Mr. Sunshine Episode 21 Recap

Mr. Sunshine Episode 21 Recap

Korea, January, 1904.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) finds Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) in his hotel room when he returns. Eugene notes she hasn’t kept her part of the bargain to let him know how she’s faring. Ae Shin says that why she is here. She knows he’s returning to America. Eugene asks if she there to say goodbye. She asks him to take her with him. Eugene knows she’s using him. He asks what she’ll do if he refuses. Ae Shin knows he won’t. Eugene notes that she’s not even pretending to want to be with him. He chides her for not declaring her love. He explains if she’d bother to do that, he’d believe her and risk everything for her. He asks where she wants to go. Ae Shin states Japan is her destination. Eugene admits she’s disappointed him.

Not the conversation two people in love should have. But Ae Shin has priorities and is unapologetic. Accomplishing the special mission takes precedence over love. I have to chuckle because male characters do this ALL THE TIME. Recall in DOTS the leading male character went on special missions leaving the woman he loved behind without guilt. Straight forward Eugene calls her on it. He’s disappointed, but his love doesn’t waver.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) takes the key from the commander and states she understands he’ll be the garrison lead when he returns from Japan. The commander retorts most congratulate him on the new position. Hee Na counters that business comes first and hopes he’s enjoyed his stay. Heading towards the exit he overhears a bellman tell Hee Na that he saw a black shadow in the commander’s room. That gets the commander’s attention. He demands to know details but the man doesn’t have specifics. The commander orders his men to search the hotel and find the black shadow. After the Japanese soldiers run up the stairs, she signals Ae Shin and Eugene with the bell pull.

Eugene realizes trouble is coming their way. He guesses it is the Japanese commander. Ae Shin tells him to watch her back and not to worry. On the diagonal she leaps from Eugene’s deck to Hee Sung’s deck.

Ae Shin enters Hee Sung’s room. She’s shocked to find him in the room. Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) is shocked too. Ae Shin lamely states she’s visiting per his request. Hee Sung points out he’d expected her to come through the front door. Ae Shin bluntly says Japanese soldiers are searching for her. Hee Sung realizes she’s using his room to hide. He smiles.

Ae Shin isn’t shy about using the men that love her but not in an unkind way. It’s all about the mission and surviving adversaries that want her caught and killed. Correspondingly the men that love her, have to help her avoid her adversaries.

The commander bangs on Eugene’s door and snaps he took long enough to open it. The commander strides in and sees the empty room. He lies that he came to say goodbye because Eugene might be gone when he returns from Japan. Eugene encourage him to perform a thorough search. The commander declares Eugene is lucky that he’s leaving the country. The commander recommends he return to being an American soldier. He spies the valise under Eugene’s bed and opens it. He sees the Korean flag.

The soldiers bang on Hee Sung’s door. He yawns. They declare they are searching all rooms. They spy the woman on his bed (Ae Shin in a red robe). Hee Sung yells at them for eyeing his woman. They apologize and leave.

Hee Sung reenters the room and pulls out the new suit he had made for Hee Sung. He tells her he didn’t know if this would ever be needed, but the time as come. She thanks him.

The commander muses that Ae Shin had an American item and Eugene has a Korean item. Eugene counters that there was a list of Korean names in the commander’s room. Livid that Eugene searched his room, the commander grabs Eugene’s jacket. Eugene taunts there’s nothing that he can do to an American soldier. The commander promises when he returns from Japan he’ll find Ae Shin. He reminds Eugene that America took control of the Philippines just like the Japanese are doing in Korea. He predicts that American will upset the Philippines with their rule, England will upset India with their rule, and Japan will upset Korea with their rule. He promises Ae Shin will be hurt by Japan’s rule. Eugene clinches his jaw in suppressed fury.

Hate to say it but the commander is correct. Imperialism led to the standard operating procedure of colonization by powerful countries for economic and strategic gains. American “won” the Philippines as a spoil from the Spanish American war. But the Filipinos weren’t interested in new colonial rulers and fought back. “The ensuing Philippine-American War lasted three years and resulted in the death of over 4,200 American and over 20,000 Filipino combatants. As many as 200,000 Filipino civilians died from violence, famine, and disease.”

