Revolutionary Love Episode 15 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 15

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) finds the flash drive in her pocket. She puts it in her computer. A message directing her to give it to Hyuk pops up.

Baek Joon rushes to Hyuk. She gives him the flash drive and says it from Je Hoon. Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) stares at the flash drive.

Baek Joon recalls Je Hoon telling her that her family isn’t the only family that suffered at the hands of Gangsu. She recalls Je Hoon declaring that she could fight from the inside more effectively.  Baek Joon rushes to Gangsu. She wonders if Je Hoon has been fighting alone for years.

A battered Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) waits in the interrogation room.

Hyuk recalls his choices – take the flash drive documentation to the prosecutor as Je Hoon would want or take the documentation to his father and make a deal to release Je Hoon.

Baek Joon finds Hyuk and asks him to confirm Je Hoon was arrested. Hyuk does. She asks what he will do. Hyuk states he’ll choose a path where no one gets hurt. Baek Joon doesn’t understand. Hyuk asks if she trusts him. Baek Joon doesn’t hesitate and tells Hyuk she trusts him. Hyuk promises not to disappoint her. Hyuk tells Baek Joon to wait and see what he does. He walks away. Baek Joon watches his purposeful stride.

Hyuk nears his father’s office and sees Je Hoon’s father gather his courage and enters. On his knees Je Hoon’s father begs Hyuk’s father and brother to save Je Hoon. Je Hoon’s father reminds Hyuk’s brother that he saved him once. Hyuk’s brother barks that he was paid handsomely. He threatens to kill Je Hoon if he gets pushed. Startled, Je Hoon’s father doesn’t say another while quietly sobbing on his knees. Hyuk’s father shakes his head.

When Je Hoon’s father exits the office, he sees Hyuk and rushes to him. He falls on his knees and begs Hyuk to save Je Hoon. Hyuk says he will save Je Hoon. He helps Je Hoon’s father stand.

Baek Joon learns from Mr. Kim that envelopes were given to Hyuk by the Strategic Manager.

Hyuk tells his father and brother to let Je Hoon go. Hyuk’s brother declares Je Hoon was ready to release documents that would damage them. Hyuk reminds his brother treated Je Hoon shabbily and Je Hoon is only acting out in anger. Hyuk declares Je Hoon isn’t the whistle blower. He gives his father the documentation.  Hyuk feigns ignorance and asks about the shell company BS. Hyuk’s father says he doesn’t need to know. Hyuk’s brother demands to know how Hyuk got the documentation. Hyuk asks his brother how he got evidence against Je Hoon. Hyuk tells his father he’d never betray him. Hyuk asks for leniency. Hyuk’s brother disagrees. Hyuk urges his father to prove he is compassionate.

When Hyuk exits the office Je Hoon’s father rushes to him. Hyuk nods that all is well. Je Hoon’s father sobs in relief.

Hyuk’s father can’t believe that the Strategic Manager had this documentation. Hyuk’s brother declares Hyuk can’t be trusted. Hyuk’s father chides his son for wasting his time fighting Hyuk and allowing Hyuk to make a big move.  Hyuk’s father orders his son to contact the prosecutor. He warns Hyuk’s brother to get his act together.

Hyuk’s father visits the Strategic Manager in his office. He’s displeased that the Strategic Manager gathered evidence against him. The Strategic Manager counters that he wanted to prove this wasn’t the right way to do business. They stare at each other.

Hyuk finds his co-workers watching the encounter between his father and the Strategic Manager. Hyuk recalls the Strategic Manager advising him to turn over the documentation to his father to secure Je Hoon’s freedom. The Strategic Manager told Hyuk to live life like his name which means radiant. The Strategic Manager begins packing his belongings.

As the Strategic Manager walks down the hallway the team asks what is happening. The Strategic Manager states it is time for him to leave Gangsu. He looks at Hyuk and exits. Hyuk bows to the Strategic Manager’s departing back.

Baek Joon sees the Strategic Manager walking out with his box of belongings.

The prosecutor tells Je Hoon he’s got a powerful friend who is now paying him back for all the messes Je Hoon had to clean up. The prosecutor warns Je Hoon not to do this kind of thing again. As Je Hoon walks down the police officer neighbor tries to talk to him but Je Hoon walks on. As Je Hoon exits, he finds his father waiting. He tells his father he had to do what he did. His father says if not for Hyuk, Je Hoon would be in a world of hurt.

Baek Joon asks the Strategic Manager why he allowed himself to blamed for the documents. The Strategic Manager states the documentation wasn’t sufficient to determine who the owners of BS are. He put his faith in Hyuk’s ability to create change. Baek Joon asks if that possibility was adequate to throw away his career at Gangsu. The Strategic Manager declares he might now have lost everything. Baek Joon looks puzzled.

