Crash Landing on You Episode 14

Crash Landing on You Episode 14 Recap

South Korea…

Officer Jo takes aim at Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin). Seeing this, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) drives her car between Officer Jo and Jung Hyuk just as Officer Jo fires. She’s hit. Jung Hyuk is horrified. As Officer Jo prepares to shoot again, Jung Hyuk fires his gun into Officer Jo multiple times but he doesn’t go down. Officer Jo goes for his gun but the eavesdropper grabs it. Believing that the eavesdropper doesn’t have the guts to fire, Officer Jo turns. The eavesdropper fires but misses. Officer Jo gets away.

Se Ri falls forward into Jung Hyuk’s arms when he opens the car door. Jung Hyuk holds Se Ri and cries. In the ambulance, Jung Hyuk holds Se Ri’s hand as CPR is administered.

The coach waits for the fivesome so the team can return to North Korea. He makes a call to report that no one has reported and they must leave soon.

At the hospital, Jung Hyuk watches as Se Ri receives medical attention. The doctor tells him the situation is grave. Jung Hyuk thinks “I had a brother. I had a hard time when I lost him. I decided to live a life without love, fun, or a future. Ever since, I’ve never slept well, played the piano or loved another person. Until you crash landed into my world”.

Nice working the essence of series’ title into that moment.

Jung Hyuk stands apart from Se Ri’s family. The stepmother notices him.

As Se Ri is wheeled out of surgery, Jung Hyuk watches and thinks “but now, I want you in my life. Even if it breaks my heart because my dream can’t come true. I want to dream of our future. All that matters is that you don’t die”.

Se Ri is wheeled into a private room. Her family enters. The stepmother notices him.

Jung Hyuk watches Se Ri from the room door window and thinks “please live. I have so much to share with you”.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk’s father is surprised to learn none of the fivesome nor his son are returning from South Korea and the bus waited 2 hours. He knows the Military Director’s connection with Officer Jo is a problem. How will they explain less athletes returning than went?

South Korea….

The fivesome, Lt. Park, Sgt Pyo, Staff Sgt Kim, Private Geum and eavesdropper Jung Man Bok wait outside the hospital. They wonder if she needs blood. Sgt Pyo frets that Se Ri hasn’t woken for 3 days.

Flashback…Se Ri gives the fivesome clothes from her clothing line. They look terrific. They love the clothes. Se Ri relays her conversation with the eavesdropper’s son. Se Ri hopes the world becomes a place where they can talk to each other intermittently.

Se Ri’s assistant Hong Chang Shik, another assistant and new employee Mr. Park (former insurance agent) talk to the police about Se Ri’s interaction in the shootout. They don’t know why she intervened. Mr. Park can’t stop crying. He begs the police to find the culprit.

Jung Hyuk waits outside Se Ri’s room. Her step sisters exit the room. Mr. Hong arrives. They ask who the man is. He relays that is Se Ri’s bodyguard. Sang Ah wonders if that’s the man whose shoes were in Se Ri’s apartment. She orders Mr. Hong to provide the resume. He refuses.

The police want Jung Hyuk’s statement. They ask for his ID. He provides a passport identifying him as Chinese. Jung Hyuk asks about the criminal that was shot. He wonders if he sought medical attention in local hospitals.

The doctor finishes treating Officer Jo. Seung Jun’s manager tells Officer Jo’s he’s been granted a second life. He wants Officer Jo to return to North Korea. Officer Jo wants to know Se Ri’s status.

Sang Ah wants to fire the body guard. She points out he didn’t protect Se Ri. Se Hyung agrees.

Mr. Hong tells Jung Hyuk the family doesn’t trust him and will hire another body guard.

Outside the hospital, Jung Hyuk stares the building.

North Korea…

The Colonel’s Wife is thrilled when her husband returns home from prison. She yells that Officer Jo was jerk and not to be trusted. She calls him stupid. He agrees he was wrong. His son agrees he got his brainpower from his father. The Colonel promises never to use his brain again. The family hugs.

The village women gather. The Colonel’s Wife dons the dress the eavesdropper’s wife gave her and Se Ri styled.  She warns Wol Sook to be careful of her words today. Seo Dan’s mother arrives. She gushes over the spread. She offers a bottle of champagne as her contribution. They all enjoy the drink (though they guzzle not sip). Seo Dan’s mother and the village women agree they are as one.

