Mr. Sunshine Episode 22 Recap

Mr. Sunshine Episode 22 Recap

Korea, 1904.

After ordering the mute woman who betrayed him to the big boss in Japan to leave, Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) tells his second in command that she better be gone when he returns. His second in command asks where he is going. Dong Mae declares Japan. His second in command isn’t happy that Dong Mae is doing all this for a woman. Dong Mae steps to his faithful second and declares Ae Shin is the THE woman. His second in command kneels and declares Dong Mae will surely die and wants to accompany him. Frustrated Dong Mae yells that abandoning everything (his gang and his life in Korea) is his choice. The mute woman rushes to him, shakes her head no, begging him not to leave (and die). Dong Mae leaves. His second in command yells his frustration and follows.

Dong Mae just said this is a suicide mission that he will not avoid. I’ve worried that all our core characters (Eugene, Ae Shin, Dong Mae, Hee Na, and Hee Sung) couldn’t survive this series. As a Dong Mae fan, I want him to live. However, I realize that Ae Shin’s Grandfather choose Dong Mae to protect Ae Shin for a reason. His passion and devotion for Ae Shin is self-evident. Just as Eugene fulfilled his promise to Ae Shin’s Grandfather, Dong Mae must fulfill his.

Tokyo, 1904.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) and Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) run down the street to the American garrison. A hoard of the big boss’s men is hot on their heels. Eugene aims his final bullet at a window in the garrison. The American soldiers come running. Eugene gets on his knees and puts his hands up. Ae Shin follows suit. Eugene declares he is Captain Eugene Choi in the Marine Corps and she is his wife. He names Kyle as the man that can confirm this. The soldiers send for Kyle. But first they must deal with the big boss’s men. They call for them to stop and are forced to fire. Several of the big boss’s men are hit. They realize they will all be killed if they don’t retreat. They grab their fallen brothers and retreat. Kyle arrives and is shocked to see Eugene and Ae Shin kneeling in front of the gates.

Eugene and Ae Shin wait in a cell.

Kyle explains to the head of the garrison that Eugene was seeking refuge and fired his gun to alert them to his dire situation. The head of the garrison stares at the passports and wonders if the couple is marriage. Kyle confirms this claiming he personally congratulated them at their wedding. Kyle points out they must protect both husband and wife in this situation. The head of the garrison wants nothing to do with the couple citing the political ramifications of Eugene’s actions. Kyle declares America shouldn’t cower if fear but rather save this couple. Irked, tired, and frustrated the head of the garrison declares he’s going to bed and the couple can stay the night…locked up.

Kyle has proven his friendship again and again in this series.

Ae Shin apologizes to Eugene for the mess they are in. Eugene tells her what has happened can’t be undone. Ae Shin marvels at his calm. Eugene retorts his heart is racing having her so near. Ae Shin can’t help but smile at the admission. She notes he’s taken many detours for her. Eugene counters she’s never asked for his help. He tells her to lean on him. She does. Eugene promises not to move all night. He fingers his ring. He looks at the woman he loves.

I love how both will touch their wedding rings wishing they were really married. Lovely scene full of subtle sweetness this couple embodies.

On the ship for Japan, Dong Mae looks out across the horizon.

Flashback…Dong Mae hold a knife to the rebel he saved and tells him that he knows Ae Shin is also a rebel. He says she must be saved and he’s uniquely position to help but he must know where she is in Tokyo.

The big boss gets the report from his men. The big boss declares the Americans won’t protect Ae Shin, a Korean woman. He orders them to wait by the garrison for when Ae Shin is expelled.

The next morning Ae Shin wakes with a start. She can’t believe she slept so well. Eugene smiles. He promises her safety. She wants his safety too. Eugene says he’ll return to America. He states they must say their goodbyes here and now. He hugs her. Tears fill Ae Shin’s eyes. She remembers the dream where she and Eugene were in American and they said goodbye at the end of the day. Ae Shin cries and hugs Eugene closer. Eugene hugs her tighter then eases her away. He sees her tears and pain. Ae Shin states “see you” is a better choice than “goodbye”. Eugene cups her face and says “see you”. They stare into each other eyes. Just as Eugene starts to move in for a kiss, the door unlocks. He pulls away, wipes his eyes, and tells her he’ll likely leave first, but all will be okay. He promises to help her until he leaves. He asks her to promise to be careful after he leaves. Ae Shin promises. Eugene walks out. Ae Shin covers her eyes and sobs.

Drat! No kiss for our couple! This is the twenty second episode…one kiss…why deny our couple and the viewers?

Eugene is led out of the garrison in handcuffs. He sees the big boss’s men waiting. A coffin is loaded on a cart. Kyle is seated in the cart. Eugene is driven away. Kyle tells the driver to follow. The big boss’s men follow the cart. They give chase and surround it. Kyle demands to know what they are doing. The leader says they are going to inspect the coffin because he knows Ae Shin is in it. He orders the men to open it. Inside the coffin is an American soldier. Kyle strikes the leader for opening the coffin. He promises the leader will die for this dishonoring act.

Hey, Kyle’s got some fire!

Flashback…Eugene asks Kyle to allow the dead American solider to leave at the same time he does. Kyle agrees.

Kyle stares to the harbor and wishes his friend well.

Ae Shin meets a rebel at the location Kyle relayed. He tells Ae Shin that the gang is looking for her. She asks him to send a telegram.