The hotel guests come down the stairs for scrutiny by the Japanese soldiers and the bellman. Hee Na sees Hee Sung in the new suit (not black like the bellman described) she recently delivered to his room. Hee Sung tries to create a diversion so Hee Sung can slip past but the soldiers yell at her to stop.

The commander taunts Eugene who decides he might just take him up on it. He pulls his gun. The commander’s eyes widen with surprise.

A shot is fired. The Japanese soldiers leave the lobby and rush upstairs. Ae Shin exits the front door. Hee Sung and Hee Na nod their approval of the outcome.

The commander can’t believe Eugene shot the floor near his foot. He’s angry when his soldiers burst in the room. They tell him there wasn’t an unknown Korean. He yells at them for not being thorough. He tells them the gunshot was a distraction. They leave. The commander tells Eugene that his actions make him wonder which country he’ll support. Eugene retorts he knows the answer.

The commander knows that Eugene’s loyalty is dual. He just can’t prove it.

Eugene watches the commander exit the hotel.

Jang Seung Goo (Choi Moo Sung) visit Eugene in his office having heard about Eugene interest in finding Ae Shin and the orders sending him back to America. Seung Goo asks if Ae Shin is going with him. Eugene states he knows that Ae Shin wants to go to Japan not America. Seung Goo apologizes for the rebels needing to use him. Eugene counters that Ae Shin’s Grandfather gave him the task to kill the commander. He says the time has come to keep that promise. He says either way he and Ae Shin will part. He admits that is a bitter pill. Seung Goo says the country will owe Eugene a big debt.

Hee Sung catches pawn broker brother Choon Sik making forgeries for Ae Shin and Eugene.

Are these fake identity documents?

Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) finds the rebels holding himself and his mute fortune teller at gunpoint. Dong Mae stares into Ae Shin’s eyes has she holds the shotgun on him. The potter states they need to know where in Japan Lord Lee has been taken. Dong Mae recalls one of the big boss’s men stating Manchuria was the stop before leaving for Japan. But he won’t tell. He admits he is no longer in favor because he didn’t track down the rebel that shot him. The potter asks for help. Dong Mae refuses. He promises the rebel that shot him, they will talk soon. Dong Mae turns to Ae Shin and tells her she’s still in debt to him and absence doesn’t absolve her.

Eugene meets Ae Shin at the bakery. She asks if he has an answer for her. Eugene writes “love” in the flour and puts a ring down for the “o”. He tells her due to the war, she won’t easily gain access to Japan. But he can facilitate. He hands her the forged document which defines her name as Ae Shin Choi. He explains that American wives take their husband’s last name. He picks up the ring and slides it on her finger. He explains how proposals are typically offered and the meaning is a declaration of love for the wife to be. He knows this isn’t a normal proposal. He can’t let her risk her life for this special mission and knows she will. In spite of this cruel truth, he cares for her. He’ll let her use him so he can keep her safe. He says they’ll leave for Japan in two days. He tells her to meet him at the train station. He leaves. Tears fill her eyes. Ae Shin remembers apologizing to Eugene that love was hard and not wanting to stop. She sobs that the dream of their relationship has turned into this arrangement.

Another atypical conversation for a leading couple. Eugene was forthright that he couldn’t let her risk herself and do nothing, so he was willing to offer the haven of being his pretend wife. I appreciated that Ae Shin grieved the loss of the romantic ideal they once shared.

At the royal academy Eugene watches the trainees fire their shotguns with precision. He announces today is their last session. They are shocked and ask why. Eugene share the proverb that an army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. He says as Japan’s power increases, they will shut down the royal academy. Japan will believe they are an army of sheep but he knows they are lions. He urges them to be courageous. As he strides past the young trainees salute him. He turns and sees the tears in the eyes of these young men on who the weight of Korea lies. He returns the salute and leaves.

Nice moment.

Do Mi cries when Eugene informs him he’s leaving. He sobs they’ll never see each again. He dashes away. Gwan Su (Jo Woo Jin) admits that Eugene was a stabilizing influence. He worries that Korea will get gobbled up by Japan. He asks why American isn’t honoring the treaty they signed with Korea in 1892 to protect them from invading powers. Eugene declares the facts are that American and England gave Japan big money to support the war against Russia and they can’t side with Korea because the war with Russia is bigger money and more important. He advises to stay safe, Gwan Su and Do Mi should remain at the American garrison.

