Crash Landing on You Episode 13

Crash Landing on You Episode 13 Recap

South Korea…

Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) follows the crying Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) outside. Jung Hyuk steps to her and gives her a back hug. He tells her every birthday of hers will be good because he’ll be thinking about her. He’ll be grateful the woman he loves is alive and well. Se Ri cries more. She holds his arms closer to her. She turns. Jung Hyuk hugs her. Se Ri hugs him. When she pulls away, she admits she thought he’d left without telling her. Jung Hyuk asks if she’ll cry like that when he really lives. She claims she won’t as long as she knows it is coming. She tells him his father is in a terrible position because of his actions. She tells him baby deer will be rejected if they stay too long with humans. Jung Hyuk asks if she’s worried that he won’t be able to return to his world. She points out she can protect herself and not even Officer Jo can get her. She tells him to return to North Korea.

Back in Se Ri’s apartment the fivesome, Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo, Staff Sgt Kim, Private Geum and eavesdropper Jung Man Bok discuss Se Ri’s tears and hasty exit. They all agree Se Ri didn’t cry while facing the challenges in North Korea. The eavesdropper exits just as Se Ri and Jung Hyuk return to the lobby. He tells them everyone is worried. Officer Jo watches from a car. The eavesdropper turns feeling a presence but Officer Jo has driven away.

Se Ri grouses about the cake selection only to learn Jung Hyuk picked the old fashion cake. She dons a cap, the cake is light, everyone sings Happy Birthday and Se Ri is all smiles. Se Ri informs them they must all make a wish before the candles are blown out. Each person makes their wish and as a group they blow out the candles.

Lovely moment!

Later that evening Jung Hyuk enters Se Ri’s bedroom, his hands behind his back. Se Ri guesses she might have a birthday gift for her and comes to him. Jung Hyuk provides lengthy disclaimers about the gift, its lack of meaning, she doesn’t have to like it, etc. Impatient, Se Ri grabs on of Jung Hyuk’s hands and opens it. There’s a gold ring. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit anything but her thumb. Jung Hyuk chides that is his ring. He reveals her ring. Se Ri is stunned at the couple’s rings. Jung Hyuk puts the ring on her finger. It’s the perfect fit. She says it’s the most beautiful ring she’s ever had. Se Ri promises never to take it off. She places Jung Hyuk’s ring on his finger. She says no matter what happens she’ll never forget him. They hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, and smile.

Jung Hyuk delivers another swoon moment. Could this couple be any more appealing?

North Korea…

Seo Dan’s mother grouses about the blocked road and is forced to exit in the village. Wol Sook and another village lady greet her. They note the apartment for the soon to be wed couple is ready. Seo Dan’s mother reminds them that Jung Hyuk is on the emergency outpost right now. Wol Sook says a strange man went into the apartment. Seo Dan’s mother offers skin care to guarantee silence. She claims the man is cousin from Europe and she insisted the village life was better than the city. The ladies watch her dash to the apartment building. They wonder if Seo Dan is having an affair.

Seo Dan’s mother is shocked to enter the apartment and find Seung Jun. He’s equally surprised. Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) reminds her they met in the city. He thanks her for visiting. He informs her Seo Dan is sleeping off a drinking binge. The mother grouses that Seo Dan’s cell phone was off. Seung Jun understands her concern. Gallantly he kneels and asks her not to be hard on her daughter. Seo Dan’s mother can’t help but be affected. She rushes into the bedroom where her daughter is indeed sleeping. She orders Seo Dan to wake. She demands to know what Seo Dan is doing.

Seung Jun knocks on the door and asks Seo Dan’s mother to join them for dinner. Seo Dan’s mother notices the food came from her refrigerator. Seo Dan cringes. Seung Jun lights a candle with flair. Seo Dan’s mother asks about Seung Jun’s British background. Seung Jun skims over details noting his father is dead and his mother remarried and they haven’t seen each other for 17 years. Seo Dan’s mother asks how he feels about her daughter. Seung Jun admits he has a crush on Seo Dan even though she’s engaged to another man. Seo Dan stares at Seung Jun in surprise. Seo Dan’s mother asks why Seung Jun likes Seo Dan. Seung Jun says Seo Dan’s disciplined sternness and noble elegance are traits he loves. He also finds her confidence and grace strengthening factors.  Mother and daughter are impressed. Seung Jun delivers the winning words stating Seo Dan got all of it from her mother.