Korea, 1904.

The Japanese minister and Rinoie’s former assistant wait at the harbor. The minister wants to know where the valuable vases are. Rinoie’s former assistant assures him they are safe and sound at his house. The minister notes the commander’s family is holding a funeral. Then he yells his welcome to General Ito.  Ah, this is Mr. Big. General Ito is pleased by the greeting. He declares Emperor Gojong should be thrilled to see him.

  Emperor Gojong is stoic as the General Ito explains that Japan will be the conduit to the powerful western countries. Emperor Gojong assigns Minister Lee to serve General Ito. The caption reads that Education Minister Lee Wan Yong was one of five traitors.

The Five Traitors refers to those officials serving under Emperor Gojong who signed the Treaty of 1905 making Korea a protectorate of Japan. The five officials were Education Minister Lee Wan Yong, Army Minister Lee Geun Taek, Interior Minister Lee Ji Yong, Foreign Affairs Minister Park Je Sun, and Agriculture, Commerce, and Industry Minister Gwon Jung Hyeon.

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) is surprised to have a telegram. It reads “I wish to see you there on that day at that time”. He doesn’t recognize the sender’s name.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) stares at the eight ball. Hee Sung asks why she’s in the billiards room. Hee Na says “my ball is hidden behind the eight ball”. She asks what that means. Hee Sung says that means danger. They stare at each other. Hee Sung shows the telegram he received. Hee Na realizes their telegrams were switched.  She tells Hee Sung that both messages indicate the need for rescue.

Having learned of Ae Shin’s plight from Hee Na, Emperor Gojong tells the minister to put together a delegation for Japan to thank them for their support. After EM leaves, Emperor Gojong picks up the phone and asks if Hee Na overheard the conversation. She confirms this. He wants Ae Shin retrieved unharmed. Hee Na reports they have someone in Japan to help. She also knows someone that can contact others in Japan. She looks at Hee Sung, who is there in the room.

Tokyo, 1904.

As soon as Dong Mae gets off the boat a woman approaches and suggests they take a walk. Dong Mae pulls away. The woman reveals that Hee Sung requested they meet. That gets Dong Mae’s attention. Flashback shows this is the woman that Hee Sung was involved with before he left Japan.

Dress in her black suit, Ae Shin stares at her ring. She pulls off a shoelace and threads it through the ring and tucks it inside her jacket.

The moment of reflection is broken when the big boss’s men enter the room. Ae Shin grabs her shotgun and takes aim. She ends up cornered. But Dong Mae enters and sweeps his sword like a machete. He dispatches the men. Ae Shin can hardly believe it. Once the room is quiet Ae Shin and Dong Mae stare at each other.

Dong Mae is an impressive swordsman. The intensity in his gaze…hot!

Dong Mae brings Ae Shin and her rebel cohort to a safe residence. She’s taken aback when her rebel cohort reminds her that he must return to his parent’s hometown and cannot go with her to Korea. He wishes her and his master (the potter, recall he was the one that made the pottery) well. Tears fill Ae Shin’s eyes. He charges Dong Mae with keeping her safe. He leaves. Dong Mae comments the rebel assumed a relationship that wasn’t there. Dong Mae can clearly see that Ae Shin is upset and wants to soothe her. He quips he should have asked where the boy lived. Dong Mae informs her many are trying to get her back to Korea safely. He notes Hee Na planned, Hee Sung offered his residence, and Emperor Gojong has sent a delegation. Dong Mae tells her she will join the delegation. Ae Shin asks if he will return to Korea with her. Dong Mae chuckles he can’t pretend to be a court lady. He assures her he can survive in Japan. Ae Shin thanks him for coming to her rescue. Ae Shin spies that Dong Mae is bleeding. Against his protest she binds the wound. Dong Mae stares at her like a dying man gasping for air. Ae Shin states she’ll find him in three months and pay the next installment. She orders him the transaction must be face to face. Dong Mae murmurs that she saves him every time. He tells her to rest and goes to stand guard. Ae Shin watches her protector go.

Awk! Tears!

Outside Dong Mae grips his sword as he tries to keep a grip on his emotions.

Okay, could Dong Mae be any more intense or hot? And I mean hot in a sexy way but also in a soulful way. He could evaporate clothing with his laser stare!

The Korean delegation makes their way through town.

Ae Shin reads a poetry book in Hee Sung’s stash. She realizes that Hee Sung was right, words have power. The door opens and a woman enters. Ae Shin points her gun then realizes this is who’s come to take her to the delegation. The woman confirms this.

The Korean delegation makes their way through town, Dong Mae watches Ae Shin dress in the court lady garb. He walks away.

America, 1904.

In handcuffs, Eugene appears before a military judge. He admits to being reckless but he had to protect the woman who was protecting her country. Eugene thanks the American soldiers in Japan for helping. The judge declares his actions treason but due to Kyle’s report, he agrees there are mitigation circumstances.

Tokyo, 1904.

The gang surrounds Dong Mae on the beach. They draw their swords. Dong Mae knows the time has come. He draws his sword for his final stand.

Awk! Tears!

America, 1904.

Eugene walks away for the courtroom with a 3-year prison sentence and a dishonorable discharge.

Tokyo, 1904.