Dressed in her suit, Ae Shin visits Dong Mae. He doesn’t like seeing her like this. She reminds him that she promised to kill him next they met, but she’s letting it slide. Dong Mae says her prepaid cash runs out in three months. He wants her to return in person so he can see she’s alive and well.

Dong Mae meets Eugene on the mountain top as requested. Eugene reveals he’s returning to America tomorrow. Dong Mae quips that good news. Eugene quips he heard sadness. Dong Mae retorts he’ll push him off the mountain if he keeps that up. Eugene smiles. Dong Mae notes that the commander just return to Japan. Eugene says he needs to keep his promise to Ae Shin’s Grandfather before he returns to America. Dong Mae realizes Eugene intends to stop off in Japan and kill the commander. He offers that a festival complete with fireworks will soon be held in Toyoko. Dong Mae is clear, those fireworks would cover the sound of gunfire. Eugene asks if Dong Mae is rooting for him to succeed. Dong Mae retorts he’s been rooting for Eugene to succeed for some time. Eugene tries to guess when he won Dong Mae’s approval. Dong Mae retorts he’ll push in off the mountain if he keeps that up. Eugene laughs.

Bromance brilliance. The quiet scene showed the depth of respect these two have for each other. Dong Mae admission that he’s supported Eugene surprised his friend. And yes, that’s what they are friends.

Continuing his farewell tour, Eugene meets with Hee Na. He thanks her for the jokes, coffee and hospitality. She tells him to return whenever he wants. He says he will.

At the train station, Eugene nervously waits for Ae Shin. She arrives. He takes in her western outfit. He murmurs that her beauty will be his last memory of Korea, a country he’ll never be able to forget.

Eugene can turn a pretty phrase!

On the train, Ae Shin shows her hand with the ring. She muses the Eugene must wear a similar ring to indicate they are married. Surprised, Eugene takes his ring out of his pocket and put it in her outstretched hand. She won’t let him pull his hand away. She gently puts the ring on his finger and strokes the ring. She declares her truth “I love you. I’ve loved you for a long time”. Tears fall down her face. Tears fill Eugene’s eyes.

Awk! Tears! Finally, Ae Shin reveals her heart. They both deserved to know that while the mission is the priority, they are a couple in love. I loved that Eugene had his ring ready to wear when needed. She beat him and gently placed the ring on his hand and told her truth. That was lovely.

Dong Mae’s mute fortune teller reveals the sad fate card. Dong Mae recalls every major moment with Ae Shin involved the color red.

Hee Sung’s father is sad that he wasted good food on Rinoie. Hee Sung promises to bring replacements. His father reports Hee Sung’s mother is busy finding him a wife. Hee Sung states he won’t marry. Not happy, his father reminds him an heir is required. Hee Sung points out his parents created that situation. His father calls him a brat. They end up laughing.

Il Sik and Choon Sik feel the loss of Eugene’s presence. Hee Sung listens to them miss Eugene. Il Sik brushes off shoes from the rebels of 1895 recalling they were forced to sell their belongings before going to Japan. He offers his pocket watch to cover his rent. Then he tries to take it back but the pawn broker brothers won’t release it.

Toyoko Japan.

As Eugene and Ae Shin wait in the customs queue he switches bags with her. The soldier accepts Eugene’s passport without comment but doubts the validity of Ae Shin’s passport. In English, Ae Shin declares she is his wife. The soldier says she’s fresh from Korea and wonders how she has a passport. He searches her bag which has books and Eugene’s mother’s tassel. He makes a rude comment. Eugene states he and his wife are passing through Japan as they return to American. He demands respect for his wife. The soldiers cave and hand the bag back to Ae Shin. Eugene grabs her hand and leads her away.

Outside the station, Ae Shin thanks Eugene for his help. She says it is best that they part ways. They switch bags. She puts on a brave smile and starts to turn. Eugene grabs her arm and asks if she want to come to America with him. Ae Shin asks if he really wants her distracted. With fervor Eugene points out that Korea cannot win against Japan. He begs her to live and go to America with him. He refuses to let her go. Ae Shin calmly tells him she’s dreamed of being in America with him. She shares her dreams. But her dreams always end with returning to Korea. She softly states they have to end it right here, right now. She tells him it’s time to return to his homeland. She wishes him a safe journey. She walks away. Tears fill Eugene’s eyes.