Seung Jun just won over mother!

Seo Dan’s mother tells Seo Dan that Seung Jun got it right, everything good came from her. Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) says they don’t have a romantic relationship. Her mother points out that Seung Jun carried her home drunk and took care of her last night. Seo Dan’s mother asks if Seo Dan still plans to marry Jung Hyuk when he returns from his outpost assignment. Seo Dan declares she will marry Jung Hyuk.

South Korea…

Jung Hyuk pins the Seung Jun’s manager (who led him into an ambush) against a wall. The man claims he had an emergency and couldn’t make their appointment. Jung Hyuk says Seung Jun said he wasn’t trust worthy. Jung Hyuk declares he doesn’t need to trust him but he does expect truthful answers.

Se Ri asks the eavesdropper if they must return to North Korea when the sporting event ends in 5 days. The eavesdropper confirms this noting Jung Hyuk’s father took a risk sending them to retrieve his son. Se Ri declares Jung Hyuk must return in 5 days.

Se Ri’s second brother’s wife Sang Ah learned that Se Ri has declined housekeeping for the last 2 weeks. Sang Ah can’t believe Se Ri knows how to clean.

Private Geum finds Se Ri cleaning with a cordless vacuum. He’s impressed. She gets the idea the fivesome should go shopping with her no limit credit card. She urges them to buy better clothes. She urges them to take this opportunity to go on a shopping spree to get their hearts desires.

The fivesome shop. Sgt Pyo doesn’t understand distressed jeans. Private Geum admits the clothes selection is overwhelming and instead wants an animal hat with ears that move. They listen to street performers.  Sgt Pyo thinks they are beggars. Private Geum wants the lead singer’s clothes. Private Geum is thrilled with his new clothes.

Sang Ah meets with the board to discuss Se Ri’s company and who should run it. They aren’t interest. Sang Ah says that Sang Ah has secret that will change their minds. She asks if they know where Se Ri was while she was missing. Se Ri’s stepmother arrives. Alone with Sang Ah, stepmother admits Sang Ah’s drive to destroy Se Ri is single minded. Sang Ah counters she’s only supporting her husband. Stepmother informs Sang Ah she knows Sang Ah and Yoon Se Hyung (Se Ri’s second brother) worked to keep Se Ri away. She says Chairman Yoon (Se Ri’s father) knows too. She tells Sang Ah to inform Se Hyung he must return from his business trip to Hong Kong.

Nice to see Sang Ah blocked.

Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik and his assistant report that a former flame posted his desire to date Se Ri late last night on social media. Se Ri says it is meaningless. Mr. Hong believes otherwise. Jung Hyuk is stoic during the exchange. Se Ri shoos her assistants out of the room.

Jung Hyuk notes that Se Ri wasn’t lying when she said she dated other men. Se Ri claims other men were only temporary. Jung Hyuk wonders if he’s temporary too. Se Ri asks if he’s jealous. Jung Hyuk claims he’s not. Se Ri teases him that if he’d come into her life sooner there wouldn’t be other men. Jung Hyuk points out they live in different countries with a border than can’t be freely crossed. Se Ri soothingly notes that fact makes her understand and accept their past and present situation. She points out because the man she was fated to love lived in North Korea, no man in South Korea was good enough. She suggests they enjoy the time they’ve got.

Se Ri’s brand of charm works too!

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk hold hands during a movie. They enjoy a scenic drive. The walk across a lovely bridge. They agree goofing off is fun. Jung Hyuk admits he once met a woman on a bridge on a day he goofed off. He says he asked her to take a picture of him but the woman groused it was a dangerous location. He remembers her hands shook when she took his camera. Se Ri suspects he’s describing the day she was planning to commit suicide.

Flashback…Se Ri crouches on the bridge. Jung Hyuk asks her to take a picture of him and his friend. Se Ri takes the camera with trembling hands.

Se Ri asks where this happened. Jung Hyuk says in Switzerland on a beautiful bridge he met a woman he’d never forget. He always wondered where she was and if she was okay…because she was his type. Swoon! Se Ri realizes they met the day she was on the bridge. Jung Hyuk hands her the goodbye message Se Ri recorded and had on her desk in the apartment. Still in shock, Se Ri asks if the woman he was with was Seo Dan. Jung Hyuk confirms that noting Se Ri said he could do better. Se Ri wonders how many times they’ve really met. Jung Hyuk holds her hand. Se Ri says if one remembers happy moments before they die, this moment will be in her montage. Jung Hyuk smiles. Se Ri smiles.