Dong Mae manages to kill many but the big boss and more men arrive. The big boss tells Dong Mae that treasuring something more than himself has made it so he cannot live life for himself. That is deemed unacceptable. All the men draw their swords. Dong Mae draws his sword. The big boss draws his sword and slashes into Dong Mae who falls backwards into the sea. In the water Dong Mae drops his sword and sinks.

Dong Mae “died” with dignity. Is he really dead?

America, 1904.

Eugene sits in his prison cell.

Korea, 1904.

Hee Na gives Hee Sung a package from Eugene (from Japan). It’s a camera. Hee Sung muses that Eugene must have been there to help. Hee Sung states that Eugene always had his weapon aimed at the right people. He smiles and says that Eugene must have rooted for him.

Dong Mae’s second in command waits for his return. He recalls Dong Mae’s words that if he doesn’t return in a month, to disband. Instead the second in command tells the men that Dong Mae is taking longer than expected so they’ll have to make a new plan for the future and leave this city.

Got to say it, the second in command’s intensity factor works for me!

Emperor Gojong welcomes Ae Shin back. She thanks everyone that helped make it happen. Emperor Gojong states based on Seung Goo’s suggestion, he got her a gift. Ae Shin is stunned as under clothes in a trunk, a Russian rifle is revealed. Emperor Gojong implores her to stay alive. Ae Shin agrees.

Seung Goo knows the perfect gift Ae Shin. Of course, it is the same gift Eugene once gave her. Both men shoot and score! I appreciate that Emperor Gojong, even though his power is neutered, has done what he could. Before he didn’t do that, but now he does.

Hee Na and Ae Shin meet at the bakery. Ae Shin thanks Hee Na for her effects to extract her from Japan. She tells Hee Na to thank Hee Sung as well. Hee Na tells her she lost her father and Ae Shin lost her parents, so they are even. Ae Shin says she heard what happened the Korean traitor. Hee Na states the traitor was her father. Ae Shin’s eyes widen in shock.  Hee Na takes a breath and tells Ae Shin her father killed Ae Shin’s parents. Ae Shin murmurs they could never be allies. Hee Na tells her someone is waiting for her at the foreigner’s cemetery. Hee Na says her debt to Ae Shin is paid in full.

Ae Shin’s faithful servants are waiting at the foreigner’s cemetery. They hug. They report her aunt is safe in Manchuria. They’ve returned for her. The trusted female servant declares that Ae Shin is too thin, and unable to survive with only painting as a skill. Ae Shin hugs this woman, who is her second mother.

Touching moment.

Hee Sung’s mother isn’t impressed with the match maker’s wife selections for her son. She notices a new servant. She’s told the girl used to be nobility before her family fell on hard times and now acts as a seamstress. Hee Sung’s mother considers.

The seamstress goes to the pawn broker brothers (Il Sik and Choon Sik). She shocks them with the news that she knows who she wants to marry and needs their help. She points to Hee Sung and declares she wants to marry him. Hee Sung quips he gets this a lot. The seamstress explains her brother is about to be expelled from the royal academy because his sponsor left the country, therefore she needs to be married.  Hee Sung grouses she’s not enamored with him. The pawn broker brother realize Eugene was her brother’s sponsor. They declare she’s Jun Yeong’s sister. They offer to forge Hee Sung’s signature as the sponsor if he won’t sign. Hee Sung can’t believe it. He watches the girl sew. He walks over to her and declares she’s being very calm. The seamstress says that his sign, the flower, has wilted. Hee Sung is surprised she knows the flower is the paper’s sign. She hands him an embroidered flower that perfectly matches. Awk! Tears! Hee Sung is surprised at the gift. She smiles as says this flower will never wilt. Hee Sung really looks at her.

My goodness, that was perfect! Terrific introduction. Her insight into his sign and the sweet embroidered flower was beautiful.

Hee Na is not happy to learn that Dong Mae’s men have left town. She recalls Dong Mae saying bad boys die first. She hears marching. The Japanese army and commander have arrived. He informs her they require the second floor of the hotel. He states this is an opportunity to provide her patriotism as a Japanese citizen. Hee Na can do nothing as the Korean flag is removed and replaced by a Japanese flag. She wonders what to do to retaliate. She muses that supporting the struggle for independence might do the trick.

3-year time jump…Korea, 1907.

Ae Shin touches the talisman wedding ring around her neck. She glares into the land, her land, controlled by the Japanese.

The Baker is horrified to read that at the Tokyo fair attendees pay to see a Korean man and woman locked in a cage. The Japanese calls the Koreans animals. Men are pulled and beaten by the Japanese soldiers.

The traitorous 7 ministers appear before Emperor Gojong claiming that Japan is merely helping them navigate political waters.  In reality “the treaty provided that Korea should act under the guidance of a Japanese resident general. The effect of the treaty’s provisions was that the administration of internal affairs was turned over to Japan”. Minister Lee informs Emperor Gojong that General Ito is angry that delegates were sent to the Hauge without his consent. They tell Emperor Gojong to take his own life in penance. Emperor Gojong can’t believe it. The minister press that Japan can crush them like a bug. They state Emperor Gojong made this mess, he must clean it up either by suicide or surrender or a personal apology to Emperor Meiji of Japan. Hee Sung reads the newspaper account and crushes it in anger. The seamstress rushes to him with the news the palace is surrounded. Hee Sung realizes the Japanese are trying to dethrone Emperor Gojong.

