Welcome 2 Life Episode 16 (Final)

Welcome 2 Life Episode 16 (Final) Recap

CEO Yun Pil Woo tells his father he will take his life. CEO Yun holds out his hand for the syringe and his security man hands it to him. He stares into his father’s eyes. Mr. Jang struggles. CEO Yun thrusts the syringe into his father’s neck. Mr. Jang feels the affects immediately. Mr. Jang can’t believe that CEO Yun dared to do this to him. He falls on the ground. CEO Yun tells his father to die quietly. Mr. Jang tells his son the worst thing in his life was him. Mr. Jang declare his son will die just like him and as his former self (before he was reestablished as Yun Pil Woo). He dies.

The team arrives. A fight ensues.  CEO Yun’s security man hurries CEO Yun away. Prosecutor Lee Jae Sang (Rain) and Investigator Ji Ho give chase but to no avail. They escape.

Lawyer Kang is placed in the police van.

Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) calls Chief Oh and reports that CEO Yun killed Mr. Jang, which was the opposite of what Mr. Jang intended. Detective Koo tells Chief Oh to rattle Pastor Park with this news. Detective Koo, Detective Yang, Forensics Officer Ha, and Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) stare at the lifeless body of Mr. Jang.

Chief Oh bursts into the interrogation room with Pastor Park and Lawyer Min. He tells the men their crutch is gone. He informs them CEO Yun killed Mr. Jang. Both men are shocked. Chief Oh says they have to make a deal now. He demands to know where the two latest Jang/Yun foundation awardees (who are human test subjects) are.

Chief Oh tells Detective Koo and Ji Ho they must find the two women. Ji Ho suggests that CEO Yun’s experimentation lab is in a remote location. They wonder if Prosecutor Lee will be able to extract information from Lawyer Kang.

Prosecutor Lee interrogates Lawyer Kang with Lawyer Min acting as his attorney. Lawyer Kang refuses to say anything citing attorney client privilege. Prosecutor Lee smiles noting that Lawyer Kang always said any law could be gotten around. Lawyer Kang points out that Prosecutor Lee used those loopholes to his advance better than anyone. Prosecutor Lee agrees. He states he’s turned his life around and is now embarrassed by what he used to do routinely as a lawyer for Lawyer Kang. Prosecutor Lee says true monsters don’t realize they are monsters. Prosecutor Lee sighs and states the trial of public sentiment will trump the law. Prosecutor Lee promises to show Lawyer Kang how powerful public sentiment can be.

CEO Yun’s security man tells CEO Yun that he’s booking 2 tickets out of the country. CEO Yun wants to bring the remaining human test subject with them. CEO Yun’s security man objects. CEO Yun declares he’ll start a new life under a new name and continue his work. CEO Yun declares the human test subject represents big money. CEO Yun’s security man agreement to get her.

The remaining human test subject calls for help as she lays alone strapped to the table.

The team learns from Officer Ha that pine pollen was prominent. They deduce the mountain where the bodies were found, owned by Mr. Jang, must be near the lab location. Ji Ho finds a factory slated for demolition. Prosecutor Lee sends the team to the factory.

CEO Yun’s security man and his men arrive at the factory and unstrap the human test subject.

Just as the woman is to be loaded into the van, the team arrives. They draw their weapons. Detective Koo directs CEO Yun’s security man to let the woman go or suffer the consequences.

The security man calls CEO Yun who instantly knows the police have him and tells Detective Ra she did this same trick in the past. Detective Ra takes the phone and declares she wishes she’d killed him that night at the orphanage thereby saving his later victims. CEO Yun states she’s been a blight on his trajectory. Detective Ra taunts CEO Yun – they have the test subject that would make him millions but instead his life will crash and burn.

CEO Yun boils with rage.

Prosecutor Lee asks a man if there’s time for one more question.

Livid, CEO Yun drives. He sees a news report and pulls over. It states he’s the killer. Prosecutor Lee tells the reports CEO Yun’s birth secret and that he killed Mr. Jang. Prosecutor Lee details the human test subjects that were garnered then killed. Prosecutor Lee states legal experts helped keep this under wraps. Lawyer Kang sees the news report as he is moved to another police location. Prosecutor Lee tells the public that CEO Yun was a mirage covering a twisted monster created by a society that demands results. Prosecutor Lee asks for the public’s help to locate CEO Yun.  As he finishes watching the news report, CEO Yun thinks of Prosecutor Lee’s words, Detective Ra’s words and his father’s words. He laughs a crazy laugh.