Ae Shin cries. The camera zooms in on her wedding ring. It begins to rain.

As she walks, three men surround her with bad intentions. She starts to defend herself but a man intervenes and chases the men away. The flashback reveals he’s the man that brought baby Ae Shin back to Korea after her parents were killed. He surprises her by knowing who she is. He says she’s all grown up. He explains he was her father’s friend and her mother’s cousin. His name is Song Yeong.

At the rebel hideout, Ae Shin hands over the document from Emperor Gojong. He declares this certificate will fund their cause. They talk guns of choice. He’s impressed with what she’s packing. He gives her the job of sniper while someone else will infiltrate the gang. He says Lord Lee will leave in 2 days’ time and they must get on his ship.

As Ae Shin checks out her Russian shotgun she notices her wedding band. She stares, considers and resolutely brings the shotgun to her shoulder.

Kyle (David McInnis) asks Eugene if Do Mi was upset when he left. Eugene admits hearing Do Mi say “goodbye sir” in English tugged at his heart. Kyle notices Eugene’s wedding band and asks if his friend is married. Eugene (who’d been touching the ring) stares at his hand and asks if Kyle would congratulate him. Kyle knows Ae Shin is the woman. He offers a hearty congratulations. Eugene thanks his friend and tries to keep a grip.

The big boss tells Lord Lee that the Japan-Korea treaty was easily signed in his absence. He declares Lord Lee’s absence makes him a traitor to his country. He recommends that Lord Lee stop his allegiance to Korea to save his life. He offers Lord Lee whatever he wants. Lord Lee declares because he can’t understand Japanese, he’s spared from knowing whatever was said. He refuses to negotiate. He tries to bite his tongue off! The men grab him and gag him.


Hee Na arrives at the Catholic convent to find her mother. Unfortunately, the nun tells her mother is dead and the nobleman that found her has visited her grave faithfully each year. Now Hee Na visits her mother’s grave and stares at the headstone. She makes her way to the beach.  As she walks, Dong Mae follows. Hee Na asks why he’s trailing her. Dong Mae quips he was just about to pass her. He moves in front of her and walks backwards. Why is that hot? He asks if she wants a piggy back. Unable to hold in her grief, Hee Na falls to her knees and declares she’s an orphan. Dong Mae goes down on one knee and tells her he’s an orphan too. But Hee Na sobs for her mother. Dong Mae sighs and tells her to cry her heart out. He tells her today can be her last day as Hee Na and tomorrow she can become Hina Kudo. She no longer needs to train in guns and swords. She can be normal. Hee Na asks why he’s talking like he won’t be around. Dong Mae says bad guys die early. Hee Na stands and Dong Mae follows suit. She hugs him. She orders him not to die before her or she’ll eclipse him in being bad. Dong Mae gently pats her shoulder.

What a bitter pill Hee Na had to swallow. Wasn’t Lord Lee cruel not to tell her the truth about her mother? Wasn’t Dong Mae kind to not let her make the trip alone? No, I don’t see romance but I do see caring between these two. Why was Dong Mae walking backwards in the sand hot? I’ve got Dong Mae fever!

Toyoko Japan.

The festival is underway. The rebels position themselves near the big boss’s house. The geisha women join the big boss and his guests. Lord Lee knees at the end of the table gagged.

The commander’s wife tells their son that his father will become king of Korea when he returns. He spies a sniper on the roof top. He hands over his son to a soldier directing him to protect him. It’s Eugene! The command uses his wife as a shield! The commander pulls his wife out of the field of view and tells his men there is sniper on the roof top.

Coward, hiding behind his wife!

Back at the big boss’s house, alcohol is poured on Lord Lee’s head. The geisha next to him dabs the alcohol away and is sympathetic. The big boss says if she sleeps with Lord Lee, she’ll get extra. She gets flirty then whispers in Lord Lee’s ear to flip that table on three. He does and she fires her gun. Then two rebels enter and start shooting. They take control of the room but they still have to exit the house. As everyone flees the house, the gang runs after them. Ae Shin shoots again and again taking them down. Lord Lee is secured and taken away. The two rebels that burst into the room, run out of bullets and must run. Ae Shin takes down more until they spot her on the roof.