The ministers press Emperor Gojong to abdicate and give his seat to the crown prince. Livid, Emperor Gojong asks if they are willing to serve the Japanese. Sorry Emperor Gojong, but that’s already happened. Minister Lee pulls a pistol on Emperor Gojong and calls him a fool. Seung Goo pulls his rifle on Minister Lee. Another minister pulls a gun. Seung Goo asks Emperor Gojong to allow him to kill Minister Lee. The Japanese soldiers rush into the room. Defeated, Emperor Gojong agrees to abdicate. They move to take Seung Goo. Emperor Gojong yells they cannot have Seung Goo, they got his throne. Seung Goo’s eyes widen at Emperor Gojong’s words.

Awk! Tears!

America, 1907.

We’ve come full circle as Eugene in civilian clothes stares at a music box in the window of a music store. He still wears his wedding band. Eugene gives Joseph’s bible to a minister. As he sits in the church he asks God if he hears the words of those that don’t pray.

Sitting outside, Eugene has the daydream that Ae Shin described to him. Tears fill his eyes. He wonders if all of this has a reason.

A student asks Eugene for directions. They are please to learn they are both from Korea. Eugene tells the student to follow him. Eugene asks what has happened in Korea for the last 3 years. The student says the Japanese won the Russo–Japanese War. Next Korean was forced to sign the Treaty of 1905. Korean is now under Japanese rule. The Americans left first. When they reach their destination. They shake hands and introduce themselves. Eugene uses his Korean name. The student says he is An Chang Ho. Reference “a Korean independence activist and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the United States.” Eugene tells Chang Ho that there are rebels in Korea that will never give up. Chang Ho says he’s one of them. Eugene is struck by those words.

As Eugene walks near to a train he thinks “I will devote my life to this cause. Each step I took, I clung to a vain hope. Keep me alive and I will go like the wind.”

Excellent. Eugene has found is calling. He’s going back to Korea.

Korea, 1907.

The rebels blow up a building, Gukmin Shinbosa.  Ae Shin is the sniper. They blow up traitorous Minister Lee’s home.

Sketches of the rebels are posted. Hee Sung and the seamstress look at them. The seamstress asks if the rebel woman is THE woman. Hee Sung retorts those aren’t men or women, those are righteous people. The seamstress puts her hand on his heart and says there’s a woman in there.  Hee Sung recalls telling Ae Shin he knew she had another in her heart. Hee Sung says he now knows how she (Ae Shin) felt pity in that situation. He pulls her hand away. She smiles a pained smile.

The academy army runs past. Her brother Jun Yeong stops to explain they’ve been called to the palace became Emperor Gojong has abdicated.

The city goes into mourning. They call to Emperor Gojong unable to believe the situation. Hee Na watches her countrymen suffer more.

With a realtor Hee Na goes to Dong Mae’s dojo, which is still vacant. She states she’ll buy it. Alone she touches his garment. She recalls telling him not to die first. Tears fill her eyes.

Manchuria, 1907.

Dong Mae lies in an opium den in Manchuria clutching Ae Shin’s coin.

You knew and I knew it, Dong Mae isn’t dead.

Japan, 1907.

Eugene surprises Kyle with a visit. His friend is delighted to see him. Eugene thanks him for helping 3 years ago. Kyle asks why Eugene has come. Kyle ask if that means Korea is home. Eugene declares America is his home with or without a uniform. Eugene says this time he’s returns to Korea to move forward with his life. Kyle tells him to come back. Eugene promises. He asks Kyle why he wanted to be his friend. Kyle says he’s a good man deserving of friendship. Eugene thanks his friend wishes God is with him always. Kyle wishes him luck.

Awk! Tears! Kyle has been a good friend to Eugene. He proved that many times.

Korea, 1907.

Traitorous Minister Lee is told by General Ito that the Koreans must be punished for their protests. He orders the military disbanded.

The army is told they are no longer. Each man gets a cruddy cash tip from the Emperor. Anyone who disobeys will be killed.

The academy leader kills himself instead of following the order. The academy army learns of his death. The young solider Jun Yeong remembers Eugene’s prediction that this would happen. He yells to his fellow cohorts the Japanese will take their weapons. The Japanese open fire. The trio rushes to the weapons storehouse and takes the weapons. It is mayhem.

Seung Goo falls to his knees before Emperor Gojong and declares he is leaving to join the fight. The ribbon from his wife’s hair is wrapped around his rifle. Emperor Gojong pleads with him not to live for he will surely die. Seung Goo refuses saying a rebel is his calling.

Seung Goo runs out into the fray and shoots several soldiers. He finds the trio (one is injured). He tells them there isn’t time, they are out manned, have insufficient weapons, so they must flee. He tells the trio he’ll provide cover and they must run. They ask if Seung Goo will come. Seung Goo flashes back to his father refusing to leave his post even though the battle could not be won. He barks the same words his father said and refuses to leave. He orders the trio to do as he says. They agree. The seamstress’s brother declares he’ll lead the remaining soldiers. Seung Goo bids him good bye. He rushes back to the Japanese, his wife’s ribbon waving from his rifle. When he reaches the courtyard, he’s shot and surrounded by the Japanese. He drops the dynamite. He flashes back to fighting with his father. He stretches out his hand and manages to light the dynamite. It explodes. The young soldiers hear the blast and see the flames. Resolve grips their hearts. More rebels have just been born.