Detective Koo, Detective Ra, Detective Yang and Ji Ho discuss the search pattern for CEO Yun. Its obvious Detective Ra is under the weather. Detective Koo orders her home to rest. When she protests, he points out he’ll work all night and need her to relieve him in the morning. She agrees to go home.

Detective Yang tells Detective Koo he knows he’s fighting a cold too. Detective Koo shrugs and says he’ll push to the end.

Prosecutor Lee stops by the store he purchased items for Shi On and Bo Na in his dream. He walks home with items. He chides himself for making the purchases. When he sees smoke coming from Shi On’s house he rushes in. He turns off the stove and finds her crying in the bedroom. Irked he came in announced, she complains. Jae Sang immediately realizes Shi On is mourning the end of this investigation which has focused the last 10 years of her life. He pats her saying it’s okay not to be okay.

CEO Yun recalls Prosecutor Lee saying he was something to protect.  He watches Lawyer Min pulls into a parking spot. They look eyes. CEO Yun gets into Lawyer Min’s car and says he’s got a way for the law firm to survive this mess.

Jae Sang lights candles and plays soothing music for Shi On. He tells her to rest then he’ll leave. She asks what the other world was like. She admits she can’t sleep and wants to know about that world. Jae Sang tells her about Bo Na. Jae Sang tells her about herself. He admits she was always beautiful to him. He tucks her in. He watches her sleep. He gently touches her face and hand.

Lawyer Min visits Lawyer Kang and reports that CEO Yun claimed he’d leave Korea soon and needed Lawyer Min’s help. Lawyer Kang directs Lawyer Min to provide CEO Yun the forged identity papers. Lawyer Kang agrees the law firm can only survive if CEO Yun exits the country. If he’s caught, the law firm is history.

CEO Yun hears citizens talking about him as a crazy man. He carries a bag.

Shi On wakes in her bed. She wonders how she got from the couch to the bed. She sees a note from Jae Sang that he’ll return with porridge and to wait for him. Instead she dresses for work. She drinks a glass of milk. She sees the hiking shoes Jae Sang purchased. The doorbell rings. She sees flowers in the monitor. She opens the door to find the flowers but no Jae Sang. When she enters the courtyard, CEO Yun is there. He put a drug in the milk she drank. She falls to the ground.

Jae Sang finishes cooking the porridge at his place. He brings it to Shi On’s place. He notices the gate is open. He realizes something is wrong. He rushes into her place. He remembers the same moment in the opposite universe.

CEO Yun drives and watches a sleeping Detective Ra in the rear-view mirror.

Prosecutor Lee reports to the team that CEO Yun has Detective Ra. Everyone is upset. Officer Ha reports the milk was drugged. Ji Ho reports that CEO Yun was caught on CCTV purchasing rope and a hammer. Everyone knows CEO Yun plans to kill Detective Ra. Prosecutor Lee declares that CEO Yun must have taken Detective Ra to the mural house.

CEO Yun tells his mother this will be his last visit. She hums. He calls her mother. That gets her attention. She calls him son. She calls him his birth name and hugs him. She says he’s special and her ticket to a better life. She tells him to hug his father when he comes. She chuckles and hugs him. CEO Yun flashes back to his mother trotting him out in front of Mr. Jang. He remembers her happiness when his father would leave after giving his mother money.

The team arrives at the mural house. Detective Ra isn’t there. Ms. Bang calls to report that CEO Yun’s mother is dead. A witness says CEO Yun did it. Detective Koo tells Prosecutor Lee that CEO Yun went to the hospital to kill his mother and then commit suicide. They rush to their cars.

CEO Yun carries an unconscious Detective Ra on the rooftop. He ties her hands. He hums. Detective Ra wakes. CEO Yun looks into her eyes. He tells her he got bored waiting for her to wake. Should he punish her while she slept? He says her prefers to see terror in the eyes of his victims. He tells her she’ll be reunited with her brother soon. He walks to a wheelchair. Detective Ra cuts the ropes on her hands. CEO Yun returns with the bag.