Eugene tracks the commander and his wife as they move down the street. He sees the sniper and pushes his wife down and runs. Two soldiers follow. Eugene shoots one of the soldiers. The commander grabs the other as a shield. Eugene shoots the soldier. The command rails at his attacker. Eugene shoots him in the shoulder, then the leg. The commander falls to the ground. Eugene strides to the commander. He pulls down his mask! He walks up to the commander who declares he wished he’d killed him when he’d had the chance. Eugene says he’s made up his mind where his loyalty lies. The commander starts to taunt but Eugene shuts him up with a final shot to the head! Eugene tells the dead man, he’s an American that hasn’t many bullets left. Eugene flees when he hears soldiers approaching.

Holy smokes! Eugene is bold! I LOVED his deliberate tracking. His unflinching shooting. And most of all Eugene looked evil straight in the eye before he dispatched that horrible human from this world!


Dong Mae finds Hee Na practicing her fencing alone. He teases that she doesn’t have to do that anymore. She asks if his mute fortune teller is okay. Dong Mae notes that Hee Na hasn’t asked about her before. He quips she must want to sell the information. Hee Na jokes she might. She asks how they became friends.

Flashback…Dong Mae was on the run and healing in a safe house. The mute fortune teller was roughly shoved into the room. Dong Mae knew she was a mistreated woman. The woman’s handler demanded money which Dong Mae paid. Alone with her, Dong Mae laid down ignoring the woman. Fearing for her safety the woman stabs Dong Mae in the shoulder with her hair pin. In a soft voice Dong Mae states he’s leaving in the morning and will give the woman a present before he does. He sits up and stares at her. He asks if she’s mute. He asks if she wants him to kill her handler. In Dong Mae’s blood, the mute woman writes yes. The next morning, Dong Mae slashes the neck of the woman’s handler.

I’m pleased we learned the back story of their relationship.

Flashback…Hee Na sees the mute woman scurry into an office carrying documents. She considers.

Dong Mae asks why Hee Na wants to know about the mute woman. Hee Na tells him the mute woman sent a telegram to the big boss in Japan. That surprises him. Dong Mae quickly leaves.

Dong Mae looks good backlit by the golden light.

Toyoko Japan.

Ae Shin thanks her father’s friend for protecting her. The man declares her parents will recognize each other in their next life, fall in love again, and live life in a better Korea. Ae Shin is touched. They wish each other safe travels. He urges her not to die easily.

That was surprisingly touching. The idea that in the next life Ae Shin’s parents will find each other and happiness in the country they died fighting for, was simply lovely. But he also told Ae Shin not to waste her own precious life and strive to live.

Ae Shin goes to the Toyoko photo shop where the picture of her parents was taken. Eugene sees her. She’s surprised to see him. She hides her hand that still sports his wedding ring behind her back. Eugene explains this is only photo shop and thought she might show up. Ae Shin can’t believe he’s still in Tokyo. Eugene states he’s leaving in two hours. Eugene quips he’ll miss the face she makes when she’s caught doing something she doesn’t want someone to know about. He gently pulls her hand from behind her back and sees the wedding ring. Ae Shin claims she didn’t know where else to put it. Eugene states the ring is where it is supposed to be. He grabs her hand and pulls her into the shop.

The shop owner is pleased that Eugene found the woman he was waiting for. Eugene asks the owner to take the photo. He says they are married. As they sit, Ae Shin asks why they are getting a picture made. Eugene tells her to smile. Ae Shin plants a smile on her face while staring at him. Eugene can’t help but smile in return. He tells her to smile and look at the camera. She does. They both fidget with their rings. The photo is taken.

Darling! That scene encapsulates the subtle magic of this couple.


The mute woman writes that her actions were to save Dong Mae. She writes her explanation but considering it involves Ae Shin dying in Japan, Dong Mae isn’t pleased. He raises his sword but can’t kill her. He orders her to leave. He tells his second in command that she better be gone when he returns. She can’t believe it. He starts for the door but his second in command asks where he is going. Dong Mae declares Japan. That’s the last location his second in command wanted to hear.