Awk! Tears! I had a soft spot for this teddy bear of a man, whose principles never wavered with a true heart of a rebel.

It’s chaos in the streets. The Japanese capture and shot soldier. The tailor saves a soldier and is beaten. But a shot rings out killing the Japanese solider about to kill him. It’s Hee Na!

Awk! Tears! The music is moving, the carnage is difficult to watch, but the rebel spirit is inspiring.

The trio of soldiers make their way to the rebel training area. The potter demands to know who attacked them. He’s told the Japanese disbanded the military. They learn Seung Goo is dead. The potter is shocked. Ae Shin is numb.

Awk! Tears!

The citizens claim their dead.

At the hotel, the Japanese soldiers have a party to celebrate. Hee Na tells the servers not to stint on alcohol.

Ae Shin approach the hotel, aware the Japanese soldiers are celebrating.

A man walks through the town. It’s Eugene!

A man walks through the town. It’s Dong Mae!

They see each other. Eugene says Dong Mae must be returning from a far-off location. Dong Mae says Eugene must be returning from a far-off location. Eugene says Ae Shin wasn’t with him. Dong Mae says Ae Shin wasn’t with him. They the shot of a rifle.

Hee Na rushes out of the hotel. A Japanese soldier grabs her hair and demands to know where she’s going considering the gunshot. Ae Shin shots the soldier. She rushes to Hee Na and says they must flee the dynamite has been lit.

Eugene and Dong Mae run to the hotel. They see two figures running away from the hotel. The hotel implodes. Eugene and Dong Mae stare in horror at the burning wreck of the Glory hotel.

My Thoughts

Director Lee lit it up!  Writer Kim kept our core four alive! I am thrilled that our foursome survived and are about to reunited. The cruelty of the Japanese, the oppression of the citizens, never extinguished the drive to take their country back. You shake your head at invaders’ belief that they have the right to take and suppress the country they occupy. America gave the native Indians a raw deal (past and present). The English subjugated India. It never goes well for the natives when another country occupies. But back to this episode..Emperor Gojong’s broken spirit when he abdicated, his stand for Seung Goo, his plea for Seung Goo not to go, showed a man tortured by his decisions that helped give his country over to the Japanese. I cheered for the trio of soldiers as they decided to fight, were saved by Seung Goo and made their way to the rebels. Seung Goo’s last stand with his wife’s ribbon tied to his gun was effective. The flashbacks to the episode 1 moments with his father gave Seung Goo a full circle moment and an honorable death.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) has done the time for his crime and decided to return to Korea to help the rebels. Eugene had a full circle moment as he stood outside the shop and looked at the music box just like he did in the first episode. Nice touch by Writer Lee having Eugene meet An Chang Ho. I was glad to see Eugene bond with Kyle in Japan before returning to Korea. Kyle has been a supportive friend and their bonding was well deserved moment for these two characters. I loved Eugene and Dong Mae’s short but effective exchange at the end of the episode. The barriers are all gone, now these two will work together. Eugene didn’t take off his ring. Why? Because in his heart he’s married to Ae Shin.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) extracted retribution. She went solo to the hotel and lit it up. I assume Hee Na was the mastermind but Ae Shin executed it well. The shock of learning that Rinoie was Hee Na’s father was real. These two women will continue to be effective working together. The moments in Japan with Eugene in the cell were lovely. Kim Tae Ri brimmed with emotion. I was bummed their kiss was interrupted. I predict they will lock lips sometime in the final two episodes. She kept the ring near her heart. Why? In her heart she’s Eugene’s wife.

Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) survived the sword strike of the big boss.  I feared that Writer Kim may kill Dong Mae, considering the timeframe and the odds of surviving betraying his gang were very low. But the ocean claimed his wounded body and he surfaced 3 years later in Manchuria. Dong Mae kept his promise to Ae Shin’s Grandfather. He went to Japan and protected her. I loved him for it. When he battled the swarm of men and survived, I was impressed. I look forward to our foursome working together. And yes, I’m hoping for romance between Dong Mae and Hee Na.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) decided the rebels needed her. She’s “all in” supporting the rebels. She’s one cool customer and a perfect partner for Ae Shin. When she bought Dong Mae’s dojo she was staking her claim on him. Will she get a kiss from Dong Mae before Ae Shin gets a kiss from Eugene?

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) is unable to give his heart to another. I like the seamstress. I like that Hee Sung saw himself reflected in her. Hee Sung’s evolution has been a bright spot.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri in Mr. Sunshine. (Photo Courtesy of Hwa&Dam/Netflix)


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  1. Beez says:

    Did you guys see the final two episodes won’t be shown this week?
    According to AsianWiki:
    “The final two episodes, ep.23 & 24, will air one week later than originally planned. A special Korean Thanksgiving Day director’s version “Mr. Sunshine Gun, Glory, Sad Ending” will air on Saturday, September 22, 2018 and entertainment program “Great Escape” will air on Sunday, September 23, 2018. Ep.23 will now air on Saturday, September 29, 2018 and ep.24 will air on Sunday, September 30, 2018.”