This couple has a whole reel of lovely moments. Kdrama writers, take note, more of these kind of moments in the romantic dramas you pen.

Se Ri and Jung Hyuk are surprised to meet the fivesome in an eatery where everyone is riveted by a Korea versus Japan soccer match. Everyone roots for Korea to beat Japan. When it happens Se Ri declares she’ll buy food for everyone at the eatery. They laugh and drink and have a wonderful time.

The eavesdropper steps outside to smoke. He is dismayed when Officer Jo offers him a light. Officer Jo admits he didn’t like that the eavesdropper joined those helping Jung Hyuk. He says Jung Hyuk’s father won’t be understanding when he learns the eavesdropper part in his eldest son’s death. Officer Jo reminds the eavesdropper he got his mother out of prison. The eavesdropper wants to make up for his debt to Jung Hyuk and his father. Officer Jo says he’ll pay with his own child’s life if he keeps helping Jung Hyuk’s father. Officer Jo tells him protecting his wife and child is more important than repaying an old debt. As a former beggar with no one in his life, Officer Jo says he’s got nothing to protect or fear therefore he’s willing to risk it all to recapture Jung Hyuk and Se Ri to gain him a higher position when he returns to North Korea. He warns the eavesdropper to decide carefully.

The eavesdropper is in a difficult position.

Private Geum tells Jung Hyuk about what the fivesome did in Seoul before they met up. He mentions playing games in an internet café. Jung Hyuk says he enjoyed playing games on Se Ri’s computer. Private Geum shares one gamer blew his strategy and he dared him to meet him but the guy never showed. Jung Hyuk chuckles. Then Private Geum identifies the games using Jung Hyuk’s gaming moniker “Tomato Cultivator”. Jung Hyuk asks Private Geum’s moniker. He realizes Private Geum was the player he lost to. He tells Private Geum to get some sleep. Jung Hyuk claps his hands to turn the lights off.


Jung Hyuk finds the eavesdropper crying. He guesses that he’s missing his family. Jung Hyuk assures him they’ll all return home soon. The eavesdropper goes to bed despondent.

North Korea…

The village ladies visit the Colonel’s wife. Recall the colonel is in prison after helping Jung Hyuk. The eavesdropper’s wife reveals Officer Jo is behind the colonel’s arrest. Wol Sook wonders if Seung Jun with his European connections might be able to help.

Seung Jun is startled coming out of the shower in a towel when Seo Dan and the village ladies dressed only in a towel. The village ladies and Seo Dan are equally startled. Seung Jun strolls into the bedroom to change. The ladies apologize for coming unannounced. The CW offers a ring for help. Seo Dan isn’t interested. The CW asks Seo Dan to help with her husband who is being held by the state security. Seo Dan refuses. Seung Jun exits the bedroom and offers to put in a good word. The ladies are thrilled. One of the ladies remembering Seung Jun exiting Captain Ri’s house. Seo Dan lies she sent Seung Jun there on an errand.

While taking a walk Seo Dan tells Seung Jun to tell her why he went to Jung Hyuk’s home, and not to lie. Seung Jun assures her he never lies to her. He shares that Jung Hyuk asked for his help. Officer Jo isn’t dead. Officer Jo went to South Korea to bring Se Ri back to North Korea to destroy Jung Hyuk and his family. Seung Jun says that Jung Hyuk went to South Korea to save Se Ri from Officer Jo. Seung Jun admits he helped Jung Hyuk. He sees Seo Dan’s tears. He tries to comfort her. She pushes him away and walks away.

Seo Dan’s uncle tells his sister (Seo Dan’s mother) that Alberto is a successful European businessman. However, he’s involved in illegal activities and escaped to North Korea to avoid prosecution. Now the state security is pursuing him. However, Seo Dan knows all and is helping him. Therefore, she didn’t fall for a swindler which was his sister’s worst fear. Needless to say, she’s not impressed with his logic.

South Korea…

Se Ri applies facemasks on the foursome. She has Sgt Kim change into his stylish clothes to run an errand.