Hyuk’s brother calls the Section Chief to his office. He flatters him and suggests they work closely in the future.

The section chief asks Mr. Kim if he knows any details. Mr. Kim denies knowing anything.

Je Hoon arrives at Gangsu. Hyuk is waiting in the lobby. Baek Joon sees Je Hoon enter the lobby. Hyuk smiles at Je Hoon. But Je Hoon is livid and punches Hyuk. He rails at Hyuk for throwing away the chance to change things. He can’t believe that Hyuk betrayed him. Hyuk counters that he couldn’t let him rot in jail on false charges. Je Hoon declares he was ready to sacrifice himself. Hyuk yells that the documentation was insufficient to affect the desired change. Je Hoon scoffs that Hyuk didn’t help him because of their friendship. Je Hoon declares that Hyuk saved his family by negating Je Hoon’s efforts. Je Hoon can’t believe he trusted Hyuk to be true to his word of a world he could win in. Je Hoon yells that Hyuk loyalty is to his family and no one else. Hyuk punches Je Hoon. They brawl in the lobby. It isn’t the most elegant fight.

Baek Joon arrives and yells at the men to stop fighting. She’s startled by Je Hoon’s battered face. Je Hoon won’t explain. Hyuk snaps that Je Hoon doesn’t appreciate those that help him. Hyuk declares he went head-to-head with his father to secure Je Hoon’s release.  Je Hoon snaps he never asked for help. Baek Joon yells at them to stop. Both men disavow their friendship and stride away in opposite directions leaving Baek Joon sputtering.

The section chief reports the brawl to Hyuk’s brother. Ms. Oh sees the section chief leaving Hyuk’s brother’s office.

Baek Joon tells Je Hoon she was worried about him. He stares at her and gently lifts his hand to brush her hair. Surprised Baek Joon stares at Je Hoon. The moment is fraught with tension. But Je Hoon drops his hand and stands. Baek Joon asks Je Hoon to trust Hyuk. Je Hoon walks away without answering.

Je Hoon makes a move but didn’t follow through. He’ll never get Baek Joon with half-hearted gestures.

Ms. Oh texts Hyuk that the section chief is now working with his brother. Hyuk flusters the section chief when he states he’s taking over for the strategic manager.

At the family dinner Hyuk’s mother is thrilled to learn about Hyuk’s new position. Hyuk’s sister asks which brother has more power. Hyuk teases that his older brother is the powerful one…for now.

Je Hoon recalls his confrontation with Hyuk in the lobby. Now we see part of the fight that wasn’t shown before. Hyuk urges Je Hoon to feign anger at him after they are done noting the crowd watching them.  Je Hoon asks what Hyuk has planned. Hyuk promises to explain later. He urges Je Hoon not to tell Baek Joon they are working together so they keep her safe. Je Hoon agrees.

Baek Joon tells Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won) things are a bit weird. Yeon Hee admits her surprise that the police officer neighbor was secretly working for the prosecutor and notes he moved into the building right after getting that position. She smiles saying it was fate that brought them together. When Baek Joon asks where he is, Yeon Hee says that he’s at work all the time now. Baek Joon realizes there is more to come.

Je Hoon declares he won’t stop until it is over.

The next morning as Hyuk strides through the lobby everyone bows deferentially to him now that he’s a manager. Je Hoon watches his friend.

Je Hoon watches Hyuk’s father, aunt and uncle congratulate Hyuk on his new position as the new Strategic Manager. They gush that Hyuk will do well. They all laugh. The team isn’t as excited about Hyuk’s new role. Je Hoon comments that Hyuk had the advantage of birth.  When the section chief asks Je Hoon and Hyuk are still friends, Je Hoon declares their friendship is dissolved. As he mutters the company has made a mistake, Hyuk comes up behind him. Hyuk tells Je Hoon to say things to his face. He adopts a commanding air and order Je Hoon to his office.

Hyuk asks Je Hoon if his acting was stellar. Ha! Je Hoon wants to know Hyuk’s plan. Hyuk grabs Je Hoon’s lapels and states they must find the real hidden contract. The section chief wonders if they will fight again.

The police officer neighbor tells Baek Joon they need to find proof that Hyuk’s father is the owner of BS. Baek Joon says she’ll need his help to make a move.

Je Hoon pushes Hyuk and asks if they are really keeping Baek Joon in the dark. Hyuk throws papers at Je Hoon and declares they can’t involve Baek Joon due to the danger.  Hyuk tells their acting was stellar. Ha!