    Now the question is – how can we view this special? And while I want to see it, I’d rather see it AFTER the show concludes as the title seems to indicate it might give away something and I don’t want to be spoiled. 😕


  2. Beez says:

    I haven’t read this recap yet either so it’s kind of good the show is giving me a break this week as I’m Dong mae’d out again. Dong mae’d in a good way.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    This was a heart 💓 wrenching episode❗ Dong Mae 🗡️ made a dangerous ⚠️ choice going to Japan 🇯🇵 to save Ae Shin 🔫👸. I believe Musin Society is a yakuza or yakuza-type organized crime group. Dong Mae 🗡️ was so AWESOME as he protected Ae Shin 🔫👸 from Musin Society. I was glad Ae Shin 🔫👸 thanked him and dressed his arm wound. I didn’t know if he will be safe from his gang … and then he was not … at least he had the honor of having the godfather send him off … I sobbed 💦.

    For Eugene 🎖️ to be dishonorably discharged had to be so much worse than going to prison. Firing at the embassy was reckless, but how were Eugene’s actions considered treason❓⁉️ Eugene 🎖️ valued his military career as it gave him citizenship or at least made he feel like a real American 🇺🇸 … I sobbed💦.

    HOW DARE Joseon 🇰🇷 ministers ask the Emperor 👑 to kill himself or step down from the throne and point a gun 🔫 at him … I sobbed 💦.

    Seong Goo 🥋 valiently came picking off the Japanese 🇯🇵 snipers and then sacrificed his life to help the younger soldiers escape … I sobbed 💦.

    What a shock for Ae Shin 🔫👸 to find out Lee Wan Ik 🎩, who she killed, was Hee Na’s 👘 father and then discover Lee Wan Ik 🎩 killed her parents.

    Do Hee Na 👘 and Hee Sung 🃏 think Eugene 🎖️ is dead? Eugene’s 🎖️ gift of a camera for Hee Sung 🃏 was a wonderful gesture of friendship. Hee Sung 🃏 is intrigued by the noble seamstress, especially that she is not interested in him for his looks. She is sweet 🍭 and Hee Sung’s 🃏 mother seemed to have interest in her. Oh Hee Sung 🃏 needs to open his heart to the wonderful young woman. I want EVERYONE to have a happy ending.

    Being forced to quarter Japanese 🇯🇵 soldiers at the Glory Hotel 🏨 must have been Hee Na’s 👘 tipping point to fully join the rebellion. Gotta 💗 Hee Na for taking out a few Japanese 🇯🇵 with her pistol 🔫 and then sacrificed her Hotel 🏨 to get rid of more enemy soldiers. Will Hee Na 👘 be blamed by the Japanese 🇯🇵❓⁉️

    How in the world is it possible Dong Mae 🗡️ survived? I swear his throat was slashed. How did he end up in Manchuria?

    I 💗 Kyle for playing the “hand” ✋ card to protect Eugene🎖️ and Ae Shin 🔫👸. What a great friend to make a diversion for Ae Shin 🔫👸 to get away. Eugene 🎖️ and Kyle have an amazing friendship. The part of Kyle has been PERFECTLY PORTRAYED by David McInnis, this is his BEST acting ever. The anticipation of Eugene 🎖️ returning to Joseon 🇰🇷 rose as I saw his black leather shoes walking towards geta clad feet … I hoped … and that hope turned to overwhelming feelings when I saw Eugene AND Dong Mae meet … Two more heros for Joseon 🇰🇷, Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Hee Na 👘.

    Surely Ae Shin 🔫👸 and Hee Na 👘 were only knocked away by the explosion 💥 and not caught in the fireball 🔥 of the Hotel 🏨 explosion 💥.


    • Dong Mae 🗡️ made a dangerous ⚠️ choice going to Japan 🇯🇵 to save Ae Shin 🔫👸
      Ae Shin’s Grandfather must have known that Dong Mae would protect her with his life.

      how were Eugene’s actions considered treason❓⁉️
      I wondered the same. Soompi commentator bedifferent stated “It is a situation where Japan is at war with Joseon so the US legation in Japan doesn’t want to interfere for risk of putting US/Japan relationship at strain. Think of it in the same way as Mori and Eugene both cannot kill each other in Joseon because it will put the countries into difficult situation. Ae Shin is not yet a citizen so doesn’t have all the rights like Eugene so it is a tough call. She deserves some protection, yes, but Eugene was not supposed to be passing through to begin with”

      HOW DARE Joseon 🇰🇷 ministers ask the Emperor 👑 to kill himself or step down
      That was cold blooded and showed total lack of respect.

      Seong Goo 🥋 valiently came picking off the Japanese 🇯🇵 snipers and then sacrificed his life to help the younger soldiers escape
      Warrior’s death was befitting of that rebel bear of a man.

      I want EVERYONE to have a happy ending.
      It might happen considering the core four and Hee Sung are still alive.

      How did he end up in Manchuria?
      Good question. I wonder if he’ll provide an explanation in the last two episodes. Maybe a fishing boat picked him and their next stop was a southern port in Manchuria.

      Eugene 🎖️ and Kyle have an amazing friendship… PERFECTLY PORTRAYED by David McInnis, this is his BEST acting ever.
      I’m pleased not to be irked by David McInnis’ acting. Kyle is a wonderful friend.

      hope turned to overwhelming feelings when I saw Eugene AND Dong Mae meet … Two more heros for Joseon 🇰🇷, Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Hee Na 👘
      Yep, the gang will be back together (including Hee Sung) to stir up trouble for the Japanese in the last 2 episodes.