Many bottles later…Wol Sook is drunk and gushes that Seo Dan’s mother isn’t as scary or loud as she originally thought. She says Seo Dan’s marriage with Seo Dan will never happen. She says Seo Dan must be having a revenge affair with the European man. Seo Dan’s mother doesn’t like that. The village women try and drag Wol Sook. She insists Seo Dan and the European man are a better match. Seo Dan’s mother wants to know if Jung Hyuk was having an affair which is why they think Seo Dan is having a revenge affair. Seo Dan’s mother demands to know who Jung Hyuk had an affair with.

Flashback…Sgt Pyo spills the beans about Se Ri but in flowery details…Seo Dan promising to marry Jung Hyuk no matter what.

Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye) sees her drunk mother and helps her into her apartment. Inside her mother tells Seo Dan to pursue her own happiness. She doesn’t want her daughter to live an unhappy life. She falls asleep. Seo Dan spreads a blanket on her mother.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s brothers and wives watch her sleep. The brothers argue about who will provide security. Se Ri’s finger moves. They gather close. Se Ri opens her eyes. They tell the nurse to get the doctor. Se Ri lifts her hand. She tells her sister in law to buzz off.


The brother and wives chuckle as they leave Se Ri’s room so the doctors can examine her. The stepmother rushes into the hallway having heard Se Ri woke. They report she told them to buzz off and wanted to see someone.

Outside the hospital Jung Hyuk still waits. Se Ri calls him and with a weak voice scolds him for not being by her side. Jung Hyuk listens and walks toward the hospital as she tells him to come back. He tells her he’s coming. He runs into the hospital. He runs up the stairs. He runs past the assistant and dashes into her room.

Se Ri has tears. Jung Hyuk has tears. Through tears he scolds her for interjecting herself and potentially dying. He declares he couldn’t live if she had died. Se Ri points out he’s done the same for her. Jung Hyuk counters that’s different. Se Ri disagrees. Jung Hyuk says his job is to protect her. Se Ri admits waking was hard and now he’s angry with her. She raises her arms. Jung Hyuk gently hugs her. They cry together. Jung Hyuk tells Se Ri “I love you.” He says he was scared that he’d never be able to tell her. Se Ri admits she was scared too. She wanted to wake from the dream without him in her life. They hug again.

Awk! Tears!

The fivesome rush to Se Ri’s room. They step back when they see Jung Hyuk and Se Ri hugging. Se Ri spots them through the door’s window. Se Ri motions them in. Jung Hyuk stops the hugs and allows the handshake. Sgt Pyo grouses Jung Hyuk got a hug. Jung Hyuk blocks him. Se Ri admits she’s not fully well.

Jung Hyuk asks how the men knew Se Ri was okay. The eavesdropper reveals he planted bug on Se Ri’s room because he was worried something might happen to her.


Flashback…the fivesome act as cleaners and enter Se Ri’s room. The eavesdropper plants a bug.

Flashback…the foursome worry about Se Ri. The eavesdropper reports Se Ri’s condition based on his knowledge via the bug. He reveals the listening radio. They hug him.

Flashback…each of them take turns listening.

Sgt Pyo learns that Se Ri’s father owns the hospital.

Sgt Kim learns that Se Hyung and Sang Ah are unkind.


The eavesdropper gives blow by blow reenactments of a conversation between Se Ri’s father and Se Hyung.


Private Geum learns Se Ri is awake. The fivesome are thrilled and rush to the hospital.


Se Ri asks the eavesdropper if he recorded what happened in her room while she was unconscious. He offers a micro recorder and says she needs to listen.

North Korea…

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) can’t get his conversation with Seo Dan out of his mind. Recall he told her Jung Hyuk went to South Korea to save Se Ri from Officer Jo. And Seung Jun admitted he helped Jung Hyuk. Seo Dan’s cried and rejected his effort to comfort her.

Seung Jun texts Seo Dan that he’ll wait on the bridge for Seo Dan to come. He tells her to hurry or he may be arrested. Seo Dan scoffs but takes time to doll herself up before she meets him.

Seo Dan arrives and asks why he wanted to see her. She warns him state security are looking for him. He offers to let her punch him as if he were Jung Hyuk. Seung Jun tells her to think of him as himself. Seo Dan punches him in the gut. He doubles over. She warns him not to get cute. Seung Jun says she’s attractive. Seo Dan asks if he means that. Seung Jun calls her a fool. He says Jung Hyuk didn’t leave her because she was ugly. Seo Dan repeats he won’t lie to her. He says she’s pretty. She looks good with her hair up or down and with or without makeup. Seo Dan steps closer. He says she cute no matter how she is. She makes him feel good. He thinks she’s amazing. He doesn’t want her to cry because it drives him crazy. Seo Dan cries. She kisses him. She pulls back. Surprised, Seung Jun stares. Then he kisses her.