Dong Mae couldn’t kill her even though she betrayed him. That proves his depth of caring.

Toyoko Japan.

Eugene and Ae Shin arrive at the ship he’ll take to New York. He quips it is too big to pretend it isn’t there. They stare at each other. Eugene asks if she’ll come to him. Tears fill her eyes. Ae Shin says when Korea’s power is their own again, she’ll come to him.  Struggling with her emotions, Ae Shin says she should go first. She waves. She says goodbye. She walks away. Eugene struggles to keep it together.

The ship’s horn blows at it pulls out of port. Ae Shin watches it as sadness gripes her. She cries.

The big boss’s men arrive and see her. They shout and move towards Ae Shin. She runs. They run after her. As she nears town, Eugene appears! He grabs her hand. He shoots at the men! The fireworks explode as they run.

Eugene pulls her around a corner. Ae Shin demands to know why he’s still in Tokyo. Eugene says he saw the swordsmen and couldn’t let them get her. He smiles and declares he’s in the flame. He quips the fireworks were great. Ae Shin declares him reckless. Eugene agrees. He says they’ve only got one bullet left. Ae Shin urges him to leave. Eugene declares they will use it together.

They run down the street to the American garrison. A hoard of men is hot on their heels. Eugene aims his final bullet at a window in the garrison. The American soldiers come running. Eugene gets on his knees and puts his hands up. Ae Shin follow suit. Eugene declares he is Captain Eugene Choi in the Marine Corps and she is his wife. The big boss’s men run up behind them while the American soldiers train their guns on them from the front side.

My Thoughts

Wow! That road trip was exciting!  Awesome episode for our couple.  On the romance side, I loved the exchange of rings, the declaration of love, the photo op, and Eugene unable to leave her. The undercover mission to Japan for Eugene and Ae Shin went well. Ae Shin sure fired shooting facilitated the rebels’ escape from the Big Boss’s house. Eugene’s assignation of the commander was on point. We already knew the commander was evil incarnate. In this episode we learned the commander would use others as a human shield (his wife and a soldier) to save himself. He deserved every shot Eugene put in his body.

Director Lee. Can we take a moment and appreciate the editing by Director Lee? Ae Shin’s undercover mission was overlaid with Eugene’s undercover mission so each built upon the other. By the time Eugene strode towards the commander unmasking himself I was riveted.

Writer Kim. She delivered a stellar episode that was packed with events that paid off. The commander was killed. Lord Lee was saved. Ae Shin and Eugene pretended to be married allowing viewers a memory of what that could possibly be. Whether or not this couple will survive the next three episodes is unknown. Either or both of them could be killed considering the fraught timeframe and their activities that put them in harms way.

Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) kept his promise to kill the commander. Eugene went to Japan knowing he’d keep his promise to Ae Shin’s Grandfather. I LOVED his absolute, unwavering, focused methodology. He didn’t shy away from the commander knowing who was ending his life. While Eugene scored big time ridding the world of that vermin commander, he stole my heart with his understanding of Ae Shin’s need to use him to get to Japan. He didn’t like it, but he understood it AND supported her achieve her goal. Folks that is love. Did anyone else adore those wedding rings? I was so pleased that Eugene finally heard Ae Shin’s declaration of love. He’s waited, supported, and is worthy of her love. This couple shined this episode. At the end of the episode, Eugene’s eyes once again burned with intensity as he refused to leave Ae Shin.

Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) executed the special mission flawlessly. She hit the mark again and again as the rebels fled the Big Boss’s house with Lord Lee. Ae Shin has talked about “burning bright” then flaming out. Her parents are dead, her Grandfather is dead, she’s willing to take any requested risk to help the rebels fight the Japanese. She’s willing to die for the cause. I appreciated when her father’s friend counseled her to fight to live. She finally admitted her love for Eugene! She loved the ring! She was adorable in the photo shop. I like this couple.

Goo Dong Mae (Yoo Yeon Seok) learned his mute friend betrayed him.  She provided information to gang’s big boss that put Ae Shin at risk. Worst possible move. Dong Mae severed his relationship with her. Then he declared he was heading to Japan. His moments with Hee Na were not romantic but they proved these two friends care for each other. If  Dong Mae cares for you, consider yourself lucky. And I include Eugene in that lot. Their bromance scene on the mountain top was fun to watch.