Detective Koo and Prosecutor Lee arrive at CEO Yun’s mother’s bedside. The nurse states CEO Yun suffocated his mother. The security guard shows them footage of CEO Yun going up the elevator with a woman in a wheelchair. They realize CEO Yun went to the rooftop. They head that way.

CEO Yun pulls out the hammer. He tells her it’s time to begin. He swings the hammer. Shi On hits him and then struggles to crawl away.

Prosecutor Lee, Detective Koo, and Detective Yang are forced to go up the stairs.

CEO Yun drags Shi On back. He sits her up. He goes to swing the hammer. Detective Koo and Detective Yang and Prosecutor Lee arrive. Detective Koo shoots him in the shoulder. CEO Yun grabs the hammer and steps to the edge of the roof.  He falls back. Prosecutor Lee grabs his hand. Detective Koo grabs Prosecutor Lee. Prosecutor Lee vows to make him life so the law will judge him. CEO Yun screams in rage as they drag him to the rooftop. Detective Yang helps Shi On to her feet. Jae Sang gives her the handcuffs to put on CEO Yun. Tears will her eyes. She walks to CEO Yun. She tells him he’s under arrest. She reads him his rights. With tears running down her face, she cuffs him.

In police custody, Chief Oh tells CEO Yun to take care of himself so the public can see him stand trial. CEO Yun wants a death sentence. Chief Oh states that’s not up to CEO Yun, but the justice system will make the determination.

Shi On thank Dong Taek for his part in saving her. He muses that thanks are better than I’m sorry. Shi On starts to say he’s a nice guy but Dong Taek cuts her off. He states he’s been promoted and will be leaving for that unit.  Shi On is surprised. Dong Taek says she’ll make a great lead for the special investigation unit. He admits he like her…a lot. He knows he waited too long to tell her. He wishes her well and leaves.

Classy exit for a classy guy.

Jae Sang and Shi On visit her step brother and niece. She tells them finally they caught the killer. She promises to work hard to become a good detective.

Jae Sang and Shi On walk in the park. He tells her they did this in his dreams. He tells her he’s moving tomorrow. He has homework to do. She asks if the home work is prosecuting CEO Yun. Jae Sang says he wants her to finally be at ease. He says this is where they part ways. Jae Sang says loving her was the best part of his life. He walks away.  Shi On calls him. She asks if it was a dream. He says he’ll strive to make that dream come true, that’s his real goal. Shi On orders him to stay by his side and endure her anger until she’s worked through it. He asks if that’s what she wants. She admits he is a jerk, selfish, but she wants him in her life. Jae Sang hugs her. Shi On hugs him back. Jae Sang cries and smiles.


Detective Koo arrests a pickpocket. The woman he rescues stares at his handsome face with longing.

Ji Ho, Detective Yang and Officer Ha notice Detective Koo is trending on social media. They see a man shooting up girl’s skirts.  Detective Yang takes care of him.

Chief Oh finds Ms. Bang crying while trying to get over him. He tells her he’s no good for her no matter how much he likes her. Ms. Bang is in shock. Chief Oh says they’ll start dating holding hands and eating hangover soup. Ms. Bang suggests they expedite their relationship.

Jae Sang listens to the neighborhood ladies argue. He negotiates a truce. He gets a call that Shi On collapsed.

He finds her looking at drawings of a family. She announces she’s pregnant. She complains about being pregnant before marriage. He reminds her he’s in this with her. Shi On says she’s been having weird dreams since north star started growing in her. Jae Sang remembers Bo Na saying he’d once said she and mom were his north star. Jae Sang smiles knowing Bo Na is going to be born in this universe. Shi On asks why he’s smiling. Jae Sang declares he’s happy and thrilled. Shi On admits she feels the same. Jae Sang promises they’ll have a wonderful life together. They hug.

Years later….

Bo Na, Shi On and Jae Sang live a happy life.

My Thoughts

CEO Yun gets caught.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong had CEO Yun make one last attempt to escape, but it didn’t work. He wouldn’t leave the country without the surviving human test subject and this was his downfall. He did take Shi On and threaten to kill her but the trio of Jae Sang, Dong Taek, and Detective Yang came to her rescue. CEO Yun didn’t care if he lived, but he wasn’t allowed the easy way out with suicide. Frankly I would have liked to know what his sentence was. I didn’t need to see the trial, but the sentence would have closed that chapter completely.