Sgt Kim is dazzled when he sees a famous actress Choi Ji Woo. They share a meal. He learns Se Ri asks for the favor. Sgt Kim can’t say much. She encourages him to say what he wants to say. Sgt Kim quotes one of her character’s lines about meeting again no matter how far, that’s how true love is from Stairway to Heaven. She smiles. He cries.

LOL, bunny on his hat!

Back at the apartment everyone eats except for Sgt Kim who wants to savor the afterglow of his meal with Choi Ji Woo.

Sgt Kim clutches the photo of himself and Choi Ji Woo. He realizes they’ll never meet again. He thanks Se Ri for arranging the meal. Se Ri says her little white lie of an errand will be forgiven. Sgt Kim declares he’d be happy if he died today. Se Ri has a kind word for everyone. Private Geum asks if she’s saying goodbye again. She confirms that saying goodbye in advance isn’t a bad think. She says they didn’t spend enough on her credit card.

Jung Hyuk asks the fivesome if they are ready to return. They confirm it. The eavesdropper asks if Jung Hyuk will be returning with them. Unbeknownst to everyone but the eavesdropper, Officer Jo is listening to their conversation. Jung Hyuk shares he’ll meet Seung Jun’s manager then join him.

Officer Jo calls the eavesdropper to report Jung Hyuk and Se Ri’s activities while he sets the trap for Jung Hyuk through Seung Jun’s manager.

Chairman Yoon is livid with his second son that he kept Se Ri’s status from him. He yells that he picked Se Hyung to be heir because he was lacking and controlled by his wife. He believed Se Hyung would reach out for help in executing the position he was so unprepared for. Both men aren’t happy with each other. Chairman Yoon declares he’ll demote him. Sang Ah arrives and falls to her knees. She offers new information. She shows pictures of Se Ri and Seung Jun in North Korea. Sang Ah says she’s just learned that the company Chairman Yoon tanked years ago was helmed by Seung Jun’s father. She believes Seung Jun approached the family to get revenge. Se Hyung doesn’t know why Se Ri and Seung Jun met in North Korea. He wonders if they are working together. Se Hyung claims he wanted to get Se Ri back but couldn’t under these because Seung Jun demanded half of what he stole as bounty. Chairman Yoon wants to hear the truth from Se Ri.

Se Hyung calls Se Ri and informs her father wants to see her and her step-mother isn’t feeling well. Se Ri agrees to come.

Se Hyung turns to Officer Jo and tells him to do what he wants to Se Ri. He informs him the route that Se Ri will drive alone to come. Se Hyung doesn’t want to see Se Ri again. Officer Jo agrees to make that happen.

Se Ri drives away from the apartment alone as her brother predicted. The eavesdropper calls Officer Jo that Se Ri is on her way. He says they are returning to North Korea soon. He hangs his head.

The coach waits for the fivesome to return.

Se Ri drives to her family home.  Men block the road after her. Three cars surround her and try to cut her off. Unfortunately, when they block the street she’s cornered. Men get out of the vans holding bats and make their way to her. They men rush forward.

Seung Jun’s manager tells Officer Jo that Jung Hyuk will be there soon. He wants to be free of this mess. Officer Jo says he won’t be free until Se Ri gets on the boat with him to return to North Korea. Jung Hyuk arrives. Officer Jo and Jung Hyuk lock eyes. The gaggle of men hold their bats. Officer Jo stands and says he knew Jung Hyuk would come for him. Jung Hyuk agrees he won’t leave Se Ri while scum like Officer Jo threatens her.

Jung Hyuk takes on the gaggle of men with bats. He does well but there’s too many of them. Seung Jun’s manager flees as Jung Hyuk catches his breath.

Outside Seung Jun’s manager sees Se Ri’s car pull up and the fivesome walking towards him.

Flashback…the eavesdropper can’t hide the truth when Jung Hyuk knows something is wrong. He admits to eavesdropping and meeting with Officer Jo who threatened his child. The eavesdropper declares he will NOT be controlled by Officer Jo anymore.

Jung Hyuk confirms the eavesdropper wants to come with the foursome. Jung Hyuk shares he’ll meet Seung Jun’s manager then join him. This time we see the eavesdropper holding the listening device. The foursome cross their fingers just like Se Ri showed them.

