀 and then she promptly followed his instructions and went into the shops, exited and left in a taxi … what a team player 😉.

    Did Do Kyung🥼💀 make his decision to kill Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 based on if she actually came alone❓⁉️ I think he would have chosen to eliminate her regardless as a narcissist can NEVER admit they were wrong; Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 would never be able to change his mind.

    The logistics of Do Kyung🥼💀 being on the run 🏃‍♂️ while holding two hostages for days on end, setting up surveillance on the two bomb carriers and shopping square while he is on the run, with an active APB for him are mind boggling, especially when you consider Do Kyung🥼💀 is mentally unstable and desperate. Why didn’t Do Kyung🥼💀 use this keen intellect to change his fate❓⁉️ … Oh that’s right he sees himself as a victim to justify his murderous revenge.


    • The writer has continually made this genuinely nice police 🚔 squad into a much of bumbling amateurs…diary is simply another tool to manipulate Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 into feeling guilty for all the people Do Kyung🥼💀 has AND will yet kill.
      well said.

      Bong and Joon, were putting their affairs in order and then the mood lightened when they went for a joyride 🏎 Good for them
      One of the best moments of the episode.

      Even if Joon Young 👮‍♀️📿 felt she couldn’t tell Tae Pyung 🔮🙌 about meeting Do Kyung🥼💀, she should have told her colleagues.
      She must believe she can either persuade Do Kyung to alter his plans or stop him.

      Why didn’t Do Kyung🥼💀 use this keen intellect to change his fate❓⁉️ … Oh that’s right he sees himself as a victim to justify his murderous revenge.

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