Hyuk provides his father documents to sign. His father gets a call and agrees to golf the next morning. Hyuk realizes this could be the opportunity to search for the hidden contract. He watches his father open the safe. His father catches him staring and recalls his eldest son’s statement that Hyuk may not be trustworthy and conjecture the Je Hoon and Hyuk could be working together.

The prosecutor that reports to Hyuk’s brother runs into the prosecutor working with the police officer neighbor. He’s surprised when the thwarted prosecutor says that it isn’t over yet.

Hyuk’s mother offers an array of gifts. Baek Joon’s mother scoffs that her daughter can’t be bought. Baek Joon politely refuses the gifs. Hyuk’s mother wants to thank Baek Joon for helping Hyuk to his new position. Baek Joon’s mother snaps that Hyuk got the position based on birth not merit. Baek Joon implores the women to stop sniping at each other. She notes that she and Hyuk are not romantically involved yet. Both mothers interpret Baek Joon’s statement differently.

Baek Joon shares that Hyuk and Je Hoon fought with Mr. Lee, Mr. Kim, and Ms. Oh. Baek Joon wants help in getting them to make up. But her friends don’t react as expected and zip their lips.  Baek Joon threatens to dissolve their relationship. Mr. Lee caves and shares that Hyuk and Je Hoon are only pretending to fight.

Je Hoon passes by Hyuk’s office. They know that tomorrow they’ll search for the hidden contract while Hyuk’s father golfs.

Baek Joon meets Je Hoon outside his apartment. She asks if he’s made up with Hyuk. Je Hoon declares he won’t be doing that.

Hyuk gives her the same answer when she calls him.

Baek Joon is irked at both men for not keeping her in the loop.

Hyuk feels terrible for keeping secrets from Baek Joon. He struggles with walking this tightrope because of his love for his father and brother.

Hyuk’s mother finds Hyuk alone in the living room. He hugs her and declares he loves her. She smiles and returns the sentiment. Hyuk apologizes for everything. His mother admits she doesn’t know the particulars but she supports him without hesitation. She asks if she should prepare for the repercussions. Hyuk nods in the affirmative. She hugs him.

The next morning Hyuk’s father heads to his golf game. Hyuk enters the lobby and makes eye contact with the cleaning crew. Je Hoon follows behind him. Baek Joon watches them and follows.

Hyuk’s brother calls someone to watch and not make mistakes.

Hyuk gives Mr. Kim the signal. He steps out of the office. Je Hoon watches him leave and follows. The section chief watches their exits with interest. Mr. Kim tells Hyuk’s father’s secretary that Hyuk and Je Hoon are fighting. He sighs that he’ll have to handle it because Hyuk’s father isn’t there. They rush out of the office. Hyuk and Je Hoon rush into his father’s office. Baek Joon watches this. Hyuk’s father’s secretary and his men find themselves locked on the roof.

Je Hoon and Hyuk stare at the safe. Hyuk tries different potential passwords. The safe opens on Hyuk’s birthday. Baek Joon rushes in and grabs documents. She says they should divide and conquer. Hyuk and Je Hoon don’t understand how she knows about this. Baek Joon declares her willingness to ignore that they cut her out. But now they need to search. Hyuk agrees. Je Hoon doesn’t agree. Baek Joon tells them this is likely a time limited trap. They start to search.

Hyuk’s father and brother enter the lobby.  Mr. Lee tries to warn the trio but his cell phone is snatched. The same happens to each person that tries to warn the trio.

The trio searches the safe but finds nothing. Hyuk’s father and brother arrive. Hyuk’s father hits Hyuk. Hyuk’s brother smirks with glee. Hyuk’s father orders the real safe checked for the hidden contract. His assistant does this and extract the hidden contract. Je Hoon grabs the contract. The trio flees. The chase begins. Hyuk’s brother order them caught. Hyuk’s father is furious.

The cleaning crew slows down the pursuers. Security closed down the exits. The trio divides the documents up and decide to each make a break for it.

The police officer neighbor arrives outside of Gangsu.

Je Hoon makes his break.

Hyuk makes his break. His father catches him. Hyuk reminds his father he wanted him to go head-to-head with him. Hyuk’s father declares that Hyuk has lost their battle. Hyuk retorts that bribing officials won’t work forever. Hyuk’s father disagrees. Hyuk implores his father to turn himself in and admit to BS being his secret company. Hyuk’s father bristles. Hyuk declares that he hates admitting his own father is a bad person. Hyuk’s father yells that he did it all to strengthen the security of his family and company.  Hyuk retorts he doesn’t want dirty money. Hyuk’s father agrees and cuts him out of future inheritance. He orders security to grab Hyuk. Struggling Hyuk asks his father how many people will his father use and abuse in his quest for power. Hyuk declares his father’s tactics are old school and won’t work anymore. Hyuk’s father stares at his son and lowers the hand raised to strike Hyuk. He declares that Hyuk is no longer his son. Hyuk counters he’ll always be his son and he’ll always love him. Hyuk’s father stares into his son’s eyes.