Se Ri tells her brother she’ll be there soon. She tells Jung Hyuk and the fivesome she doesn’t want to believe her brother was willing to do this to her. Sgt Pyo assures her they’ll find out. He tells her to not be scared. The others echo that.

Se Ri drives away. The eavesdropper calls Officer Jo. The fivesome get in her car. AS the gang of men with bats approach Se Ri’s car, the fivesome exit her car then engage and dispatch them. When Sgt Pyo take a shot to his head, the bat breaks. Se Ri is impressed. Sgt Kim declares they are from special forces and the goons have no chance. Then the eavesdropper gets a licking in on one man. The fivesome are stoked.

The fivesome walk to the location where Jung Hyuk is. Se Ri tells the gang they won’t have to pay rent for 2 year by helping her tonight. She urges them to engage. Now the fivesome walk with the gang behind them.

Jung Hyuk gets his second wind and continues to fight. The doors open and the fivesome with the gang behind them run in. Now the odds are good.

Officer Jo steps forward. He stares at the fivesome. He smiles at the eavesdropper. He says he’s made his decision, how he’ll make his. He pulls a gun and prepares to shoot the eavesdropper. Jung Hyuk kicks the gun after the shot. The fight begins in earnest. Jung Hyuk sees Officer Jo has a knife at the eavesdropper’s throat. Officer Jo taunts Jung Hyuk.

Officer Jo exits the building and begins beating the eavesdropper. Se Ri sees this and is horrified. She sees Jung Hyuk exit the building. Officer Jo gets a gun out his car. Se Ri wills Jung Hyuk not to approach Officer Jo. But Jung Hyuk enters Officer Jo’s sight line.

She drives her car between Officer Jo and Jung Hyuk just as Officer Jo fires. She’s hit. Jung Hyuk fires his gun into Officer Jo multiple times but he doesn’t go down. Officer Jo goes for his gun but the eavesdropper grabs it. Believing that the eavesdropper doesn’t have the guts to fire, Officer Jo turns. The eavesdropper fires. Junk Hyuk stares in horror when he realizes Se Ri has been injured.

Se Ri falls forward into Jung Hyuk’s arms when he opens the car door. She thinks “you remember the best moments before you die”. She thinks of moments with Jung Hyuk. We hear Jung Hyuk’s voiceover of how he’ll think of her every birthday. Se Ri thinks knowing him was enough to understand what true happiness is. Jung Hyuk holds Se Ri and sees the blood on her chest. He cries. He stares at her ring, the ring he gave her, the ring that symbolizes his feelings for her even if they can’t be physically together. He cries while he cradles her. Jung Hyuk thinks ”this wasn’t enough. I have more to tell you. I love you Se Ri”.

Bonus scene…

Sgt Pyo tells Jung Hyuk that sacrificing himself is stupid. Jung Hyuk stares at the foursome and tells them to leave. Sgt Pyo declares they will help him. Sgt Pyo declares they are his troops. They all agree that Se Ri is important to them all. Jung Hyuk calls each of their name and directs them to everything in their power to protect Se Ri. They salutes him and he returns the salute.

The foursome finds Jung Hyuk cradling a bleeding Se Ri. They stare in shock and horror. Sgt Pyo can’t believe it. They cry.

Awk! Tears!

My Thoughts

Excellent episode.  Writer Park Ji Eun kept this episode moving weaving South Korea and North Korea characters in and out. And you know what? I love them all except for Se Ri’s dreadful family (minus her stepmother who regrets her treatment of Se Ri). Charming, funny, tense, and heartfelt moments sprinkled throughout. Officer Jo made a move. He leveraged the eavesdropper who decided to come clean. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this episode. Do I think Se Ri dies? No, I don’t. But the ending with Jung Hyuk cradling her and the foursome upset was touching indeed. Where was the eavesdropper? Did he shoot and chase Officer Jo? I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Officer Jo, do you?