      Surely Ae Shin 🔫👸 and Hee Na 👘 were only knocked away by the explosion 💥 and not caught in the fireball 🔥 of the Hotel 🏨 explosion 💥
      Director Lee made it look like they were caught in the fireball, but I agree they need to be knocked aside not into the fireball.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I’m a bit concerned about the safety of our heroines, Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Hee Na 👘. Now that I’m caught up with the recaps, bit is killing me to have to wait another week for the final episodes. Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Hee Na 👘 may be the toughest women in Joseon 🇰🇷, outside of Mrs Haman,but they are human beings and that was a HUGE BLAST 💣💥


  4. Teresa says:

    I watch the series in Netflix and I’ve been hooked since episode 1. I loved the last episode so much that I had to come and see who was watching it with me 😉
    I was afraid the director would kill Dong Mae due to the whines of those accusing him of leaving Japan with a good face (a bit worse and I wouldn’t be able to enter church on Sunday due to murderous thought I have ;)) so glad Dong Mae didn’t die and that scene of him seating on the cliff with Eugene made me laugh, delight and healed the trouble, pain and sorrow of my soul during this episode.
    I enjoyed seeing it all again through your eyes. I loved your top marks and am wondering if the less valued had to do with you blinking 😉 kidding but for me all episodes so far earn all top of the marks.
    Glad the kiss didn’t happen. It would be to Americanize what stands and shines miles from it… and since the beggining we have seen that “love” has stages. Still not in that stage I think 🙂 I looooove to see Eugene (still can’t say his real name) in civil clothes. That man makes the suit and not the other way around.
    Thank you 🙂


    • Glad the kiss didn’t happen. It would be to Americanize what stands and shines miles from it… and since the beginning we have seen that “love” has stages
      Good point. I’ll admit I still want them to kiss.

      I looooove to see Eugene (still can’t say his real name) in civil clothes. That man makes the suit and not the other way around
      I agree that he wears the clothes, they don’t wear him.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      • Beez says:

        About the “missing kiss”, besides it being “too American” (but remember, Eugene is American), I do agree that even Americans were less into PDA back in this era.

        But I also think that the show may be playing it cautiously because of LBH’s scandals that has a lot of people boycotting this drama because of that. He’s married to one of Korea’s celebrity sweethearts and Kfans can be very VERY “very” when it comes to stars’ marriage and relationships.

        I’ve noticed it depends on the celebrity. For instance, if a star is/was a Kpop idol, fans are rabid about them not having any kind of relationship. Then you have stars like Jang Hyuk where his wife is an unknown regular person and nobody cares who he kisses (or has on screen sex with in his movies). But Kwon Sang-Woo’s wife is a well known actress and his career went into the tank as far as romantic roles go (which may be why we had the walking-on-eggshells (non) relationship in Mystery Queen).

        This is why K male stars delay marriage for a long as they can and keep long-term relationships secret. The only one I’ve seen who goes public with his girlfriends and doen’t seem to worry about any backlash is Lee Min ho.

        Look at Gong Yoo. A 39 year old man kim American years/41 in K-years) and has never had a “scandal”. Scandal in Korean culture is just the knowledge of him going in a date with anyone, ever! You KNOW that man has/is dating somebody.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Thanks for the reminder Beez that culturally many Koreans do seem to object to screen romances 💕 for Korean actors/actresses who are married, especially to another star 🌟, and that many stars 🌟 who have been involved in scandals, like LBH, have been shunned.

          Korean fans are NOT quick to forgive stars ⭐ who violate social mores. Just look at bachelor Kim Hyun Joong, who quietly joined the military when allegations of hitting his girlfriend and paternity 👶 issues arose and then he didn’t help himself with a DUI soon after his military service. While there were some indications of the former girlfriend entrapped him, he did not behave very well and put both his singing AND acting careers on hold for a while. I read he released his first album in years, this past week and is scheduled to be in a Kdrama before the end of the year. Time will tell if the Korean public accepts him…

          I think Lee Min Ho has skated by because he is NOT married AND he has NOT had a sex scandal. I concur that Gong Yoo has probably been dating in secret. When I was younger I thought it would be awesome to be a celebrity, but now I see what a pain in the butt it would be for a celebrity to try to have a private life. In my and my family’s run-ins with celebrities, it seems they are much happier when they are ignored.


          • Beez says:

            Lee Min ho is above it all. For other stars it’s a “scandal” just to be caught dating. LMH publicly dated Park Min Young (during & after City Hunter) and he publicly dated Bae Suzy but they announced their break up (either 2017 or this year, I forget). These were adult relationships. But maybe just the fact that he’s always put it out there right from the git go, and fans are so over the top about him, they just had to accept it if they were going to continue to be fans.


  5. Beez says:

    These were my thoughts as I watched the episode:

    What exactly IS the deal with the autopsy report?
    Eugene brought it to Heena but wasn’t that the fake anyway which says what Hee na wants it to say? If it’s the real one, didn’t Heena take that during her battle with Aeshin in Ronoie’s house, and how is it in Eugene’s possession?

    And there you have it – the reason Dong mae is more swoon worthy (in my book) than Eugene. In today’s lingo, Eugene respects Ae shin’s “agency”. Dong mae is ruled by his uncontrollable emotions/love for Aeshin. He is there to protect her whether she wants it or not. (Granted, if the guy isn’t the one you want or a jerk/creep, then it’s just stalking.)