Security drags Je Hoon to them. Hyuk’s father order security to take them away.  He walks away. The police officer neighbor yells for them to stop. He shows his badge and announces he was called to look into a theft in the CEO’s office. Hyuk and Je Hoon admits to being the thieves. The police officer handcuffs them and murmurs they need to make this look real. He grabs the documents from Hyuk and Je Hoon and declares it evidence of the crime. He takes Je Hoon and Hyuk and leads them away.

Hyuk’s father can’t believe that the police arrive and took the documents.  He is livid.

Hyuk realizes they don’t know where Baek Joon is. They turn to look for her.

Unfortunately, Baek Joon runs into Hyuk’s brother and his men.

My Thoughts

Hyuk had to choose – his family or honest business practices. Hyuk initially thought he could make a choice that wouldn’t hurt anyone. That was not possible. He then had to make the hard choice.

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun had Hyuk and Je Hoon secretly work together. It wasn’t much of a secret as Hyuk’s brother knew that Hyuk actions didn’t ring true. Baek Joon had the same reaction and caught the trio’s looks and forced her to clue them in.  I’m going to gloss over that the silly break into the safe plan continued after Baek Joon stated it was likely a trap.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) chose the right path over his family. Hyuk apologized to his mother for what he was about to do. Her kind heart offered support no matter what his actions were. Hyuk’s father was livid at Hyuk’s betrayal. He cut him out of the will and the family. Hyuk’s sincere heart declared his love for his father no matter what. For a second, Hyuk’s father looked affected but brushed his reaction away when Je Hoon was caught.

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) almost made a real move with Baek Joon. Je Hoon brushed her hair tenderly but balked at doing more. Je Hoon, it won’t happen unless you take a risk. The secret comradery between Hyuk and Je Hoon was a pleasure to watch. I had to chuckle when Hyuk wanted confirmation that his acting skills were top notch which Je Hoon refused to give. Both men wanted to cut out Baek Joon to keep her safe but that didn’t work out.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) squeezed the truth from the trio that Hyuk and Je Hoon were secretly working together. Of course, the trio caved. Baek Joon is dear to them. Baek Joon looked as surprised at Je Hoon’s almost move as she did in the previous episode when he hugged her. Baek Joon’s gentle refusal of Hyuk’s mother’s material goods was kind though her mother bluntly raked Hyuk’s mother over the coals for resorting to bribery. Baek Joon ended the episode in Hyuk’s brother’s clutches. That can’t be good. No doubt he’ll try and leverage her to avoid punishment.

One more episode to go. What’s my wish list?
* I want Hyuk’s father and brother to “get theirs” and be punished and jettisoned from the company for their methodology.
* I want Hyuk, Baek Joon and Je Hoon to end up happy friends like the opening credits show.
* Will Hyuk end up as CEO?
* Will Je Hoon end up as a top manager in Gangsu?
* Will Baek Joon decide to work full time and make an impact from within?
* At this point I wonder if Writer Joo will defer Baek Joon’s choice of romantic partner. I’m okay with a nonchoice.
* I’d like the trio of Mr. Lee, Mr. Kim, and Ms. Oh, to be happy and secure. They’ve been a great addition to the show and deserve a happy ending too.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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8 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Section Chief Yang turned into MFBEH’s 🏍 lapdog 🐩 very quickly. What will become of him down the road … “snitches get stitches” 🤕 or so some of my former students informed me (as an explanation, not a warning ⚠).

    I’m irritated 😟 at Joon’s mom for being rude to Hyuk’s mom, STOP 🚏 this churlish behavior towards another mom who is also trying to protect her child, who by the way, has not harmed your family.