South Korea…

Se Ri listens to her stepmother confess her sorrow. She knows Se Ri has loved her, but she never accepted her love. Her stepmother says about that day….

Flashback…Stepmother takes a young Se Ri to the beach to watch the sunrise, just the two of them. She leaves her. Se Ri passes out after waiting all day and all night. People find her and take her to get medical care.

Stepmother admits she abandoned her. But then she realized she was wrong and returned. But Se Ri was gone. Her stepmother sobs her apology. She admits she tormented herself by rejecting her love.

Flashback…Stepmother cries. A young Se Ri hugs her and calls her mother. She promises to protect her.

Se Ri’s mother promises to make it right if she wakes. She cries that she was happy when Se Ri returned.

Se Ri cries after listening. Jung Hyuk listens to Se Ri cry outside her room.


Jung Hyuk returns to the room to find Se Ri wiping her eyes. Se Ri claims she’s upset that she won’t be able to wear a bikini with her scar. Jung Hyuk says her scar isn’t as big as his on his side. He tells her it was 14 stiches without anesthesia. Se Ri is impressed. Jung Hyuk unbuttons his shirt to show another scar. Then he shows her another on his back. Se Ri is amazed. Then he shoes her one on his head. She examines his head. He claims he had one above his lip. She looks but doesn’t see one. He kisses her. They stare into each other’s eyes.

The fivesome arrive and interrupt the moment. They are shocked. Jung Hyuk says it isn’t what they think. Sgt Pyo can’t believe the Jung Hyuk’s shirt is unbuttoned with Se Ri just having woken up. They both deny unbuttoning the shirt. Jung Hyuk buttons up.

The fivesome eat and worry she can’t. Se Ri assures them watching them eat makes her happy.

A briefing on the gold mine tunnel is given by an agent to the military. Recall that’s the tunnel that Jung Hyuk used to come to South Korea. The badge found is displayed. The assumption is that the escapee crawled 12 hours in the narrow tunnel. They show 2 pictures. One of Officer Jo (though his face isn’t clear) and one of Jung Hyuk (his back is to the camera). The agent says they are determining if these men are involved in Se Ri’s shooting.

Jung Hyuk searches for Officer Jo. He finds a off the grid hospital.

Se Ri wakes to find Jung Hyuk there along with the fivesome. He tells her to slowly sit up. He says she must hold his hand while sitting up. Dutifully Se Ri holds Jung Hyuk’s hand and sits out. Sgt Pyo grouses they haven’t eaten yet. Jung Hyuk continue to advise. Se Ri eats it up. The fivesome can’t take it and leave to eat. When Se Ri goes to drink something, Jung Hyuk takes it. He takes the remote and finds the channel for her. He adjusts the humidifier for her. He opens her juice. The fivesome remind her they can help too. Jung Hyuk doesn’t listen. The fivesome leave as Sgt Pyo shakes his head unable to believe what they witness every day.


A reporter gets shots of Jung Hyuk and Se Ri through the window. The eavesdropper closes the window.

I have to laugh that the eavesdropper senses the privacy invasion.

Se Ri’s eldest brother Yoon Se Jun and wife Hye Ji gawk at the picture of Se Ri and her new man. HJ thinks the man is Se Ri’s former bodyguard. She shows the picture to stepmother.

The fivesome show Se Ri the picture. She kind of loves the attention and says Jung Hyuk is great from the back. She says it is one of the better paparazzi pictures. The fivesome aren’t impressed.

Mr. Hong and the assistant deal with the fallout of the picture. He shakes his finger at Jung Hyuk for using Se Ri. Just then Se Hyung and two security men arrive. Jung Hyuk blocks Se Hyung when he arrives to see Se Ri. Se Hyung realizes Jung Hyuk is the man in the paparazzi picture. He directs his security men to get rid of him. Jung Hyuk dispatches him. Se Hyung tries to enter. Jung Hyuk puts him against the wall. Jung Hyuk says Se Ri ordered no one from her family was allowed admittance. Se Hyung tells him to release him. Jung Hyuk does so. Se Hyung promises Jung Hyuk he’ll regret that. He stalks away. Mr. Hong wishes Jung Hyuk and Se Ri well. Jung Hyuk walks away. Mr. Hong says Jung Hyuk is scary. The assistant agrees.