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) loved Jung Hyuk’s birthday gift of the couple’s rings. Once again, Jung Hyuk is the perfect man. But Se Ri is the right woman for her. I’ve loved her evolution from self-absorbed to the caring side she so easily shows Jung Hyuk and his me. The shock of realizing that Jung Hyuk saved her life in Switzerland was a superior scene. I love this couple. Son Ye Jin is half of this magic couple and she brings it every episode.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) accepted support to save Se Ri. Jung Hyuk accepted his men’s offer to help. He needed someone to watch over Se Ri and they did a fine job. Little did they know that Se Ri would see Officer Jo escape the building, aim his gun at an unsuspecting Jung Hyuk, causing Se Ri to put herself in danger to save the man she loves. One nuance of this couple is they are passionate but not overtly sexual, and it works. It’s the depth of feeling that Jung Hyuk has for Se Ri and vice versa that is so satisfying. As Jung Hyuk cradled Se Ri in his arms, he thought he loved her and he hadn’t had a chance to tell her. Jung Hyuk, Jung Hyuk, you’ve told Se Ri you love her by her actions. She knows. You’ll get the opportunity to tell her.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) admitted he likes Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye). If I nitpick, I could argue that Seung Jun’s quick change from selfish user to man who helped Jung Hyuk and is falling for Seo Dan could have been a bit more gradual. But I’m good with where this character is. I enjoy his charm now. The smarminess is gone. It’s Seo Dan that needs to come to grips with the fact that Jung Hyuk is lost to her. Seung Jun is right. She doesn’t love Jung Hyuk but she wants him. Seo Dan saw Jung Hyuk’s attraction to Se Ri in Switzerland. Can you imagine the shock at realizing that Se Ri was THAT WOMAN from Switzerland. That must have hurt. Having Jung Hyuk be with her out of duty. That must have hurt. When Seung Jun told Seo Dan that Jung Hyuk went to South Korea to save Se Ri. That hurt. We’ve only got 3 more episodes. I want Seo Dan to let go of Jung Hyuk and entertain the possibility that maybe Seung Jun is a better fit.

The seventh song of the OST is “The Hill of Yearning” by April 2nd

I rate this episode as excellent, 10 on a 10-point scale.

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22 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 13
  1. AL says:

    Very good recap. I really like your after thoughts.


  2. Snow Flower says:

    I am starting to get finale anxiety. I want happy endings for all good guys, but don’t think that is possible. I hope writer-nim finds a way…


  3. beezrtp says:

    How does a bullet thru the passenger window end up in Se ri’s lower side abdomen?

    On a side note, her shoes are everything!

    Shouldn’t these special forces guys be mobilizing to perform field triage on Se ri?

    But after all the side wounds I saw in My Country, I’m confident she’ll pull through. 😄
    (But kjt says it’s her chest so I must’ve misjudged where the blood is coming from.)

    It was an awesome episode though.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I had the same thoughts Beez, that Se Ri’s 🌬👩 wound seemed be on her side, which is too low for the bullet at the distance and location of Officer Jo 🚛👿. Officer Jo 🚛👿 would have had to be standing closer to the car and/or at a higher elevation for the trajectory of the bullet to have hit her in the side. I concur that triage should be happening❗ Are they faking us out that Se Ri 🌬👩 died❓⁉️ If they kill off Se Ri 🌬👩, they will have ruined this excellent drama.

      I thought it looked like Man Bok 🐁🇰🇵, aka the Rat, shot Officer Jo 🚛👿. Who could blame Man Bok 🐁🇰🇵 for eliminating Officer Jo 🚛👿, when his family was threatened with mortal peril❓⁉️ Officer Jo 🚛👿 is an evil villain with connections that needs to be permanently eliminated for ANY of them to be safe … I don’t have any preferences as to who fulfills this task. Task fulfilled? … we can only hope❗


      • beezrtp says:

        Yup. *nodding* For a brief second I thought “oh no! You can’t shoot an unarmed man! That would make you a bad guy”. But then I thought about the threat Officer Oh possess to his family and then I was thinking “Oh no! This rat (not Eavesdropper, but this rat dung of a human being Officer Oh) most be wearing a bulletproof vest and is getting away!

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        • Jane Tilly says:

          Officer Jo 😈🚛 needs to be PERMANENTLY out of the picture. Actor Oh Man Suk, who plays Officer Jo 😈🚛 is doing an excellent job.

          Did you see “Something in the Rain”❓⁉️ Oh Man Suk played Son Ye Jin’s (Se Ri’s) affable dad. A far cry from from his current character.


          • beezrtp says:

            @JT, I didn’t see Something In The Rain. I know most people like them but I really, really, REALLY don’t care for noona romances.


            • Snow Flower says:

              I don’t care about noona romances either.