Hee Na (Kim Min Jung) learned her mother was dead. Lord Lee omitted the fact that her mother was dead when he said her mother was in a Catholic convent. That was harsh. She was crushed to learn this. She bantered with Dong Mae on the beach until her grief overtook her. I loved that she can be 100% honest with Dong Mae when she chooses to. So much of her life is appearances for strategy, it was good to see her raw and real. Her reveal of Dong Mae’s mute friend’s betrayal was done with as much care as possible.

Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) and his father shared a laugh. Hee Sung told his father he wasn’t interested in a wife and pointed out that it wasn’t his fault he was an only child when an heir was demanded from him. But Hee Sung once again proved his loyalty and love for Ae Shin when he saved her in the hotel. Ae Shin is one lucky lady to have so many men love her.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

The thirteenth song of the OST is “Lover” by Kim Se Jeong (aka Sejeong).

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  1. Beez says:

    I haven’t read the recap yet, but for anyone who’s interested here’s some info somebody posted on DB (forget who it was) that talks about the real life Korean King and his efforts to establish diplomatic bonds and assistance fighting Japanese takeover.


  2. Lolita says:

    Great recap as usual — just the way I like it… I’ll have more to say after you post episode 22… btw — I’m with you on Yoojo — primo eye candy…


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Another THRILLING episode❗ Great point KJT about the gender role switch we got with the female, Ae Shin 🔫 👸, being the one to unapologetically pushing their priority over their relationship with the male, Eugene 🎖️, calling her on it. 💗 IT❗

    Kudos to Hee Sung 🃏 to continue to protect Ae Shin 🔫 👸, despite being rejected by her. AKL THREE of our leading men have exhibited true love 💕 for Ae Shin 🔫👸 by continuing to protect her. Didn’t Ae Shin 🔫 👸 look STUNNING in that kimono❓⁉️ I find it incredible that Hee Na 👘, Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 rival, continues to protect her as well.

    It was poignant when Eugene 🎖️ dragged the ring 💍, which formed the letter “O” across the word “LOVE”, leaving the word as “LIVE” and then place the ring on Ae Shin’s 🔫 👸 finger. It was sweet that Ae Shin 🔫 👸 then placed Eugene’s 🎖️ ring in his finger.

    Gotta 💗 that Dong Mae 🗡️ admitted that he was rooting for Eugene 🎖️. They are the BEST FRENEMIES❗

    I laughed at Hee Sung 🃏 telling his dad not having a heir was HIS FAULT for only having one child and the looking in the general direction of is “manhood” LOL❣️

    After Ae Shin 🔫 👸 declared her true feelings for Eugene 🎖️, it was heart 💓 wrenching to watch Eugene 🎖️ try to talk Ae Shin 🔫👸 into going to America 🇺🇸 with him and her explaining how she imagined it, but could not do it. I can HARDLY BELIEVE they parted. Ae Shin 🔫 👸 doesn’t speak Japanese 🇯🇵, how in the world will she be able to fulfill her mission, let alone return to Joseon 🇰🇷. What a relief that her mom’s cousin showed up to help her. I wondered how did Ae Shin’s 🔫👸 Russian rifle get to Japan 🇯🇵?

    I love how trusted Minister Lee told the Japanese 🇯🇵 that since he could not speak the language, he would not have his ears 🗣️🚫👂 defiled. I know he tried to die an honorable death trying to bite off his tongue, but thankfully he was rescued.

    In these politically treacherous times, it was dangerous for Hee Na 👘 to be traveling alone. I was relieved that Dong Mae 🗡️ followed her. Dong Mae 🗡️ was so sweet 🍭 to her. The leaf-like ornament wrapped around her bun was GORGEOUS❗ … I want one❗ In a previous episode, the captions I saw Lord Lee did tell Hee Na 👘 that her mother passed away, before he was captured. I think Hee Na 👘 didn’t fully believe him as he had not been the most forthcoming stringing her along for her cooperation.