Officer Jo emails the Military Director proof that Jung Hyuk is in North Korea. He promises he has evidence that coupled with Se Ri will destroy Jung Hyuk’s father.

The agent sees the photo of Se Ri and Jung Hyuk just before he visits Se Ri’s father at his home. He shares that there was an attempted kidnapping of Se Ri in the parking lot recently. He shows a blurry picture of Officer Jo. The agent says two men came from North Korea and this is one of them. He believes he came after Se Ri. He promises to find out the whole story.

Jung Hyuk exits Se Ri’s room as her stepmother arrives. He bows to her.

Over coffee Jung Hyuk agrees he is Se Ri’s bodyguard. The stepmother asks how long they’ve been dating. The Sgt Kim, Sgt Pyo and Private Geum watch from another table. Sgt Kim is sure the stepmother will throw water in Jung Hyuk’s face, just like in kdramas. They flinch in anticipation when the stepmother lifts her water glass. But she only drinks. Sgt Kim says the stepmother will offer money to get Jung Hyuk to go away. Sgt Pyo hopes Jung Hyuk takes the money. They watch in anticipation as her stepmother opens her purse. But she only gives Jung Hyuk her business card. She admits that Se Ri doesn’t see her as a supporter. She asks Jung Hyuk to stay by Se Ri’s side. She says to call her at the number if he needs anything. Jung Hyuk says Se Ri would like it if she’d try to reconnect with her.

That scene was perfect – funny between the threesome and touching between Jung Hyuk and the stepmother.

Se Ri’s father and the agent arrive in Se Ri’s room. Her father says the man is investigating her case. Her father says her shooter is a man from North Korea. He asks if she knows the man. Se Ri considers. She asks if she knows the man could they catch the man. The agent asks if Se Ri knows the man. Se Ri tells him to answer her question.

North Korea…

The military director visits Jung Hyuk’s father and shows him the pictures he’s received of Jung Hyuk in Seoul. The military director asks if he knew Jung Hyuk’s whereabouts. His father sees a picture of Se Ri. The military director says he could send these photos to the general. He tells Jung Hyuk’s father to retire quietly or he’ll expose him. He claims not to want to force him but allow Jung Hyuk’s father to make the choice himself.

South Korea…

Se Ri’s family gather in her room along with the agent. Se Ri announces she has a lead that may help the investigation. She holds the micro recorder. Se Ri plays the section where Sang Ah and Se Hyung discuss their dissatisfaction with Se Ri’s living status, bringing Officer Jo into the plan to eliminate Se Ri, relief Officer Jo was paid in cash to there is no paper trail, etc. The family is shocked. Se Ri’s father tells Se Hyung to resign today. He declares Se Hyung is no longer his son. There will be a new president. Se Hyung tries to blame his wife. Se Hyung says his father created the situation by making them compete. His mother slaps him. The agent tells Se Hyung and Se Hyung they must cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

That was satisfying.

North Korea…

Jung Hyuk’s father tells the military director, he’s the one that sent his son to Seoul. The military director laughs. Jung Hyuk’s father tells him to confirm this with another officer that knew of the operation to bring a wealthy woman from South Korea to North Korea. The military director doesn’t understand. Jung Hyuk’s father shows the photo of Se Ri in the paper. Jung Hyuk’s father says Se Ri is the wealthy woman. He states the military needs money. Se Ri has money. He claims his son will return to North Korea soon. Jung Hyuk’s father says it was a classified operation and he was unable to fill him in. The military director asks when Jung Hyuk will return. Jung Hyuk’s father says the military game team has returned but Jung Hyuk stayed to negotiate details for the next game. The military director claims to believe him. He assures Jung Hyuk’s father if this isn’t the truth, his resignation won’t be sufficient.

Hmm, we have a mechanism for Se Ri to return to North Korea.

South Korea…

Jung Hyuk and the agent pass each other in the hallway. The agent looks back. Jung Hyuk gets a text that a hiding location has been found.

North Korea…

Seung Jun sees a car drive up and 5 men exit. He guesses it is state security. He exits his apartment and dashes into another. He pretends to be drunk. The 5 guys burst into his apartment. He exits the other apartment and rushes down the stairs. He’s forced to head to the roof when a man approaches with a shotgun.

On the rooftop, Seung Jun believes he’s done for. He wonders why he’s thinking about Seo Dan. He hears someone come onto the roof. He turns. His eyes widen in surprise.