    Dong mae with awkward small talk with the Japanese helper-comrad “should i have asked him where his hometown is?” lol

    “Even you?” Ae shin says and is surprised at Dong mae’s rescue. She has no idea – for everyone else that’s helping her, it was a coin toss that they would be willing or able. Dong mae coming was inevitable.

    As much as I love Dong mae, I thought the scene falling from the cliff was epic and would have been a fitting death scene. I almost wish they’d left it at that or at least let us suffer in thinking he was dead for at least another week.

    Epic death (however his bangs never moved despite being submerged in water).

    And I never thought I’d see anyone look so cool running in those types of sandals but… And when he climbed to the top of the building Ae shin was hiding & fighting in, landing like an animae character…
    As long as I’m on that scene, let me mention how great it was from the moment Ae shin began fighting down the staircase. It looked realistic. They didn’t have Ae shin with super strength or power tossing around guys twice her size who are skilled with Samurai swords but instead showed her being strategic. And then hiding behind the dead enemy thinking “this is it” but then… Well you guys saw it, I just felt the need to say how much I loved it!

    Here is a behind the scenes video of the actor playing Dong mae discussing his character:


    • the reason Dong mae is more swoon worthy (in my book) than Eugene. In today’s lingo, Eugene respects Ae shin’s “agency”. Dong mae is ruled by his uncontrollable emotions/love for Aeshin.
      I agree that Dong Mae is ruled by his feelings for Ae Shin where Eugene loves her and supports her need to “do her thing”. What makes Dong Mae swoon worthy is intensity, wry humor, a code of behavior that is unflinching. Then there’s the “hot” factor. He’s physically appealing with a hitched up smile that wins your heart.

      “should i have asked him where his hometown is?” lol
      Writer Kim excels at providing those moments.

      the scene falling from the cliff was epic and would have been a fitting death scene. I almost wish they’d left it at that or at least let us suffer in thinking he was dead for at least another week. Epic death (however his bangs never moved despite being submerged in water).
      It would have been a fitting death scene. His bloody battle with his brothers (fellow gang members) only to be “killed” by his father (big boss) showed his bravery and the futility of escape. LOL about his bangs not moving!

      how great it was from the moment Ae shin began fighting down the staircase. It looked realistic. They didn’t have Ae shin with super strength or power tossing around guys twice her size who are skilled with Samurai swords but instead showed her being strategic
      Well stated observation.

      Thanks for the video! You can’t overdose on Dong Mae.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Thanks Beez, I enjoyed the Yoo Yeon Suk video. I 💗 the way he explained his perspective of Dong Mae 🗡️.

      In response to your question about the autopsy report Eugene 🎖️ gave Hee Na 👘, it was the fake which was found in Dr Matsuyama’s 🏔️ office during the investigation of Lee Wan Ik’s 🎩 murder and the doctor’s “suicide”. I believe Hee Na 👘 burned the original autopsy report, which purported to incriminate Hee Na 👘 for murdering her abusive husband; it is probably just as well that the fake was destroyed.

      Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 fight against the Musin Society ambush exhibited Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 cunning strategy and Dong Mae’s 🗡️ heroism as he fiercely came to Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 rescue.

      I concur that leaving Dong Mae 🗡️ in the “dead” zone for the entire episode would have had more impact than bringing him back so quickly. Let’s face it, it would have been agonizing to wait another week or actually two weeks, due to Chuseok, to wallow in depression over Dong Mae’s 🗡️ death, but I imagine my joy would have been greater with more mourning time.

      I see your point Beez about Dong Mae 🗡️ being swoon-worthy due to his willingness to give his all for Ae Shin 🔫 👸. I thought Eugene 🎖️ was equally willing to give his all. I see the difference was the consequences demanded by the code of conduct of their organizations: US Marines required a dishonorable discharge and a 3 year prison sentence for betrayal, while Musin Society, the Yakuza-type organization, required death of the betrayer.

      There something romantic about Dong Mae’s 🗡️ unrestrained, passionate protection of Ae Shin 🔫 👸. Eugene’s 🎖️ constant respectful, supportive protection of Ae Shin 🔫 👸 was also romantic, but was a low-key articulation of his passion. Dong Mae 🗡️ expresses his passion, but I’m not sure his passion for Ae Shin 🔫 👸 is any greater that what Eugene 🎖️ feels. I am drawn to both of these heros, but I find myself conflicted between Black Knight Dong Mae 🗡️, who was passionate but vengeful, unpredictable and dangerous, and White Knight Eugene 🎖️, whose loving, comforting and warm passion was less obvious. The White Knight is the clear choice for me, but THERE IS APPEAL for the Black Knight who wears his passion on his sleeve and offers the opportunity to “burn brightly for a short time before the flame is snuffed out”. Is Hee Sung 🃏, the passionate journalist nee feckless lothario, the Gray Knight❓⁉️

      Ae Shin 🔫 👸, the object of their affections, is ultimately the judge of who is the most swoon-worthy. I think Ae Shin 🔫 👸 has come appreciate Dong Mae’s 🗡️ protection, but her heart 💗 belongs to Eugene 🎖️. “If the guy isn’t the one you want … then it’s just stalking.” -Beez


      • Beez says:

        My brain says “White Knight” but my heart and loins are notoriously known for picking the wrong guy!


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