    Attacking Musin headquarters was VERY RISKY ⚠️, even with Ae Shin 🔫 👸 as the sniper❗

    My heart 💓 dropped when Mori 🌲 saw the sniper (not realizing it was Eugene 🎖️). I could hardly believe that Mori 🌲 used his wife and then other soldiers as a human shields. Mori 🌲 was shot several times in non life-threatening areas, but I 💗 Eugene 🎖️ for showing his face to Mori 🌲 before he shot him dead. YEAH❗ ANOTHER NASTY ANTAGONIST ELIMINATED❗ THAT WAS SATISFYING❗

    When the cousin explained Ae Shin’s 🔫👸 parents would recognize each other in their next life, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were referring to their characters in Descendants of the Sun. You gotta 💗 the cousin telling Ae Shin 🔫 👸 to not waste her own precious life. I 💖, 💟, 💗 that Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Eugene took a photo together. Do they consider themselves to be married the in their hearts❓⁉️

    I was great to see the backstory between Dong Mae 🗡️ and Hotaru, which made it especially sad that Hotaru betrayed Dong Mae 🗡️; I’m sure she thought she was doing the best thing for Dong Mae 🗡️, but I’m almost surprised he didn’t kill Hotaru.

    Since we know history, Ae Shin 🔫 👸 promising to visit Eugene 🎖️ in America 🇺🇸 when there is peace in Joseon 🇰🇷, it would be a VERY LONG TIME to wait. I kept hoping Eugene 🎖️ did not board the ship 🚢. Ae Shin 🔫 👸 should have gotten on the ship with Eugene 🎖️. How relieved was I that Eugene🎖️ came to her rescue. The moments that Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Eugene 🎖️ had waiting for the American 🇺🇸 soldiers to reply girl their request for asslyum were BREATHTAKING.


    • Beez says:



    • null
      It was poignant when Eugene 🎖️ dragged the ring 💍, which formed the letter “O” across the word “LOVE”, leaving the word as “LIVE”
      I went back and watched that scene. Interesting that all three men that love her want Ae Shin to live above all. Even if they aren’t the man she chooses.

      Dong Mae 🗡️ admitted that he was rooting for Eugene 🎖️
      Dong Mae knows who Ae Shin loves. Watching their bromance scenes is a delight.

      HIS FAULT for only having one child and the looking in the general direction of is “manhood” LOL❣️
      His father was taken aback. That was a nice scene. Hee Sung’s parents have been people not just caricatures.

      In a previous episode, the captions I saw Lord Lee did tell Hee Na 👘 that her mother passed away, before he was captured. I think Hee Na 👘 didn’t fully believe him as he had not been the most forthcoming stringing her along for her cooperation
      Thank you for noting this. I know I’ll watch this series again and will look for that.

      I could hardly believe that Mori 🌲 used his wife and then other soldiers as a human shields. … I 💗 Eugene 🎖️ for showing his face to Mori 🌲 before he shot him dead. YEAH❗ ANOTHER NASTY ANTAGONIST ELIMINATED❗ THAT WAS SATISFYING❗
      That was perfect ending to a cruel man who turned out to be a coward. Eugene was bold and direct and I loved him for it.

      I 💖, 💟, 💗 that Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Eugene took a photo together. Do they consider themselves to be married the in their hearts❓⁉️
      Has to be. They could hardly stop touching or looking at their rings.

      I’m almost surprised he didn’t kill Hotaru
      Dong Mae had a soft spot for her and just couldn’t do it. If she were a man, he would have used his sword.

      The moments that Ae Shin 🔫 👸 and Eugene 🎖️ had waiting for the American 🇺🇸 soldiers to reply girl their request for asslyum were BREATHTAKING.
      Director Lee’s staging, executing and editing of that scene was masterful.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Excellent point that Hee Sung’s 🃏 parents have been portrayed as faulty human beings instead of caricatures. The parents got a dose of reality with having to face Eugene 🎖️ and the responsibility they bore for their complicity in the treatment Eugene 🎖️ and his family … their lack of action or even objection, which ONLY CAME AFTER Eugene’s mom threatened the life of Hee Sung’s mom.

        It is refreshing to see these selfish nobles, Mrs Kim in particular, struggle with their actions or in this case inaction and feel guilt, when we know Lord/Grandpa Kim had NO COMPUNCTION for his cruel treatment of Eugene’s 🎖️ family.

        Liked by 1 person

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