South Korea…

Officer Jo makes a call and asks if the matter was handled.

North Korea…

Two men tells the eavesdropper’s wife that her husband was in an accident in the city and she should come with them.

South Korea…

Sang Ah is livid and yells into the phone. She learns Jung Hyuk is from North Korea. She informs the agent.

Jung Hyuk tells the fivesome they must protect Se Ri. He tells them if he doesn’t return, they must return to North Korea. He reminds them their family and life is there. He leaves.

Jung Hyuk exits the hospital and hails a taxi. The agent in a van and an additional van follows. The agent tells his men they are allowed to kill. Jung Hyuk notices the van in the taxi’s mirror. Jung Hyuk exits the taxi and two men say a move is in the works. Jung Hyuk sees Seung Jun’s manager. He sees Jung Hyuk. He leaves in the car. Jung Hyuk walks to the building.

The agent and the men exit the van.

Jung Hyuk approaches Officer Jo with his gun drawn. Officer Jo chuckles killing him will won’t solve his problems. He sneers that Jung Hyuk has been protected by his father his whole life. Officer Jo declares Jung Hyuk’s father will lose everything because of him. Jung Hyuk tells Officer Jo he’s risking everything. Lights flood the windows and a voice can be heard instruction them to drop any weapons, come out, and their sentences might be mitigated. Officer Jo chuckles and puts his hands up while telling Jung Hyuk has always been lucky but now luck has visited him. He says someone like Jung Hyuk, can’t kill in cold blood. He tells Jung Hyuk to drop the weapon, he’s lost his chance to kill him.

Se Ri watches the rain fall from her hospital room.

Lasers dots are on Jung Hyuk. The voice tells him to drop the weapon. Officer Jo turns toward the lights with his hands up. As a tear rolls down Jung Hyuk’s face, he knows his chance to rid himself of the man that killed his brother and tried to kill Se Ri is gone. Then Officer Jo draws a gun from his waistband and spins towards Jung Hyuk. A shot rings out.

Bonus scene…

Se Ri lays on her bed. She sees a note from Jung Hyuk and recorded message from him. The notes says listen to this when you can’t sleep. Se Ri knows she can’t sleep without Jung Hyuk by his side. She plays the recording.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk finds many medications in Se Ri’s house. He plays his brother’s song while he records it.

Jung Hyuk’s voice tells her to listen to the song when she can’t sleep and it will bring her comfort. He tells her not to rely on medicine.

Flashback…Jung Hyuk stocks Se Ri’s apartment with food. He writes notes how to cook the food and places them on Se Ri’s refrigerator.

Jung Hyuk’s voice says he wants to live again. They should live life like they will see each other the next day. When her life becomes fun and she finds happiness, even if she forgets him, he’ll be okay.

Awk! Tears!

My Thoughts

Do we have options for how our couple will manage to be together? Writer Park Ji Eun introduced a possible way for Jung Hyuk and Se Ri to return to North Korea. His father boldly lied to the military director that Jung Hyuk was on a secret mission to bring Se Ri to North Korea. The military director didn’t believe it but couldn’t prove it. He promised lies would have consequences. The South Korea agent could provide Jung Hyuk an option to stay in South Korea. But wouldn’t’ that keep Jung Hyuk’s family in jeopardy? Officer Jo survived Jung Hyuk’s bullets only to be cornered by Jung Hyuk at the end of the episode. When the South Korea agents announced their presence and ordered the men to come out, Officer Jo rubbed it in Jung Hyuk’s face that he couldn’t kill him now. Then he spun towards Jung Hyuk gun in hand. Do I think Jung Hyuk gets shot? No, I do not. Do I think Jung Hyuk has a deal with the South Korea agents? Yes, I believe that is a strong possibility.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) woke to find Jung Hyuk and the fivesome still there. I loved her croaking call to Jung Hyuk to return to her side moments after she woke. She had him on speed dial! This couple works on every level from me. The pampering Jung Hyuk provided Se Ri was a bit much for the fivesome but it was darling to me. Adult characters can be cute too. I was touched to hear Se Ri’s stepmother’s confession of regret at her treatment of Se Ri in the past. Her apology was heartfelt. I cheered when the treachery of Se Ri’s brother and wife was exposed via the eavesdropper’s recording. His bug on Se Ri’s bed during her coma provided plenty of wonderful moments. Officer Jo’s spiteful actions to hurt the eavesdropper family was just another indicator of what a horrible man he is.

Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) showed his love for Se Ri. Jung Hyuk regretted not telling Se Ri he loved her when he cradled her wounded body in his arms. He rectified that quickly when they reunited. I relished his open affection for Se Ri. His men had a harder time than I did with the lovely dovey moments between our couple. My hats off to Se Ri’s stepmother for approaching Jung Hyuk and asking him to stay with Se Ri. He surprised her by recommending she reconnect with Se Ri. Sgt Kim’s belief that the stepmother would follow kdrama norms of throwing water in Jung Hyuk’s face or pay him off added a wonderful levity to the scene. The episode’s bonus scene showed Jung Hyuk preparing to potentially not return to Se Ri as he stocked her apartment, made the recording and went to confront Officer Jo. Here’s hoping at the end of the next 2 episodes and this series, they’ll be able to be together for the remainder of their lives.

Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) got a kiss from Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye).  Seo Dan isn’t stupid. Seung Jun clearly likes her. Jung Hyuk clearly doesn’t like her. Seo Dan finds Seung Jun amusing and charming at times. Does Seung Jun’s vow not to lie resonate with Seo Dan like it does with me? That’s a pledge I doubt Seung Jun has ever made to anyone else. Now Seung Jun is trapped on the rooftop. Do I think state security found him? No, I don’t. Is it Seo Dan’s uncle come to confront the man he believes Seo Dan is having the revenge affair with?

The eighth song of the OST is “The Season of Us” by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee

I rate this episode as almost excellent, 9.5 on a 10-point scale.

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7 comments on “Crash Landing on You Episode 14
  1. Snow Flower says:

    What a cliffhanger!


  2. beezrtp says:

    Seo Dan’s mom though! She’s all kinds of awesome! 😀


  3. beezrtp says:

    I’m most worried for Eavesdropper’s family.😟

    I can’t imagine a scenario of Se ri going back to North Korea because I can’t even imagine how Jung Hyuk’s father gets out of this unscathed. He came up with a delaying tactic (story) but unless he’s got some serious friends/backup, even if Jung Hyuk gets back, that story of bringing a wealthy woman back can’t be verified (and makes no sense whatsoever. He’s telling big fat “porkies”. lol)

    How would anybody believe, especially a military officer, that Se ri is going to somehow come across the DMZ, carrying suit cases (or truckloads) of money? lol I can’t see South Korea allowing Se ri to electronically transfer her money to the North because in real life, currently, people have been arrested in the South just for carrying signs with positive messages about the North’s better political system and way of life.

    When I think of how Jung Hyuk and his men knew they could not take Se ri to the powers-that-be just based on a simple accident of wind and parachute off course then I just can’t stretch my imagination to come up with any scenario where Se ri ends up in the North without spending her remaining life in a cell (after torture to find out why she’s really there).

    Sorry. I’m such a bummer after two such great episodes.😣
    But maybe we’ll get a fantasy ending where our characters bring about reunification of the Koreas! That’s the best my imagination can do!


    • I can’t imagine a scenario of Se ri going back to North Korea because I can’t even imagine how Jung Hyuk’s father gets out of this unscathed… I just can’t stretch my imagination to come up with any scenario where Se ri ends up in the North without spending her remaining life in a cell.
      I can’t imagine Junk Hyuk letting his parents get hurt. Writer Park must have a solution for this terrific couple. We’ll know soon.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yep, we have a conundrum for a happy ending. I can’t see Se Ri 🌬👩 happily skipping over the border to join Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 in North Korea 🇰🇵, where the volatility of politics could put you in an unfavored position, possibly at the peril of your life. I think she could happily leave her poor excuse of a family behind. Seung Jun 🏃‍♂️💰 being on the lam is a case in point of how volatile life c as n be in North Korea 🇰🇵. South Korean 🇰🇷 sanctions would make it difficult for Se Ri 🌬👩 to access her money from North Korea 🇰🇵. Let alone, South Korean 🇰🇷 Netizens being up in arms against a “happy ending” where Se Ri 🌬👩 goes North.

        By the same token, I cannot imagine Jung Hyuk👨‍✈️🎖 staying in South Korea🇰🇷 with Se Ri 🌬👩, leaving his parents to suffer the consequences of his defection and Ri Choong Ryeol’s 👴🎖🇰🇵 own culpability in the coverup (most likely losing everything, being imprisoned and possibly executed). What about the cadre, now the have had a taste of capitalism❓⁉️

        We can only hope as KJT suggested that the eriter has a solution.

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