The epilogue provided closure for everyone. Dong Taek moved on and was finally admired by an adoring female population. Loved that Dong Taek “was trending”. Detective Yang, Officer Ha and Ji Ho were still together as the trio of coworkers that help each other out and are friends. They were a bright spot in this drama. Finally, Chief Oh and Ms. Bang agreed to date. We lived to see the day.

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) got the girl. Jae Sang was ready to keep his word and walk away from Shi On but she didn’t want that. Instead he had to endure her ire until she was ready to love. The sweetest moment was when he knew Bo Na would be born in this universe. That was lovely.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) got the boy. Jae Sang offered to let her live her life alone until she was ready to consider him. But Shi On didn’t want him to walk away. In her own style she ordered him to stay until she deemed him acceptable. Her pregnancy indicated she had fully done that. I loved the first family hug when they revealed in the joy of her pregnancy.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
* Tie up loose ends. GRANTED. CEO Yun had one last hurrah at attempted murder but our trio of Jae Sang, Dong Taek, and Detective Yang foiled him. I wish we’d known the sentence he received.
* Mr. Jang dies. GRANTED. CEO Yun’s syringe to struck the fatal blow. He was a dreadful man.
* CEO Yun dies. NOT GRANTED. While I thought prison wouldn’t satisfy, I didn’t care enough. He was a pitiful dreadful person and I was ready to move on once he was caught.
* Jae Sang and Shi On agree to date. GRANTED. Writer Yoo gave us this a more. They dated, got pregnant, had Bo Na and lived a happy life. I was happy to see Bo Na become a reality. I grew to love that kid.
* The opposite universe was just a dream. GRANTED. As Jae Sang stated the opposite universe is a warm memory.
* Chief Oh and Ms. Bang agree to date. GRANTED. Chief Oh admitted he liked Ms. Bang. She jumped on it and suggested they accelerate their relationship.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My rating chart is below:

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7 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 16 (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    First of all, why wasn’t Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 at Shi On’s 👮‍♀️👊💢 side 24/7 while CEO Yun ⚗👨‍💼 was on the lam❓⁉️

    “I didn’t need to see the trial, but the sentence would have closed that chapter completely.” -KJT I concur with you KJT a sentence for CEO Yun ⚗👨‍💼 would have been more satisfying. I was blown away 🤯 when Chief Oh denied CEO Yun the death penalty, just because Yun ⚗👨‍💼 desired it. I thought the death penalty was an appropriate punishment for a serial killer who enjoyed seeing terror in the eyes of his victims. I don’t want the possibility of such an evil soul to be out on streets someday, whether from escape or parole.

    I like that Dong Tauk 🕵️‍♂️💔 walked away with class. Hopefully he learned 10 years is TOO LONG to wait for a love confession. Ask out the victim that has doe eyes for you NOW❣

    I 💗 the bromance 💚 between Detective Yang and Ji Ho. It was nice to Ms. Bang and Chief Oh make a love 💞 connection.

    I was pleased to see Jae Sang 👨‍💼💼 realize his dream of snagging Shi On 👮‍♀️👊💢 and Bo Na 🚴‍♀️💨 a reality. They were an adorable family ❣

    Overall I enjoyed this series and appreciate KJT taking time to write such detailed


  2. Fulbert Teh says:

    I have a different interpretation of the ending scene, I believe the family appearing at the end with si on appearing in the wheel chair is what is happening in the alternate universe and not years later, that is si on and jae sang managed to survive their capture somehow, and the ending shot showed both realities in the same frame. The writer probably considered that the audience would be concerned about bo na in the alternate reality and showed that they were fine.


    • That’s a neat idea. I can see the logic of that option. Thanks for sharing!


      • Justwantoclarifytheending says:

        I think it was the parallel universe showing both sides. If you look closely, both world collided for viewers to know what happened to the other world. {Jae Sang and Si On hugging (left)} {Jae Sang, Si On and Bona (right)} that also explains why Si on is in wheelchair surviving from the tragedy.


        • Your name says it all. I went back and viewed the final scene, and yes, the two scenes are side by side in the final shot.
          Left side – Jae Sang and Si On hugging with joy about being pregnant. Jae Sang knows the baby is Bo Na.
          Right Side – Bo Na, Shi On and Jae Sang a happy family moving forward.


  3. Olive says:

    I agree, it is the parallel universe because. why would the mother be in a wheel chair?must be because she was safe at the end。


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