    I am distressed to see my sweet 🍭 Je Hoon battered and bruised. Oh, I kept hoping Je Hoon’s dad was going to threaten CEO Byun with where the bodies ⚰ were buried, rather than beg to spare Je Hoon. I’m not 😟 happy with the treatment given to Je Hoon and his dad by the abusive CEO and MFBEH 🏍. I sure hope 🙏 a reckoning ⚖ is coming for them. -JJ

    It simply was NOT POSSIBLE 🚏 for Hyuk to choose something that NO one would be hurt:
    🔹 Managing Director Seol lost his job.
    🔹 Je Hoon was furiou 😠 about his sacrifice going to waste.
    🔹 CEO Byun mistrusts Hyuk .
    🔹 MFBEH 🏍 is gunning 🔫 for Huyuk and Je Hoon

    OMO we went from a lovely bromance 💙 between Hyuk and Je Hoon last episode to an all out fist 👊💢 fight. Je Hoon was correct in saying Hyuk did it to protect 🛡 his family; but I’m not sure he understood Hyuk had concern for him too. I thought Joon was directly following behind Je Hoon, I thought it took too much ✋🕒 time for her to arrive and break up the 🚫👊💢 fight. Much to my relief the fight was at least partially staged. I understand Hyuk and Je Hoon wanting to leave Joon out of the fray to protect 🛡 her, but she is going to stick herself into the mix, I just kept hoping Joon would not mess up the plan.

    I think Je Hoon’s “half-hearted gestures” are reluctant as he knows he doesn’t have much of a chance with Joon. I 💖 the way Hyuk shook up his brother by telling all at the dinner 🍽 table that Woo Sung is more 🙆 powerful … for now. 😆 LOL loved the look on MFBEH’s 🏍 face. I hope Hyuk hates 🚫💖 the situation he is in as much as I do; Hyuk appears to have lost his humanity now that he had taken the nepotistic career advancement. Clearly the Cleaning Crew has the inside scoop on the truth.

    The extended Cleaning Crew played a vital role in the gang trying to escape. Chul Min 🤖👮 came to the rescue with handcuffs and confiscating “evidence”, the hidden contract. But what happened to Joon⁉ I kept hoping 🙏 she stashed or passed the real document 📃 to someone on the extended Cleaning Crew. Of course, Joon ran into none other than MFBEH 🏍 on her way out … what will MFBEH do with her?⁉ Oh I think there will be a few unemployed workers as this escapade winds down. We know there is one less heir of Gangsu. Will Hyuk’s mom truly understand why Hyuk chose the ethical path? I think mom might…

    I 💖 your wish list KJT and would only like to ask for a few more sweet 🍭 moments between Yeon Hee and Chul Min. I think this is the first character (Yeon Hee) I’ve seen actress Kim Ye Won portray that I actually liked💕; she usually plays the “mean girl” . I’m sad 😢 to see this series end, it has been a guilty pleasure, but I’m also curious to see how the writer Joo will wrap things up, especially with the love 💗🔺 triangle.


    • I’m not 😟 happy with the treatment given to Je Hoon and his dad by the abusive CEO and MFBEH
      They have no regard for others. In fact, they don’t consider others human or on the same level as them. Here’s hoping they get theirs in the final episode!

      I 💖 your wish list KJT and would only like to ask for a few more sweet 🍭 moments between Yeon Hee and Chul Min. I think this is the first character (Yeon Hee) I’ve seen actress Kim Ye Won portray that I actually liked💕; she usually plays the “mean girl” . I’m sad 😢 to see this series end, it has been a guilty pleasure, but I’m also curious to see how the writer Joo will wrap things up, especially with the love 💗🔺 triangle.
      Agreed about Yeon Hee and the Police Officer Neighbor. They have added charm to this series. I’m betting Kim Ye Won was thrilled to get to play a role against her “mean girl” type. I’ve enjoyed this series too. I have no idea what I’ll blog next. I haven’t monitored what are the upcoming series. Suggestions are welcome.


  2. Beez says:

    I understood Je hoon’s dad attempting first to beg the employers that he’s dedicated his life to all these years. But when that didn’t work, I was very disappointed in his lack of reaction (translates to the reaction I wanted him to have.) 😦


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Agreed Beez, even though Je Hoon’s dad was powerless, I wanted to see MORE from his dad. I think that resignation towards power is exactly why Je Hoon turned whistle blower😙.

      KJT, my first choice for the next drama to recap is “Hwayugi” aka “A Korean Odyssey”. I hesitate to mention “Two Cops”, as I know you have had your fill of criminal dramas, but this does have a comedic flavor.


      • Hwayugi is on my recap list, the only drama on the list at this point. I may gently coast into 2018 with catching up on reviews and opinion blog posts which I don’t have the time for when recapping 2 dramas at once. I will finish Criminal Minds after I close out Mad Dog.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Finishing the year gently sounds like a great plan! I’m glad Hwayugi is part of the has been a long time since we have seen Lee Seung Ki star in a drama!


        • Beez says:

          Everyone loves Lee Seung ki but I don’t see the appeal. But…I’m glad Korean Odessey is on kjt’s short list because I love a Hong Sisters’ drama!


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