              • beezrtp says:

                @SnowFlower – Do you know why you don’t like them? I’m curious because I’m not sure exactly why I don’t. I’m thinking mayyyybe it’s for the same reason that I didn’t like How Stella Got Her Groove Back. When that movie came out, my son was in his 20’s and I know how I would’ve felt if he committed himself to a 50-year old woman. [Kdrama mother-in-law ain’t seen nothing like how I would’ve reacted.] And that in itself is partially selfish on my part just because I want grandchildren. But I don’t think that fully explains my not being enthusiastically on board the noona train.


  4. beezrtp says:

    I couldn’t understand why Se ri sent the Drama Loving Sergeant out all dressed up but with that terrible hat and scarf. I wasn’t familiar with the actress he wanted to meet and so I looked her up to see if the hat had any significance related to her or any famous scenes of hers. I see she’s a big star who starred in Stairway to Heaven which I always heard and read people saying that it’s The Tear Jerker of all time so I’ve steered clear of it. Here’s what soompi said about the cameo.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I haven’t seen “Stairway to Heaven”, but I wondered if the bunny beret had some significance. Is there anyone in this forum who has seen it and could give us some information❓⁉️


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I just started watching “Stairway to Heaven” and the actress’ character as a young girl gave a red hat with a bunny on it (just like Ju Meok’s) to her first love when they were in middle school.


        • beezrtp says:

          Ohhh. Thanks, Jt. And good luck. When I first started Kdrama, I would try to watch all the classics that Dramabeans staff always referred to but whenever they mentioned Stairway to Heaven, they always talked about it being the saddest of the sad. Part of me wanted to see it because it’s obviously one of the core dramas that built Hallyu but I don’t think I can stand the emotional wringer.

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  5. beezrtp says:

    How is Se Hyung’s statement – “I wanted to get my sister back but then the criminal would keep half the money he stole” – an acceptable excuse to their father? Se ri hit the crap jackpot when it comes to family. Do we still not know if she’s older or younger than her siblings? I haven’t been able to catch the words “dosaeng” nor “noona” to figure out if the dad had her with a first wife and then had the others with the second (current) wife or if she’s an “outside” child as the result of an affair. Not that either situation justifies their treatment of her. I’m just curious.


  6. beezrtp says:

    @kjt – I’m okay with Seung Jun’s sudden change because they said he wasn’t necessarily a complete selfish azz from the git go. If I understood correctly, he’s not a swindler by profession as in he doesn’t go around conning every business opportunity he runs across but was seeking revenge on Se ri’s family for past grievances done too his family’s business or something like that. So it’s not really a change of his personality. If I recall, he didn’t hold Se ri’s astuteness against her (did he? Although, I THINK I remember him trying to plot to keep Seri in North Korea? Darn it! I don’t remember. Help me out please?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 participated in the plot to keep Se Ri 🌬👩 in North Korea 🇰🇵, but only out of self preservation because otherwise his NK handler would sell him out to Se Hyung 🤑👐, unless he complied with Se Hyung’s 🤑👐 plan to keep Se Ri 🌬👩 in NK 🇰🇵. I think Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 genuinely liked Se Ri 🌬👩, which is why he eventually helped her escape.

      Earlier I stated that I didn’t think Se Hyung 🤑👐 was as evil as his wife, Sang Ah 🤑📸 … I take that back … they are equally evil in plotting to permanently eliminate Se Ri 🌬👩. I want to see this evil duo pay a hefty price for their culpability in the conspiracy against Se Ri 🌬👩. I’d say their association with NK 🇰🇵 is much more nefarious than Se Ri 🌬👩 accidentally landing in the DMZ and going into North Korea 🇰🇵.


  7. beezrtp says:

    Let me go on the record exposing my love for Sgt Pyo. He’s a total badazz! 😆


    • Jane Tilly says:

      ALL of the cadre looked AMAZING (SO HANDSOME) in their suits and overcoats as the to kick butt 🍑🦵. Yep, Master Sgt Pyo 👨‍✈️🐴 is a badazz. Each of these unique members of the cadre have each brought a richness to the storyline, but Master Sgt Pyo 👨‍✈️🐴 has been one of the best side characters. He cracks me up with his incorrect observations of South Korean 🇰🇷 culture (quality of SK merchandise-ripped jeans this episode).


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